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  1. Hi all, Emme came to us a couple of years ago with a limp that flares up every now and then. We've had her imaged several times and thankfully see no evidence of a lesion or fracture. She may have an old sprain that acts up from time to time. In any case, our vet wants her on Glucosamine and recommended Dasuquin. I have her on Dasuquin + MSM, but am looking for less pricey options. I know the Greyhound Gang and Springtime offer alternatives. Has anyone gone through this search and found one option to be preferable over the others? Thank you, Vanitha
  2. Emme's recheck showed possible bone spur in left shoulder and arthritis in neck. But she didn't respond to Galliprant and is weakly responding to Rimadyl. Keeping her on Rimdayl and no exercise for two weeks and will then reassess. I'm beyond thrilled the xays show nothing but am still worried. Because my kiddo.
  3. We haven't actually been taking her on walks, per vet's advice, but have been walking alongside her in the backyard while she has some outdoor time. It breaks my heart to see her limp, and she's SO SO bored. Wondering if I should witch to Rimadyl since Galliprant is having no effect. I know nothing about Galliprant, have never used it before.
  4. Thanks all. I decided against CT because if it is osteo, it wouldn't affect treatment plan. I palpated her other shoulder, as suggested here, and Emme yelped. She's not one of the stoic ones. She just had a blood panel and was negative for most TBDs. Just going to wait and hope she gets better. Recheck in 2 weeks.
  5. Why would TBD cause a limp? Despite being on Galliprant for 5 days, her limp seems worse.
  6. Thank you, Kathy. This is very helpful. We're on restricted activity but I have nosework planned, and will do other safe things.
  7. Six-year-old broodie Emme came to our home this January. From the start she had a slightly odd gait, a sort of pulling and head bobbing on the right side. We didn't give it much thought until a couple of weeks ago she started having a pronounced limp. I investigated and found that her corns on her front right paw had ballooned. When I push on them, she yelped. So we dremeled them away. She no longer yelps. But she still has the limp. Took her to the vet today who determined the limp has nothing to do with her corns. She pushed and pulled and poked muscles and found Emme yelping when her left shoulder was palpated. Thankfully the x-rays show nothing. However, the vet wants a recheck in 3 weeks because the affected area is where osteo typically starts in greys. Not freaking out but want to know what to look for in early stages of osteo. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Vanitha
  8. We brought Emme home yesterday and in 24 hours, she has brought huge smiles to our faces. While we still grieve for our hound-taken-too-soon, Brin, and our beautiful brave beast, Zola, Emme manage to remind us of the best of them with a style all her own. She is a 6-yr-old broodie with a long racing history of her own, but looking at her, you would swear she is a puppy. She's curious and clever and easily tells us what she likes and doesn't. Can't wait to see her personality unfold and whatever joys yet await, she is a treasure already.
  9. The local magazine I wrote for graciously allowed me to pen my tribute to her (page 38): https://issuu.com/wickcommunications/docs/pacifica_aug17_web/1?e=1225821/51333205
  10. I am so sorry it was time for Celeste to leave. She was well loved.
  11. Thank you for including my Brin, sweet and gentle soul.
  12. There is so much I could say about my beautiful little brindle beast, whom we lost suddenly and tragically almost two weeks ago, but I still don't have the words to describe this loss. Brin came to us as a three-year-old and she made sure everyone knew her racing days were over. A timid hound with striking markings that often earned her names like "tiger" and "cheetah," Brin d'Amour was named for an elusive Corsican cheese loosely translated as "wisp of love." She did, in fact, love cheese, and could be roused from a deep sleep just by the sound of Tillamook cheddar being grated three rooms away. Originally a Florida dog, Brin adapted to a slow coastal lifestyle well, all except for her terror of kites, parasails, and even flags fluttering in the sky. We used to joke that she worried the alien mother ship would come take her away. As if we would ever allow that. Although she joined our pack to give her sister (Gorgon)Zola companionship, Brin quickly established she was no adventure dog. Even after a 1,500-mile road trip across the country, she reacted to reaching our vacation spot not by joining her sister in a romp across fresh summer grass, but by seeking refuge in the foot well of our car. She managed to tear herself out of the car only to sit in our empty suitcase in the closet for two full days. She plotted to spend her retirement by sampling every soft surface, whether that meant her many dog beds or the couches, blankets, and even bubble-wrap made available to her. Every day was a quest for the perfect nap and while she did get mildly annoyed when interrupted by pets and belly rubs, her apparent disdain was belied by her gentle groans and sleepy eyes, and the way she stretched out for maximum access. An expert in self-pedicures, at least of her dewclaws, and a lover of Tuffy's dog toys that she never actually chewed, Brin was happiest at home with her family, all of us in one room. Though we don't have kids and Brin was never bred, she was surprisingly interested in the screams and hollers of our niece and nephews. In fact, when they were babies, she came to find an adult every time one of them cried. I wonder what went through her pointy head in those moments. We had expected to have Brin for many years yet, and planned to spoil her as our only child. She truly became a different dog after Zola passed, more confident and vocal, spirited in claiming us as her people. We wanted to give her that special time to be our sole focus. I hope she knew how beloved she is, forever our "good girl," our beautiful little wisp of love.
  13. Brin is doing better, thank you for asking! I have been gone for a week but Laurence has been keeping a daily log of what she's been eating--deli meats, pasta, cheese, biscuits and the like. She has regained a good portion of the weight she lost and is drinking well too. I am going to take her in for follow up blood tests this week to be sure. My next step is to introduce her to a single protein diet. I suspect I will have to wean her into it, though I plan to start with a mix of canned food and kibble and see if she'll go for it. I'm going to start with lamb or venison, since those are not proteins she's used to, and go from there. Hopefully one of those will perk her interest.
  14. Thanks, Wendy. I didn't know that. Brin is doing better. She is eating some pasta and braunschweiger regularly. The prednisone seems to be kicking in.
  15. The Ensure was not a hit but I got half a bottle down her. This morning she's eaten a few dried chicken breasts an some treats. Will force feed her again, but she's not getting enough calories in. Hoping the steroids kick in soon.
  16. Bioosy results came back. She has moderate to chronic inflammatory bowel disease. I'm waiting to get prednisone for her (preferred over budesonide for now). We force fed her some boiled chicken purée, probably no more than a few ounces. Will try ensure tonight. Hopefully when the steroids kick in, she'll have more motivation to eat. on a side note I am supposed to go abroad for a week starting Sunday but I don't want to leave unless she eats. Very relieved this isn't cancer and that we have a diagnosis to work with.
  17. She's not interested in regular scrambled eggs. I thought I might try a sift scramble, or the yolk from my perfectly made soft-boiled egg. I have a feeling I'm going to have to force feed her some things to get some food in her.
  18. Jen . Hill's I/D maybe? The DSP didn't help; neither has the ondansetron for that matter. She is 1/3 way thru her course of Baytril. I don't think she needs to be admitted yet. She's got energy and is playful, and is eating treats (which we give freely). I believe my bet chance of getting her to eat is at home. Canned tuna didn't work but I'm headed to the pet store to find new options and will add cat food to the list. And Alpo, lol.
  19. Tried pasta, rice, yogurt, cottage cheese, bone broth, chicken noodle soup, canned dog food. Next on the roster is Ensure, pumpkin pie, vanilla ice cream. We may give the X/D food a try tomorrow.
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