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  1. No skwirms! No skwirms! I ain't got no skwirms!
  2. You did the right thing. Not every dog is the right fit for every house. She'll be adopted into her right family soon. And I'm sure the cat will get over it quickly also. There are many greyhounds who can live with cats. See the Fencetop and Mary post over in the Remembrance section for an especially great pair. An older dog who has been returned might be a better fit for you. They will know about living in a house already, maybe even with cats, making the transition much easier.
  3. I'm so sorry! I love this pair! Mary always looked so sweet and Fencetop had the most beautiful markings.
  4. I’m wortweed bout leddle HadaParsnip. I’m glad she’s happy and silly. I do still theenk the Ducky from the pond really ought to juss move into the Duck Shed. Poor Flizzie’s pee prollems too. I can’t member, but wasn’t she doing OK on the other medisin? Pippin’s tick story is utterly mortifying! Nate, your Ma is juss slackin. Round here that juss means we get up earlier. We went Wiki walkie before 6 this mornin on accounta Mistress had a dentist pointmint and I hadda be walkied first. Most days I don’t go pee until walkies, even iffen walkies aren’t till 10 and I bin in the backyard 15 times. But it was worf it cause for the first time in months I was perfekt in my crate. I was layin down when she came home and there was no puddle of drool from crazy pantin or chewin on the bars. Wiki
  5. That would be my own monthly holiday when I take Friday and Monday off from the workjob. I plan it out so between that and holidays I don't have to work more than 2 full weeks in a row. That's what happens when you have 6 weeks of vacation and don't go anywhere because of the dog. We just got upgraded to level 4 severe storms for tonight. Hail, tornadoes, 70 mph straight line winds, fun!
  6. Miss Ducky, are (pond) Ducky & Goosey back togedder? Mayhaps I mist it, but last I member Goosey was missin. Miss Celeste, I’m sorry your favrit foster hadda go to the Bridge. Yeah, Mistress don’t care iffen I’m outside when she’s mowerin if I’d stay oudda the way. And the front yard is a prollem. Andipants, do you eat them beens? Mistress’ unkle gave her load of them from his garden. I tried one raw and chomped it then spit it out. Then I got one which had bin litely steemed and wiff butter and that one was good. Hope flotes!!! Fancytoo, you’re a xcellent comedy dog! You know, I theenk it’s not fair that Mistress juss makes me tell the bad stuff I do. I’m nice good houndie like 95% of the time. I sleep nice whilst she’s workin and at nite, I eat my foods neat and greedy, I don’t innerupt her in the baffroom anymores, I play wifff my toys, I walk reel nice on the leech and ignore unrooly doggies that we see, I fall asleep when she buzzes my toetoes, I do a kwete snoot poke when I want a treet, I bin going in my crate reel easy and have bin good in there and not chewin on the bars, and I haven’t stolen anythin in weeks and weeks. I’m a good girlie! I juss get upset bout mowerin. Mistress can go outside and down the street and talk to the naybor for like an hour and I juss sleep in my bed. In other noos, Mistress took one of my turds to the torturnarian for checking. We should know my skwirm status tamarra! And she was allowed to go in the bildin so she bot me a beeg fancy biskie that looked like a ice creem cone. And she got werd that her bad projekt has bin approved to go to produktshun tamarra! That should mean the end of it for her. Wiki
  7. You tried Miss Chris. Nature is not always kind. Miss Patsy, do you know about dry shampoo? It don’t werk on Mistress’ wild hair, but loads of peeple swear by it. So long weekend is over and Mistress is back to the werkjob and her bad projekt that she hoped would wrap up whilst she was out is still going. I made sure the last day of long weekend was inneresting. On Wiki walkie I was sniffsniffing sum daylilies, I do love them daylilies, when the garaj door of the house started up. It make a horrible loud creeking skweeking cracking noise and I got skared and jump runned and skuffed up two of my pawpaws. I hadda walk home wiff blood runnin out of me. Mistress fixed me up when we got home. Then she hadda do the mowering. She jammed a gate crost the door and put a bungee cord on it too but I still busted out. Then I laid on the lawn and wouldn’t move when the mower was coming. Mistress was vary mad at me and said I’m gonna get lokked in the wire box next time. Later at nite I was liklikin my hurt pawpaws and also my tailey. Mistress cleened up my pawpaws again and put medisin on them and tucked them unner the blankie. Then she took my tailey and felt sum hard crusty spot that wasn’t there before. But then I said GGGGGRRRRR at her so she couldn’t zamine it any more. She theenks it got cot in the door when I busted out! I’m not telling and when she tried to zamine it again today I said GGGGGRRRRRR again. I don’t mind what she does to my feets, but my tailey is private. It curls up like normill and wags like normill and I smashed it into all kindsa stuff at Wiki walkie time so she don’t theenk it’s broke, mayhaps juss hurt. Wiki
  8. Happy birthday Miss Kathy! Andipants, I'm wortweed bout your skwirril. You prolly need to drive it up to Miss Jennie. Or find someone in your town like her. Wiki
