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  1. Hola! We are runnin fru, tryin to play ketchup. Well, I am runnin, Mom is walkin pritty slow. She sez she is tayard. I dont know why---she is just doin eberyfing Dad usooly duz, an takin kare ob him an us, an tryin to keep him frum doin too much, but doin enuff. That is all. Is no big deel. Dad is makin progriss, I fink. Miss Robin, he did come home abowt a week ago, but Mom sez it seems like a LOT longer. He is walkin strater, sumthymes wiff no kane. Mom haz to help him get inna tub, an stay there wile he showers. He's sposed to get a tub bench that comes owt ober the edge, but it mite come when he duznt eben need it. You shood see owr dinin room. Is now Dads bedroom, wich meens it is kinda a big mess. On Fryday, Mom will dribe him to his PCP, an that will be a big day owt. Happy late annibersery, Miss Kathy an Misser Jim. Beeeeeyoutiful picshure, Andi. Hola Zorro, frum Angie! She sez she duznt kare if you hab NO ears atall, you are still gorjus. We are sorry fer yer frends losses, Miss Kerry. You are goin to Montreeal? That will be fun! Mom had one ob those stroopwaffels, but she let it sit too long inna cupperd, an it went bad! So she duznt know whot they taste like. Dad loooves Amazon, so they mite check them owt. Aw, Miss Chris, we are so sorry there wuz that micks up wiff yer Whiskeys urn. That wood be upsittin. But glad he is home ware he belongs. Sendin hugs frum all ob us. Ambi, we were reedin eberyfing to see if you stayed feelin bedder, an it looks like you are! Hope you stay feelin bedder, sweet boy! Laila Mariposa
  2. Hola! Mom an I are habbin trubble keepin up! Forgib us, it is a noo normil arownd heer. Wellcome, sweet Andi! We are glad you are heer an glad to see you barkin. You did luck owt, you know, joynin yer noo Mom an Dad an sissers! Fancy, those are bery lovely picshures ob yer fambily. Looks like you had a wunnerful thyme in Dewey. Dad is home now. They let him owt erly fer good (or bad) behabyer. Mom finks it wuz a liddle too erly, but he came home Toosday nite. Now he is sleepin inna dinin room in a funny bed that moobes up an down as if by its own akord. He had a shower this mornin (an nun too soon, akordin to Mom, who hadda help him wiff that). An a home helf nurse came. An a PT nurse came. An tomorra a OT nurse will come. Feels like we are bein ober run wiff strange ladees, but I see it as a chanse to schmooze, so I fink it is okay. The home helf nurse meshured Dads insishun. It is 7 inches long, an haz 30 stapels. Mom sez, siriusly, Dad is doin reel good, bedder then eggspected. An Mom is tayard. Peeple say, Take care ob yerownself, but that is easier sed then done. A good nites sleep wood be nise. Laila Mariposa
  3. Hi everyone, I just got a chance to read everything and catch up, but it was about 4 pages! What wonderful Dewey pictures---everyone looks beautiful. Is the weather good? And Molly looks great too! Poor little Neville. I'm so sorry he lost his eye, but glad the surgery went well. Miss Patsy, what terrible weather! Who is barking for Miss Chris and family? Lizzie? I'm finally starting to get back to a semi-normal routine. Gene left this afternoon. While I will be forever grateful to him for dropping everything to be with us, I'm kinda enjoying a little solitude. His brother Gary was here from Sunday to Tuesday morning, and Gene came Tuesday night. Yesterday was another long day---3 visits to Doug, and picking up a large bag of food for Angie so Gene could carry it up the steps. It was a hard day for Doug. The pain meds were making him groggy and dizzy, but he needed them. They put him in a chair in the morning, and he stayed there all day, with nothing to do. And nothing to eat or drink, just sucking on a little wet sponge. I finally slept pretty good last night. On Thursday, I was so exhausted, I thought I'd fall right to sleep, but I couldn't. I guess from the stress, I had hives all over, and I itched and scratched and tossed and turned all night. Last night was better. Today was better for Doug. He stopped the IV pain meds, and just has the epidural. They'll start him on oral pain meds too. They took out his catheter and a couple tubes, and started him on clear liquids. Tonight they moved him from ICU, and he walked from one chair to the other with the help of a walker. His legs are really weak, and he'll need a lot of PT. Not sure when he can come home. But I'm so encouraged by his progress in such a short time. And even though he gets discouraged, his morale is better after the steps forward today. I think I'll sleep better tonight. Thanks so much for continuing to think about us. It means a lot!
