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  1. if they Do decide to take it all out, be sure to keep your ovaries, having no hormones is a bummer.
  2. http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?z=WrOv0N&d=Starry+Heaven&sex=f&color=&birthyear=201x&birthland=
  3. I'm so sorry Lila isn't doing well. 2/29 is when we will hear about Myka's new sister and if we get one.
  4. Saint is so tall he helped himself to a deviled egg from the platter on the table. We moved the platter to the center of the table so he couldn't reach.
  5. Cletus, clean up on highway 80. Hurry! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ktvu.com/amp/news/big-rig-hauling-live-chicken-crashes-on-interstate-80-in-san-pablo
  6. Cletus Thanks for the good thoughts, Myka did great with surgery, we will pick her up tomorrow morning and bring her home.
  7. Jenbo


    Oh no! I'm so sorry, Robin. Godspeed Iker.
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