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  1. Hola! We laff an laff abowt yer commints on that howse! An we cant wate to see it tomorra. Mom wunders if she will be abel to rilly tell whot it looks like, an if she can picshure it nekkid---warts an all! Miss Patsy---attack ob the cutesies! Miss Vanessa---I think the Lakeside Collection catalog threw up in that house! Mom sez she will take sum pics tomorra! Nate the Great ( ), a ramp just mite be possibel! Oh, Mom looooves chickamonks! Pleese dont try again today! Cookies are moore bedder! Oh, Ivy, whot beeeeyoutiful deers. Do they hab sumplase safe to go? Mom allays wurries that they will be caught wiffowt there woods to lib in. She sees them sumthymes on owr city streets, an sez, Be safe, go home. Wether haz bin so lovely inna Berg. An Mom is feelin bedder frum her shot. Her arm still herts a liddle, but the swellin is goin down. Laila Mariposa
  2. Hola! Ja, ja, we thot there is lotsa crap, er, junk, er, stuff in that howse too (owr howse too---that is why we wood hab to moobe owt!)! The owner will be there when we see it on Fursday, but werkin in a room we are knot to disturb. We hate lookin at howses when the owner is there! My sissers an I do steps alla thyme. We sumthymes dont like to do the 23 owtside ones in owr own howse tho. We cood deel wiff abowt 7, speshully if Dad puts backs on them. Remember when Calvin an Lydia got old! An they boff libbed inna howse fer abowt a yeer cawse ob those steps. An Mom an Dad hope we get to be reel old dogs too. We dont jump ober fences ether, but inny howse we get, we wood prolly put up a pribacy fense ebenshually. Oh, Mom saw a nise howse wiff an ahhsum back yard wiff a big white fense! An no steps owt to it. But it is pritty small, wiff 2 bedrooms, an one is tiny, wiff a Murphy bed! She will find the pics an post a link. She loves heerin whot you all fink! Oh, Wiki, we wood kill fer a nise affordabel ranch home! Si, there are sum ranches inna Berg, but usooly way owt inna burbs an ober owr budgit. Miss Kathy, we remember there were lotsa fings Miss Margie hadda fill owt afore she went to Spain (she is there now) Mom thot it seemed pritty complicated, but if you hab yer shots, I dont beleeb you need a test. But you hab to go onna websites of each country an fill sumfin owt. An sabe it to show. Si, hab a nise glass ob whine, an it will be easy. Mom wuz feelin homesick fer Spane today, so she bot a nise bottel ob verdejo that comes frum a liddle town just north ob Scooby---one ob the best regions fer white whine in Spane. She an Miss Margot were gonna bisit there this yeer, cawse they were gonna hab a car. An plusalso, to dribe to Portugal. Laila Mariposa
  3. Hola! Oh, Miss Ducky, we are so sad abowt liddle Bella an the poor spanyel. You are so kind to do eberyfing you can to help. Woodnt it be ahhsum if Bella wuz fownd safe, an got to be wiff her fambily? It wood be so grate fer eberyone. Happy homecomin to be, Miss Vanessa! Ja, ja, Charlie, the odder baffroom is fer Dad! He wont go inna yard, fer sum reeson. Miss Elizabeth, you are knot familyar wiff a "Pittsburgh toilet"? Must be a Berg fing. Gess whot? We are goin to see 2 howses on Fursday! They may knot be perfeck, but they are close---mebbe. You just nebber can tell till you see em in person. We can deel wiff SUM steps. But knot skeery ones. But 1 howse is soooo close to Antie Mary. We wood love to lib neer her. But these howses are knot in owr nayborhood. We haff to go to a differnt nayborhood to find sumfin we can afford, I fink. Heer you will see the howse that is close to Antie Mary. We are familyar wiff the nayborhood, an we like it. Mom went down the back alley on Google Maps an cownted the back porch steps. Onny abowt 7 or 8, but Dad wood hab to put backs on em. There is lotsa stuff in this howse! We rilly like to see the howses bare nekkid. When nobody is libbin there, mebbe they wanna sell faster. