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  1. We did a google search for dog fields, as there are usually places where you can hire a field for 1/2 hour or hour if you want to work on his recall training. The difference between the hired field and the dog park is that there will be no distractions at the dog field, and no matter how good his recall is when you’re training him, it may not necessarily apply when there are distractions around. We learnt this the hard way when ours chased and caught someone else’s dog. It’s a horrible feeling to know that our dog, through our misjudgement, could have caused someone else to lose their beloved
  2. Sleep startle is something that lots of people on here have had to deal with, but it’s not a form of aggression. See it more as a defence mechanism - he’s still in a strange place and he’s probably never quite at ease, even if he’s sleeping. If you don’t have a dedicated space for him it’s a good idea to create one if you can. The old saying ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ is all too accurate! We always approach ours with caution, and call out to him to wake him gently when he’s sleeping.
  3. After waking us up at 5.30 GMT, Buddy is sleeping peacefully at our feet (poor boy is sooo tired!) and we are just about to have our third cup of coffee. It’s 8.30am. I’m looking for an appropriate emoji but there doesn’t seem to be one with big bags under the eyes.
  4. I’m sorry for your loss, but thank you so much for sharing those tales, they were lovely! And now I know what to call the playful snapping that my boy also does (and who also tolerates his mummy’s kisses). Sending virtual hugs
  5. Hi, when you brought him home did you take him to the place where you expected him to toilet, and wait there until he did? That’s what lots of places suggest when you first bring your dog home so that he learns what is expected of him when you take him to take place again. Sounds like you need to make him go when he wakes up. I would take him into the garden/yard or as HeyRunDog suggests or walk him within 10-15 minutes after waking up as you will most likely miss his cues to go out, which could be as subtle as walking past the door, or just a glance towards it. Stick with him until he we
  6. An extra hour in bed is overrated anyway. I’m looking forward to spending an extra hour in the rooms I have been spending all my extra hours in this year.
  7. I don’t have any experience of separation anxiety so someone might put me straight on this, but I would leave the curtains/blinds open. Greyhounds love to watch what is going on and it’s the next best thing to be in the midst of what’s going on. Mine will go to the window frequently just to watch the world go by. This might be contrary to the information in the book you have, in which case, ignore me!
  8. There was a study done recently which concluded that dogs do not like to cuddle, but they tolerate it because they know that humans do. Nobody sent this memo to Buddy. He likes to corner you into a space that you can’t escape from and wedge his head under your armpit. He frequently does this when I go to the loo. I suppose I should just learn to close the door after me.
  9. The advice above is sound. We adopted our boy at 7 1/2, and there was a three year black hole between retiring and him coming to us. He hasn’t ever shown resource guarding, but does have sleep startle and is reactive to other dogs. ‘Feisty Fido’ was recommended to us - it’s a short book and very easy to train him to ignore other dogs. That was probably about a year ago, and now he interacts well with most dogs (although he is still overwhelmed when dogs run at him, or if there are a few dogs milling around him). Generally when he passes a dog he is polite and then looks to us for a treat. We f
  10. These are great photos, and they look like they are having so much fun!
  11. That is just what I would have said. It took about 18 months for ours to take himself off to a bed in another room but I took it as him being happy to be on his own, which meant he felt safe and confident. It was a momentous day!
  12. Use long thin treats. You can hold them until your dog grabs them. Have a second one ready for the inevitable occasional fail. I’ve no experience of the muzzle you linked, but it looks a bit like it might slip off a greyhound’s tiny head. No one references a greyhound in the reviews (you can do a search just above the ‘questions’ section) so I would stick with the basket muzzle unless you want to be a pioneer!
  13. Do you always leave the house by the same door when you go for a walk? Could you try having your partner leave the house by a different door? Or you could try driving to a favourite walking place and wait in the car while your partner walks Samson. I don’t have any experience of this behaviour although I do know that they are creatures of habit, and sometimes an alteration in their usual routine can break patterns for them. I’m sure you’re right that your partner and Sampson have bonded. But does he ever feed Samson? That might help to strengthen the bond even more and might help you out
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