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  1. Oh, Myka, we are so bery happy you do knot hab the ebil osteo! We will be finkin abowt you alla thyme afore an affer yer surjury. You will do grate! Miss Nancy an Pap, that is such sad noos abowt Misser David. We were hopin fer much bedder, an are so bery sorry. Glad Miss Cindy is feelin okay, but Fancy, poor you! Dippy an Velvet are winnin stuff! Miss Patsy, yer bisit sownds....innerestin. Yikes, Miss Susan! That seems so unfare to take alla that munny. Seems like a awful awful lot! I fink Mom will wach Haven and/or The Originals. She needs sumfin noo to wach. Well, Charlie, no wunder you are eggsawsted affer that Deff March! But worf it fer the froozen treets. You still look kewt, tho, an the pic ob you an Zorro del Galgo lookin off inna distense is just beeeeeeyoutiful. Molly, Mom sez yer pic haz lotsa "joy de veev". Duz look like fun. But wonce affer I furst arribed, I tryed to steel Moms Crocs sandel, an it terned owt knot to be so much fun inna end. We were so tayard yestiddy I dint tic tic! Oh, we (I) had a fabroolus day. We went wiff Antie Mary an Unca Rick, an Adios, Enuff, an Sly (owr ex-racer frends) to 2 brooeries. We loved them boff, tho Mom an Dad thot Enix wuz specktackoolar. We had a hole fensed big patio ware we cood be. They sed we cood be off leesh, but then the big wind bloo a gate opin, an eberybuddy sed, Fank goodniss they are KNOT off leesh. Well, Mom sez we wernt gonna be off leesh innyroo. I did schmooze my liddle butt off, an eberybuddy inna Berg who we met yestiddy loves Galgos now. Eben Kiva an Angie were doin sum schmoozin, an Kiva is gettin a LOT bedder wiff that. She ackshooly came up an let peepel pet her, an Mom wuz so happy she awmost got teery. Mom an Dad say that I am so much like my Angel sisser Lydia (who I nebber got to meet---Angie met her fer 2 daze cawse she stayed to make shure Angie wood take care ob Mom an Dad an Calvin when she wuz gone). That is hooooge praze, an I am so glad an prowd. I am just bein myownself, but it meens they shure love me a lot. Mom sez she loves me so much it sumthymes herts her hart. But Mom, is knot sposed to hert! Wuz Antie Marys birfday, so we plusalso went to Allegeny City Brooery (in owr nayborhood) an I schmoozed there too. One lady wanted to take me home. We were rilly tayard frum the sun an wind an beer (onny hoomans) an schmoozin, so we all went to bed erly. Oh, barkin ob Netflicks, Mom did bingewach Dead To Me. OMD. It is ahhsum! Two rilly good feemale leeds, an the storyline---well, just wach an you will see. Laila Mariposa
  2. Oh, my goodniss! Miss Jen, we are so sorry, an will be sendin so minny good thots to Myka. Her lungs look okay? That is good. We shure hope it is knot osteo, an it sownds like it isnt, but is good to hab Dr. Couto take a look. Oh, si, isnt it a releef that she wuz knot by herownself when it happind? Sweet gurl, injoy that turnkey, an those meds. You let yer Mom an Dad take good care of you, an we will be bakanforfin on Mundy. Miss Nancy, that is cawshus good noos! How old is Paps brudder? Pleese let us know how he is doin, an we will be hopin he duz improob. So we will be hopin we heer 2 positib updates. Ja, ja, Chancey, you are smart. You wanna go, but you dont wanna come home. Moms home! We are glad. An so is she. Laila Mariposa