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/3024-Vernon-Ave_Pittsburgh_PA_15227_M40896-62095 Merc! Ware is yer hed?? You are sleepin unner yer Mom? Kiva sleeps wiff owr Mom too. Sumthymes Mom will wake up wiff Kiva's hed on her sholder. That is so kewl that you can hab club meet ups. Safe trabbels to Miss an Misser Patsy. Laila Mariposa
  4. Hola! We are reedin a lot ob pages! Mom haz bin rilly bizzy wiff pet sittin jobs. Lotsa jobs meens sum good munny tho. An she got to spend the weekend rite across the street inna gorjus howse wiff a funny liddle dog, Harper, an a big kitteh, Stevie. We hab bin lookin at howses, but nuffin is perfeck. We desided to be rill picky, an steps are the mane fing we are concerned wiff. Like, do we hab to go down steep basemint steps to get to the back yard? Is the yard good---knot too big an knot too small. An pleeze moore then 1 baffroom, eben if it is onny a "Pittsburgh toilet" (1 toilet inna basemint all by itsownself). An knot too old or too big (cawse we are tryin to downsize). An on a decent street. So, it is slow rite now, but I gess that is okay. They just finniched a howse across the street. Mom sez they flipped it, but it looks like it is standin strate up to me. They payed $164,000, an just listed it fer $349,000! Looks pritty nise inside tho. We hab had the most beeeeyoutiful wether. Cept yestiddy, fer abowt 10 minnits, it hailed! Si! Wuz eggcitin! Mom an Dad got there booster shots on Satiddy. An yestiddy, Mom started knot feelin grate. Her arm haz a lump, an her hole left side wuz achin. Today she feels sum bedder, but is eggzawsted. Whot beeeeyoutiful pics ob Ivy an Molly an Murphy the moose! An we are soooo glad to heer Zorro del Galgo is feelin bedder. We love that he brings alla his toys owtside. Mom is a liddle sad. She wooda bin in Spane rite now. Miss Margie is postin lotsa pics, so Mom will look at them an pretend she is there too. An gess whot! I am gonna be famiss! Si! My vet wants me to be in a story abowt the clinic, an there noo fings to help the dogs an cats. The ultrasownd masheen haz helped me a lot, checkin the size ob my toomer. I will be in the shelter magazeen called the Petsburgh Press, an we are all bery eggcited abowt that. I will let you know when it comes owt. Laila Mariposa
  5. Hola! Sownds like lotsa fun at Dewey! We are lovin the pics, an plusalso, the pic ob Miss Nancy's boys. Mario..... There is sumfin so bery endeerin abowt him. Mom went to a fundraiser today wiff Antie Mary an we stayed home wiff Dad. It wuz fer Bridges From Kuwait, a cat rescue groop that brings kittehs frum Kuwait an countries ware it is horribel for them, an plases them inna USA. Mom liked them cawse they were so much like Galgo rescoo groops, cept fer kittehs! An gess whot? There wuz an awkshun, an she won a baskit frum a brooery! It is ahhsum, wiff beer, glasses, a gift sertificate, etc. An Mom wuz frilled. She haz bin so lucky wiff winnin lately. A nise liddle howse came up fer sale in owr nayborhood that we cood afford (bery rare), so we will aks to see it. Dad is gettin alla the papers gavvered up fer the aproobel. Laila Mariposa, who is holdin my pee a lot bedder.
