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  1. Hola! We are lubbin eberybuddies picshures! Mom is too lazy to figger owt how to post sum, so we are rilly injoyin odders. Ja, ja, flyin lizzerds! Wow, that is a bisual we nebber thot we wood see. Miss Ducky, we loooove that Dads elbow is still swoolin. He is takin his meds an will see the docs soon. Plusalso, lotsa odder docs. Mom is knot doin too well. An she got sum resoolts bak an she haz to hab a colonoscopy. She had one abowt 10 yeers ago, an it wuz knot fun. The prep part mostly. It will be on Feb. 11. Laila Mariposa
  2. Hola! Well, I fink sweet nuffins frum Myka an Cap'n Jack are fabroolus! I looooove love, an they are trooly in love. Is so sweet to see. We are glad you are bak bisitin fer a wile, Cap'n Jack. Hamish, mebbe you shood be in a show! Yer Mom haz sum eggsperiense now, an you are gettin to be a big boy. I fink you will do grate! Andi, we bery much like yer picshure. But who is that persun sined Crap in yer furst tic tick? Myth, whot fun yer Mom will hab in Flowerida meetin Miss Carol Ann. Oh, Spirit, si, I fink yer Mom will prolly need sum moore attenshun soon. Sorry that werkjob is gibbin her stress. How is yer ankel, MEC? We are sorry abowt yer co-werker, Miss Vanessa. Cherry, how kewl that you got an Eberlastin Treet Ball! It keeps you bizzy, si? We like yer kollar too. Hab fun at skool, Merc! How you are feelin, Lila? Yer Mom is sick, Fancy? But I bet it is still ahhsum to hab her home! Well, Mom is still habbin those mussel spazms. An she is gettin all whiney an is kvetchin abowt em. When the pane goes on fer a looooong thyme, it is depressin to her. But she is tryin differnt stuff, an siriusly, nuffin helps. One fing makes it go frum eggscrushiatin to meerly reel bad, tho. Arthricin, I fink. She duz hab sumfin to be reel happy abowt. She an Antie Mary are goin to Nawlins! Si, they got there hotel an plane reserbayshuns today. They will just be there fer 4 daze the end ob March, but she finks it will be sooper. She looooves Nawlins, an haz knot bin bak there sinse afore Katrina. An plusalso, she is goin bak to Spane wiff Antie Margot. Si, mebbe she cant afford it, but it wood be a speshul trip. She wood get to see Portugul an a city she haz nebber seen, Tolaydo. So she will do it, an pray she gets sum munny bak frum tackses. So, Mom haz bin ritin a lot. She now haz 14 chapters frum the start ob her book finniched. Duznt know ware it is goin, but she is injoyin it. I know sum ob you hab red sum ob the later chapters, so if innybuddy still wants to reed the furst stuff, just let her know. She duz fink it is mebbe knot innerestin to eberybuddy, an that is okay. I fink Miss Patsy duz like it, tho. An Miss Chris, are you ritin moore? If knot, you shood, an if you do, Mom wood like to reed it. Laila Mariposa
  3. Hola! Mom sez fanks fer the info an thots fer Dad. He is on the meds fer abowt 8 moore daze, an then he will see the doc agin, so I fink he can address those konserns. You guys are grate! Wow, we hab sum ahhsum pics heer. We just loooove the ones ob Miss Susan an Miss Carol Ann. You boff hab such nise smiles an look so happy. An Hamish---whot a tender sweet fase. Is grate to see Spirit too! We dont see enuff pics ob you, sweet boy! An Cap'n Jack. You look wunnerful! Ja, ja, Cherry, frends knot food! We simpafize wiff eberybuddy who is freezin. I bery kold inna Berg too. Mom is gonna benshure owt fer a liddle wile today. She haz knot dun innyfing fer soooo long. She will meet Antie Mary an Unca Rick at a noo brooery that is just 2 myles away! Just a short owting, but is good to get owta the howse affer a wile. Still wiff the mussel spazms, tho. Mom sez, ah, well, it will stop sumthyme! Laila Mariposa
  4. Ducky, thanks! The elbow thing has been more than a year. It normally doesn't hurt or swell further, though it looks weird. No redness, maybe felt warm. Yep, he's been on blood thinners. The ankle seems better today. I guess we'll give the meds a little while, but yeah, I think if they don't help, he should have an ultrasound. Chris, he has had bouts of gout. I'm thinking the ankle is more something like that. Ah, these spasms come and go. I won't have one for a while, then they happen, and last for up to a week. I try all kinds of meds, but nothing really helps, and I'm getting worried about taking too much acetominaphen ( spelling). Thanks for the input!
  5. No, he didn't. They did a ton of bloodwork, and took fluid from his elbow. They thought it was an infection. But I'm kind of worried now. His PCP said maybe he should have a CT scan, but they didn't do that, either. Can you give me more info about this?
