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  1. Hi Lila, sorry to hear you are having a sorta downish time. Feel bedder ok? Does Mistress buy real puzzles or computer puzzles? Mummy gets "Jigsaw Puzzles Galore" for the 'puter and LOVES dem. In fact, sometimes I need to poke her wif my needle nose to get her to stop & pay attention to us! Mistress should check it out. Hope acrost the beeg lake
  2. Good morning good morning!! We had turnkey on our kibbles for dinner and again for brekkie Skore! Happy BIrfday to Ms. Sherrie Mama sez she hopes you are doing bedder. She also sez that is a cute liddle hedgie butt and would like to pinch it. Ok mama yer crowdin' me here, go away! We're glad Roman doesn't have those icky squirms. They are NO FUN. Wee Battle, good luck today prancin' in the ring! We will keep our pawsies crost for you. (at least while we are laying down ) Hope and I are napping, running, playing bitey face, and hoping for a walkie shortly. C
  3. Happy Fanksgiving from Michigan! The turnkey is in da hot box, and we just had a good walkie. So we will nap until da dinner bell rings . We were hoping for turnkey necks too, but alas & alack, Mummy just bought a breast so no neck, no libber, no heart for us either Merc. Andipants is feeling better, and so is Balti! We hope you keep on feeling better every day. Molly got some goodies in her bowl. I can't remember anything else, so I hope you all have a very nice Fanksgiving. Hope velveteen houndie
  4. Isabella we really like that baby tree! Mummy is looking for a table top tree so we don't knock it over run running through the house. Stay very safe & low Ms. Patsy! That sounds scary Michigan isn't doing so well either right now so we won't see the skin-kid for TG this year. Mummy is very sad because it's not a good time for him right now & he needs Hope
  5. Hi All, we iz here but mostly just napping. Striker got his new home on Saturd-day. So it is just us girls now. We've both been in a really good mood so we ran, ran, ran through the house and squeeked toys while Mummy and Dad were on their phones doin work. Once they were done, we stopped and jumped in our slumber balls. Gotta keep em on their toesies ya know. Molly, we are glad your tummy is better. We like to eat grass sometimes but Mummy has now taped our lectors. Phooey! We just want to eat the rabbit snax. We haven't had much noise with leef blowing, but we had such w
  6. Happy Birfday Punkin . We play the kibble game here too! Candy & Hope
  7. So Don what are you waiting for??? I'm sure we would all buy them lol! I've been babying the last 2 I have to make them last.
  8. Grammy & Batman!!!! Just love, love this picture. Thank you for posting once again. Happy Thanksgiving!.
  9. Morning! It's a sunny, kinda warm day here. But it will be very breezy. We might get a good walkie in today . I hope Andipants is doing better with her leg, and that the extra hole in Spirit's butt heals quickly. Mama is working on lotsa doption applications again today. And thanks (knot!) to whoeber mentioned toe choppin. Mama buzzed my toes, Hope's toes, and chopped and buzzed Striker's toes dis morning. I was not happy! I think it was Ivy who asked about FB pitchers. Mama is not on FB except for a private one for her group. So no pitchers of us on FB. Where you live is very pr
  10. WOW! We are soooo behind that we will never . Mummy has been too busy () she said that she didn't let us tic. So we will just say hey, hope everyone is doing well, happy birfday, and all that. Our foster bro is still here. He didn't get picked yet. Nuffin mutch going on here today though. Striker got to go wif Mummy to the bank and Chow Hound while Candy & I kept our eyeballs on da Dad. Her excuse for taking him was that it would keep him out of trouble & tire him out. But we did get bakery cookies out of the deal. Candy is now settling in enough to take over the couch. Mummy is n
  11. Hi, Mom sed to just pop in to wish Mr. Ducky Semper FI and Happy BIrfday Candy (gram) Lader gators
  12. Hi Ivy, I don't know how to postie pitchers from a IPhone. Maybe Mummy could email to someone & they could post. Hope
  13. I'm really sorry Linus & Jazz but I can't help myself when I see small furry things. I am a mighty hunter. But I promise to leave you alone because you are special chat club kittehs. Candy would not try to eat you. Hope
  14. Dis is Hope! I finally get to tic! Mummy was busy at a in-home for Striker on Sattiday. He was a top contender until the last minit, but they chose one of the others. He was pretty dejected when they came home, but he bounced back pretty quik and is being his usual sassy self. Drank Mummy's tea, stole food, took pillows & blankies off the bed, stole & chewed slippers. Mummy sez he is the most exhausting and most dense foster ever . He really needs a busy fambly of his own! He is just cra-cra. Speaking of cra-cra. on Sunnyday (and it really was!) Mummy vacuumed da house, did lots of
  15. I'm so sorry your sweet Chikken boy had to leave you. He always brought a smile to my face.
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