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  1. Gud sloppy hoomid Satonday! Dere wuz a surprise for us dis moanin--A KITTEH OWTSIDE DA DOOR!!! OH BOY! We wanted dat kitteh, Fuzzy told all da neybors. Plus also dere wuz a whole can ob TUNA!! (this is NOT a stray cat, it's got a collar and tags, it's just freeloading off my dum-dum neighbors. Cats belong indoors, unless you have a catio like my mom). BOL, Mizz Ducky, Mom wuz wunnerin if ennyone else read dat one. She gabes up on Judge Parker, too much unbeliebable drama.
  2. Summer, yoo habs a bootiful white face of distinguishment! Dere iz a greyhound in tuday's Mary Worth
  3. The little Benefuls tubs, any flavor but lamb (G is scared of the scent!) or beef (too many toots). G and Fuzzy will eat just about anything. Roman gets Dave's Bland chicken and rice, his tummy is sensitive. He can also tolerate the Whole Hearted for sensitive tummies from Petco.
  4. Poor Galoot, Misser Tom habs been on baycation dis week, so ebbery time one ob Mom's male co-irkers calls herbs, he starts whining and crying! As yoo can clearly tell, da ol hag habs zero social life.
  5. TGIF! BOL Mizz Lucy, dat iz whut it iz like here, sooooo hoomid rite now. Plusalso Mom iz nawt likin dis new nite sweatin she iz doin. Hada, we are glad yoo are likin da noo fuds. Da kittehs onlee want dere Purina branded fuds, dey are pikky like dat.
  6. I fink Mario needs a beeg ol steek ob himz berry own.
  7. Ours was a slightly larger Coleman pop-up, it had a queen bed on one end and a twin on the other. (sharing with sister is awful!). You could get a/c as an option. It wasn't bad when the wind was blowing and the humidity wasn't awful. But the rain would get in if you didn't zip up the windows and the wind picked up. Maybe one day I'll have a little RV/camper...
  8. Gud hoomid Thorsday! Itz gonna be super hot and hoomid for da neggs foo days. Yuk.
  9. Gud Woesday! We too had sum thunner dis moanin. Lukkily it just went to sprinkles when we went owt. Mom's allergies are buggin herbs, she had to take a benadryl and had weird dreams all nite. Mizz Ducky, we hope yoo get satisfaction. Now, if yoo speek to customer serbice in rhyme...
  10. We got called HORSES! I yam not dat big. Da Galoot iz pony sized at MOST. HMPH. Oh, Wiki, it sounds like yoo need a Misser Tom ob yer own. Sumwun to help you wibs da anxiety and da discipline. Sumwun to fill yoo full ob treets while Miz Mistress mows. Mom habs had dat werk stuff happen to herbs, too. She goes on baycation, leebs all da emails and files put togedder, den dey get mad dat nuffin happens to da project while she's owt. She iz NAWT a magician. Doh she wuld like to turn people into
  11. Gud hoomid Toesday! Burpdays and showers and astronomicals and wurryin and hurt pawsies, whot a day!
  12. ANdi, dey are nawt MURDER HORNETS are dey? I got brushed agin, I wuz berry gud and let Mom pick up mah feet. She will let Miz Stacy da groomer do mah nails, doh, she habs da grinder and da helpers.
  13. Gud Moansday! It iz really hoomid agin, as usual.
  14. Gud Sunny Sunnyday! We encountered a stray doodle-dog (NAWT owr Molly McPoodle), and Fuzzy gabes him a moufful! Iffn he had got enny closer, I'm sure she wulda took a chunk outta him. Dere wuz no owner walkin arownd callin, so dey probably don't know its loose yet.
  15. Raises hand...Fuzzy gets runny eyes, Roman and G get big ol boogies. Plus kitty boogies. Lucy, I let G sniff-sniff Johnny's footprint, he was supremely interested in getting to it when I had it on the bookcase, so I had to move it to the china cabinet.
  16. Gud Satonday! Nawt too hoomid dis moanin. We had a big orangish moon last nite, dey said we were gonna get sum residual smoke frum owt West and dat's why it wuz colored like dat.
  17. Ducky, agreed--keep it clean and an eye (heh) on it. If you have some antibiotics for eyes, a little dab probably couldn't hurt. My whole body has been super achy today, didn't know why til I looked at the National Hurricane Center. Nice big low sitting off the coast. Just call me Jim Cantore.
  18. TGIF! Da full moon tunite is called da Buck Moon! Mebee dat's why all da deer are around, dey are havin a par-tay.
  19. Mom gabes me a good brushin, she sez dat BUSHELS ob hair came offa me. I got a nice thick coat for da winter, now I gotta lose it. Mebee by Chrispmix.
  20. Bird bath is preferrable to the cruder version. Whole house generators are worth it, IMHO. I will warn you, my mom's is LOUD when it gets going. It does a weekly self start-up/check on Sundays and it always scared the heck out of poor Johnny. She has a propane tank which supplies that and the gas heater in the winter.
  21. Gud Thorsday! Same ol, same ol. Ivy, take it frum me, yoo don't need toofers to enjoy snax! Merc, yoo sound like da Galoot, himz duzzent want to settle down eider.
  22. Gud obercast Woesday! It iz a leetle cooler than yetterday.
  23. Da Galoot figured owt he culd roach AND whine at da same time. What a yutz!
  24. That works best for fruit flies, they are attracted to the vinegar, and can't get out due to the soap. A commercial trap is the same thing, malic acid in a container.
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