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  1. happy bridge birthday, Bobber!!!! Donna
  2. I'm so very sorry your beautiful Bea had to leave you but what a wonderful life she shared with you for 5 years.
  3. I'm so sorry I'm glad at least he was so loved during the short time he was with you.
  4. I am so very sorry that sounds horrible to have to have gone through. I know Shine knew how loved and cared for she was through it all.
  5. I had to destroy the black plastic cover things on either side where the loop meets the actual electric part, then pried the electric pad open. and that's the teknikal explenashun.
  6. can you ask your friend if he just soldered the feet of the batteries to the unit? I'd be willing to try that myself if that was it (already have it opened up)?
  7. Larry (13 yrs 3 months) is on 500mg Gabapentin and 100mg Tramadol 3 x day (he's 88 #) but he's gradually gone up to that high dose. The Gaba can make them wobbly until they get used to it and some dogs cannot tolerate opiods like Tramadol and the panting can be a sign. There's supposedly new thinking that dogs don't even benefit from Tramadol (due to how their brain/body is made up, don't know the specifics) but I am afraid of stopping Larry's and having him go downhill... hope your sweet Peggy is doing better.
  8. I am so very sorry
  9. wow. No wonder it was so hard to pry that little bar off the battery and why I couldn't solder the new one back on to that arm augh.
  10. I bought a new ortho bed for Larry back in February from our Costco -- like yours but only bolstered on 2 sides. He will lie on it about as much as the others - we have 3 beds in the living room now, used to be just 2 Slumber Balls but Larry's back end went out in Feb so we had to pull them up as they were too hard to get out of -- one is an OLD Slumber Ball - the original -- that still has more "oomph" and he can get out of fine), a small Costco round bed and the ortho. But Zeke will NOT lie on it -- in 3 + months he's been on there 2 times. So weird that some like them, some not so much
  11. awww I had to sew some Velcro on a thin dog coat (Go Bears!) to use it on Larry's 2 spots, he's bed aggressive and probably wouldn't tolerate me trying to get it on or fix it if it slipped.... why the "1-4" after Aiden? I've always wondered
  12. could you please add Stewart for my friend Toni? She lost him on Saturday
  13. someone here that was handy with soldering and stuff could make a fortune replacing the batteries for us here. I would pay $25 and shipping to have someone do it.
  14. Our nearly 10 year old Rainey began having seizures (THEY SUCK) back in 2010, most likely due to a brain tumor (MRI on 10/4/2010 showed nothing, we let her got on 3/8/2011, the day before we were going to do another MRI -- she had been through so much we just decided it was time to set her free ). One thing from the links Lucy put (great website, BTW) is using an ice pack during the seizure. I SWEAR they helped our Rainey. Rainey had about 35 seizures in total from August of 2010 until she left in March 2011 and every single one of them happened while she was eating (food or treat, didn't matter) or within 60 seconds of eating something, so I would always have the ice pack pulled out of the freezer at the ready whenever she was going to be eating something. I don't know how old your pup is -- a lot of her actions sounds like what Rainey was doing sending tons of hugs -- I know how very hard this all is. ETA: I see she is 7 which means her epilepsy is most likely NOT the "regular" kind but usually is due to some issue in the brain (like Rainey) but sounds like all the stress and things she went through may have just caused it and hopefully it's not something worse. For the peeing, our Rainey had urinary incontinence her whole life and was on DES (NOT Proin! Greyhounds have had very bad reactions to that stuff) and it worked wonders. However, after the seizures started she began peeing and pooping in the house EVERY DAY when we'd go to work -- one time I was only gone 45 minutes and even though she had just been out before I left she did both in that short of time. I think it too was related to whatever was wrong in her sweet little brain.
  15. oops, I missed the part where YOU were taking the 15mg LOL makes a lot more sense now
  16. 15mg? wow, Larry's takes a 1/2 of a 7mg pill of Meloxicam (so 3.75mg) once a day and he is 87 #.
  17. it uses 2 CR2032 batteries (flat, about the size of a nickel).... It was next to impossible to get the contacts off the batteries (I only did one) and I was not able to solder a new one back on but then again, I am not a solderer..... I found them on Amazon but my husband found them (along with about 15 other types of the flat batteries) for $1 at our local Ace last month.
  18. do you remember what his signon name was? Just wondering if I'd remember... thanks!
  19. I remember when you had Jade I'm so sorry she had to leave all of you
  20. I heard that the other day hopefully he had many good days with this family. cancer SUCKS. So does C-19.
  21. I'm so sorry I hope the mobile vet could be there to help her cross
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