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  1. Happy birthday Nova! Your silver face makes you look very distinguished
  2. Buddy’s a funny one...on the few occasions when I have had to go to work at the weekend in the past, he would have a total meltdown, even though he wasn’t left alone because my husband would be here with him. Two weekends ago, we did our usual weekend routine - long walk in the morning, relaxed breakfast with a prolonged cup of coffee and off to work, followed by a meltdown. This past weekend, we did the same thing but no meltdown. The difference? I decided to wear my usual weekday work garb rather than dressing in jeans, which I have always worn for weekend work before. He barely opened an eyelid as I left the house. Jeans obviously say to him ‘she should be at home’. At least one of the men in my house notices what I wear...
  3. I agree too! We had to rescue a Terry’s chocolate orange from Buddy that someone had carelessly left around during our first Christmas with him. It was very scary and involved growling and snapping and even trying to trade up with some turkey wasn’t easy - Terry’s chocolate oranges are amazing after all. But he hasn’t really done it since, and we have had to extract other things from his mouth (mostly dead animal carcasses which he always manages to sniff out). It’s now almost 18 months after that incident and we don’t have a problem dog, he’s just your average greyhound (I want it so it’s mine) but not aggressive with it. Hopefully yours will turn out the same.
  4. This is a bit of a cheat as it just a picture of Buddy, but there happens to be a houseplant (poinsettia) in the background. I have tried to kill this plant, but it just won’t die!
  5. Happy birthday Miss M! Here’s to a happy and healthy year ahead ps does your caterer do outside events?
  6. I saw this on Instagram. Your photos are amazing! I’m tempted to fly over to California for a shoot!
  7. That’s just showing off! Love the Canada face masks!
  8. MerseyGrey


    Yep. That face would get lots of kisses in my house. They leave such a space when they go 😢
  9. I’m not working from home (I’ve been on holiday this week) but I am never one to pass on an opportunity to share a picture of my beautiful boy! Hubby will be working from home from next week although I work for the health service and will be at work
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