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  1. Hola! Dad is still knot bowncin back too good. He frew up, an he haz a slite feever. He seems to fink he can wate till Mundy when he sees the doc again, but Mom sez if he duznt feel moore bedder tomorra, he shood call sumbuddy. Wiff his last sergery, tho, it wuz wurst afore it wuz bedder. But that wuz a lot moore major. Hola Tiny! We are glad you like yer foster brudder a lot! He will be back soon, sweetie, dont wurry. An si, eberybuddy haz bin finkin abowt you an yer Mom. YAY fer Mystic! That pic is a liddle skeery tho. Oh, Lila, we are sorry there hab bin so minny deffs wiff hoomans you know. Is bery sad, an we fink yer Mistress cooda bin told abowt the one in the fambily, si? CK, you hab bin reedin my Moms mind! She wuz finkin the eggsact same fing. In fack, she makes necklesses herownself, an she cood make sumfin pritty owt ob it, I bet. Oooh, Miss Chris too, an Fancy, that is annudder grate idea! Angie cood mebbe hab the charm cawse it has a sillowet ob a black hound on it. But it is sterling, an it mite knot look so good affer a wile. But is a thot. You hounds an hoomans are ahhsum! Gino is full ob pee an vinnager???? Miss Patsy, duznt sownd like much campin fun bein so wet! Oh, Miss Ducky, fanks fer that pic! Tiny, I trooly beleeb you are one ob the kewtest liddle dogs I ebber did see! How much do you way? I am tiny too. Ja, ja, Cherry is silly! Miss Noo Carol, Mom loooooves readin. In fack, she duznt know whot she wood do wiffowt it. She is startin 2 good books now that she got by chanse. One frum a frift store, an one frum her frend, who had it dubble. One is by Jonathan Lethem---The Fortress of Solitude. He rote Motherless Brooklyn, an he is a BERY good writer. In fack, Mom despairs cawse she will nebber be abel to rite as well, but she gets sum inspirashun frum him. The odder is by Ann Tyler, who she likes a lot. It is Clock Dance. Mom loves that she just happins upon rilly good books that she shood be reedin innyroo. Miss Carol Ann, that skool ob all differnt kinds sownds kinda stressful. An neckst week.....hope it goes well. Laila Mariposa
  2. Hola! Miss Vanessa, fanks fer that link! That sownds like whot my Dad haz. Cept his wuz bigger, an nuffin helped. We spoke too soon abowt him doin reel good. Today, it hert bery bad. I gess that annythesia wuz still in his sistem, an now it is gone. He hadda take a percocet an go back to bed. He dint get up till noon. He is up now, but pritty slow. We fink he just needs to relacks fer a wile. An plusalso, gess whot? Mom got annudder birfday present yestiddy! It came inna mail. It wuz a beeeeeutiful pare ob earrings frum Beth Wade. Mom saw them on her Etsy shop an fell in love. Cawse at Grapehounds, she lost 1 ob her preshus, most faborite earrings---prolly frum puttin the mask on an takin it off so much. An she wuz sad cawse they were made speshul fer Going Home Greyhounds an arnt made innymoore. An lotsa good 1 earring duz, si? So these will take there plase in her hart. She wuz frilled. That wuz bery sweet ob Dad. Miss Patsy is trabbelin agin! You injoy yer sollitood, Linus an Jazz. Oooh, Mom hates spiders too! Dont wurry, Miss Patsy, it will be gone! Glad yer yard werk is down to a reesunabel size, Miss Ducky. But si, a fowsand swarmin termites wood be Ja, ja, we saw whackin a ganglion on Doc Martin! Miss Elizabeth..... Good luck, liddle Mystic! An good fer you, Charlie. Hola, Galina! Hope it continoos to werk owt fer the Galgos comin ober, speshully yer noo brudder. An barkin abowt brudders---how is my sweethart? We habnt herd frum Balti fer a long thyme. Wow, Battle, that is eggcitin noos abowt the dog shows an alla the fun stuff you do to get reddy! Oh, Miss Chris, we feel yer payne (figooratibly) abowt yer ongoin helf problems. Mom can simpafize, cawse ob those nasty hives. But she got lucky, I gess, cawse they finely went away by thereownselfs. An we shure hope you cood be so lucky too. There is allays a chance, si? Laila Mariposa
