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  1. Hola! I fink it is finely summer. It wuz hot today. We went fer a ride wiff the AC on this affernoon. Mom had a bisit fer cat feedin an dog lettin owt fer long thyme klients, an we all went. Wuz grate to relacks inna AC. Mom sez she haz "terned a korner." Dint see that happin, but she seems to be doin pritty good. Dads bak is still bad. Miss Elizabeth, you shood go to Grapehounds! Miss Jen, Mom is allays awake at 2 AM. Sumthymes 4. Knot fun. Happyest ob Happy Birfday, Hamish! One yeer awreddy. Seems like yestiddy when you were just a baby. Grate picshures, like always, Miss Chris! Hola, Bikini! Roachin is fun! It shure wuz hot ware you lib. Laila Mariposa
  2. Hola! I did get Mom owta her jammies today. She is feelin sum bedder, fanks. Knot bak to normil yet. Is qwiet this weekend. Ooh, Nottymeg, skore! Miss Kathy, those Grapehounds fase masks are kewl! Hope you are injoyin yer retyremint. Yer picshure is beeeeeyutiful, an si, you are relacksin. Oh, Charlie an Zorro, is grate to see you. I fink we wood all be inna sun too. Miss Caroline, that sownds just terribel! An such a inconbenience to knot be abel to pick up or reech. You pleese take good kare ob yerownself. We are sendin telepafic nose kisses. Liddle Hermione is bery preshus. She will get ober her skeerdniss I know, speshully if Albus helps her. Oh, Abby, sorry yer Mom is still habbin so much trubbel! Miss Carol Ann, whot a lovely party wiff the grankids! I know it musta bin wunnerful to see them---we are so glad you got to do that. A noo ipad fer Miss Ducky! Laila Mariposa
  3. Hola! Mom sez fanks fer the good thots. She is sum bedder. She gets depressed when it herts bad fer a long thyme, so when it herts knot as bad, eben that is bedder. So the bak payne iznt as intense, an she got sum sleep last nite! Oh, she sez it wuz wunnerful---she needed it so bad. She still feels spacey tho, like she is ketchin up. I gess it takes longer to bownce bak when you get older. She will hab 3 daze ob knot walkin klients dogs, so I hope she stays moobin on her own. When Mom is knot walkin odder peepels dogs, she is prone to knot gettin dressed. Or just warin swet pants. But 5 daze a week, she duz hab to go owt an walk dogs, so that is good. Odderwise, I fink she wood get too lazy. Miss Carol Ann, fer ober 25 yeers, Mom wore logo stuff to werk. I fink haff her wardrobe sed Animal Friends (an the odder haff sed Greyhounds or Galgos ). Is kinda nise knot to fink too much abowt it, but, si, is nise to pick yer own stuff! Soon the preshure will leeb, an you will hab fun! Yay! We are happy liddle Nala is bak. She wuz gone a pritty long thyme fer her fambily to be worryin. Aw, Lila, lotsa changes at yer Moms zoo. Is sad to loose speshul animuls, an to be missin the odders. An plusalso, alla the ebents cancilled. Oh, Miss Elizabeth, we hope eberyfing is okay wiff Misser Richard an yer brudder. Gino, are you bouncey today? Miss Noo Carol, Mom sez that wood be BERY borin to dress like Misser Eye in Stine. Ob corse, he had odder priorities. Miss Chris, I fink yer yard werk sownds like a full thyme job! Boo fer 7 AM Zooms! Uh, Daphne, uh Bitzi, whot did happin to yer Mom?? You dont usooly go to the hospiddle inna dark nite fer sumfin knot skeery. Is she okay? Pleese let us know. So gess whot? We got a emale today to register fer Grapehounds! It is the last week in July, an apparintly, they are moobin forwerd wiff the ebent. West Noo York iznt hit so bery hard as arownd NYC, but we are finkin---whineries are bery krowded inna summer wiff lotsa turists. So if it duz happin, there will be sum changes, wiff the whineries, an wiff how the ebent is set up. We are all hopin to go. We hab wanted a rode trip fer a wile, an eben if it is low key an soshal distencin, it shure wood be nise to get away. We reserbed owr trailer fer 1 hole week this yeer, so wood be lotsa thyme to relacks. Its easy to soshal distence inna campgrownd. Oh, an they hab fer sale masks wiff the Grapehounds logo! Dad wants a black, an Mom wants a purpel. Miss Elizabeth, wood you an Misser Richard be goin? Wood be grate to see you an Merc. An innybuddy else frum the club, wood be grate to see you too! Laila Mariposa
  4. Just checkin in reel qwik. Mom is wurst. Her back wuz so bad last nite, she took a percoset at 2 AM affer a Legatrim PM an melatonin gummies. Coodnt sleep cawse the payne wuz so bad. So she cleened drawers frum 2 to 4 AM an mebbe slep a liddle affer 7. Today she is inna twilite zone. An is goin to bed now, hopin to be a liddle bedder.
