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  1. aww fries! Petunia and Trolley Pam, great story
  2. our Nube (black) started going grey at 3. I think it just is much more noticeable on the darker dogs early. Cute pup
  3. Happy Bridge Birthday to you to Minnie. You were so lucky to have such a great mom. sending hugs to you, Donna -- this is a rough time of the year for you. miss seeing you too!
  4. Happy Bridge Birfday, Bobber!!!
  5. sending hugs on this heartfelt anniversary
  6. GPA Wisconsin had a dog that lost it's life due to finding mints in his owners purse that had xylitol in them another friend had theirs get into something with it but knew it right away and shoved a crapload of sugar into their pup (xylitol causes the blood sugar in dogs to drop drastically, very quickly). The dog survived because of his actions. terrible stuff
  7. RaineysMom


  8. sending tons of hugs to you and Roy.
  9. Lexie, happy HAPPY Birthday, sweetie pie!!!!
  10. happy birthday, Facebook. Hope things are going better!
  11. RaineysMom


    I am so very, veryy sorry what a wonderful tribute to such a much-loved pup. She certainly was one in a million. sending many, many hugs to you both.
  12. Happy 10th!!! Larry says he'll eat the chicky livers
  13. oh Twiggy!!! there will NEVER be another like you. EVER. 2GreysDad, no advice, just hugs and glad your girl is doing so well after her amp!
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