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  1. Oh my....so long ago, but of course I remember it as if it were yesterday. DesiRay was one of the laziest/most mellow hounds I think I have ever met. So much so, that after years of being together, he earned the right to sunbathe (leashless) while I worked in the flower beds. He never ever went anywhere. Until.........one day he did. I didn't catch it for a bit & then was in a panic. There was a farmer's market just down the street & there was lots of foot traffic. One told me that yes, they'd seen him, walking along with a mom, little girl, & a schnauzer. So I took off like a bat out of you-know-where. Yes, he'd gone with "the girls" to the farmer's market, & I found him at the homemade muffin stand, schmoozing. Scolding? Should have, I reckon, but instead, he came home with a muffin. I moved when I retired, so no more farmer's market, but this big ole hunting dog is much more interested in the fence row in my back yard which has corn field to one corner, cow pasture down the other side. So many critters wander through!!
  2. By the way, if anyone can tell me why that post is double spaced & how to fix it, I would be grateful.
  3. Hi all, it's DesiRay's mom here. Life has been so quiet since he's been gone, I couldn't stand it anymore. Brought home this handsome gentleman on October 1, last Friday. I said I was going to downsize, since I'm over 70 now & can't get a big long legged hound into the back of my suv when they get old/weak. Pshaw....... Looked & looked, none caught my fancy. This guy was on the website for the Ohio Lurcher Project & immediately caught my eye. Drove 90 min to meet him....... 80 lbs - hunk of burnin love!!!! So, after he was neutered, dentaled, I picked him up as a foster to adopt. A little back story, in case you've never heard of one; a lurcher is a greyhound mixed with a hunting (coon) hound of some sort. Country boys in my neck of the woods use them for "field trials." His name is Mac, which is now BigMac (couldn't resist). He was surrendered by his owner who is getting "out of the business." Reportedly about 7 yo. Probably never in a house. On the way home, all I could think was WHAT WAS I THINKING? As you can see, he got the hang of soft beds pretty quick. And he's even started to play. He was terrified of my electric toothbrush & the big screen tv, but over the past few days has conquered those fears. Only 1 accident, the 1st night home; not even wearing a bellyband anymore. Leash manners picked up very quickly I think y'all better butter me, I'm toast.
  4. Best wishes for heart healing after losing your lovely Petunia. The "missing" will never be over. Maybe less, but never over. Thinking of you both
  5. Totally validated my humble opinion........I'll take a big goofy boy any day.
  6. Wish I'd had one of these when DesiRay went down (shoulder). The biggest problem for me, though, was how painful he was. Trying to get him on something was such a trauma for both of us.
  7. Congratulations Sadie Rose!!!!! What a beautiful name, and a beautiful girlie. Let the mayhem ensue, gotta keep the 'rents on their toes!
  8. Happy Birthday to Annie!!!!!!! Get your mayhem ON, girl!
  9. I did remember this day..........although Hero was knot impressed. I got sweet potato fries (thinking we'd share). "THESE ARE KNOT McD's FRIES, MA!!!!! WTH?"
  10. FRENCH FRIES!!!!!!!! Senior hound Hero has been inducted into the cult He likes em hot, he likes em cold, he likes em from the floor of the car 9 days old!!!
  11. Happy Trails, Sweet Bea..........you figured out riteawayquik that your later years were gonna be the best ever. Brothers,sisters,apples,punkins, oh my!!!!!
  12. You mean other than: I loved it Monday It was ok on Tuesday I pushed it around on Wednesday Today, I will not touch it with a 10 ft pole. eta: I know this, it's, like, a rule, but somehow it always surprises/amazes me.
  13. What a beauty!!! Indeed, Petunia knew best........Happy Gotcha Day & many more to come!
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