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  1. Try treats to get her off the bed and walking. Get an appointment with the vet and see if they might prescribe something like dog Prozac - there is also Trazadone. In the interim, there is something called rescue remedy that might help a little bit with the anxiousness.
  2. Excessive bleeding from the extractions and hyper-temperature coming out of anesthesia are issues that greyhounds can face. A vet experienced with greyhounds is a must but even then, problems can happen especially with kidney problems. You might want to wait a few months and see whether the teeth are impacting her quality of life.
  3. I would not do bones until the puppy is much older. Give chicken breasts - cooked or raw and roasts that have been seared quickly on outside. You can use the egg shells for calcium. Do your research -- analyze the puppy vitamin/mineral requirements and see if the dog food vitamin mix is enough along with egg shells and if not, supplement. You can also check out the nearest vet school and see if they have a nutritionist that will analyze the food for you.
  4. It sounds like he might be having sensory overload. Your dog is probably freezing on walks because there is too much going on and he is trying to absorb all the changes that are coming at him from all different directions so, it is too much, too soon. Take him on walks to quiet areas and stay away from dog parks for the time being - he is still too new for that. Let him relax and get accustomed to his new life. If he won't walk, you may just have to stand in a secluded place outside until he gets a sense of his surroundings. I've fostered many dogs and this is not unusual - sometimes I would
  5. You might want to get a small air filter device for your bedroom - one that makes a soft hum. The noise could help your hound to orient himself to where he is located when he wakes up. The suggestion about a light could also help depending on how much sight he has. Another option is to associate a smell with the room he sleeps in - like maybe cinnamon or lavender as a way to help him locate himself in the house.
  6. I would wait until children are older - at least 8 to 10. Right now they are too young for any dog as they would consider the dog just a toy. Right now your children probably need quite a bit of care themselves and any dog would come with requirements for training, etc ... maybe too much for this point in time.
  7. This is a great description of prey drive - what it is and how to handle it.
  8. As noted in an earlier post, nipping can be part of prey drive and with that, cannot be trusted around small dogs/animals that are running since this can trigger the "prey drive". As you spend more time with your dog, you can get a better sense of what triggers him and respond accordingly.
  9. Take it slow - there's so much "new stuff" in her life that it is probably overwhelming. Take her out around where you live and just stand not too far from the house and let her get used to the "newness".
  10. Also, on the platelets - they need to do a manual check to make sure they are not clumping which could lead to artificially low results. As others noted on the platelets - the vet needs to check the greyhound values.
  11. Do you move when you see him coming? The reason that I ask is that if I stay exactly where I am, my greyhounds usually will not hit me, it's when I move that they run into me. Usually mine will deflect right at the last minute and go right past me by inches.
  12. As already noted, take photos and write down you recollections - send it to yourself as an email (cc). Check your dog over thoroughly to make sure there are no small bite wounds. Also, did you get the owner's information and whether the dogs were up-to-date with rabies. It's very important to contact the Animal Control Officer so they have a record of the incident.
  13. As others noted, test for Tick diseases. If your dog goes to day care and he overexerts himself in hot weather or is in the sunlight all day (or portion of day) - he could have heatstroke.
  14. Both treatments should not be given at the same time which the prison protocol does - a vet has put together another protocol that alternates each (not sure which ones she recommends) at once a month (two weeks apart). It is available on Facebook - not sure if she has placed it on this forum. I found a link - it was mentioned earlier in this thread. https://www.greyhoundfriends.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Hookworms.pdf
  15. I would suggest that you check with some of the other greyhound adoption groups in your area if you don't hear from the one where you got Magic. I took in a dog about 5 years ago under similar circumstances - she couldn't do stairs anymore and she was diagnosed with Lymphoma - she did well at my home. Her "parents" came and visited every 2 to 3 weeks and when it was time, they were with her. I live in Mass but, I there are other people around the country that have done this and maybe you can find someone in Chicago willing to open their hearts and home.
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