  3. Hola! We had an erly bedthyme last nite. An this mornin I woke Dad up myownself! He sed, Laila, you wanna go owt? An I jumped an spun arownd an tole him YES! I am a good gurl. Ja, ja, Mom sez I hab had a 3 yeer hunnymoon peeriod. An now I am comin into myownself. I am spinnin an tellin peepel I hab to pee, an barkin at odder dogs an barkin at minny odder fings, an gettin onna bed. Is pritty fun. Dad had a good nite. He dint hab much payne. There is sum seepidge, but he called, an they sed that is normil if it isnt lotsa brite red blood, like afore. Fanks fer the good thots. Si, Miss Vanessa, I fink it is a bursa. An Dad finks he will feel bedder in jeneral, cawse there wuz prolly sum infeckshun too, an that hand (his left) hert an swelled a lot. He is takin sum anty bioticks too. Dad haz still bin gettin Mom stuff fer her birfday. He sez it shood last abowt a week. That is sweet, si? It is knot big stuff, but just fings she likes. Like fer sum reeson, they dint hab the bakin sweet taters atta store fer weeks. An now they do! Mom got 2. An they dint hab Kens Ginger an Sesamee Salad Dressin fer weeks ether. An Mom got 2. An Mom got a avocado. An a beech towel. An si, Miss Lucy an Spirit, I fink she shood get moore ice creem, an Dad shood hab sum too! An eberybuddy is happy. Eben Kiva. Ah, we shood hab thotings ob Popeyes in owr heds too...Did Mom heer they now hab plant based chikken? I know, that duznt sownd good to lotsa peeple, but Mom wood like to try it. Mazys ears..... We just looooove orrigammi ears. We met a Grey at Grapehounds who had em, an Mom wuz puttin em in differnt ways forebber! She eben made a tent owt ob them. It wuz fun. Glad Lulu is bedder. Aw, Charlie, yer poor naybor dog.... Summer, that is a beeeeeyoutiful collar! An perfeck colors fer you. What a lovely gift frum Miss Ducky. An you look bery kewt. Is hot an hoomid an a grate day fer stayin inna AC. Laila Mariposa
  4. Hola! Mom an Dad got back pritty qwik! They left heer at 6 AM an were back at 11:30, just in thyme fer us to go owt an pee. It wuz eezy peezy (fer us). Mebbe I bedder let Mom tawk. Then Angie can tawk. Hi! It was fairly easy! Well, for me. For Doug, it was as easy as being anesthetized, cutting into the huge lump on his elbow, removing lots of blood and fluid and arthritis, and stitching it back up, can be. But everything went really well, the surgery was only a little over an hour, and everyone was really nice. But as Doug was putting his clothes back on, blood started pouring out of the bandage! Yikes! It was a good thing we hadn't left yet. Not sure what happened, but they had to come back with 2 doctors, 2 nurses and a PA, and drain it all out again. We're REALLY hoping that doesn't happen again, but they seemed confident that it wouldn't. So instead of going back for the re-check and suture removal in 2 weeks, he goes back in 1, then again in a week. And if it bleeds again, he goes to the ER. He's doing really well, with a big bandage wrap, lots of ice and pain meds---Percocet, the good stuff---on board. I sure hope the recovery in uneventful. This has been on his mind for too long, and he was in pain so often, and also embarrassed to have this big lump sticking out of his elbow. The doctor said, It was HUGE. That's funny---that's what we say. It's HOOOOGE. Hopefully, it won't be hoooge anymore. We're so tired, I think everyone will go to bed early tonight and sleep well. Thanks for all the good thoughts. Clarkie..... Hola, Zorro, mi corazon! Is me, Angelina. No, sweet boy, I don't need a fing, cept mebbe yer besos y abrazos! But I love you fer aksin. Si, I am feelin pritty good, eben tho sumfin may be goin on. An I am sendin you besos y abrazos tambien! Fanks so much fer finkin ob me an bein wurried. An fanks to eberybuddy fer the info on limes diseeze. I am knot too bery skeered now. Muchas gracias! I will go back fer annudder test in abowt 4 weeks, an will start onna doxy if I hab to. Is me Laila agin! Ja, ja, Miss Jerilyn, Mom knew just whot that wuz, sept she dint say so fast enuff. She fownd one ob those herownself, cawse she spillt sum owt. Hope Battle is knot hertin too much now. Hope yer stings get knot moore swoolin, Miss Nancy Mam Miss Patsy, you are bizzy! Oh, Ivy an Cherry, those picshures are soooo beeeeyoutiful. Those woods look like a bery kewl, green plase to be, an a wunnerful plase to walk. Laila Mariposa
