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  1. I am so very sorry your Walter had to leave you Your tribute to him is one of the best I have ever read. You truly were soul mates. Sending you many, many hugs
  2. yup, corn. Our angel Larry had them on 3 of his 4 legs (and both front feet) so with his back/LS spine issues, it was really tough we'd get them hulled and I swear they'd come back even faster. I had good luck using the Dremmel to flatten them to the level of the pad (or even more so it was "indented") and did that the last year or so as he was terrified of the vets and he wasn't able to get in and out of my car since December. good luck!
  3. such a special boy he was! glad you have so many good memories to keep him alive forever
  4. my sweet big black boy Nube (Anubis, racing name RJ's Saint Nick - 12/25/01 - 9/12/12) -- lost at 10.75 years young to osteo He was a great, gentle boy who we had the privilege of being our baby for just short of 7 wonderful years. Miss you, Nuber Duber (and all my other greyhounds, now all at the bridge
  5. I'm so very sad to hear of her passing RIP Chris. I'm sure there were tons of houndies waiting to greet you.
  6. I am so very, very sorry such a handsome boy. Sending hugs
  7. thank you for posting this very much needed these days
  8. our angel Larry had pretty bad space/sleep startle. When we got him, our Nube (then 9) had always slept on our bed with us but Larry slept on his bed near my husband's side of the bed. He never tried to get into the bed with us and we never encouraged it. After Nube passed as we got Zeke, we got an 8' x-pen to encircle ZEKE's bed to keep him safe from Larry. Fortunately we have a large bedroom so there was plenty of room to do this. I would suggest and X-pen instead of the crate (if your room size allows it) as it's very roomy compared to a crate. good luck with your boy! I truly fe
  9. I am so very sorry Our Angel Larry too was a return for aggression and we dealt with it as well. Sending hugs he was a beautiful boy and lucky you became his mom
  10. oh my gosh, how young and how sad what was her Greytalk signon? I don't recognize her "real" name
  11. such a beautiful tribute for your sweet boy. he was much too young to leave you. I am so very, very sorry sending many hugs. I will tell Larry and Zeke to greet him and show him the softest clouds.
  12. I know I started a post back in 2012 about dogs with Gable Dodge in their bloodline and link to cancer. ? this one maybe? my topic
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