  4. Hi! Thanks so much for the backandforthing---and the snacks. First---Doug's surgery went well! The surgeon said they were able to go in from the side, and had clear access to the aneurysm to repair it. The surgery was so complicated and tricky, and took about 3 1/2 hours. But we had an excellent surgeon. We had to be at the hospital at 6:30 AM and he didn't go into the OR till 10:30. First he had to be prepped, and have an epidural. Doug's dear friend Gene had come up from Florida on Tuesday night to be with us, and it was so good for both me and Doug. They reminisced (they've known each other since they were 13) and laughed, and it got everyone's mind off the surgery. They are very, very close, and haven't seen each other for a long time. Gene and I talked for hours at the hospital, and that really helped. When the surgeon called to say it was done and all was well, we hugged each other and we both burst into tears. They brought him up to ICU about 3:00, and we stayed with him till about 4:30. He is in tremendous pain. But his sense of humor was already coming through. He has a dedicated nurse who is super---he is an ex-Marine like Doug! Lots of tubes and bags and heavy duty pain meds, the strongest Dilaudid, which is REALLY strong. He'll stay in ICU till Sat. morning, and I'm glad. He can be monitored closely, and that makes me feel more secure. I think they'll get him in a chair tomorrow. He was getting really tired by the time we left, and so were we. So we got home about 5:00. I don't know when I've been so exhausted. We didn't sleep much last night. The poor girls are all confused. My friend Trish came over about 12:30 and let them out to pee, and they got their dinner late, but they are relaxed now, and should be okay for us to be at the hospital twice tomorrow. I think I'm going to bed really early, and will feel much better after a good nights sleep. I do feel so very grateful that everything went well and I have him with me. I'll catch up when I can keep my eyes open. But THANK-YOU!!!
  5. Happy Birfday to Miss Michelle! That is ahhsum you are goin to China! An safe trabbels an fun to eberybuddy who is goin to Dewey. Mom an Dad hab to be atta hospiddle at 6:30 AM tomorra mornin. They are pritty wurried, so if you all cood send sum good thots to my Dad, that wood be rilly grate. Fanks.
  6. Oh, Miss Chris, we hab bin finkin abowt you so much. Si, it is bery differnt habbin onny gurls inna howse. We are kinda like that too, cept fer Simon. An Dad, ob corse. I fink it wood be grate to heer inny ob yer gurls barkin, but I unnerstand they need to find there boices furst. There is no hurry, an we do like heerin frum you. Ja, ja, Lila, that poop foot keeps the hoomans bizzy, si?
  7. Oh, what friends and family are waiting for you, WBSB. Send your Mom and Dad a sign. They are broke of the heart. And so are we.
  8. Oh, Chris and Dennis, I'm so sorry you are losing your precious boy. You are right, 2 losses in such a short time is brutal. They were so different, so unique, and I know you loved them both deeply. My heart is aching for you and your family. Please know that you are being thought of with much love and sympathy by all of us.
