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  1. Hola! Mom an Dad are moobin back an forf an putting stuff away an takin it owt an doin all kinda fings. We got up an ate reel good, cawse we dint know innyfing wood be differnt, but I gess we are goin home. I will be sorry to leeb. I had soooo much fun schmoozin. Well we all had fun, eben tho Mom an Dad were knot feelin there best. Dads poor legs an Moms poor hed. But they rilly injoyed thereownselfs. We got a lotta whine, but knot as much as sum yeers. We will ketchup lade when we're home. But we wanted to say how nise it wuz to see Merc an Miss Elizabeth an Misser Richard. We had fun whine tastin wiff them too. An Mom put up a bideo on Fasebook ob me an Merc an Kiva, but she coodnt get it to post heer. You are a lucky gurl, Ivy---yer boyhound is ahhsum. On the rode agin! Laila Mariposa
  2. Hola! We had a grate thyme yestiddy. We took owr frend Merc (dont get jellus, Ivy) an Miss Elizabeth wiff us. We went to 2 whineries an ate grate sammiches, then Misser Richard joyned us fer dinner! Si, Mom an Dad do drink sum whine. Miss Lucy, we are glad yer Spirit is back home wiff you. Hope Ritas eye is okay. An Miss Jennie! You are makin good progriss! An Sid will get to do whot he loves agin! Oh, Pippin, Unca Nicks weekend duz knot sownd as fun as yers! Off fer moore adbenchures soon. Laila Mariposa
  3. Hola! Ivy, so glad you are home wiff kleen toofers, an are doin okay. An Cherry, you are a good sisser. We are bery tayard today. We did see that Merc haz arribed, so we are eggcited to see him an Miss Elizabeth tomorra. They will ride wiff us to sum whineries. Laila Mariposa
  4. Hola! We had a nise day today. Mom went to the Farm Sancutuary, eben tho she knew alla the toors were booked. But she wanted to buy sum fings in the store. Then we had sammiches, an schmoozed, then we went to anudder whinery an schmoozwd sum moore, then went to the erly burd party an schmoozed sum moore. An now we are bak in owr liddle Zinger trayler. Ooh, the poor chikkens. We are lookin forwerd to seein Merc on Fryday! Laila Mariposa
  5. Hola! We had a grate furst day ob whine tastin an schmoozin, an we are home by 6:00 fer the nite. We bisited 3 whineries an had dinner owt. Oh, Miss Jennie, we are so sorry you are so poorly. Pleese feel bedder soon. Hada...pleese feel bedder too. Mario.... Miss Cindy, wish you an fambily cooda come to Grapehounds. Laila Mariposa
  6. Hola! We are heer! An Miss Elizabeth is rite, we will be bery klose to each odder. We made owr deck into a porch fer us! An we can all hang owt! Oooh, Merc, you cood be onna porch wiff us. When we got heer, there were bery skeery metal steps, they were all open an knot bery sturdy, an we sed, " NO!" We will knot go neer those steps. So Dad went an tawked to the camp peepel, an they bilt us steps! Si, they did! An it is a noo trayler, cawse the odder one had sum problems, an we are the bery furst to stay in it. Plusalso, we got a noo trayler atta same price. An it is bery nise. But innyroo, we are all bery, bery tayard, so I fink we will go to bed erly, an I will try knot to wake Mom an Dad up at o'dark erly tomorra morning. Laila Mariposa
  7. Hola! Mom sez we dont hab thyme to ketchup now---we will ketchup onna rode. An we are off! A rode trip is a chanse to schmooze. Laila Mariposa Pee Ess See you soon, Merc! An Miss Elizabeth an Misser Richard
  8. Hola, Nate! Fanks fer comin so qwikly an innerducin yerownself. I fink it duz help us all to know that yer "old girls" are in bery kapabel paws. An it shure seems that they are. Dont be wurried---it is a little skeery at furst---si, those are sum big Spirit paws to fill---an plusalso, you are missin yer big brudder, an a liddle confoosed abouwt ware he is. Pleese know he is safe an helfy agin, an is lookin down on you an his fambily. I fink if you lay reel still an lissen klose, you will mebbe ketch sum telepafic messidges frum him. He mite eben send a sine---to you or the rest ob the fambily. It is good to hab a liddle backgrownd on yer houndie fambily. We love yer parints names! If I did know that afore, I musta fergot---sumthymes I am like my Mom, an fergit stuff. An si, you are a abery hansum hound. We are just hangin arownd the howse wile it raynes all day. Mom an Dad are doin all kinda stuff to get reddy fer owr rode trip. Laila Mariposa
  9. We are! And we're arriving on Monday---yikes, just 2 days---and staying till Monday. We're at Sned Acres Campground again, in one of their awesome rental trailers. We'll be taking it easy. Will anyone else be there? After all our alone time the past year, it would be great to see some friends in person. We're vaccinated!
  10. Oh, Lucy, I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to your good, good boy. How you loved him! If ever there was a dog who was exactly where he was meant to be, it was Spirit. You translated his complex, sensitive essence so perfectly, and made all of us fall in love with him too. Understood so well, indulged unselfishly, and loved unconditionally, he left unafraid within the safe circle of his family. Sending you all much love and sympathy.
  11. Hola, Spirit an Miss Lucy an Miss Ann. We love you, an are finkin abowt you. Laila Mariposa et al
  12. Hola! Oh, Spirit, we dint wanna heer that kinda noos ether. We shure hope you can feel moore bedder, sweet boy. Oh, Miss Jennie! Yikes! Mom knows lots abowt rupchered appendicks. Abowt 8 or so yeers ago, she wuz libbin wiff this horribel payne in her tummers, an finely went to her doc, who touched her tummers an Mom started cryin. She sent her riteawayqwik to the ER. An they did a hexray, an took her to the surgery ASAP! Is a good fing she went when she did, cawse they sed a rupcher wuz BERY sirius! We are SO glad you got yers owt wiffowt it makin you DED! We will send you nose kisses insted ob hugs. An lotsa feel bedder soon thots. Oh, Wiki, you are a bery bizzy lady. Ja, ja, Miss RE Carol, if you are rescooin a bat, that is an eggcellent plase to rescoo it frum! Mom just got her kyropractick. She finks it made her feel a liddle bedder. Tomorra is the ackew punckshoor. But poor Dad. He saw a doc fer his knee this mornin, but they dint do inny fing. Just skedool an MRI. Affer baycayshun, ob corse. Mom is gonna make him take this grate walkin stick she got at Mountin Hounds to Grapehounds. Laila Mariposa
  13. Zorro, mi amor, mi corazon, mi guapissimo Galgo......BEHABE YEROWNSELF. Por favor. Fer yer own safety, an the sanity ob yer Mom an brudder. Evangelina
  14. Hola! Happy Birfday to Miss Chris! An fanks fer the grate snax, Miss Jen. There wuz a LOT. An Mom sez fanks fer the whine. Well, neckst week, Mom an Dad will get to drink lotsa whine. Wile we schmooze. It will be Grapehounds! An gess whot? We get to see Miss Elizabeth an Merc! They boff need to feel moore bedder. Mario.... Laila Mariposa
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