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  1. Update on Monday 5/13 -- on day 5 of antibiotics and I'm happy to report the nostril is looking a LOT better and he is not licking continuously -- thank God! Hopefully it was just irritated from what probably is a sinus infection. now if we can only get him to start eating well again! thanks!
  2. it's possible, we walk in the park next door every day (although not much this week since it's been raining and he was wonked from the dental). I'll see if I can find a small mirror and try it. I *think* so since I can see the mucus moving around sometimes when he breathes so guessing he's getting air in/out. sorry I looked this morning (my flashlight is good but it's hard to see in there) and I do not see the bloody blister thing. I will keep a close eye on it. Here's a picture of what it looks like today, I don't think the greyish looking stuff is normal though I emailed our regular vet (that saw him and it yesterday) about seeing a specialist, I don't know if she needs to refer us or even what kind of specialist he would need to see? Sorry if pics are gross. Thanks....
  3. our 10 YO Zeke had a dental this past Monday (5/6) and had 4 teeth removed, 3 little ones on the bottom right and 1 little one on the bottom left. He had pinkish nasal discharge after he got home and on Tuesday (which is normal) but started this excessive/constant licking starting Tuesday night at 10pm. He's not too bad during the day but at night, licks and licks and licks. I'll wake up, get him to stop, then wake back up a little later with him licking again. I have not slept in 4 nights. Starting Wednesday, the discharge became thicker and darker red/brown colored and was only coming from the right nostril. Talked to our vet and she thought it was normal. After another sleepless night I emailed her again this morning and she agreed the discharge didn't sound right so I brought him in. We looked in his nose and there was some? kind of trauma or something to the nose, right on the inside, the part that extends down from the nose top (hard to explain) - from what I saw, it was like a pink vertical slash right in the middle . She took swabs and did a cytology and didn't see any cancerous looking cells. She put him on antibiotics, which we started when we got home (12:30pm, gets 2 x day) and said if it's not better and still has the bloody discharge by Monday we would need to see a specialist to get it scoped he's been rubbing his nose for several months, but 99% on the LEFT side and this is on the RIGHT side. I just took these pictures and now there is a red blister-like thing on that same area that looked to have been injured (or?). has anyone ever seen anything like this?
  4. that is AWESOME! She's like a gazelle over the jumps! and LOVE the pole snaking thing (sorry don't know the name :lol). That's a workout for BOTH of you!
  5. be careful with how much liver you give, it is very high in vitamin A and will cause gastric distress if they eat too much. Organ meats are only supposed to make up 5% of their daily intake.
  6. mine come frozen from MyPetCarnivore but I have bought fresh lamb and beef hearts (just once) and feed them all raw. I cut them into small pieces as Mr. Picky prefers (when he decides to eat). I also feed raw lamb and beef liver, raw hamburger, raw lamb, raw turkey (he can't have chicken), raw green tripe and raw cut up beef (like rump roast).
  7. thanks for all your hard work, Jeff!
  8. Our Rainey had pancreatitis for most of the years we had her (4+) -- once the initial acute incident passed, we just needed to ONLY feed her low-fat food -- any "people" food had to be basically fat free (like veggies). Not easy finding low-fat treats but easier now I would think. I tried to keep stuff 5% or less. After that initial episode she never had another (did develop bloat, but that was another incident....). Good luck! she was not put on any meds (that I remember, this was back in like 2006).
  9. I am so very, very sorry :( she was one of the Old Guard here on GT. sending many hugs
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