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  1. You people are so helpful Cletus is from out of state and hasn't yet taken his CT drivers test
  2. Good luck! My vet has done several of these and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Let us know how Emmy is
  3. Thank you for your thoughts and for finding the original link - I couldn't remember which forum it was in
  4. Tony "El Tigre" Thanks for the thoughts and links everyone!!
  5. So, I can't find the thread I'd started earlier about with what to replace the current BOH (Box O'Hounds). Other than stealing Cindy's 2017 Subaru Forester with manual transmission (which, btw, I have KNOT completely taken off the table Cindy ) I'd be grateful to hear your thoughts again. Thanks!! eta, Original link found!! Keep the thoughts coming tho
  6. So.Much.Mayhem Fries are for celebrating the Rocket’s Day! In two sleeps we will take a ride in the BOH for the girls’ other fav, ice cream
  7. It's owr sekinnd Gotcha Day Soo much haz happind! How froot flies, no, flies habs time, sigh, how time flies, yep das it! Whew Annie Ooooh Channeling the Mayhem and recently Trevor Double-Heart. She's a nut and an excellent therapy dog and a gem Punkin Channeling (Foster)Sweet. She's my little mouse face and champion snuggler and a gem We were a three-pack (Trevor, Aiden and Bea) when they arrived with (angel) Dottie B. Indeed, so much has happened. The two young'uns who snuck in with matriarch Dottie B will soon be turning 8 and 9! Thanks for celebrati
  8. This method worked for Zeke’s-aron i. When I first adopted him (& LadyBug) at age 9, he had no self-confidence or self-esteem. Nail dremeling was a huge event for him to try to deal with and I had the bite mark on the back of my head as evidence. We felt terrible together over that. A muzzle with PB along with time and patience and it wasn’t long before Zeke was “meh, wots the big deal.”
  9. Another vote for Slippery Elm, it works well here for one of my seniors. This is really basic, but, with Buddy’s meals are you moistening it with water or broth? It has been my and others’ experience that too much liquid can be the simple driver of exactly some of the problem you’ve described. “Too much” is subjective. One of my seniors can only eat dry kibble, which along with Slippery Elm, has helped produce lovely poop and not soft serve. My other seniors get their kibble moistened with 2-3 turns of the bowl under the kitchen faucet.
  10. Our Chewy order arrived today. In the box was a case of cans (12) and a 30# bag of kibble. The bag had an ~ 4-5" tear in the front of it and about 1/4 cup of kibble had spilled, which could have happened when I picked up the box. What do you think, use or toss the kibble? I have to say, again, how great Chewy is. They were totally apologetic and wrote a new order that has already shipped. TIA. edited for clarity: the spillage could have happened when the box was picked up. I am quite sure that I wasn't the cause of the rip. And, it shipped on Weds and arrived today, so, not lon
  11. That big, handsome, special boy landed right where he was meant to be. So sorry for your loss but very grateful for the time you shared. Godspeed Andy.
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