  6. Hola! Wile I am ketchin up on eberyfing, Mom will tell you whot they hab bin up to. Well, I think we're moving in the right direction. We are working with our friend and realtor, Jessica, who is the listing pro, and her team member, Jess, who is showing us houses. We talked to a lender they work with this morning, and we have some more info to gather up for her to complete pre-approval. Hopefully, that goes well, and we can see how much we can afford. We will try and buy before we sell this house, so we can clean it out and get it in better shape. We're not in a big hurry, since we can stay here for a while, and we want to find something that really suits our needs. The 2 houses we saw yesterday were good, but there were some deal breakers. The first one just had too many steps---inside ones were steep, and there was no way to the back yard without more steps inside or out. The second house we loved---but not the street (very narrow and congested), the neighborhood (kinda junky), and the neighbors. The people next door seem to be crazy. The woman yelled at me when I apologized for making her dogs bark when we were looking at the yard. Lots of scary signs and fences. Better to find that out now (which we did) than after we moved in, and they made our lives miserable. It's a shame---the house would have been perfect for us. So, we'll continue to look at houses that meet our needs, and if we find something, that is great. Hola again! Mom finks eberybuddy wood love bein retyred! . We know it is a big desishun, but it is definitely worf doin! Mom an Dad boff got to go get massages agin today, fru the pain klinick. An they rilly love them. Mom haz knot bin feelin good atall. We will reed moore tomorra. Laila Mariposa
  7. Hola! We are ketchin up. Hab to go back a few daze, an reed eberyfing, eben tho I dont bark abowt all ob it. Mom is gettin in touch wiff a lender today. Dad is ficksated on the howse they looked at onna owtside yestiddy, an Mom showed him the inside onna website. An plusalso, annudder one. So they wanna see boff soon. The one they did get in on an Opin Howse, terned owt to be knot too pracktical. Miss Chris, they are moobin along NOW, lets see if they keep it up. Ja, ja, Miss Lucy, nuffin seems easy, but they appreshiate the good thots! Si, Charlie, Mom an Dad will be there, an mebbe happier, an less steps wood be eben bedder! Pippin, we rilly injoyed yer pics! Lotsa hounds had lotsa grate walks! Ivy an Cherry, we loooove yer walkie bisiter. An the blessin pic is gorjus! Mom an Dad love cold slaw! (cold slob Miss Chris). Mom duz like the binagary kind, an sowerkrawt too. Ooh, Miss Elizabeth, yers sownds deeelishus. Mom likes this cold slaw frum a liddle markit, an they put karraway seeds in too. An the horserradish---grate idea! Widget! Mom an Dad will get there boosters soon. Oh, Miss Cynthia, we are so sorry that Zorro seems to hab sum upsittin problems. You must be confoosed an froostrated an sad. We so hope you can find sum ansers. We love you boff. Laila Mariposa
  8. Hola! We hab to ketchup lader, but I wanted to bark that Mom an Dad seem to be moobin along on this noo howse fing. They tawked to Miss Jessica (owr frend and reeltor), are set up to receeb emales abowt howses in owr prise range, are contacktin a lender tomorra, an are goin to an opin howse today! We are goin too! Cawse afferwards, we are goin to Antie Marys fer a picknick (mebbe inside), an the howse is close. Mom looked at annudder howse on Fryday, wiff a nise totilly fensed yard! An it wuz pritty cheep. Miss Jessica sez we shood get approobed, know how much we cood spend, then try an buy a howse afore sellin this one. It will hab to be under $200,000, I fink. I am eggcited, an I am doin pritty good! Mom sez she is habbin an angziety attack! We went owt to a bery nise dinner last nite! In a beeeeeyoutiful cortyard wiff lotsa frends. Miss Margot is bisitin, an we all got to meet her. An we loooove her! Lader, Laila Mariposa
  9. Hola! I wanted to tell you sum good noos! Mom put sumfin up on Fasebook, but I know sum ob my frends heer are knot on Fasebook. I went to the vet fer my re-chek today, an he liked whot he saw onna ultrasownd. My toomer is just a tiny bit smaller! An my limph nodes look good too. So that medisin must be helpin me. I am takin it like a good gurl (wiff cat food!), an it duznt upsit my tummers. Plusalso, Mom an I are takin a probiotick, an I fink it helps us boff. I hab to go bak in 1 monf to see if the Piroxicam is still doin its job. An I wuz so good I got a noo bed! They had nise beds inna Animal Frends store fer $10. Sum bery gently used, an sum noo. Mom picked one owt speshul fer me, an I love it. Mom sez she is cawshusly optimistick. Fanks fer all good thots. Oh, Miss Halise, we are sendin good thots to you an yer Dad too. Oh, Dewey...Mom wishes we cood go. Hab a grate thyme, Cherry an Ivy. Miss Chris, you are a cannin sooper star! Laila Mariposa Pee Ess, Charlie, Angie sez Zorro is KNOT annoyin! He is un Galgo muy bueno.
