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  1. Suggested via email that a new topic be started to draw more attention to this pupper’s issue. The dog I posted about sooooooo many years ago was around at least until his Dad retired from the lie-berry. Oh, the memories! I can almost smell the poop, and I’ve suddenly gotten REALLY itchy.
  2. I’m so sorry to see beautiful Trolley here.
  3. We are so sorry for your loss. Holly was a sweetheart.
  4. We’re staying at the Gold Leaf, so the beach around there (or wherever Campbell Cocktail lands) Mercsmom — yes.
  5. I am also in Jersey. Jefferson HAS to be nekkid when he goes out to potty. I am allowed to put a coat for walkies, but he isnt likely to go to the bathroom wearing the heavy one. 5 minutes out there is fine, even as cold as it has been. You are doing well.
  6. Riverhound


    Oh, damn it. Robin, I am so sorry for your loss. He was a great boy!
  7. November 24th is Jeffersons Gotcha Day. It was Black Friday last year, so we celebrated today, but this is a good reason to rinse and repeat tomorrow.
  8. I did. The sign up generally happens this time of year, so I went looking for it and found this instead.
  9. Well, damn. I didnt Secret Santa last year (divorce, dying dog). Im really sad to see that Jefferson wont get to experience the joy of a GT Christmas. I hate that FB is taking away from a much more human site like this.
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