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  1. Happy birthday Miss Mam! Have a good trip Miss Nancy! Thanks for the shout out Pippin! Aww poor Andi gots the skwirms. Zorro del Galgo, I hope your earsie heals up riteawaykwik. The cone is awful, but you look pritty kewte in it. Good job being a nurse bro, Charlie! Mistress bandoned me lass nite for a zoo thin. She had today off but bandoned me to take a drive up to Door County wiff a friend. And tamarra is the college fun day plusalso she's going to the zoo again. This is all reelly knot fair to a houndie. Wags, Lila
  2. Hiya! Pippin! Good to see your hampsum face! Dr Fruutcake, you gave JJ the best life and made the best decision for him at the end. I hope Dustbin is feelin bedder soon. Give him sum xtra snuggles and treets on my behaff. I feel bad for that Junior dawg havin to eat juss boney meets. It’s bin a long time sints I was a puppy, but I would theenk he needs…more. Speekin of bones and sutch, there was a thin on the driveway the other day that I thought was great to sniffsniffsniff. Mistress thot it was part of ded aminal or sumthin but we know now that it was indeed a owl pellet! They spit up the stuff they can’t digest. Mistress wasn’t shore cause it was furry and alla the ones she’s seen before were hard but she had a zoo meetin lass nite and the keeper of the snowy owl confirmed they can be furry. But it had all kindsa perfectly cleen leddle tiny bones in it. It was cool. Alla the zoo peeple wanted it, but Mistress was creeped out by it before she knew what it was then it got washed away by the rainy rains. I bin doing bedder bout the backyard. I did alla my potties there yessirday and so far today. The fact that I've got sutch great friends and a supply of Trader Joe jerky helps, cause I get a beeg piece when I go potty in the back. I even did a poop wiff boomers and litenin in the distance. But it’s bin more boomers and lotsa rains this mornin and Mistress is at the offish so mayhaps I’ll have a regression. Miss Lizabeff, I’m sorry you get teary at the werkjob too. Mistress hates when that happens and feels bad about it like she’s a leddle girl or sumthin. But it happens to lotsa peeple. I theenk it’s juss because you all care about what you do and get so frustrated and bovered by alla the crap that goes on. So reelly it’s OK. Wags, Lila
  3. I'm sorry that it was such a sad situation that brought her to you, but she is lovely and I know she will bring lots of joy to your house.
  4. I swore I wasn't going to cry at work this week. It was meant regarding work crap, but this is no good either. Run fast and free dear JJ. Robin, I'm holding you all in my heart.
  5. Yep, lots of people do it. But Greysmom is spot on about the adoption groups and finding a dog who is OK with it (most of them are). Once our routine was established, if I come home early Lila is like, "What are you doing here? It's not time yet."
  6. Mornin! Sendin good thots for Zorro del Galgo! And for dear JJ, of course! The naybor had a old dog bed out for beeg trash pick up this morning. I sniffandsniffandsniff till Mistress is almoss late for the werkjob. She says my enjoymint is more portant than that place. Wags, Lila
  7. Lila turned 13 on September 2. She's in pretty good shape physically, sometimes a little wobbly, and she does seem to be confused at times but she is generally a contented girl.
  8. Yes, alla us oldie houndies should have a party! Whiskey, nothin happined in the yard. That's why it's so weerd. For a few weeks, every few days I would circle round and round but knot go pee, but go immediately when Mistress too me out front. It seems like now I have no ideer what I'm doing out there. Good noos! Dr Heather is gonna make a house call! She can do it next Moanday whitch works out great cause Mistress has the day off. Lila
  9. Hiya! Welcome home Lulu! It’s knot eazy gettin old! Dippy, I’m sorry you’re confoozled bout what time it is. But three brekkies sounds pritty good. I’m sorry you’re strugglin JJ. Take it eazy my friend. My noo thin is that I won’t go potty in the backyard. I’m almoss skared to go back there and juss pace round the patio or stare at the door. Me and Mistress were walkin down the street at 5 am in her jammies this mornin. I eat my foods good and make good poops though. I should prolly see the doktor but we didn’t know what to do sints I won’t get in the car. Mistress called our vet and is thrilled that they said my Dr Heather mite be able to come to our house to check me out! She’s gonna call back, but finners crost for now. Sendin good thots for Balti’s dentil! Happy 12 1/3 Ambi! Wags, Lila
  10. Hiya! Bizzy Sattiday, well for Mistress, knot me. Like Miss Noo Carol she did mowerin but did knot have a flat skwirrill. She also had pizza pie that she made herself wiff basil leafs from the yard and tommytoes from uncle's garden. Hammich, you're havin sum good adventshures. I'm sorry the idiots don't recognize your fine breedin. Oh, I better go the San Diego zoo show is on. Wags, Lila
  11. Nice job with the intro Hamish! Mango peach bubbly water for the win! Starbucks coffee has just replaced the generic stuff. There's honey for tea now, but all of the artificial sweeteners have disappeared. I'm sure you're all intrigued by my work kitchen updates.
  12. I have lots of experience with hammocks. They are not all the same! You need to get one that is fleece, not nylon, and I even find canvas to be too slippy. And it needs to have "anchors" that go inbetween the seat and seatback to hold it in place. With those features, it doesn't really move around. That said, that Kurgo bridge looks great!
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