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  1. I've been reading everything---didn't really want to post my worry and anxiety. Doug had the CT scan this afternoon. We were at the hospital till after 5, so we knew there wouldn't be any results right away. They said things would be read tonight, but I don't think anyone would contact us till Monday, unless it was urgent that he go to the hospital. So more waiting. I so appreciate the good thoughts, info, and encouragement. It means a lot. I don't know why my anxiety about this has been so much worse than usual. It probably has something to do with both of us being very aware of our ages. I've felt like I'm having panic attacks for days. I know it does no good to worry, but I can't seem to control it, like my claustrophobia. There are many possibilities---I just hope if he does need surgery, it can be done fairly quickly, and in the least invasive way possible. Getting news right before Grapehounds is not the best timing. Nor, of course, with my many pet sitting jobs and Spain. To add to my stress, one of my clients called on Friday to talk to me about the live in job THIS WEEKEND. They had failed to mention this specifically. And I write everything down. I went through all our texts, and they discussed at length our August job, and an off hand mention of a date, but never said July! So as soon as we got home from the hospital, I took Doug for Wendy's salads, then I had to leave him till Sunday afternoon. Luckily, I didn't have any other jobs or plans, but I really wanted to spend the weekend with him. And if we are good to go to Grapehounds on Wednesday, I have a lot to do. Oh, well..... We have been sooooo hot. It has just sucked the energy out of everyone. Tin, I'm really hoping that everything might put a scare into Doug about smoking too. It's almost impossible for me to talk to him about it. I think he is terrified by the thought of quitting. But if he has surgery, he'll HAVE to quit for a while, and like Michael, that would be the perfect time to stop. But Doug would need help too. Susan, I've been following the progress on your house, and it's so exciting. You are really getting a lot accomplished. It's beautiful, and so great that you can have things just the way you want them. I loooove your purple bedroom. Aw, Mam.... Well, one nice thing about being in someone elses house is that the whole house has AC. And Hulu, so I can watch the new season of Handmaid's Tale.
  2. Doug's abdominal aneurysm has grown. He's going for a CTA scan on Friday at 4:00. It takes a picture with dye of the aneurysm. I'm so afraid that it has gotten from the stage of "we just keep it under observation to see if it gets bigger" to the "it's gotten bigger and now something needs to be done" stage. We won't know just how big it is, and what needs to be done, if anything, and what the time frame would be, until after the CTA, of course, but me being me, I am thinking and worrying about this all the time. Surgery is scary, but the possibility of it rupturing is even scarier. This is what it is: An abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a blood-filled bulge or ballooning in a part of your aorta that runs through your abdomen. Over time, this bulge in your aorta can become weak, and the force of normal blood pressure can cause it to rupture. This can lead to severe pain and massive internal bleeding, or hemorrhage. He has high blood pressure, but takes medicine for it, but that worries me too. And of course, the smoking. If he needs surgery, it would be either going in with a large incision and replacing it with a tube, or the less invasive stent graft. I know obsessing about this isn't productive, but I can't help it. If something has to be done fairly soon, there are a lot of things that would be affected. I have 2 big live in jobs the end of August, and I don't know if my clients would be able to find a substitute on short notice. And I'm supposed to go to Spain the end of Sept. That can be cancelled, but my clients would be more problematic. I can't stay at someone's house while Doug is in the hospital or recovering. I just needed to talk about this. I haven't, and it's keeping me up at night.
  3. Oh, Nancy, I'm so sorry you lost your precious Ruby. She was such a lovely lady.
  4. Oh, JJ, we are glad you are feelin bedder. Hoomans know just how mizzerabel that lime diseese can make you feel, cawse they get it too, an si, it is mizzerabel. Grate that whotebber is makin you feel bedder is werkin. No, we habnt seen that baby cardinel. Mom looked fer him, an coodnt find him, so she is hopin he got bedder an is knot ded. He dint look too bery young or hert, so we hope fer the best. We habnt seen Mister an Missus Cardinel as much lately, so mebbe that meens they are takin care ob there baby. Nate---be kareful! How far duz Miss Susan lib from you, Miss Lucy? Miss Jerilyn, we are glad you are feelin sum bedder, at leest we hope you are bedder. Si, Charlie, I am okay wiff bisitors too, but much moore okay when they leebe. We had a foster dog a liddle wile bak, an Mom an Dad kep tawkin abowt how perfeck she wuz. Well, I am perfeck too, an so are my sissers, so I wuz glad when that foster dog took her perfeck ownself to her forebber home. Well, Whiskey, hope yer Moms pooter duznt brake down! Laila Mariposa
  5. Happyest ob Happy Birfdaze, Miss Chris! You did a grate job wiff those kollars---they are beeeeyoutiful! Sownds like yer howse is lookin bedder an bedder, Miss Susan. We are glad yer leg is okay now, Hada. An poor Miss Jerilyn, we hope you will feel bedder soon. Moms home! Laila Mariposa
  6. Congratroolashuns to Miss Michelle! I meen Doctor Michelle! Congratroolashuns to homeowner Miss Susan! Spirit, I fink yer Mom mite ackshooly injoy bein by herownself fer a wile. Sumthymes we need that, si? Mom is leebin soon to go sit wiff the 2 black Labradorks. She will onny be gone till tomorra affernoon, so I gess we will be okay. Mom sez there McManshun is air kondishuned all ober, so she is kinda glad. But it isnt as HOT an HOOMID as it haz bin. We went owt fer ice creem last nite! Kiva loooves it an had most ob Dads kone, but Angie an me dont care. I just wanna schmooze, an Angie wants to lay inna grass. So we all got to do whot we wanted! Laila Mariposa
  7. Larry, when will the ebooklet be coming out? I always look forward to it. Are there any new wineries or breweries this year? I have some friends coming who are first time Grapehounds/Finger Lakes visitors, and I'm so excited about showing them around. And we love the T-shirts!
