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  1. In sept. I lost my blue brindle Ellie to osteo. A week ago Tessa was diagnosed with hemagiosarcoma. Tessa started going downhill Thursday. I was hoping to have a full weekend to spoil her but by Saturday night she couldn't get up and had trouble drinking. So this afternoon I sent her to go be with Ellie. Losing two hounds in 6 weeks is such a kick to the nads. But I know she is pain free and kicking up the grass running. I know she had a great life here for 10 years and one day I will be with her and all my other hounds I have lost over the years.
  2. They never stay as long as we want them to. Pretty Sure my Bijou will be there to welcome him and Ellie will be there for him too. Hang in there G
  3. My Blue Brindled side-kick for many years finally left on her final journey Friday (9/28). She survived a cancer scare 5 years ago when we removed a mass in her hip. This past week she that leg came up lame and she would not put weight on it and would drag it when ever she would walk. Took her to the vet Friday and that was a mass on her leg bone. It was hard to say good bye to her but I had to lead with my head not my heart. I'm sure Isis and Bijou were waiting for her to get updates on Daddy. Ellie, you will always have Daddy with you no matter what separates us.
  4. Has any grey parents used styptic power on cuts to themselves? Asking for a friend.. :lol :lol
  5. For some reason the server and you just don't get along...But I do have it up on my Facebook page
  6. Even though it's been 3 years, Lil'bit is still shy around strangers, but total love bug at home. Phoenix is in the middle of Summer with 100+ degrees everyday. I have a little portable AC in my bedroom and turn it on in the afternoon to chill down my bedroom. It blows across my bed and Lil'bit loves to stretch out and feel the chill. Today she took her buddy up there with her.
  7. When I first took her in as a foster 4 years ago she was a spook, Always stayed in the bedroom of if in the same room as I would back her butt up into the corner and if I made any move she would jump up and run to the back room. IT took her almost 6 months to relax a little. Now 4 years later if I move to her too fast she cowers and sulks away from me. But she has to be the first to meet me after work and loves to sleep on the bed with me curled up on the pillow next to me.. lol
  8. Lil'bit loves chilling in the backyard on nice days. I use to step out the door and she would get and trot away. Now she just looks at me and goes about her business.
  9. Back in April of 2013 I was asked if I could foster one of the most timid girls I have ever worked with. She was so shy at the farm they never gave her an official "racing name". Her mom's name was Tid'bit. For the first 2 months I could hardly approach her without cowering. She would take stuffed toys back to the bedroom closet and horde them. Then in November of that year I got knocked on my tush with the flu and was laying on dog beds in the living room seeing my life flash before my eyes . Then this timid little creature cam in and dropped a stuffie next to me and laid down on a dog bed near me and just watched me. I knew then I was hers. Now almost 4 years from when I took her in she is still a shy little thing, but has made herself a full member of my brood. She will stand up for herself if one of my others comes near her and her cookie. She loves to sleep on the bed with her Daddyman and is one of the forst out the backdoor with me to play. Lil'bit is such a little sweetheart and has no problem letting Tessa sleep by her.
  10. ok, for all the ND feeders a question..Have any of you tried the new green bag Nature's Domain Chicken and Pea? It started showing up in one of my local Costco's and was thinking of giving it a try. I tried the red bag Turkey and Sweet Potato and the hounds wouldn't touch it. They like the other varieties excpt that. Just wanted to know if your hounds like the Chicken and Pea.
  11. My hounds LOVE "Witch's Hands" nom nom nom
  12. I wish my hounds liked peeps. out of the 4, only Bennie seems halfway interested
  13. I have four greys, and as you can see in the pic, I have four Costco beds in the living room. But then I have four in the bedroom, plus two beds and a papa-San cushion in the back of the van. Then of course two more on the patio and backyard..So for four hounds Total=12 Costco beds and 1 Papa-San cushion.. Oh look, there's room for a few more...
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