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  1. Brave boy, as has been his family. Godspeed Scout.
  2. Miss M says Thanks y'all for all of your happy wishes
  3. Time for wot? He is soo handsome. Am I remembering correctly a photo of Doc in a similar pose? Lucky hounds with their own sundial!
  4. Last year, when Miss M turned 10, a local Rotary Club held a Pancake Breakfast in her honor. Sadly, this year due to CRAP-19, the Rotary had to cancel. That did KNOT stop us, however, from celebrating Miss M's birthday #11 There were balloons And signage (jes knot at the rode ware it usually goez) And pamcakes, wif froot and whippy It rained All.Day.Long. So we set a tablecloth down in the living room and scattered the noms all around, just like outthedoors lol. Here is the resulting Camper Carb Coma! Thanks for looking! Happy Birthday Miss M !
  5. Your trusted traveling partner, Laura, I'm so sorry it was Luna's time. Take good care and keep those memories right.
  6. Laura, I am so sorry. Please know that our hearts are with you and Luna.
  7. One of mine has had Pannus for a while now (years). Easily and effectively managed with one drop of tacrolimus that our pharmacy compounds for us. Just once a day after supper. One drop and then a biscuit, easy peasy.
  8. Best hiney healing thoughts for you LuLu Btw, your toofers are beautimous!
  9. I am so sorry. What is your baby's name? Godspeed Ginny.
  10. Everyone is totally werking hard from home, keep 'em coming!
  11. We need uplift! There is too much of the other bringing us down. If you are working from home and have assistants < ---- please post and share the levity. The Campers will start! When you're late to the strategizing concall, sigh. (This did KNOT, btw, work well ) Working from home does have its advantages. Foot warmer Aiden 1-4 Y'all stay well, k?
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