  5. Hola! We hab a cupple noos fings that arnt reel good. Furst, Mom an Dad hab to be atta sergery plase at 6:30 AM tomorra. Si, O'dark erly inna mornin. We will go owt afore they leeb, an Mom will bisit the cat she's wachin before too. She is wunderin if they will be gone a long thyme, hopin that Dads sergery at 7:30 goes well, an if we can hold owr pee fer a long thyme. Hope they get back soon! An hope Dad is okay. Fanks fer the good thots fer him! An plusalso, we got owr resoolts back frum owr Accuplex test on Thurs, an me an Kiva are fine. But heer is whot they sed abowt Angies resoolts: These are Evangelina's Accuplex 4 results. It seems that her borrelia bourdorferi (lyme) came back as possble chronic and borderline. What this means is that we recommend a retest in 4-6 weeks and if there are any signs of soreness, limping, or Evangelina is just not being herself we can do a round of doxycycline which is an antibiotic to treat the infection. So...I gess we do the re-check in abowt a monf, an see whot it shows. If it comes back the same, duz that meen that Angie haz to hab that doxy? An she prolly haz lyme diseese? Poor Angie. She haz the bad toofers, an now this. We hab nebber had to deel wiff lyme afore, an ob corse, Mom is wurried. Angie isnt actin funny or limpin or innyfing, but Mom still wurries cawse that is whot she duz. I gess we cant get her toofers kleened till this is takin kare ob, si? Tho they want to do bludwerk an mebbe chest hexrays afore the teef kleenin cawse ob her chylothorax. Oh, Pippin, you do hab lots goin on! Mom sumthymes wishes she libbed in Noo Zeeland. Wunder ware Unkle Tim will moobe too. Miss Elizabeth, today Mom wuz tryin to do the NY Thymes Krosswerd puzzel. She is knot good at it, but is okay wiff ovvers. An gess whot one klue wuz---a collidge in Pokipsie! An Mom sed, Oooh, I know this! It is ware Miss Elizabeth teeches. Is Marist! An she wuz rite. Si, Miss Susan, Mom finks gates are grate. No temtayshun. We hab seberal. Yikes, Miss Nancy! Hornits! They are nasty. Miss Chris, gaz-pachow sownds ahhsum! Aw, those liddle korns are kewt! Are they sweet? Miss Noo Carol, Mom haz allays bin koorius abowt those festibles. They seem like lots ob fun. Aw, Nutmeg, a picknick, eben soshal distense, sownds lovely. Happyest ob Happy Birfdays, Fancy! Eleben is a grate age, an I fink you will hab eben moore grate yeers to come. Lila, glad you are bein yer sweet, pritty, knot so old self! Uh, Molly, we are confoosed..... Spirit, you nebber can tell---guys on yer roof cood be UP to no good. Ja, ja, Glad inshurance will pay if you need a noo one. Good luck to liddle Mystic fer her big gurl operashun. Laila Mariposa, goin to bed erly tonite
  6. Hola! It is hot an qwiet heer. Fanks fer the good thots fer Dad. Si, he gets to come home the same day. But they habnt tole us yet when he haz to be there. Gess we will heer tomorra. Mom hopes she duznt hab to leeb us too long, odderwise, she mite hab to dribe back an let us owt cawse there is nobuddy arownd now who can do it. You got lotsa noo fings goin on in yer howse, Miss Lucy! Glad you can still race, Andi. I know you love it. An we shure wish we were kloser an cood take sum ob yer tomaters. Miss Noo Carol, gess we shoodnt komplane, si? Summer is bedder then winter! Room kleenin fingies wiff names. Last nite Mom an Dad were wachin Doc Martin. They were in Seesun 6 awreddy (they wach a cupple a nite). An Miss Louisa wuz mad at Doc Martin, an she walked inna street an she got hit by a car! You shooda herd Mom skreem! Skeered me haff to deff! Then she (Miss Louisa, knot Mom) wuz gettin onna plane, an if she did, her brane cooda burst. An Doc Martin got her off in thyme an sabed her by doin the sergury hisownself! Wuz an eggcitin ebenin. They hadda wach 3 eppysodes! Laila Mariposa
  7. Hola! Mom sez fanks agin fer moore birfday wishes! We had a qwiet day. Mom will be wachin Miss Kelleys cat fer a week. Dad is habbin sergery on Toosday to take off that hooge lump on his elbow. Ob corse you wurry abowt inny sergery when you are habbin annythesia, but he duz need that fing takin off. We saw angel Dazhers brite star last nite. Yer trip sownds pritty good, Miss Halise. Glad it went well an wuz knot too krowded. Oh, Spirit....you had a ruff thyme, dint you sweet boy? Rebenge on Mom fer that vet trip, si? Good to heer you are eatin an feelin pritty good, Lila. How wuz yer vet bisit, Andi? Hola, Tiny, we fink you are doin grate wiff yer tickin. An Happy Birfday, sweetie! We bin finkin abowt you an yer Mom an hopin you are boff doin okay. We fink it is sooper that Tillerson is there (whot a grate name). Fosters hab a way ob keepin us bizzy an makin us smile, an keepin owr minds offa the sad fings an on the fings we hab to do. You will be shure an show him how to behabe. Yer playgroop sownds like fun, Ivy. An is allays fun to meet a poopie. Oh, Miss Carol Ann, you hab bin bizzy! Hope eberyfing goes well. An whot a lovely party fer Olivia. Lookit those cupcakes! Laila Mariposa
