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  1. Hola! Miss Ducky, there is qwite a diffrense! How were you abel to take that wate off? An how long did it take? An how long hab you bin at yer current wate? That is a lot ob pownds, an you are ahhsum! Ja, ja, I can jus picshure Fuzzy gettin stuck unner her brudder! Glad you got those toofers owt okay, Lilly! Sownds like they rilly needed to come owt. An you got odder stuff done too---that's grate. Angie smells funny too. Eben affer Mom got her all kleened up on her bum. You fink mebbe Misser Jim will find his fone? I hope so. Oh, Battle, that RV sownds fabroo
  2. Hola! Si, my sisser did KNOT get her toofers kleened. She had a bery bad reackshun an her hart slowed down an her blud preshure dropped, an whot normilly brings that bak dint werk. So they stopped an took kare ob her libbin insted ob takin her toofers owt. She did get a Conveenya shot an Gabapentin, an now she is home whinin an eatin chikkin an gettin spoyled. She skeered us. So I gess she deserbs gettin spoyled. If we try agin, she wood hab to hab a bentilater mebbe, at a speshulist. Mom is knot shure she wants to put her fru this agin. I dunno. Innyroo, she had a ruff day, an we
  3. Hola! We got Dad to walk this affernoon. Ob corse, he an Angie onny walk haff, an me an Kiva an Mom get a good long walk. Is a nise krisp fall day. Wow, it is kold at Miss Chris'. We had rayne the odder day an Mom let us owt at the presise momint that it wuz POORIN! We ran up an down the steps 3 thymes afore we finely peed. Si, I know.....Mom sez if we wood just be qwik, we woodnt get so wet. We haff to get up at O'Dark Erly tomorra. Me an Kiva get to go wiff Angie to the vets. Ob corse, we do KNOT hab to get owt ob the car. Poor gurl. She is gonna be rilly rilly skeered.
  4. Hola! We hab dun nuffin today. It terned frum summer back into fall. Oh, yes, Miss Chris, lotsa bak an forfs fer Angie AND Lilly! Oh, no, we love Miss Janet. We shure hope she is gonna be okay. Battle, that is so eggcitin abowt yer show in Orlando! I fink you will do grate. But that is horribel abowt yer Moms bak. Miss Susan, I wood fink sum docter wood hab at leest suggisted sum hexrays---I am so sorry they dint. Cood you hab bak sergery? Sumthymes you hab to. So is there a bak speshulist sergin you can go to? Wow, Isabella! Is grate to see you barkin---and you did
  5. Hola! Yikes, Miss Sherrie, that indeed wuz a legit reeson to leeb. But kids bitin? I fink Miss Vanessa is rite---kid haz bin bitin afore this! Miss Kathy, you shure had a lovely baycayshun! Miss Ducky, that wuz a grate story wiff a happy endin! You are a bery good persun. An wow, look how gorjus an shiny Chance is. Spirit, you like to keep yer Mom on her toes, si? Mom is wurried abowt the flu shot hertin her arm too. But she will suck it up this yeer, I gess. Dad got one last week, an si, his arm hert fer a few daze. Hey, I am by-lingwal! When I want huevos
  6. Hola! Angie got her bludwerk today, an eberyfing in her blud looks grate. She will hab the hexrays the day ob the dentil, the vet wants to do it rite afore. She is a GRATE vet. Mom an Dad are bery impressed wiff her, an feel komfertabel, but ob corse, Mom still wurries. So duz innybuddy fink it is good to hab Amicar affer the dentil? We are finkin abowt doin it. Ja, ja, Miss Jerilyn, this wuz one shootin Mom wuznt owt in her nitegown fer! In fack, she wuz immersed in Owtlander, an onny Dad ackshooly herd the shots. Pop, pop, pop, poppoppoppoppop! But we red bowt it the neckst day
  7. Hola! Ja, ja, Miss Carol! An Miss Carol Ann, that sloth pic..... Miss Sherrie, we hope yer recubbery goes reel smoove. Glad yer sergery went well. Yikes, Miss Robin, a horsie walkabowt! Miss Susan, those are LOTS ob problems! Si, the spine ansers a lot of qwestshuns, an we hope you can get those fings resolbed! Last nite there wuz a bad shootin ONE HAFF BLOCK frum owr howse. 4 peepel shot, no one wuz ded. But Mom knows she missed a lot. She is gonna got to bed a liddle erly. We hab to get up an take Angie to the vets fer her bludwerk an hexrays reel erly
  8. Hola! Wow, Miss Elizabeth, that toofer stuff sownds eggstreem! You got a ded bone? Yikes. Hola, Velvet! Hola, Velvets cowch! You look so pritty, sweet gurl. An Miss Susan, we are so sorry you are habbin so much trubbel. Wiff yer knee an yer spine. We hope you can get em ficksed up, an you will be okay, an knot hert innymoore. Miss Carol, I fink you hab my Mom confoosed wiff Miss Nancy Mam. Mom wuz coorius abowt pics ob the ranch dressin guy. We are glad eberybuddy is home, Miss Vanessa! OMD, we looooove sloths! Ja, ja, Miss Jennie, we will sellabrate bery slo
