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  1. Gud sumwhut cool Woesday! We were tired last nite when we got home, but we took Mom for a gud drag around da neyborhood dis moanin.
  2. I think the Lakeside Collection catalog threw up in that house!
  3. We are home! Mom had to wait, cuz Miss Louise got a surprise GUR today and we had to wait for herbs son to get offa werk. We are lukkin lean, we didn't get as many treets and lots more eggsersize. We lubs green beans, but nebber had dem roasted. Mom's coirker's muther libs part ob da yeer wibs himz family, and part ob da yeer wibs hibs brudder's family in Germany. She had to stay and stay here until Germany wuld let herbs come back. Den take doez tests, too.
  4. Good Toesday! Getting the pups this afternoon. I expect to hear many tales of WOE from Roman. First day of the new team for me, wonder how backed up my email box is.
  5. Good Moansday! Gonna head out in a little while. I'll pick up the crew tomorrow after work.
  6. Haha, Jerilyn, that sounds like the "beach family" pictures around here--white shirt and khaki pants.
  7. Good Sunnyday! Cold front moved thru yesterday. The fall colors haven't been really vivid, so maybe they'll get some now.
  8. Jerilyn, I have multiple flannel shirts, but only one is plaid. Blue plaid. I also like grunge and alternative and I've been to Seattle once.
  9. Good Satonday! It's supposed to be a nice day, then get cold again.
  10. Louise says she hasn't seen the pic before either. Curiouser and all that.
  11. TGIF everyone! Lizabeff, I have that moment a lot--oh, so-and-so is over 40? Wow, that's...wait a minute.... We went to several orchards yesterday, they had a late cold spell and I think that affected a lot of the varieties.
  12. Here is the pic I bought. Ducky and Sherrie have not seen this particular work before, so we are turning to you for ID. The shop was south of Richmond, so thinking someone mid-Atlantic. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/file/d/17Z6_n7I-M2jL8VAa4MriC_GmjLC0Peti/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/17YeByPx8VEdfeddwxXCvPhCMtnV4b4tn/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/17LdeYy9Ud6XXy2Iw-_-Ab2oLexOlXtLZ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/17A_lWWLWovwehZS6hL8DA4i7OHSssB2g/view?usp=sharing
  13. Gud foggy Thorsday! We went to a couple of antique malls yesterday, and got some great finds. Lots of overpriced or just plain junk, too. Mario, you are one hampshum dood.
  14. Good Woesday! Halise, I think you have earned a mental health day. We went to this big antique mall, it is so huge you would probably need two whole days to see everything. So much glass and dishes in one booth, no one uses that stuff anymore. Plus tons of musty books. Louise reports everything going fine at her place. Roman is not limping, but I think she walks a lot slower than I do!
  15. YES! I just got a bunch of cards at Ollie's, just need some more stamps.
  16. Yep, Singapore is renowned for their service and comfort. A lot of airlines have those "pods" for first and business class. It's a seat that lays flat, with IFE and little cubbies and everything. Just have to get up to use the head. 747-Combi would be great for those rowdy passengers--get the flight crew to drag them over to the cargo area, open the door, push them in!
  17. Good Toesday! Still overcast here with an occasional sprinkle. We went to Ollie's and Tuesday Morning yesterday, and I got some Xmas cards among other things. Gonna try to go an antique mall today. Flizzie, Gino says toofers iz oberated. Tho I do see a dental in everyone's future.
  18. More 747-Combis. KLM is probably the last airline to use them.
  19. Good Moansday! Yes, that was Satonday--only delay was right outside the Richmond station, we had to wait for a couple of freight trains and the southbound Amtrak.
  20. Good not Sunnyday! I am surrounded by crazy cats! Louise says so far, so good. She has a couple of little girls herself (IIRC) and likes the big Galoots. Well, the taxi driver was a no-show, what a . I was able to snag a Lyft right away, I made sure to give her a very large tip. Taxi tried contacting me after I was already on the platform. Sorry, Charlie. Train ride went ok, the car needed some WD-40. We did get stopped for about half an hour outside the Richmond station.
  21. Good Satonday! no calls so far, waiting on the taxi to the train station.
  22. Contact Greyhound Crossroads, they are in Greenwood! I've gotten all my pups from them.
  23. We are at sum stranger's howse--and Mom LEFT US. Da Galoot was playin wibs stuffies and we were layin down at da last update. Dis lady habs herbs own girl houndies and a backyard.
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