  9. Hey, I gots one of Miss Loosy’s bird baffs! I gost a reel good chew bone, it was so beeg I started it yessirday and finished it today, but it left my snoot and leggies and even my belly kinda crusty and stikky. I was out in the yard and Mistress comes wiff a pitcher of soapy wadder and a cloff and scrubs my face and leggies and belly then even wipes down the rest of me. Then she come wiff cleen wadder and sploosh it on me. I was pritty wet but then I got dried off wiff the towel. It wasn’t too bad and I gots sum chikken jerky for being good bout it all. Nate, your Ma has been kwite unresinable makin you go out in the rain then not lettin you in the chair. I theenk your guff is justicefried. Woah Ivy, a fox and homemade treets! You girls are lucky. Do you ever get laundry baskits in your way or baffed in the yard? Or is it juss all good at your house alla time? Miss Jennie you are a wonnerful person helpin them hedgies and alla other aminals. Are youse guys watchin the Lympics? Mistress bin stayin up late cause she gets hooked on sumthin like skakeboardin and hasta see who wins. She don’t even unnerstan what them peeple are talkin bout – goofy, frontside, 540, ollie, what’s it all meen? And she wonners iffen someone who plays Lympic badmitten do they have a reel werkjob too? Badmitten can’t be a full time supportin job can it? And what’s wiff them bonnets the water polo peeple ware? So many questions. Wiki
  10. The day's not over, but I'm gonna say I didn't commit no crimes today. Mistress made these pinecones glittery. Would you give 50 cents for one for helping red pandas or rinosaurs? This is me in the yard. Mistress theenks I look like sum wild aminal on the savannah.
  11. Hi! Hi! Hi! It is hot and hoomid like a sowna outside. We went for early Wiki walkie but could still only go round one block. I did visit wiff two naybors tho – the old guy of not my house, not my mouse fame, iffen you member that story, and the leddlest girly of the naybor kids. Now it’s rainy rains. Mayhaps Wiskconsin is now the rain forest. I’m glad that Ivy is back to normill. And that Flizzie is feelin good and sassy. I know how that is. Flizzie, you wanna be in the bad houndies club too? Sid, didja get to see your old peeps? I bet Rita is gonna be juss fine. Mistress would put sum medisin on a Qtip to put on that wiff no wortwees. Merc and the Bergers are havin fun! But poor Pippin is trapped at home. Don’t be sad buddy, I never go nowheres in the car and havin your muumy home were you can see her alla time is a good thin. So the report from day 1 of long weekend is not so great. I hurt Mistress twice. We were out in the backyard and I saw a skwirril so I took off reel fast to catch him and I pooshed off wiff my powerful back foot but it was on Mistress’ puny foot and my powerful toenail cracked her puny toenail. The up and down way so it hurt a lot and now it’s all mangled and broken. Then at bedtime I was reel hexcited for my beddy buddy biskit so I JUMP JUMP JUMP and smashed my hed into Mistress’ mouf and made her lip bleed. She says it bedder heel up riteawaykwik cause she’s got a dentist pointmint next week and doesn’t want to have to explain she’s in a abusive relayshunship wiff her dog. I wonner what’s gonna happin today? Wiki
  12. Happy 13th birthday, Petunia! That last picture of her is so sweet.
  13. Andipants, your Momma gave my Mistress all kindsa ideers. One was good – 5 Guys! There was only 2 guys and 1 gal tho so it was slow. But when she finally got home I gots a taste. But one bad ideer too – she was doing stuff wiff the Stay Out Gate by the door. She can’t lock it in place but even leanin it up crost the doorframe mite stop me from pooshin the door. We’ll see bout that…. Which brings me to Tiller. Dude, we gots lots in common! Chompin and bashin and getting faces washed. You wanna be in our Bad Houndies Club? It’s, um, a lot of us here. Good to hear Ivy is home restin and Laila and Merc are gonna have a meet up! Gino, my furs are fallin out too! We hope it’s juss the Big Shed cause I’m gettin kinda bare in spots. Miss Loosy, Mistress don’t theenk she’s got a werd for that. Sponge baff or sink baff maybe? But she would prolly juss say freshen up or wash up. Nite! Wiki
  14. I like this! I just need to power through my bad meeting in 15 minutes then can cruise until I log out. Yay for Ivy awake and less only one toof! Don't wortwee Cherry, she'll be home soon. Andipants, no we ain't got anythin hexciting planned. Mistress wants to werk on her paint by nummers and has subscription box meals piling up, so she'll be eating lots too. We were gonna have bonnfire, but like lass time it's gonna be 90 petigrees and hoomid and no one wants to sit round a fire then. One of Mistress' friends had an ideer for how to fix up a thin to keep me from bashing open the door, but it's a bit to hard for her to tackle on her own I theenk.
  15. Mornin! I'm gonna do backandforth for Ivy whilst she's getting her toofers done! You'll be fine! You know I gots like fillings in my teef? I hope Miss Jennie is gettin bedder too! I bin meanin to say that Mistress thinks Mario is reel kewte. Andipants, thanks for backin me up, friend! Iffen Mistress survives the werkjob today, then it's long weekend! Have a good day! Wiki
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