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  1. Back in 2015 we actually went on vacation (1st time in 10 years). We spent a week at my inlaw's cabin in Door County, Wisconsin. We are pretty sure it was the first time Pogo was ever anywhere fun (he was a bounce) and he was overjoyed bouncing, pogo'ng, and barking at most every dog he saw. We stopped to take some pictures of the sunset into Lake Michigan and left Miriam and Pogo in the van. Pretty soon we hear a dog barking its lungs out. We look and see Pogo barking at a standard poodle that was walking by with its human. Of course we never admitted to being the parents of the lound,
  2. I entered Miriam's information back in September. She is the 10,700th member of the Dog Aging Project Pack. I can't remember if I chose to do any related substudies. I didn't think they would accept her since she turned 13 at the end of September. Miriam is only our 2nd ever teenage greyhound.
  3. So sorry for your loss. Believe me it does get better. Wags will always be a memory away.
  4. Since so many greyhound gatherings were cancelled this year and went virtual, did any groups sell event t-shirts with a covid theme?
  5. Here is a behind the scenes tour at UW Vet Care in Madison, Wisconsin
  6. Will folks that aren't on facebook have access to the sale somewhere else?
  7. https://www.vetmed.wisc.edu/statement-from-dean-mark-markel-on-passing-of-scout-macneil/
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