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  1. I am so sorry. I will have Larry and Zeke meet him at the Bridge.
  2. having done this twice in the past 2 weeks yes. Go with your heart. With Zeke, the ER vet said it wasn't a "slam-dunk" that Zeke had osteo - she couldn't confirm 100% is was (and thus caused his severe bone break) but in our hearts we knew it was and it was time to let him go. With Larry -- could he have rebounded a 2nd time and gotten better? Maybe. But like others have said, better a day too early than a day too late. With Zeke we didn't know he had cancer (his regular vet confirmed it after he passed, later that day) before his wrist shattered but his last few hours were in horrible pain. So for Larry we decided there was NO way in Hell he'd ever feel anything like that and he passed peacefully. sending you TONS of hugs.
  3. Larry - PTL Laroach – 2/24/2007 to 8/2/2020. I cannot believe I lost him 2 weeks after losing Zeke. Our sweet Lare Bear is home and with us and Zeke again. Larry was our 2nd of three “bounces” (had been previously adopted and returned). He raced 106 times and retired in April of 2010. His first home returned him to GPA-WI in November 2010 and in December he injured his ACL and went to the BEST foster home ever, to Bob and Ellen Paulus – where he recovered from his injury for 6 months. We had lost our Rainey in March and felt ready to open our hearts again to another greyhound (and Nube needed a buddy). Larry became our boy on 6/11/2011. When we lost Nube in September of 2012, we adopted Zeke to be Larry’s buddy in January of 2013. They became good friends and had lots and lots of adventures together – all the way to Florida in 2015, GPA-WI Galas, GO reunions and tons and tons of walkies. Larry’s back end went out back in February, just a week before his 13th birthday. He was so bad that we had made the appointment to let him go that Saturday the 22nd – but made one last attempt with a new drug, Amantadine. In 2 days he was doing much better and we got another 5 ½ months with our sweet Larry. We knew every day was a gift and our time was limited but I sure had hoped it wouldn’t be so soon after losing Zeke. I had noticed Larry was going downhill fairly rapidly in the past couple weeks but he was not in pain and still ALWAYS hungry and happy. Larry was always at the living room gate (Bruce slept on the couch in the living room on the first floor with him EVERY NIGHT since February as he was unable to do the stairs to go up to the bedroom anymore) at 6:10am for his breakfast – he LOVED food. Sunday morning, when I came down, he didn’t get off his bed and I knew something was wrong. He finally did and he did not want his breakfast – Bruce took him out and when he came back in he stumbled going up the 2 steps into the kitchen and it was then that I noticed something was NOT right. He was acting like he had had a stroke. It became apparent that his back end had gone again and as each hour passed it became more and more difficult for him to get up, move and even get comfortable. We made the hard decision to let him be free from declining body – I did NOT want to go through what we did with Zeke with him - and I called every mobile vet I could find and no one could come out. We fashioned a ramp and was able to get him into the car and the vets at Elk Grove Evet were kind enough to let him pass in the back of my van, as he was TERRIFIED of the vets and it would have made things so much worse on him. Right before they administered the sedative, Larry laid his sweet head down on my leg and literally closed his eyes. He was telling me he was ready. His passing was very peaceful. I am so grateful we had over 9 years with our Lare Bear and very grateful we got all that additional time with him this year. I loved ALL my dogs very much but Larry, well he was just MY Bear. To say our hearts are broken is an understatement. Everything reminds me of him and Zeke and I am trying to focus on just the good memories. You were and always will be very, very loved, Larry. I know you found Zeke, and Rainey and Nube and Chester, Captain and Remy. Have fun until we see you again. Love you more than anything, Baby Bear.
  4. Ducky, can you please add my sweet Larry to your list? He passed yesterday at nearly 13 1/2 I haven't posted a tribute yet but will in a few days. We lost both our boys in 2 weeks.
  5. I'm so sorry we just lost our Zeke last Monday to this awful disease -- his wrist just snapped when he went to go up the stairs.....we had no idea he even had it. Sending hugs.