  9. Hola, eberybuddy! Mom is home! She arribed inna Berg about 5 yestiddy, affer watin an watin inna airport fer her plane to come. She sez she feels moore rested cawse she spent the nite in a hotel neer JFK, an went to sleep at 6 PM! Then she hadda get up abowt 5 AM the neckst day cawse she wuz still on "Spayne thyme". An I gess to her, it wuz 11 AM, an passed thyme to get up. So she hadda a watin day yestiddy, an is glad to be home. An we are glad to see her! I fink Angie acted the silliest, I wuz the happyest, an Kiva wuz eben a liddle cawshus till she finely eggcepted that it rilly wuz Mom. Then she wuz filled wiff love. Mom did fall in love wiff a liddle black an silber gurl in Paddock 2. The shortist way frum her casa wuz fru there, so she saw her alla thyme. She wuz mostly inna bilding, an Mom finks she is the unnerdog in there. At furst, Mom thot she wuz a liddle old lady, but her vet frend frum Slovenia who wuz there werkin, sez she is onny abowt 2! An that is too young fer Mom. She haz fingers krossed that this liddle gurl will come to the US soon wiff SHUG. The dogs Mom brot back are doin grate. An eberyfing went well atta airport. Today she did tons of lawndry an stayed in her jammies till affernoon. Dad is tayard. He finks he is comin down wiff sumfin. An that wood KNOT be good. His big sergery is neckst Fursdy, an he HAZ to feel good. We will nebber ketch up, I fink. I feel like we missed a lot. Mom dint hab a good innerweb most ob the thyme. She knows eberybuddy is knot as vitully innerested in her trip, but she an Miss Margie an Miss Margot did post a lot ob pics on Fasebook. An she just put up a bunch ob Madrid pics today. She will put up dog pics lader. Beka, I fink we will be opptimistick wiff yer resoolts. An we hope to see a good report in 2 monfs. You are doin grate, arnt you, sweet gurl? An Lila is runnin arownd an feelin good. An that is grate. But Whiskey, we are sad to heer that you are doin so poorly. Eberybuddy is wurried abowt you, an are afraid. We dont want you to leeb us. Happy Birfday, Felicity! Miss Susan, you got a noo tattoo? We wood love to see pics ob it. Mom haz sum that she needs ficksed a liddle. Oh, Miss RE Carol, we are so bery sorry you did lose yer Misser Richard! How you did take kare ob him! You hab bin his angel fer so long, you will hab a big hole in yer hart. We are sendin you gentil hugs frum Mom an nose kisses frum us. Is good to be barkin agin. I missed all ob you! Laila Mariposa
  10. I'm so sorry you lost your dear friend, Patsy. I'm leaving at O'dark really early in the morning for home. Hoping everything goes will with my 2 dog transport. There is always stress, and this time is no different. But I've had a fabulous time, with 2 good friends. I really feel like I could stay a couple weeks longer. But the big surgery is on the 10th, and Doug is very scared. His best friend Gene is coming up. Haven't seen him in over 10 years, and don't like him any more now than I did then, but he wants to see Doug, and Doug wants to see him, and that is good, if it makes both of them happy. Doug has been great in my absence, and I need to take care of him, and what he needs. Next post---USA.
  11. Hi! We're about to leave Medina. I had to say goodbye (or not goodbye---till the next time) to Scooby last night. I was so sad to leave. But I had an awesome time. Of course, I fell in love---you'll see her on Facebook. I SOOOO want to take her home, but so many other things are going on right now. But I did play matchmaker for another dog who is going home with the Daphne. Legacy Tour dogs! I'm taking 2 on Thursday. There are so many wonderful dogs and cats there. I spent time in every paddock. Even if we weren't cleaning, I just hung out, especially with the ones who didn't get many visitors. They loved it, and so did I. On to Madrid! Happy Birthday, Susan. And welcome Salvado!
  12. I'm back online! It was a very frustrating time at Scooby with the internet. Everything was unreasonably slow or non existent. I'm at the hotel in Medina now for 2 days, and will catch up tonight after I get back from dinner. I'm having such a wonderful time---you'll see why if you check out my Facebook pictures. So tired, though. I started getting a cold and sore throat. With Spanish meds and willpower, I'm doing better. Jen, I'm so sorry about you and Ken.
  13. I think my laptop died! Will try and post on Facebook. At Scooby now---several frustrating things going on
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