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  1. Definitely try a blanket or a lightweight house coat. Houndtime.com has flannel housecoats that are perfect for in the house when the hound is chilly.
  2. It keeps Cletus from driving alone after dark. His legs are too short to shift and clutch at the same time.
  3. When I used to drive through parts of Central IL I would encounter one of the Kreckel's Chicken Cars from time to time. I loved seeing them. Kreckel's Chicken Cars
  4. Both of our senior broodies have corns. Kate will let us work on hers, but Petunia tucks her paws under her body and won't let us near her feet. Kate seems to have some pain with hers and still has somewhat of a limp from the corn. We started trying to soften the corn and found that Burt's Bees Hand Salve worked well to soften the corn. It had to be applied daily and consistently. Eventually, the biggest nastiest corns on Kate were able to be popped off and she definitely felt batter. It became obvious within a week or two that the corn(s) were re-developing, so we are still softening and
  5. Petunia says she approves of ice cream. She and Kate have had it for birthdays and few other special celebrations. Enjoy your day, girls!
  6. Happy Gotcha Day Girls! (Petunia wanted me to let you in on a secret but don't tell anyone - Your Mom secretly likes the mayhem - keep up the good werk.) Hope you got lots of treats and fries today!
  7. She knows how to look innocent. She's perfected that skill like most broodies.
  8. One year ago today the paperwork for Kate became official and our house officially became known as Camp Broodie. We love this sassy girl and she has been the perfect "partner in crime" for Petunia. Broodies...what a handful, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  9. To me, being ripped inside the shipping box means it probably already had a tear in it that the warehouse didn't catch. It's probably not a major problem since all of those torn bags that they do catch end up at animal shelters around the country and get used all the time. I'd say that unless it smells off or rancid, or has detectable bugs, it is probably fine given the short transit time. Some of the manufacturers also print the actual production date on the bag - if you have that it will give you an idea of how long the bag may have been open and exposed to air.
  10. Thank you for taking in this special boy and thank you to his first owner for recognizing the issue and not setting him up for failure. He was a special boy and found the home he needed. Run-free, handsome Andy.
  11. What a handsome dude! Roaching is hard work!
  12. If you are contacted by animal control, be sure to insist that the other party gets a citation for each off lead dog if there is a leash law in place. Your dog was under your wife's control at the time and the other dogs were not under the owner's control as required in most places. Sully was simply being a dog.
  13. Glad you are feeling well enough to be back here. Andy will definitely be missed here. Abu is one handsome dude and I think he knows it given the look on his face...
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