  8. YAY! fer Miss Michelle! We noo you cood do it. An Miss Susan, we are so sorry it wuz such a stressfull day. Buyin a howse an moobin are 2 ob the most stressful fings in life---I fink beehind deff ob a loved one, an diborce, so it is no wunder you cried. We dont blame you. Tho it will pass, it duznt make it inny eazier rite now, so we will be sendin good thots an telepafic wite lite to gib you strenf. It will be a trooly lovely howse when you are finely setteled in, an it will be like a lovely haven fer you.
  9. Good luck an good thots to Miss Michelle an Miss Susan! Oh, Nigel, we send hugs to you an yer Mom too! Miss Vanessa an Gino, we hope you feel Johnny klose to you now. Miss Cindy, si, SO much rayne! We had floodin all ober the Berg yestiddy. We are wurried abowt Noo Orleens. Miss Elizabeth, you did a grate fing rescooin the owl! Mom fergot to tell, they hopefully rescood a baby cardinel last week. There is a lovely cardinel fambily libbin neer us, an we all love them bery much. Mom eben rote a pome abowt them, an put it onna Fasebook. Fanks if innybuddy saw it an liked it. Did you see it, Miss Susan? We know you love cardinels too, an hab a speshul beeeeyoutiful one forebber. Innyroo, the mom an dad cardinel kept landin onna fense an eben sumthymes inna yard, an we thot they must like us a lot! We were all wachin frum the secund floor porch. Then Kiva wuz down inna yard lookin at sumfin, an Mom sed, There is sumfin down there! An it wuz a baby cardinel! The parints were wurried abowt there baby! We were all so good an dint try an hert the baby. Dad got sum plastick an picked it up wile the mom an dad cardinel wached. An he put it down in sum nise grass unner a tree owtside owr fense, an the mom an dad swooped down rite away, happy an skeered I gess fer there baby. The baby hopped away, an we went we dint wanna bovver them innymoore, so eberybuddy went bak in owr yard. We dint see the baby affer that, so we rilly hope it wuz okay. Those cardinels shure love there baby. Dad finely put annudder AC in, so we hab 2 KEWL bedrooms! Laila Mariposa
  10. Happy beelated birfday, Bikini! Charlie an Zorro del Galgo are bak! Merc is home! The beeeeyoutiful Pandora is gonna lib wiff Whiskey! She is gorjus, an we are so happy fer all ob you. But wow, Miss Chris, trooly is a small whirled! Good luck tomorra, Miss Michelle! Yay fer Miss Susan, payin fer the howse! We are eggcited fer you, an fer alla the neet fings you are doin an gettin in preparashun fer moobin in. Oh, Mom sez you are rite abowt Stranger Fings! We wached eppysode 4 last nite, an it wuz intence! I can onny imajin it will get wurst, sinse they like to bild an bild till you awmost cant stand it. Aw, Miss Vanessa, we are glad Johnny is bak home wiff you. Oh, JJ, we are sorry yer Mom an Dad were sick! An rilly sorry you hab got that limes. Nuffin noo heer, cept bad storms, but innyroo. Laila Mariposa
  11. I Googled Graft---looks great. It's closing? We've wanted to try the places in Trumansburg---maybe this year. We ate at the Stonecat once, and loved it. We were on the patio, but they wouldn't let us have the dogs there. They were in the car with the AC on, and Doug kept checking on them. Didn't make for a relaxing meal. Ah, the Weinery! This is the year we eat there---I've been wanting to for years. And there is an ice cream place called the Spotted Duck that looks awesome. It's north of the Weinery on 54. Vacation to me means ice cream every day. Kind of obsessed with eating in general.