  10. Hola! We had a grate day. We went to see that howse, an we wated inna car rite owt frunt, sinse it is a kewl an breezy day. Mom rilly liked the howse, an thinks she cood lib there, an Dad liked it too, but he is much moore reelistick then Mom, an sees fings she duznt see. Like a wet basemint, electrick dryer, not minny owtlets, an 15 amp insted ob 20, skeery steps to basemint, an steep steps to second floor, an an old flat roof, an knot good windows. An no garaje, but we knew that. It would be a lot ob ficksin fer a 100 yeer old howse. Mom just rilly likes the kewl nayborhood, an plusalso, her frend libs neckst door. So....we will keep lookin. An we are skedoolin a call wif owr reeltor Miss Jessica, who will tell us a reelistick amownt fer this howse. An we will be on an emale to show us howses in owr range an reqwiremints afore they eben are listed. Si, Miss Nancy, fings are sellin pritty qwik heer too. We will look moore when we hab an idea of whot we can spend. An then we went to a brooery! It wuz reel klose, an we got to sit owtside on this beeeeyoutiful day. Ivy an Cherry, we injoyed yer GIG pics! Well, there is lots you can do owtside at GIG, or there used to be. We (knot me an my sissers) allays went to the whinery (Adams County), an plases to eat, an eggsplorin the battelfeeld all ober cawse it is hooge. They used to hab get togedders at the Harley Davidson plase, an at the Dobbin House, do they still hab that? Miss Chris, you shure make a lotta good stuff! I know you unnerstand how Mom is finkin. Wiki, that sownds like a perfeck day to me! An Mom. We do love owr food trucks. An beer. Happpy Birfday, Gino! Glad you had a grate trip, Miss Ducky. An you are blessed to hab such a good frend. Nate, you fink that comoonicater can reed yer thots? Mom finks there is sumfin to be lerned frum them. Hope so. Now we are wachin The Serpent. Is pritty dark. Bery dark. An you hab to pay attenshun! The Bakin Show onny haz a noo eppysode ebery week. An we dont wanna wate that long! Laila Mariposa
  11. Hola! I fink it is Fall finely! Bery nise kewl wether, an we loooove it Miss Kathy, we hope yer eye feels bedder ebery day. Hab a grate thyme at GIg---wish we cood go. Well, Mom an Dad are tawkin agin abowt changes they wil hab to make inna neer fuchure abowt the howse. They will tawk to there frend an naybor an reeltor Miss Jessica soon to see whot she suggests---findin a howse furst, sellin this howse furst, etc. They will also tawk to Misser Scott an let him know abowt the possibel changes. It wood meen seberal fings fer him----annudder person ownin the howse, an mebbe lettin him stay, sellin an he wood hab to moobe too, or mebbe if we cant find a good plase we can afford, moobin downstares so there arnt as minny steps. It wood all take a wile, so he will hab thyme. Mom haz reelized we shood be finkin abowt this, tho, speshully sinse Dad haz knot bin feelin grate atall They are eben goin tomorrow to look at a howse Mom is coorius abowt, just to see if we can fit all owr stuff into sumplase a lot smaller. I fink all ob us will go! The Grate British Bakin Show is back! New seeson started last nite. I am feelin pritty good. Laila Mariposa
