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  1. She came in 2nd in her race yesterday! Her trainer sent me this picture after she was cooled down. She looks pretty darn proud of herself!
  2. I tried the skin and coat oil for the first time as a free product with my fresh factors and joint health. It works really well for itchy or flaky skin. My black boy has always had constant dandruff and no oils or supplements worked to get rid of it completely. Coconut oil did the best, but it was still there. The skin and coat oil got rid if it completely! I just ordered another round this time.
  3. Gracie runs today! MM'S GOOD GIRL, Bluffs Run, 07/12/2015, Afternoon, race 12, post #2.
  4. I have a new girl that I am tentatively "waiting" on. Her name is MM's Good Girl and she just started racing at Bluff's Run. Her owner is Melissa Schmidt and is awesome about letting me know what is going on with her. She thinks that she might need some longer distances so I'm excited to see how she continues to do. She has had a couple of rough goes and seems to be a fighter!
  5. Seeing this brought tears to my eyes. I love all your stories about her you have shared. I'm so sorry you've lost your beautiful girl.
  6. Donna, I'm so sorry. I loved giving her cuddles at the annual Labor day party
  7. Donna, have you tried G&C Raw? They are based in Cincinnati, but deliver once a month to Louisville and Indiana. I use them and so far everything has been good! Here is their website. If you email them they will send you their price list and delivery schedule. http://www.gnc-raw.com/
  8. It really depends on the dog. I used Trifexis for years with all of my dogs with no issues. My lab has a very sensitive stomach and after about 3 years taking it he started to throw it up even taking it with food. I switched everyone to sentinel after that just because it's easier to buy one product in bulk for the rebates. With it being a heartworm med I personally wouldn't risk splitting the dosage, but that's me. Hopefully you can get through to the company soon. I called them when he first started having issues and remember getting through to a person so hopefully it's just a fluke.
  9. pain was my first thought too. My boy with bad arthritis in his back leg will do this from time to time.
  10. I am so sorry to read this. She was a very special girl
  11. I've used Trifexis in the past and it did great with my greys. Now I use nexguard without any problems and it works against ticks, which Trifexis didn't.
  12. You need to try Olewo carrots. They worked when nothing else would for us!
  13. I prepare mine fresh everyday. They say to let them soak for 10 min so I get bowls set out on a table and add the carrots, oil, and water. My guys get excited, but it's not that much of a big deal to make them wait
  14. That is awesome! I'm so glad that others have found that it helps their hounds! I still haven't tried the beets.
  15. The carrots and oil are the only add-ins I use. I'm not a fan of putting a bunch of stuff in my dog's food either. If you feed a good quality food you shouldn't need a ton of add-ins.
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