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  1. I've just started keeping the jar on the counter right next to the toaster. PB on toast is one of my favorites when I can't figure out what I want to eat, and is very often breakfast.
  2. OK. That was how the previous site displayed them so was hoping it was still an option. Probably not a big deal to leave it as it is. Thanks for checking.
  3. That's the one. I always found it easier to see the latest posts using that on the previous site when it only displayed the newest topics that had been posted until another new topic bumped the bottom one off. I think leaving all forums in is fine so that all posts get an equal chance at being viewed, but in it's current display it's just a constantly changing list, so it's easy to miss a new post for a day or two if I'm just skimming things. I guess what I'm asking is if it can be set to display only the Newest Topics posted instead of every response to every post. That would give pretty much every new post at least a few hours of visibility on the front page. Thanks.
  4. Jeff, Any chance the TOPICS list on the main page can be set to display New Topics only like the previous site? New posts that need visibility or more urgent replies, especially Health and Medical get pushed off of the list too quickly if Off Topic and C&F / Chat Club are really busy. Right now it is changing with every reply to a post. Thanks.
  5. We figured that Petunia would make the Kanab Newspaper front page when she statued in the middle of the street and brought the parade to a halt. They are hanging here with me this weekend but Mom went to Kanab with Trolley and her mom.
  6. Petunia and Bella waited until the hottest part of the day to go sunbathing.
  7. Time4ANap


    I'm very sorry for your loss. Run-free, Bisbee.
  8. ... Daddyman. Note the eye that is watching Daddyman from behind the blanket.
  9. I'm so sorry for your sudden loss. Run-free, Jax. You will be greatly missed.
  10. Rocket loved those. He didn't care for the chicken feet that I got at the butcher shop too much, but those dried duck feet were gold!
  11. Petunia says she has not heard from even one of those 21 brats...... One of her boys is too busy winning races and being handsome on the innerwebs. Meet MW's T-Rex.
  12. This development is massive. I just looked it up out of curiosity and we have 3,910 homes in 44 neighborhoods. The majority of them are snowbird homes, so the people are only here a few months out of the year. In the summer, those of us who are year-round pretty much hibernate in the AC due to the desert heat, so I would bet there are several other greyhounds in here that we haven't found yet. Right now I know of 6 total including Petunia and Bella, and 2 of those are snowbird hounds from Pennsylvania. Nearby we have Sun City AZ (borders our development in places) and we see greyhounds walking in there all the time. We know there are a lot of them in the immediate vicinity when you add-in Sun City and the other neighborhoods that border us.
  13. Everyone, meet Bella! She looks a lot like another Bella we all know and love here. Bella's Mom fell and broke her hip a few days ago and is going into rehab for a while. Bella is 12 and will be staying with us until her Mom is better and back at home. She and Petunia became fast friends today. Bella lives in our development less than a mile from us, but we had never met or seen her before. We got an email this morning that sort of came through the grapevine asking if we knew anyone who could watch a greyhound while her owner was in the hospital. A few phone calls later, Bella is relaxing in our living room. She is a real sweetheart. Based on her crazy ear maneuvers and her face, I'm guessing she is related to Rocket, but I don't have any info regarding her racing name yet. We will work on that to see if she's a Gable Dodge or Dodgem By Design girl. So, if you see Chris or I posting pictures of her, she is a visitor!
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