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  1. So excited to see this gorgeous collar won in the 2017 Miss Nellie Auction, donated to this year's auction. I love "reauctioned" pieces.
  2. We still need donations to make this auction a success. Please help! The Greyhound Health Initiative Blood Bank helps all breeds by providing their services to veterinarians across many states and has helped treat hundreds of dogs since they opened in 2016.* They keep their prices low to better serve the community and rely on the financial support of dog lovers everywhere to keep their doors open. To that end they are hosting an online fundraising auction in May. The format is simple: You donate an item, they auction it off through facebook, and everyone celebrates! Of course, fun, dog-specific items are highly sought after by their supporters and usually fetch a pretty penny, but they've also had success auctioning items for both dogs and people ranging from jewelry to airline tickets... I even saw someone offer a one week stay at their personal cabin on a lake, Air B&B style — it's okay to be creative! If you don't have anything to donate, please consider making a financial contribution of any size by going to https://www.greyhoundhealthinitiative.org/donate/. Or perhaps you'd prefer to make a more direct impact by purchasing supplies for the Blood Bank from their Amazon Wish List: http://a.co/ajMqdVM. *Dogs need blood transfusions for many of the same reasons we do and, like human blood, canine blood is always in short supply. Without this Blood Bank, many dogs all over the northeast US may not get the treatments they need to survive. They need the help of compassionate people like you today. Please share this post with all of your dog loving friends! Donations for the auction can be sent to auctions@greyhoundhealthinitiative.org
  3. We are set up to put items into our Spreadsheet and Album. Just waiting .... Send your donations to auctions@greyhoundhealthinitiative.org
  4. Donations needed, PLUS if your dog currently donates blood somewhere else, please send us your stories to Auctions@greyhoundhealthinitiative.org so that we can celebrate their service to the canine community. We want greyhound owners to know how easy it is to let their greyhound become a blood donor. This will also be the place to get a peek at what will be offered in this auction.
  5. So here we are 2 full days before the Miss Nellie Auctions Starts and with the exception of 5 items needing descriptions, Leslie and I are done! Really? Crazy! So if you have any last minute item(s) that you want to add, we have time.
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