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  1. Nancy, I'm so glad Nigel stayed with you! When a special dog who can do so much good and bring so much joy, finds the person who cares enough to share him unselfishly, it's a wonderful thing. Imagine how many people he made smile, how many people whose days were brightened. I know you'll miss him terribly, and so will his many friends. We're so sad that he's gone.
  2. Lucy, I'm late to this thread too, but I've been thinking about you and Spirit so much. I honestly don't have any advice, as I don't know for sure what I would do. But since you know your sweet boy so well, and his well being is uppermost in your mind all the time, you have to know that your decision will be what is best for Spirit.
  3. Jerilyn, what beautiful and perfect tribute. It must have been so hard to write, but I hope it brought you some comfort to celebrate your precious Lila, and to share her with us one last time. She was so very special, and I can't imagine how much you will miss her. You were meant to share each other's lives, and it could never have been long enough. The pictures made me smile---her beauty, her silliness, her elevation of being a pesto to an art form. And the alpacas.....oh, Lila, sweetheart, your friends and family will miss you too.
  4. Oh, Jerilyn, I am so very sorry you lost your precious Lila. She was beautiful inside and out.
  5. I know I'd said I would be back to post when I had some good news to share about our friend. But sadly, that isn't to be. I just wanted to say that our dear friend Robert passed away last night from Covid 19. He and Marilyn had been together for over 45 years. Thankfully, she is getting better health wise, but she is devastated. My heart is breaking for her and their children. But also for everyone whose lives he touched---and there were many. He was the most wonderful person, and incredibly talented. He was a musician, an artist, a photographer, and a generous volunteer. It's not fr
  6. Hola, Andi, we are glad fer the positib update. Si, Miss Chris, we wood be skeered to let her race agin too. But mebbe inna yard? Andi, wood you be kareful? Miss Ducky, my Dad is a ex-Marine too! An it comes as sumfin ob a shock to him, but he is plusalso an OG! Mom is sad an wurried. Owr deer frend Miss Marilyn is positib fer the virus too. Her simptums are knot qwite as bad tho. Misser Robert is still onna bentilator, but his kidney beens are a liddle bedder, an his chest hexrays dint look wurst. There 2 adult kids did get there today---there son frum Orrygon, an ther
  7. Happy Birfday, Miss Patsy! There is no change fer owr frend Misser Robert. Still onna bentilater. Mom keeps finkin abowt whot it must be like fer him.
  8. Hola! This haz knot bin a good day. Furst, last nite we lerned Mom an Dads deer frend Misser Robert in Flowerida haz gottin the corona virus. He wuz inna hospiddle. An today, Miss Marilyn tole us he is on a bentilator. Miss Marilyn haz knot gottin her test back yet. Mom is beside herownself. They are such good frends, an we are so wurried. Misser Robert is knot young or thin, an he haz bin habbin helf problems lately. If eberybuddy cood send sum good thots his way. They were bein sooooo kareful. But they had lotsa bisits to the klinic, an that is abowt the onny plase they went.
  9. Ja, ja, Merc, on sekond glanse, it cood be nawty. Heer you go---Too bad she wuz runnin an habbin fun an hert herownself! Uh oh---I had a laffin fingie, an thot bedder ob that. I am KNOT laffin at owr Andi. Si, Ivy, gorjus day! Heer you will see how we spent an ower or so this affernoon. There is annudder brooery klose by that is like kountry inna city. So unkrowded an peeceful. So we went an had sum food an beer. An gess whot? Mom an Dad bot us sum chikken tenders all fer owrownselfs! It wuz ahhsum. Laila Mariposa
  10. Hola! Fanks fer the Andi update, Miss Chris! We are so sorry that yer poor gurl hert herownself sumware that wuz sposed to be fun. It sownds like a bery komplicated sergery, an we are soooo glad it is ober, an she did okay. An now we will be watin for her to get home, ware we know she will feel moore bedder. We love you, sweet gurl! Yestiddy, we fergot to aks Candy a qwestshun. So yer Dad is frum the Berg, si? Ahhsum! He did lib heer a wile? Whot is yer Moms name? She sees my Moms Berg albums? Si, there are soooo minny hills inna Berg. An plusalso, you are rite---lotsa thymes y
  11. Hola! Is summer inna Berg! Wuz a beeeeyoutiful day, an we went to a pop-up brooery by the ribber, an I got to schmooze wiff a lot ob peeple! I fink eberybuddy loves me. Oh, Gino, I hope you an yer Mom can get sum good insite. You boff hab to be pashunt, I gess. But I know you are loved bery much! Spiritus---we like that name! Topikal an depressed---that is sum storm, Merc! Wow, you hab a reel erly plagroop, Ivy an Cherry. You get lotsa houndies fer bein so erly. Hamish, we do like yer liddle brudder, but is good to see you barkin agin. Oh, no! We red abo
  12. Hola! Nise to meet you, Hope an Candy. I fink I know you, but mebbe knot. I am the most tawkatib of the 3 Galgo gurls in my fambily. Si, we allays get "bones fer dogs" (that is whot we call inny treet) when we come inside, so we allays run to the kichen, Oh, Gino, you are KNOT sposed to bite the Mom! It wuz annudder lovely day inna Berg. We dint do much, tho. One ob Moms faborit klients is goin to the Bridge tomorra. She haz stayed wiff him a lot ober the yeers, an feels like he is part ob the fambily. His Mom an Dad aksed Mom if she wanted to come say goodbye to Oreo, so s
  13. I'm so sorry for your loss of Jack. It's really hard sometimes when we see dogs who remind us so much of the ones we've lost. Lots of us post pics on special remembrance days---birthdays, anniversaries of loss. And National Black Dog Day! It's a perfect time to remember our beautiful black dogs. So yes, if you have more pictures, it would be great to post them. My special black angel dog is Winnie, the tripod queen. That's her in my avatar. She's been gone for quite a while. And our Angie, who is another beautiful black dog, reminds us more and more of Winnie all the time, especial
  14. Hi, Dragongirl 25, I'm just seeing this post now---I'm usually just in the chat club---but I thought I'd reply if you would still like more info. I think it's great to talk to lots of people, because you can see the differences in experiences as well as the similarities. I've been obsessed with Galgos since about 2011, a year before my first trip to Spain to volunteer at Scooby, the largest animal shelter in Spain. I've gone back every year to volunteer there (except when I broke my wrist in 2015), and once at Benjamin Mehnert, in 2013. I was supposed to go back in May, and was broken hear
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