  6. Hola! We hab bin reedin but knot postin cawse nuffin is noo inna Berg. Well, till Dad hadda go to the ER yestiddy. I will let Mom tell that. Miss Rachel, we are glad you got yer beeeeyoutiful kristal. Oh, Miss Kathy, yer poor car. An poor door! Ja, ja, Abby! Grate fambily picshure, Galina! Laila Mariposa So Doug has had this swelling in his right elbow for some time. It's really big, but hasn't given him too many problems. But yesterday, it was swollen huge, and all down his arm. And it really hurt. He went to his PCP, and she sent him to the ER. Lots of tests and bloodwork later, they are not sure what causes it either. But he's on several different antibiotics. The poor guy. This morning, his left ankle was also swollen. We're a good pair. I'm having a muscle spasm in my back again.
  7. Hola. Miss Chris, this is indeed a sad annibersery. Sumfin you nebber fergit. Mom shure loved yer angel Dude too. He wuz an inspirashun to eberyone. Mom is okay, I gess. She can do eberyfing she haz to, but duznt feel that grate doin it. Just tayard an coffin still. But it will pass. Till then, nuffin much is happinin inna Berg. Miss Cindy, I fink 4 dogs is kinda a lot. Mom thot abowt it, but I fink we will stay at 3. Sorry yer job is stressfull, Miss Vanessa. Safe trabbels, Merc. Laila Mariposa
  8. Hola! Whot grate picshures, Charlie! So nise that you got to spend thyme wiff Jack. An nise that Miss Carol Ann will get to spend thyme wiff Miss Susan. An Hola to Miss Lerker Sue! Oh, Fancy, we feel so bad fer you habbin korns. They are terribel fings. Safe trabbels when you start, Merc. We all just wached The Irishman. Wow, it wuz loooooong. We hadda take a potty brake inna middel. We injoyed it tho. Laila Mariposa
  9. Hola! Is Springthyme inna Berg! I fink it wuz 70 petigrees! Now it is rayning. Nuffin haz bin noo heer fer qwite a wile. We are sorry abowt yer unkle, Miss Robin. An Miss Lucy, we are sorry abowt yer hard thyme at werk. Hope it will get bedder. So glad Hamish did come bak! We hab nebber gottin owt. Mom is skeered to eben fink abowt it, so that is all we will say. Whot a pritty yard, Molly! PHD, ja, ja. Is nise to be heerin frum the Magoo Croo! Si, Miss Susan, yer nephoo shood get far away frum that plase! Sownds bery bad. Laila Mariposa
  10. Hola! Merc, si, you LERN abowt the bunnies, you dont eat em! We hab a nise fambily ob bunnies who lib in owr alley, an we like em a lot. Ob corse, they are nebber in owr yard. An Pippin, odder kittehs are nebber in owr yard ether. I wood prolly chase em if they were. Mom tryed to cokes one inna howse when it wuz reel kold, an it ran away. I fink I wooda liked it to come inside. Fancy, it wuz kold heer too! But I fink there will be a warming trend soon. Aw, Miss Sherrie, pashunts.....Is it eber gonna end? We are sendin you good thots. Georgie, how is yer ear feelin? You do look kewt wiff yer roachin. Molly, you look BIG! Mebbe cawse the kewt kidlet is bery small. Oh, Salvo, we dint remember yer story! You were so lucky, si? An we looooove yer picshures. Ja, ja, Myka, sumthymes pee an poop just happin. Aks me, cawse I know..... We had sum fog the odder day too, Andi. We fink it is kinda skeery. Knot much is noo heer inna Berg. Mom is feelin a liddle bedder, ackshooly today is pritty good. Laila Mariposa
  11. Hola! How eggcitin! Salvo an Cherry! I LOVE love. Cherry, Salvos brudder Balti is my sweethart. They are a bery good fambily. Gino, no, no, no onna snappin at yer sisser. Oh, Lulu, we love yer sad fase an yer happy fase, sweet gurl. Si, you are a bery pashunt lady. Hamish! Baffs are KNOT fun, but I fink you must smell deelishus now. Si, Fancy, we fink you shood hab a picshure heer too. We had the Windsday winds too. We eat brekkie abowt 7:30. An we eat dinner at 2:00. Si, is erly, but we like it erly. An Simon kitteh complanes bery lowd if dinner is much past 2. Laila Mariposa
  12. Hola! Knot much is noo heer inna Berg. Mom is sum bedder, but still feels week an tayard an is coff coff coffin. But she saw her noo PCP yestiddy, an her lungs sownd good, an she duznt hab innyfing bad lingerin. Glad the migranes ob Miss Susan an Miss Tin are bedder. The Potomac Pup sissers are beeeeeeyoutiful! An so is Pippin! An so is Velvet! We wached Rockit Man tonite. We all liked it. Dint know there wood be so much singin, but it wuz good. Laila Mariposa