  3. Hola! Mom comes home tonite! Riley had a pritty good nite, an Mom finks he mite be bak to normil. I gess this "Gulpies" fing is sumfin commin wiff Wheetins. They had warned Mom an tole her whot to do, eben tho he hadnt had em fer qwite a wile. Mebbe wiff the stress of his parints bein gone....he is hardly eber left. Cawse he is knot eezy! Ja, ja, Merc, a carpit diet is a fad to be aboided! The lady rote frum Punta Cana that Mom will prolly be so glad fer them to get home! Mom finks she feels bad, but it is nobuddys fawlt. Knot eben Rileys. But they hab a lovely howse an grate walkabel nayborhood. When Riley hadda be in his crate, Mom went walkin all ober, an it wuz fun. Si, Merc, tell yer Mom fanks fer the boobie sqwishin reminder. She got a notiss, an needs to make an appoyntmint. Miss Susan, duz Nikita know abowt this kitteh baffin? Good luck wiff yer Moms howse, Miss Jen! Miss Jennie, Mom tryed that wiff the link, an it still dint werk. Is nise you had a good birfday, Miss Lucy. Two cakes at werk is ahhsum. I do fink Spirit cood hab had at leest 1 liddle peece tho. Hope tomorra is nise. If it is, we are gonna go to a brooery! Si, there is a grate noo one that is bery dog frendly onna pattio, an Mom haz wanted to go there fer a long thyme. An sinse we habnt had much fun this week, is thyme to hab sum! Mom is eggcited to see this plase. Is called Enix. An they are the peepel who started one ob the furst mikro brooeries in Madrid. An Mom haz ackshooly bin to it! They hab Spanich tapas. An hopefully treets fer dogs. Laila Mariposa
  4. Oh, Miss Nancy, fank goodniss you got in touch wiff Pap. But we are so bery sorry abowt his brudder. Miss Jennie, we coodnt opin that link. Annudder ruff nite fer Mom an Riley. Well, durin the nite, he wuz fine an qwiet. But at 5 AM she hadda take him owt an he had the dire rear. Then at 8 AM he frew up a foo thin peeces ob carpit. Mom is feelin so bad, but his owners hab gone fru the same fing afore, an tole her whot to eggspect if it happined. Apparintly the liddle guy haz lotsa ishoos---helf an odderwise. He seems okay now---ate a liddle an is keepin it down. Mom will be home soon, an love on us fer a liddle wile. Laila Mariposa
  5. Oh, no, Miss Nancy, we are so sorry abowt Paps brudder. Hope you can get in touch wiff him, an we will be sendin good thots. Dippy, wow, that is a big Gotcha Day! Ten yeers! We saw that bideo too---you an yer sisser can do sum runnin! You hab ackomplished a lot, Miss Susan! Well, Mom is habbin a hard thyme sittin on Riley. He gets sumfin called gulpies that Wheetins get. An he got it suddinly last nite. Cawses them to hab reberse sneezes, coffs, gaggin, frowin up, an serchin like a mainiack fer sumfin, innyfing, to eat! OMD, it wuz a ruff nite. She hadda keep him onna leesh beside her alla thyme. He finely setteled a liddle arownd 2 AM. He is sum bedder, but knot owta the woods. Today, he tried to eat the carpit when Mom terned her hed fer a minnit. Then he . Mom will be glad to come home to nise, eazy dogs like me an my sissers. Laila Mariposa
  6. Happyest Birfday an Gotcha Day to mi corazon, Balti! Besos! Glad yer Dad arribed safely at Miss Charls. Owr harts are brakin fer her. Too much sadniss. Mom got to meet sweet Ambo yeers ago, an did a paw paintin wiff him. Hope Miss Charl still haz it. Welcome back Molly! Kewt pics. An welcome home Miss Carol Ann. Are you free, Fancy? Miss Susan, yer eyes sownd like Moms eyes. Sun herts! Well, most fings hert, pritty much alla thyme. She just fownd owt that tho she gets a free ecksam ebery yeer, her krap inshuranse duz knot cubber glasses. Is knot winter today. Wuz ackshooly nise, but Mom wuz reel bizzy the short thyme she wuz home to see us. Wish she wood get home soon. Laila Mariposa
  7. Hola! Mom came home fer the affernoon, an gess whot she an Dad did? They cut all owr toes! Si, ALL ob them. Eben Simons toes. I, ob corse, wuz the best one. Hola, Bikini! Hola, Knarl! Charlie, I dint know lotsa hoomans go ded in May! Nise pics, Miss Chris! Miss Patsy, Mom will fink abowt gettin a card an puttin eberyfing on it. Shure wood be a change fer her cawse she allays trys to pay Kash! But she still wunders how you redeem those miles when it is thyme to do that! Glad fings are werked owt, Abby. Yer Mom is smart! Will be fun fer eberybuddy at Mowntin Hounds. Is freezin inna Berg. Si, es la verdad (troof), is freezin. Is KNOT spring heer. Is winter. Laila Mariposa
