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  1. Sounds like a challenge… The link says that champagne flights are £28, which means that I could do a London bubbles crawl - The Shard, the cable car and the Eye. God I sound like such a lush but I love a glass of bubbles in unusual places!
  2. I love this! Tell me: is there enough time to drink a glass of champagne at leisure in the cable car? I can’t imagine doing it with Buddy though!
  3. The nude beach at Turo…people are generally spread out
  4. We have forthcoming trips to the Scilly Isles, the Arrochar Alps in Scotland, and the Northumberland Coast, and since two of these trips have already been rescheduled once, I will be happy if any of them come off. If I was going somewhere abroad, I would likely pick somewhere in New Zealand. Dunedin looks beautiful and I think I would opt to spend a day at the cricket and sit with Buddy just beyond the boundary rope, rubbing his ears as he watches the progress of the game (he would make a good umpire I think). Slightly unrelated, but there was an article in the newspaper yesterday about how town centre stores are becoming more dog friendly in order to tempt people back to the high street. I sense a Buddy and Mummy shopping spree ahead!
  5. Buddy is a poop machine. He will usually go twice on his morning walk, two or three times in the afternoon and then we take him out before bed and he does another. We do give him Olewo carrots, and the fibre will add bulk to his stool, but we reduced the amount we give him and this amount of poop is still pretty normal for him. Just like people, they have their own pattern!
  6. We called it stickybuds, my in laws call them cleavers. I knew it was from the coffee family but didn’t know you could make a drink from them. Everyone needs their morning coffee A small insight into what passed as entertainment for British kids in the eighties (and adults in the 2020’s on occasion) I know what it is, where you usually find it, and what it can be made from. Still don’t know how to pronounce it!
  7. I’m sorry for your loss. Was it Charlie we saw in fancy dress recently, as an Italian greyhound?
  8. Buddy’s a grazer too and he seems to do it for different reasons. Most of the time the issues we have are related to rear end extraction as others have mentioned. Only once did he eat so much that it seemed to form almost a bezoar, but he puked it up about a day later and it didn’t stop him from eating in the meantime . Nothing does. Buddy also really, really loves those sticky plants, you know the ones that you would stick on someone’s clothes secretly when you were a kid? He can’t get enough of those
  9. MerseyGrey


    Again not quite what you’re talking about, but when Buddy goes over the bridge I am going to put a few of my favourite collars, complete with tags, in a box frame and hang it somewhere that I will see every day. There is a lady that I follow on Instagram who makes rope collars (levriero.co.uk); I wonder if someone like her would refashion Charlie’s collar into a wristband. It might be worthwhile contacting a small business like that to see if they can help you
  10. They never forget anything when it involves food! I wish the same applied to training. It’s like ‘50 first dates’ in this house
  11. The escaping tongue syndrome…it’s pandemic https://www.instagram.com/p/CHIFEPRhRGJ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. Stars, this is just the start of your life being spoilt! Get used to it she looks a bit like Trolley in some of those photos
  13. That stare: using the powers of his mind to get the burger into his mouth. And it worked!
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