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  1. I would suggest that you check with some of the other greyhound adoption groups in your area if you don't hear from the one where you got Magic. I took in a dog about 5 years ago under similar circumstances - she couldn't do stairs anymore and she was diagnosed with Lymphoma - she did well at my home. Her "parents" came and visited every 2 to 3 weeks and when it was time, they were with her. I live in Mass but, I there are other people around the country that have done this and maybe you can find someone in Chicago willing to open their hearts and home.
  2. As someone already noted, maybe give more kibble with rice rather than satin balls. I note this because the satin balls can be too fatty and have the potential to cause pancreatitis.
  3. Have you tired to feed a home-made diet? Maybe give turkey and rice with some veggies.
  4. Rethink the situation before making any changes. It sounds like they don't have staff overnight at the boarding facility which means that Spirit may have fallen early in the evening and struggled for awhile to get up until the staff came in the morning. It would be nice if they gave you more information about the position Spirit was found in (his back legs splayed out and not able to get traction or the front not able to lift).
  5. Why is she on Pred? Also, have you tried a Probiotic?
  6. I really suggest that you do a consult with Dr. Couto - as noted, his information should be in one of the medical threads.
  7. Photo is amazing - every detail in the ears is shown.
  8. Is there any drooling or is her head listing to the side?
  9. Have you checked on the trials they have available - there may be some that offer chemo/vaccine.
  10. That isn't good behavior from Mixer. I might suggest no taking Mixer to a dog park as he is looking at the other dogs either as competitors or as prey and it could quickly escalate and a dog could get seriously hurt. Pinning a dog down is also not great behavior.
  11. It does sound like you are in a stressful situation and trying to make the best of it. Few questions -- Before the surgery, were you able to manipulate his foot and touch the corn? How old is he now? Does he growl and snap everytime you want to take him out or is it more often at night? How long as the growling and snapping been going on? Have they taken x-rays of the leg with corn?
  12. I just read this article and it talks about a osteo vaccine that's been in testing about 3 years. Not sure this is the same one that most people know about already. This one seems to use a component from the affected subject to create the vaccine so it is targeted only to the osteo cancer in that patient. https://phys.org/news/2020-06-canine-bone-cancer-successfully-vaccine.html?fbclid=IwAR2-nf2VazY37uaynk107VvDLSMWpZGSF1ODYKbPtvnf9eD85lXPZGkfCi8
  13. Is this happening around your dinner time consistently - if so, this sounds like a food obsession. Make sure he is muzzled and in another room when there is food being served. I agree that he needs to see a vet as something may be wrong. I also suggest talking to the trainers if you can and see if this was something that they also noted - however, if he was being fed in a crate, it might not have been noticeable.
  14. Did they check for worms - sometimes persistent hookworms can cause HGE. Also, greyhounds have thicker blood than most dogs so, your vet is not knowledgeable about greyhounds so, be careful. Did they put your dog on Probiotics and a bland diet (hamburger and rice)? You can also get a phone consultation with Dr. Couto who is very experienced with greyhounds.
  15. I'm not a fan of prescriptions but, if she gets destructive or very anxious, you might want to see if you can try Trazadone. There are other meds but, this is relatively quick - starts to have some effect in about 2 hours and seems to last for about 12 - 16 hours.
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