  12. Wicasso! I love the step by step. Most important being, wake up the artist. This is so clever!
  13. Hola! We hab bin qwiet fer a few daze, restin up fer owr picknick yestiddy. We will ketchup in a minit. We had a fabroolus thyme yestiddy! The picknick went along wiff the Grate Gobule Greyhound Walk, an it wuz a beeeeyoutiful day fer it, eben tho we dint walk. Ob corse, Dad cant, Angie duznt want to, Mom had dowts abowt me (tho I am feelin pritty good), an she an Kiva desided to help a liddle inside. We had owr big X-pen to relacks in an do mini Galgo M&Gs fer a wile. Then we went to the blessin, an owt to pee an then....we got owr toes chopped! Wuz sposed to be a fun day, an Mom had that brite idea. But we were all bery good, an it went fast. Hab to atmit, it wuz easier then at home. An plusalso, gess whot? Mom won us this ahhsum bed! She wanted it soooo bad, an put a lot ob tikkits in, an she got it! Heers whot the tag sez---"Vegan Fur mimics comfort of a mother's fur coat." Ja, ja, I dont fink my mother eber had a cote like this! Kiva got in furst, but today, I tried it owt, an it is grate! You will see Kiva on Fasebook, but heer you will see me. I hab a differnt stile: We were all soooo tayard when we got home, an Mom an Dad are still tayard. It wuz worf it tho. Oh, Miss Halise, we are so sorry abowt yer Dad! Safe trabbels, an hope you can spend sum good thyme wiff him. Oh, no, Andi! We are so sorry you hert yer leg! Hope it feels bedder fast. You are deelin wiff it bery brabely. You are makin yer bed look ahhsum, Wiki! OMD, zoo kritters! Miss Kathy, yer picknick sownds like so much fun too! Hab a good thyme at the weddin. You did! It sownds lovely. Miss Nancy, that resippy sownds yummy! An simple enuff fer my Mom to make. We are so sorry that Pap is knot doin well. Poor guy..... But you are habbin a birfday? Happy, happy birfday! Oh, Nate, yer poor Mom! She is feelin bedder? Oh, Zorro del Galgo, you are knot doin well? We are wurried abowt you, an Angie sends besos y abrazos. Miss Patsy is home? We missed yer Gotcha Daze, Fuzzy an Roman! You did hab fun? Laila Mariposa
  14. Hola! Si, Miss Chris, we fink Dad shood moob arownd ebery day too. Mom sez, I will this fer you, an I will do that fer you, but most ob the thyme, Dad sez, I need to do it myownself. He duz go to the soopermarkit ware he can walk wiff his arms onna cart. Tonite, Mom mite tawk him into takin us all to a brooery, cawse they hab a food truck that is sposed to hab delishus food. We will see.... We hab owr anool reoonyun picknick on Sundy. Mom mite be helpin wiff the awkshun tabel, so we wood go erly. We will take the X-pens, an Dad can sit wiff us an wate till Mom is done. Miss Chris, those are beeeeyoutiful veggies! We hab nebber seen lemmin cukes. Hola, Tiller an Miss Sherrie! Miss Jennie, yer county haz an innerestin name. Wiff a name like that, no wunder peepel do whot they want. Fuzzy! You did get peed on? Wiki, we shure like that tile too, an fink odders wood pay fer one. Laila Mariposa
  15. Hola! Fanks fer the good thots fer my Dad. We are wurried abowt him cawse he just duznt do much ob innyfing. I fink Moms tummers feels sum bedder tho. She got that probiotick fer me, but she takes it too, an it haz helped her. I am doin pritty good too, cept if they dont let me owt abowt ebery 2 owers, I will pee inna howse. But I cant help it. Mom put her flower pics onna Fasebook, an they shurely did make her smile. She haz lots moore pics--sum knot wiff flowers, so she will do annudder album soon. Late happy birfday an gotcha day to Lulu, an good thots to Hada! Jellus ob Miss Patsy sittin by the oshun, eben wiff the flies! How wuz yer stress test, Miss Caroline? We hab sum fings to ketchup wiff lader. Laila Mariposa
  16. Hola! Tho I wuz knot borne yet on that sad day, my sissers an I are rememberin it wiff Mom an Dad. Twenny yeers.....Seems so long ago, an jus like yestiddy. Moms deer cuzzins son wuz werkin there an got owt safe, but he did see peepel jumpin. She dint know if he wuz safe or knot fer ober a day, cawse there wuz no cell fone. So minny sad stories an lives lost. An so minny heroes.... Miss Chris, I hab had 3 daze ob my meds. An I feel pritty good. Plusalso, I am gettin the probiotick. And Dad wuz sposed to get me sum yogurt, but he hert too much to go to the store. Si, my Dad is knot doin good atall. I fink eberyfing on him herts, an he sits in frunt ob the TV all day an sumthymes falls asleep. Mom duz knot know whot to do. She feels so bad fer him. But Mom is home now! It is annudder beeyoutiful day, an she sez she will walk us lader today. She is glad to be home, an we are glad to hab her. We loooove Lucy! An Kibo an liddle Mario..... Merc, that looks like a bery nise serramony. 14 houndies at playgroop! Sendin good thots to liddle Abby. Laila Mariposa
