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  1. And, yeah, iffn anyone wants to try and come pick up Roman, Mom will gibs yoo reeel cash money.
  2. Oh no, Miss Cynfia, NAWT da noos we wanted to heer. Owr angel kitteh Bibbi had dat nasty lymphoma, da treetment was horrible. Mom duzzent want to discourage da Capt's familiy, but just to prepare dem. We are sendin owr best schnoofs in boff English and Frinch.
  3. Yes, a berry frosty and clear moanin once again. Fuzzy was snuggled close to Mom and had da Fuzzy snoot on Mom's head. Doez little red gurls are sumptin special, aren't dey??
  4. Oh Jerilyn, we were hoping Lila would stay with you a little longer. Our hearts are broken. We will look for the brightest of bright stars tonite. If you need anything, please let me know.
  5. Gud Frosty Woesday! It was clear and cowld last nite, so frost on windsheilds dis moanin.
  6. Ooh, Mom knows about doez scary dreems. She gets dem from melly-tonin and fevers and too much stress. Oh, noes, Ms. Nancy Berg, NAWT da noos we wanted to heer. We will be finkin ob yoo.
  7. Merc, maybe hide it in sum libber & onions? I sat on da cowch for a good while dis affernoon--dat wuz affer I sat neggs to Roman in da sun for a little bit. Mom sez she iz gonna haffa check mah ears tattoos, she finks da kennel gabes her da wrong dog affer herbs vacation!
  8. Good chillee Windee Toesday! Mom made us wear our coats, she sez since it iz da furst REEL cold, it's gonna take us a while to ak-la-mate.
  9. Miss Ducky, how difficult for roo. When all da werk iz dun, I fink a little remembory rock garden wuld be nice. Sumptin dat culdn't get messed up iffn it got wee'd on.
  10. Jerilyn, I had the same dilemma with my old Lab, she still had her personality, but her body and mind were failing. She would wander in the dark, not settling down due to pain and canine dementia. If you need an open ear, I've got one.
  11. Gud very rainy Moansday! I told Mom I wuld nawt pee in da rain, and I didnt! Da odder two stoopids went wee-wee twice, now she's gonna get da idea that houndies go in da rain! Humpf.
  12. Battle, just dont pee ON momma. Dey don't like that, they go no-no-bad-dog, and yoo haffa wear a mandage.
  13. Gud Sunnyday! Well, nawt too sunny, it iz clowdy again. It iz gonna get cowld dis week. Cherry, all we ebber see iz skwirrels and kittehs and da occaisonal possum. Battle, dat wuz berry stoopid ob doez cleaners.
  14. Miss Mistress! One word: TERVIS https://www.tervis.com/search?start=0&sz=24&cgid=12oz-stainless-steel-wine
  15. Dear Miss Jan I yam a fan of all da colors bright and hued! https://photos.app.goo.gl/urVDerJm1HJu8kt26 https://photos.app.goo.gl/F8Y3swxTXKNSzmwT8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/r29saFYzqx53doYV8
  16. Gud Satonday! It iz obercast and threatinininin rain. Roman iz eetin gud and poopin much bettah. Doez nauhtee kittehs got into da treets last nite, all ober da floor. Onlee Fuzzy scored cos she duzzent habs to wear her lector. Battle, we hope yoo habs continued success!
  17. Dis iz me Da gurl Fuzzy Mom can take more iz nawt a big chore! https://photos.app.goo.gl/xw5T1wZKcdVqxW127 https://photos.app.goo.gl/QiEx5ByUGri9nRhg6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/VpmikV6UkfKwdsTi7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/mNSqYMKxunPbVpsAA
  18. Candy, Fuzzy would love to play bitey face wibs yoo. I won't do it and neidder will dat Roman.
  19. Spirit broke da club! Mom likes puzzles, too, but she needs a better chair for da table. Roman iz feelin bettah, he ate sum, but no snax.
  20. TGIF! Roman iz doin much bettah dis moanin. Himz blud wuz good, and no skwirms. So da vet duzzent know why he gotted sick. Mom duzzent fink he ate sumptin he wuzzent supposed to. Battle, yoo are goin do super awesome, I just know it! HAPPEEE BURPDAY MISSSS SHERRRIIIEEE!!!
  21. Roman iz nawt habbin a gud day, himz poops gotted terrible and he started . Mom finks itz doez nassy hooks, just like me had back in da summer. He wuz doin really well on himz Iams and himz Dave's Bland diet.
  22. Gud Thorsday! Well, nawt so gud here, Mom wuz up and down all nite wibs Roman. Himz had terrible poops and gas. She izznt shure wat iz goin on, maybe doez awful squirms.
  23. Aww, Balti, we know yoo will be surrounded by lub, howebber long yoo decide to stay.
  24. Gud Woesday! It iz warmer again tuday. I fink we can let hoomans in iffn dey avoid dat subject dat shall nawt be named.
  25. Bid eerly, bid offen! Mom got herbs stamps tuday, so she can start on da Xmas cards. Maybe she shuld send herbs car payment in a Xmas card, dey wuld probably open dat!
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