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  1. Feel better soon, Jeter. We want to hear a story from your Mom soon where you are
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Rosie was such a gorgeous girl! Our boy Rocket also enjoyed a good prank and laughed all the time, so I totally get your description of that. Run-free, Rosie.
  3. Dick hasn't been here in quite a while. There was a thread where someone asked about him during the pandemic. Someone made contact with him and he was fine at that time. https://forum.greytalk.com/topic/326287-dick/?tab=comments#comment-6149575
  4. I can confirm that Advocate is the overseas branding on the product that is Advantage Multi here in the US. It is sometimes cheaper to buy it as Advocate from suppliers overseas, but with mailing and shipping like it is now, I would not take the chance. Petsupplyexpress.com is one overseas supplier that ships to the US. I have bought Advocate from them when we were treating hookworms on a long term treatment plan. Since the pandemic affected shipping, it can take 1-3 months to get a shipment here now from overseas. You can use Advantage Multi if you want to stick with the Advocate. I normally use Interceptor for our dogs monthly treatment and have had no issues with it.
  5. What a beautiful girl! Keep getting better, Sweep. I have no doubt that Aiden is looking out for you and sending those good vibes.
  6. Good to see a "familiar face" back on here. Congratulations on Daphne! Love the name.
  7. Greyhounds usually are going to want to be where you are. They can learn stairs, no problem. I haven't had a hound yet who like being left alone in another room or contained away from everyone else. They are very social. They may lay around all day doing nothing, but they want to do that near the people who are around. If they are going to be in a room behind a closed door, I can assure that it won't work. If the dog will be around people the whole time, it may be fine. If there are any exits where someone can open a door inadvertently, the dog can also get out and be gone before you know it. This is one of those things you have to be hyper-vigilant about since the dog can run 45 MPH and be long gone quickly. If there is a way to keep the dog secure while you are distracted with work like installing a baby gate or two, installing a camera to monitor the area etc, you might have to consider making a few of these additions . Just be sure to consider the practical things about having a dog at your particular workplace. Plenty of people take their dogs to work, but each situation is different depenidng on the nature of the business and workplace. Good luck.
  8. I'm so sorry, Jan. It's going to be quite a week at The Bridge. The Brothers Mayhem are back together and Miss Petunia will be there to keep them under control and be the Fun Police. I hope all of our friends who were already there are rested up and ready for this. Thunder, indeed. Run-free Aiden. You were a fantastic brother, camper, and took great care of your Mom. You are really going to be missed here.
  9. That was beautiful, Jan. Katie was gorgeous and you can see in her eyes that she just loved life. Run-free, Katie.
  10. Thank you, everyone. She was loved by everyone she ever met, and lots of people who never met her in person. I can honestly say that I've been completely lost the past few days without Petunia and all of our daily routines. She controlled the schedule here and we had lots of "routines" that went off like clockwork. Petunia was good at keeping things on schedule, especially her meals and treats. She was definitely "Chief Broodie." I didn't think it was possible to have another "heart dog" after Rocket, but Petunia has proven me wrong.