  17. Hola! I ment to bark that we loooove yer pics, Charlie. An the nooly fownd land is beeeeyoutiful too. Miss Vanessa, I fink I wood like sum greek yogert! Dad is gonna get sum tomorra. Andi, hamburglers are ALLAYS nise! Oh, Wiki, fun thymes inna basemint! Miss Patsy, hab fun inna noo land ob Jersey! Dont wurry abowt the traffick, pritty soon you get to see the oshun! Ooh, Miss Noo Carol, Mom absolootly LOVES sunflowers ! They are her bery faborits. In fack, she wuz notissin alla the city sunflowers inna Berg, an thot, Woodnt it be nise to make annudder FB album ob sunflowers? So she did start that. But gess whot? Now she haz about 60 pics! She is stayin inna wunnerful city nayborhood (ware Hank the Labradork libs), an the beeeyoutiful row howses hab so minny gorjuss flowers that she just coodnt help but take lotsa pics. She haz bin walkin arownd ooohin an aaahin fer seberal nites now, an it haz boosted her spirits a lot. Cawse now when it gets kold an yucky, an mebbe I am knot feelin too good, she will hab those flowers to make her smile an feel happy agin. You are on Fasebook, Miss Carol? If you are, an ob corse, innybuddy else (an there are LOTS inna club) will see her album soon. She will make it when she gets to come home. Wich will be tomorra! I know she is heer a lot, but then she goes away agin, an I miss her. An so duz Dad. So tomorra nite she will be home. I am glad she is knot goin to Spane. I know she is sad, but that wood hab bin a looooong thyme to be away frum us. Laila Mariposa
  18. Hola! Mom an Dad took us all onna ride to get my meds! Plusalso, Mom got me sum probioticks in case my tummers is upsit. It wuz a nise day, an I got my furst pill.
  19. Hola! I fink I missed Miss Carolines birfday, an Andis Gotcha Day! To you boff! Fancy Too, we love that yer Mom wuz knot a fig newton ob yer imaginashun! Miss Ducky, whot a wunnerful, pashunt an caring frend you are! We are glad it wuz nuffin moore sirius. Whot a loooong day you boff had. OMD, Andi, wuz that sqwirrel drunk? Oh, Nutmeg, we are so sorry yer Moms sergery wuz cancilled! We can unnerstand why she wood be upsit! Mom is upsit too! My medicin wuz sposed to be heer a wile ago, an it wuz knot. Mom coodnt get innyone onna fone (owr vet is bery good, but they are connected to the shelter, an is hard to get fru), an speshully ober a hollyday weekend. Finely....sumbuddy called her bak an sed there wuz a " miss-communication" between them an Vet Source, an the Rx dint go in till Toosday. Well, Mom sed we need an alternatib NOW. It is a speshul dose cawse I am liddle, I gess, so it haz to be kompownded, an you cant just get it yourownself fru Good Rx. The 10 mg wood be too much fer me. So we are gettin the Medicin Shoppe to do it, an will pick it up. Then we will plusalso hab the odder we awreddy payed fer when it comes. I am feelin pritty good. Cept Dad thot he wood cut owr toes wile Mom is sittin wiff Hank. An we dint like that! Well, I wuz the best. But Kiva made a big JERK, an Dad made one toe bleed. So now she likes it eben less when she sees those klippers. Mom will help him, I fink. She is home a lot cawse Hank libs so klose. She can come home fer good on Satiddy. Laila Mariposa
  20. Hola! It is annudder lovely day, but we are knot doin innyfing. Dad woke up needin braces on lotsa plases. Clarkie, yer Mom sownds like a grate cook! Too bad you cant hab inny. You must tell her neckst thyme---No onyums! Hada, we loooove yer pics! And plusalso, good info abowt the no-nos. Oh, Wiki, you are a mitey huntress! I am glad the todes in Wiskconsin are knot poysin! They had todes in Flowerida that were rilly poysin. So prolly you shood be kareful innyroo. Candy, we dint know yer Mom haz that vertigo too. Must be bery hard. Miss Jenbo, Mom wants to know if you saw Guns an Roses. Miss Jennie, si, pokorn jellies! The birfday feest sownds deelishus tho. Ja, ja, Mom finks it is a good fing she duznt drink coffee! Or she wood hab sum fings knot to do too. Nutmeg, Mom just heets her wader fer tea inna microwabe. Happyest Birfday, Sid! Oh, no, Miss Lucy, you are knot meen! There is such a fing as "ober-eggstended." An plusalso, Nate....You are just bein smart. At leest Mom is heer till she has to go bak to Hanks howse. Heer you will see Hank on his nise deck. He is a bery hansum Labradork. Laila Mariposa
