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  1. Oh gosh, we hope Capn Jack is better soon! Molly McDecorator, nice job!. My mom sez she's starting to decorate too. Why wait? If we do it now, we can enjoy it longer! Mom says she talked to her x mister and he fell off a ladder at work and shattered his elbow and needed surgery and plates and screws. Then his Daddyman passed away. Mom feels bad for him and let him know she can help if he needs it but he's pretty dismissive and not friendly so mom figures she offered and he can take it or leave it. She doesn't like that they aren't friendly and in touch after almost a decade togethe
  2. Hi ebereewun! Mom is back home working from home again, she wus in the office for a total 6.5 days. Now I am napping next to her workdesk/dining room table and I am in a SUNBEEM! Sunshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine on my tookas makes me happpeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. Go Molly and family! Mom looked for some Christmas lights today and is gonna start decorationg her desk and her living room too Whatever makes you happy, she says.
  4. .Mom sez after seeing all those other houndies yesterday when she took me for my teef cleaning that she reeelly misses having 2 dogs. And den today like a miracle an email about possibly another haul wif more greyhoundies came in. so mom sed ok, put us in the list
  5. Hi ebereewun and trig? No tgif! Mom is back in the office which she doesn't think is smart or fun since cases are on the rise here. We expect her working from home again soon ish. I however have been a verygoodgirl! She leaves the tv on for me and I play and nap whilst she's gone. She sez she's bery proud of me learning to be alone. Have a good day ebereewun
  6. We are glad you are doing well Andi-pants! Hurray! Did you know my used to call Myka Myka-pants? Mom sed she thinks it's super cute to have pants in your name too.
  7. Dis me, Summer like the seeson. I'm here and hope to catch up wif you, my frends, more often. I will add some snax too probaboblye probablitee prolly some time over the weekend.
  8. Saint is so tall he helped himself to a deviled egg from the platter on the table. We moved the platter to the center of the table so he couldn't reach.
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