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  1. Myka's approved for surgery on Wednesday, Dr Frey has zero concerns about her age as she is very healthy. She will stay there for the 24 hr care until her surgery and we will pick her up after her surgery on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday afternoon. Thanks for all your good wishes!
  2. We don't know yet what time her surgery will be but her consult is at 10:30 this morning. She's already there waiting with Ken.
  3. So sorry to hear about David. Good luck little batty and to merc too. We thinkk Myka caught her foot in the sheets when getting off the bed. I was downstairs and ken didnt see it.
  4. Thanks you guys. Im sorry, I've been handling real estate stuff for mom and just got back home. Dr Couto says no osteo! I thought I'd posted that but maybe it didn't go through? I'm home now with Myka and she had some sliced turkey and more pasta and a treat and lots of water. She had already gotten up on her own and asked ken to take her outside where she peed and peed and peed which are all good signs. Ken went to check on saint he is still at the in laws and Myka and I are snuggling on the mattress in our living room. I just had a sip of really good scotch, who would think I be so worried and beside myself and really want a sip of good scotch? and we might take a little nap. It's pouring rain here which is unusual but its for sure a good day to snuggle.
  5. Email sent to dr couto. We moved a mattress downstairs and snuggled with her all night. She's had water and meat and pasta for breakfast and she's well medicated and snoozing at the moment. Saint is at the in laws as we were worried he might accidentally step on her or bump her. I have to meet mom's real estate agent and pick up one more light for mom's house today and ken will be here to watch hold feed snuggle her.
  6. Very good, thank you Susan. And yes, our hearts broke all morning. I'm just glad our girl wasn't home alone when it happened.
  7. We're pretty sure it isn't osteo according to our vet but I do have her xrays. Does anyone have Dr Couto's email address? And that was the plan to see if dr couto could weigh in just to be sure. Myka is home now and eating a little bit and well medicated. We will keep her comfortable. Right now she's on her dog bed with a warm throw eating turkey out of my hand. once i get a little more food in her and some water, she can have another pain pill. She also has a fentanyl patch that will kick in around 9 or 10 pm tonight. We will use a sling to help her potty too.
  8. No sign of osteo with xrays and blood tests, she will need a plate in her leg which we will schedule for Monday. Lots of meds and spoiling for our sweet girl.
  9. We're at the vet with Myka, she broke her leg this morning. Xrays and lungs look good, waiting on blood work.
  10. It's gonna rain here all weekend, booo! well I'm going to enjoy it and watch movies and make soup and hopefully the hills will turn green again Harrumph, mom, go away, this is my club! no one wants to hear from you, grumpy old la-- watch your tone, little one! I have another trip to mom's house tomorrow morning to meet the real estate agent, drop off 2 more lights, check on the new carpet and tag touch up spots for the painter. Window washers come on Tuesday and the cleaning service comes on Wednesday. If the stars align, we can have it listed Wednesday afternoon. I will get some pics this weekend so you can see the view it has, it's really pretty!
  11. Nitey nite ebereewun! Mom has an an interview at 4:00 pm tomorrow. Please cross your toes and paws! She so explain later.
  12. Happy Belated Birthday Ivy! Happy Birthday Ms Lucy! Happy Birthday Ambi! Welcome backi, Bikini! What happened Abby?
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