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  1. Our Larry turned 12 on 2/24 so he is just past 12.5 right now. He is having many issues, has LS really bad, is wobbly...there are (most) days he can barely get up off the bed and (a few) days when he is a house pony through the dining room and living room and my smile is side to side . Every day is a gift with him, and his younger brother Zeke who turned 10 on 4/6. My kitchen cabinet looks like a pharmacy and I feel like a pusher between the two of them every 8 hours, but it keeps them going. Larry: getting his Assisi treatment: champion roacher still: Assisi on the neckie: boyz making a Mommy Sammich: ZEKIE!!!: he only roaches on the bare floor such a handsome boy! out for a beer with Mom and Dad a few weeks ago: LOVE my boyz. They are my life
  2. RaineysMom

    Garden 2018

  3. what a wonderful boy and a great life you had with each other. I'm glad he found you for his family. He was just breathtakingly beautiful and you could see the love of life in him. Rest well, sweet boy.
  4. I am so sorry Rest in peace, sweet boy
  5. I am so very sorry 5 is much too young. Sending hugs.
  6. Both of these dogs are now in their crates 20-22 hours a day during the week and 12-16 hours on weekends. we crate our greys but just very curious, WHY are you crating for 20-22 hours and 12-16 hours??? that is a very, very long time for them to be crated IMO.
  7. thanks for posting! I'm in contact with the lady from OH and hoping to get some samples from folks in Chicagoland here. Our Larry has corns and I know of 2 other dogs in our group that has them.
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