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  1. Seriously - neither of them have a clue that they are 11. It's a big part of the fun with both of them.
  2. I haven't tried that product specifically, but have been impressed with the foods in the Pro Plan line that say they have specific benefits, like Bright Mind, Focus etc. Reviews and reports from other owners are really good, and our own experience with the Large Breed Focus was so good when Rocket ate it, that we are now feeding it to Kate and Petunia since the "senior food" we were using was discontinued. They are both doing great on it.
  3. I said the same thing when we met her. She doesn't seem to know that she is 11, only that she is definitely "retired."
  4. Kate says thank you to all for the warm welcome. She seems to be settled fairly well since she;s been visiting us off and on while she was a foster. We had our first evening with 2 thunderphobic hounds last night when storms blew though, but some calming treats, CBD and a Thunder Coat all seemed to work well for her. Petunia, on the other hand required a little stronger medication to get through it. It was pretty funny when they would run to DW or to me and decide they both wanted to be held by the same person when the thunder boomed.
  5. Yes. Just hook the regular leash to it and go. Petunia had no trouble adjusting to it and let me put it on her with no issues. We went to a harness because she tends to statue on walks, refusing to move any further at some point and we needed the control of a harness. Sometimes she's stopping like that in someone's driveway or other inconvenient location and we need to move her. The harness allows me take control of her using the top part of the harness and move her along when we need to. I wasn't able to do that with a regular collar and leash without risking an injury to her.
  6. I found the double leash way too heavy to use. I think it might be good for a larger dog or one who really needs more control when walking, but we haven't used it since first trying it and realizing how heavy it was (the double hardware really adds weight). Just a regular leash and one d-ring used when walking Petunia.
  7. Happy Gotcha Day girls! Annie - the female Paddy Mayhem....
  8. The 2 Hounds No Pull Freedom Harness is the one we use and was suggested by many here when we asked this question. It fits well and can;t be backed out of. https://www.2houndsdesign.com/product-category/shop-now/freedom-no-pull-harness/
  9. Not to worry. That boy will always be in my signature and with us here every day. Even with 2 hounds here I miss him every day and still expect him to come around the corner with that evil grin on his face and ready for whatever we are doing next.
  10. Many greys simply do not like closed doors. She could have also heard something that you didn't and wanted to investigate. Greyhounds are pretty social and usually prefer to sleep in the same room as their people, aka their "pack." I've seen hounds get antsy several times behind a closed door. As a test you could leave the door open but block it with a chair or something similar. If that takes care of it, you might consider installing a baby gate in the door way. We use a gate in our bedroom doorway so that none of our dogs or visiting dogs go to the door expecting to be let out when we are asleep, as the exterior door is on the other side of the house and we would not hear them if they simply went to the door and waited.
  11. Except that Kate looks almost like Bella, who stayed here for several weeks while her Mom recovered from an accident. Pretty soon Kate is going to think her name is Bella if I keep calling the wrong name.
  12. Racing name Miss Kate. Kate, whom you've already seen some pictures of as "Foster Kate" is now officially Petunia's new sister. Kate has been visiting and hanging out here when her Foster Mom was traveling or had things to do that required a few hours away from home, and she and Petunia hit it off from the start. Kate, like Petunia is an 11 year old broodie (likely from the same farm as Petunia) and I have a sneaking suspicion that they already knew each other prior to meeting at our house. Kate is also a champion roacher with perfect form. Petunia says there is something seriously wrong with this picture. Not to worry, there are more than enough beds here. Now we just have to hide the bread after she helped herself to a loaf from the kitchen counter last weekend. I guess it's also time for a new signature. (soon) EDIT - Here's a better pic of Miss Kate!
  13. You could fill them with slumber balls.... We use a sling and it works fine in the Camry. There is enough tension on the sling that falling into the leg wells isn't an issue, but this will vary based on the size of the car and the sling. You might look at some of those cheap dorm room type ottomans sold at Target, WalMart, At Home, etc... that are mostly foam. There should be some that would be firm enough for Val to stand on. Also, we went back to our old fake sheepskin sling. All of the "improved" and "waterproof" slings were way too slippery for the hounds to have good footing.
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