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  1. Happy late birthday Miss Mam! I had a good weekend despite that Mistress bandoned me for most of Sattiday. She was around the yard and naybors' so she chekked on me lots and made shore I got outs and foods. She had sum fun for the first time in a long time. Plus also made a whoppin $26 by putting the crap she was gonna take to St Vinnie's in the naybor's rummage sale. She says her winter projekt is going to be going thru alla the vintage toys in the basemint and get them ready for the spring rummage sale. But she was around people who had bin around people who gots the Covid. She d
  2. Oh no, the Notorious RBG is gone. There's no time to get someone appointed and approved before the election is there? Robin, I hope Pisser is OK. You had a rough night.
  3. Andipants, I hope the rainyrains put out your fires and make your airs more bedder. Oh, poor Spirit! I can see how sumthin like that could kill a houndie ded. That is why Mistress is waitin on her own noo roof. I didn't tell youse guys that the vet lady wrote on my leggie wiff a peenk marker! She is certified for palliative care and hospice but also bone crakkin and needle stikkin. And she learnt those things on houndies! Well, there is a spot on my leggie that is connekted to my belly. She markered me so Mistress could learn where it is and press on it when I'm knot feelin good. I
  4. Hiya! The noo torturnarian came to the house and we like her lots. She specializes in taking care of aminals like me and makin shore we are comfy and knot wortweed. She watched me and lissened to me and skweezed me. She said I have a gassy belly. So Mistress was on the rite track (well Miss Chris reelly) wiff the GasX. I’m gonna get sum more cheez pills (meloxicam and Tylenol) and see iffen that helps at all. And sints Myka and Tiny had sutch good results wiff the CBD stuff, Mistress is gonna check that out too. But I had a good day and didn’t have any bad spells. Miss Lizabeff, Mist
  5. Oh no, I'm knot going ded today! I'm juss seeing a noo torturnarian who hopefully can fix me so I don't hafta go ded soon! Lila, also lubber of the cheez
  6. Ducky! That's actually quite accurate. If I could only have one food on a desert island, it would be cheese. Nancy, were you in a nightgown?
  7. Lila has a big hole that she works on regularly. About once a year she will pee in her hole then cover it with dirt using her nose. Then I have to clean pee-dirt off of her nose.
  8. Often I do put a jacket over my nightgown, or pants underneath if it's cold. My neighbors are also often out in their jammies, so it's OK. And it was just a pee trip last night. Lila is still having periods of agitation. Her regular vet won't make house calls anymore, they are not even doing home euthanasia now. But they referred me to a palliative care vet. I just talked to her and she's coming out to do an assessment tomorrow. I don't think this is the end, but we can't continue like this, it is too upsetting to both of us.
  9. I just took Lila out for a pee and the SWAT team is in the next block! Lila didn't care and took forever to find a place to pee. And yes, I was in my nightgown. I assume we are not in danger as I didn't get the warning call.
  10. Hiya! It’s Lila, knot ded yet! I wasn’t feelin good there for a while, but I seem to be back to my old lady normal today. I didn’t eat mucth for a few days so I was hongry this mornin and ate alla my brekkie by 9 of the AM which I haven’t done in a long time. Mistress is also sooper bizzy at the werkjob and hasn’t bin able to keep up wiff club noos. I am glad to see Noor settlin in wiff Galina et al. It is also good that Dudley ain’t feelin poorly despite the tick sick. The sweetest red panda at the zoo had/has lime and one of the other ones. It’s knot normill in red pandas
  11. Hi! Lila is some better today. Less panicks and she ate most of her first meal. Welcome home Noor! I hope your airs clear up, Andi.
  12. Vanessa, I’m so sorry about Bibbi. It’s nice that she left on her own terms though. Lila’s having a bad time. She was unsettled pretty much all day yesterday but did sleep nicely last night. And she’s back to pacing around again now. I can hear her tummy rumbling and squeaking. And now her back end is getting weak from so much walking around. She’s eating some and drinking and going potty normally. She’s had Pepcid and gasX. I don’t know what else to do. She had been doing really well since my last breakdown, which looks like it was almost exactly a month ago.
  13. Morning! Alla these fires are vary sad and skary. Specially so cause they are near our friends! Aww, poor Dudley wiff all the tick prollems! I hope he can get fixed up OK. Safe trabbels to Misser Michael and galgos! It is still cold here. And Mistress still don’t put on the heat. She’s juss as stubborn as me. Wags, Lila
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