  21. Hola! Is a bery gloomy day. Fank goodnis yestiddy wuz nise. Ja, ja, Miss Lucy, we hab boff kinds ob the chronick payne heer! I fink Dad wood do that knee replasemint, but he plusalso haz payne just abowt eberyware else. Speshully his back. Miss Kathy, we fink that is rilly knot a good idea to take a dog sittin dog to the park wiff a bunch ob Greyhounds! Mom wood knot feel rite doin that. Whot if sumfin happined? She allays sez, "I fink I will err onna side ob cawshun." Mom is leebin arownd dinner thyme to go start her stay wiff Hank the Labradork. He is bery strong. When he wuz younger, he had to hab 2 ACL surgeries, an be inna crate alla thyme. An now he is "dog reactive." Oh, boy, that will be fun fer Mom. Well, they sed she duznt hab to walk him, but there yard is pritty small, so I fink Mom will gib it a shot, just mebbe inna alley. Or mebbe knot.... Laila Mariposa
  22. Hola! I had a bery fun affernoon! They took me an onny me to the yard sale! I got to schmooze an do Galgo minny meet an greets fer one hole street. Mom an Dad got sum stuff they absolootly had to hab. Well, knot rilly. A book, sum CDs, t-shirts. An they boff got purses! Dad sez his is a "murse." Mom is feelin sad fer Dad. One street wuz all he cood do, eben wiff his cane (wich is ahhsum an haz a Greyhound hed on it). He wuz rilly slow an knot walkin bery well, an it hert him alla thyme, but he just wanted to see the hooge sale so bad. Now he is asleep onna cowch. Miss Ducky we feel yer payne. Dad had that shot a cupple weeks ago, but it dint do much good. They sed he shood prolly hab a knee replasemint too. We hope you can get sum good daze from the shot. Ja, ja, Wiki, yer Mom shood hab made a bideo of you! Oh, Miss Jennnie! We are so sorry you are habbin so much trubbel, an shure hope you dont hab inny moore. Si, is a bery, bery bad summer. Laila Mariposa
  23. Hola! Fanks fer alla the good thots. Mom sez it rilly meens a lot to her, an I say so too! I am lookin an actin good, but Mom finks I am bein a liddle moore needy. Mebbe I am. She wants to kiss an hug me alla thyme, so I am just makin it reel easy fer her. My pills are sposed to come inna mail, but they habnt yet. We cant wate to start em. There is a hooooge nayborhood yard sale tomorra inna War Streets, wich are fabroolus. Miss Tammy sed we cood park owr car behind her howse, sinse Dad cant walk bery far innymoore. I may get to go too, an I wood be the onny dog to go. Well, the last 2 daze hab bin absolootly gorjus! Sooper wether! Mom is gonna go stay will Hank the Labradork fer alla neckst week. She stayed wiff him afore the pandemick, an now he is 4. He libs klose, so she will be home ebery day. Mom an Miss Margot hab desided knot to go to Spane in Oct. They were finkin it wuz knot a grate idea innyroo, an now she feels that she shood stay home wiff me an Dad. I know she is sad, but Sweep, hope you do reel good wiff that harniss. Miss Lucy is ahhsum, si? We rilly like those collars, Andi! An plusalso, yer flowers an veggies. An yay fer bein famiss! Oh, Nate, I fink you shood try just a liddle harder.... Ja, ja, Merc, you hab a "hed shaped hed." Mom sez owrs are mostly kinda flat, cept Angie haz a liddle bit ob a bump. Si, a tiny shark fin. Laila Mariposa
  24. It's bladder cancer. We're going to start conservatively, and see if the piroxicam helps. The vet will call in a prescription. Then we'll have a re-check in 3-4 weeks to see if the tumor size has changed. It is worth a try at first. I feel that it helped Winnie. Then if it has grown, it would be surgery or chemo. Surgery is iffy because of the placement of the tumor. Oh, Wiki, you are so beautiful. And so is the salsa! Poor Miss Robin---vertigo would be miserable. I'm so sad.
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