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  1. I cannot believe this thread I started 11 YEARS ago is still going! How about that? I said I would never pre-adopt a greyhound again, but, it seems as though I have, indeed, done just that. I wanted a Southland dog. Flupascrackerbox was the king of Southalnd and likely still is. I asked a friend who works there if she would be around when I came to pick up my new dog. She would said she would (as it turns out, she won't) and oh, by the way, we have this dog....Lol! My boy is older, but still good and races again Chillaxification when he has the misfortune to draw in against him! Awesome hound! Dick....thank you for carrying on here. I rarely even come to Greytalk anymore, but I have to believe this thread can still do some good. Especially now.
  2. You were there when she started the long journey home! What a day of fun times and good friends. Thanks Toni.
  3. We said until we meet again to DasPoot on Monday the 18th. Her vet thinks she may have had a stroke. This song is actually a jingle for a truck commercial and as soon as I heard the whole thing I thought "That is Poot!" I don't know that I have met a dog with as much joie de vivre as Pooter. We miss her terribly, but we simply cannot mourn / grieve for too long. We had way too much joy and fun and fantastic times for that. Not many greyhounds get to live the life my greyhounds do. Not a brag, just the way it is. Greyhounds are dogs, I treat them as dogs. Pooter took full advantage of that for sure. A joyous look back at the life and times of Das Poot. There will never be another dog like her. Until we meet again little girl. We love you.
  4. Awesome! Congrats! How long did you wait for her? I don't come here much anymore.
  5. I know. It goes by so very fast. Fortunately, the 2015 GT Calendar cover boy is a very healthy 11 years young.
  6. Lol! Miss Twiggy will always be one cool cat! Crackerman does show show interest in many dogs, but he was head over heels over Twiggy
  7. Copy that! Lol! Honestly he has not slowed down much, but I am aware time is growing short. So yes, 11 "already."
  8. For Crackerman's friends and fans who are not on Facebook. Please wish him a Happy 11th Birthday today.
  9. Hi Pam! Nah, I don't come here much at all anymore Dick and I do have a FB page. Much easier, quicker to post photos on FB and ignore people who annoy me. Lol! Hope you are well. Can't believe this thread is still here!
  10. Glad to see this old thread still going. Thanks for keeping it going Dick. It may still have a place in the world.
  11. All three of my hounds are seniors. 12.5 year old Pooter. 10.5 year old Flupascrackerbox left, 11.5 year old My Artful Dodger right.
  12. For Cracker's friends and fans who are not on FB. Please join me in wishing my special boy a happy 10th birthday!
  13. I am so, so happy Magic is going to make this! We tried with Crackerman, but with a nagging recurring injury and 4.5 years old, the only way to do it would be to drop him down in grade. Nobody was willing to do that, so he retired with 93 SL AA marathon wins and 2 A marathon wins. He would have been the 48th hound to do it back then.
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