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  1. Ms Susan, If Sam wouldn’t mind moving to MIchigan we have loads of plastics companies. He should check out Ford Motor Co or Summit Polymers. Wishing him the best of luck. Gracie Mae’s Mom
  2. Thanks for posting this! I see the name of one of our adoptable hounds. I'll have to let the foster family know.
  3. Exercise trainer. They thoughtfully move my shoes, gloves, various items so I have to run around looking for everything.
  4. You should check the websites of adoption groups in your area. They will be more than happy to help you out.
  5. Just thought I'd throw this out there...We have a foster family who was having some trouble with the crate. She attached an ex-pen to the crate and left the door open. He was still confined but wasn't shut in the crate. He has settled right down. They do have 2 other dogs though that are free in the same room.
  6. It is hard to let some fosters go. I learned to sit down with each dog when they first come here and have a conversation with them (more for me than them ). I tell them that I am just a step in the journey to their forever home and I will do my best for them. Only 2 have stayed with us. It is awesome to see them pick their family and really blossom. Good luck!
  7. I take Chris's point about the "bomb proof". I didn't tell the whole story and should have used the word easy. That girl is a return and 6 yrs. old. So she came here knowing home life. Most of her transition was just learning her new normal, and me looking for anything that needed work.
  8. If you are not sure, why not just continue to foster? You are helping get a dog to it's forever home, learning more while you wait for your dog to come along. I lost my heart girl last year, and our boy this year. I am also looking to adopt again. I currently have 3 fosters. One is older and is bomb proof; one is 3 going on 1-1/2, is afraid of certain noises and can't be trusted for 30 seconds; the 3rd is a goofy boy who likes to steal things. I don't plan on adopting any of them because they are just not my dogs. I will know when the right one comes along. In the meantime, I am enjoying them and getting them ready for their new families. No downside to that.
  9. Fostr_Mom


    I'm so sad to see that Lexie has started her next journey. She was such an awesome dog! I loved all her pictures, she was amazing. Lexie, thank you for bringing smiles and happiness to so many, you will be so very missed. Hugs to your family.
  10. Sweet, sweet Lila! Happy Happy Birthday!
  11. Just be careful with children's toys. The stuffing is fire retardant so if you have a dog that likes to tear out the stuffing to chew on, make sure you are close by to take it away.
  12. I'm so sorry you lost your sweet T, Jeff & Trudy.
  13. I have a foster named Kate too, but she may need to sign up for your classes. She can't roach worth a darn! Always love your pictures!
  14. Let the heart healing begin!!!!! Congratulations and welcome home Jenny.
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