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  1. When you take him for a walk is he being given plenty of time to mark his territory several times? If you have a yard or garden he will get into the habit of needing to mark this too. Are you certain he doesn't have a UTI causing frequent peeing?
  2. Look for corns too. (They walk better on grass and carpets and a lot worse on hard surfaces).
  3. Glad to hear it all went smoothly. In a couple of days time she'll be feeling a lot better. When my Peggy was on Tramadol for a few days after dental surgery (11 on one side 8 on the other), I foolishly let her run and forgot she wouldn't be feeling her arthritis so she did zoomies like a young dog and ended up sore! Yes, I think insurance companies will pay for cracked teeth emergency work and also if infections have caused serious trouble deep in the gums.
  4. What an awful thing to happen and out of nowhere too. So sorry you've had to go through losing a young one like this; I've lost one at 5, another at 8, and another at 14 and I think it's just a game of chance that second-guessing can't work out. Run free at Rainbow Bridge Betty.
  5. It just may be possible that if you get some high strength Aloe Vera tablets (like the Aloe Pura brand) that you could start to get that digestive tract inflammatory response back under control. Transition to any new food gradually. Perhaps try a Turkey & Rice kibble and top it with some canned tripe wet food. I needed to do this after Peggy nearly died a couple of years ago from eating gone-off chicken. Royal Canin vet Gastro Intestinal cans also helped at the outset.
  6. Looking for an update, hopefully a good one?
  7. Now I take that myself but at 40mg. How much would my 65lb (29kg) dog need and can the capsule contents be halved?
  8. Thank you, that looks like the way I'll have to go.
  9. I see that Ranitidine, the anti heartburn and gastric reflux drug, is being withdrawn worldwide over fears of a cancer-causing ingredient. So I'm wondering what Peggy can have instead that I can get over the counter? She been having just one tablet at night since a bad gastric infection a year or so ago and is now on a low dose of Meloxicam.
  10. I think it will require surgery too as although the dog may learn to cope with it, the condition may become chronic and affect the whole limb in later life. The figures show some 70-94% of dogs should see a good recovery from surgery within about 9 months, but the path to get there is quite involved and you will need to follow your chosen veterinarian's advice as the dog gets weaned off using any support structure.
  11. Because of that beautiful, beautiful, tribute your Holly's star is shining bright tonight and will provide inspiration for years and years to come. A life lived and shared to the full - Heartfelt condolences to you both.
  12. So sorry to read that Sparky had Osteo. You did what was best for him and there is no blame anywhere. Run free Sparky until you meet your family again....
  13. Great pictures of a happy Buddy there. If he's falling as a result of too much exertion affecting coordination then I'd call a halt to it after a couple of runs. They are trained to put their all into running and need to learn that it is no longer mandatory in retirement. That will still be plenty to keep his muscles in shape. Rhabdo however is a real threat if he collapses exhausted. Consider feeding James Wellbeloved Turkey and Rice Kibble - that's a mid range one with the protein around 20%. They do a senior version of it too.
  14. Is the body-language of the other dog(s) respectful? Is her initial language to that dog respectful too? Is your dog showing an hard eye, 'stink-eye' or a soft eye? I think you must muzzle your girl if you go into someone's house where there is another dog and if it won't leave your dog alone (and they won't muzzle it) then take your dog out. I'm sure others will chime in a little more hopefully.
  15. No. It can just be politeness or it looked to the dog like you were stressed or maybe watching too intently. They soon make it clear if they're really uneasy. Yawns can be 'infectious' too just like they are with us humans.
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