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  1. I would say it's not reliably possible, and that trust and friendships with a cat or other small furry pet animal that darts around or squeaks can be dropped in a moment of heightened interest. It's that trust issue again, and even with the best will in the world you can't expect dogs to inhibit reliably like people do. Often the testing is done in circumstances that are far from being the dog's usual and long term environment; they can be angels in foster, yet as their self-confidence grow on rehoming and their anxiety reduces, the old prey drive comes back to a hair trigger. So some cann
  2. But this can be quite normal for some Greyhounds who typically like to eliminate a couple of times before activity. Seriously, try feeding Chappie original in cans. Too much chicken and too high a level of protein can be an irritant.
  3. This all sounds too similar to what was happening to Peggy back in the summer. It took two courses, ten days apart, of Metroniadzole and Syncuclav to clear it up. They didn't find any parasites in the stool sample, but I'm pretty sure it was Giardia because I've experinced that horrible diarreah smell many years ago with another dog (excess mucus was very much present). A simple way to firm the stool back up may be to feed Chappie (Original in cans, not the chicken and rice version), it certainly seems to have helped Peggy. I also give her Forthglade Beef and Rice trays, not the ones with m
  4. Sorry to read of your loss. It looks like he had a most wonderful and happy life with you.
  5. TiT for sure ;-) They'd pee on it to stake an official claim. Dogs are ultra-conservative and dislike change after a certain age, just like a lot of people.
  6. I used to do that to help my last dog, and kept by her hips to stop her 'jacknifing' coming down the stairs. She never had a bad fall and never lost her trust in me though. A stumble alerted me to the fact that she was no longer safe coming down steep stairs alone.
  7. You wrote a beautiful tribute. Danny was clearly very much loved. So sorry he had to leave you so young.
  8. Contact the adoption group and/ or look on social media for another local dog owner who you can walk your dog with. It is very important that the dog doesn't sense the family bouncing stress from one to the other, because that only tells the dog that he's quite right to be worried about whatever it is which is stressing him. If you see him doing a lot of licking his lips, sniffing the ground and looking away, then he's trying to tell you he's worried. Those signals, when seen by another dog, say something like: "please be nice to me, I'm trying not to cause you any trouble." If he walks bette
  9. So sorry that Larry's time came far too soon. Think of him as running happy and pain-free at the Bridge. You wrote a really warm tribute, and that's always a great start to getting those happy memories back; the ones that will define him.
  10. They can get spooked by the strangest of things: What happens if you turn the fan off? Have you still got a crate which you can drape a blanket over the top and 3 sides of to make a safe den? We humans can positively reinforce or notions of things like this adorable tv ad featuring a desk fan and a dog: Could you start doing something extra nice and calm in that room?
  11. Thanks Mary Ann. Yes, when she's feeling well enough, she will eat real Turkey and rice, and that's what her kibble was before she went off it. She's improved over the last 3 days so is eating better and the stool is no longer liquid. The course of Metro. has come to an end and but she's still getting 1 Pred. a day which, I think is stimulating appetite and (hopefully) getting some weight back on. I'm getting some success with feeding "Chappie" dog food which someone suggested; I only hope she doesn't go off that too.
  12. Thanks. Yes, I'll need to ask about that. They sent both samples off to a specialist lab and it took a few days, so maybe they already cultured it and found nothing remarkable? Apparently the kidney disease isn't as advanced as they initially thought either after the latest bloods and urine sample. I just wish they could get a handle on this condition; and I'm still not convinced it isn't Giardia because I know that smell.
  13. Yes, that was on my vet's mind too. But all the liver blood work came back fine, just a tiny little bit raised on one of the pancreatic factors. (Amylase I think) but he said it wasn't significant. He also said there was also a diagnosis (other than idiopathic) for a disease caused by intolerance to antibiotics.
  14. Pred 5mg to stimulate the urge to eat. Yes tried Probiotics but maybe the strong meds 'kill' the beneficial bacteria?
  15. Yes, they have done all the normal metabolic tests, kidneys were the only ones elevated over last year's. I still think it's probably some kind of parasite they just haven't found yet.
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