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  1. Happy birthday Petunia! Hope the party has raged (napped????) all weekend!
  2. What a force! <3 I'm so sorry for your loss, and so glad she found her way to you.
  3. Happy happy birthday, Kate! Sounds like a great day all around.
  4. Happy birthday Tiger! And huzzah for two walks a day!
  5. Oh!!!! Although I'm sorry to share the news, I'm glad you know of Falcon's death. And I'm so sorry for the loss of your golden retriever.
  6. Both our new dogs had some diarrhea with the first couple of doses, which I'd say lasted 24 - 48 hours. It improved with subsequent doses--both got dosed this week and it was about 24 hours of soft stool, not liquid, for each. We just switched to the chewable version of the pills, and that's even easier to get them to take. Good luck with Josie's treatment!
  7. Happy birthday, Logan! Looks like a great day, despite the rain. Keep resting up and keep walking!
  8. Happy birthday, Nova Noodle! The tulips really suit you! How are you two doing?
  9. What a party! Happy happy birthday to Miss M!
  10. It's Tiger O'clock! Glad he's adjusting so well.
  11. Nice to see this on my laptop where it is bigger than the Instagram version on my phone! Such a wonderful shot of all three of them.
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