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  1. We have found that a lot of people have the wrong idea about greyhounds. The required reading gives them a better idea about greyhounds and ownership. It also cuts down on just this sort of thing with new adopters. We also ask them (in normal times) to visit one of our meet & greets so they can interact with the dogs and speak to the foster family about a dog they might be interested in. It is all in an effort to make sure people really want a greyhound (not a pie in the sky idea in their head) and cuts down on the returns. This works for our group.
  2. Hi all! Wiki, I didn't have an adventure today except to take a Wiki-walkie, but Candy went to the vetamarian. Just like Kibo, she gots her lepto plusalso a squirt up her nose. Mummy sed she was a good girl and everyone there is in love with her . I yam jellus. The Dr. sed she is a lab in a greyhound soot and has to love on everyone. One of the vet techs sed she would take Candy any day if Mummy wanted to give her up. Hmmm, I will have to think about this. The Dr also told Mummy that the doggy that got my blood is still not real well but wouldn't even be alive if we hadn't gone in. So I
  3. Morning! We will be back later, Momma has a buzy errind morning. Candy Pants
  4. Cynthia Brannigan's books about retired racing greyhounds, and Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies are both required reading for our adoption group before we adopt out any of our dogs. I, personally, have also found any of Patricia McConnell's dog behavior books to be very helpful in understanding dog behavior in general.
  5. Hi Hi! We finally get to tic. We are all sad to see that Cap'n Jack is at the Bridge and so is Mam's mam. . It's been quiet around here. Not much going on. Momma worked on the yard a bit, has been napping and reading. They lefted us on Satonday to buy some fancy fences to keep us out of the rocks Now we can't blast through the same way anymores. So I had to dig dig a hole to show my displeasure. Momma is not happy with me. We did get a Wiki-walkie today even tho it is cold. Momma had to wear her ear fluffs cause of the north windy winds. Oh and Momma heard from Tina's new mama to
  6. Hi! It's Candy here. We have . Loved the pitchers of Ivy & Cherry & new lam chomp. Such beautiful girls. And Ms. Ducky was traveling but is back with a bunch of Mr. Duckys! Fuzzy, Hope would like to chomp outdoor kittehs, squirrels, bunnies and such. That is why Momma keeps her on a harness when we go Wiki-walkie. Nuttymeg what an exciting walk inna forist plusalso seeing that swift houndie. Momma sed that she was walking Kyle & Gracie Mae one day on a trail when 2 deer came running right past them. Once the deer were in the woods they stopped to stare at Kyle & Graci
  7. We have missed lots & lots so we will have to go back & have Mummy read to us. Mummy is finally feeling mostly bedder and isn't tipping over anymores. The Dr. sed she had rocks in her head wot? oh...sparkly rocks, wot? oh...real fake diamonds, wot? no, oh... crystals in her ears, yeah ok! It was making her feel like she was falling down and . So she has eggersizes and Hada medicines so she doesn't . Satonday was the first time in almost 2 weeks that we got a wiki-walkie. It was so nice to smell all the breezes and pee-mails. Yesterday Mummy took Tina in someone else's car and t
  8. 14+4 ! Keep on keepin on buddy. She is not sure. She is ditzy dizzy, the room sumtimes goes topsy-spinny on her so she can't get out of bed or walk straight and she feels plus also her ear is wonky and her bluds pressure is higher than normal. She was supposed to see the Dr. today but they canceled and made it next week. They don't have any doctors available right now. Thanks for asking. BTW Wiki, you should leave the bunny poops alone. We have to wear taped lectors so we don't eat them. Momma sez your poops will get bad again from that. Plusalso she said she found a tap
  9. Three dog bakery has some soft treats. My dogs are crazy about them. How about some small pieces of string cheese. I get the Sargento Balance Breaks for a snack for me, but the dogs love the small pieces of cheese and Candy loves the cranberry pieces. Does Merc like fruit? Cantaloup, blueberries, something like that. Well, I didn't read your post well. Looks like he is picky about his treats. Training treats are small and usually soft. I bought some that were rabbit and the dogs went nuts over those.
  10. Congratulations on your new beautiful broodie Sadie Rose is a great name. Looking forward to new Camp Broodie stories! Hope, Candy, & Mark aka big moo
  11. Oh Mam, we're so sorry about your mom. It's hard to be so far but remembering your last visit when she was well is precious. And Yay for shots! Merc is , glad you are home and doing well. Happy Gotcha day Molly McModel! It's been rainy off & on today. It is pouring right now and we are supposed to go O U T in a few minutes. Momma is not happy. She wants to go to bed. She is not feeling good and has to go to the human vetamarian. So I guess we will say good nite ! Hope
  12. Oh No! Neizan!!! Dem sqwirrellls are not worth breaking a leg over. Candy Pain
  13. Pippin! That really is a doofussy moofussy! Momma has been calling him Big Moo. He has huuuuge pawsies. Candy Cane
  14. Robin, we are so sorry your sweet boy had to leave you and Kevin. Run pain free Dustin, and say hi to Gracie Mae & Kyle for me. That is a lovely picture Mam posted. Hugs all around. Celeste, Hope, Candy & Big Moo aka Mark
  15. Hi Hi! I bet you all forgot who we are by now, we have missed so much! Momma is trying to catch us up, the old meany! So we will just say Happy belated birfdays, hope everyone is feeling bedder, great save on the baby duckies, Stirling is settling in to his new home, Andipants! watch your Daddy so he doesn't fall over again, Ms. Ducky you be careful too, and hugs all around. Momma & Dad got their 2nd shot last week. Dad said he felt like he just woke up from a colonoscopy all day while Momma just didn't feel good at all. Her arm still itches. Tina had a second in-home but didn't get
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