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  1. Wow! Miss Patsy, those picshures are fabroolus! We got chills lookin at that magnifficent surf. An the swap meat---OMD, we wood loooove that. Fanks so much, Miss Chris, fer postin them. An we love the last pic too! Dad is werkin this affernoon. An he an Mom feel good abowt that. He did rilly good the last thyme, but wuz reel tayard the next day. Mom keeps tawkin about stamina. I gess it's sumfin he will get moore ob. Mom will prolly be sendin off her book to sum ob you today, so get reddy! Laila Mariposa
  2. Hola! Oh, Miss Rachel, we are so sorry yer preshus Dippy has left. I know you will miss yer sweet gurl terribly, an we will miss her too. We are sendin hugs across the oshun. We went to get owr tree today! It wuz fun. I got to schmooze a lot wile they got the tree we picked---I helped---all tyed up an put rite on top ob the car. It is a bery nise tree, knot too big. An it wuz a breeze to set up. Mom sed, lets just leebe it inna sellofane rap an put it inna stand, an thats whot they did. Nise an strate, then the sellofane came off. Is knot dekorated yet tho. Oh, Abby, we feel yer payne. One ob my looooong posties went poof too. Ja, ja, boyhounds hab a ton ob pee! Ja, ja, Merc, si, bakon fallin frum the sky fer Nutmeg. You were BERY good to gib it up, Nutmeg. That konsert sownds fabroolus! We hab nebber seen them, but herd they were a grate big producktion, an lotsa fun. Oh, Miss Jennie, we shure hope you feel bedder soon. I dint hab inny dyin rear today, but I did knot hab inny tofoo. But I am still hugely restrickted in ware I can go in my own howse. They say they wanna keep an eye on me. Oh---Miss Robin, Mom an Dad hab to tell you---that is the absoloot kewtist Chrispmix card ebber! Knot a houndie, but oh so bery deelitefull! Grate idea. So Mom typed up this newist chapter---ackshooly 2 chapters, but 1 is onny a page long. So she will send em ( gulp!) to innybuddy who wants to reed em wiff a liddle back story fer klarity. She knows its knot best to start inna middel, but the frunt is knot reddy yet. Is that okay? An she sez fanks SO MUCH fer the incooragemint. Good idea abowt a class or groop, Miss Lucy. Tho Mom allays haz good intenshuns, then duznt follow them up. Laila Mariposa
  3. Hola! Ja, ja, Miss Elizabeth, you are rite---whot I did inna hall musta bin qwite unplezant to Mom. She did sum salty tawk. Is funny---dogs boddily funcshuns are sumhow less unplezant then ovver fings to dog owners, I fink. I dunno whot is up wiff me. I hab this dire rear off an on. Charlie, we are tryin to figger owt if it rilly is sumfin I ate. An plusalso, I mite a dun a wee inna howse too. I fink I am goin to the vet next week if this keeps goin on. Oh, whot beeeeyoutiful pics ob Mis Patsy's trip. I fink we are all jellus, but we shure do like seein those pics. Oh, Zorro, Angie duz agree abowt yer ear. Sinse they were just gonna take it off innyroo, an you are a happy Galgo, you dont need moore tests, do ya? How is Paris? An Misser Dan? An Miss Halise? An Miss Jennie? We are gonna get owr tree tomorra. We went fer a ride today when Mom took Dad owt to lunch to get us all owta the howse. An Mom wuz werkin onna noo parts ob her book an is gonna type it up soon. Laila Mariposa
  4. Thank-you so much, guys! Chris and Susan, your thoughts and advice were especially meaningful to me, and I can identify. And it's really a coincidence, Susan---the chapter that I just wrote starts out with these words, "I'm broken." Wow! You should write too! I think it would be theraputic, and you would be an articulate and thoughtful writer. Since I'm dark ages all the way, I write in a notebook---penciled longhand---so I think I'll put this chapter on the computer, and anyone who wants to read it, I can send it. It's what I've written this week, along with a couple more chapters, as opposed to what I started 20 years ago, which has to be revised. So I can kind of do a little bit of back story so you get an idea of the characters, and you guys can tell me if it's worth revising the rest of it. It does have a lot of dirty words in it, and a lot of people lose their virginity. Chris, I love reading things that people I know have written, even if it isn't my chosen genre. I so loved Elizabeth's wonderful talking Greyhound. By the way, did you finish that, Elizabeth? It was great! Yikes! Laila just had diarrhea in our upstairs hall! She'll be back later. Halise, that sounds really unpleasant!
