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  1. What’s the criteria for being one of the greatest greyhounds in history?
  2. I'm so sorry, Jeannine. I know how special Merlin was.
  3. robinw

    Jax's passing

    I'm so very sorry
  4. robinw


    I'm so very sorry
  5. Do you have a backyard you can walk him in? I had to walk Iker at night or with other dogs because he was so afraid. Instead of wanting him to do things that I wanted him to do but clearly scared him, I worked around his fears until he was ready to spread his wings. He eventually became much more social and less frightened. Check out this website. I found it very helpful. https://fearfuldogs.com/
  6. Patience, patience, and more patience. Take it slowly and gently. Some dogs just need a bit of time. Take your time and speak to him sweetly and gently while putting on his leash and collar. My Iker was a lot like your guy. I had tried supplements, meds, you name it to try to help with his shyness. Finally I just decided to accept him for the gentle, shy, scared guy he was rather than make him into the dog I wanted him to be, and he grew by leaps and bounds.
  7. Thanks. Have joined it and have spent the morning reading.
  8. I'm so very, very sorry to read this.
  9. This is very interesting. In India, the dogs at the hospital where I volunteered ate a vegetarian diet and seemed to do very well. They ate starches like chick peas and lentils. I've been considering switching my dog to a veggie diet, as the research I've seen suggests that many of the problems found with vegetarian diets can also be found in meat diets.
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