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  1. We are preparing a chikken because, you know, that's wot Cletus KLTO would want! Seamie knows how to do it rite. Have a safe and yummy day everyone!
  2. Buddy Bun, cheese, burger, bun, fries ... ingredient by ingredient ...veggies LAST
  3. Punkin may have still been full after her birthday treats yesterday
  4. As was said to me many souls ago, missing someone is a way of keeping them with us even when they are not. Rocket, you are still the best The campers did this for you, hope this qualifies on Rocket's Spoil Your Hound day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPM5al_yM_U Annie Oooh M took it to the next level and made it a Happy Meal
  5. Thank you for the swell wishes for Punkin Seed/Muffin/Pie/Jam/Top! She's had a great calendar-flipping day and confirms, 9 is soo fine
  6. Thank you everyone for welcoming and missing Cletus KLTO. He was a good chikken dog.
  7. Nine is so fine Get up little girl, we have some celebrating to do Here we are "Cheersin" on our first adbenchur ob da weekend We had a ginormous turnkey dat we Mom earned by hoarding shopping for supplies so we gabe it to fokes who need it more dan we do. Cletus might hab had sumpin to say abowt dat lol but only fur a minit or too. Dis was da mostest fun! Eberywon was so nice and frenly and ooohing at Annie Oooh M plusalso me Dis is won ob my faborite gamez, da Kibble Game. Eye gets a gud score Me restin up for more stuff eye heer Mom talkin
  8. Bill, we received your lovely card, thanks so much
  9. Pal, my first greyhound was quite comfy and came with everywhere in a Mazda Protege. It was a great car and finally traded in with 185K on the original clutch (and probably the equivalent of dogsnart lol).
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