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  1. Sendin good thots for Merc's toetoe! We're theenkin bout you today Miss Halise and Clarkie! Clark, you're gonna hafta step up and be nummer one houndie now. I know you can do it! We are still laffin bout the biblical chord. I hope the leddle caff had a good nite and is getting bedder. (Mistress dated a farmer and he would get mad at her for collectively referring to them as cows. Cows are females makin milk. Heffers are females who have not had a caff. And the boys are steers and bulls. He said a bunch of generic ones were cattle. ) Nuthin noo round here. We gots a pretty good noo rootine wiff Mistress here alla the time. She's got all meetins all day today tho, so we'll see iffen I get my rightful attenshuns. Wags, Lila
  2. What a cutie with those perfect triangle ears! Rouge is looking great too, of course.
  3. Happy birthday Nova! Lila says there is nothing wrong with random chaotic galloping by senior ladies. You go girl!
  4. Oh Halise, what a horrible turn of events! I am so very sorry! I hope his passing is easy. Run fast and free dear Atomic! Jerilyn & Lila
  5. Help, my Mistress is freeking out! She was puttin out the solar paff lites and on one of them was a spider, and knot a reglar garden kinda spider. It was thick and blak and had two orinje dots. She could only theenk Black Widow! It was alive, and now it's knot. Those kinda spiders are found, but rarely round here. She chekked Misser Google and it could be a jumpin spider and well, there's not enuff left for identifying. The lites were in the garaj, so now she's skared to go out there. DA, mayhaps iffen you do a roach and put your leggie up in the air the poofie will go away. I hope it's bedder soon and is juss that leddle break. Miss Patsy, I'm sorry you've still got the snows. And it's OK to be sad or grumpy about that. Andipants, it's a DOG bed, knot a kitteh bed. That's a pitcher of a cheewawa. I gotta go see iffen I can make Mistress finish the Easter decorations, the livin room is a mess, but that spider thin kinda derailed her.... Wags, Lila
  6. Lookit, there's Clem! And Albus panther kitteh! And a noo cow for Dustin! Is he a Holstein? You should get one of them Brown Swiss or Jersey or Guernsey cows next, they look so vary kind. Miss Loosy, you're a vary good IT lady and friend! Auntie cansilled Easter dinner. Mistress is pretty sad bout that cause Easter is her favrit hollyday. But she bot herself sum treets and will make a ham slice and other good stuffs for herownself. She bot sum of them pita chips today! They were in a fancy bag, wiff artwork supporting...sumthing… Other than the grocery, she finished up rakin the yard today. It's a treet for me to have leef piles on the curb, usually that's onlee in the fall but fall and winter was weerd here so there's lotsa leefs for me to sniffsniffsniff and pee in now. Check this out - Hada Parsnip's pitcher is on my bed. Wags, Lila
  7. Lucy, why are you loading data from 2005? We get audited by the government and only save stuff for seven years. Call the tape an archive and consider it done.
  8. Whew, good noos for Atomic! And a panther kitteh coming home today! I hope that nakkid Russin kitteh doesn't hurt him. No sunshines here today so I'm back to nappin indoors. Wags, Lila
  9. Lookit what I did! First sunbaffin of the year! There are sum benefits to werk from home. Hang in there Miss Patsy, soon you'll be able to lay in the grass too. Wags, Lila
  10. I've killed at least 3 air plants. And the succulent above is not in very good shape either. No succulent in my house has survived. The big plant in the background is over 12 years old though, so I'm not a total black thumb.
  11. Hmmm, sounds like it's time for Pesto Lessins from Lila. The most portant part of being a pesto is to be juss annoyin enuff that you get sum attenshun or treets or a trip outside. But knot too mutch so that you get in trubbles (Nate!). Asking to go in and out and in and out is good, specially iffen you wait till she's on the phone. Snoot pokes are good as is staring at her wiff beeg eyes. Recking stuff or saying BARK BARK BARK whilst she's on a call is bad. I theenk that preferring bruntsh to brekkie is juss fine but Mistress says I'm on thin ice wiff that one. Hamish, is that how the deerhoundies are wearing their ears now? Andipants, your garden looks great! Galina, that pitcher of alla youse is pawsum! Guess what? I've takin up doing digdig again! I didn't do any lass summer but now I try whenever I got outside. Mistress yells at me and says that I'm gonna hurt my pawpaws. Wags, Lila
  12. Happy 11th Miss M! I'm glad you got to have a nice party even if there was no trip to the drive thru.
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