  5. THAT is a happy plase. Iznt it grate? OMD, poor Miss Magoo! We hope the sergery goes perfeck, an she heels qwikly an wiffowt komplicashuns. YIKES, Miss Susan an Miss Laze! Oh, Miss Elizabeth, we are sendin hugs. (One frum each ob us Galgos) an one frum each of Mom an Dad. Ja, ja, Miss Chris, a BIG tomater. But the odder pics were rilly pritty. Oh, Abby, we are so sorry abowt yer Mom. Si, is best you all stay klose to home. We will be finkin abowt you, an hopin she is okay. Wow, whot a ahhsum kake! Miss Noo Carol, I bet yer yard look fabroolus! Well, Mom is inna lotta payne. Dads back is allays hertin, but now Moms back is hertin. Rilly bad. She self medikated last nite, an dint help much, plusalso made her groggy this mornin. She is feelin pritty old rite now.... Laila Mariposa
  6. Hola! Si, the tribia nite wuz full! That is good, si? Miss Patsy, we looked on Yootoob at boff those singers. There wuz a bery nise triboot bideo to Misser Willie K. Qwite a grate intertayner. Miss Chris, took Dad a looooong thyme to find fermoniters too. We finely hab em, one fer Mom, one fer Dad. Wow, Dustin, yer Mom is bizzy, bizzy, bizzy! Ivy, iznt it grate to hab yer Mom home? An wow, we just fink you hab the most beeeeeyoutiful eyes ebber! We looooove Harry Potter! Mom loved the books an moobies, an Dad loved the moobies. A nise memry----Moms stepbrudder, Bud owt in Orrygone, used to reed Harry Potter to Moms Mom an Pop. So eben when they coodnt reed innymoore, they still loved to lissen to those stories. Laila Mariposa
  7. Hola! Knot much noo today. Dad is hertin. We did get him to re-skedool his MRI, wiff the hex ray afore it. An plusalso, a hexray on his foot to see why it is still swoolen. Oh, Velvet, my Mom sumthymes regrets volunteerin fer fings too. Hope yer Mom gets sum inspirashun. Hamish! You are shure a beeeeyoutiful young guy. That picshure ob you in yer sooper yard is swoon werthy! An how nise that you like yer sweet kitteh. An soon annudder kitteh! That is eggsitin! Whot a kewt name she is gonna hab. Si, I fink it is good fer Albus to hab annudder youngster to play wiff if Nikita is knot lubbin it. Oh, whot fun a cook-owt is! Spirit, hope yer Mom gets back to the yard werk. But....it will be there. Hope you hab a good bisit wiff yer Mom, Miss Vanessa. Miss Patsy, you hab an innerestin view. An if you put on that tannin o**it..... Yikes, Miss Jen! That is skeery! Guns an drugs an gangs an lotsa kash, KNOT good! Andi, I fink you cood be helpy wiff the plantin. Yer Mom duz do a grate job by herownself, tho. We need to get sum hangin baskits fer the frunt porch. I fink it MITE be safe to say that spring haz arribed. Oh, Miss Kathy, whot a wunnerful way to sellabrate yer retyremint! An that is a beeeeeyoutiful picshure! We shure hope liddle Nala comes home safe an sownd. Hope yer Moms ankel feels bedder soon, Nutmeg! Laila Mariposa
  8. Hola! Ivy an Cherry, bet you are happy to hab yer Mom home wiff you! You look grate. An Miss Kathy, we are frilled fer you. You will just LOVE bein home. Ob corse, you will be home moore then usool, but I fink you will still be happy. Grate snaks! Si, is that bananer pizza? Lila, you look beeeeyoutiful. Mom just had a Zoom! Is Miss Margot in Bostons birfday, an they had a nise Zoom wiff 10 peepel. Coodnt werk onna puter, so Dad got it to werk on his fone. We eben got to bark HOLA! We had sum fun today. We went to get food frum the Indian food truck, an sum canned beer frum owr nayborhood brooery. Then we went to the park! Yikes, so minny peepel there. Sum eben strung hammocks up between trees an were relacksin. Clebber. But eberyone wuz stayin far apart and/or warin masks. We got to see the obserbatory too. Seemed awmost normil. Laila Mariposa Heer you will see us wiff Dad at the obserbatory.
  9. We watched it again. I'd seen it twice last year, but it bears repeating. Didn't he do an excellent job? It was especially poignant to me because my 3 Galgo girls watched it with me.
  10. Buddy, I think we might follow you on Instagram, if we don't already. We just did!
  11. Isn't that a croton? They are so beautiful, but I've never been able to keep one alive. We don't have any house plants. I can't keep ANY plant alive! We DO have lots of ornaments.
  12. Angie and Kiva checking out the lemons and limes. We're into boosting our Vitamin C.
  13. Aw, Charlie, I'm not sure why, but that made me laff an laff.
  14. I needed to get in touch with her in the past. You could try messaging Bec J. Maier with Greyt Glass on Facebook. They are friends, and she didn't mind when I reached out to her there to get in touch with Sherry. Apparently, she's used to it.
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