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  1. Wow...how would you attempt to change people’s negative perception in other areas of life? Usually it takes time, patience and education and then there are some people who are happily ignorant and don’t want to change. So it’s probably an investment of your time, and gently persuading them to allow their dog to spend time with your dog. We’ve had our greyhound for two and half years. When we first had him, I met a lady on our walks who had two collies who she walked off lead. Buddy was a lot more nervous when we first had him, so when her dogs ran at him (on lead and under control) he sna
  2. There aren’t really any words for this except that people are thinking of you and sending you their good thoughts
  3. Welcome Wiki! What a beautiful girl. I’m sure she will settle in soon and you can go back to having the bathroom to yourself (if this happens please let me know your secret). It sounds like she was waiting for you and you found her at just the right time
  4. Happy birthday Spirit! Buddy here would heartily approve of the turdle eating, remember to get it while it’s still hot! PS that bed is far too big for the cat and you fit in purrrrrrrfectly
  5. Grace! that girl knows what she wants
  6. I’m wondering why he’s been given antibiotics instead of anti inflammatory medication. Does he have a temperature too? Do they suspect an infection? Presumably the vet checked him over thoroughly for cuts and broken nails or bones. Buddy (also 10) had a swollen toe earlier in the year which caused a limp, but even if we had decided not to walk him, we couldn’t stop his zoomies around the garden, so I would probably keep on walking him as normal but keep a close eye on it. Take him back to the vet if it hasn’t gone down in the next couple of days.
  7. 😍 you’ve finally been accepted. You know your dog loves you but it’s so nice when they show it
  8. This is too sad. This is the second young dog I’ve heard about passing today. I’m so glad she had a few happy years with you after the start she had. I know you will enjoy the next few days together, even if they are tinged with sadness for you
  9. After 2 1/2 years we still approach our sleeping dog with caution. His sleep startle incidents have decreased with time, but we found he was worse when he was tired or if there were strangers in the house. If she is just growling, she is warning you the only way she can. The first time it happened with us, neither of us remember there being a growl beforehand, but it all happened so quickly, and all of a sudden, we had a snarling dog with ears back and back arched within a few centimetres of my husbands face. It was scary so if she’s growling it’s a fair warning. You’re already too close.
  10. The behaviour you describe sounds like how our dog is when he thinks we are going out, whether we are or not. He becomes very sweet and playful, but I think it’s more to do with getting attention, or maybe his dog way of enticing you to stay with him - why would you need to leave the house when you have such a cutie pie to entertain you? I’ve never considered it to be a display of hunger. If you’re feeding him the recommended amount and he’s not losing weight, you’re probably feeding him the right amount. At two weeks in, he’s probably exploring his surroundings and maybe just getting a bit mo
  11. Welcome Bluey and Dad and merry Christmas to you both. Looks like 2021 is going to be a good year for you both!
  12. Happy birthday Merc! I love to see another distinguished frosty face. You are a sliver fox dude!
  13. Probably by ignoring him and let him come to you. Two weeks is no time at all so he is getting used to his new home, and now there’s a new person to contend with. His normal routine that he was getting used to has changed a little too I expect with Christmas arriving. Just let him take things at his own pace. His crate is probably providing him with a quiet corner to have a few minutes to himself. Enjoy the privilege when he favours you with his attention and leave him alone when he wants some alone time. And above all, try not to worry. He’s just adjusting to life in your home. Merry Christma
  14. I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending our thoughts and love your way at this time.
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