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  1. Sounds very encouraging! Let us know how Phog is doing!
  2. Mai frens are heer! Mai frens are heer! Best.Photo.Ever!
  3. Just his name alone tells us so much about your beautiful boy, what a great one - Wagmore Barkless (Wags)! I am so sorry for your loss You are in good company here. I lost hound #16, Bea, in July to DM, her body simply wore out. Some hounds take bigger chunks of our hearts than others but nonetheless, it never ever gets easier to say "see you later" - they are each one a part of our families and each has their own place in our heart. A friend once said to me that missing someone is a way of keeping them with us, even when they are not. I hope in time that you will be able to find some co
  4. How many times a day is recommended? Are they given every day? A few times a week? How many days’ worth of carrots can be prepared and refrigerated at once? TIA!
  5. We've used Nexgard for several years on all of the campers. Ticks can be hard to spot on brindles! But on the White Boys - prior to Nexgard the multiple ticks were easy to spot and pick off after our walks - after starting them on Nexgard, no ticks whatsoever. Using a lint roller can help peel off any hangers-on before your doggo comes back into the house.
  6. It's dark now at 5:15 am. Campers have their first turnout, mom goes with, flashlight in hand. Everyone returns indoors, breakfasts (theirs) are dished up and mom's coffee is waiting to be poured as soon as the campers return from their immediately-after-breakfast turnout. And then you can't help but notice it, sigh, the distinctive invasion of PoopFoot Coffee has knot yet been poured Thanks Aiden 1-4, even with so few toes remaining you managed to land and drag in a big one.
  7. Elebben iz hebben Happy 11th birthday to the beeyootimus Sweep <--sans chips lol Momo
  8. Thank you. But have to ask, why so many? SubaROOs are 'sposed to last a very long time. Granted, I have at least a decade on ya and I'm just getting started I really hope it's going to be the last ride we ever need to buy.
  9. When Bea broke a front foot toe we tried splinting and/or wrapping it and being the brood she was, she was having none of either of those attempts. We left it alone and while that toe healed flat, it did heal, and the old girl wasn't bothered by it.
  10. Sweep You guys! There is so much more headroom and room in general in the BOH2 than the BOH1. It's only neat in there now because, well, our inaugural road trip was to the post office, and knot everyone came with Since there are many vehicles that the BOH2 resembles, in order to locate it easily in a parking lot it is now sporting ribbons on both sides of the roof rack, because, you know Thank you all for the good vibes
  11. We are just about set up in the Forester aka BOH2, a few tweaks and additions and we'll be done. Annie Ooohh and Punkin took the inaugural ride and while Annie Ooohh at first was unsure both girls settled riteawayquik and loved the new BOH2 ! This is the platform from the original BOH; all that needed doing was to saw off the bottom of the supports (four of them - I almost gave up Crossfitting that day after that, lemme tell you ) One kennel bed in place, another on order as is the hammock cover thingy Big thanks to my helpers behind the scenes who have
  12. for Remi’s people. Godspeed sweet boy
  13. Unfortunately now we are no longer in lockdown only one of us is home during the day and she simply refuses to walk with one person. She will go to the green outside to toilet but after that refuses to move unless it's to go back to the house. Despite being happy when her lead comes out, she is visibly nervous if you try to continue walking past her green and can see her legs shaking if you try to wait it out. At four months in, she is still relatively new to retirement. I wouldn't fret about her wanting to go back home after just a short walk. She is still figuring out her new life and
  14. I actually have one of those! Hmmmm ... Misser Marc, the BOH2 is a 2018 6-speed. Thanks all!! After an adjustment to the platform in the back we will be pretty much good to go.
  15. Ah of course, sorry! None of the campers have driven it yet, that's tomorrow's projekt to get it set up!
  16. We got the poster And we got this too Same color as the ol' BOH - just like having all brindles . But yikes, wot a lot of displays and buttons and signage and stuff I gotta try to learn. But it's the last vehicle I should ever need, given that it's a Su-ba-ROOOO and I'm old lol Miss Fancypants, it's the same year and 6-speed as yours! (Seamie Millet Tail in the foreground )
  17. Annie Ooohh (Breakwater Drive): Mom? Is this our last ride in the BOH? It may be, Annie Ooohh, it may be ...
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