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  1. She’s so thoughtful, she could have KNOT left you the hedgie Petunia
  2. Nancy, my heart goes out to you ... having the first two sweeties on the July remembory list from your home, I am so sorry.
  3. Is anyone still collecting them? I have a few saved and I feed Purina so there will be more available.
  4. Congrats on adopting Benny! Where are you in CT? Pal, my first greyhound, trained at Smartydog with Martha way back in 2002. Since then, I've taken some of my other greyhounds to work with her and with Lorrie. They and Smartydog are the Best. Check out the Adventurescape!
  5. Happy Birthday girls! S, you still have time! Plusalso, making the sundae's is half the fun! PlusalsoPlusalso, clean up is easy peasy - see the Cletus method
  6. Connor, don’t you hate when that happens! I’m pretty sure Petunia will say that it’s a violation of your contract
  7. I've fed IAMS Mini-chunks in the green bag for years to campers young and old. Last year when the three girls arrived I put them on Purina Dog Chow Natural, which doesn't have the crap in Dog Chow, especially the red and blue dyes. Cletus is on it now also and I am thinking of moving everyone over to this kibble. They are doing so very well on it - beautiful shiny coats and their poop is, well, it's awesome. And, they love it! I can't find this brand locally but Chewy has it.
  8. You've received good info above. Throwing this out there but I would consult the vet to check that your pup's eyesight is not compromised, as well as doing bloodwork to ensure that all levels are within the normal ranges. I reread your post and see that your girl is not allowed upstairs at night with you. She doesn't need to sleep in your bed , is it possible for you to put one of her dog beds upstairs so that she can be with her family, which she sees as her pack mates. At five yo she retired late and she's only known the company of other greyhounds for all that time.
  9. Ruby You're right, Miss Bea is grey but she doesn't have the grey face we are used to seeing on our seniors. Dunno. She is also camper #13! Thanks again for the sundae idea! Is Bella a bit KLTO? Thanks everyone! Hug your pups.
  10. Today sweet camper Bea is 12 Bea's Birthday Bash began with Banananana Brekkie and her Buddies She and Aiden 1-4 went for a ride in the BOH to one of her favorite spots. She was still a little hungry so we stopped for a McEgg to share. McEgg = one egg on a dry english muffin [gotta save room for later, even on a big day ]. Overnight the weather broke and it was much cooler and more pleasant for an early morning adventure. This beautiful scarf was a gift last year from her daughter Polly, who is celebrating her birthday in a few weeks. We hope to get the girls together soon! (Her peeps have been a little busy lately!) Back at Camp, it was treat time! Thanks to Petunia, Trolley, and Bella for the suggestion of Birthday Sundaes Bea, as you know, lubs veggies and froots and wanted a whole lotta bloobarrys on her treat - she helped pick 'em this morning I know y'all are wondering where the heck is Cletus in all this? Punkin's approach Spoot warning - spot saved for more Cletus once I figure out the video thingy, sigh Does this work? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHFv26DvZ0I Time for a nap (hahaha, I get it now ) Nite-nite Bea Twelve is swell and every day is a gift. Thanks for joining our party!
  11. One of the most loved and preferred by the campers beds here is one I found at Marshalls a few years ago. It's a bolster-type in a neutral tweed fabric with really substantial stuffing/cushion and it has withstood nesting very well. The only downside is that the cover isn't removable.
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