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  1. So excited to see this gorgeous collar won in the 2017 Miss Nellie Auction, donated to this year's auction. I love "reauctioned" pieces.
  2. We still need donations to make this auction a success. Please help! The Greyhound Health Initiative Blood Bank helps all breeds by providing their services to veterinarians across many states and has helped treat hundreds of dogs since they opened in 2016.* They keep their prices low to better serve the community and rely on the financial support of dog lovers everywhere to keep their doors open. To that end they are hosting an online fundraising auction in May. The format is simple: You donate an item, they auction it off through facebook, and everyone celebrates! Of co
  3. We are set up to put items into our Spreadsheet and Album. Just waiting .... Send your donations to auctions@greyhoundhealthinitiative.org
  4. Donations needed, PLUS if your dog currently donates blood somewhere else, please send us your stories to Auctions@greyhoundhealthinitiative.org so that we can celebrate their service to the canine community. We want greyhound owners to know how easy it is to let their greyhound become a blood donor. This will also be the place to get a peek at what will be offered in this auction.
  5. I am still struggling with the reality that she's gone. Everyone tried so hard. Her sheer will, medical science and love just couldn't do it. Her DaddyMan and I shared our wonderful memories with the vet who had been caring for Grandy since she had been admitted to Alta Vista Animal Hospital's Critical Care Unit. We cried, we laughed, while Grandy and I stole as much time as we could. Then she bumped me with her nose and stared at me. I knew it was time.to say see you later. You gave everyone who knew you so much. You brought together people I proudly call my family. You gave us two
  6. Said see ya later to our wonderful girl Grandy - Craigie Grandy September 1, 2004 - October 5, 2016 Thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes. Driving home I looked up to the sky which was dark and cloudy. All of a sudden the clouds parted to show a beautiful crescent moon. I love you to the moon and back Grandy Girl. <3 I will do a better Memorial post when I can.
  7. Grandy continues to improve, albeit slowly. She was really alert and giving me the stinkeye or, not looking at me. LOL She ate 2 containers of yogurt and dumped her water all over my lap. She has some bruising, so the Vet was going to send Dr Couto a message to get his input. Bruising in places are expected with heparin use, but with greyhounds there is a fine line and we don't want to cross it. The really good news was that she was trying to get up by herself, has a stronger radial pulse and is allowing them to do range of motion on the leg with the clot. Her vet is hoping her Fentanyl can be
  8. Grandy update for today Oct 3rd. Grandy is doing better in some ways. Leg has improved in that they feel a slight pulse, and there is blood profusion. She had an abdominal ultrasound, and they found no sign of a thrombus. Everything is going to Dr Couto for review. Grandy has dark urine and a UTI plus some fluid in her back leg. Not ruling our PLN but they do not think so. Vet said in more cases than not they never do find the source. BUT she is on a preventative, and will stay on one. Goal now is to get her pain relief with oral meds. They are thinking of adding in something else. I asked if
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