  8. Hola! Whoebber sed this day is dreery is rite! Oh, wuz JJ. Si, us too. Mom walked dogs inna rayne. Well, 1 dog. Her 1 liddle bad klient, Ewok, wood knot let her put his harniss on! He wuz growlin an snappin, an Mom sed, I am KNOT gettin bittin. She tecksed Miss Tammy an tole her, an she sed no problem. Funny fing, Ewok got Mom a nise plant fer Mudders Day, an sed she wuz the best ebber! Still wanted to bite her. Mom wuz at her odder job this mornin, then came bak an then will go bak agin. She is stayin wiff Riley all week. He wuz ackshooly qwiet this mornin, like Mom intimmydated him. I fink he wil get ober that. Happy Birfday to Miss Loosy! Happy birfday to Ambi! Mom is clooless abowt airplane miles. She is lookin at Spayne airfares fer the Fall, an they are $1,000-$1,500. She can do it, but shure wood be nise to pay less, si? She duznt know how to get miles tho, an feels stoopid. Miss Patsy, can you gib her sum info? Si, Miss Guest, wuz bedder that poopie stayed home. Sownds like you had a LOT goin on ober the weekend. Hope those wader peepel dont let you down! Bien viaje to Misser Michael! Sownds like you had a fun day wile yer Mom wuz plantin, Whiskey. Miss Susan, hope there is sum innerest on a job. That sine wood be dribin Mom krazy! Sooo rong in so minny ways. Laila Mariposa
  9. Ivy, those are beeeeyoutiful birfday picshures---we love them! Abby, you are goin to Mountin Hounds too! Moms Mudders Day presint was a dribe to the glootin free bakary wiff Dad an me an Kiva an Angie. She hadda buy her own cupkakes tho. Hope eberybuddy had a nise day. Laila Mariposa
  10. Ja, ja, I wuz knot the onny one who thot Gino ate a roach! Well, Miss Jerilyn, I wooda thot that town wuz in Holland! How kewl! Is wunnerful that Miss Susan an Miss Lucy an Miss Ann can hang owt togedder! Moms bisit to Riley went reel good. He wuznt so krazy wiffowt his parints. An they hab a lovely howse. Mom will like stayin there. She thot sinse she wuz owt, eben tho she dint feel good, mebbe goin shoe shoppin wood make her feel moore bedder. An it did! She allays is lookin fer navy bloo shoes, an fownd 2 pares! An plusalso, a kewl hat, an a purse wiff so minny pokkits she just hadda get it. Eben tho she haz ninetyfibelenbenty purses. And she had a coopon an plusalso got a free tote. Made her feel pritty good. Ooh, Miss Patsy got a noo car! So Mom an Dad wached the last eppysode ob Hinterland tonite. An wow, it rapped fings up perfeckly! They were bery pleesed wiff the way it ended. Cept now they hab to find sumfin else to wach. We got a nise walk, eben Dad walked, cawse Mom made him. She sed, if I can walk when I feel bad, so can you! Laila Mariposa
  11. Hola! Well, Mom spoke too soon. She feels bad bad bad today. Upset tummers an hed ake an sore neck an bak. Ackshooly, ebery joynt akes, but that is the fibro. An the ankel that wuz brokin, it herts an is swoolen too. An she haz to go bisit Riley, that Wheetin, this affernoon. Then next Mundy, she will sit on him fer a week. She is sorry to complane, but she is tayard ob knot feelin good. Happyest ob Happy Birfdaze, Ivy! Feliz Cumpleaños! I lerned how to make the sqwiggly fing! Sownds like you will hab an wunnerful birfday. The cake is ahhsum, Merc! Hope yer hed is feelin bedder, Miss Patsy. Ja, ja, Gino, furst I thot you ATE a roach! But you did one! It will get bedder an eazier. I fink yer Moms howse will sell qwik too, Miss Jen. Sorry you are habbin to dribe so far. Dont know why yer brudder shood consern hisownself wiff whot you do wiff YER munny, Miss Susan! Whot a bizzy howse you are habbin, Miss Cindy! Laila Mariposa
