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  1. And we still can't get her to wear a coat. You'd think we were trying to murder her..... For those who don't know - Petunia received one of Miss Irene's house coats as a welcome present from a wonderful person here on GT. We have never been able to get it on her without a fight and having her run far away from us. She is just KNOT a fashionista. We couldn't even get a picture of it on her for Irene's website. Kate now wears the coat when it gets chilly here. The same thing happened when we tried a Thunder Coat on her during a bad storm. She and Kate are both very Thunderphobic. Makes for an interesting time during long storms.
  2. We don't know a lot about her other than she came from one of the farms where the owners are either retiring or cutting back the number of hounds on the farm. She had 21 pups that got registered and we don't know how many others she may have had that weren't registered. We're pretty sure that she and Kate were on the same farm together even though they came in at different times. One of her pups, MW's T-Rex has been quite the racer for the last year or so.
  3. No. That was Bella, the girl we watched when her Mom broke a hip. She and Kate look very much alike and would be hard to tell apart at first glance.
  4. I was waiting for one of them to walk up and flip it over. Thought it was sure to happen when that pup put his foot on the rim of the dish.
  5. One year ago today Petunia came to visit us while her Foster Mom "went to a meeting" (yeah, right...) She was here less than an hour when I told DW to "just write the check." This little old lady girl pulled both of us out of the funk of losing Rocket months earlier. We weren't ready for another dog. Petunia thought otherwise. Happy one year Gotcha Day to our bossy, foot-stomping, whining, talking broodie.
  6. Rocket was about 85 lbs in retirement weight. He was a big boy and loved food, but was not overweight. As much as I love my old broodies, this house is really missing having a big goofy boy in it. We're going to need pictures.....
  7. I was logged out when I went to the site this morning. I logged in using LastPass and there was no error message this time and the site showed me as logged in.
  8. Your mother wears Orthopedic Therapaws? Something similar?
  9. This. If at all possible, get a padlock installed on the gate and make them come to you if they need it opened. Otherwise, telling them will go in one ear and out the other. NeylasMom nailed the advice. Drowning out the sound will help a great deal, but make sure they let you know when there will be loud banging or power tools used that have more of a boom sound. That will be a good time to take your pup for another walk.
  10. Petunia still lets Kate know in no uncertain terms that "He's my Daddy." She will headbutt Kate right out of the way if Kate wants pets while Petunia is getting them. The two of them are hilarious together.
  11. When he first arrived, Rocket routinely would take a slurp out of my coffee cup when I wasn't looking. At least you only lost the cookie.
  12. It was like getting a week's worth of entertainment in one walk. Milo and the pitbull trash-talking is hilarious.
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