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  1. You did the right thing. Thank you for understanding the new pup and while doing the right thing for your household, you absolutely did the right thing for her. She will find her perfect place, and I know that the right dog is out there waiting for you. As Jan above said, when I got my first greyhound I had three cats! Of my 20 greyhounds over several years, only four have been cat-safe. Don't feel guilty or regretful, you "done good"!!
  2. How could we forget. Theirs was one of the greatest, true love stories. Thank you for sharing that incredible couple with us, and I am so sorry for your losses. Together again, Fencetop and Mary
  3. Just wanted to chime in that we have successfully used the Treat Method to desensitize hounds as relates to the Annual Corn Cannon (see our update in EEG, Soft Treats). We use Tuna Fudge, apparently it's high value The neighbor < 1/3 mile from us insists every year around this time on setting off a corn cannon, presumably to keep birds out of the corn field. Mind you, we have at least two other similarly located neighbors who manage to successfully grow corn without the use of said Cannon. But I digest. The Dopey Neighbor/Treat method first worked with (Foster)Sweet, who would panic and try to dig her way back into the house every time she heard the shot, which is every 10 minutes, on the hour, 7a-7p, for one/two/or three weeks. Since I couldn't be right with her every second, I would first sing Dopey Neighbor and then shove several Tuna Fudge pieces into her. (Note: Dopey Neighbor must be sung in a high-pitched, off-key "tune" lol) It wasn't long at all before Sweet would hear the shot and start looking for me for her treat. We are now singing to Punkin, and I am so proud of her for also being a quick study. Thank you for posting your video/s!
  4. Back away from the fries and nobody gets hurt Happy #13 birthday Broodie Petunia! This is a tremendous milestone and that you are feeling like five years old makes it even more special. Excellent celebratory noms! Petunia, 13
  5. Thank you for your recipe, those sound delish! It is still far too hot here to turn on the oven but we will try these once decent weather returns
  6. Hmm, so I could save the step of pulverizing the rolled oats into flour and instead just use them whole? Buddy, yay you!!
  7. TBH I kept a portion for myself and added mini chocolate chips. Double success
  8. After his dental last Friday, Aiden is still on a soft diet and until today I was struggling to find appropriate treats. I whipped up these noms and he loves them: 1-1/2 c oat flour (we grind our oats) ~3T peanut butter ~2-3 T honey The mixture is initially coarse but comes together nicely and then shapes into bite-sized pieces. Success Update: We've baked a batch of another fine soft treat that was originally posted by another GT'er back in 2013. It freezes very well and, as the recipe says, the yield is "a ton of treats" Tuna Fudge 2-6 oz cans tuna in water, undrained 2 eggs 1-1/2 c AP flour 1/4 c Parmesan cheese Mix all ingredients and pat into a greased (sprayed) 9x13" pan. Bake at 350F for 20-22'. Let pan cool on rack. Cut into strips, then into fine dice. Excellent for hounds recovering from dentals or for when your hound panics after the Annual Corn Cannon Season begins. Thank you Dopey Neighbors
  9. Aiden has the best friends, thank you for asking about him. Friday was not good at all and yesterday was transition day but this morning he came to the kitchen and *stood* to *eat* all of his breakfast. Same for supper. Standing on a good day is difficult, let alone post-proc stupor, but he's doing so much better than Friday. I think he's on the mend, today brought another tail wag Thanks for the good vibes!!
  10. Top and bottom views are both beautiful! Congratulations to all of you!!
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