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  1. Happyest ob Birfdays, Daphne! Happy Gotcha Day, Pippin! An grate that you are home, Merc! Oh, Wiki! It wuz a yucky day today. Laila Mariposa
  2. Hola! OMD, OMD, I gotta bark to you whot we did this mornin. We went owt at o'dark erly---fer Mom, 10:00 A.M. I know, Ivy an Cherry, that is KNOT erly! Innyroo, we met Miss Ruth atta dog park, wich wuz impty at furst. Then gess whot---a big black Greyhound boy came! And we all loooooved him. An then a few odder dogs came, an Mom wuz wurried that I wood be skeered, an we wooda left, but I wuz KNOT skeered! Mom sez this is a brake-fru fer me, wotebber that meens. I had a grate thyme. We ALL did. We were runnin an playin, an eberybuddy wuz so nise. An the hoomans got to tawk an k
  3. Hola! Knot much is noo heer. Tomorra, we get to meet Miss Ruth, who Mom an Dad haff known fer a bery long thyme. She started Going Home Greyhounds minny yeers ago, but moobed away, an now she is bak fer a bisit. An we will meet her atta dog park! Win-win, si? Late Happy Gotcha Day, Hada! Kiva likes turdles. Turdle pomes! Miss Kathy, Moms klients are werkin frum home too, an Mom still walks there dogs. Sum daze she duznt eben see Miss Cynthia (who is bery bizzy), an Mom is plusalso ferapist fer Miss Tammy! But that is bery nise ob you to hab yer lovely dog walker still c
  4. Hola! Mom an Dad had a grate day yesserday, an we all had a grate day today. They had fun at the flee markit, but were bery tayard an sore---I gess they hab knot bin actib enuff, an need to start. Today, we got to see Antie Mary an Unca Rick (all hoomans are vacksinated now), an owr frends the ex-racer boys Enuff, Sly an Adios! We went to a cider howse an then owr faborit brooery ware we can all sit owtside. It was wunnerful. So nise to be owt an so nise to see owr ole frends we habnt seen fer ages. Peepel were lovin on us all affernoon, an takin picshures of us, an tellin us how k
  5. Hola! Wuz a lovely day. I got 2 walks---one wiff Kiva an one wiff Angie. Then we sat owtside onna porch fer a wile affer dinner, an it wuz so nise. Mom an Dad were bizzy today fer a change. They kleened up the fambily room, an Dad got rid ob 2 bags ob garbidge. An Mom pulled up a TON ob these weeds that wanna take ober yer hole yard. Tomorra, I fink they are gonna take a bus dahntahn (Berg tawk) an go to sumfin called a Car Bizarre. Is a flee markit inna parkin garage! Heer you will see whot it is: https://downtownpittsburgh.com/programs-activities/carbazaar/ Merc, glad
  6. Hola! Miss Robin, we are so glad you got to be wiff Dustin to make shure he felt loved an knot skeered when you sed goodbye. You an Misser Kevin are wunnerful parints. Whot a lovely, lovely pic ob Miss Nancy Mam an Miss Robin an alla the preshus hounds. Oh Neizan! We are so sorry abowt yer leg! Hab you had yer surgery yet? Hope eberyfing goes well! An you too, Merc! You wont miss those toofers atall. Miss Chris owtdid herownself wiff those flower pics. Miss Vanessa, Mom haz to get her eyes eggzamined too. She will go tomorra mornin. She finks they are gett
  7. Robin, I'm so so sorry you lost your precious Dustin. How you loved him, and how you will miss him. We will miss him too. Sending much sympathy to you and Kevin.
