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  1. Thanks for this BTW. It’s an informative link
  2. I’m going to take him to the vet next week as he’s pooped in the house again this morning, although it was a formed stool. I can ask them about stool samples when I make the appointment. DH discussed this morning if this might be down to the clocks changing recently which may have screwed with his system. Whatever it is I would like to get to the bottom of it before this becomes an established habit!
  3. Thank you both. I don’t know why I didn’t think of the stool sample...I work in a pathology lab and it’s one of the first things that’s required with an upset tummy! On the plus side, his poops seem back to normal size and consistency and there were no deposits on the kitchen floor this morning . He is actually due for a worm in the next couple of weeks so I will speak to the vets in advance of that and make some arrangements
  4. This wasn’t the post I was supposed to put on tonight since we were celebrating Buddy’s 9th birthday yesterday but he’s had a bit of an upset tummy for a couple of days. Does anyone here use Milbemax for worming? We have Buddy on a treatment plan whereby he takes Bravecto for flea and tick treatment and Milbemax for worms every three months but I’m never certain if the worming treatment doesn’t quite clear his infection, or if he becomes re-infected quite quickly in the cycle. I’m also not certain exactly what he poops out. A few days after his tablets he has creamy white objects in his poo that are similar in appearance and feel to butternut squash seeds. Usually about 4-6 weeks after treatment he goes on a grass eating frenzy and he will poop out something similar. I am guessing that these things are tapeworm segments, which I have seen described as being like rice grains. I’ve never seen any worms at his bottom, but we did find a tapeworm in the garden last October with something that looked like vomited meaty food (we feed kibble, so we could have been looking at rehydrated kibble). I didn’t think tapeworms lived in the upper GI tract but maybe someone could put me straight? It’s never happened since. Buddy’s worming treatment is part of a health plan whereby we pay monthly and get quarterly flea, tick and worming treatment as well as his annual boosters. He has a choice of worming treatments so I’ve stuck with Milbemax as it seems to cover more (it’s milbemycin and praziquantel), or a monthly treatment. The monthly wormer which was available would treat lungworm but not other types of worm, and since Buddy doesn’t play with slugs and snails I didn’t think it was worth it. The vet practice doesn’t seem keen on treating for worms between scheduled treatments (even though I paid for the tablets separately when I did persuade them). So. Tuesday morning-happy birthday Buddy! We woke up to a present that he gifted to us on the kitchen floor. And again this morning. However this happened two months ago and on both occasions we put it down to a bit of a disruption in his normal routine (husband working late and going to bed very late, disturbing Buddy’s beauty sleep). But this time it was messy and diarrhoea-like, and his poops on this evening’s walk were the same. I don't think it’s anything he’s eaten especially since he seems generally well (and also he sticks to me like glue when he’s sick) which makes me think it might be worms. He is very partial to eating poop - any kind will do, but the fresher the better, apparently (including his own). We supplement his kibble with Olewo carrots and this is the first time in months that his poo has been less than solid (he’s usually a 3 or 2 on the Bristol stool chart). Sorry the post is so long. What I would like to know is: would giving Buddy extra de-worming tablets between scheduled treatment be detrimental to his health? does what I have described in his poop look like anything that anyone has seen before? is there a more effective worming treatment available than the one I’ve been offered by my vet? looking forward to hearing your advice!
  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. It is a stunning tribute and lovely to hear that you made so many happy memories
  6. Cat at the window...I wouldn’t even try to correct this. The cat is safe, the dog is safe so no big deal. If we see one while out walking, or more usually, if he smells one (his back straightens and he starts to walk with purpose rather than meandering along), I shorten his lead and brace myself for the inevitable pull. It’s easier to control him now I use a harness. Then I will pull gently on his lead and encourage him to walk on. It’s harder if we see a cat as he wants to follow it but usually when he realises he can’t have it he gives up. While I don’t want to deal with the aftermath of extracting a cat from his mouth, I’ve never felt that training a dog to be cat friendly to be worthwhile for us. We don’t have cats in the house and I just make sure he’s under control while on walks. Not everyone will feel the same, but I think you will find that the term ‘cat friendly’ doesn’t always extend to all cats. Getting along with a cat that lives with your hound doesn’t necessarily translate to ignoring strange cats that your dog might see as fair game. I think it depends on the dog
  7. Not that i’m participating from the uk but we did a secret Santa last year using a secret Santa generator https://www.drawnames.com/secret-santa-generator which was very good. It enables you to put in ideas for the people who are buying you a gift in case they don’t know you very well, and would mean you don’t need to find an independent volunteer 😊
  8. I think I’ll probably just let him off when it’s dry in there - or at least not too wet (so probably not much at all for the next six months!). I’ve walked the field and there are no major holes or big sticks where he tends to run. The biggest threat in that field seems to be the rabbit and bird carcasses that he can smell from 50 yards off and which he gobbles down enthusiastically 🤢
  9. Yes! Finally worked out how to post a video!
  10. Buddy has a theme tune - Buddy Molly to the tune of ‘Buddy Holly’ by Wheezer. We’re very creative in our house
  11. Thanks for the tip. The pudding picture was taken after Sunday lunch at a pub in Beddgelert called ‘The Saracen's Head’ during our heatwave in February. This place was very dog friendly and even served up doggie Sunday dinner (chicken, peas, carrots and gravy) and pudding for him (mashed banana with peanut butter), which he’d wolfed down when I took the photo. We then walked it off with a short trip to Gelert’s grave where he paid his usual tribute and peed on the grave.
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