  5. Hola! I hab bin tryin to get Mom moobin onna Chrispmix kards, but she haz bin bizzy doin sumfin else she will tell you abowt herownself. That is grate that lotsa you are gettin trees an decorashuns up. We are goin on Satiddy to get owr tree. Fer the past 2 yeers, we hab bin goin to Wigle Whiskey to get it. Si, we get the Chrispmix tree at a plase that sells likker! It's a mosly owtside venoo, an is klosed fer the seesun, but fer 2 weekends, they sell Chrispmix trees. They allays hab nise ones, an part ob the price goes to a chairity you get to pick frum two. An plusalso, they gib you a free drink! Well, onny the hoomans. Tho we get to go too, an schmooze an start feelin the hollyday spirit. Sumthymes they hab a food truck, an you can buy odder likker too. So is fun. Then on Sundy, Dad will werk annudder 4 owers. Ivy, yer tree is gonna look beeeeyoutiful wiff alla the ornamints on it. Grate that cookies are bein made too! Ja, ja, Miss Nancy, si, lotsa crowns! Miss Vanessa, that is skeery abowt the distempermint. An the mumps! Miss Halise, how wuz yer crown bisit? Miss Chris, fanks fer puttin up Miss Patsys picshures. They are beeeeeeyoutiful. An we feel awmost warm lookin at them. Ja, ja, Lila, I bet yer Mom loooooves takin yer furs to werk wiff her! Ooh, Miss Susan an Miss Lucy, hab fun at that konsert. Whot a lovely way to start the Chrispmix seesun. Mom haz sumfin she wanted to aks, so heer she is: Hi! I think I might have mentioned that I've been writing a book for years and years. Well, I haven't actually been writing, I just started years and years ago, stopped in the middle, and keep re-reading what I wrote. I like most of it, but it's probably filled with stuff that is only interesting to me. And I've been thinking about re-working it a little, leaving a lot of extraneous stuff out. And I'm also going to move the year it starts up a few years. It had started in 1962, and I'm moving it up to 1964. That year probably isn't that interesting either, since a lot of people weren't even born yet, but lots of things started happening in this country that I wanted to write about. So, anyway, I feel like this might be a really self indulgent, time sucking activity. There is about a 99% chance that no one else will ever see it. But I love doing it. And right now, I'm kind of obsessed with it. I'm trying to write better than I have in the past, reading things that good writers have written, and pushing myself to pay more attention, sharpen things up, make the people more interesting, and the writing less cheesy or immature. I'm under no illusions that I'm a terrific writer, but I don't want to be a BAD writer. I just wrote something to kind of wrap up one character's storyline and move things along. And I got bored with the beginning, and am skipping ahead and writing about this character coming back from Viet Nam. And I'm thinking about dialog and certain characters all the time---I'll be trying to sleep, or walking client's dogs, and my mind is somewhere else entirely. Or I'll be researching things online. So...I guess what I'm asking is---is this just a form of daydreaming or fantasizing, and am I weird and unrealistic to do it? Oh---it's about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Well, yeah, that's basically what it's about. Mainstream trashy fiction, but hopefully decent mainstream, trashy fiction. And maybe....if I get brave, would anyone be interested in reading it? I won't be offended if you're not! I was a little scared to write this.
  6. Hola! Yay fer Misser Dan bein home! An he dint bring his frend IV. Ja, ja, ja. An yay fer Georgie bein home too! Its good they did that toe cuttin wile she wuz asleep. Dustin, we shure hope eberyfing goes okay wiff you gettin yer sisser. An kongrats onna poopie! Happy Gotcha Day, Beka! Aw, Merc, kongrats to yer parints too! Yikes, Miss Jen! That is terribel. Hop yer tummers is feelin bedder soon. Miss Sherrie! We got yer card an sniffed it! Eberybuddy finks it is the kewtist picshure ebber! Mom needs to get bizzy on owrs. They hab bin sittin arownd fer daze..... Aw, Miss Tin, we are sorry abowt yer SUV. Oooh, Hamish, we did meet owr frends Deerhound in canine at the Bizarre. An OMD, she is big. She is 1 1/2, an her Mom sed she wood be growin till she wuz about 2. So you rilly do hab a lotta growin to do! How minny pownds you fink you will way when you are done? If it moves and it shouldn't, duck tape. If it should move and it doesn't, Liquid Wrench (better than WD40!). Ja, ja, ja, Miss Vanessa. Si, my Dad wood agree!
