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Our Bullitt Can Use All The Prayers You Can Spare

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Bullitt had stopped eating all his meals last week. He wouldn't eat breakfast but would eat dinner. This weekend he wouldn't eat much of anything and today his abdomen got so big he looked pregnant. We rushed him to the vet. They did abdominal xrays but there was so much fluid they could not see the organs they needed to see. His blood work was fine except his protein was a little off but not bad enough to cause the amount of fluid he has in his abdomen.


They kept him and are going to get some fluid from his stomach and culture it and do some chest x-rays. The vet gave us a list of the things it could be and none of them were good. I'm scared to death. He's only 7 years old.


Mike took this picture while we were waiting for test results. You can see how big his belly is.











I spoke with Dr. B just a bit ago. He tapped his belly last night and did an ultrasound. Everything in the belly looks good. Spleen, liver, kidneys all looked normal so he decided to ultrasound Bullitt's heart. He found a spot on Bullitt's heart that is giving him concern so he's going to do another ultrasound this afternoon to see if there are any changes that have occurred over night and to get a better look now that there is not as much fluid build up. He told me he's pretty confident that this is a heart issue we're dealing with. I have to call him back after 5:00 this afternoon. Bullitt will be staying at the vets tonight. He told me he doesn't have as much fluid on his belly this morning as he did last night but Bullitt would not eat this morning. I'll post any new news tonight after I chat with Dr. B again.



5:00 Update


Dr. B is still waiting on some lab results. When he gets those he will hopefully have a diagnosis for us and a treatment plan worked up. Bullitt is drinking water and ate some dinner tonight. Good boy! Hopefully I will have more to report tomorrow.



August 15th Update


The only reason I know the date is it's Mike's birthday today and we were hoping Bullitt would be home to celebrate with us but he won't. They have not received the results from the culture they are running on the fluid they took from Bullitt's belly. I know from them doing a culture on Jilly Bean, it takes a few days so I'm not sure when he will be home at this point. Dr. B said until he gets those results back Bullitt will be staying there. I do know he ate well this morning and is drinking so he is improving. Have I mentioned I'm not a patient woman and this is driving me nuts! I will update again when I know something.



August 16th a.m. update



I just got off the phone with Dr. B, he said Bullitt is eating well and acting like he feels a lot better. He told me he redid the ultrasound and Bullitt's heart looks good, no abnormalities at all and that it appears to be good and strong. The test results he is waiting for is a cardiac test that will tell us if Bullitt has any underlying heart disease. He said most dogs that appear with the amount of fluid in their bellies as Bullitt had usually have a heart murmur or during the ultrasound you can see that the heart is not functioning properly. That is not the case with Bullitt, his heart appears to be functioning fine. Bullitt's presentation of symptoms is quite odd apparently. Figures doesn't it.


I specifically asked about liver disease since Peanut being Bullitt's sister passed away from liver failure and since Bullitt was admitted another sibling has been admitted to the vet (not one of mine) showing signs of liver disease. He told me all of Bullitt's liver function tests are good. The protein level was a little low but not low enough to have caused the amount of fluid Bullitt had in his belly. He asked if the presentation of symptoms were similar and I told him yes so he was glad I told him about that. He's going to do another blood work up just to make sure it isn't Bullitt's liver. He also said most dogs with severe liver involvement appear to be quite ill and Bullitt doesn't seem that way at all.


He said until he gets the results from the cardiac tests back he just feels more comfortable having Bullitt there with him. He told me to check back after 3:00 this afternoon and see if the test results are back yet.


Hopefully he'll get the test results back by tomorrow. Jilly Bean has an appointment tomorrow afternoon and it would be wonderful to bring Bullitt home with us then.



August 16th PM Update


It's been an eventful day. I received a call from the owner of Bullitt and Peanut's other sibling who is ill requesting my vet's number. Their vet wanted to call and speak to him. Bullitt's brother is not doing well so special prayers would be appreciated.


The lab report is still not back. I swear they must use the slowest lab or I don't understand the complexities of the test. Janet sent me a copy of Peanut's lab report. I forwarded it to Mike and he's making a copy and dropping it off at the vet's on the way home and will visit with our boy for a while. He told me that was going to be hard on them both but I told him that's okay. Gee was there for a week and when we finally got to visit her it was to help her to the bridge. I don't ever want one of my dogs last week to be at the vet with no visits from us.


While there Mike is going to request they do an bile acid test on Bullitt tomorrow. This test will tell us if Bullitt's liver is functioning properly. I need to know this for peace of mind. If it's not it should explain the fluid in his belly and I will then have the other 3 boys tested to make sure their liver's are functioning. The problem with litter mates I guess.

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Oh no!!! Sending you all the strength and positivity from here too!

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Oh no. Lots and lots of prayers.

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Keeping you and your boy in my thoughts.

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Did they suggest an echocardiogram?


I think they will once they x-ray his chest. Dr. B told me Bullitt does not have a heart murmur and his heart sounds good but that CHF and Cardiomyopathy are two things that can cause fluid in the belly like he has. He mentioned several other things also so I think he's just ruling one thing out at a time.

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You know I'm sick about this. I've asked our Angel girl to keep watch over her brother. Hugs to you guys.

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Oh, sweet Bullitt, we're sending you LOTS of prayers!

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Fingers crossed--hopefully they will tap the tummy--it will give him immediate (but, perhaps just temp) relief.


They are doing that tonight. Poor guy was so uncomfortable.

Judy, mom to Darth Vader, Bandita, And Angel

Forever in our hearts, DeeYoGee, Dani, Emmy, Andy, Heart, Saint, Valentino, Arrow, Gee, Bebe, Jilly Bean, Bullitt, Pistol, Junior, Sammie, Joey, Gizmo, Do Bee

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I hope you get some answers soon, poor Bullitt :grouphug

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