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  1. I cannot believe this thread I started 11 YEARS ago is still going! How about that? I said I would never pre-adopt a greyhound again, but, it seems as though I have, indeed, done just that. I wanted a Southland dog. Flupascrackerbox was the king of Southalnd and likely still is. I asked a friend who works there if she would be around when I came to pick up my new dog. She would said she would (as it turns out, she won't) and oh, by the way, we have this dog....Lol! My boy is older, but still good and races again Chillaxification when he has the misfortune to draw in against him!
  2. Awesome! Congrats! How long did you wait for her? I don't come here much anymore.
  3. Hi Pam! Nah, I don't come here much at all anymore Dick and I do have a FB page. Much easier, quicker to post photos on FB and ignore people who annoy me. Lol! Hope you are well. Can't believe this thread is still here!
  4. Glad to see this old thread still going. Thanks for keeping it going Dick. It may still have a place in the world.
  5. I am so, so happy Magic is going to make this! We tried with Crackerman, but with a nagging recurring injury and 4.5 years old, the only way to do it would be to drop him down in grade. Nobody was willing to do that, so he retired with 93 SL AA marathon wins and 2 A marathon wins. He would have been the 48th hound to do it back then.
  6. Be skeptical all you want. If you want this thread to continue, I suggest you drop it and stick to W & W. If you want to be the reason this thread goes away after 7 years, carry on. I did start this thread all those years ago and it was not easy. More people than not here would be very happy if it went away. Your choice.
  7. Not my experience with Blu Too at all. Don't believe everything you read. They put their dogs first and foremost. What they do or don't do is done for a reason. Get to know them yourself then decide. And everyone keep your personal opinions to yourselves. This thread has been civil for almost 7 years. See it stays that way.
  8. Nice to see new people joining W&W! I don't participate much anymore, but drop in from time to time. My journey with my preadopted hound was quite the ride. Enjoy your journey!
  9. Crackerman sends love and strength to one of two houndies he has ever given the time of day. Get better sweetie.
  10. Thanks! That is my favorite photo too. Especially the black hound right in the center of the shot. I really want to go visit those guys. Looks like such fun!
  11. Lots of debate on the cancer yay or nay. In my experience no truth at all to the aggression question. I travel a lot with my dogs. We meet lots of other people and dogs. Do I let my dogs run with dogs they don't know? Ummm, no. Your dog, your decision.
  12. I have two intact NGA males and a spayed NGA female. My males are clean in the house and well mannered when they are out and about. Peaceful coexistence. For years. So I guess it is up to you whether or not to neuter at all and if so, when.
  13. Dick, I keep forgetting you are not on FB! I've done a bunch of these little slide shows and I don't know if you have seen any of them. This one is the latest. 2015 version of the BluToo kids. Bucky's son is a fan of the William Tell Overture ( aka the Lone Ranger Theme.) I did a 2014 version for them, but this one is better. Not great quality even on Vimeo. Wish it looked as good as it does on my machine, but it never does. Too much compression I guess.
  14. Thanks Dick, I do my best to keep him fit and trim. This is an older photo, but he still looks pretty much the same. Maybe a bit more gray around the nose. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
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