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  1. That has got to be one of the most hauntingly depressing images I’ve ever seen. The poor dog looks like it’s wearing a medieval torture device. Wait, he is!
  2. I’m so very sorry. I always enjoyed reading about Connor.
  3. robinw


    I just saw this. I’m so very sorry. She will be missed by many,
  4. Im so sorry. Holly was such a kind, sweet, gentle soul.
  5. What’s the criteria for being one of the greatest greyhounds in history?
  6. I'm so sorry, Jeannine. I know how special Merlin was.
  7. robinw

    Jax's passing

    I'm so very sorry
  8. robinw


    I'm so very sorry
  9. Do you have a backyard you can walk him in? I had to walk Iker at night or with other dogs because he was so afraid. Instead of wanting him to do things that I wanted him to do but clearly scared him, I worked around his fears until he was ready to spread his wings. He eventually became much more social and less frightened. Check out this website. I found it very helpful. https://fearfuldogs.com/
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