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  1. OK, you wear a sock on your ear alla time. That's how we'll tell the diffrents.
  2. Are me and Summer gonna get mixed up alla time? There is no snow where Summer lives. The Black Bandit lives in the snow. WIki
  3. Mistress proud of me for going outside by myownself. But says it's not good to lay on frozen tundra. But I like it. Now I pesto in and out, in and out, in and out. Helps that I gots the dying rear so she theenks I mite reelly hafta poop. Wiki
  4. Jen, Tahoe looks amazing! Oh Chris, your poor yard! Do you have a metal roof? We don't have many of them up this way but they put some kind of spikey guard thing on them to prevent the snow and ice slide off, or at least break it up to non-lethal size before it crashes down. Ducky & Lucy, your ongoing troubles are exactly why I hate having to have anything done around the house. Here's the Lila pendant. It was really hard to photograph and get the colors to show accurately. These are pretty good. The chain is one I had already.
  5. Hi! Hi! Hi! Thankfooly we have gone back to werk today. It is a lotta werk for a houndie when the Mistress is up and down, round the house doing stuff. I prefer her to stay in one place. I got cut off yesserday cause Mistress hadda run to the tax man. I did knot wanna go in my crate, I wanna go in the car! And I said barkbarkbark I wanna come when she left. So I try to catch back up wiff alla your noos now. Miss Jen, didja have a good birthday trip? Did Summer come wiff you? Miss Kathy, you OK after going splat on the icy? The mail email says we’re gettin a packidge today!
  6. HI! Hi! HI! Mistress had day off from werk today and I made a good pesto of myownself. She's got to see the accountant still this affernoon but was missin sum dokumints but the nice bank lady got them for her but she hadda go pick em up. She had already lefted me once today and has to again so I got to go for a ride! The drive up bank lady gave me a treat whitch I ate in the car then we went for Wiki walkie on a paff in the kinda downtown area. It was so mutch fun. Then I was tired. I mite even get two suppers on accounta the accountant is at 5:00 whitch is my supper time and my belly is
  7. Yes! Per Lucy's suggestion with a baby gate mounted in a doorway. Utter failure. She did every except make any motions towards laying down. I'm working on loading the clicker then I think I'm just going to have to try to capture it. She always does a beautiful sphynx down in the hall when I'm in the bathroom. Guess I can just keep the clicker in there....
  8. Thank goodniss Andipants has heet and lite finally! Spirit, you and Nate mite wanna take cover, your Ma is on the warpaff. And kwite ritely so! Those are shore sum fuzzy ponies! Mistress is . She ordered a noo offish chair and it finally got her lasterday affer taking forever due to weather delays. She opened it up, no instruktshuns! There sum pieces in there she don't know what they are so she calt up Taget and the lady said she'd email the compnee and see iffen they can email her the instruktshuns. Then she was sortin her tax papers cause she sees the countant tamarra ans reli
  9. Get those girls some cake! Wiki wants her momma friends to celebrate with her. Thanks for all the good wishes. Surprisingly there have been no ill effects from all the indulgences.
  10. I have a new girl, she just turned 8 but is only a few months into living in a home. She is really smart but absolutely loses her mind when there is food around and has no idea how to learn anything. In an effort to teach her how to learn, and following the lead of zookeeper friends, the first thing I taught her was to target. I just use my hand held flat, palm toward her but you can also use a closed fist. Because there are treats around it is natural for her to sniff my hand. When she does I say "touch" then treat her with the other hand. She got that very quickly then I upped the difficulty
  11. Oh boy, this birthday stuff is great! I got to go for a ride, and this time I did paw, paw, hop. I got in the car all by myownself! And I learnt how to stick my nosie oudda the winder and sniffsniffsniff everythin. I lubs going to the store! This one had beeg thins of treets right at doggeh level wiff no lids on them. I coulda stollen tons of em. Mistress let me steel one sints I am the Black Bandit and it's my birthday. She bot me a beeg fancee cookie. When we came home I got to eat haff of it on a paper plate. It was yummo! Then Mistress hadda go out so I got my Kong and a nap in my crate.
  12. Today is Wiki’s 8th birthday and probably the first one that was acknowledged, so I’m making sure she has a great day. We went to the store and got her a big, fancy treat. She got a fun toy from her godmother. Happy birthday Wiki! I’m so glad we found each other.
  13. Guess what? Mistress says it’s my birthday! I am 8 years old. I never had a birthday before but Mistress says we’re gonna have lotsa fun stuff today. I am vary hexcited! Miss Jen, it’s your birthday too? Are you my littermate? So Mistress toll youse that I finally got into the basemint! I use my snoot to poosh open the door, juss like she does. I wasn’t down there long but I got a look around and I was rite, there is all kindsa good stuff down there! Ivy, I guess your folks are going to stop me from further hexplorayshun. Tiller & Heart, I’m glad youse guys are snug and war
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