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  1. Guess who had her first French Fry tonight at Camp Broodie?
  2. Let me run that by DW. Also - Sadie got up a few hours ago and re-nested a pile next to my side of the bed. 3 hours later she is still laying there sound asleep. From my days as a Volunteer Paramedic I have a habit of putting my clothes on the floor in the order that I put them on in case I have to get dressed quickly during the night. It's an old habit that never went away from having 3 minutes to get the Ambulance on the road and responding from home to the firehouse. . She thinks they should go in the hamper at bedtime. One night we were in a hotel when the fire alarm went off in
  3. We've been through lots of tummy issues over the years. The thing that none of our hounds have turned down is Evanger's Organic Cooked Chicken. It's canned food and we would often use it when Rocket's stress colitis or the 4AM tummy squeals started up. We also used it with the most recent 3 hounds due to hookworms and the tummy issues that come with them. It is just chicken - nothing else but is the consistency of dog food and digests easier than pulled or rotisserie chicken.. It is not a complete meal, but we use it when we need to feed a bland diet or take a few spoonfuls and smear it th
  4. Exactly... She is a big time nester. She has made a nest out of the toys from the toy box and steps over a perfectly good dog bed to plonk down in the toy nest. She's also made a nest of soft blankets next to the slumber ball in our bedroom. She spends the night changing from the blanket nest to the slumber ball, and just tonight I found her laying in the clothes that I took off before bed. Petunia is not going to be happy about that, because she nests in my dirty clothes during storms or when she needs to be be near Daddy.
  5. Roaching started on the second night. She's all about airing out her parts.
  6. Sadie Rose Day 2 Activities: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz And first Milk Bone - Whot?! Did you think I only sleep? Nail trim will be later this weekend - giving her a day or two to settle in.
  7. She got a wipe down with a wash cloth yesterday but can't have a bath yet since she has a couple of staples in an injury. Apparently she got into a tussle with another hound at the adoption group's kennel in the day and a half she was there and needed to have staples. Oddly, Petunia also arrived with staples from a similar incident at the group kennel. Gang initiations there must be tough. As far as her color, she is considered white with ticking, but in reality is more a combination of fawn, off white and gray with maybe even a little blue in there. Just a few small ticking areas. I
  8. Yes! All good except for a few minutes last night when Petunia came to me and gave me the "Dad - get her the hell out of my bed look." She went right to bed last night and let me know at about 5 AM that she needed to go out. Can't ask for more than that from a new girl just off the farm. I will predict right now that there may be just a little bit of mayhem in this one.
  9. She turns 9 next month. Her grandfather is Dodgem By Design and I see a lot of Rocket in this girl. Dodgem was his daddy.
  10. There is a spot on her nose and a few little ticking spots near her ears. Probably a few others that we can't see because what we think is her off-white color is probably Oklahoma Racing Farm Dirt.
  11. Sadie Rose. (Racing Name: Paul Walker) With the recent passing of Kate, we knew that Petunia would need a new roommate here at Camp Broodie to keep her company. That was how Kate originally ended up here, and we knew that Petunia was just not the same when she is an only-hound. We put the word out shortly after Kate left us, and found Sadie Rose who arrived at Camp Broodie this afternoon. To answer the burning question - YES - She is a broodie! She arrived with the name Paula from the adoption group but doesn't answer to it or any other name. We figured it's a good time to
  12. I see that she's a graduate of the Miss Kate School of Spinning and Pouncing!
  13. He was just taking his birthday off. Happy Birthday, Logan!
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