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  1. Well, you’re just hot. (where is the sizzling emoti?) It is SoVeryHot
  2. {{{Jeannine}}} I am so sorry you’ve lost your precious Merlin. ~Sixty sleeps. Hang in there.
  3. She’s so thoughtful, she could have KNOT left you the hedgie Petunia
  4. Nancy, my heart goes out to you ... having the first two sweeties on the July remembory list from your home, I am so sorry.
  5. Is anyone still collecting them? I have a few saved and I feed Purina so there will be more available.
  6. Congrats on adopting Benny! Where are you in CT? Pal, my first greyhound, trained at Smartydog with Martha way back in 2002. Since then, I've taken some of my other greyhounds to work with her and with Lorrie. They and Smartydog are the Best. Check out the Adventurescape!
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