  13. Hola! Annudder qwiet day inna Berg. Mom feels a liddle bedder ebery day, so I gess that is the best we can hope fer. She duz KNOT feel wurst, so that is grate. Lila, is the best adbice to take it eazy, an she is! Miss Kerry, Mom came pritty klose to goin to Ergent Kare, but she started feelin bedder. She is goin to her noo PCP on Mundy, an will get a full ecksam. Ja, ja, Andi, we play Bitey Fase alla thyme! It used to skeer me, cawse when the dogs at Scooby did bitey fase, sumthymes they were KNOT playin! But now it is fun. We also play Frow the Stuffies, an Angie plays Spin Spin Spin. An plusalso, I like Run Up An Down The Owtside Stares. Oh, Charlie, whot a wunnerful day you had, an whot fun you are gonna hab! Ja, ja, yer Mom wants to steel yer Jack! Ivy, that is wunnerful noos fer yer Dad! Glad you got yer playgroop run in afore the rayne. Si, I fink the Home in Souf Karolina wood be ahhsum! Mom wood like that bery much. Wiff hedgies an eberybuddy! Aw, Fancy, sorry the labradork is messin wiff yer rootine! I know you rilly loooove yer runs. Glad yer finger is bedder, Mam. Daphne is a good gesser! Wow, the Magoo Croo is comin to Flowerida! Si, Spirit, we want owr TV stuff to be eazy too! Mom an Dad like Netflicks tho. They find lotsa stuff to wach. But there is allays sumfin Mom wants an cant get. She wants to see Handmades Tail agin, an is coorius abowt the noo Jennifer Aniston show abowt a noos room. Ja, ja, Miss Vanessa, my Mom is KNOT a good persun fer dinner ideas! She cant cook atall. Safe trabbels home, Miss Jen. Hola, Velvet, hola! I hope you will feel a liddle less lonely comin heer to bisit. We will all be yer sissers an brudders, an we hab much in commin. I fink ebery one ob us is a champyun sleeper! Laila Mariposa
  14. Hola! Mom sez she is feelin bedder! She still haz coff coff coffin, an feels week, an her stomick upsetted, but she got owt an walked 2 dogs today. It wuz knot too kold, an it wuz okay. Miss Chris, 50 petigrees sownds ahhsum! Mom haz bin finkin abowt Orrygon lately. Her haff sisser owt there wood like her to come bisit, an she wood love that. An she cood see you too. But I dont know if she can afford it. There is allays that Spane addickshun, ya know. Her frends Miss Margie an Miss Nancy want her to go back agin inna spring. Hamish, we are so happy you are makin yer Mom so happy. An si, Deerhounds are wunnerful dogs! We did meet one at the Bizarre. She wuz HOOOOGE an knot finniched growin yet. Beka, we shure hope you feel bedder soon. Charlie! Ahhsum that you will see Jack! You must gib him manly nose kisses frum all ob us. Mom haz bin ritin onna regoolar basis, an she is feelin good abowt it! Laila Mariposa
  15. Hola! We are okay heer inna Berg. Well, Mom sez she shooda gone to the Urgint Kare on Mundy nite, when she felt like she wuz gonna loose her mind, but she took that percocet insted. An then, last nite, she woke Dad up abowt 2 AM an sed Do you fink I shood go to Urgint Kare? I red the fings on Nyqwill agin an it sed if you get a rash or red or swellin, that cood be sumfin bad. An he sed, mebbe, do you wanna go? I will take you. An she sed, well, I fink I can wate till mornin, an if it is still bad, then we will go. An gess whot? It wuznt qwite so bad. So, no, my frends, she dint go. But fank you, fank you fer yer koncern. She is sum bedder. The bad hives are gettin bedder. She dint take inny Nyqwil sinse last nite. I fink there is sum lite at the end ob the tunnil. She is doin her Spanich nosal spray an that is all, an she haznt had inny bad Mmm Mmm paynes cept fer a few small ones. So I gess that bad floo is leebin her. She still needs to take it eazy fer a wile. She is eggsawsted. She gets to go see a noo PCP on Jan. 6, when she will go to Dads PCP. Wiff her noo inshoorince, she hadda change her PCP. She feels bad affer 20 yeers ob the same one, but it wuz thyme fer a change. Noo eyes dont hert, an her old one wuznt doin such a grate job innyroo. She met Dads PCP when she took him fer his appoyntmint affer his sergery, an she liked her a lot. That made her deshishun eazier---so minny peepel dont know who to go to when they change. An she knows this lady is good. So she will get a full an bery eggstensib ecksam, an she feels good abowt that. We were in bed erly last nite. We wached a cupple eppysodes ob Good Gurls Seesun 2. Wuznt like a hollyday atall. Cept fer the nasty firewerks. Frum ofishul an non-ofishul boomers that were reel skeery, speshully fer me. We were fast asleep an at midnite, they woke us up an skeered us haff to deff. There are sum nise Noo Yeers tradishuns heer. We are likin seein them. An YAY fer Miss Robin, bein brabe an takin that KOLD plunge agin! Wow! You are ahhsum! Aw, Miss Ducky, that is a sad annibersary fer you. Mazy..... Ja, ja, Miss Elizabeth, Mom is mostly veggie, but sumthymes she duz hab sum chikken. But Dad went owt an bot her alla this chikken noodel soop. An she dint want it! She wanted potato! But she did hab sum cawse she thot she shood. Si, Miss Lucy an Spirit, we are blessed heer. Laila Mariposa
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