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  1. Here is a behind the scenes tour at UW Vet Care in Madison, Wisconsin
  2. Will folks that aren't on facebook have access to the sale somewhere else?
  3. https://www.vetmed.wisc.edu/statement-from-dean-mark-markel-on-passing-of-scout-macneil/
  4. Many of you may remember that Miriam's liver values (ALT in particular) were persistently increasing in 2016. We had a liver biopsy done and she was diagnosed with Copper Storage Disease. I have been tracking her numbers in my own spreadsheet since. The normal range for ALT that I have is 14 - 151. I am not sure where I got those numbers. I thought that maybe from my Greyhound Health Initiative "business card", but it is not listed on the one I currently have. Miriam had bloodwork done on Friday the the normal range listed there is 10 - 118. Can anyone tell me what the normal
  5. I am sorry about that. I swear I posted the link. Thanks for posting the link. Dr Vail talks about the life expectancy of Hemangiosarcoma being only a few months in many cases. We were very lucky more than 20 years ago when our greyhound, Icabod had a tumor rupture on his spleen. He made it almost 1 year post rupture.
  6. This was on Wisconsin Public Radio on 2/20/2020 and they are in the middle of their fund drive. Skip to the 5:46 minute mark to hear the interview.
  7. NBC Nightly News featured Scout. Scout's interview starts at the 19 minute mark:
  8. I know we quit counting Pogo's total bill when we hit around $7000. Even though he was part of the Rapamycin study at UW-Madison, his bills easily topped $10,000 because he developed an arrhythmia right before surgery and an UTI right after surgery to remove his leg. He spent a total of 10 days (maybe 11, I can't remember anymore) in the hospital post surgery. We also lived about 3 1/2 hours north of Madison and had to drive there for his carboplatin chemo treatments. We also had a greyhound that had hemangiosarcoma (like Scout, but on his spleen) and his bills also totaled more than $
  9. https://news.wisc.edu/lucky-dog-scout-and-uw-school-of-veterinary-medicine-star-in-weathertech-super-bowl-commercial/?fbclid=IwAR0T_4X4-Us6UPsqzd3m5wj6yG7xWQeAijCzLWGpOWlrKL0lqzdiGuVdEIQ
  10. So you are going to make it this year? We will have to get together.
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