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  1. Sending good thots for Myka today! And also for Pap's fambily. I hope Miss Guest is OK. Fancy prolly got her paws full takin care of her. Dippy, of course you deserve a ribbin! It rained all weekend but it seems to have stopped. There is sumthin going down wiff Mistress's werkjob. It will prolly be OK, but knowin that sumthins up but knot what is making her anxious. Wags, Lila
  2. Hang in there dear Myka and fambily! We're all pullin for ya! Lila, wortweed bout her old lady friend
  3. Mornin! I hope Pap’s brover can pull thru, and that sumone was able to get in touch wiff Pap! Happy Gotcha Dippy! You and your mum are reel lucky to have bin togedder for so long. I’m glad you’re feelin good and runnin round. Sendin good thots for Miss Guest today. Hope alla them gabbypencils didn’t make you crazy. Sorry your mom has a tuff doggeh job Laila. I know she’ll take good care of him tho. Miss Jennie, my Mistress is jellis that you get to snuggle coyote puppies, even if you reelly don’t get to snuggle em. Have a good day! Lila
  4. Hiya! The rainy rains are upon us and will be for days. Knot kwite as bad as at Fancy’s house tho. How you doing Fancy? Miss Guest, be carefool wiff them gabbypencils. Warn that iffen you’re starin at the wall wiff a drippy nose or fallin over to stop wiff the drugs! Mz Soozin, my Mistress has got purkle spektacles too! Good werk in the fridge Miss Kathy! You too at the skool, Merc! Oh, we saw a show on PBS calt Meet the Hedgehogs wiff that Brian May guy. Them Youropean hedgies are way bigger than the African Pygmies like Miss Jennie’s got. They hoomane society is at Mistress’ werk job wiff the compliance departmint sum reason . She saw a cheewawa and two kittehs. Wags, Lila
  5. Miss Fancypants I’m sorry you were starved, nokked out, chopped, and locked in jail and we all forgot this was happnin today. You seem to be in good spirits despite it all. I hope you heal up and are back to your jogs riteawaykwik! Happy birthday & gotcha to Baltasar! And the kitteh seestas! Miss Tin, I posted a pitcher of a windmill like in Holland a cupple pages back. Didya see it? It’s warm here today like summer, but then the rainy rains are coming from Whiskey’s house. Wags, Lila
  6. Hiya! We bin enjoyin long weekend. Mistress had sum fun, drank sum wino, and did sum werk in the house and yard. The weather has bin beeyooteafull and I bin layin in the grass/dandylions/violets that make up the bakyard. Tamarra is back to rootine. Happy 12th birthday Ambi! Happy birthday to Miss Loosy too! Congradulayshuns on the noo hedgie, Miss Jennie! Glad you made it bak her Bikini! Charlie, you drink whiskey?!?! I bet even Whiskey don’t drink whiskey. Sorry your momma bear is havin a bad time. I didn’t know May was a tuff monf, Mistress finds Febrooary to be the hardest. Nutmeg, I’m sorry your mum’s moosik group is fallin apart. Stuff like that is sad. Um guys, it’s still in the 30s when we get up in the mornin. Like the song Miss Loosy gave us, spring is late this year. I better go check on supper. Wonder what it will be today…. Wags, Lila
  7. Look Miss Tin, Mistress went to Holland! OK, knot reelly, there’s a town calt Little Chute and the bilt this reel werking juss like 1800sumthin windmill. See the toolips are juss comin! Spring is late here. Normilly the lilacs are in full bloom for mother’s day and they don’t even have buds yet. Happy birthday Ivy! Have a fun party Fancy! Wags, Lila
  8. Mornin! Mistress is werk from home today then it's long weekend! One of her bad projekts went into produktshun today so that is releaf. Her part is done and now they are juss sittin round waitin for sumbuddy in Arcansaw to apply for this inshoorants. I glad to hear that my Whiskey is eatin good and the Atom Bomb is feelin more like hisownself. Good luck wiff the hed surguree thin Miss Patsy! Wags, Lila
  9. Yes! My mom was supposed to drink it when she was sick. She tired a bunch but mango was the only one I liked.
  10. Mornin! Whiskey, I’m glad you ate. You know I beleaf in the Keep Em Guessing eating plan. I myownself didn’t want any kibbles yessirday but juss bout nokked the cup oudda Mistress’ hand to get sum this mornin. Hey Miss Mam and anybuddy else that uses the Cesar meals. You ever find anythin gross in there? Mistress was mashin one up the other day and got a piece that wouldn’t mash. It was like a whole chikken heart or sumthin. She wouldn’t let me have it. I woulda ate it, but she was thoroughly creeped out by it. That’s a sooper kewte pitcher of Hada Parsnip! Wags, Lila
  11. Hiya! Miss Jennie do you want the club members to send you mascara wands? It sounds like the belly dancers should have a ton of em. That is a sooper pitcher of Luna! Oh Whiskey I’m sad you don’t like the noo kibbles. Is your mom makin you ricenchikken? I’ve heard her say that dogs don’t hafta eat kibbles. I bin on chikken and noodills for kwite a while now (wiff sum kibbles in between) and am doing good! Please be OK and juss pikky. I’m so happy bout the good noos for Beka! Wags, Lila
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