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  1. Mom sez HAPPY birthday to you, Miss Chris! Nothing too exciting here, I have several walks - 5 usually. I am good with big dogs now and starting to get better wit littler dogs. Mom sez I have a gurgly tummy today and I havent eaten my breakfast yet. So I will nap in the sun for a little while while mom works. Habs a great day ebereewun
  2. have a great night everyone! Summer says barkbark. She didn't get the memo about greyhounds NOT barking OR shedding.
  3. I think if you can stay home, you should. I'm not grateful for covid but I AM glad for all of the extra time it allowed me to spend with Myka.
  4. I had to deal with pick n pull yesterday and took Summer into the office with me. Woman says, omg she's emaciated, look at those hip bones. I very gently and kindly explained. Then she brought it up again as I was leaving. I was thinking, b word, I will cut you.
  5. No I'm not adding to the household. You guys will be the first to know when I'm ready
  6. Nice try, sweetheart, but we want to post enough snacks for everyone, people and houndies and catz and hedgies and all our other wonderful friends here. Let's try this again, ok?
  7. Hi ebereewun, it's me, Summer. Mom told me that our sweet girl Myka used to post snax so I thought I would post some snax too.
  8. Saint is so tall he helped himself to a deviled egg from the platter on the table. We moved the platter to the center of the table so he couldn't reach.
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