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  1. Not the satellite terminal after 5 pm. I had a very bad experience trapped there for hours waiting for the last flight out for the night.
  2. Hiya! My Mistress don't feel reel great, but she went into the offish cause today is her 25 year work anniversary and she knew they were doing stuff for her. She can't beleaf she's bin there that long. She did start pritty mutch rite oudda college. Other than that, it's vary cold here and I hafta wear my shoos. I'll ketchup on the noos when I'm offa nursin dooty. Wags, Lila
  3. Help, day two of nursing dooty for my sickly Mistress! She is mostly sleepin but I gotta keep checkin on her and stuff. It's hard werk for me and she feels lousy. Wags, Lila the helpful
  4. Hiya! So there was snowstorm panik here for the weekend, Mistress’ party got cansilled and everythin. What happined? A dust of snow Friday nite, that’s all. But then this mornin we wake up to 4 inches of snow. That’s knot a lot for us, but no one said a word bout that comin. Andipants, we are lookin forward to whatever goodies you can send! Miss Loosy, my Mistress has werked wiff contraktors like that. But the purkle is crazy! Charlie, I’m glad you and your mom had a nice visit wiff Jack and his mom. Lurker Sue 2, your town is vary kewte! Dustin! You’re a real man of the house doing a great job wiff the noobees! JJ would be so proud of you! Aww, poor Fancypants. I wish there some reel and good way to get rid of them nasty corns. Knot mutch innerestin here. I bin eatin good, but bin reel bad bout not peein in the backyard and makin Mistress take me out front. It was the reverse for a while, gotta keep her on her toes. Wags, Lila
  5. Andipants, you bedder get your boks and tape ready to send us Oregonian treets! Or Trader Joes beef jerky. The TV must be on a 3 sekund delay cause we hear the fireworks from the stadium before we actually see them skor. Wags, Lila
  6. Hiya! Hmm, more kewte pitchers of doggies who are knot me. Pippin, yes please take that hampsum Magoo fosser to be your brudder. And change his name! Charlie, you don’t like your shoos? Do you gots my kinda shoos? They are reel nice, you don’t even know they are there. OMG – I don’t think I toll youse guys, I gots a noo set of shoos for Chrispmix. Brite neon green ones! Cause sumtimes one does come off in deep snow and Mistress had a hella time trying to find my lost purkle shoo in the dark lass year. And sints I reelly reelly need them I gots a back up for dark times. Galina, that’s reel neato bout youse guys getting offishal titles for your good werks! Dear sweet Ambi, take care in the vary colds! Andi, Mistress is good wiff cheez or choklits or hazelnuts. She was actually talkin bout this wager on a werk call and sumbuddy suggested wine. Does your mom drink wine? Cause the local wineries could send stuff out direkly. So there is sum kinda snowstorm comin tamarra nite. It could be 3 inches or 14. Nobuddy knows. But there is mutch panik on accounta the football on Sunnyday. They are already callin for peeple to come shubble out the stadium. $12 a hour and the shubbles are provided, in case any of youse need werk. You can stay at our house. And this maybe snow got Mistress' zookeeper holiday party cansilled. She ordered up a loaf of pizza bread to bring so I guess now she’s gonna hafta eat it all by herownself. Wags, Lila
  7. I'm glad Sweep got a clean bill of health. Who knows what goes on in those pointy little heads.....
  8. Hiya! Mistress is werk from home today on accounta too many meetins. There is sum kinda haff frozen wadder comin from the sky. It kinda hurts when it hits my snoot. Poor Hamish in the tub. Us greyhounds don't need baffs. Abby, mayhaps you shoulda all juss moved into the giant houndimotorhome. Myka, didja pick up sum bad habits from Saint? Andi, we're in for the cheez, but what elts you gots over there, Mistress don't like sammin. Oh, can you mail beers? We could do a beer xchange! Wags, Lila I'm on a work call and heard a banging noise in the living room - Lila's having a serious tail-thumping dream.
  9. She could have slipped or something that you didn't see, or maybe something hurts, or a vision issue, or nothing. Things change when they get older. Lila was the easiest dog to do nails, she would flop over on her side and fall asleep when I dremmeled. Then one day she had a full on panic attack about the dremmel. Nothing had happened, I can manipulate her paws otherwise with no issue. So she could have just decided that she doesn't like those stairs anymore. I hope you're able to find something that works so she can continue to get to her bedroom.
  10. Brrrr cold mornin! Feels like -12, but there's no snow on the ground so I don't hafta wear my shoos. And I wanted to go for long sniffandtrot this mornin. Mistress says I'm crazy. I'm glad LuLu is doing good! Lookit all the nice pitchers of alla my friends! But what about Lila? Mistress post a kewte pitcher of me! Wags, Lila
  11. Hiya! Chubby Charlie, didya ever get foods? How is LuLu doing? Oh, we got two Fancys now! There is Fancypants and Fancytoo? Nuthin innerstin going on here. Wags, Lila
  12. I get brekkie betwixt 5:15 and 5:30 most days too. But then I got back to bed. Miss Patsy, that sounds like a vary innerestin device. Ummm, I can't memberwhat elts I was gonna say...… Oh, Andi, we should have a wager or sumthin for the football between the Packers and the Seahawks. Altho I theenk the Packers always loose to the Seahawks in the playoffs..... Wags, Lila
  13. Hiya! The Magoos can go to Flooradah? Who watches alla their houndies? Mistress won’t go no where and it’s juss me. Oh, that’s becuz it is me. I’m thirteen and a third! And I ran zoom zoom zoomies in the yard today. I theenk I’m still prolly the fastest doggeh in the hood, even at thirteen and a third. Mistress has a noo pass time – paint by numbers! It’s harder that she thot it would be. I’m glad boff Miss Nancy’s are still gettin bedder! Spirit, are you keepin an eye on your Ma so she don’t get lost in the grotto? My Mistress is a maker of lists and spreadsheets too. Dorky IT ladies! Charlie, I’m confoozed? Did a birdie land on your leech? Whilst you were walkies? Oh poor Miss Jen trapped at Old Hares airport. Mistress had a horrible incident there, on a shuttle betwixt terminals. It involved a airsick bag and she wasn’t the one usin it, I’ll juss leaf it at that. Hope you’re on your way home to Myka soon! Hiya Velvet! I bet you’re missin Dippy. Back in my younger days I also enjoyed ploppin down in a nice stream or lake. Oops, gotta go. It’s supper time and it’s kibble and Cesar nite! Wags, Lila
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