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  1. Surprising, but glad it worked out for you. In the states where I've lived they carry no weight and are pretty much a scam.
  2. A threat of calling the BBB means nothing to any legitimate company. The BBB is a scam organization in the business of selling memberships and reviews to unsuspecting businesses. Instead, threaten to file a complaint with the state agency that regulates insurance sales in your state. That will get their attention on your call really fast. Do the research to find out which agency that is and call the agency by their actual official agency name when you mention them. This way, Embrace knows you've done your homework and are naming the agency that regulates their ability to sell policies in Ohio.
  3. Happy Birthday beautiful Miss M! Now I want pancakes.
  4. There's always a tattoo. I'm never without my wallet so the card works well for us. We also have signed documents from other greyhound owners authorizing us to pick up their dogs in an emergency and have the house keys to accomplish that. We are the POC on their emergency notification card also.
  5. We have the "If I Am Sick Or Injured" cards in our wallets and the associated keytags on our key rings. The card indicates that my pets are alone and gives space to write in two emergency contacts with a Sharpie. We bought the cards at Dewey. Several of the vendors had them. Our cards are similar to but not exactly like this style - https://www.amazon.com/DuraPaws-Emergency-Plastic-Contact-Writable/dp/B07DLLXJ5Z
  6. If 2 or 3 already came up, that doesn't leave a whole lot in either of them if the amount is somewhat split between them. The raisin bagels I buy typically are more cinnamon and bread with just a handful of raisins scattered throughout, so I can't imagine there is enough left in them to be all that worrisome. I'd be more worried if they straight out ate a box of raisins, as opposed to some that were in a bagel. Hope they both do well and are back home soon.
  7. I'm so sorry to see this. Luna has always been one of our favorite GT hounds. Run-free, Luna.
  8. Thanks! It is not showing up at all for me but now that I know the name of the emoti I can see it if I search for it by name. Weird.
  9. The "We Have A Winner" emoti seems to be gone now - but that is definitely what is wrong with this picture, and it has not happened again since.
  10. Panacur isn't strong enough for the current breed of hookworms that are running through greyhounds that come off the tracks and farms in the US. Petunia had symptoms very similar to your hound including very bloody stools once we started hookworm treatment. . Because of her age (11) we did Dr. Ng's modified protocol and modified it a little more, but using the drugs in the protocol. After 6 months she was clean. That was about 4 months ago, but we've since adopted Kate (11) who also came from one of the greyhound farms. Kate was positive for hookworms, and now Petunia has tested positive again for the antigen but not eggs. We will probably be revisiting the protocol, I am just waiting for final instructions from our vet on how she wants to handle it this time. As a side note, we started Petunia on Interceptor monthly once she had several clean fecal tests, however with her now being positive I;m thinking it may not be sufficient either.
  11. Time4ANap


    We miss that boy.
  12. I think LuLu has a long term plan for your shoes when she gets out of that thing. Feel better soon, LuLu.
  13. Yup. We miss Trolley coming in the door and holding court on the guest bed.
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