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  1. Happy New Year to you too! I'm glad you like the package I put together for Calvin and you.
  2. I had to watch the video with Cletus in his holiday sweater again. It warms my heart to see him so happy.
  3. Many thanks to Hopper, Kaia, and Tricia for the many gifts that were all so nicely wrapped. Foster and Heidi received a big box of Trader Joe Gingerbread dog treats and two packages of other treats. They also got a ginormous knotted ball and the cutest stuffed monkey toy with long floppy legs and arms which is perfect for playing Heidi's favorite game of windmill tug. A game in which I slowly lift her off the ground and spin around as she hangs on to what we are playing tug with. I got a pair of fuzzy snuggle socks and a box of Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate covered Salted Caramels. Thank you Tricia for being our Secret Santa. You made the day a special one for us.
  4. I was so glad to find out it had been delivered this morning. I hope you are feeling better and now with the package delivered you can get on the road to your Christmas destination. Open the package at whatever time brings you the most joy.
  5. Sweet Dustin I'm so sorry about your brother. I'm glad I was able to brighten your day. I hope you find lots of comfort with your pink bunny. Dustin's mom, thank you for correcting this 🎅's faux pas and giving the little purple eggplant to little Dudley.
  6. I received one, thank you Tricia and mailed two. Except for getting our matches and a bunch of junk email from them I didn't see on Elfster where we were suppose to update that the package was sent. Cathy your package was supposed to have arrived this past Friday. I just checked the tracking number and it says it is at the North Attleborough hub. I do hope it arrives before you leave. The other package sent should have also arrived at its destination this past Friday, but has not yet been delivered either.
  7. Kaia looks very happy with what Santa brought her.
  8. The beer keg ornament was a fitting choice. Hopper looks adorable in her shorts.
  9. I was hoping I could post a link of the picture you posted in FB here.
  10. Ducky, would you please add my sister's Corgi Abby to the list. She passed away at the age of 12-1/2 some time late Friday night / early Saturday morning while at the vet being treated for pancreatitis she developed after having to have her spleen removed due to a tumor that ruptured.
  11. 45MPHK9, the package for Foster and Heidi arrived today. Thank you for being our Secret Santa again. Would you mind if I waited till closer to Christmas🎄to open it?
  12. I am so saddened to learn of your loss of Bo at such a special time.
  13. I'm glad you're looking to do Secret Santa again next year. I for one love reading the poems written by the elves. There as much fun as getting the packages.
  14. We don't have the capability to start new threads in Announcements and News.
  15. I did this morning, but I did so under my name.
  16. It's MP_the4pack. She's the one that started this thread. I don't have a PM from you, so I'm not sure who you sent one to. Just to be clear when I wrote to PM Pat I was referring to Mary Pat.
  17. If you PMed Pat your email address and number of boxes you are good to go. I just posted that reply for gr8kids because I wanted to make sure she knew she had to also PM Pat with her email address. I'm just trying to make sure that all who want to participate do all that is needed to do so.
  18. If you haven't already you need to PM Mary Pat your email address immediately. She posted yesterday that she was going to run the program for the matches today.
  19. Your tribute to Holly was beautiful and heartbreaking . I am so sorry for yours and Burke's loss.
  20. Mary Pat set Nov 18th as the RSVP date. If I understand correctly that would be the cutoff date.
  21. Alright its done. Hopefully more will be interested in participating.
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