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  1. Hi! Hi! Hi! Nate, that’s good hunting werk! A chickamonk would be a good catch. And them drainpipes is reel good hunting spot. The voles would go in there too. You can’t get em when their in there, but they gotta come out to eat. Alla my voles and mices seem to be gone. Miss Nancy, look behind the curtain! I’m glad you’re all back at home, Gino and crew! Miss Chris, I’m sorry your missin the Dude. Ivy, I guess we gots alla those aminals round, here but we never see em. Mayhaps we gots to go Wiki walkie earlier…..Mistress says she misses Lila she does not miss walkin to the corner at all hours in her nightie. I lissened in to the werk call bout what to do wiff the prollem projekt. It’s gonna go in tamarra as planned! The risk is small and iffen anybuddy buys a policy wiff the prollem sumone will fix it up manually. Hey Miss Loosy, Mistress had a hierarchy prollem that was not really a hierarch prollem too. In her case there was a hierarchy of how policies should get an application fee but no one bovered to menshun that the ones at the bottom of the list were not last in line but they should never ever get a fee. That will not be fixed by tamarra so they hadda shut off some websites all togedder. I think everyone is gonna wanna werk in IT affer hearing alla these stories. Time for naps! Wiki
  2. Hi! Hi! Hi! Mistress has returned to the werkjob. The last day of long weekend was kinda a bust cause she wasn’t feelin good. Sum kinda atypical mindgrain, no hurty hed but she felt sooper weerd. It was beeyouteaful day so she tried to do sum of her yard werk but didn’t get too far. She was bedder affer she ate sum macandcheez. We totally unnerstood what Mam was sayin bout leddle Mario. And thanks to her, I gots sum heet! It was reel cold yessirday mornink and the house was freezink but Mistress is weerd bout turning on the furnace for the first time but she thot, iffen tuff Miss Mam has heet, we can too! Then my earsies weren’t gonna freeze off no more. Miss Ducky, that’s reel good werk you’re doing for that chawowwa. Oh Charlie, what’s that backsplash look like? Mistress keeps say that sumday we’re gonna get a noo kitschen….. Um Merc, whatcha doing in that pitcher? Laila, are there no one story houses in the Berg? You need a nice ranch. And wowwee, there shore is a lotta stuff in that house! And a lotta doors. Iffen your folks go there, have them peek behind that mystery drape next to the door in pitcher #3 and see what’s back there. While Mistress was out, they found a sigsnifficant prollem wiff her project that’s bin going on for almoss two years and is supposta go live Thursday. She had meetins alla mornink bout it. It can be fixed pretty easy but not in time to test the fix. No one reelly wants to delay anymore so they’re figgerin out sum workarounds. Wiki
  3. I make my posites in the affernoon when no one elts is here. Wiki walkie this mornin was like one hole hour! Our local forest park made a noo trail so we went on that plus the reglar root. It was lotsa fun. And we saw four pileated woodpekkers! Mistress thot that was pritty cool. I didn’t mutch care. Oh, and there was a fambily in the woods makin a pitcher. And yep, them same shirts! Guys, there’s nothin rong wiff flannel or plad. It’s these peeple that put the whole fambily in them bufflo plad shirts to put on soso media cause everyone elts is doing it that Mistress theenks is stoopid. Then Mistress made Oktoberfest luntsch. I got a bite of bartwusrt (from Aldi Miss Vanessa!) and apple pie whitch we had instead of stroodel. Then I got lokked in the wire bocks when Mistress went to Targit and they did not have my Buddy Biskits or my apple Bloo Bars. What iffen I run oudda biskies?!?!? It is beeyooteaful day in Wiskconsin, I’m gonna go out and lay in the sunnyshines. Wiki
  4. Oh boy, what a day! I gots adventshure in the mornin. We went to the beeg park wiff paffs and woods and a crik and a troll bridge! Mistress used to take Lila alla time but never me. It was lotsa fun! I trotted and sniffed and went rite crost that troll bridge no prollem. It was beeyooteaful days and there was like a hundertlebenty famblies makin poortraits and every lass one of em was wearin a plad shirt. Mistress says it’s boogee and klishsay. They didn’t bovver me, I had fun. Later Mistress was in the basemint doing sum lawndree when I start skreemin and crying and yellin. She comes runnin up the stairs and there’s a crash and me trottin away and the cabinet unner the sink is open and the handle reel bent. Seems like I sumhow got my collar stuck and freeked out. Anyroo, I gots anodder hole in my metal leggie now. Alla this talk of eatin mooses is makin my Mistress sad. See, this is Murphy. He juss moved to Mistress’ zoo from Alaska. He’s four monfs old and a orfan. He eats leafs and stuff but still gets a boddle. She ain’t met him yet but she lubs him and the thot of eatin him is juss horrible. Wiki
  5. It's long weekend again! So far we went long walkie then Mistress left me in the wire box. Miss Jennie! We thot of you lass Sunnyday when we had popped corn! And we meant to ax if you could have it yet, but forgot. I'm glad you can have sum. Wow, Flizzie's pills must reelly be sumthin iffen only one xtra could make her go ded! I'm shore glad she didn't. Mistress recently bot a noo bottle of hydrogin perockside thinkin it's mutch more likely she'd need to make me puke than it ever was wiff Lila. I guess were gonna juss do cleenin and laundry now, well Mistress is, I'm gonna sleep. She says so long as there's no rainy rains I get to go on adventshure tamarra. Wiki
  6. Happy 12th birthday to the fabulous Sweep! I am so glad she's doing well and being well spoiled. I think the pedicure picture looks like the service is just not up to her standards.
