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  1. Just checking, but did your vet rule out any kind of injury after that incident? If he is reluctant to jump in, be sure that doing so isn't causing some kind of neck or back pain. Maybe have a vet check done for pain reactions just to be safe and rule out that jumping in the car is aggravating something. If you can borrow a ramp from a friend you can see if he's willing to use one to get in and out of the car but it will take some training before he willingly uses it. Some people here have also built styrofoam block stairs for their hounds to get in and out of the car when they can no
  2. Sending good vibes to Truman. Love that boy all of his complaints about his x-pen when I met him at Dewey.
  3. Link still doesn't work. Looks like it might not be a public link. Happy Birthday month Katie. You get to count every month and Petunia and Kate said to make sure that the humans get you a cake.
  4. Mary Pat, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. You're right, 2021 is not off to a great start for many. Let's hope it gets better. If you are letting CC have whatever she wants to eat you might want to try a Nathan's skinless hot dog. In the week before Trolley passed away she was very picky about food. She was visiting on a weekend and I gave her a Nathan's skinless hot dog right out of the package after many futile attempts to get her to eat something besides Milk Bones. She scarfed down the hot dog and came back for more. She had been turning her nose up at everything offered in
  5. If you still aren't getting answers from the vet or they are really puzzled, I would suggest a consultation with Dr. Cuoto. Dr. Cuoto ran the Greyhound Program at Ohio State Vet School for many years and is now in private practice. He will review labs, xrays, etc via email and work with you and your vet. There is a fee for his consultation but many of us have found it to be money well spent when encountering an issue with our hounds. he responds to email within a day if he traveling and usually faster if he is in https://www.coutovetconsultants.com
  6. Kate would like to know where this outdoor turdle buffet is located. Happy 14th handsome Spirt!
  7. We adopted two senior broodies who came from the farm loaded with hooks. In one, the hooks were so bad that her stools were bloody. Each one took a year to eliminate the hookworms using the treatment that you are doing with similar timing on the treatments. You should start to see a clean fecal or reduced antigen and eggs as treatment continues. For us the numbers got lower at 9 months but there was also marked improvement in each dog as far as appetite, energy and interaction with us. For those first 9 months they just didn't feel good. At 12 months they were clean and a follow up fe
  8. That's a great drug. I had to use it for nausea during some cancer treatment. Glad she's happy and feeling better!
  9. Awesome. Good girl, Grace. Our formerly quiet neighborhood sounded like a war zone. Surprisingly, it was far enough removed from the immediate streets that the dogs only heard it when they went out for a pee break and they darted back inside. This is the first year we've had so many fireworks in our area, as we are usually the house that hosts other dogs on fireworks nights because we are in a "quiet senior neighborhood,"
  10. I'm glad to hear that you have some more time with her. That little girl deserves every possible day after what she went through to get to you. Give her more ear rubs from me.
  11. i misunderstood your first question and thought you meant name tags. We have clip on holders for the county tags. We only put them on for walks or outings in the car since they dangle and make noise, and not even so much for walks since we only go around the block. Here, if you have the county tags on the pup, Animal Control will bring your dog home if they find it or someone turns the dog in. if the tag isn't in place when they get the dog you are liable for kenneling fees and some loose dog charges.
  12. We use the tag collars like Ducky uses. It's just a basic buckle collar with a slide on that has our info and phone numbers printed. We usually order from Boomerang Tags https://www.boomerangtags.com/page.php?c=collartags or from Houndstown.com if I need both the tag collar and the tag. http://www.houndstown.com/collars/tag-collars/
  13. I'm so sorry, Mary Pat. I had always hoped to meet her at Dewey. Spoil that little girl even more if it's possible. Her story is incredible. Give her some extra ear rubs from us.
  14. Happy Birthday Merc! Hope to meet you in Dewey this year!
  15. I've still never seen a scorpion or a rattlesnake here and I'm perfectly fine with that.
  16. i just snorted out loud when I read that. I had forgotten that story.... Good times....
  17. I was wondering but figured you converted it for those of us who don't understand kilometers. That's just too cold, but another month and you can store the COVID vaccine outside.
  18. I am so sorry to see this and for the loss of your sweet boy. I am going to miss Nigel's Therapy Dog posts and pictures. He was a gorgeous boy and i loved seeing the pics of him being read to by the kids. Run pain-free, Nigel. You will be missed by many, but never forgotten.
  19. The day that Rocket arrived at our home in Illinois the wind chill was minus 25. I don't miss that level of cold. My body has acclimated to the desert. After a year or two here, anything below 70 requires long sleeves and jeans.
  20. Temps this morning were in the low 40's outside. Heat is on but the tile floors radiate the cold in here, so at floor level there's almost always a chill, especially in the wee hours and early morning. When Petunia first arrived, the first time I covered her with a blanket she acted like I was trying to murder her. Now she expects one. Kate will keep a flannel housecoat on when it gets chilly and damp in January, but Petunia will have nothing to do with a housecoat or the Thunder Coat. She will actually run away when she sees the coat. Broodies...
  21. If those are misfits, sign me up! Rita, you just won the lottery! Welcome home gorgeous girl!
  22. Glad to hear you have some more time with him. Give that sweet boy some ear rubs from us. Love his pic with Miss Donna's pimp hat. We all miss her very much and there were a lot of hounds around here with some pretty fancy hats in many styles thanks to Miss Donna.
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