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  1. How close is his bed on the floor to your bed? You may want to set up a pen (4x4) in your room and put his bed in the pen - he might feel more secure surrounded by wire panels like he would have been at the track.
  2. Add some canned tripe - the smell is bad but, the dogs love that smell.
  3. As Macoduck noted, DOCUMENT everything and take photos. Let animal control handle any owner issues - don't pursue that path. Also, you may want to stop contact with Animal Control unless absolutely necessary. Note, even though Animal Control seems to be ok with this, they might show up at your door asking for you to turn over the dog because they deem it is dangerous. How they will handle this depends on laws where you are located. Good practice for awhile is to make sure that you put your dog in another room when you answer the door so anyone at the door will not be aware that your dog is home. I also suggest that you contact the Lexus project. I am sorry that this happened, not much can be done in the case that you described.
  4. Most dogs do not like to use a ramp - the dog ramps they make are way to narrow. If it is coming from an SUV, then, it is also steep. As for jumping, that is a leap of faith for a blind dog. And I suspect that he will not jump after people have already tried to get him down the ramp. Maybe too much going on ... A blind dog (or a dog missing another sense) has to spend more time reading the world in a different way using his other senses - in his case, he has to smell, listen, feel to orient himself to the world and that takes time. Have you tried using keywords identifying where you are when you are asking him to come out of car. For example, some people with blind dogs that also have other dogs, will put cow bells with different sounds on the other dogs so the blind dog can orient when another dog gets close. Some people also use different scents in different rooms so a blind dog waking up can identify where they are from the smell. In a similar fashion, you can say "home driveway" to him as an identification of where you are and assuming you always park in the same place in driveway, he would know what to expect as he is getting out.
  5. Thank you for such a detailed description of what Foxy went through - I think many will find this timeline helpful in the future. It's good to hear that she is just about back to normal.
  6. I suggest that you search for the osteo threads - they will provide much information. In general - make sure that they have your greyhound on Amicar, that is used to prevent bleeding - you may need to have a sling (towel) to help your greyhound over the next week going in and out of the house - put down non-slip rugs anyplace there is tile/wood floors as you don't want your greyhound to slip as he is "hopping" - the first 10 days can be a nightmare but, the improvement after that is amazing - you may want to sleep next to your greyhound to make sure he is not getting up and looking for you - you want a flattish type of bed because you don't want him tripping to get in bed. A bed with a bolster on one side can work well - you can use a t-shirt to cover up the incision site - I had to reposition my greys after they laid down to make sure that they weren't crimping the good side - I would slightly lift shoulder or hip and reposition on bed - I made sure I got my greys up about every 2 hours during the day to go outside - I would help them get out and them remove sling so they could do the few hops to find a place to pee/poop
  7. I have been feeding only cooked real food for close to 20 years - all my greyhounds have done great on it.
  8. Check with the greyhound groups in the area and see if they will share who they are using. Meanwhile, I am still using Dedham Vet but consult with Dr. Couto as necessary.
  9. try farmer's dog - they have different options. It's soft and most dogs seem to like it. Royal Canin also has small cans of puppy appetite stimulant and it gets puppies to eat so might work on older dogs.
  10. Too much, too soon - that is usually what causes the freezing in new greyhounds. Maybe too many changes of scenery and/or people.
  11. Thyroid meds should be given about 1 hour before meals and they should not get a calcium pill +/-3 hours from dose.
  12. So sorry for your loss. When one of my greyhounds who was a favorite of the neighborhood children passed and the children asked where he was, I would say "He moved on to a better place".
  13. Get a consult with Dr Couto and send the x-rays to him.
  14. Has anyone suggested white rice and white fish (like tilapia). My seizure girl developed IBD after using one type of seizure med and the only thing that would work for her is white fish with white rice or cooked oatmeal - I would add some cooked veggies like green beans or mashed up carrot.
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