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  1. Emme and Molli are each getting a sheep horn, an elk antler, and maybe a cow hoof, with some other treats wrapped up and thrown in the mix. It's their first xmas with us so...
  2. I'm super bitter about this slumberball business I wanted to get one for the new girl. Anyone have recommendations for a similar style of bed? We have bolster beds, and the Costco ones, but Miss Molli-Moo is a nester and they don't seem fit for her highness.
  3. Love this! Never quite seems like the holidays until this pic gets put up! Batman was one of my first houndie crushes.
  4. Zola needed her shaky cheese when she was a senior. The was she 'schnooted about' unless it was there still makes me smile.
  5. Happy gotcha day, enormous, nose-swiping beast!!
  6. Emme's recheck showed possible bone spur in left shoulder and arthritis in neck. But she didn't respond to Galliprant and is weakly responding to Rimadyl. Keeping her on Rimdayl and no exercise for two weeks and will then reassess. I'm beyond thrilled the xays show nothing but am still worried. Because my kiddo.
  7. We haven't actually been taking her on walks, per vet's advice, but have been walking alongside her in the backyard while she has some outdoor time. It breaks my heart to see her limp, and she's SO SO bored. Wondering if I should witch to Rimadyl since Galliprant is having no effect. I know nothing about Galliprant, have never used it before.
  8. Thanks all. I decided against CT because if it is osteo, it wouldn't affect treatment plan. I palpated her other shoulder, as suggested here, and Emme yelped. She's not one of the stoic ones. She just had a blood panel and was negative for most TBDs. Just going to wait and hope she gets better. Recheck in 2 weeks.
  9. Why would TBD cause a limp? Despite being on Galliprant for 5 days, her limp seems worse.
  10. Thank you, Kathy. This is very helpful. We're on restricted activity but I have nosework planned, and will do other safe things.
  11. Six-year-old broodie Emme came to our home this January. From the start she had a slightly odd gait, a sort of pulling and head bobbing on the right side. We didn't give it much thought until a couple of weeks ago she started having a pronounced limp. I investigated and found that her corns on her front right paw had ballooned. When I push on them, she yelped. So we dremeled them away. She no longer yelps. But she still has the limp. Took her to the vet today who determined the limp has nothing to do with her corns. She pushed and pulled and poked muscles and found Emme yelping when her left shoulder was palpated. Thankfully the x-rays show nothing. However, the vet wants a recheck in 3 weeks because the affected area is where osteo typically starts in greys. Not freaking out but want to know what to look for in early stages of osteo. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Vanitha
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