  7. Hola! We are glad to see Misser Dan is owta surjury an doin bedder---no wunder he is bedder wiffowt alla those stones. Si, he must take it easy fer qwite a wile, but sum laps arownd the hospiddle is grate progriss! Those adheeshun are bad (Mom allays haz a bunch). They make ebery surjury moore complicated an longer an harder. Happy birfday, Galina mi hermana! Aw, Miss Jenbo, kongrats on bein kanser free. An grate that yer floors are moobin rite along. Yay, Miss Patsy! You are finely setteled wiff yer luggidge an redde to injoy Mowie. Miss Chris, that koat is beeeeeeyoutiful! An Mom is happy that she gets to do the home bisit. Yikes, Miss Nancy! Terribel wether an terribel acksident! Spirit, we are bery hard on beds in this howse. We hab lots wiff holes frum skratchin. Mom sez we shood look into those tuff beds. We had a grate thyme at the bizarre! Eberybuddy wuz tellin Dad how good he looked, an we ALL got to schmooze. We dint get innyfing fer us cept sum turnkey treets, but Mom bot a calender an 20th annibersery T-shirt frum Going Home Greyhounds. 20 yeers! Iznt that wunnerful fer a Greyhound adopshun groop? An Mom an Dad hab bin wiff them fer awmost all ob those 20 yeers. Sum wunnerful peeple. An plusalso, Mom got sum T-shirts fer Dad fer Chrispmix. An I fink Dad got her sum Chrispmix fings too. Oh, we got owr picshure takin wiff Santa, an eberybuddy finks it is so kewt! Dad is gonna try an skan it so we can put it on Fasebook. An we got to see Manuela, owr ex-foster dog! She wuz glad to see ALL ob us. Speshully me. I hab to say, she is just perfeck. We are tayard. Dad is in bed now, but today wuz good fer him. He skedooled a werk shift fer next Sundy. An still no smokin! Laila Mariposa
  8. Hola! I rote a pritty long postie yestiddy, an now it is KNOT heer! We are baffled abowt whot happined to it. I cant remember whot all I sed---was tellin Miss Carol Ann we liked the picshure, congrats to Miss Kathy on her Soobaroo, an a bunch moore. But innyroo, today is a noo day. We are sendin lotsa good thots to Misser Dan. We are sorry you hab so much payne, an hope yer surjury goes rilly well. Pleese let us know. We got a liddle turnkey an sum biskits frum Fanksgibbin at Unca Chips, eben tho we did knot go. Tomorra, we get to go to the Goin Home Greyhounds Chrispmix Bizarre! It will be fun, cawse I get to schmooze. Mom sez we dont need a fing besides a calender, but ob corse, I dont agree. We will see. Mom DID win 2 lether buckel kollars in Miss Jens awkshun, an they are bery kewl. Mom is gonna do a home bisit fer Miss Petra lader this week! An they are klose, so there will be annudder Galgo inna Berg an awmost in owr nayborhood! Laila Mariposa
  9. Hola! Mom sez she is just now comin up fer air! I dunno ware she finks she's bin, but I hab seen her arownd the howse wiff a notebook an pen or in frunt ob the puter, or makin packidges an rappin stuff. An it looked like she had plenny ob air. Oh, she sez she wants to say Hi herownself. Hey, guys, Laila will catch up later, but I just wanted to say the auction is over and I am indeed starting to come up for air. I mailed 5 things yesterday, will mail 6 today, and still have 4 that will have to wait till Friday. And I have 2 things I'll hand deliver to friends in Pittsburgh! Whew. Auctions are fun. Until they end. But I think we did pretty well. We might hit about $1,700. For a relatively small operation, unlike Miss Nellie, I'm pleased with our total. And I want to thank everyone in the WFUBCC who helped---with donations or bids. Patsy, I feel your frustration. Don't worry. I did Private Message you on FB yesterday (It might have gone into Spam like Chris said, but maybe not---just look for that tiny lightning at the middle of the top. It should have a number---or two---in it), and I know Margie did too (she had your name on her half of the list). Yes, your postage is paid by none other than Vanessa, who is sending your pig to you, where he will wait till you return from your travels. He's a cutie! Thanks for your bid, and thanks, Vanessa for your 3 lovely donations. Chris, we are so happy you got your 3 kitty pin packages, and the coat! You are always a champion bidder, and we appreciate your support. And Nancy, you got 2 things! Thank-you so much! Margie sent them out yesterday, I think. Laila will return to catch up. Glad Sherman is okay!
