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  1. Hiya! Rekord breakin noos - I finished alla my supper by 5:30. This has knot happined in a vary long time. I wonner iffen I'll still get my bedtime snak meal....? Cap'n Jack has me wortweed. Merc! Your mom did good werk getting that awkshun up! You musta bin neglekted for a long time wiff her doing all that nittin. Hope & Candy crost the lake, I'm glad your fosser gots his own home. Now you can have your momma and daddieman all to your ownselfs. Hey, where's Laila? I know her mom was havin a tuff time. Please let us know you're out there! Wags, Lila
  2. Happy birthday Punkin cute as pie! Nice work with the donation and you will for sure beat lazy Aiden at the kibble game!
  3. For your amoosemint, here's Aldo. That bear ain't rite! (8) Facebook
  4. Hiya! Spirit, I’m glad your bum is healin up. About the beds….wasn’t there an issoo knot too long ago about knot enuff beds and your Ma was supposta get you a noo one? Clearly this is all her fault. Ivy, you gots to werk it more. Iffen you just stand in the kitschen or livin room or in front of the hooman and stare at them, eventually they will want you to juss go away so they will give you biskies. Trust me, I know. Andipants, I’m jellis that your daddieman sees a beever at the pond! Battle Ax, of course we are imprest by your great acheezemints! Me and Mistress were watch
  5. Hiya! I bin readin along but guess I don't got mutch to say. Y'all don't wanna keep hearin bout he ups and downs of my old lady life. Mostly I'm fine. It's pritty borink round here. Spirit, I'm sorry you gots an owie on your rumpie. Sounds like your Ma will get you all ficksed up. Poor Cap'n Jack. I wonner what's going on? Andipants, are you bashin your mom and seesters wiff your cast? Time for werkjob, I gotta go to my bed. Wags, Lila
  6. Hiya! Mistress had a nice birthday and I waited until affer midnite so it was the next day before I had the collapsing back end prollem again. This was knot as bad as lass time and we know what to do now. Mistress juss gets me to lay down and eat cookies and in a haff hour, my leggies work again. I’m a bit wobbly today, but I showed her! She checks now to see iffen any of the naybor dogs are out before lettin me out so I won’t run wiff them and affer supper the coast was clear, but I ran and ran and did digdig all by myownself. Oh Charlie, you gots trubble wiff your feets knot wor
  7. I've been dealing with something like this with Lila (now 14.2) for a couple years. It could be lots of stuff and there are lots of good suggestions here. My first assumption is that it is some kind of pain issue. It took a really long time and trying multiple things with Lila. For her, it ended up being her tummy. Things that she ate without issue for years now give her some gastric distress and she's doing much better on a 100% home cooked diet. She also had a bad reaction to Gabapentin, which resulted in more pacing and panting. It can be a lot of trial and error. I hope you can find a
  8. Hiya! I lubs the Andipants silly posties! Are you able to walk wiff that thin on your leggie? Zeke chomped Guest! Poor guy he must be hurtin, cause I don't theenk he'd juss be a jerk like that. Wow, lotsa rainyrains for the Ducks. Iffen Georgie hadda wade thru deep wadders, what happined to the family members wiff shorter leggies? Summer, what do you watch on TV? Mostly I get Food Network. Mistress is on long weekend. She's got a pointmint in a leddle while to get the fancee drivers license so she can flee the country iffen she needs to. Wags, Lila
  9. Miss Loosy, that is a great pitcher of your daddieman wiff his hat all jaunty. Andipants, this mite be the end of your profeshional racing, but no one can stop a houndie from runnin! I myownself ran like the wind tonite. Mistress keeps a pritty strikt watch on me since my bad nite lass week but she was puttin sumthin in the garaj and when she looked out ZOOM! there I went. Then ZOOM! there I went the other way. Then she yelled and grabbed my leech. She came affer me but I ran away. Then she came for me again and I ran away. Then she reely yelled and I was tired. My back leggies wer
  10. Hiya! I'm so glad there is a good report on Andipants and she is comfortably upside down. It has turned back to winter here. It was 50 mph winds lass nite and me and Mistress couldn't sleep on accounta it. I did eat alla my first meal by 10:30 this mornin. Mistress gets reel mad at me cause it seems I'm hongry just being reel pikky bout what's in my bowl. Some grated Trader Joe jerky got me going today. Miss England Carol, Mistress team members were happy to see the poppy. Wags, Lila
  11. Happy birthday Miss Patsy! Oh, poor Andipants! Poor Miss Chris! I hope you are boff able to get sum nice rest today. Wags, Lila
  12. Mmmm, pasties! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasty It's a lotta werk so whoever make em, send us one. That's knot Patsy, but maybe she knows them? Or Miss England Carol? Anybuddy elts? Lila, wiff sum Yooper heritage
  13. Hiya! One more day of summer then rainy rains tomorrow then it will be cold again. So we are enjoyin the sunnyshines today. I’m in a don’t wanna eat phase. I am reel greedy for like a week then take a cupple days when I don’t want vary mutch. I’m good otherwise. I do have a tiny leddle owie right next to my eye. Mistress theenks I got in the way of the naybor’s leef blowerin. It coulda bin mutch worser. Andipants, I’m glad your leggie got ficksed up. I hope you can hobble round OK and get healed up riteawaykwik! I theenk they look a lot more of your furs than they needed to tho.
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