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  1. Elizabeth, how horrible and scary. I think you made the right choice. You and Merc are in my prayers.
  2. Hi! Hi! Hi! Once Mistress is done wiff werk today, and she gets to kwit earlee for a pointmint, we're on long weekend! She don't have to do werkjob again till Toosday! I learnt bout a noo thin lass nite, it's calt waddermellin. I asked Mistress for a peece when she was choppin it up but then I wasn't shore bout it so I juss sniffsniff it. So then she put it in my bowl cause it had dog germs and I was able to zamin it bedder. I gave it a liklik and it was good! Sweet and refreshink! I like it! So I ask Mistress for more and she put anodder peece in my bowl. I ate it and likliklik the
  3. Pippin, going out to face a bandito wiff a shubble is zaktly sumthin my Mistress would do. Nitey nite! Stay safe from the wild things! Wiki
  4. Oooohhhh, it's a Woodgroundchuckhog! Or maybe you say marmot in OhCanada Frentsch.
  5. I'm shore glad I'm onlee houndie here so nobuddy is peein on me! Mistress does wash my face tho. Seems my spit is xtra stikky or sumthin and I lik my chomps a lot so I get crusty mouf. I like to get wash my face! Mistress puts sum shampoop on a warm wash cloff and scrubs me, then more warm wader rise, then towel dry, then I not crusty no more. Fancypants, your momma skared mine. She got the Fizerf shot and gots to get anodder in a cupple weeks. Well, today I met the mail lady. Not the reglar lady, who I don't theenk likes me on accounta she never gave me a treet and we saw her stop h
  6. Hi! Hi! Hi! It is gray and foggy and rainy rains here. I got a kwikie Wiki walkie tho. I’m glad sum of youse read my adventshures. Pippin, I theenk your mum’s got it rite cause Mistress does say, “Wik, you wear me out” a lot. Laila, your seester does SNAPCHOMP on bugs too?!?! Mistress theenks mayhaps I bit my tung or sumthin cause nuthin elts bad happined to me. There used to be tawk of me going to brooree too but then I recked the door affer going for rides in the car so now I hafta stay home alla time. Fancypants, that’s a horrible disruptshun to your shedmule! So we
  7. She has enough parts that it seems possible, but we just couldn't make it happen.
  8. Wow, lass nite shore was sumthin! There were lots and lots of skweely sirens and honky horns and chopchop planes going on for a vary long time. I did not like it! I tried to look out the door but Mistress shut it. Then I tried to look out the bedroom winder even tho there’s a nitestand in front of it. Mistress says peeple went ded not too far from our house. It was vary upsettin. I hadda be on alert for a long time like this. We went for long Wiki walkie in the woods this mornin so I bin tired. We’re havin a party tamarra and Mistress said she was gonna cleen the house but she did
  9. There is an active shooter situation at the casino about 2 miles from my house. Reports are of multiple victims. Wiki is totally freaked out by the constant stream of sirens and helicopters.
  10. Hmmm, let me try something with her legs.....
  11. I thought I was so clever to notice that, but you beat me too it! Such a pretty Sweep.
  12. Oh boy, what adventshures I’ve had! Lass nite Mistress’ friend came over and made a fire in our backyard! Then they sat out there and had drinks and snax. Mistress left me in the house. I did not like that and said BARK BARK BARK till she let me out wiff them. I hadda lay on the cold ground but I said GGGRRRARK at the naybor dog who was stikkin her hed unner the fents into my yard. And Mistress was forebber pooshin me and holdin onto my nek juss cause I wanted to sniffsniff the fire and see it up close. Today is perfekt beeyouteefool day! We Went for longest Wiki walkie I ever bin on.
  13. Based on the timing, it sounds like he knows the routine and is excited for his walks. Maybe a chew bone or puzzle toy to keep him amused during those times?
  14. Ivy, I am also pestoing for a Wiki walkie too but my Mistress has a meetin. Guess who was back lass nite? The Black Bandit! Mistress bot sum stuff for a projekt she’s doing incloodin a roll of twine. She put alla stuff on the kitschen table then later went to put it away but there was no twine. Where did it go? Left in the bag? Fall out in the car? But she was cookin and kinda forgot bout it. When she finally sat down in the livin room she freeked out cause there was a mysterious sorta fuzzy thin on the floor. Ded aminal? Nope, slightly soggy roll of twine! Wiki
  15. So you know I love a subscription box right? I have some freebies to share. Every Plate is a meal kit, pretty much the least expensive, least fancy on the market. I’m pretty new to them and have had some issues with their shipping, but the couple meals I made have been really good. I have 6 free boxes to give away. I’m not entirely sure how many meals that would be and I think you would have to pay shipping. They do offer 2 no meat options per week. https://www.everyplate.com/ I just signed up for Fab Fit Fun which is a lifestyle/beauty box. I don’t have any experience with them ye
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