  10. Hola! Moms home! I will ketchup a liddle lader. Is gettin down to minnits onna awkshun, then the fun starts---KNOT. Mom will be bizzy fer a wile. Miss Chris, hope you get that koat! Is gorjus. Miss Vanessa, Mom will let you know who to male to when they pay. I fink one will be Miss Patsy! Oh---I hadda poop reel bad inna middel ob the nite last nite. An so I did it in frun ob the bedroom door. An Dad hadda kleen fer a good wile. Laila Mariposa
  11. Hola! Mom did knot come home today. She stayed down at her Lab Fest, an will be home tomorra. But knot till the ebening. Mom finks she broke her toe! Si, yestiddy, she tripped pritty good goin up the back porch steps at one ob her regoolar dog walks. A back porch she haz gone up twice a day 5 daze a week fer abowt 4 yeers! She had on her Bobs shoos (wiff the dog pics on em), an they are just cloth, an boy she hert her left big toe. It hert sumfin feerce yestiddy, but felt a liddle bedder at nite. It is all purpel. An today when she had shoes on to do sum errinds down there, she wuz limpin all ober. Fink it cood be brokin? How do you tell? She duznt wanna go to an urgent kare, cawse she duznt fink they wood do innyfing eben if it is brokin. Miss Jennie, what do you fink? Innyfing to do wiff a brokin toe? Oh, Mom duz remember well when the Presidint wuz shot. She wuz a seenyer in high skool, an herd the noos inna teechers lownge walkin down the hall. She wuz distrawt. She looooved that man. She cryed a lot. An si, Miss Caroline, alla the terribel fings onna TV inna daze affer. When Ruby shot Oswald, she wuz so emoshunal, an had a combinashun ob shock an "Good. I'm glad he's ded". An liddle John John salootin his fathers kasket. Moore teers. She cood cry just finkin abowt it now. Well, Mom duz love Misser Rogers too. But ob corse, she grew up inna Berg, an Misser Rogers is Royalty heer inna Berg. When she had apartmints in her 20's, she allays drobe past ware they filmed those shows. She is too old to hab wached him when she wuz liddle, but she allays thot he wuz a kind an gentil an wise man. That slow, comfortin cadense. An Tom Hanks unnerstands him well. He sed in an article that his show wuz nebber ment fer adults. Heer is whot he sed. An eben tho Mom nebber rilly thot ob it that way, she beleebs it is troo: The show was not for adults.... it was meant specifically for the mind of a child...specifically planned to enlighten the unenlightened. And he answered every one of the 50-100 pieces of fan mail he got every day. Wow, now Mom is feelin bery nostalgick, an ravver introspectib. Eben moore so cawse she is by herownself down there wiff River. An she is re-reedin the story she rote---an nebber finniched---so minny yeers ago. An she still likes it! Sum parts she cood change an make bedder, an sum parts, she finks, dam, that wuznt bad. In fack, that wuz pritty good. An mebbe I shood keep ritin. I fink mebbe she is libbin inna fantisy whirled. Innyroo....Abby an Tiny, I shure hope you keep eatin an doin bedder. It haz bin a hard thyme fer you an yer Mom. But Lila is eatin! Aw, we can just picshure Miss Paris sulkin. Si, she is pritty clebber. Well, the awkshun will be ober on Sundy! An it is doin pritty good, but they need moore higher bids on sum fings, an eben just 1 bid on ovvers. An fanks agin to eberybuddy fer helpin! Miss Vanessa, all yer fings hab bids! Laila Mariposa
  12. Hola! Miss Ducky, Mom shure unnerstands abowt knot wantin sumbuddy to ware a sertin colone. I hab to tell you abowt this. Dad had 3 ladies come to the howse---nurse, PT an OT. They were all bery nise. But on her last day, Miss OT wore sum kinda colone that made Mom sick! An she wuznt warin just a liddle bit. Oh, no, she smelled like she took a baff in it! Mom took a breff, an thot, Oh deer, I fink I will go upstares. An she cood still smell it one floor up. And when she wuz up there, she started to coff coff coff. An kept coffin. An then her throte felt like it wuz gonna klose up! She had a funny mettalick taste in her mouf, an her stomick dint feel good. She went owt onna balconey inna bedroom an stood there till that lady left. She felt bad knot comin down to say goodbye sinse it wuz her last day, but she coodnt. So innyroo, she wunders WHY sumbuddy wood ware so much colone goin into sum persons howse fer a medical reeson. Duznt seem smart, si? An knot too professhunal---whot if these sick peepel dint like a ton ob colone? In fack, that is Moms pet peeb. Peepel who ware intirely too much colone. Yeers ago, she an odder peepel hadda aks one ob there co-werkers to stop warin so much colone. The were imbarrised an felt bad, an the ladies feelins were hert. But peepel litterally had trubble werkin wiff her. Laila Mariposa