  8. Hola! Mom sez FANKS fer the birfday wishes! An she is habbin a nise qwiet day. We did get ice kreem. An we got to go too! Mom likes fancy ice kreem. So she got chocolate peenut butter wiff BIG chunks ob Reeses peenut butter cups on top. It wuz yummy, an still is yummy inna freezer, cawse she coodnt eat it all. So it will be dessert too. Dad got a grate strawberry inna kone, an Kiva liked it too. Oh, Merc, we hab to fank you! Knot onny did we get ear rubs, but we got hugs an kisses an a ride inna AC. An we are happy that owr frends are gettin ear rubs too! Mom sez that is a good presint. Ja, ja, whirled peas. Si, is knot bery appitizin. Gravy, mebbe.... Miss Jen, those snaks are fabroolus! Mom liked the helthy ones, the froot an cheeze, but then she saw the odder ones an she went YUM! OMD, they all look good. So, is that a tater waffel? Fancy, is yer Moms birfday in August too? Or yers? I fink you shood hab yer Mom all to yerownself on yer runs (when she is abel). Wow, Miss Ducky, you did a lotta werk. No wunder you are tayard. Oh, Lila....we are so glad you are habbin a bedder day today. We are so sorry you hert yerownself last nite. I know it makes yer Mom feel rilly bad when you are hertin. She shure loves you---we ALL love you! Me an my sissers are sendin sum nose kisses to you boff. An Mom sends a hug. We do hab sum sad noos. Owr frend Dazher has gone to the Bridge. She libbed wiff owr deer Antie Mary, an Mom haz known her fer abowt 10 yeers. She wuz the second Grey Antie Mary got, rite affer she got Marvin, the Grey who wuz owr foster dog. An he started a wunnerful 10 yeer frendship. Mary loved Marvin so bery much that she got Dazher rite away, an she wuz perfeck, just the best lady hound ebber. She got to be 14 yeers, an she nebber did innyfing rong atall. An she wuz allays lovely to me when I wuz skeered. Mom is sad cawse she dint get to say goodbye cawse ob the virus, an she will miss her so much. Antie Mary onny haz wild an krazy boyhounds now. They are grate, but there is nuffin like a troo lady. Laila Mariposa
  9. Hola! Well, we got a ride today, but it wuz KNOT whot we eggspected. We went to the vet at the shelter ware Mom werked. We got all owr shots an owr HW checks an exams, an Mom got us HW prebentatib an flee an tick stuff. I hab to say, it wuznt too bad. My sissers an I all went in at the same thyme, an eberybuddy wuz so nise an lubbed on us an tole us we were sweet an kewt. They sed Kiva wuz "Zen." It wuz a lotta munny, but I fink it wuz mebbe knot so much as it wooda bin sumplase else. Fer alla that stuff plus the 6 HW pills an 3 flee pills, wuz $500. So the bad noos is---Angie needs a dentil. I gess her toofer are pritty bad, mebbe rilly bad. So that will hab to be dun when Mom sabes up agin, wich I fink she will be abel to do---mebbe moobe sum munny frum odder plases. Mom is allays skeered ob dentils, an us bein annytheziased. But it haz to be dun, si? An we all rilly liked the vet---she wuz sooper nise an tawked a long thyme abowt eberyfing an seemed bery knowlidgeabel. Mom wood trust her wiff Angie. So tomorra is Moms birfday. She duznt tell peepel that bery much, speshully on Fasebook, cawse she duznt kare fer birfdaze on Fasebook. She tole Dad she wants to go get ice kreem. Sept wiffowt us. She wants Dad to go in wiff her an get sum ice kreem too. There is a plase she discubbered that haz ahhsum ice kreem, an she finks that is a grate birfday. Aww, Lila, sweetie, we dont know whot to say to you. I fink mebbe you will tell yer Mom if you are happy or knot. But Miss Jerilyn, is so hard, si? I bet you fink abowt that alla thyme. Well, we just hope you eat an are happy fer qwite a wile, Lila. Glad you got wader back, Miss Nancy! Finkin good thots fer Charlie an Lulu. Goose an Maverick--- Oh, Miss Halise, I hope it goes well fer you onna trane an eberyfing. Is skeery, but you will do fine, I know. Laila Mariposa
