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  1. Agree with LaFlaca, although I am going to order the other one. It was posted on our group FB page and it would be something fun to put in one of our auction baskets. Having one available that is not cartoonish would be awesome.
  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. We're very glad you found each other too! Candy & Hope send their good wishes too. They and their company are zonked out from running in the snow right now. C
  3. we are back! Well I am, Candy is zonked cause Mummy gave her a calming pill when the 'rents went out this morning. Spirit we laff and laff at Nattie. Lettuce know if he learns anything! Happy Birthday to Mr. Tony and Happy Gotcha Day to Sid. And sorry we missed the Black Bandita's birthday too! Happy Birthday Wiki-tree. It's been brrr cold enough to freeze toesies and lottsa snow. But we have heat & electricals so all is good. So sorry for the peeps in Texas, and Andipants in Oregano. Hope everything gets back to normal riteawayquick. Not much going on here today,
  4. Good morning good morning! We tried to postie last nite but Mummy had a hard time wif the Eyepad. Maybe because she was signed in on her puter. Anywho fanx Andipants & Ms Chris for the new club. We will wait wif bait on our breff for snax! Opps gotta go, literally. Candy is potty whining...back later! Hope
  5. First I'd like to say welcome, and next "take a breath". It's going to be ok no matter what decision you end up making about the dog. Give yourself and the dog a chance. It's only been a week. Was he fostered? If so, can you reach out to the foster family? If not, is the Greyhound group willing to help you? He needs time and patience to settle in and to learn to trust his new people. You need to learn him. I would recommend that you get some of Patricia McConnel's books on different behavior problems. She has a great one about alone training. Also, greyhounds are incredibly empathe
  6. I had a foster that tested cat safe and seemed to be ok with cats and small dogs, until....we had a rabbit in the yard that he caught. After that he would react to the cats in a pet store and actually went after a small dog that my oblivious neighbor let out of her house to run right at us . We've had dogs returned because they seemed to be cat safe but yes, lied on that test. It happens. It does sound like your dog is not going to be safe with cats. No shame in returning the dog to find a cat free home. She will be much happier, your cat will be much happier and safe.
  7. Welcome Wiki! You look an awful lot like Candy, especially in that first picture!!!! We are so happy for you both. Hope and Candy will love having a black houndie "frend acrost the wadders". Celeste, Hope & Candy
  8. It's something to look into. Not all greyhounds are good with doing that and you have to have the dog tested. But the vet pays for all the testing, at least mine did.
  9. Yes one of my girls is a blood donor for our vet clinic. We haven't been asked to come in yet, but did all the testing so she could be a donor. We also have dogs in our group who are donors. And as Pam said, we've had one that did a direct donation for an emergency. I had a woman come up to me at a meet and greet (when we could actually do them!) and thank us for saving her dog's life.
  10. Happy BIrfday Merc! You are such a hampsum mature houndie. I hope you enjoyed your hammsammich. Mummy loves the chicken kind of that. We miss being in the chat club. Hope & Candy
  11. Miss Mam, we are so sorry that Nigel had to leave you. He really was a very special boy, doing his therapy work. He had such a lovely silver face. He will be missed. Hugs from: Celeste, Hope & Candy
  12. I can't add anything to the awesome advise you've received. You are a loving, smart, intuitive mom to Spirit and your plan sounds perfect for the two of you. We will so miss sweet Spirit when it is his time to go. We had to make a similar decision with Kyle. His body was just failing him although his spirit was still bright. When he suddenly stopped wanted his favorite apples, not wanting to do anything except sleep in the grass, I knew it was time. Will keep you both in my heart & prayers.
  13. Hi All, Mummy asked me to be her soshul ticker since hoomans aren't aloud. She sez dis: We are proud of wee Battle in his fancy prancing and collection points! Whozagoodboy! We are all missing Ms. Lila somefing fierce. We hope you are doing ok Mistress. Mummy sez call or text if you want. (She is glad that Lila and Gracie Mae finally got to meet even if it was at the Bridge) We are sorry for your loss Ms. Nancy of the Burg. Ms. Jennie we hope Dr. Steve is recovering well from his surgery. Ms. Ducky that was sad news about the graves being moved. Mummy remembers th
  14. Hi Lila, sorry to hear you are having a sorta downish time. Feel bedder ok? Does Mistress buy real puzzles or computer puzzles? Mummy gets "Jigsaw Puzzles Galore" for the 'puter and LOVES dem. In fact, sometimes I need to poke her wif my needle nose to get her to stop & pay attention to us! Mistress should check it out. Hope acrost the beeg lake
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