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  1. maybe we can come with Rick, our 1st time ever! can anyone tell me what it's like? (like where [i.e. right in Gettysburg or? what goes on?) thanks!
  2. thank you, Ducky it's still so hard to see both my boyz Larry and Zeke on the Remembrance threads but I know they are with good company with so many other loved angel hounds. sending hugs to all that also have lost a loved one. There were many days after they were gone I didn't know if I'd see the next day I absolutely know Larry and Zeke sent our baby black bear Rick to help heal our hearts He has saved both Bruce and I.
  3. Mine always wear their collars (with dangling name tags, I need to look into the slide ones) when we are home with them unless we are gone and they are being kenneled (or when Rick's in the big x-pen at night). I wouldn't want them nekkid because one I think you should have something to grab onto if needed and two, if they were EVER to get out I would absolutely want them to have their ID's on.
  4. oh no I am SO very sorry she has fought so hard her entire life sending you and her so many hugs and prayers. I'm so glad she was able to spend her final years knowing your love
  5. got ours yesterday!!! Thanks to our SS and to MP and all the elves!!!
  6. Rick's SS package arrived and we opened it today!!! This was Rick's first Xmas and he was very excited to get the prezzies, especially the stuffies and the new red bankie!!! Red is his color (and the bankie matches his collar ). The box was filled with SO many goodies and thoughtful things!!!!! I don't know how you knew white chocolate is my FAVORITE and how much we love hot sauce (and everything hot!) and the handmade fudge and Caramel Cream hot cocoa looks incredible. The socks are adorable as are the hand towels - the candle smells wonderful (and is already in use!) and the magnet
  7. RaineysMom

    Rick SS

    Rick's SS pics
  8. congrats! The blue ones are definitely "special" most times He's lovely. Good luck on the collar!
  9. glad Spirit is doing better! please ask your vet about Amantadine. Most vets (including mine who has had greyhounds) had never used it. In 2 days Larry went from being immobile to being much better (we in fact had scheduled his farewell for that Saturday, started the Amantadine Tuesday and by Thursday night was much better). The amantadine works by amping up the other meds (the Gaba and for Larry, meloxicam -- not sure about Rimadyl). It's expensive but we got it at Walgreen's using GoodRx. It DID make Larry vomit a LOT (he got it right after breakfast and dinner) but we just let him
  10. we gave Larry Body Sore (Jing Tang herbal), available only via your vet and it's not cheap, about $65 for 100 pills and he was getting 4 a day. I don't know if it impacts the kidneys at all though. I thought it was mostly hoo hoo until I had to take him off of it prior to a dental in 2019 and there was a definite decline when off of it so I really think it did work. He also was on Meloxicam, Gabapentin, Tramadol and then amantadine (the last one for the last 5 months, it works by amping up the the meloxicam and Gaba) but don't think your pup can use any of those. I know how tough it is
  11. I'm so sorry your special and loving boy is gone he was truly a good boy and was loved by so many and will be missed. sending you many hugs.
  12. he was very, very handsome. I'm so sorry your boy had to leave you
  13. my package I sent was received and an elf let me know that my SS had a delay so all good!
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