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  1. Aiden says he isn't lazy - he just has a system...
  2. Happy Birfday, Punkin! 9 is Divine! Come bisit! It's still warm here. Petunia and Kate
  3. These dogs often sleep with their eyes open due to the inner eyelid they have and you will think they are awake - you don't know when they are sleeping or awake in many cases. Making unwelcome contact with any sleeping dog is a bad idea. Ever hear the phrase "Let sleeping dogs lie?" it's a phrase for a reason. If you won't enforce some basic rules for the safety of your son or others in the household, I suggest involving your adoption group for advice. They may need to rehome the dog for the safety of all involved. That's my last post on this and I have blocked you so that I don't
  4. In this case, the ten year old was wrong. Period. The bed (any bed that the dog uses) is his safe space. Greyhounds have never been touched when sleeping in their crates and are considering their bed a safe space. No resident, visitor etc should be allowed to touch the dog while on their bed, and the bed is the dog's safety zone, whether awake or asleep. No one in the house should be laying on it or using it, ever. I spent 10 years with a fantastic boy who had sleep startle and space issues. He was the sweetest dog you ever met and had a huge fan club. But, if you didn't follow basi
  5. Grammy and Batman! That just made this year feel a whole lot more normal!
  6. The BBB is one of the shadiest outfits there is and is largely a scam operation, so I don't trust their reviews on anything. That being said, it looks like the same bed is sold under the Pupnaps brand in Australia. Reviews are mixed at best, and several indications that the bed does not wash well or comes apart when washed. While I didn't read every review, this looks a lot like some of the other beds sold on Woot and other discount sites from time to time, so is probably some cheap Chinese-made dog made for bulk resale. There are also a lot of bad reviews of FromHooman scattered around
  7. GREAT NEWS TONIGHT FROM CAMP BROODIE!!! Petunia has remained hookworm-free since our last check, so about 6 months. Kate is hookworm-free for the first time after a full year. Both were on a modified version of Dr. Ng's modified protocol due to their ages. In both cases, it took each girl a year to get rid of those nasty things, and some months were not pretty after treatment.
  8. " Mom, I'm sure I heard someone say, 'Cleanup on Aisle 3,' honest!"
  9. I knew who did it before reading the text. Kate would like to teach her about loaves of bread. Annie
  10. Worms can take multiple treatments to be completely gone. Take the poo sample to the vet and have it checked. Be sure to refrigerate it in a sealed container until you get it there. Since you have a specific sample to look at, the vet can determine which dewormer or other treatment may be needed.
  11. Did the separation anxiety start after a change to the daily routine - such as one of you have been working from home due to COVID and then went back to the office or something similar? Sometimes it's the routine being disturbed and not being lonely. Just a thought.
  12. He is a handsome dude! Congratulations! Those Gable Dodge kids keep life interesting. He looks settled in already.
  13. Houndtime.com makes flannel house coats that our dogs have worn during the winter and on cold rainy days. They tend to sleep much better with the flannel coats as it keeps them warmer without getting too hot. The owner of Houndtime is a member here as well. Instructions for measuring are on their website.
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