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  1. I use the towel path method as well. Works great on steps and on icy yards.
  2. I am ecstatic to see this milestone for your sweet girl! I still remember when she came home! Happy #13 sweet Katie, lookin' good girl
  3. See in the Off Topic forum the Card Exchange thread
  4. Oh my goodness Felicity, I am so very sorry. Your sweet girl. I am sure that she is and will be watching over you and Prince. It's what our beloveds do. Godspeed Honey.
  5. Trevor 06/07/05 - 11/08/18 Our friend was (is) very wise when she said to me "You NEED this dog." I still do, and am missing Trevor who left us suddenly one year ago today. Left us suddenly, in the afternoon of the day that another senior had arrived in the morning. For so many years I have understood and been living with the greyhound banner, the Circle of Love, that One Must Leave So We Can Love Another. But really Trev, the same day? Dogs are healthy and fine and all is right ... until the day they are not. Still, for those few hours when you and she overlapped, you welcomed our new camper as best you were able. Trevor. Just the best darned dog. From February 16, 2018. Before the osteo ... Before the mass ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs_kghbFIuU Still, always, missing Trevor
  6. Holly showed us once again that we don't always get the hound we want, rather we are chosen by the hound we need. Your beautiful fleur-de-lis girl. Tricia and Burke, I am so sorry for your loss. Godspeed Holly
  7. Petunia! Smart girl! Kate, we will gladly send you some of our leaves. Although, then your peeps will be singing Misser Marc's famous seasonal song
  8. Pirate Sid For sure you scored only treats no tricks !
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