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  1. I'm so very sorry he sounded like the perfect boy. Sending hugs
  2. My angel Larry had corns on 3 of 4 feet and couldn't have survived without his Therapaws (you can buy them online). I have 9 still (all used) - where are you located? If you are nearby I can give you a couple to try. also, I would Dremmel his corns down to the pad level every week or so and that seemed to help. I used to have the vet hull them out (using a dental root elevator) but I swear they would come back in worse and larger every time so I just did the Dremmeling for the last few years.
  3. I am so very sorry your sweet girl had to leave you what a wonderful tribute.
  4. so glad to see she's doing well! keep up the good healing Sweep!
  5. I am so very sorry sending hugs to you
  6. just seeing this! Sending TONS of hugs and prayers Sweep's and your way!
  7. I was going to suggest amantadine (relatively unheard of drug for the most part, for pain anyway) -- it was a miracle drug for our Larry and his back end issues - gave us 5 more months with him -- but you are already using that. Sending prayers you can find out what's going on. Sounds like a disc issue to me but hard to say.
  8. the cimetidine route was the ONLY thing that help our Larry's corns. We bought generic (Walgreen's) brand as it's quite expensive. We stopped it due to unrelated issues and from there just ground them down. It seemed like whenever I had them hulled, they'd come back 2 times as large each time so I stopped doing that (plus it was $30 every single time and they needed to be done every 6 weeks of so!). Good luck, I know how much they suck.
  9. I second the suggestion to make your own broth. You can use boneless cuts (trimmed of fat) or pieces/whole chicken. I add a chopped carrot or 2 to the broth to add a little flavor then those are toppers (yum, chickeny carrots!) on Rick's food. I do use a "soup sock" (or you can use cheese cloth) to put the carrots in so I don't have to worry about getting any bones in with the carrots. I also save the meat (carefully picked of any bones!) for snackies and toppers too. I'll reduce the resulting stock down a bit to concentrate it (so less room to store in the freezer) and add some water
  10. I was always so happy that someone on GT adopted one of the pups she was just beautiful. I'm so glad you were her mom!
  11. hey! That's ME in the middle there! yeah, I remember Ms. Jones (your Lulu) Bruce made me drive because he knew how dangerous me in the back with those puppies would be (I wouldn't want to let one go ) Good to see you back! congrats on the soon-to-be fostering/adopting
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