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  1. Happy Gotcha Day Logan! What great pics of your fab day!
  2. Posting this here for more visibility. Mods, ok? Some of you aren't able to receive PMs, I assume bc your mailbox is full? It's disappointing after typing a paragraph to then receive the FAIL message. This has been the public service announcement for the day
  3. FiveRoooooers


    Oh my goodness, I am so very sorry. Godspeed Bisbee.
  4. Your beautiful brindle champion knew how very much he was loved. I am so very sorry for your loss. Godspeed Jax.
  5. Bea (Miss Design) was a bit annoyed with all the rain today, no wait, rain every weekend for the past YEAR (it seems) but she had a good day! Happy Dam's Day!
  6. Oh how swell would this be! Sadly, I cannot help bc, you know, campers, but hopefully someone here chimes in. When do you need the sitter?
  7. Mom's lower Invisalign tray ... Sigh ... Jesus Cletus!! (recovered in time, sigh)
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