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  1. Poor thing looks so stressed!!! Congratulations to all of you!
  2. Suggested via email that a new topic be started to draw more attention to this pupper’s issue. The dog I posted about sooooooo many years ago was around at least until his Dad retired from the lie-berry. Oh, the memories! I can almost smell the poop, and I’ve suddenly gotten REALLY itchy.
  3. I’m so sorry to see beautiful Trolley here.
  4. We are so sorry for your loss. Holly was a sweetheart.
  5. We’re staying at the Gold Leaf, so the beach around there (or wherever Campbell Cocktail lands) Mercsmom — yes.
  6. I am also in Jersey. Jefferson HAS to be nekkid when he goes out to potty. I am allowed to put a coat for walkies, but he isnt likely to go to the bathroom wearing the heavy one. 5 minutes out there is fine, even as cold as it has been. You are doing well.
  7. Riverhound


    Oh, damn it. Robin, I am so sorry for your loss. He was a great boy!
  8. Its much, much more likely she just tweaked something. We all freak out every time they limp. Anti inflammatories and REST. So much rest that she makes you crazy. In the crate if you need to. X-rays are great for reassurance. If you dont already have it, doggie health insurance is your friend. Wine for the humans helps a ton.
  9. Jefferson chewed the bejebbus out of his crate when he first came home, drooling so much on his blankets that we thought he was peeing in there. We switched to a muzzle so he couldnt eat the doors and doorknobs, baby gates to limit his movement, and Xanax to chill to him out (given about an hour before we left). He adjusted to our routine within about a month. He doesnt love it when the routine changes, and still needs to be muzzled if we are outside gardening or grilling and dont want him with us. Other than that, hes fine. The muzzle is your best friend. Its not cruel its like a seatbelt for doggie snooters. ;-)
  10. Just did a 2 human, 2 hound, 1 little dog vacation in a Honda HRV. Wouldnt suggest it for hounds with space issues, but it was fine for us. Ex-husbands minivan was better, so a minivan will likely be my next vehicle. :-/
  11. Oh, god. Don and Chris, I am so very sorry. Just broked ob da hart. Run free, Rocket.
  12. Jefferson had his first clear fecal today! Weve been working on this since the end of November. Adding in the Advantage Multi killed off the last of the little beasties.
  13. Candice, you are sugar coating it and making excuses for your group. I get it, because they are your people, but this was bad and hurt me terribly. You also know how hard we both fought to get them to take his medical needs seriously and you witnessed first hand their lack of response and the vets shock at his condition when you finally got them to take him in (thank you). They didnt provide promised treatment for a known issue or let me know they werent going to. I dropped off a notebook full of notes on the dog when I left him there yesterday. I doubt the vet or potential adopters will see it, because it says every. damn. thing. and I dont think this group does full disclosure. I was jerked around beyond belief by these people, and I HATE that I took him back to them but there wasnt a ton of choice with the tension between G. and Jefferson after the fight. I had an alternate foster lined up that they wouldnt go for. Kennel conditions are awful there. Dirty. They showed a potential adopter a white dog, colored brown, who was known to roll in her own feces, without giving the dog a bath or mentioning to the person. None of this is all right. (Edited to add that Im trying hard not to go off the deep end because Candice is a good friend who is caught in the middle of all kinds of crazy.) :-)
  14. Hes going back to the groups kennel today. He and Jefferson dont work well together, and he needs vet attention that wont be given if he isnt physically there. If its an end of life situation, Ive been told they will let me have him back for hospice care. Jefferson will go hang out with Mary Pat frequently if that happens. Im royally pissed. I went into this expecting support that just hasnt been there, and Ive never had all the available information about the dog, despite asking multiple times. I was promised meds for him that never materialized and have been treated like an annoyance for trying to get the dog treatment. Just not ok.
  15. Add Hyperkeratosis of the feet to it, with small pink spots inside one nostril. Feet are still badly swollen. Hes a week and a half in on the doxycycline with no noticeable change. Could something autoimmune do all of this?
  16. Fecal and urinalysis were unremarkable, so they are hoping the protein loss is from hooks. (Hooks werent visible in stool this time, but hed JUST been dewormed a couple days earlier.) In the meantime, he and Jefferson are having boy dog issues, so he cant stay here much longer. I got him out of the kennel to reduce stress, not increase it. :-( The belly is more distended, feet get puffy, reduce, do it again. His eyes are slightly glassy since starting the doxy. Hes a happy little dude. He eats like a pig, dances for the leash. Anyone currently hound-less and up for an old geezer? At some point, he will break your heart, but I promise the journey will be worth it. I really love this dog. BLARGH. Missing punctuation. Annoying!
  17. Don I dont have copies of any of the test results. MaryJane urine sample goes in tomorrow. Logistics are tricky because Im an hour away from the groups vet. Other concerned parties have been assisting with transportation. Off to read about PLE. Thanks for the idea. I love this site! (I hate posting from the phone. Half of my punctuation goes away and makes things look crazy!)
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