  13. Hola! No noos on Abby yet! We shure hope she is okay. An poor Tiny..... Hamish, we loooove yer pics! How much moore bigger will you get? We hab a poopy howse. An that is knot poopy as in a liddle dog. It is the odder. Eberybuddy but Angie. Eben Dad. Well, knot Mom, cawse she is just heer fer a liddle wile eech day. I fink is a teeny bit bedder tho. I did get Dad up at 5 AM this mornin. But he sez at leest I tole him I hadda go owt! Si, Miss Nancy, we unnerstan abowt the postidge! Is soooo eggspensib. Fanks fer likin the awskhun, tho. We are gettin to abowt $900, an that makes Mom eggstatick! An a lot ob that is cawse ob the wunnerful WFUBCC! Miss Jerilyn, that is a long thyme to be so bizzy at the werkjob. We feel bad that you are stressed. But affer 12-17, wont it be wunnerful! You hab off between Chrispmix an Noo Yeers too? That will be nise. Miss Ducky, whot a sad an mizzerabel thyme you are habbin. We are so sorry. An WHY cant peepel at leest try an be nise at a fooneral? We see you, Galina, my sisser frum annudder mudder? Laila Mariposa
  14. Hola! Mom is home, but just fer a liddle wile. An gess whot? I hab the liqwi-poops now too. An Kiva still haz em. Sumbuddy pooped inna baffroom, an we wont tell wich one ob us did it. Mom finks it wuz me, but I will nebber tell. Codda bin Kiva, si? She haz to leeb in abowt an ower. She sez a BIG fanks to eberybuddy who is biddin! They are gettin up klose to $800, an Mom is bery happy. She knows she shoodnt get so obsessed, but she duz. Miss Chris, that koat is beeeyoutiful! An the lady duz bery good werk. But she is in Yourope, you know, si? You are ahhsum fer mailin all those packidges owt! Miss Patsy, did you meen how long is the sterling chane? It is 18 inches. Oh, Nutmeg, I can unnerstand why you dont wanna go owt when it is kold. I dont ether! Poor Abby! Hope yer toofer an yer mouf gets ficked okay. Aw, Miss Kerry, we know you miss yer Sagan too. You had a speshul bond. Mom wuz goin fru sum fings an fownd simpaffy kards frum when she lost her angel Patsy. This wuz a loooong thyme ago, an she dint remember she sabed them. Patsy wuz like Sagan, I fink. She wuz qwiet when the odders schmoozed, but she wuz a perfeck liddle gurl. She wuz onny 6 yeers old when that ebil canser stole her away affer just 3 yeers wiff owr fambily. Mom rote her a pome called Song Fer an Angel, an red it agin an cryed an cryed. It wuznt fare to take that perfeck liddle gurl so soon. So, hugs to you, Miss Kerry. An Miss Noo Carol too. Mom is feelin the same way. Hamish, you know, it wuz definitly KNOT fun fer yer Mom when you went onna liddle walkabowt. I agree! Shoodnt be fun! So pleese dont do it agin, okay? We wurry too. Ja, ja, Fancy, si, is Toosday! You are moobin rite along. That shelter had no dogs? Hmmm.....is that good or knot? I ges knot if you wanna get a dog, but good cawse mebbe alla the dogs got homes! Bedder go say See you lader to Mom. Laila Mariposa
  15. Oh, Miss Patsy, WHY is Fasebook pickin on you? That is KNOT rite. I fink odder peepel hab trubbel too, but that duznt help inny when it is you bein picked on. Mom dint see inny commint on the pendent. She is at her Lab Fest today, an the pendent is home, but she finks it is about 1 1/2 inches. It's rilly pritty, a qwality peece. An Mom wants to fank eberybuddy who is biddin! You guys are ahhsum, an now we are up to awmost $700! Kiva still haz sum loose poops, but at leest she is abel to hold it till she gets owtside. I hab knot had inny wees, but then Dad haz me blocked off frum alla my faborit wee plases. We are sorry fer eberybuddy who is freezin owt there. Laila Mariposa
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