  12. Wow, Miss Patsy, we are glad you had that lump remoobed! You dont know qwite whot it is? Mom haz a lump on her hed too. Onna upper rite, an is bone that sticks owt. She duznt remember when it got there, but she knows she dint allays hab it. Is weerd, si? She sez she is feelin sum bedder today. You will get a beeeeyoutiful tattoo, Miss Susan. An barkin ob tatoos, Misser Gil posted on Fasebook that his good frend an wunnerful tattoo artist, Misser Big Dave passed away suddinly. He wuz a gentil sole, an did sum gorjus werk. He did the pawprints wiff harts in em on Moms ankel. Wuz bak in 2010, an that wuz her last tattoo. Time flies. Moore rayne today. Laila Mariposa
  13. Hola! Rayne, rayne, rayne today. An mucho wind, makin skeery noyses. Si, Miss Cindy, that is whot we will be habbin fer the next foo daze too. Angie dint get her dubble walk today. Now Mom is feelin sick. Annudder mussel spazm an kinda soore froat an hed ake. Knot reel reel bad, but feels like it mite get wurst. Glad you are feelin bedder, Atom. Well, keepin Moms gessin abowt eatin is fun fer us. Fer Moms, knot so much. We like that picshure, Dr. Missus Robin wiff yer noo last name. An the pin too. Mom haz one like it. Liddle Hada makes a perfeck siggy, Miss Ducky! Laila Mariposa
  14. Hola! It is still summer inna Berg! Yestiddy an today, we got bedder walks cawse it wuz just Mom walkin us an knot Dad. He is still feelin kinda sick. But Mom gibs bedder walks. Dad sez, do KNOT walk 3 dogs at wonce, so she walks 2 at a thyme. Yestiddy, I wuz the one who got a dubble walk, today it wuz Kiva, an tomorra it will be Angie. Oh, Beka, that is wunnerful noos! We are so happy fer you an yer fambily. Ja, ja, Miss Cindy, you are KNOT a 1 nite stand resoolt! But si, poopies steel the ahhhs frum us! An barkin ob poopies, Atom, yer poor big hart. Dint know it cood cawse so minny odder problums. Miss Chris, Mom will rite that number down fer Miss Arda. Sheherownself, cant see good enuff to rite it down, an duznt hab inny innerweb. Dad duz nise fings fer her cawse she reminds him ob his own Mom---bery tiny an bery stubbern. Miss Jennie, that liddle Luna is adoorabel! An Mom sez, ja, ja abowt the mental paws! Laila Mariposa
  15. Hola! Is annudder summer day inna Berg. But Dad is sick. He started feelin reel bad last nite arownd dinner thyme, an by bed thyme, he wuz doin his moanin an groanin an kvetchin, an Mom thot Pleese gib me pashunts. Today, he still feels bad, an haz a hed ake that wont go away. But he dint eat innyfing all day, an Mom went an got him sum soop. We shure hope he feels bedder soon, speshully Mom. They dint find much rong wiff the Calvin Car. Just a bery tiny leek inna back heeter hose (affer bein unner kompreshyn all nite). So bein frifty an reelistick, Dad just sed to klamp off that hose cawse we dont rilly need a back heeter innyroo. Is troo, I gess. We dont trabbel much inna kold. So I gess is safe to go to Grapehounds. Wow, sum noo cars! Kongratroolashuns Miss Ducky an Miss Susan. A Town an Komfy an a 4 Runner! Ah, DA an CK, UPS is sumthymes infooriatin! We are so sorry yer Moms meds delibbery wuz messed up. Beeeyoutiful flowers, Miss Chris! Ja, ja, we will KNOT eat dandy lions. Mebbe they are awrite, but Mom wood ravver hab spinnich. That Wands fer Wildlife is bery kewl. Mom duz use lotsa wands too. She ackshooly kept 1 that wuz about 20 yeers old---just to seperate. Then she reelized it prolly had moore bacteeria then the Jersy Shore, an finely frew it owt. Barkin ob eyes---Moms are feelin bedder! She is so happy. She started usin that Flonase agin, an allerjy drops insted ob the dry eye stuff, an I beleeb it has made a differense. Ja, ja, Spirit, salt mines! Knot like a salt lamp I gess. Wow, Galina, yer Dad is goin bak to Spayne! Mom wants sooooo much to go. Mite be Oct. Laila Mariposa
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