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  1. If - when you're at the grocery and the layout has been changed - you need to come up with different verbiage to describe what you're looking for because the Girls will be disappointed if you come home without "Shakey Cheese" - you might have a greyhound.
  2. Oh that is soo her Perhaps first the then the request!
  3. Oh Sweep Twelve is indeed the swellest What a great start to your birthday weekend celebration - eggs, treats, rides, awesome! We love you, Sweep!! She has The Most expressive face. Can you just fill in that convo bubble Did yu peepl KNOT no iz mai birfday? Wot the flock!
  4. Yes. One or two good sized rocks will do it.
  5. If the pred gives you and Em more quality time together, the roller coaster ride will be worth it. We will keep everything crossed for you.
  6. He's a love, and such a good boy. Congrats to you both! Welcome to your (Foster) home, Big Mac! Along with the butter, shall we send some jam?
  7. Beautiful tribute to your boy, how well you knew and understood him. I am so sorry for your loss
  8. Aiden, Connor’s brother from another mother, labeled both of them food whores. Raw carrots were blech but everything else made a perfect buffet.
  9. Thank you all. Aiden is finally home. This weekend is the annual Blessing of the Animals in honor of St. Francis. I had taken the girls when they'd first arrived and we are going again tomorrow. But first, I will carry Aiden to our special place and sprinkle him in with the other campers. Hug your hounds tight.
  10. < So far so good with Stanley and the Turkey Tendons, > If nothing else, you've got a great new book title going there! Thanks for the much needed laff. Chikken feet were a hit here. Just chop off the nails before freezing the feet.
  11. A perfect 10!!!! Nailed it!! We knew you could do it Sweep!!
  12. One of my campers had an elevated ALT. We started milk thistle and vitamin E and after a few months the ALT level was completely normal Hang in there Jeter, and mom
  13. Those eyes, and cheese triangle ears I am so sorry Rosie has received her wings Godspeed sweet girl.
  14. Good to see you Meredith. Aiden had been wearing a belly band with Poise pads that soaked up quite a lot of urine. I have an extra belly band I can send if you'd like it.
  15. Awww Sweep you’re the best, keep doin’ it rite, girlie.
  16. Thank you all Aiden was the last of the second generation of Camp Greyhound CT campers. I can't even go there. The Girls and I will soon be starting a fresh chapter at a new Camp Greyhound (XX) and I know that all of our angels will be watching over us.
  17. My young man has received his wings. The newest, brightest star tonight belongs to the kindest, most intuitive boy ever It is just so fitting that tonight we are forecast for thunder. The Mayhem at the Bridge Reunion will be deafening. So many campers, most especially Paddy, and your dear friend Ginny have been waiting for you Aiden's story Paddy Mayhem was already reserved to become a camper, but something nudged me take another look and there was Aiden - newly retired and not yet spoken for. He was a plain red brindle hound but the *face* and his bloodlines are what sealed it for me: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Oswald Cobblepot on top, P’s Raising Cain on the bottom. It just doesn’t get any better and I told Kelly, “I want him too.” Aiden was my collateral hound The boys rode the hauler on a three-day journey from St. Louis to Connecticut with 38 LWFs! There are an equal number of stories that describe Aiden the comedian, who possessed a unique and humble sense of humor, as there are stories about kind and intuitive Aiden, who earned his CGC and was a devoted Pet Partner, sharing his joy and gifts to all he met along that path. He was such a curious and honest boy; if I hadn't been in love with his name, I would have called him "Ernest" because that's the kind of fellow he was. I still laff recalling the silly boy who was a Rock and Bush Pooper who once sat on a stick, yielding himself a new one; Aiden’s first Christmas as a camper when he thought “The Best Day of Mai Life” was when he spread four cups of Graham crackers throughout the living room; the Evil Paintbrush incident; mistaking mom’s glasses for chikken; diving into the Indoor Pool to save Bea’s flying crab, without regard for his own safety Kindhearted, intuitive Aiden had that distinctive genius for knowing who needed him and when. He aced his CGC and Pet Partner exams - would he sit? All Day Long! Whether working as a therapy dog (where he often greeted his friends with a soft Rooo) or with mom, in a signature move Aiden would side-step into someone, carefully placing one foot at a time closer and closer until he was comfortably leaning into them and they into him for hugs. At home, he was considerate and careful with the senior campers yet in the next moment he could wrassle with Paddy and hold his own. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2mpmYdc][/url] Aiden had the most beautiful strong feet and they carried him through a successful career of 94 races, unbeatable in 15 of them including his Maiden at Wheeling Downs, moving steadily up from D/C to B/A and finishing at Sarasota. After sustaining an injury, his owners decided that he had done enough, and Aiden was retired and became a camper the day after his fourth birthday. Those beautiful feet would prove problematic, however; the tales of his amputated toes and “Aiden 1-5” and then “Aiden 1-4” are epic. No matter how many times he had to go to clinic he went in dipping his head, turning it slightly and smoothing his ears, and smiling! The sweet boy also sprung a toe on a hind foot and as he aged that challenge would plague him as his LS progressed. Recently, Aiden had begun laying down in two spots in the living room, always in one of two positions. At the same time, he had uncharacteristically started an outdoor projekt. His advanced kidney disease was rapidly progressing. Aiden and I had a talk and I prayed for a sign, which came very soon. Our bestest vet, who has known Aiden since the day he arrived eight years ago, was unable to help us but another kind soul from a different clinic came to Camp to give Aiden his wings. Aiden put himself on his couch and tucked his head to his left side. As he left so very peacefully, he was held and loved and heard our little song over and over … Aiden My Friend, Aiden My Friend. He was wrapped in his Angel fleece and took the few items that made Aiden Aiden: his other appendage - that Buffalo Chikken stuffy; green Gumby and red doggo stuffies from his dear friend and patient; Nylabone; treats; and one from mom: his first (of three) Pet Partner tags. Annie and Punkin had enthusiastically greeted our guests and, when given the option, chose to go to their beds and stay with Aiden. Afterwards, Punkin went to Aiden and sniffed him all over; Annie looked at him and had clearly already said her goodbyes. There was nothing but respect from both of them for their friend. There are now only two, exactly as our Camp had been when Seamie and TPGIT were waiting for Paddy Mayhem and Aiden to arrive so very long ago. Or was it yesterday? I’ve said before that the campers have the best friends, and I cannot adequately express my sincere gratitude to those who carried us through this heartbreaking time, some of whom were and are dealing with their own sorrow and struggles. Godspeed young man. Aiden My Friend, Aiden My Friend. My collateral boy. Thank you for everything. There is no doubt the thunder last night was the Bridge Reunion Mayhem and I know the feast you all enjoyed was prepared with extraordinary love by our Soos Chef and his helpers. Until we meet again, sweet boy. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2mpqzPZ][/url] eta, Unbelievably, this is Bea's song but now also Aiden's song. Perhaps it is the song for Camp Greyhound CT
  18. I wish I could articulate how much we are going to miss the Old Broodie Old Broad stories. You knew and loved her so well, and gave her a voice like no other. I am so very sorry it was Petunia's turn to receive her wings. Godspeed Petunia. Go easy on Seamie , he'll do his best but fries were never his strong suit.
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