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  1. Day 47 obs cleening da stink. All towels and clothes that we're not tucked in a drawer or closet are washed. Bedding washed. Mama and daddyman washed. Spraying carpets and eberefing else to be continued.
  2. Susan we got a counter height table and chairs and the extra chairs we use at the buffet counter. The chairs look like this... but came with the table we bought at costco.
  3. The whole neighborhood stinks. And the house. I thought one as gonna hurl about a dozen times last night. And another couple of times this morning.
  4. Ken saw a baby skunk in our backyard Wednesday night. Saint got himself skunked a few minutes ago. So gag worthy. It's gonna be a long night.
  5. We were told he was probably 80 lbgs or so. We knew he weighed more than that and put in the scale at Pet Express where he weighed 96. He stood up on his hind legs the day we brought him home and he sniffed the top of the doorframe. And he's been eating Myka's leftover kibble so he's put a couple of more pounds on. You can bet that YELLBOY BUTTNOSE takes up the entire Cal King bed from side to side.
  6. Wow that was extremely close, so glad they've got your power back on. YAy for Susan's move finally~ We're looking at new to us cars, big enough for me and SAINT who is a fat boy now, he's 99 lbs. hahaha fatty bombalatty, Saint! Have a great day everyone Myka
  7. We're so sorry that Ruby has left. Wonderful news for Beka! Yes, my 2001 acura with 198,000 miles on it needs a new transmission. The car is worth maybe $2K and a new transmission would be $5K.
  8. That previous owner is a major doody head, Susan. I'm sorry she's put a crimp in your day. hahaha, that comment I posted to vanitha is in the wrong thread. oops.
  9. Vanitha, will we see you and the hubs at the picnic in September? It's Sunday the 29th, same park.
  10. Susan, congrats on the house! Glad to you're back on the grid Charlie et al~ HEY! We have tommytoe plans that grew as volunteers dis year. If SAINT! doesn't eat them all, mom's hoping to get some
  11. Rec'd a lowball offer on mom's condo and have countered twice. The broker is pressuring me and I dont like it.
  12. Glad you're ok Charla. And yes it's nerve wracking especially with all tbise aftershocks
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