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  1. It's great to hear how well he's settling in and that he has learned how to neatly put his head under that fence for treats. My Peggy was a collector and dismantler of unusual things in her first months here. One of them was my electric razor, fortunately she didn't eat any of the metal bits, just left a pile of plastic all chewed up. Then she took to shredding her stuffed toys and I soon learned how to do the necessary 'transplant surgery' to re-stuff the next incarnation.
  2. How awful! So sorry to read that your worst fears have been confirmed. This is why all of us must promise to take our dogs to the vet asap when a major personality change occurs.
  3. Adorable! There may be more Greyhound in there than you think as she grows up. I once rescued a Greyhound mixed with German Shepherd. Double coated, bushier tail, stronger legs etc. She was hyper-intelligent and very loving. Angel
  4. Thanks again. Peggy has been recovering quite well and is now eating 3/4 of normal. They said keep on chicken and rice for a few more days. She had the last antibiotic injection this morning and will be on tablets of the same kind tomorrow, until a week is up as her gut linings should be back in better shape. We still don't know what caused it and what to make a big effort to avoid. Can bad teeth do that to a dog's digestive system or maybe provide an easy route for a bug to get in?
  5. Hi, and thanks for the reassurances. I think I'll see if 1x100 Gabapentin is sufficent and give the second one (supposed to have 2x100) in a couple of hours if she doesn't look pain free or is panting, Tramadol I might give if she wakes up distressed in the early hours of the morning. The vet put her on an injected antibiotic today and wants to give another tomorrow, they don;t want to upset the digestive system even more. They also sent a stool sample off. She has eaten about 1 and 1/4 boiled chicken breasts (pulled apart and shredded) gradually today with a little rice. I think what encouraged her was seeing me eating a burger. One can only hope she's able to handle it. I hate these complicated problems where you don't know how the dog got the bug or whatever.
  6. Peggy's (12 1/2) has gone and got another bloody diarrhea illness, and went anorexic and not drinking a lot or water like she did a couple of years back. I phoned the E Vet last night and asked what to give from my stock of meds and they said Omeprazole, Tramadol, and Buscopan for the colitis. The local vet has had her in on a fluid drip during the day and may also want her back on one tomorrow. They don't keep them overnight and reckon they're better with the owners anyway. They gave some kind of morphine based injection to help with the colitis pain and then Gabapentin 100mg tablets that I have to continue. The problem is that the medications have really zonked her out and caused poor balance and muscle control, and all that combined with a nasty hot late afternoon led to a lot of panting, which may of course have also been due to pain. We have to be careful what we give because kidney levels are elevated above her previous normal, so no Meloxicam type drugs. She's drinking again now and out in the back yard evening cool for a while; no interest in food yet though. Do any of you give Tramadol and Gabapentin together? These things are hard for the oldies; do any of your dogs cope OK that combination?
  7. You might even be able to get her to take a human tablet (break it in half if the dose is too high) if you wrap it in some cheese or chicken. Turmeric might work better for her.
  8. Maybe it is because the weather has warmed up? Peggy can be less than enthusiastic about jumping in the car if it's over the mid-60's F. Try tossing a tasty treat in...
  9. Try Meloxicam liquid. You don't necessarily have to syringe this into them. Put on some shredded chicken breast in a bowl and the dog will wolf it down and then clean the bowl. You may not even need to give the maximum dose. Corns? Also look for cracks in the pads. Human urea-based heel balm can help a lot. If using Meloxicam or other NSAIDs it will help against gut inflammation to give Famitodene or Omeprazole for the duration.
  10. Cut down on the protein level (under 21%) in the kibble you feed. Feeding James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice senior version made all the difference in the world to our Peggy after years of 'pudding poo'. Look for something with a similar recipe in other countries.
  11. So sorry that Luna's time needed to come to a close. It is never easy, and it sounds like you have been one of the best owners a dog could ever have hoped for.
  12. That extra 10 months post-amp will have been like 4 human years to Ginny. They always leave us far too soon; so sorry to read of your loss.
  13. Nothing like that has ever happened to one of mine, so good luck/prayers etc for your vet consult. Hopefully it will be confirmed as benign. The paper in this link may be informative.
  14. Thanks for that info. Where do you get them to sit on a train or a bus? I don't think mine would go under the table happily; and what about other people's reactions?
  15. Congratulations! Resource guarding will take some time but eventually he should get it that you're not about to deny him them. Trading-up worked for me when getting bones back was necessary. You took him on a train? How does that work... I've often wondered if my dog could travel that way?
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