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  1. That schedule looks pretty good to me. Since this is new behavior, I would drop off a morning first-catch urine sample to check for any issues. In the meantime, I'd put a belly band on him while he eats and get him outside immediately after, and keep the band on him during the day until this can be resolved. Are there any other animals in the house?
  2. For those with hounds with kidney disease, has anyone tried Pet Wellbeing Kidney Support Gold liquid supplement? It is listed as being for both dogs and cats. Thanks for any info.
  3. If - when you're at the grocery and the layout has been changed - you need to come up with different verbiage to describe what you're looking for because the Girls will be disappointed if you come home without "Shakey Cheese" - you might have a greyhound.
  4. Oh that is soo her Perhaps first the then the request!
  5. Oh Sweep Twelve is indeed the swellest What a great start to your birthday weekend celebration - eggs, treats, rides, awesome! We love you, Sweep!! She has The Most expressive face. Can you just fill in that convo bubble Did yu peepl KNOT no iz mai birfday? Wot the flock!
  6. Yes. One or two good sized rocks will do it.
  7. If the pred gives you and Em more quality time together, the roller coaster ride will be worth it. We will keep everything crossed for you.
  8. He's a love, and such a good boy. Congrats to you both! Welcome to your (Foster) home, Big Mac! Along with the butter, shall we send some jam?
  9. Beautiful tribute to your boy, how well you knew and understood him. I am so sorry for your loss
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