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  1. We're seeing the same bomb news here Chris, along with dire flood warnings in burn scar areas.
  2. Summer was insisting that I open the slider so she could play squeaky toy with the skunk. No way,, girlie!! You might recall we did that with Saint a few years ago. I think my upstairs bath smelled like skunk for a month.
  3. Hi ebereewun, I miss you all, mom's been working working work, we have a wine club release just about every month for the next few months AND the software switch in June seems to have been ok with no terrible hiccups. We were hot hot 🔥all week and weekend and later this week it will start to get cooler. Fank gudness! Hope ebereewun is doing well 🙏 Would you belive mom brought Myka home 12 years ago at the end of last month? She sure misses her and SAINT YELLBOY too, they had such big personalities. I'm more of a calm, sweet, quiet- Quiet? Really? Haven't yiu been barking me awake at 4:30 and 5:30 am lately???
  4. I too had a corneal abrasion with drops and antibiotics after getting punched in the eye by sweet darling Myka. it seemed to be getting better on it's own and then it HURT to even blink which is when I went to urgent care. Ouch ouch owie. Hope you're feeling better soon Kathy!
  5. Summer asked that I share the best pistachios to be had, yes you can order them from me..... https://www.darioush.com/shop/art-object/pistachios
  6. http://www.matthewsbakery.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Pastry-Assorted-muffins-6658.jpg
  7. Gud morning ebereewun! Mom hasn't let me check in much lately Butt I am here now and guess whot? we're gonna have some snacks!
  8. morning ebereewun we hope you all have a fabuloufaboo day
  9. I don't any of will ever forget where we were or that day. Wishing comfort for all.
  10. we had some rain this morning, glorious wet cool rain! Yay!
  11. I did see guns and roses and they killed it. We left before they finished,, it's a long day and I don't think I'm cut out for a 3 day party anymore.
  12. We hope ebereewun has had a wunnerful long weekend. Mom is feeling like this after 3 days at BottleRock. She is tired and hurts all over after walking miles and miles and miles and miles. But ebereewun had a great time and we're glad to be home together today and enjoying the quiet. She may prep some lunches later for work this week and I don't think much else will get done. Gentle leans to anyone what needs them
  13. We're so sorry to hear this terrible awful news. We hope for many adventures and wonderful meals and lots of happy days filled with love for Laila et al
  14. 'Ohhh, snek, snek!' Reminds mom of Trevor Noah's comedy routine.
  15. Oh Clarkie we are so sorry about the awful "kitteh." Saint YELLBOY BUTTNOSE had a run in wif one of those same beasties and it was baaaad. Like terrible awful. Ugh.
  16. http://fun-18592.kxcdn.com/images/uploads/article-images/_mobile/category-icecream.jpg
  17. My receipt was about $130. They didn't have what I was looking for specifically but I can get it locally
  18. Costco on Saturday mornings is a zoo but Sundays aren't too bad. Thankfully she just needs a couple of things...
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