  9. Hola! Ja, ja, Miss Elizabeth, you musta had a bunch ob werk dun atta dentist. Hope those purkle unikorns make you smile. Mom saw sum last nite! She's bin habbin rilly bad bak payne, like a pinshed nerb an plusalso a hebby krushin feelin inna middel ob her bak. Wuz hertin reel bad. So she sed, I am gonna take a percocet an wach Owtlander. An she did. An it wuz wunnerful. Oh, Miss Sherrie, yer eye sownds bery payneful. We shure hope eberyfing is ficksed up so yer eye is fine. An plusalso, foot sergery too! An aw, poor liddle pittie. Widget looks ahhsum in his stall! Yay
  10. Hola! Miss Chris, Angie seems to be bedder! We are glad you menshuned her paw, cawse I dont fink they looked hard enuff last nite. It did seem to hab nuffin in it, but today, Dad shone a liddle flashlite on it, an we fink mebbe Angie cood hab a small korn. Calvin had em bad, an we mite hab sum shoes fer Angie. But she isnt limpin rite now, cept one thyme she held her paw up. We are keepin her frum doin steps a lot innyroo. So we will keep an eye on her an see how she duz. They can check her on Fursday too. OMD Miss Ducky, that is the funnyest sqwirrel an akorns! Ja, ja, ja! Mi
  11. Hola! We had a lovely walk inna lovely wether! Dad just took Angie arownd haff a block. An she seemed fine then. But now she is limping! Mom notissed on owr 6:30 owt. Angie seemed relucktant to go down the steps, but she did. Then when she came in, she wuz limping on her rite frunt leg. Ob corse, inny limp makes hoomans wurry. They trimmed her nails just in case, an gabe her a baby asprin. Nun ob us can go upstares. Dad will let us owt lader, an see how she is doin. She duznt cry of act like it herts reel bab when they moobe her leg. Whot cood be the problem??? She haz an appoyntm
  12. Hola! Summer, you are beeeeeyoutiful! Dont let yer Mom imbarriss you. Ob corse, the plasement...... Miss Kathy, Mom makes joolry fer hoomans an hounds. She duznt hab as much in her shop as she sumthymes haz, but she is gonna make moore, an put moore in. You can see the shop fru the link in her siggy, I beleeb, Miss Nancy. We fink Widget is a lovely liddle guy. Well rownded, si, and that is KNOT bad. Oh, Miss Carol Ann is missin a fabroolus trip too. An Miss Kathy wuz sposed to be in Maui. We are soooo sorry abowt yer knee, Miss Susan. An WHY dint you get a
  13. Hola! Wuz a glorius day inna Berg! We dint do much eggcept hang owt wiff Dad onna porch wile he wuz skrapin paynt. So that ultra sownd shows sum fickenin an sum thinnin in Dads bladder. He called the odder doc abowt the referril agin, cawse she dint get back to him. An I fink he is gonna go to a Uroologist in the same plase his elbow surjery doc is. He hadda get moore anti bioticles frum him---his elbow is still draynin.....poor Dad. Wow, I dont fink Mom haz ebber injoyed gettin up erly, unless she wuz goin sumplase on baycayshun. But I bet it IS pritty then, wiff alla the stars
  14. Hola! It wuz anudder lovely day, but nobuddy did much cept fer Mom. She went owt by herownself to the Strip agin to take moore pics an buy moore food. She discubbered sumfing she rilly likes, but dint hab fer a loooong thyme, an had to get agin. Baba ganoush! Made wiff eggplants. An sum stuffed grape leefs. An cashewws. An baklava. An smoked papreeka, to make sum Spannich fings. I fink she walked 3 miles. But we dint get to go. Fanks fer the good thots fer Dad. Ja, ja, Spirit, you fooled yer Mom! Miss Kathy, we fergot whot you call those bladder docs. Yer tea sownds bery
  15. Hola! Furst, I will bark abowt Dads kidney been doc. She did call back this affernoon. An she apolojized fer the person who dint know innyfing. She sed his kidneys look okay, an bludwerk valoos are gettin bedder. But the reeson she wants to referr him is that becawse inna ultra sownd, wich showed moore then just his kidneys, she just saw sumfin wiff his bladder she wants a speshul bladder doc---is there such a doc?---to check owt. So we're knot shure what needs to be checked owt, but Dad will do that when he gets this refurral. So is still worryin, but at leest we know sumfin, an will m
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