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  1. Great stuff! I think it’s a good sign that he wants to eat after reading your other current post
  2. I think we need video evidence...
  3. I suspect this a tough one to answer without being able to feel it. I don’t know much about greyhound physiology, but I know a very little bit about lymph node pathology. Firstly, are you certain that it’s a lymph node - could it be a cyst? Could it be explained by an insect bite? Secondly, even if it is a lymph node there are lots of reasons why it could be enlarged, infection being the biggest culprit. Something like sore teeth or swollen gums could result in enlarged lymph nodes in the throat. Does he have any other lumps in his throat/armpits/groins? So, try not to worry too much - I
  4. Mum (armed with ‘leave it!’ command) 1: discarded ice cream cone 0 Result! I was so surprised that I almost walked Buddy back to the ice cream cone so he could eat it. A few steps further on —> Mum (riding high on her previous success) 0: dried up horse apples 1 Clearly they were just too tempting for The Budster to resist. And who can blame him?
  5. Happy belated birthday Logan, sorry we’re late to the party (Buddy has turned into a slowcoach at the slightest glimmer of sunshine too)
  6. Peanut butter on the end of your finger might work. It’s a little bit crunchy but strips of red pepper might work too.
  7. Welcome home Sadie and congratulations to your folks on another beautiful companion. Enjoy settling in to your forever home and making new memories with Petunia
  8. You notice the smile way before the buzz cut butt, she looks great!
  9. So sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful companion
  10. Happy Easter! Wiki looks very cute and highly unimpressed.
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