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    Hound lover...greyhounds in particular, all hounds in general. Reading, gardening, long walks with the canine family.

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  1. What a beauty!!! Indeed, Petunia knew best........Happy Gotcha Day & many more to come!
  2. Lawsy, MsJan - everyone is SO polite. I could see that becoming a bloody brawl in certain groups. Warm chikken broth toast - here's to you, Rocket, miss you, buddy.
  3. Totes adorbs.........but you're in Phoenix, for criminy out loud. Have you got the a/c turned down too low?
  4. "oh, fer cryin out loud......what are you whining about NOW?"
  5. Hero does the "turd....step,step,step......turd.......step,step,step......turd......step,step,step........ I look like a bobbing duck trailing along behind.
  6. Cletus, my sweet, you have certainly landed in the rite spot. A "flock" of chikkens, a "bucket" of chikken. Who knew that wot got kicked out of one home has made you (in)famous & well loved in the next. And we all know, this will be your last home. You ain't goin nowhare, mister. PS, Miss Jan, If you take him out in public with that bandana, you will surely have laryngitis from s'plainin KLTO to everyone.
  7. If ever I were to make a road trip to meet a houndie, this would be it. Trouble is, MsJan might end up with a couple more campers..............
  8. Hero & Shelby came to me at 10 yo with horrendous teeth. Over 20 teeth extracted between the 2 of them. Now we have a nightly routine........soft child's toothbrush with CET enzymatic toothpaste, then finish off with Chlor-Hex dental rinse on a gauze pad all over gumline. It's been almost 2 years, & no further dental work needed. Vet very happy with results.
  9. The Petunia Plant has inspired me to name one of mine.......The Shelby Saunter Hero & I like a nice brisk walk........Shelby, on the other hand, will . not . be . rushed . I am so enjoying hearing about her "broodie quirks"
  10. Special, special hound. My sincere condolences. Happy Trails, Summit. May your afterlife have everything you ever wanted, but never asked for.
  11. Dog sheets & towels!!!!!! Now, that's my kind of "find"
  12. I DESPISE rawhides, no matter where they come from. a past hound of mine tore off big chunks & swallowed them whole. World of gastric trouble. I have never given one since.
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