  11. I so happy to see that Sweep is doing well. Just catching up with her latest posts here.
  12. Camp Broodie is now an eerily quiet place. We unexpectedly lost Petunia yesterday to a medical emergency. She had a mild case of LP and due to her age, the vet always felt that surgery risks outweighed the benefit for her. She occasionally coughed or gagged after drinking, but was not having other issues from the LP. Yesterday the LP got worse and resulted in us going to the E-Vet. Petunia stopped breathing shortly after her arrival in the building, and they had to intubate her. After chest x-rays, it was determined that she would not have a favorable recovery if we did emergency tie-back surgery. We made the agonizing decision to let her go rather than put her through a risky surgery and complicated recovery. At this time, there are no dogs in this house and we are back to the eerie quiet that existed after Rocket passed, and it is the same quiet that resulted in Petunia arriving and starting Camp Broodie. Petunia's Story We lost Rocket in October 2018. The house was so quiet that we couldn't stand it, but we got through the holidays and into the new year without a hound in the house except for visitors. Trolley got us through that time along with Snickers. We had decided that we would wait until we found an older dog or a dog who had circumstances that resulted in them needing a forever home. In January of 2019, GT'er 3DogNite asked if we could watch one of her fosters for a few hours while she went to a meeting. We knew that it was a setup but we agreed anyway. It would be fun to have a hound in the house for a few hours. At this time, Trolley and Snickers were still occasional visitors so we were getting our hound fix by dog sitting. Miss Petunia walked in the door that afternoon and camped on a bed behind DW's office chair. She was kind of a shy girl who wasnt sure why she had been brought to yet another house. She much preferred the farm where she raised 21 pups that we know of and possibly many more. She had been a great racer, and brought to adoption at age 10 1/2 when the farm closed down. Petunia and I hit it off instnatly that day, and about 45 minutes into her "being watched for a few hours," I told DW to "write the damn check, she's not leaving." That was the start of Camp Broodie. Petunia was obviously not happy as an only dog, but not long after her arrival, we got word of a greyhound who needed a temporary home while her owner recovered from a broken hip. We brought Bella to the house and she stayed for a couple of months. She and Petunia became buddies. When Bella went home, Petunia was miserable, so Kate came for one of those "afternoon visits" noted above. Petunia and Kate came from the same farm and were obviously old friends. They greeted each other, then both lay down on beds and Petunia once again became a dog with a mission - to take care of Kate. Petunia was the typical broodie and needed to have someone to take care of. If not another dog, it was usually me. She spent her days tracking my every move and letting me know when she was not happy with me being in a different room or when I returned after running an errand etc. She was a Daddy's Girl in addition to being Chief Broodie. In the months since we lost Kate, Petunia changed and decided that she preferred being an only dog. We had several other dogs here as potential sisters for her, but they weren't Kate and she wasn't interested. She was just fine hanging with humans and the occasional greyhound visitor. Snickers is still a regular vistor and Petunia adored Snickers. She treated her like one of her own puppies. The broodie instinct was clear anytime Snickers visisted. She and Trolley also became good friends when Trolley was here. It took them a little time to do so, but they did really well together. Last week we had two young greyhound visitors ages 3 and 5. The broodie came out in Petunia while they were here. She monitored their every move, followed them, herded them where she wanted them to go etc. Once a broodie - always a broodie. She was worn out when they left. Over the couple of years she was here, Petunia had a great retirement. She had numerous names - Tuners, Tunia, Miss Tuna, Toodles, Doodles, Toodle Doodles and many others. She discovered french fries early on and preferred that they be from McDonalds. We last shared fries on Saturday when I brought them home for lunch after getting my flu shot. She would smell the fries when I walked in and stand by my recliner waiting for me to sit and serve her. She had a cheeseburger and fries for her 13th birthday celebration and I think she wanted to know where those cheeseburgers had been all of her life. I can't wite about Petunia without mentioning the "Petunia Pause." When we went for walks, she would decide that she had walked far enough and would statue or sit on a driveway in the neighborhood. No amount of coaxing or waiting could make her walk home. The first time it happened I had to call DW to bring the car. Big Mistake. She statued on every walk after that and looked at me like " you can call the car now." That was Petunia 100%. We will miss our "stubborn broodie" and I will miss my "Daddy's Girl." We don't know what the next chapter brings, but I'm sure that Petunia will somehow have a hand in it if she can. Run-free pretty girl, and go find all of your friends who went to the bridge before you. We love you. The girl with the wonkiest nails I've ever seen. Mmmmm Fries. Finding a bonus fry that she stored earlier Saunbathing with Kate and gossiping about the other dogs One of my favorite pictures.
  13. Rocket had allergies and Petunia has days like you are describing as well. I think Petunia may have a little bit of LP as well, and the vet is coming this week to check that out just in case. I have used Chlor-Trimeton for both of them when I suspect allergies. It doesn't make them drowsy like Benadryl but does seem to dry up the mucous that causes the gagging. Petunia's breathing gets really raspy when allergies are bad, and the medication seems to help with that as well. I just buy the generic from CVS - https://www.cvs.com/shop/cvs-health-4-hour-allergy-relief-chlorpheniramine-maleate-tablets-100-ct-prodid-1170247 EDITED TO ADD: The chlor-trimeton (chlorpheneramine) was reccomended by our vet so was used with her approval. Zyrtec caused a great deal of irritability and pacing/panting when we tried that first.
  14. I got my flu shot today so that it would be effective for the flight from AZ to GRTB. Does anyone know if this year's flu shot updates the tracking chip from the COVID shot? Also - Check out the GRTB site for this year's GRTB T-Shirt if you didn't get the email. Awesome shirt this year!
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