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  1. I can't believe it's been 8 years...and I love hearing the story each year!
  2. Call Tricia, calling Hopper Would you answer some elfin questions? So Santa can be an informed shopper! Advice is sought about your terrier Then this elf will complete her duties And all our holidays will be merrier! To best help with Hooper’s beauty slumber I need some specifics: A dimension, a number! Would you help and take the measure Of the height, length, and width On this sweet senior treasure? From base of neck to base of tail How many are the inches Making up that trail? And her chest, please go around So we know the circumference Of the belly of this terrier-hound! And on the human side of gifts: Any cravings for things sweet or salty? Don't want the hand that feeds to be miffed! Do you like things that are artisanal and hand-wrought? Do you like things local and handmade As well as those that are store bought? Be assured Santa would be very precise To mark what's liver, and what's not. A mouthful of not-chocolate, ick, not so nice! With all this info I will flitter Back to Santa's workshop. Here's hoping that your holidays glitter!
  3. Oh, Tricia, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your precious Holly. Your tribute is to her beautiful. Sending condolences to you and Burke and wishing I had better words to wrap them in.
  4. What a cutie! But then, I'm partial to brindles since my first two were brindles. I bet some of the timidness will ebb away over time as he settles in and feels more at home. Congrats to all of you!
  5. Welcome home to Andi, and congrats to the whole back! She is adorable!
  6. Kestrel


    She did bring smiles and joy to so many, and she will be so missed. Thank you for sharing Lexi and her amazing hats with us!
  7. Wonderful photos (as always!)--the one of Hopper running was my favorite...until I got to the one of her in the backpack! And the one of Encarna on the table.
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