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  1. I normally order the next bag of dog food when I open a new bag. That gives me 4-5 weeks on hand between the open bag and the one on order. I am doubtful that we will see supply chain shortages on dog food, but shipping services could be impacted if we get to a real lock-down situation and they start telling people not to go to work. I don't think that is going to happen here because the lack of sales tax and other taxes coming in would cripple the various governments within a week. A new bag from Chewy arrived today, and I will probably order one extra to have on hand. That should give me enough to get through any period where it is suggested that we don't leave the house. Just make sure to keep them rotated by date if you find yourself sitting on multiple bags eventually. When we lived in IL I used to keep 2-3 unopened bags on hand at all times, mostly due to large snow events or a long term ice storm. I scaled that number back when we moved to Phoenix.
  2. There are 2 beds for watching out the door right where I took the picture from. There are 2 more beds in the same room in case they want to watch TV. Not that they are spoiled.
  3. The cable company pulled out up front to check an equipment box on the street this evening. Mrs. Kravitz 1 and Mrs. Kravitz 2 both jumped from their beds to go see what was going on in the neighborhood. It was the most excitement we've had here all day.
  4. No problem. I've been following the articles about them along with some other related research programs at other major universities. It;s great to see so much research being focused on dogs that will ultimately help people too.
  5. She was probably referring to this. Took a bit to find on their site. https://www.wpr.org/shows/treating-cancer-our-pets
  6. She had a very normal day today, so all appears to be well. The next time she wants a $900 car ride I will order an Uber for her. The E-Vet did not suggest anything as they primarily defer back to your main vet for ongoing treatment or changes to meds. She sent us home with enough Cerrenia for a few nausea incidents if needed until we see our regular vet. Our regular vet is a mobile vet and will come to the house in about 10 days to do a re-check unless we need something sooner. I fully expect her to add some Chinese herbs or other supplements etc to the routine. Thus far, her additions of herbs, supplements, accupuncture etc have been spot-on and improved the conditions she has prescribed them for. If we need a regular medication she will prescribe that as well, but her practice is a nice combination of mainstream veterinary medicine and holistic treatment. I never followed the holistic side of things very much, but this vet is proof that with the right knowledge both have their place with our hounds.
  7. She seems completely back to normal. We had a lot of rain today and are having to put the leash on her to get her to go outside, but it's not even like we have to put any pressure on the leash. It just has to be clipped on so that she resigns herself to going outside. No issue other than she's being stubborn about it if you try without the leash. (This is a fairly regular happening, so most likely not related to the incident.) Did someone say "stubborn and Petunia" in the same sentence?
  8. I remember Bella's arrival here and loved that video of her running in the back yard in her final week. The picture on the beach is beautiful. Run pain-free Bella. You will be missed here, but never forgotten.
  9. Good to know. That's why I wanted to keep this thread going. Scared us is an understatement, but all I could do was laugh when the vet said that she was complaining.
  10. NEW TODAY: I'm going to resurrect this old thread also instead of starting a new one. We awoke to a crash and a yelp at 3:08 AM this morning. Petunia got up from her dog bed and either lost her balance or had an episode of some type which caused her to run into a step stool and push that into the mini blinds. She was unable to put weight on her rear legs and really couldn't walk around or stand. We sat with her for about 20 minutes so that she could settle down before putting her in the van and heading to the E-Vet. The vet suspects a vestibular event based on the drool , head tilt, and apparent nausea she was experiencing. We left her at the vet for nausea meds, fluids, bloodwork and observation. Just as we got to sleep at about 7:15AM, the phone rang and the vet said that she was back to her old self, and complaining about the service there.. (That's my broodie) The EVet had us pick her up before 9AM so they could remove a large charge for medical boarding and observation since they didn't feel she needed their level of care. That was awesome of them. We picked her up and she has been resting comfortably since. We will follow up with our own vet and keep an eye on her as she recovers. What a day!
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can attest that broodies are very special. Run-free Missy Soul.
  12. Miss Bea, You should come and visit Camp Broodie West! I can just picture her being ticked at Cletus for not "listening" to her.
  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. Run pain-free, Beka.
  14. Kate has been doing this to Petunia. She runs to the front door and barks like someone is outside. Petunia runs to the door to see who is here and Kate swoops in to take the slumber ball that Petunia was in. They only have 2 slumber balls in the living room so you can understand why Kate needs the one that Petunia is using. Annie. bb
  15. But it tastes like chikken......
  16. At the instruction of our vet, we added both Rx-Biotic and Rx-Zyme to the food of both hounds when we started the hookworm protocol. Petunia had a horrendous case of hookworms and had bloody, nasty stools for a couple of months until one day they just stopped. We've continued both supplements as regular add-ins and the stools of both dogs could not be better. The Rx-Zyme/Boiotic products are available on Amazon and Chewy without a prescription. They also make the Rx-Clay which many people here swear by for stomach issues
  17. Check to see if there is a Veterinary Medical School with a Clinic anywhere near you if you aren't getting anywhere with your vet. Most schools that train veterinarians have a clinic. If you post your location, someone here may be able to refer you to a specific clinic or specialist somewhere near you. You could also try a consult with Dr. Cuoto who may well have dealt with this issue previously in other Greyhounds. http://www.coutovetconsultants.com/ Dr. Cuoto's consultations are reasonably priced and he answers email quickly, even when he's out of the office or traveling. He will also work with your vet. Hope you get to the bottom of this quickly and that your pup is feeling better soon.
  18. Super Bowl Sunday so responses may be a little slow here today. I'm sorry you have to deal with this like so many others here have. There is a series of Osteosarcoma threads that will let you see what others have dealt with and the decisions they've made. Here is the most recent one, and it is a running post although it seems to have slowed down recently. There are 8 other related posts of 50 pages each - so probably close to 1000 individual posts in each one with lots of good info. Also be sure to read the posts from Beachbum1 about Taylor. Taylor had an amputation and was one of the longest living hounds with osteo that we know of. He did well for a very long time before succumbing to this disease. There is no right or wrong decision here. Only the decision that is right for you and your hound.
  19. Pumpkin has made diarrhea worse when we've tried it. The carrots never failed us. We used to just make a small bowlful of the carrots (enough for 2 meals) each night. Half went on breakfast and half went into dinner. If you are going to make a larger batch in advance you will need to refrigerate them to keep them from starting to mold. When I made them daily I could just let them sit on the counter, covered. We also never bothered adding oil to it as it wasn't really needed.
  20. Check her pads just to be sure there's nothing interfering or a corn developing. Petunia actually had an extra nail growing through one of her pads that was affecting her on walks.
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