  6. Zeke – Hey Who Whiz It – 4/6/09 – 7/20/20. I never in a million years would have thought he would be gone before Larry. All he did was go up the stairs and his wrist shattered. With his back end getting so bad, trying to repair it or amputating the whole leg was not a good option so we made the incredibly painful decision to let him go – he was in a terrible amount of pain. I would not wish this on my worst enemy – he was in SO much pain. The doctor at the Evet wasn’t 100% sure it was osteo so I was beating myself up, wondering if we made the right decision. Later that day I emailed the x-rays to his regular vet, Dr. Finan, and thankfully, she said absolutely it was osteo and he wouldn’t have survived the surgery and we made the right decision letting him go….so at least that made me feel a tiny bit better. Bruce and I are devastated. Zeke was truly Bruce’s special boy, they both just adored each other, and he was my silly blue bear. I always said he was a Labrador in a blue greyhound suit – he had so much energy and was such a GOOD boy. He was the smartest dog I’ve ever seen. He LOVED kids and all the kids at the park would shout “ZEKE!” when he walked by and they’d all run to come see him and love on him. He had perpetual ETS and the stinkiest of farts LOL The last thing that happened before he went to go up the stairs was he looked up at me and chattered LOUDER than he ever had before, and I gave him a big kissie right on his sweet nosie. I’m forever grateful for that. Run free and fast at the bridge, our sweet Zekie Bear. There will be no more rain or thunder or *$#()*#)& storm sirens to scare you anymore. He would always come and lay by his big bro Larry for support when he was scared. I’m grateful we had 7 ½ wonderful years with you. Your big brother Larry misses you. Zeke would always lie in front of Bruce’s part of the couch (in the “L” area), on the plain carpet and yesterday after we got back from letting Zeke go, Larry went and lay down in the same spot, for over TWO HOURS. Larry has NEVER laid there before and rarely if ever just lies on the carpet. He was trying to make his DaddyMan feel better, and it was Zeke that told him to do it – of that I am absolutely sure. I told Rainey and Nube to be there to greet you and show you the best clouds to lay your sweet blue head on. You will forever be missed, loved and cherished by your DaddyMan and That Food Lady (me, ). I hope there are a lot of chipmunks and squirrels to stalk in Heaven. Rest in peace, my sweet blue bear. Be sure to send us a sign that you made it ok. We WILL see you again.
  7. we started Larry (turned 13 on 2/24) on it on February 18th -- he suddenly lost virtually all the use of his back legs on February 16th and we tried it as a last resort. It took a couple of days to start working - in fact we had scheduled our vet to come to the house to let him go that Saturday but he rallied around that Thursday (2 days after we started it) and he is still here with us now. He has LS and is on 3.75mg Meloxicam 1 x day, 500mg Gabapentin 3 x day, 100 mg Tramadol 3 x day and gets a Chinese herb called Body Sore 2 x day. He gets 100mg of the amantadine 2 x day, with his breakfast and dinner. We leash-walk him in our fenced in back yard every time just to make sure he doesn't overdo it. He used to get a chiro adjustment every 4 weeks too but since this happened I can no longer get him into the car safely. the only bad side effect is he vomits after he gets it here and there -- he's thrown up 22 times since he started taking it -- after the first couple times, we just let him re-eat his food (more so he can get the meds he vomited up with the food). he's been noticeably going downhill in the past couple weeks so I don't know how much longer he will be with us, but I am grateful to have had 5 more months with him so far. It's quite expensive, even using GoodRx it's $50 for 60 pills (30 days worth). We also use an Assisi Loop 2 - 3 times a day as well. I'm glad you were able to get more time with Bea.
  8. happy bridge birthday, Bobber!!!! Donna
  9. I'm so very sorry your beautiful Bea had to leave you but what a wonderful life she shared with you for 5 years.
  10. I'm so sorry I'm glad at least he was so loved during the short time he was with you.
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