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  1. Chuckles! https://www.oldtimecandy.com/products/chuckles-tray?variant=7455700713524&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-dnplLyx6gIVSr7ACh2K2Q-lEAQYBSABEgJ-e_D_BwE
  2. Mistress survived the eyeball doktor! The offish was reel nice, she got to keep her cloves on, she can see bedder, and the doktor was kewte! Now we're gonna have Culver's for her reward.
  3. Miss Loosy, that is excellent observayshun re the eyeball doctor! I toll Mistress and she feels mutch bedder now.
  4. I mist all kindsa stuff yessirday! Happy Canada Day! Miss Loosy, congradulayshuns on the almoss retiremint! Charlie is back wiff Momma Bear! Miss Mam, Mistress likes your floor! Miss Patsy, being cool enuff to wear jeans and a hoodie sounds absolutely lubley! Battle is home! What a leddle kewtie! Hamish will be a good big brover. Mz Soozin, Mistress likes your rug too! It would even go good wiff Mam’s floor…hmmm….. Skirmish! Hada, you’re a funny lady! Is Flizzy’s hoohoo all bedder? Knot mutch goings on here. My poops are still knot good. Mistress has got a eyeball exam today. She’s a bit nerbus cause it’s a noo place for her. Wags, Lila
  5. Hiya! Goes wiffout sayin that it is hothothot and hoomid here. Happy Gotcha Ivy! Sounds like your mom made up for missin it pretty good. Bummer bout the turdle eggies. Andipants, we lubs your garden and the good stuff that comes out of it! Mistress has eatin the pickled stuff and has plans for the relish and hot dawgs for the 4th of July. Speekin of projooce, she finally got peas on her 3rd trip to the farmer truck! But now she’s oudda stromberries so she’s gotta go back. Good thin it’s close! Miss Guest and Fancypants et al – Pleese be cawshuts bout the racooney, specially the poops. They have a reel bad thin calt racoon roundworm that can make peeple go ded. http://www.pethealthnetwork.com/dog-health/dog-diseases-conditions-a-z/baylisascaris Speekin of poops, I did one good turd, one soft turd, and a leddle pile of slop this mornin. I guess that’s improovmint. And I bin eatin up chikken and noodills reel greedy. Wags, Lila
  6. Hiya! Hothothot and hoomid here too. And will be all week. Andipants, your runnin looks like a lotta fun. Did you meet any of them silky windyhounds? Mistress figgers she’ll hafta downsize eventually and she like the looks of them. Altho getting a doggie from a breeder seems hard and knot rite sum how….. Clarkie and Dustin and any buddy elts wiff bad firewerks, I’m sad you hafta deel wiff that. We know how bad it can be. There have been sum bangs round here but nuthin that wortwees me yet. But there will prolly be lots more this weekend, then I’ll be wortweed too. Miss Mam, is it a snappin turdle? Or sumthin kewter? I hope everybuddy deelin wiff the virus is negative and anybuddy who is knot feelin good is bedder soon! I myownself have sum bad poops. I had bad stinkfarts Sattiday nite and pritty mutch liquid poop Sunnyday. It was a bit bedder this mornin. Could it be that the noodills were holdin my poops togedder? Or that I was so upset from the floor cleein and ear cleenin (Mistress poured stuff rite in my hed! It was pritty dirdy in there and I was holdin my ear funny. It’s all bedder now). I’m back on chopped up chikken and noodills for now. I ate em up good this mornin. Mistress says she spends alla her time makin my foods to tryin to get me to eat my foods. Wags, Lila
  7. Hiya! I mist a cupple days on accounta Mistress’ werkjob was crazy and she didn’t let me on the puter. She said she would do sumthin and it ended up being way more than she thot it would be and it hadda be done by lass nite. She was bak werkin affer supper to get it done. When I'm done here she's gotta check on it to see iffen it all werked or it was just a waste of her time. Today she cleened alla the floors incloodin my livin room carpet. I was so upset! She was movin stuff round, it was in the rong places and was usin all kindsa mashines. I would not settle and was inandoutinandout. She even let me in on the damp carpet but I was still upset and wouldn’t lay down until she sat on the couch for a while. I theenk I mist sum birthdays and gotchas. I hope everybuddy had good sellabrayshuns. Charlie, you look there wiff Mam’s houndies. Didja see a pony yet? Merc & Laila, I hope your daddiemans are feelin bedder soon! Abby, what kinda kibbles do you eat? Mistress had a hard time findin my Bright Mind and theenks she gots the lass beeg bag in the greater Green Bay area. Andipants and Guest are out runnin. Gotta go, she’s keep her eyeballs on me today. Wags, Lila
