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  1. just seeing this, I'm so glad things turned out good! Sending her and you hugs
  2. you did the right thing. There's never a 100% way to predict how these guys will turn out once in a home since everything's so new. She just wasn't the right fit for you and thankfully you realized it quickly. with 3 of our 5 coming in as bounces from their first home (Rainey, Larry and Zeke), trust me there is the right home for this girl! It just wasn't yours, and there was no way to know this ahead of time. There IS the right hound out for you, perhaps a little older one like Jerilyn suggests, whose personality is a little more known and is more laid back. sending hugs and thank you for doing the right thing for you, for the pup and for your kitty, too!
  3. I remember them both I'm so sorry Fencetop had to leave you the video was adorable.
  4. when Rick had 6 teeth pulled back in December, he was also on soft food for 2 weeks - I bought the small marshmallows and he loved them!
  5. I got an electronic fly swatter from Amazon (arrived yesterday) but so far (thankfully!) no flies yet to try it on. I'm leery about using any kind of chemicals. What's the dish soap/vinegar thing? Thanks!
  6. can't believe it's been one year since you left us, Zeke. miss you Every. Single. Day. Please send me a sign so I know you're doing ok. Love you, Blue Bear.
  7. hope to get some good suggestions. Our new boy Rick is HORRIFIC with flies! Our angel Larry was bad (scared of them) but Rick is leaving him in the dust. They bother him SO much. The worst part is that he will go after them and ram his mouth/nose into our sliding glass door or front glass door trying to get them and I fear he will really hurt himself. Even worse is the flies tend to want to hang our on the window screens (our screens are on the inside then the window cranks out). We have mini blinds on every window and I really worry he will get caught up in them and hang or strangle himself trying to get them off the screen if we were not here! and they just show up in droves - like yesterday, there wasn't a single one in the house all day until like 3pm (we did just come in from a walk but the door was only open for 1.5 seconds) and in minutes there were literally 25 flies all OVER. All different sizes so it's not like they just hatched somewhere in the house! Really weird. does anyone know what *really* works to capture flies in the house? I had tried a roll thingy that they were supposed to be attracted to but it didn't do anything. thanks in advance for any help!
  8. I am so very sorry Paddy was a wonderful boy. The blue ones truly are special. Sending many hugs
  9. such a pretty girl! Happy Bridge Birfday to you sweet girl
  10. she was such a special girl and I'm so glad I was able to meet her sending you and Roy many hugs.
  11. Oh my gosh, I am so very, very sorry that is MUCH too young to lose you boy our Rick just turned 5 on 6/30 (just got him Nov) and I CANNOT imagine losing him like you did your sweet boy. sending MANY, MANY hugs to you during this sad time
  12. this happened to our Larry and we were home (we also remove their collars before leaving home). Glad your pup is ok.
  13. I used to feed our Zeke raw in the morning and then kibble at night, he did find on it (when he DID eat). I would get beef/lamb hearts, beef liver, and green tripe from My Pet Carnivore but they don't have truck deliveries anymore (and it's $$$ to have Fed Ex deliver). Please do some reading on raw, you have to make sure they only get 5% organ meat per day or things get BAD (liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney are organs - tongue and heart are muscle meats). Ground hamburger and turkey are good and easier options (I spent hours every week hand chopping up the heart, etc. as Zeke didn't like it chopped in the food processor, HAD to be by hand raw is perfectly safe as long as you keep things clean your girl is BEAUTIFUL! (and looks 100% greyhound to me!)
  14. I'm so sorry she wasn't with you longer but I am glad she was able to spend her last days in your loving home and hearts. sending hugs and love
  15. that was so hard to watch It SO sucks when something's going on with our babies that we are powerless to help. No advice (didn't look like a seizure, at least like what our Rainey had) but sending many prayers she'll be ok.
  16. I'm so very sorry your sweet Charlie had to leave you the picture of him sitting on Mazy's head is simply priceless
  17. same thing here. 90% of the dogs we encounter while walking, either another dog being walked (and HOPEFULLY on leash!) or in a fenced-in yard bark like crazy at our Rick too. I didn't have this issue with Larry and Zeke although LARRY was the crazy dog that was a greyhound snob and barked at the other dogs so that may be why....
  18. has Carter been tested for hookworms? For the past 5-8 years now hounds have had hookworms that are resistant to the standard deworming meds (i.e. Drontal Plus, Panacur, etc.). Our Rick (adopted last November) has them as does every single hound that I know that have been adopted in the past year or so. Rick gets the squealy stomach and inappetance when they are active
  19. I'm so very sorry he sounded like the perfect boy. Sending hugs
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