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  1. I just did a search within H&M using "pants" as the key word.
  2. A cursory search in H&M and this came up. Good luck with your foster!
  3. I am so sorry that happened to you. Amantadine has definitely helped and to your point, yes, I am watching like a hawk.
  4. Please see this thread about a fairly new procedure by Dr. Mike Guilliard to address those awful corns. This is the direct link to the article about the proc. My vet performed this surgery successfully on a client a few months ago and from what I understand it was relatively simple and an easy recovery. Good luck!
  5. Did Charlie also bring his own Sharpie? All those spots !! Have fun everyone!
  6. Talk to me, please: Pros / Cons / Effectiveness / etc TIA.
  7. This is such good news! Yay Sweep Whew ...! Thank you for the update.
  8. While waiting for Cletus at the clinic, through the windows of our BOH I noticed the car next to us:
  9. Cletus is doing fine after his recent surgery to remove two funky growths. This, while we waited for our curbside appointment earlier today. Cletus: Wate. Wot?? I love his expression here except that his Deaf labeling* is under his ear So, here's that one too *When the doc called with her report, she suggested that we change the color of the label. Why, too pink? Well, that too, but it really clashes with his other colors My thought was that it being bright, the staff couldn't miss it He's fine. Thanks again for all the good healing vibes and bakanforfs.
  10. Congrats and Welcome! Your Annie sounds like my Punkin, who will be nine later this year and cannot roach deeply enough when she first wakes up except that it's not outside in the grass but rather in our bed Wiggly roaches = extremely happy doggo - it's a good thing!
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