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  1. Mornin! I was a good girlie all weekend but this mornin I didn’t wanna eat or poop. Mistress said she’d leaf me to starve, but I hadda poop before she would go to work. I eventually went but she was runnin late and the roads were kinda slickery but not so bad that the guy ahead of her hadda go 20 mph. She was crabby by the time she got to her desk. Hamsammitch, I’m sorry you got sickly from the dog show. Juss one more reesin to knot go back. Didja have fun wiff Miss Ducky? Andi! What a great adventshure you had! I bet you were the fastest one there. Happy late birthday Miss Patsy! Dippy, how you doing my old lady friend? Any change from the medisin yet? I gotta go look for biskie crumms in the carpet. I’m kinda regrettin knot eatin my whole brekkie. Wags, Lila
  2. Nancy, I'm sorry you're having trouble with my employer. Don't feel bad about complaining, I know how it is. I can tell you however, that no one is intentionally trying to screw you out of your benefits or anything. No human being even laid eyes on your claim until you called. And customer service for an insurance company is the worst possible job! Those folks don't get enough training, are paid little more than minimum wage, and have ridiculous metrics they must meet. They just don't have the skill or motivation to be any good at their jobs. But there are some folks who do care and know what they are doing. Continuing to call or ask for a supervisor is really all you can do, and that's wrong. I can also tell you that all of the large insurance companies are the same. Change if it makes you feel better or you can get a better rate, but don't expect too much of a difference. I'm not trying to defend bad service, I agree that it should not be that way, just giving a little insight as to why it is that way. I raked snow today.
  3. Hiya! It is so cold here! 9 petigrees fartingheit. I could prolly use my purkle shoos but Mistress says it’s too early. Ivy, how skary for your mom! I’m so glad someone was there who could help. Guess a horspiddle is a good place for that to happin. A lady who worked in Mistress offish went ded from choking in a restyrant, no one helped. Have fun wiff your noo friends, Merc! Oh deer, Mr Patsy! I hope he’s OK. Hamish gets to meet Miss Ducky! Have fun! Knot mutch going on round here. I should get my Friday kibble supper. The wedder has ruint Mistress’ plans for the weekend, which were yardwerk, so I don’t know what we’re gonna do. Wags, Lila
  4. Hiya from wintery Wiskconsin! Full on winter snow storm out there. I hadda wear a coat so I wouldn’t get soaked. They said we would get 1.5” but there is at least 2” out there now and we are still in the middle of the beeg bloo blob on the wedder map. There are crashes all over cause peeple forget how to drive in the snow and like Miss Patsy said the leaf trucks and the snow plow trucks are the same, so I don’t theenk they are ready for this. Mistress is werk from home of course. Sorry I mist your beeg dental day, Balti. I’m glad to hear you’re feelin bedder and gettin good stuffs to eat. Happy gotcha Atomic! Happy birthday Clarkie! How you doing Dippity Doo Da? Has the medicine kicked in yet? I bin being good and chasin Mistress round the yard and bashing her wiff my pawpaw for pets. Seems like GasX and reduced kibbles agree wiff me. Oh, there is trubble at the werkjob, I better get oudda the way. Wags, Lila
  5. Patsy, I'm glad someone appreciates the Miracle of the Leafs! I have gigantic silver maples that are the last to go and it's an anxious race to get the leaves to the curb before the village stops picking up, or there is snow. My village has a new app on their website this year that shows where the trucks are and where they are going next so you can be kind of prepared. I hope the medicine helps, Dippy!
