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  1. Annette


    I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to your Bisbee.
  2. When I contacted UW Madison asking why greyhounds were not included in the study they said the breeds they chose had a higher incidence of cancer.
  3. https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/study-vaccines-could-prevent-cancer-in-dogs-eventually-humans/article_d70957a3-c839-5b79-90ad-bc4a294bd209.html
  4. Who was the couple who always bought peeps in bulk for their bunch of "kids"? I remember the posts and seeing pictures in the past but haven't seen any in a long time. I think of them when we give Miriam peep's as treats. They are low copper and she gets them as dessert.
  5. Annette


    I am so sorry.
  6. I actually contacted Colorado State University when I first saw that this study was going to be done because they only wanted specific breeds and greyhounds weren't one of the breeds they wanted. When I asked why they weren't included, they said that only wanted dog breeds that are at "higher than average" cancer risk, and greyhounds don't fall into that category.
  7. This is supposed to be the largest trial in history https://www.channel3000.com/news/uw-veterinary-care-clinic-could-find-vaccine-for-cancer-in-dogs-and-possibly-humans/912956241?fbclid=IwAR2nXQEOueNPLCKvbt2nKzThtSJ0yO1evYuoz_lmsMWYP-sTXnlvTcTBmpQ
  8. I am so sorry for your loss. Seems like a crowd is gathering at the bridge. I know of at least 4 other pups who left their families today. Sending hugs. I am sure Scarlett greeted Rocket
  9. She does not seem to be in pain. If anything now that it is a bit cooler (in the low to mid 70's) she has more energy and occasionally does some doggy break dancing in the apartment. Miriam has never been the energetic type. She takes retirement very seriously, if she doesn't have to move, she won't.
  10. Miriam will be 11 at the end of the month. We have had her 7 years and we tell people that she is a recovering spook. When she came to us as a foster she seemed to be just shy and we attributed that to just getting off the track and adjusting to the human world and suffering from "information overload". We had her for two weeks and then she was to go to her adoptive home but that fell through. Dixie immediately adopted her as a sister from the day she walked into the house as a foster so we couldn't send Miriam down to Milwaukee when the adoption fell through, and as they say: "the rest is history". Once she realized that she wasn't going back to her old home she became extremely shy and spooked. The worst event was when it was in the low single digits and she was too afraid of us to come in the house. I think we were outside (fenced in yard) trying to coax her into the house for about 1/2 hour. Dixie couldn't even convince her to come inside. I was almost to the point of tears afraid that she would never come into the house and she would freeze to death. To this day I don't remember how we got her into the house. After that, we kept a 15 foot rope attached to her collar that she dragged around the yard so we could reel her in. We kept that rope attached to her collar outside for 2 winters and randomly for one summer before she wasn't afraid to come into the house. The vet techs at our veterinarian's office commented once to the new vet that was checking her over how much she changed over the years. Medically she has copper storage disease which is under control. Her liver values were normal at her last blood draw in June. She doesn't need another blood test till December. It took more than 1 year for her liver values to get back into the normal range. Recently a urine test showed bacteria so we had her on antibiotics for 2 weeks. She had 3 peeing accidents in the apartment. She is on a homemade diet for her copper storage disease 95% of the time. The other 5% is when we feed her a prescription diet food. Now that everyone has her "back story", on to what is making us worry. Miriam has always been a whiner, but in the last few months she has really increased her whining to the point that we are unable to sleep. Our first thought always has been thinking that she needs to go out. Only on a couple of these occasions did she actually have to go outside. Her increased whining started several months ago, so I cannot imagine that it relates to antibiotics she was on for the last 2 weeks. We did give her pepcid to help settle her stomach because she doesn't do the best on antibiotics. We don't know if it is her age as a cause for whining? Is it medical? If it is medical, what do we need to be checking her for? Is she getting doggy dementia as she ages and that is why she is whining? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
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