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  1. Unless you are checking the field for holes (snap a bone) or sticks (impales himself), there is a risk. Some people are OK with the risk, others would not be.
  2. It could be an inner ear problem and that affects balance - do a search on vestibular.
  3. I might suggest giving your dog cooked oatmeal with the food as it can help with GI issues as well as skin conditions.
  4. If you are feeding raw food that has been processed and might have bacteria (like hamburger), then you might consider washing the dog's mouths IF there immune-compromised people living in the same household that will be petting or hugging the dogs. Immune compromised people could include those on chemo, older people, or very young children.
  5. As already noted, sounds like separation anxiety. Do a search on "alone training" which should pull up many posts.
  6. As suggested by previous post ... vestibular disease .. https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/vestibular-disease-in-dogs
  7. Too much ... too soon. Give your dog more time to adjust to the new situation.
  8. My Lucy has IBD that was caused by her seizure meds (Kbr) and has had this for a few years. Because of all the meds she takes for seizures, the internist and I agreed to try to manage this without additional meds. So far, we have been doing OK. She started with weekly B12 shots and this has since gone to monthly. She is on a probiotic (link follows) daily. Lastly, she is on a home-made diet of white fish, white rice, and veggies. In the morning, she gets white fish and oatmeal. The oatmeal provides fiber. Her poops are OK and she does well as long as I do not "fool around" with her diet. She get NO commercial dog food at all - even her treats are made by me. She gets two snacks a day - one is yogurt w/applesauce and a pumpkin cake that I make for the dogs and in the morning, whole wheat toast and peanut butter. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B001O3UE9E/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Condolences, so sorry for the loss. I remember when you got him, has it really been that long ...
  10. As already noted, it is "misdirected aggression" and the best way to correct it is to catch it before it escalates to the bite/unwanted behavior. If you are very watchful, you can tell when the dog starts to concentrate/fixate on an object that is likely to cause escalation and that is when to redirect it. It can be as simple as quickly changing direction/reversing course or giving a "watch me" command and rewarding when it is obeyed.
  11. Do not feed chicken - many dogs are allergic to that protein. Switch to lean hamburger - 90% and see if that helps after a few days. You can also try a fish like tilapia. Also, cook up some oatmeal and give about 2 to 3 tablespoons.
  12. Can you provide a photo? If a cleaning was done 2 years ago seems pretty soon to have another one ....
  13. Dr Remillard is who I worked with 17 years ago when one of my dogs had an acute kidney issue - this was when she was at Angel. I also got regular and cancer diets a few months later. I developed great diets from the base diets and I have used ever since. This was before she started her web site and started packaging the vitamin supplements as a product.
  14. Two of my greyhounds would hurt themselves trying to get out of the crate (digging and trying to bend bars with teeth). I stopped using them completely for my greyhounds.
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