  12. Ja, ja, Miss Patsy, you an Mom hab much in commin (an owr Dad is 5 yeers younger). That Misser Welk wuz an objeckt ob deerishun wiff Mom too! She wood loooove to see that doo-wop moosical. Cawse she loves that musick. The Berg had it's own speshul brand ob musick when Mom wuz growin up. When the rest ob the country wuz lissenin to top 40, the Berg kids herd doo wop, an bloose, an R&B an eberyfing. You an Misser Patsy, do take sum ahhsum trips! Eben yer short ones. Oooh, Ivy, we love it when we see the deer up klose! Allays wurry abowt them gettin bak to wherebber they are safe, tho. Merc is trabbelin agin! An wiff his Mom! Good luck goin bak to the werkjob, Miss Lucy! I fink it mite be hard at furst. Yer hip shood be fine, but si, a hole day cood be a lot fer yer stamina. Mom remembers when she furst went bak to werk affer her histerecktomy, an a hole day just abowt did her in! Is there inny way you cood come bak part thyme fer just a liddle bit? Laila Mariposa
  13. What is GRAFT? We miss the Lodge, but still love our trailer at Sned Acres. We'd stay there for the full size fridge alone. But sadly, the Busy Bee, which we so enjoyed eating breakfast at a couple times at least, has closed. It was so lovely. They are selling it. Doug really liked the prime rib at the Lodge too, but I think we'll look for a place we can take the dogs. We like the Ginny Lee, Dano's, and the Village Marina, but they've always been for lunch.
  14. Is qwieter inna Berg today, fank goodniss. We all hab finely bin goin down to do owr bizness wiffowt gettin skeered. Last nite an the nite beefore, Mom hadda take Kiva by the kollar an leed her down the steps an stand there till she peed. Wich she dint wanna do, but finely did. The boomers were like cannons, seemed like a block away, but prolly further. Hope they used up all there stoopid toys. Lila, we are so sorry you were bery skeered. I dont blame yer Mom fer callin the poleece. An Miss Chris, too bad you coodnt get the poleese affer those idjits. Miss Kathy, we dint get to go to the porch sittin. There are 3 dogs who lib there (1 upstares an 2 inna lower apartmint)---Mom pet sits fer 1---an they dont rilly like odder dogs. Plusalso, there were a LOT ob kids there. Most were reel nise, but sum were runnin arownd skreemin. So is good we stayed home. Miss Susan, we are watin wiff bait on owr breff to start Stranger Fings tonite. I fink you are rite---cood be too skeery fer sum kids. We will let you know whot we fink. Isabella, we started Good Omens. We liked it, but Dad wuznt payin enuff attenshun, an Mom hadda keep splainin fings to him. So they tryed sumfin else, an that wuz Imposters. They wood highly reckommind it. But will prolly wach Good Omens agin ebenshooly. Miss Jen, you shoodnt be forsed to take a lowball offer! Soon Merc will see his Mom! Miss Ducky, sowds like sumfin Miss Carol wood do---tell Misser Nick how helpful you were so mebbe you dint hab to pay. She is rilly helpful herownself, si? We did ride togedder alla way frum Indiananna to my back door, an I wuznt skeered atall! Did you see that Miss Debbie is habbin a horribel thyme wiff her helf? We feel so sad fer her, an shure hope she gets bedder. Laila Mariposa
  15. We were afrayd ob that! Mom duz KNOT like Michaels. They hab less stuff fer moore munny, an nebber hab enuff casheers to help you. Mom went back to Pat Catans today! She just coodnt let a "buy 3 get 6 free" sale go! Oh, Miss Chris, you wooda loved it! Lotsa stuff is gone awreddy, but there is enuff to go krazy wiff! Lila, I bet that panda kross stitch will be ahhsum! An then we went to a whinery! It is one ob owr faborit plases. The lady there loves us, it is kewl and kalm, Mom an Dad like tastin there whines, an we got into the AC fer a wile! Last nite, Mom an Dad went to there furst Porch Sittin, a gavverin the nayborhood haz most Frydays inna summer. Alla the naybors go to each odders howses---a differnt fambily hosts each Fryday---an eat an drink an tawk. They had so much fun! Mom reelized there naybors are nise peepel who soshalize a lot, an they nebber do. They knew a few ob them, an it wuz grate to meet moore. Mom an Dad hab bin heer abowt the longest---29 yeers. I fink they will go to annudder one next Fryday. Oh, si, Miss Jennie---we will wach sum Stranger Fings too! Furst, we hab to see the last eppysode Seesun 1 ob Imposters. Duz innybuddy wach? Lotsa twists an terns. Yay fer Howies vet bisit! Knot too much bad. Si, I fink sumbuddy will love him bery much. Glad yer crooze is still on, Miss Patsy! Hmmm, Miss Chris, a sisser wood be lovely...... Wow, Miss Charla, that is skeery, but we are glad you are safe! Laila Mariposa
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