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  1. What brand of harness do you have? Does it fit him well?
  2. Will a harness keep an energetic greyhound from jumping? If so, what is a good brand that will fit correctly on a greyhound body? I remember trying a harness with Rhett many years ago, and it never fit quite right. It always seemed to rotate around his body. We had a spook harness for Miriam since she was a full-blown spook. That fit well, but I was hoping there might be a normal harness that would fit Banjo correctly and hopefully help with his jumping habit. Thanks
  3. Unfortunately we ended up cancelling. The crud hit the fan around here and we are living in limbo for at least 2 - 3 more weeks.
  4. I don't think it was vintage. I actually saw one like it on a greyhound group's Facebook page auction, but of course that was before I knew mine was stolen. Of course I can't remember which group had it in their auction.
  5. I know. I only found out because I went to the Aid 4 Greys website and there were no bunnies, tribbles, and other stuffies for sale so I went to her facebook page and saw condolences.
  6. I know there are probably people on here who have heard of or knew Mother Bunny, aka Lee Tauriello. She passed in April. https://www.hayworth-miller.com/obituary/Lee-Tauriello
  7. So sorry for your loss of Petunia. She was a special girl.
  8. I am not sure if that is the title of the topic I am looking for? I remember a topic where you could get your greyhound's racing "style" analyzed. Is that topic still active? Thanks
  9. I am not sure if is the correct area to post. If it needs to be moved , please do so. Our house was broken into and trashed. As we sift through and clean the mess or just go to the spot where something was kept, we discover more stuff that was stolen. One item that was discovered missing probably isn't worth a whole lot monetarily, but is priceless to us was a pin that I won at the 2005 Dewey Beach Gathering. I believe the pin might have been called something like the "Elegant Lady and Greyhound" pin. I have attached the best picture that I have of it. I hope someone might recognize it and would have a better picture or know who may have sold them. I am trying get pictures and descriptions (and current values) of items stolen for insurance. Thanks for any help. Annette
  10. I remember them. Mary was the spitting image or our Dixie. And, who could forget Fencetop.
  11. Happy belated birthday Petunial!!!!
  12. I want to thank everyone for the kind thoughts and condolences. It is so strange here. We had Miriam for 10 years. Today was the first Saturday that we slept late with no puppy interruptions for us to get up. Her queen bed is still in the livingroom where Casey kitty now lies on it from time to time. Her ashes came home today.
  13. So sorry for your loss. He was such a sweetie.
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