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  1. Happy birthday Sweep! It looks like the celebrations were fabulous, as is befitting.
  2. I'm so very sorry. Thanks for sharing your sweet Chief Broodie with us here. Rest well, sweet Petunia.
  3. Happy birthday Petunia! Looks like it was a wonderful celebration.
  4. Just catching up on all of this, and sending lots of good wishes to Sweep and to you. Put those feet up and eat all the chimken and oatmeal, cutie pie!
  5. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I love that picture of Charlie and Mazy!
  6. Welcome to Deero, and congrats to all of you! He is gorgeous. Our galgo, Grandpa Grey, also came from FBM. We've had greyhounds for many years so it's been interesting to notice the differences with galgos. Wishing you many happy years with your new boy!
  7. Sending good wishes to the whole extended pack--what a run of *stuff* you've all been through! Smooches and extra chimken to Petunia. I hope Sadie Rose finds the right home soon!
  8. Welcome home, Sadie, and congrats to the whole pack!
  9. I'm so sorry. Thanks for sharing her stories with us. Broodies.
  10. Welcome to Wiki! She's adorable, and I'm glad she found you.
  11. I'm so sorry for the loss of your Nigel. Thank you for sharing him with us--and with all those who benefitted from his therapy.
  12. I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing her on here. Never a bad picture indeed.
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