  8. Hola! We had a wunnerful day yestiddy! Furst, we lownged inna Calvin Car fer a wile, inna shade. It wuz a gorgus day, a liddle kewl. Then we eggsplored Unca Chips back yard. An gess whot? We saw deer poop an rabbit poop an smelled those deer an rabbits. Mom took us owt inna woods fer a grate walk, but we dint see inny critters. Angie goes into her huntin mode, an we laff an laff at her cawse she is droolin! We relacksed a liddle moore wile Mom an Dad ate, then we had moore eggsplorin. I got to walk wiff Miss Caitlin, an I love her! Mom an Dad were SO SO happy to see eberybuddy. It
  9. Happy Easter to eberybuddy! An as Miss Elizabeth sezs---"Happy, Kosher Passover, Happy Holi, Generous Ramadan, and Happy, Blessed Easter". Mom haz Peeps. She loooooves Peeps. Speshully if she opins them an they get a liddle stale. They are best that way, she sez. Ackshooly, we like em too! An gess whot? When Mom an Dad go owt to Unca Chips today, we are goin too! Is a lovely day, so we will be owt onna deck onna big blankit. Antie Patti is funny abowt dogs inna howse---I know, pritty weerd---so we will be owtside, but that is okay. An we will go walkin inna nayborhood---wich we
  10. Hola! Furst ob all, Miss Sherrie, we are SO glad you hab yer sweetharts back home wiff you! Ah.....contentmint. Well, no moore snow heer, but bery cold yestiddy an today. Mom wuz gonna go owt, but desided she duznt need a fing, so she is stayin in her jammies all day. But gess whot? Mom an Dad are goin to see Unca Chip an Antie Pattie tomorra! Mom haznt seen her brudder fer a yeer, eben tho he libs onny 20 miles away, an she is so eggcited. Is grate that eberybuddy in owr liddle fambily is vacksinated now. Miss Kerry, dont wurry abowt yer vacksine. I hope you do rilly well-
  11. Hola! Mom sed I cood come back last nite, but then dint let me! Fanks fer the nise werds abowt me an my sissers an the Berg. My sisser Angie is bein a pesto an is all eggcited. I fink it is cawse ob Zorro del Galgo. Oh, poop, heer she is, an she is sayin, Charlie, yer brudder is KNOT a doofus! Zorro del Galgo, mi hermoso Galgo, tan guapo Galgo del mundo, gracias por tus palabras de tu corazon! Y tambien---THUD!!! Evangelina Corazon Oh, we hope yer brudders eyes are okay! Poor Charlie, it must hert him, si? Ah, amor.....innyroo..... Hola, Mis
  12. An heer you will see Mom lookin grumpy (tho she wuz knot), an me an my sissers, agin, lookin grate. An the Berg lookin grate too. Fer peepel who dont know about the Berg, the Point is ware 2 ribbers meet to form annudder ribber, wich is a bery rare okurince. I fink it happins sumware in India too. Innyroo, the top ribber is the Allegheny, the odder ribber is the Monongahela, an the ribber they form (beehind us) is the Ohio. You see the liddle pointy bildin beeside the big sqware UPMC bildin? That is the Gulf Bildin, wich used to be the tallist bildin inna Berg! The top wood change c
  13. Hola! We will be back lader, but heer you will see a pic ob us onna West End Oberlook. Mom duznt look so good, but we look grate. An that is the Berg beehind us. It wuz shure nise on Toosday. Today we hab snow.
  14. Ja, ja, Mom sez turtels pee on you too! I gess she knows this frum eggsperiense. When she libbed in Flowerida, she used to pick up those gopher turtels onna rode an put em off to the side. Cawse there were lotsa bad peepel who wood try an run em ober. Mom wuz rite behind sumbuddy who did this wonce. Poor turtel, she coodnt sabe him. But furst thyme she picked one ole turtel up, he peed all ober her. Then affer that, she held em way owt in frunt ob her, an they peed onna rode! So heer is whot she an her frends did sumthymes---they wood take those turtels to the estate ware her frend we
  15. Hola! Wuz soooo yucky yestiddy. Wind an rayne. And wind blowin rayne. Today is nise an sunny but kold. Dad is so happy to hab his car back. Moms last day wachin kittehs is tomorrah. Whot is this you bark ob, Hope? Ben an Jerrys doggie desserts? Why hab we knot herd ob this? An why duznt Dad bring us some? Aw, Miss Kerry, you must loooove readin as much as my Mom. She remembers so well the eggsperience ob readin a wunnerful book fer the furst thyme. Hebben. But then, she also loves knowin it is allays there fer her to come back to an mebbe find eben moore fings she
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