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  1. I'm so sorry. Thanks for sharing her stories with us. Broodies.
  2. Welcome to Wiki! She's adorable, and I'm glad she found you.
  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of your Nigel. Thank you for sharing him with us--and with all those who benefitted from his therapy.
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing her on here. Never a bad picture indeed.
  5. Thank you Duckie. I thought a lot about our Falcon over the holidays, and I wanted to come acknowledge all those we lost in 2020. Thank you for including him on this list.
  6. Happy Gotcha Day, Lilly! I so love reading this story every year!
  7. I'm so very sorry. I loved hearing stories about him, and reading these really made clear the incredible relationship you have with him. He will be so missed.
  8. Happy birthday, Sweep! I'm sending over all my cake, right away.
  9. Something I was pondering for the umpteenth time on a dog walk yesterday.
  10. I'm so sorry, Laura. What a beautiful picture of your sweet Nova Noodle. Holding you in my thoughts and in my heart.
  11. You made her wait six years for the porch though! It looks lovely, and she looks like she's enjoying it thoroughly!
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