  8. I'm glad you got a good report, Cletus! Did you take that bowl with your picture in it home with you?
  9. How does everyone clean their car windows? That stuff is impossible to remove!
  10. Hiya! Well, Mistress managed to get the front lawn mowered before the rainy rains. She’ll do the bak tamarra cause her plans got cansilled cause her friend was xposed to the virus. I am lubbin eatin my chunks o’ chikken. I grab them from her hard and tear them wiff my teef like a wolff. In exchange for eatin good I refoose to pee in the backyard during daylite hours. I can’t make it too easy on her. Have fun on your trip Miss Patsy! But also stay safe from the virus! Miss Vanessa, I’m so sorry your missing Johnny xtra today. Poor Fancypants! Forced to sleep unner the sofa. And juss what was the vet implyin bout the rest of us? What are they gonna do to Zekie’s taily? Miss Lizabeff, I’m sorry Richard is knot getting the bestest of care. I reelly hope there is nuthin sereiss wrong. I hope your plummer comes Nutmeg. Havin to rely on service peeple is vary hard. Mistress requested 6 places give us a estimate for new gutters and sutch. ONE called and said he would come out for a estimate but never did. Charlie! Are you at Mam's house? Wags, Lila
  11. Charlie, Zorro del Galgo is stayin wiff friends, rite? They will make shore he's safe and knot scared. You're knot scared, are you? Andipants, the farmer's truck is in the hardware store parkin lot one mile away. He's there every day! Mistress is gonna go there lots this year cause like yours our market has lotsa stoopid rooles now. The worstest of whitch is that they will only sell fresh froots and vegemals. No bread, no eggies, no meets, no cheez! LIke you're gonna get the virus from cheez curds but knot a tommytoe. Stoopid! The farm does a boks thin too which would come rite to the house, but you can't pick what's in it and Mistress don't know what she'd do wiff 4 kohlrabi and 3 eggyplants or sumthin like that. Wags, Lila, meet eater
  12. Wee Hamish, I'm glad you and Mutter laff! I was wortweed you'd be offened, cause I'm shore Battle poopie is being raised up good, but there he is amongst the trash bags. Make shore Mutter takes you along when she goes to pick him up to take home so you can see that peeg! Miss Patsy, Mistress agrees! She went to see the famer truck yessirday and he was juss pakkin up cause he was out of everything, but he said there would be peas by Thorsday! Wags, Lila
  13. Hiya! It’s Mistress’ lass day off and it is needer too hot nor rainy however she got trapped at the car place. She went in for a oil change but ended up wiiff a 3 hour, $450, 60K mile serbice. It was as good a day as any to do it, at leest she had a book to read. That’s the longest she’s bin gone in ages! I was sooper happy to see her when she got home. Oh boy, anodder deerhoundie poopie! And a fancee one at that! But why is sutch a fancee poopie livin in what appears to be a garbidge dump? It’s good to see the Hounds of Duck! Georgie are you going sploosh in your bakyard? That’s what mine looked like when we had the flood. And LuLu, what are you doing in that boosh? Hada Parsnip is the only one sensibly restin on a pillow. Dustin, it shore sounds like you gots a Fun Dad. So does Dr Fruutcake end up being the Mean Mom? Andipants, you coulda put them peas in the box for us. Mistress keeps chekkin to see when the famer truck is gonna be out cause they’ll have peas. And stromberries. Have fun at Mam’s farm Charlie! Hey, have you started the Big Shed yet? I did! It’s early for me but it’s bin so hot and I’m so furry, I gotta get sum releaf. Oh Miss Cindy, do be careful wiff the milkweed. You too Mam, I see sum in your pritty pitchers. The sap can cause chemical burns on hooman skin. How we know that is one of the thins that caused Mistress’ breakdown lass weekend. I guess it doesn’t happin to everyone, but Mistress says it hurt reel bad, worser than the wassssp sting. Wags, Lila
  14. Hiya! Mistress's days off have bin either hohothot or rainy rains. She's still got tamarra but it's juss more of the same. Happy Gotchas Clarkie and Galgas of the Berg! Merc, when do your folks get the results of their virus testes? Bummer bout the plummin prollem Nutmeg. Twirlin on the gulf corse sounds like fun tho. Charlie, I theenk you should go in the wader. Wading is fun and cool wader feels nice on your leggies. Mistress is givin me my food different today. Instead of a bowl of chopped up chikken and noodills, she just hands me beeg chunks of chikken. I like that reel good! Plusalso she says we'll try more kibble meels again too. I had two kibble suppers in a row and so far so good. We hafta do sumthin cause we were boff gettin reel stressed round meel times. Hey, Mistress parints were late to havin kids too! Mid-late 30s. Which isn't late today but in the 70s it shore was. They were the same age as her friends grandparints who had generatshuns of havin kids at 18. Her daddieman has bin gone 12 years. He was smart and funny and vary kind to everyone. He would come flying oudda his grave iffen she put a hole in the floor wiff a nail or carpet tacks to hold down a rug. Funny thin is she catches herownself doing stuff he did that she thot was nuts when she was a kid like pikkin that single piece of grass offa the floor or cuttin a piece off a candy bar and savin the rest for anodder day. Wags, Lila
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