  10. Hola! Lulu, we are sorry you hadda go to the Evet. It duz sownd like a pritty good plase tho. Hope yer paw gets bedder. And we are sorry fer the peepel an hounds who did knot hab inny power, an had dammidge frum the storm We dint get much rayne atall, just one big rayne. You got yer shots today, Merc? We all go tomorra. We get owr shots an plusalso, get HW tests cawse Mom wuz bad an dint gib us inny HW prebentatib fer qwite a wile (she blames it on the virus). An mebbe get owr toes cut again cawse Mom an Dad are afrayd they arnt gettin em short enuff. It will be at 9:45 tomorra. An Andi's gotta go fer shots too. Gess it duz make sense to spase em owt. That looks like a teeny waddermellin! Lizzie likes the pool! We dont hab inny innerest in a pool atall. You gotta go too, Spirit? Hope you dont hab TOO much payne. I gess if mite be hard to kerl in this thyme, si, Miss Nancy? Glad you got tooken fer a ride, Pippin, but sorry abowt yer Moms mindgrane. Oh, Lila, we hope you feel moore like eatin, an yer Moms werkjob stops bein so stressful. Ja, ja, Nutmeg, yer Mom just dint see the AM an the PM. Oh, Bibbi, hope yer keemo keeps goin well, an you dont feel too bad afferwerds. Hi, Miss Kestralynn! It is rilly nise wether fer a change inna Berg. No hoomidity? WOW! Mom did sumfin weerd to her emottycons. She made a funny click, an they all dissapeered! How can she get em back? I like em sumthymes. Laila Mariposa
  11. Hola! How are you an Tiny doin today, Miss Sherrie? We are finkin abowt you. Miss Sue, that butterfly took owr breff away! I fink Battle is gonna be BIG! Nuffin is noo heer, still. Laila Mariposa
  12. Oh, Sherrie, too many losses, so much sadness. We are so sorry your precious Abby had to leave. We can feel your heartbreak, and are sending love and sympathy to you and Tiny. I'm going to look for Abby's star now. Sue, what a lovely thought about the butterfly. Andi's picture is stunning!
  13. Hola! Annudder borin day. Mom din do a dam fing cept make her hare moore purpel. Miss Jerilyn! Jellow shots! Moms frend makes fyreball cherries! OMD, they are good---well, I will trust Mom that they are good. We are sorry you dint get to race as much as you wanted, but you shure look gorjust in yer picshures, Andi. An yer Mom had a lovely memory. Myka is ware she shood be. Wow, Miss Elizabeth, 4 miles! Mom is backslidin. She is now habbin 2 glasses ob whine (she had cut back to 1), an she had chips an did NO eggcersizin. Uh, Spirit....I fink you may be bedder off wiff nuffin in yer tummers fer a wile. Just in case..... Aw, Miss Ducky, I gess is fer the best---best fer Izzy an fer you, bein pritty far away frum Miss Petra. Miss Caroline, Mom haz knot figgered owt the unnerline. Aha, Charlie, is that Mystic in heet? Si, that will dribe you krazy. Laila Mariposa
  14. Hola! Is a borin day heer. But at leest is kooler---a bit. We are finkin abowt Abby an Miss Sherrie, an hopin it is a good weekend fer them an Abby is knot in too much payne. Poor Misser Ducky! An poor you, Miss Ducky! That wuz a gastly nite an mornin. An skeery and stinky. Pippin, yer mornin duz sown lovely. But Miss Kerry's frends dogs deff made us cry. That is hartbrakin. An you NEBBER forget such a horribel, trawmacktic fing. Ebber. Nise playgroop, Ivy. Biscotti---whot a kewt name. Hope you are habbin fun racin, Andi. You hab to tell us all abowt it when you are home an rested up. Aw, Bow Wow. His liddle hed looks like Moms Brownie Bares hed. So preshus. Uh, oh, Jim Cantori. Laila Mariposa
  15. Oh, Miss Sherrie, owr harts are hertin fer you an Abby. Si, it will be much bedder to say goodbye at home, speshully sinse in these krazy thymes, you cant be inna offise wiff her. She will be ware she feels safe, an she will be wiff the person she loves moore then innyfing. But is so bery hard. We are so sorry. We will be finkin abowt you, an hopin you hab a weekend filled wiff love an treets. Kibo, haz awreddy bin a yeer? Happy Gotcha Day, sweet boy. Laila Mariposa
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