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  1. Nine is so fine! Happy birthday Odin! Such a good boy.
  2. Noo. Just Noooo!! Oh Teri, I am so very sorry to see this. You worked so hard to help Phog get comfortable and recover from those corns and he was doing so well. This is just devastating news. Our hearts break with yours. Godspeed Phog. What a great name for such a Good.Dog. Please send your people a sign, baby, you have been so loved.
  3. Almost every inch in a sunbeam! Sweep looking good, girlfriend.
  4. You're right, I question myownself all the time! Annie Oooh M, Safetee Offasir Annie would have you all know that she was doubly hoomiliated last night. First the toe buzzing, followed by a bath
  5. Did you mean to say Annie ain't rite? Yes, I believe you did.
  6. Mom: Annie? Wot the flock? Annie Oooh M: Why you asking me, mom? Sigh ... Resistance is futile ...
  7. Happy birthday Oakley Aiden 1-4 says thanks everyone for the best wishes. At the moment he’s in a carb coma after brekkie that included some donut topped with whippy cream
  8. Thank you for the encouraging updates! Petunia, you got this. Remember, broodies rule! (as if you could forget ) for your mom, dad and grandpa. What a week. Cletus would say Wot the flock! No more of that, k?
  9. We got treats KNOT chikken but apparently still finger lickin' good Aiden
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