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  1. My beautiful Honey was very afraid of thunder & the hours of storms we had Wed night were too much for her. After she went outside with her brother early yesterday morning she came in & climbed up on the dog couch where I dried her off left the room for a few minutes & when I walked back to check on her she was gone. I never thought this would happen as she always was a happy health girl, when my SIL came to put her in the car for me he said he wasn't too surprised, Run free Honey & watch over Prince & me. We love you
  2. Happy Happy one Felicity!!!

  3. My two think raw turkey is a great treat. Last night I gave them so chicken gizzards mixed in their kibble but they wheren't too impressed. I tried ground turkey that I cooked for them & they ate it but never asked for more. If it is fresh it should be ok for them.
  4. Enjpyed following Summit on GT. & I'm sorry he had to leave you.
  5. Honey is my 10 yr old broodie that says welcome home Petunia! I bet Rocket had a hand in sending her your way These old broods make good nurses if either of you get sick as Honey showed when I had a serious fall & hit my head knocking me out, she kept checking on me all night & made me get up every hour.. Glad you have her.
  6. I'm so sorry, hugs to you from north TX
  7. It seems like w had more than 3 years to love that wonderful boy. I'm so sorry he had to leave. Hugs to all he left behind.
  8. I'm sorry for your loss. My you have a small dog come cuddle you in the night as I did after Noelle did. Even my doctor said it happened as she wanted me to know she was safely across the bridge.
  9. So sorry to see this. Rocket will be missed by many. Hugs to you & Cjris.
  10. Greg, I am so sorry she had leave but she will always be in your heart. She was a beautiful girl.
  11. I just lost my 4 yr old to osteo, it too staarted with the wrist & 3 weeks after the first vet visit he got his wings. Please be careful with this.
  12. I use Victor Yukon Valley Salomon & sweet potato for my old boy He was having a hard time with foods with chicken but is doing well on this. I used other Victor foods for other dogs before & they served us well. One good thing about this food is that Prince does not have "fishy breath". Give is a try.
  13. Hope her paws heal quickly & I'm glad she made her way home.
  14. Sorry about Conrad, as others said he was enjoyable for all of us. Bisbee sounds up to the job of helping your hert heal.
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