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  1. We just did a little celebrating and introduced Kate to vanilla ice cream tonight (she's been battling hookworms and tummy gurgles since she arrived so ice cream has been a no-go). They each had their ice cream and went to bed! It must have been really good ! Odin, I will bring you your fries if we get to come to Dewey this year. Fingers are crossed here that Dewey happens and it is safe to travel!
  2. He adopted that hound a few years ago. The dog(s) go on his tour bus with him when traveling. I've seen the greyhound mentioned and pictured in a few articles.
  3. Greyhound limps can be from anything minor like a corn on a pad which is still painful for the hound, to osteosarcoma and a hundred conditions in between those two. If your hound doesn't normally limp from a previously known injury, every limp needs to be taken seriously and checked out by the vet again if it doesn't go away with the prescribed treatment. Many people tend to jump right to the conclusion of osteosarcoma when a dog starts to limp, and while that is actually the worst case scenario, it is the reason we take limping very seriously. There can still be a hundred other minor things causing the limp though. Let a professional find the reason for the limp. Sometimes it takes multiple appointments to locate the actual issue since the hounds can't tell us what what's hurting. Others here including GeorgeofNE can elaborate on their experiences, but don't let it scare you as many of us have dealt with serious medical issues because of having multiple dogs for years. There is a ton of great greyhound experience here.
  4. They aren't related, but Lila and Rocket had the same daddy, and Rocket apparently left very good detailed instructions here for the new kids.
  5. Kate turns 12 today. French fries are on the menu! Happy Birthday sweet girl!
  6. You should see the dirty look I get from Petunia if the toppers/mixers aren't done correctly.
  7. I've never heard of any of these things.......(yeah, right)..
  8. Irene and Len, I am so sorry your sweet girl had to leave so soon. Those Gable Dodge kids and grandkids have a way of becoming your heart dog really fast. Run-free Shine, and tell Rocket I said to give you the VIP Tour at The Bridge.
  9. Don't bathe her again until you've seen the vet about the issue. These dogs typically need a bath once a year or less unless they get into something. You will completely dry out her skin and cause itching, dandruff, irritation, etc. if you keep giving her multiple baths.
  10. Happy Birthday, Burdette! 11 is Awesome!
  11. Petunia gave us a look that would kill when we swapped out her old bed with a nice new one. The older and rattier they are, the more they like them. We still have 2 of Rocket's original beds from the farm supply store that were bought when he arrived in 2008. The covers are like new when you wash them, but the innards of every other worn out old bed have been stuffed in them over time. The girls think those are the best beds ever - right up there with the slumber balls.
  12. Hey Lila, Petunia wants to know if you need the Union Rep?
  13. Happy Gotcha Day, Logan. Kate says you should come on over for Spin Class.
  14. Cletus in his best Joe Pesci voice : " Once again, I was in Chicago at the time, with my lawyer."
  15. Kate and I went for a "walk" and we saw our friend Zoey, the Weimaraner from the next street over. Kate's walks consist of going to the shade tree across the street, about 2 houses away before she wants to go home. I gave Zoey and Kate each a small Milk Bone. Zoey scarfed hers down as usual, and Kate took off for home. Apparently, treats can only be eaten in the slumber ball. She walked the whole way home like this and lay down in the slumber ball before eating her treat.
  16. Jan, Check with Home Depot or Lowe's. (Not sure what's near you there.) Many of them allow dogs but it is up to the manager what their policy is. I'm sure Val would let you take her to PetSmart every day to buy treats and toys. Since we are almost to the "burning asphalt" time of year on the parking lots, that's the other obstacle you have to workaround going to those places.
  17. The way we were alerted to Petunia's incident was that she apparently got up from her slumber ball and immediately crashed into a step stool that was nearby. The sound of a crashing metal step stool and a GSOD is not a good sound at 3:30 AM. She scared herself enough that she somehow made it to the living room before her back legs collapsed again. We found her in the living room with her butt on the ground and standing on her front legs only. She stayed that way for quite a while and we gave her about 20 minutes to see if she could get back up before deciding to scoop her up and take her to the E-Vet. She seemed to be pretty much with-it mentally as she responded to us, and took a treat, but remained in that position for quite a while. Her back legs were definitely not lifting her up at that point. When I picked her up and took her to the van, we had a little talk about it being nowhere near her time to leave yet. The tail was wagging the whole time I was carrying her and sitting with her. The vet said it may happen once, or it could happen again randomly. There is no real rhyme or reason to the frequency of occurrences and it can be a one time thing as well.
  18. Petunia's primary episode was over pretty quickly. Afterward, what I will call the secondary phase was when she continued with the rapid blinking and the head tilt. She did let me pick her up and carry her to the car, she wagged her tail the whole time so I'm pretty sure that she was over the primary phase where she couldn't stand up or find her balance. She let the E-Vet take her inside on a cart and the vet pointed to both the head tilt and blinking as evidence of the vestibular incident along with what we described about her being unable to find her balance earlier. We left the E-Vet at about 5:30 AM and she stayed there for observation. They called us at 7:30 and told us to come and get her since she was back to normal and complaining about the accommodations (that really meant she was back to normal.) Good to hear that Violet is doing well this morning.
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