  6. Hiya! It’s Moanday and back to werkaday rootine. I had a reel good weekend! Bad skwishy poops from dog food, but no panics and I felt good and happy. So Mistress was happy! I don’t know iffen it was the time change or what, but I actually aksed for supper lass nite and I ain’t done that in months and months. Plusalso she had a miracle of the leafs! She knew the vacuuuum truck was gonna come on Sattiday and she tried to be reel calm bout it and knot worry bout gettin alla the leafs to the curb before it came cause this was just the first rakin, there will be lots more. So she got the front yard done and she could hear the truck but knot see it so she did one load from the back where the leafs were the thickest and the truck was up the hill 2 bloks away. So she kwik did anodder load and truck was on our block. So she went in to eat but then realized she didn’t hear the truck. She looked outside and it kwit 3 houses away. They drop the vacuuuum part and just take the truck to empty it. So she went back out and every load, still no truck, they were gone for 2 hours. She got the whole backyard done! Then I went out for a pee, and there was the truck. A leaf miracle! Happy late birthday Dr Fruutcake! Hamish, you are beeg! You and your Mutter look good out there, but I unnerstand bout knot wantin to make that your job. You got a bad belly, Isabella? Oh sweet Dippy! Me and Mistress send lotsa lubs and good thots your way. Gettin old is tuff. And it’s reel hard on the hoomans when there is nuthin fisically wrong, but the houndie juss ain’t rite. Trust me, I know. It’s easier when there is cancer or obvious pain but the mental stuff is harder. Mistress has said that she won’t let me go on iffen I’m knot happy no more, but how to reely know? Wow, there is lotsa good stuff in the awkshun! Andi, we see your mom on kwite a few things that are in our house….. Wags, Lila
  7. Mornin! I know you are all waitin wiff bait on your breff to hear about my kibble supper. It was deelishus! I lubs my kibbs and always eat them up reel greedy like. It's my mean Mistress who says I can't have em. But I was good all nite, no paniks or rumbly tummy. I did make reel skwishy poops this mornin tho and didn't reel want the borink chikken and noodills brekkie but eventually I ate them all up. Hopefully this meens I can have kibbs sumtimes again. Good luck wiff the fancy prancin Hamsammitch! Does Miss Lazer have any stikkers on her vehikkle like a rainbow or equal sign? That would be enuff to piss off sum stoopid ignorant truck driver. We, well Mistress, gots a day of leef rakin ahead of her. And the high temperachoor will be 37. It is knot fun for her. Hey, wasn't Miss Nellie supposta start yessirday? I can't find nuthin nowhere. Wags, Lila
  8. They are adorable! Congratulations to all of you!
  9. Awww, there's nothing like a snooze in the grass, or astroturf. We've got plenty of leaves we could share with Kate too!
  10. Hiya! Oh Miss Lizabeff, I’m sorry bout your mom. We had some trikky treeters lass nite despite the cold and snow. And two of the naybors brought us treets! One was juss drinkies for my Mistress but the other one had Buddy Biskies for me! And it’s a good thin too cause Mistress was givin em away for doggies who were tricky treetin. She only gave away 3 and I got a biggie full, so it was net win for Lila. Mistress says I can have kibbles for supper! She’s knot yet convinced that’s what makes me crazee and I’m getting reel tired of chikken and noodills. Whish us luck! Wags, Lila
  11. Hey, I ain't ded yet! Don't be finding my replacemint yet! Yes Andi, snow makes you sparkly! I was so sparkly this morning, Mistress hadda dust me off in the garage so I wouldn't get all wet. Wags, Lila
  12. Happy Hallowinter! It’s snowin like gangbusters here this mornin. Mistress hadda wear her purkle parka and it was dark as nite when we did sniffandtrot. She’s hopin one of the shubbelin naybors will do our driveway cause it was fulla leafs and the snow piled up on top of em. It will be a mess for tricks or treeters and she’ll get home juss when that is startin. Galina, congradulayshuns on your noo job! And your folks on theirs too. Mayhaps when the time comes for the next dog they can help Mistress out. There seems to be a shortage of greyhounds round here and OhCanada ain’t that far from Wiskconsin. Poor Velvet’s tailey! How you doing Dippy? Still demandin many brekkies? Isabella, I bet you’re glad your folks are home! That looks like a great trip. How didja do at the spa? Laila, keep an eye on your daddieman so he don’t do too mutch as he starts to feel bedder. His recobery will take a long time. Myka, sounds like you got a good thin going there wiff your naybor. Nutmeg, it sounds like Missr R’s fooneral went good. Plantin the bloograss in the garden is a lubley thin to do. I bin meain to say that I lubs AndiPant’s sign off! Hammitch, Buddy Biskies are great! The peanut budder ones are one of two crunchy biskies that I will eat these days. Back to bed where it is snug, Lila
  13. Elizabeth, I'm so sorry! I hope your mom's passing is gentle. My neighbor's mom and oldest sister shared a room in a memory care facility. Neither one was aware of their relationship to each other, but it was easier for the rest of the family. Lila greedily ate all of her brekkie today!
  14. Hiya from snowy Wiskconsin! Yep there was snow on the grass this mornin, bout an inch. It was stuck to the trees and reel pritty. Betwix werkjob crap and gettin me to eat, Mistress is worn out. I am eatin my meels but it takes a long time. I have a few bites then my tummy rumbles and I get scared and it takes me 5 minits to settle down, wash, rise, repeat. I kinda lost trak of the noos, I hope everybuddy is doing OK. Wags, Lila
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