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  1. How scary! Many hugs to you Elizabeth and Marc too
  2. Please be ok Merc! We're here with whatever support you need.
  3. Gud morning ebereewun have a great day wig lotsa cookies and naps.
  4. Sorry Pippen me frend, Mom's back to the office full time and can't really post snax from her werkjob. I usually save some kibble for the afternoon so I'm happy to share. We can split my cookie too.
  5. That collar is faboo, Ivy and Marc you look quite dashing innit, in a platonical way ob course
  6. Welcome home Heart! How is 5K square? Good luck with the cats miss Chris. I will try to post som snacks later. The lapper topper is at the workjob these days and mom doesn't bring it home.
  7. Well that's weird. My nice neighbors just brought me a plate of dinner, tri tip, half potato baked and some steamed broccoli. Of course Summer wanted a bite of tri tip but she wouldn't quit until I offered her some broccoli. And she ate it right up. I mention is cause I remember how Capn Jack loved his broccoli and Myka would always post a cheesy broccoli casserole for him
  8. I saw it, too. I'm so sorry Nancy, please know you are loved and we are here for you. Cynthia I'm glad you were able to see handsome Cap'n Jack and let his 2nd mom know he is loved. Fair seas and full sails, Capn Jack, our little buttered blueberry muffin. Look for Princess Myka Boo Boo Pantalones, Cap'n, she will be waiting for you along with many others that have gone before. Send your mommas a sign, if you please?
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