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  1. We're so sorry that Spirit has left. We saw a bright twinkling star in the sky on our last out. Miss Chris that was lubberly, just lubberly
  2. Miss Jennie many very gentle non touching hugs to you
  3. So sorry we're late with the snax, enjoy!
  4. Well isn't that some wonderful news! Good for you, Spirit, you are the king of, Keep them guessing. We do really hope you get some unicorn pills that put you on dreamy sparkly clouds so any pains you feel are minor and all your cares boil down to, hey ma and auntie, where's my snax? Hugs to everyone!
  5. Hugs to our venerable Spirit and Miss Lucy and auntie Ann We're all with you, you know that right? Holding your hands and reminding Spirit how much he's loved. As are you.
  6. I hope to get some proppah snacks posted tomorrow morning
  7. What is dat awful mess you're trying to share, Merc?
  8. Please add big boy Cosmo the greyhound, he's gaining his wings today.
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