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  1. Laugh In? whaddabout 'here comes the judge, here comes the judge'
  2. I rehired my housecleaners, they will be here Saturday morning since I'm still working from home. Now I have to clean the house and do the dishes and put away all of my laundry before they get here.
  3. Here's a pic of me so you won't get me confussled with Wiki The BB MOM put a SOCK ON MY EAR! BOOOOO wait, I DO look just like Wiki!
  4. That is lovely, Jerilyn, purkle was Myka's color, too. I'd like to have one made for her or get a tattoo with her ashes but I'm going to have to figure out how to pry open the box without making a huge mess.
  5. What the heck? Group pee on the incompetent dude. Good luck with the 'lectricals MEC!
  6. Good morning everyone! We're getting our carports painted today though it will likely take another 18 months before the entire complex has been painted. Most of the buildings are cream with dark green trim - very 80's - and the update will be dark cream buildings with white trim. We have a lot of just plain dirt patches too and we're hoping we can convince everyone to buy one bag of the same type of rocks to help with landscaping. Fingers crossed! Hi ebereewun! how goes it? ebereewun staying warm and helfy? We sure hope so, habs a great day!
  7. Happy Birthday Wiki! We love your sweet silver face
  8. We want to see the pendant too Pics from Tahoe, mom sez it was cold but the sunset to the east was pretty and a pic of me
  9. Good morning and thank you for the birthday wishes. Summer spent the weekend with our greyhound friend Lex and has been invited back for play dates since they had such a good time together. It was glorious to have a change of scenery and I've been reminded that even tho we're still quarantining, it doesn't mean I have to sit in my house. I will be taking Summer for longer walks and going for more car rides with her. Have a wonderful day everyone!
  10. Maybe we are related Wiki! Are you fifty lebben years old?
  11. Morning and TGIF and it's pay day and I got a nice bump on my paycheck for selling wine memberships! Yay! And I'm going to Tahoe for the weekend and I will take lots pics! More caffeine! Yay!
  12. Laila, we hope your mom starts to feel moar better soon.
  13. Thanks for checking in Sherrie! It's 35 here this morning with everything frosted over but that's normal for us this time of year. Hoping everyone is staying safe and warm!
  14. That is crazy! So glad you're all ok, Sherrie and Tiller and Heart.
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