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  1. Petunia is a big fan of the Purina Pro Plan Focus canned foods. We were feeding the various kinds to Starz to put weight on her and Petunia filed a protest with the home office, so she now gets the canned food as a topper and is happy with that. She does a little dance when she smells the canned food after it's opened. We've fed the Salmon Sensitive Stomach, Beef and Rice, and Chicken and Rice. On Amazon it;s a little under $2 per can but may be cheaper locally in a real store. When dogs have tummy rumbles or won't eat, we usually feed the Evanger's Organic Chciken canned food. It is chicken only so it;s not a complete meal, but we can add to it if needed. I've never had a dog turn that food down. It's pricey, buth that along withthe Evanger's Chicken Dinner and Beef dinner have been big hits with picky dogs at different times. Miss Petunia also gives cottage cheese on her food 4 paws up, so may be worth a try as well.
  2. You definitely did the right thing and by doing so you avoided a potentially tragic accident involving your cat. As others have said, she will find a great home soon, and you will find the right hound for your home. Not every dog works out on the first try, and as of now, everyone is safe because you made the right call. Let us know when you find that right dog. You will be amazed at how well they fit in to your house and you will just know when it's the right fit.
  3. I'm very sorry for your loss. I do remember them.
  4. You'll get better information if you provide your location (just city and state or province etc.) . There are people on this forum from all over the world, so you may find someone here in your area who knows a vet practice that can help you.
  5. Petunia says Thank You! to everyone for all of the birthday wishes. Yesterday, Snickers came over to hang out and celbrate along with several of Petunia's human aunts. The humans ordered Chinese food and the pups had lots of treats. Petunia always likes a party but obviously is still exhausted. This morning she had her breakfast, went outside, then came back into the bedroom which is super dark due to the clouds and rain. She went right back to sleep after breakfast and never made a peep all morning.
  6. What's more stubborn than a stubborn broodie?.....A stubborn broodie teenager! Happy 13th Birthday Petunia! Petunia turns 13 today and you would never know it. She thinks she's about 5 years old. We celbrated with a cheezeburger plane and some fries for lunch. She will also get a whippy cream and peanut butter sundae a little later or tomorrow. I love this girl She is Daddy's Girl 100%, She was especially loving the fact that I was hand feeding her the burger. The Birthday Lunch Guarding the last fry We hope that she is here for many more birthdays! Sorry for the dark pictures. The monsoon has hit Phoenix the last 2 days and we are currently getting a thunderstorm. It is very dark here. Also - she has very wonky thick nails. They are not as untrimmed as they look - they are just her normal nails.
  7. Your dog was being a dog. It doesn't make it easier, but you shouldn't feel guilty that some other person neglected their own dog's safety. We've had dogs that wouldn't hurt a flea, but when a rabbit or other small animal ran in front of them, instinct kicked in. That's not really something you can train out of him, nor should you. Your dog has already forgotten the incident. Don't beat yourself up about things that you have no control over.
  8. That picture says it all. The laughs he brought you do come back eventually. It takes a while, especially with those big, goofy brindle boys.
  9. That sounds like a broodie trick. Is Su a broodie by chance?
  10. Tail wags are a good sign! Love that boy!
  11. How is Aiden this morning? (It's still morning here, anyway.)
  12. Oh how I love Gable Dodge / Dedgem hounds! She is gorgeous. Congratulations! @macoduck If I didn't know better I would think that we are being called enablers...
  13. Sweep must be talking to Petunia on the 'net to know about Let's Make A Deal at dinner time. We have 5 kinds of canned food here now after our adventure trying to put some weight on Ms. Starz. Petunia has been playing Let's Make A Deal but our version also includes cottage cheese - 4% - none of the 2% crap. Aiden, buddy, take all the time you need to recuperate. Hope you're feeling better soon. You are going to feel so much better now that your mouth is healthy. Good job, Annie.
  14. I'm so sorry. Run-free, handome Paddy.
  15. Poor guy. Once he sleeps it off he will be ready to chow down. Hang in there Aiden (and Mom)
  16. Just now seeing this. I'm glad that all went well. Let us know how he's doing. If he asks about Buffalo Chicken smellling different, you can tell him that's just from the anesthesia.
  17. Rocket loved to meet everyone on our walks. He was also a big boy and I'm sure that even with his tail wagging there were people walking toward us who were intimidated by his size. Anytime someone would be coming toward us, I would tell him to "WAIT" and put him on the grass if there was any available, basically standing against me on a tight leash so that the walkway was clear for the person. People couldn;t believe that he would just stand there and wait, and many of them would stop and pet him when they realized that he was well behaved. I would try to teach him to wait and see if that helps on your walks.
  18. Checking in on Sweep. Hope all goes well with this treatment.
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