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Test Results Back

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Mike had a long visit with Dr. B. According to Dr. B, in comparing the test results of Peanut, Bullitt and his brother, Bullitt's results are not nearly as bad. As he put it Bullitt is no where as sick as Peanut was or as sick as his brother. He said he expects the test results either tonight or tomorrow at the latest. He is going to monitor Bullitt's blood pressure tomorrow and he is doing the bile acid test because I have requested it. The history of these littermates I think warrants it and it will give me peace of mind if nothing shows up. He said there is a possibility we may never know what cause this to occurr. He has systematically ruled out everything that could have caused it. The final pieces of this crazy puzzle will be the test results, the blood pressure and the bile acid test.


Bullitt will be able to come home with us tomorrow when we take Jilly Bean in for her check up! Mike visited with Bullitt for a while and sent me a picture. You can see the improvement! His ribs aren't bowed out like they were and he's getting his pretty figure back. He still has some fluid in his belly but nothing like it was and Dr. B said the body will absorb what is left.




I will update tomorrow after we get all the test results and have got him home with us. I'm praying we dodged a huge bullet (no pun intended) and you can be sure I will be keeping a close eye on all 4 of my litter mates.



Please continue to keep Bullitt's brother in your prayers. He needs them so much.




August 17 Update


Our beautiful boy is home! He came home and scarfed down his dinner. Dr. B was off today so he left a note for me to call Monday for all the results of the tests he had run. I do have a list of what tests he did because they are on the bill. lol He came home with Enalapriil and Furosemide (I think Dr. Hezel said that's Lasex). He does have elevated blood pressure. They did the bile acid test and I won't get those results until next week. He looks soooooo much better. His belly is almost totally gone and he has his tuck back. I will call Monday and get the results and post them for all the litter mates mom's and dads can see. I also asked for a copy of all the lab work and results to keep on hand just in case anyone else has to deal with anything that might be hereditary. I pray to god this is the end of it as far as this set of litter mates goes.


Please keep Bullitt's brother in your prayers. He is still very ill.



August 19th Update


After sleeping most of yesterday and having his back legs and feet so swollen I couldn't see the bones in his toes, Bullitt woke up this morning begging for food and the swelling in his legs and feet is gone! He still has a bit of a ponch because he still has some fluid in his belly but it's nothing like it was and should continue to decrease as the days go by.


I've switched all 4 siblings to a senior food that has less salt than regular dog food but still has a good protein content. It also has twice the amount of joint supplement than their other food and will start all 4 boys on a liver support supplement in the hopes of preventing anything like this again.


His brother is slowly getting better thank the good lord! Thank you all for your support and prayers. They are certainly working!


I wiil talk with Dr. b tomorrow and get Bullitt's test results and will let everyone know what they are.


Everyone ate breakfast today! I can't ask for much more than this! I can breathe again.




Bilireubin (sp) is high, not excessively high

Protein is low, again not really low

Bile Acid test came back off just a bit also

Liver Enzymes off just a bit


I'm to continue watching him closely and if I notice any changes bring him in right away, otherwise he wants to see him in a week. We may have to do a liver biopsy to see what is going on because nothing abnormal seems to show up on the ultrasound. He is to continue on the medication for another week.


Not the good news I was hoping for and you can be darn sure that I will be watching him like a hawk. The other boys are going on liver support supplements immediately.

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That's some better news. I wonder if it was Cholecystitis (inflammation of the Common Bile Duct caused by sludge and small stones being ejected out of the Gall Bladder in response to very greasy food.) I've actually seen a human relative blow up like that and the problem is dealing with inflammation and sepsis until healing gets underway

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Oh my, I just want to kiss that face! I'm sure he can't wait to get home again. I'll keep Jilly in my prayers for tomorrow.

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sooooo glad to hear! :hope :hope


I didn't realize he was Peanut's littermate :( :( :(:cry1

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That face is so much like another I love so dearly. :kiss2


Why can't these kids just present something clear cut and simple? Praying that Bullitt continues to improve. I'll be glad when he's home with you.


:bighug for everyone!

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Wow, he looks so much better! Hang in there. Sending prayers and healing thoughts for the whole house.

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Guest PhillyPups

So glad he is improvimg. Will be happier (both Bullitt and us) when he is home. What a little trooper he is. Continuing prayers for all your pack. :bighug to you, Mike and Kevin :bighug

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Glad to see Bullitt looking better! We'll keep him and his brother in our thoughts.

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