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  1. It has been one year since the three girls lost their dad and needed a new address, together. Matriarch Dottie B was 11.7, Punkin was 6 (turning 7 shortly), and young'un Annie only 5 (turning 6 shortly thereafter). But they were a bonded trio and I offered our camp. On 09/16/18 Michael, bless his heart in the good way, delivered three new campers which brought our roster to six. A camp of oldies - how did those two young'uns sneak in here I'd previously failed at six and our sweet Dottie B was here only five weeks before we lost her, fail no. 2. So here we are, one year later on the girls' first Gotcha Day. Happy One Year Gotcha to Punkin and Annie We celebrated with whippy cream and a walk at dusk to Seamie's Lane, where his coyote was singing Punkin, now 7 going on 8 and Annie now 6 going on 7 are *almost* the age to apply for camp membership They are the best girls, so full of love and joy. They tag each other as Aiden and Paddy Mayhem did and Annie channels Paddy in soo many ways lol. Love these campers!
  2. Nomlishus! Oh my goodness, if a hound had their own town for sure this would be Miss Bea’s! Wif banilla waffle konz! We hope you stopped, Miss Lucy, and checked out the Opry!
  3. Misser Marc Thanks all! Bea is really looking forward to, um, helping? with the harvest!
  4. Shocking! Welcome home officially Miss Kate Congratulations to ALL of you! Such pretty girls Omg, Kate is Molotov and P’s Raising Cain on her daddy’s side. She’s Pal and Seamie’s half sis!!
  5. That KNOT only are we now entering The Most Dangerous Time Of The Year (Misser Marc! )BUTT plusalso it is Bea's favorite time of the year! Pumpkins! Here she is with Aiden 1-4, surveying the Trombetta Squash along with a vine of mini-jacks, you know, Pumpkins! Miss Chris, how are your Trombettas doing? And just bea-cause she's so pretty and the most senior girlie, some Bea hydrangea pics It's Pumpkin time
  6. My pups of varying ages have been on Nexgard for several years without issue.
  7. Wonderful! I still remember when she came home! Hugs to all the pups
  8. Yay !!! I cannot, however, believe that is Katie’s real age, when did that happen? Best of luck in your home!!
  9. There is a pic here somewhere of when Seamie was brand new and I resorted to putting a brick on top of the trash can Just sayin. As to the bread, where is the butter? Love those girls! (no comment re “foster” Kate)
  10. If she were mine, I'd start with an xray *asap*. She's beautiful. Please keep us posted.
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