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  1. Zeke looks like he is winking cheekily at the camera . I’m really enjoying all these photos of other people’s pups. Buddy turns nine in November so I don’t think he quite qualifies as a senior yet but I hope he stays happy and healthy like all your hounds seem to be!
  2. 😍 so beautiful! I hope you have lots of years ahead for fun times xx
  3. There are two of us, but we leave Buddy each day for 8-9 hours. In fact, I think we need to leave him for a certain amount of time, otherwise he doesn’t get enough beauty sleep. We had to stretch the truth a little during our home assessment and said that we would consider arranging for someone to come in during the day to let him out, but he doesn’t need it since he sleeps all day. I’m not sure he even gets up for a drink. When we’re at home at the weekend, or if I take time off during the week, he either follows us around or at the very least, he lays awake watching us. For Buddy who is quite a clingy creature, it’s not so much about being left alone, it’s disruption of routine that he can’t cope with. So, each dog is very different and the advice above is spot on. You just have to do the best you can to get a dog who is the best fit for you. Good luck!
  4. We have stone floor tiles throughout our downstairs, and although I love it for the living areas I wouldn’t want this in my bedroom. The grout isn’t a problem as it is dark grey so it doesn’t show up dirt too much (the tiles are a thick slate). Pros - it is used with underfloor heating which is great for the winter, but it stays lovely and cool in the summer, so Buddy can find some relief by lying on it after catching a few rays in the garden. It hides a lot of dirt but it very easy to vacuum and wash. Cons - Buddy has had to slow his pace a little as it is a bit slippery when he tries to chase toys at full speed, but he has learned very quickly to do this. I don’t think it would be so great without underfloor heating though in the winter.
  5. Would a powerful water spray help with this? Every time you come close to a noisy child, spray the child. Failing that, some kind of football puncturing device?
  6. Thanks, we have just embarked on a short break to Scotland and in the first cafe we visited, the waitress fed him a whole sausage! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep-fried_pizza - national dish there’s no hope for him
  7. http://www.greyhoundcrossroads.com/index.php?page=weight someone has pasted this in my Buddy diet query thread which I found really useful - I don’t have scales for him at home so these comparison pictures are really helpful
  8. This is great! Thank you. Buddy’s shape is most like the last picture on this webpage...so definitely on a diet now and I’m going to have to harden myself against his sad hound eyes
  9. I think she looks perfect, and since I’m clearly a feeder I would definitely be trying to plump her up! Buddy’s a black hound too, but he’s got too much grey in his fur to absorb the light anymore! Love the booties!
  10. I’m sure she won’t care as long as there is bread on tap! Congratulations on making it official, she’s a beauty
  11. Hi! I’m a first time greyhound owner too, but I’ve had mine for just over a year. He’s bigger than yours (he was 33kg when we brought him home) but is now pushing 40kg. I didn’t think that I was overfeeding him but a few people have made comments about him being ‘solid’, and he looks chunky next to other greyhounds. I don’t give Buddy any raw food or things like chicken necks - we feed him on kibble with a few extras. I started another post about ways to help him loose weight, and one of the replies suggested that it was the quality of the food he was being fed. So when I first read your post I thought it sounded like a lot of food, but the type of food is different so the way Jill processes it will be different. If you’re feeding her too much, it will show really quickly. I think that with a retired greyhound, you should be able to see the last three ribs and two of the vertebrae (you should be able to see about seven ribs in a racing hound, I’ve read - I think that’s too skinny!). I also read that ‘greyhounds don’t tend to overeat’ in the same book - ha! This is not necessarily true! photos of your pup will help people decide if you’re overfeeding her* *also not true but it would be lovely to see a picture of her!
  12. Buddy wouldn’t settle on the back seat of my car either...so I bought a new car. I’m not saying he’s a spoilt dog or anything, but we had already bought an estate (station wagon-type) to transport him! I bought a Honda HRV because I really liked the flexible seat arrangement, and it meant that I could either have him in the back seat space or in the boot - the seat pads lift as well as the seat backs coming down, so it’s easy to have him in either space, but in reality he still prefers to be in the boot because he can see out of the windows better. Even more, he prefers to be in the Volvo estate because his view is better still. Since changing cars I found that such a device as a footwell filler exists https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pet-Ego-Extender-Inflatable-Platform/dp/B0029TSPLQ which I really wish I’d discovered beforehand because I loved my old car so much more than I like this one! And I could have saved the money I’m currently shelling out on a car I don’t love to buy more toys, dog beds, and silly Christmas outfits for the Budster. Oh well.
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