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  1. Interesting ... https://www.purinaproclub.com/resources/dog-articles/health/saving-sighthounds-from-anesthetic-drug-death?fbclid=IwAR0IkPY3avPhGS2DTl2BAG8_lTFXuEOQ7ilMnAeRBTWuo20kLIghiW-e2ck
  2. Do not let him up on the bed or couch and instead have him go to his "own bed" and respect his space there. Re-examine the situation in 6 months or so ...
  3. Rather than putting your question in another person's post - start your own topic as you'll get more responses.
  4. My dogs are fed a home-made diet and they typically get about 2 cups of rice at dinner with about 1/2 cup meat and 1/3 cup veggies. At breakfast, they get about 1/2 cup meat and 1/4 cup brown rice, and about a 1 1/4 cups of cooked oatmeal with milk and a bit of honey. They have been getting amounts like this for more than a decade although, I do change out ingredients. If I use potato instead, amounts are less because it is more dense. One of my dogs had IBD from seizure meds and we never gave flagyl (internist and I agreed) because of all the other meds she was on. The home-made diet worked for years along with probiotics and monthly B12 shots. She had fish as the protein.
  5. Actually, it doesn't look bad and probably just needs time to heal. Daily wash and then maybe try some manuka honey to speed the healing. I would not bandage - maybe put sock on to keep dirt away and keep her from licking.
  6. It's common for dogs to "lose their appetite" while being boarded and unless more enticing food is offered, they will lose weight because they will not be eating. Kennels can also be very loud with dogs barking and as a result, cause a stressful environment with dogs not sleeping -- that can also cause a loss of weight.
  7. I've fostered countless dogs - make sure both are wearing muzzles (all the time) when they go out and at least for 4 hours inside until you get an idea of how they are interacting. Separate them when eating and when giving treats. Do not approach the new dog when he is laying down on bed (or anyplace else) - call him to you instead.
  8. Maybe not keep muzzles on standby and instead have dogs wear them until you get some history on how this is going to proceed.
  9. It was probably the boarding at the kennel if this started at about the same time. While greyhounds are used to crates, it is different than the "kennel experience". Dogs can come out being very anxious because they may have incidents that are never reported back to you and then it leaves you scratching your head as to where this behavior came from. For example, he might have had an altercation with another dog that has upped his anxiety level. Another probability is that they either may not have let him out of the kennel and he was finally forced to use the kennel as a bathroom or, he was put into an indoor play area which also happened to be used by all the dogs for their "toilet". This can be very confusing to the dog and can result in them no longer equating outside in the yard with toilet. if you have a camera, check to see when he is urinating - is it many times or just once or twice. As someone already suggested, you can use belly bands. Maybe a better suggestion is to have a dog walker come by twice a day -- about 10:30am and 3pm -- for about a week and see if it makes a difference. It could be that you just need to go back to Step 1 with house-training and doing frequent potty-breaks with high-vale treats to get him back to where he was before.
  10. Logic would dictate that the electric lines should get buried underground so the chance of this happening would be less. Europe has about 40% of their lines underground. This could work in California and places where there are severe winter storms causing outages for weeks. Much more expensive to initially put in underground lines but, savings in the long term would be considerable in terms of lost lives and property destruction. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undergrounding
  11. Unless you are checking the field for holes (snap a bone) or sticks (impales himself), there is a risk. Some people are OK with the risk, others would not be.
  12. It could be an inner ear problem and that affects balance - do a search on vestibular.
  13. I might suggest giving your dog cooked oatmeal with the food as it can help with GI issues as well as skin conditions.
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