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  1. So sorry to read that Lizzie's time came far too soon. Run free and well again Lizzie...
  2. I don't think Trimethylaminuria is seen in dogs. Are you sure it's not an anal gland issue? They all have their unique smells. My last dog smelled like an oiled gun barrel.
  3. Or you could get a an inflatable one. They're quite nice to sleep on.
  4. Yes, you need to watch that they don't lay in the hot sun too long and always make sure your yard has some shade, even if from a giant parasol or pergola thing that can't blow over. I stopped Peggy from running in the summer except in the early mornings, and evenings when the sun was gone, when she reached 7/8. Now she's on her way to 12 she really doesn't like to walk when its over 65 anyway. Definitely no hot high angle sun.
  5. When they took the teeth out, could an infection in one of the bad ones have have worked its way up thru into the nasal cavity and perhaps left a tiny 'hole'? This will take a while to heal and may need antibiotics to help clear it up.
  6. I only wish they'd hold them in the early Spring or Autumn when the sun is not so high in the sky and less of a threat to black dogs in particular.
  7. I have always given Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal diet to Peggy when she has an upset. But apart from one time when she nearly died from bad chicken, she has never needed to have more than six cans of it. Like 3 to get her stable and the remainder incrementally reducing by adding back normal food. You can buy cases of it on line much more affordably.
  8. Another one here who thinks anything over 65 too hot to enjoy a walk. Peggy loved it when it went back down under 50 a few days ago. She doesn't like it when the turf dries out and gets hard either. She likes to lay out in the sun sometimes though.
  9. I am so sorry that it has worked out this way for you, and please don't beat yourself up over it. You and your vet did your very best to help Nilla get better... you gave her time. Sadly recovery wasn't possible and now you are carrying out the unspoken promise we all make, that when we have done all we can, pain becomes uncontrollable and all hope of recovery is gone, then we let them go with love and compassion. Absolutely no blame here at all.
  10. Peggy only strongly dislikes hail, doesn't give a damn about thunder though. Wind getting under her coat doesn't worry her either. They detect squirrel prey in the trees when they spot just a single branch shaking, so if it is all on the move then the dog might not know quite what to make of it.
  11. So sorry you have to go this part of grieving. Eventually the happy memories will be safely back and you'll think: now Ruby would have been doing this around about now..
  12. I hope you get some answers soon. Sounds like a case for the UK's Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick.
  13. I encounter that prejudice often. You get angst from both sides if they wear a muzzle too. Either: It must be fierce if it wears a muzzle, or how cruel you are to make it wear a muzzle. Life's just like that. I think the correct response is: "Your little dog is probably lovely, but why is it showing a bunch of stress signals in response to you ranting at me? Look at my dog, she's calm and under control."
  14. So sorry. Godspeed Ruby - run free in perfect health again on the other side.
  15. The Voice of God can work, but if it's a bossy male dog then it's probably going to sneak around quicker than you think. I carry a stout walking stick in random loose dog areas and can and will use it if one comes at us with bad intent like a torpedo.
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