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  1. Ducky she's not quite there yet. Twice last night she let out a short bark. First time I changed her water and filled it up. Second time I moved a bed to the large patio so she could be comfortable outside with us people. Myka used to roo at me. When I asked the right question - want your dinner? A walk? A ride? She'd play bow when I got to what she wanted.
  2. Chris we're looking at Silverton, Or. Do you knoe anything about it?
  3. Gud morning ebereewun. So happy you have blooo skies again and air dat is knot crunchy miss Chris. Stay safe miss sherrie! I habs some breaking news and some breaking wind too. Hehehe. I farts A LOT! Butt dats knot news. The news is I found a way to make my mom unnerstand me! I bark a little bit at her and stomp my feets. And she did whot I asked. It was GLORIOUS MY FRENDS! NOW I CAN RULE RHE WORLD! MWAAAHAHAHA. Wait, Summer, what are you saying? Don't let this go to your head, silly, remember who has thumbs.
  4. Jerilyn, I ordered from these folks. They were great. https://holistichound.com/
  5. Lila we hope the new vet can help you feel better. CBD oil did wonderful things for Myka and kept her calm and pain free it's sprinkling a little bit here so we're hoping Miss Chris et al might be getting some rains to help with the fires. This morning at the winery - we have the winery location and the office location and the home locations for some of us - we are having the blessing of the grapes for harvest 2020. Coffee wine and pastries and a chance to see our fellow employees, all masked and 6 ft apart. It's a nice way to break up a busy day. 🍷🍮🍩
  6. Madre is uber grumpy that I'm not doing for her the things she can do for herself.
  7. Godspeed Bibbi We're safe aside from the terrible air quality. It was 109° last weekend. It's low 50's right now. The smoke is keeping us cooler than average.
  8. There's so much smoke and fog again today butt not as bad as yesterday. It was 109 petigrees on Saturday and it's about 59 degrees today. Here's the beach, smoky and foggy and wonderfully chilly!
  9. I refuse to turn the heat on before November and after March. Usually. This winter is expected to be really cold and rainy so we will see. I had a great wonderful glorious long weekend filled with laughter and good food and silliness. It was awesome. I will post pics and details over the next few days. Have a great evening and stay safe everyone.
  10. I hope you continue to stay safe Chris! We have orange skies that are so dark from smoke and ash that the automatic condo complex lights are still on at 3:30 in the afternoon. We are safe, there are no fires near us but there are SO many fires on the west coast.
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