  7. My Mistress did sum kinda trick on me. I was outside eatin grass and rabbit poops and stuff when I heard her call me so I ran in the garaj but she wasn’t there. I heard her call me again so I ran back outside but she wasn’t there either. What’s going on? She kept callin and I kept runnin back and forth but I couldn’t find her. Finally there she was outside! I was so happy to see her I ran a race. But I still don’t know what happined. Wiki I was calling her from in the house through the window. Poor girl couldn’t figure it out. And I thought she was smart. At least she should be tired now, she was being a big pesto.
  8. Hi! Hi! Hi! I’m not even gonna menshun that beeg eared dog wiff stoopid short leggies. But it does seem like sumthin is amiss iffen Miss Kerry is seein other doggies at the werkjob whilst Pippin is left home. I’m glad Flizzie is gettin back to herownself. Dr Robin, I theenk it’s great that you’re findin homes for horsies! Cherry, good werk wiff the stairs! Now you don’t hafta get lokked in the den at nite. Miss Mam, you do a lotta fun stuff like paddlin and yogain and horsie ridin. But I suppose you gotta do not fun stuff too, like pick up horsie poops. Nate, you ate a cloff?!?!? Dude, that’s weerd and prolly not good for you. My own Mistress likes a good fite in a meetin, so long as she’s juss a spektator and not aktually in the fite. Makes thins a bit more innerestin. On Wiki walkie today a lawn man stopped his big machine and ran over to give me pets! He said he’s got a cupple clients wiff houndies and he knows how sweet we are and that we need lotsa pets. My Mistress is sleepy today too, but she didn’t get a fone call in the middle of the nite. She went for supper wiff the naybor and had tomato soop and grilled cheez and that soop turned to burnin acid in her belly so she was kwite uncomfy whilst tryin to sleep. Maybe we’ll have sum luntsch soon. Wiki OMG! I forgot the best thin! Yessirday Mistress got a pakidge from her bosslady and in it was a toy for me! It says Wicked Cute on it and I lubs it.
  9. Mornin! I'm glad Flizzie did OK wiff the dentil. I hope she had a restful nite, Miss Chris too. It's threatenin to rain again today. It's bin empty threats the past cupple days, we'll see what happins today. Wiki
  10. Happy Oh Canada Thanksgivin! Happy Indigenous People day! Thanks for the pitchers Ivy! They’re great! Hey, what did your daddieman theenk of that weerd Packer game ending yessirday? I’ll back and forth for Flizzie today! She should be AOK wiff that medisin. Enjoy the lass day of the Inn Miss Mam. It’s juss werkday here. I got quickie Wiki walkie already betwixt meeting and raindrops. They said it was gonna rainy rains all day yessirday but we got not a drop. We’ll see what happins today. Wiki
  11. Wow, this beech trip shore sounds like fun. Maybe sumbddy could put sum pitchers here for those of us who are not allowed to use the Schnozzbook? Hey, we gots the same weather as Andipants again! It is unseasonable warm for awwtum in Wiskconsin. We had good bonnfire lass nite. I’m reel good for bonnfire now and juss lay on my blankie and have a nap. This mornin we went Wiki walkie in the forest and met a nice lady who said a fox had juss come our way. But we did not see it. I ain’t never seen a fox, but I shore would like too. I have seen a kite tho. Then we went by a house wiff a lotta peeple in the garaj and it smelled so good! Mistress said they were makin a eggyroll feest. I ain’t never had a eggyroll, but I shore would like too. I stood at the end of their driveway lookin wiff my beeg eyeballs hopin they would invite me in, but nope. Merc, whatcha gonna do wiff a beeg punkin? Hey MISS JENNIE – Mistress read an artikkle in the Oktober Wired magazeem bout hegamahogs! And there were quotes from the Hedgamahog Welfare Society! It was a good story but we were sad the quotes were not from you. We gotta put up Halloweenie docorayshuns now. Wiki
  12. Yes, I get them from Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I was hoping you found a more reliable source.
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