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    I make martingale dog collars! www.collartown.etsy.com

    I specialize in modern and fun martingale dog collars at affordable prices! Handmade in Ontario, Canada. Shipping to the USA, UK and more. From italian greyhound size, through to great dane.

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  1. No words can describe the pain and heart ache I feel. My first ever two dogs, Bella the greyhound and Cleo the mastiff. Bella of lymphoma August 30th, and Cleo of osteo yesterday. Seven weeks apart to the day. Cleo loved Bella more than anything, I think her body just gave out...she wanted to be with her sister
  2. Hey All! Haven't posted in a while, but thought I'd chime in and say all is good here. Bella is almost 12 years old!!
  3. Chain D-ring loop: Ultra-strong, ultra durable, more suited for bully breeds. OR for greyhound owners who know to only use a martingale for walks, and know how to adjust. Also, a 1" chain loop will cinch up must faster than a 2" fabric collar. Think about it, more surface area to go through the tri-glide. Fabric D-ring loop: More suited for dainty dogs, like whippets and greyhounds. All in all, I prefer the fabric loops for sight hounds and chain loop martingales for bully breeds. A note: When doing your shopping, PLEASE look at how long/amount of sales vs reviews the shop has. There are some very frightening new collar shops on etsy, with extremely inadequate thread and stitching technique.
  4. Honestly, what is it Bella? I must have spinach stuck in my teeth or something!
  5. Collar maker chiming in here! Yes, please please don't copy and paste wording from other collar makers, unique-ness is important! As for the interfacing: No. Please use strong webbing, plus industrial strength thread and test a collar of yours for a few months on a strong puller, before selling to the general public. A collar can be the most important safety aspect when protecting your dog. It's a dog eat dog world out there, good luck! Edit: In case anyone wasn't aware, I have made about 12,000 collars in the past 3 years now
  6. Martingale Dog Collars, for greyhounds, whippets, italian greyhounds, great danes and more: www.facebook.com/CollarTownPage http://www.etsy.com/shop/CollarTown
  7. Gorgeous! Congrats! LOVE your dress btw!
  8. Can't believe I keep forgetting how to do this:!
  9. Ok, curiosity is getting me...how is a link to greytalk, pinned on pinterest? I'm seeing this pic of mine floating around pinterest, and the link is set to greytalk. Hmmm...where's the "pin" button here?
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