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  1. Robin that sounds perfectly reasonable so that he has you both with him
  2. Wow so many travels. We also hope Mr r the best. WBSB we mite get some of your rainy rains tonight or tomorrow morning. It was 96 on Friday. Blech! my younger bro had a stroke but has been discharged and is doing well, he should recover completely. We hope Mr r recovers completely too. I bought a used suv and brought it home this morning. Myka gets the 2nd row and Saint gets the way in the back cargo area. It's huge to me especially compared to the 2 door coupe I've driven for 20 years.
  3. Can someone post snax? I can't get to a computer until tomorrow morning. Thankx
  4. Cletus, clean up on highway 80. Hurry! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ktvu.com/amp/news/big-rig-hauling-live-chicken-crashes-on-interstate-80-in-san-pablo
  5. Happy Birthday beautiful Lila!
  6. Cletus Thanks for the good thoughts, Myka did great with surgery, we will pick her up tomorrow morning and bring her home.
  7. I"m so sorry, Karen, Godspeed Ruby
  8. Jenbo


    Oh no! I'm so sorry, Robin. Godspeed Iker.
  9. What's her lineage? I showed the mr petunias photo and he said wait, that's Myka!
  10. Well hello beautiful! My goodness she looks like Myka.
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