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  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of your handsome Larry. I'm sure he and Zeke are sitting at the Bridge Bar with Rocket telling stories about all of the crazy things their humans did. Run pain-free, Larry.
  2. So sorry to see this. We didn't have a 100% diagnosis on all of Rocket's issues, but saw enough to know we needed to let him go before he injured himself further or was in more pain. We had tried all of the basic things including pain control and some Adequan injections that initially bought him more quality time than he would have had. Those didn't work any longer , and we weren't going to let him be in pain. Our vet was in agreement with our decision even though we never put an "official name" to his various conditions. I have not second guessed our decision. No more pain was the priority. Give Henry some ear rubs from us.
  3. It only took 3 layers of bedding to get her out there! Looking beautiful as always, Sweep!
  4. Val, Pack your soutk sutk lugag bags. Mah Daddyman will pick yoo up shortly. Sincerrrly, Patoonia....
  5. I just found this on Reddit and thought it was worth showing. May or may not work on a greyhound, but some variation of it and some tinkering might work well.
  6. Happy 10th Gotcha Day, Beautiful Lila! Those Dodgem Kids are very, very special!
  7. When the lightning alerts got to 12 miles from us I figured for sure we were going to get hit. They are sleeping deeply via the Conner method....
  8. Well, she and Kate are definitely getting naps. We had a severe thunderstorm warning and the storm was tracking right at us. I gave them both their storm meds. The stupid thing turned away from us about 2 miles south of us. So they get a really good nap for a few hours anyway.
  9. Petunia here. I am 12 today and I am too excited to wait for the old man to post it. Sing along everyone....Happy Birfday to meeeeeeeeee,,,,,,,
  10. I'm so sorry. Run-pain-free, handsome Zeke.
  11. We are so sorry to hear this. Spoil that girl all you can.
  12. Pet Supplies Express quoted me 12 weeks shipping when I tried to order, and then I had some sketchy issues with their credit card processor who it turns out is in Singapore, so I ended up ordering in the US. I have used them several times in the past with no issues, but this time there were just too many red flags and issues. They were responsive trying to fix the issues, but once fixed the warning on their site said it could be 12 weeks before the product arrived to the US. We have adopted two senior broodies over the past 1 1/2 years. They both came from the same farm, abut 4 or 5 months apart, and were hook positive. We modified Dr. Ng's Modified Prison Protocol because of their age, and stretched it out over 6 months. The first hound did fine but was absolutely infested with hooks based on what came out of her. 6 months of alternating the Advocate and Drontal Plus every 2-3 weeks worked. The second hound has completed a 6 month course but is still antigen positive with no eggs after 6 months, so we are going to give 2 more months of alternating doses and re-test.
  13. Shipping from providers in the UK and Australia are experiencing similar delays. Although the companies we've used are responsive, the shipping and postal systems in overseas countries are experiencing delays of 12-16 weeks with packages being delayed in the mail system or parcel services. There is literally nothing the shipper can do about it once the item leaves their hands. Sounds like you may be dealing with multiple issues, but be aware that international shipping is all hosed up. We've been waiting for one international package for over 4 months. The package is still trackable, but sitting in a trailer somewhere. We ended up ordering our hookworm meds from a US provider this time and it still took 2 weeks for a small First Class package to go from Texas to AZ.
  14. Well, the temp finally dropped to about 107 when the sun went down, so Dad made the french fry run. The girls were thrilled, ad Petunia was looking for the bag as soon as I walked in the door. Petunia Eyeing the next fry: Score! Kate politely taking a fry (note - being served in bed) The blur that is Kate eating a fry: Hope every one had a great Fry Day! Rocket would be proud. And just for old time's sake, The Boy doing what he did best.
  15. Cletus appears to have the art of fry-vacuuming down.
  16. Ivy and Cherry - way to go! I'd be pretty sure that Rocket and Conner are hanging out together at The Bridge today overseeing this event. I can just hear their comments now.
  17. It's still breakfast hours at the McFry place here. And it's going to be 116 degrees today. Fries here may have to wait until the sun goes down before we can go and get them. The girls will get their fries though! Petunia says she is waiting "With bait on her breath." Kate says "Just wake me up when the fries get here, I don't need all the hoopla..." That's Kate.
  18. If you go anywhere for treatment the medical provider is usually required by law to report the bite. Our boy Rocket bit several people over the years including me, and one of his sitters whom he absolutely adored. In all cases, it was a reactive thing to something sudden, and he had space issues. I think Rocket was more upset by it than we were. Typically, if it gets reported, Animal Control will pay you a visit and gather the info surrounding the circumstances. When the Warden showed up at out house for the sitter's bite, Rocket was shmoozing her and she realized quickly that the bite was an accident. We had to quarantine him for two weeks in the house, which meant no walks and no outings. If caught walking him, they would remove him from us and he would serve the quarantine at their kennel. We had to institute a few rules including no petting unless he was standing up. That was the only way to know he was completely awake and wouldn't be startled when petting. Do some searching on this site for "trading up." If an item is high value, trading up is the easiest way to take it away. Usually there is some high value treat that he will trade the item for.
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