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Cosmo (system Br Mynoel) March 11, 2002 - October 8, 2009


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When Cosmo came to stay with us we weren't looking for another dog. And she wasn't looking for anything other than a way out. Back in July of 2005 Eileen McCaughern's home was struck by lightning and caught fire. For anyone who doesn't know the story, Eileen runs REGAP of CT mostly from her home. We'd gotten Morgan from REGAP, well, 6 years ago tomorrow. So when we saw on the news what had happened to Eileen, Jason, who was adamant about not adding what would have been dog #4 at the time, he said 'let's help however we can'. So that afternoon I went over with kibble and bottled water and in exchange came home with a foster. As petrified, unsocialized and skittish a dog as I have ever seen.


I made the mistake of letting her off leash in our fenced backyard. And spent the next two hours using every trick in the book to try to get near enough to her to get ahold of her or to just somehow entice her into our house. She wasn't having any of it and it wasn't until Jason came home that we were able to tag team her and get her inside. The little foster supposedly went by Noel, but she didn't know her name at all and it didn't fit anyway. Within a couple of days she went from avoiding us like the plague to snatching food off our plates to learning that she had to wait and ask for handouts. She was thin and gangly and one ear went forwards while the other one went back. So between her thin frame, the funny eardo and the fact that she was always coming over for food, she reminded us of Kramer from Seinfeld. And that's how Noel came to be Cosmo.


Cosmo was very much like a little alien when she got here. She knew nothing about human-dog interaction. We never thought she'd been abused, just that any handling she'd had must have been minimal at best. She didn't even know what having her head pet felt like. When she learned what a good thing head pets were she couldn't get enough of them, though. If we could have spent our days doing nothing but petting her head, that would have suited Cosmo just fine. She perfected the "shovel-nose" move to nudge our hands back into action whenever we dared to get tired from all that non-stop petting. Cosmo spent her first month taking a lot in. She would sit and watch the other three dogs, particularly Morgan, and you could just see the wheels turning in her head and you could tell she was starting to realize that maybe humans and dogs could be pals after all. About a month after she got here Cosmo seemed to be settling in and we realized we didn't have the heart to uproot her. Cosmo was here to stay.


~ one of the very first photos of Cosmo. Still in her "foster" collar. ~



Cosmo never quite seemed to get over being sorta skittish in the house. Whether it was the other dogs or the closed in spaces, but for whatever reason, Cosmo was really in her element when she was out in the world. We discovered early on this shy girl was a super meet and greet dog. She was kind of subtle when it came to seeking attention. If you offered her your hand to sniff as people will tend to do, she backed away. But if you just went in and started petting her, she'd stand there all day long. Long after Morgan would retreat behind us to get a break from the crowds, Cosmo would be standing there front and center, waiting to be adored. We sometimes joked we took second to any stranger. Many's the time we thought she would happily left the m&g's with anyone but us (and I can't tell you how embarrassed I was the time we walked through a packed parking lot on our way to a m&g and she jumped in the open lift gate of a complete stranger's SUV).


And there wasn't much that Cosmo loved more than a trip in the car. We always said she would have made a great truck driver's dog because under that shy exterior was a thrill-seeking personality. Neither Jason or I could drive anywhere with her without getting repeatedly whacked in the head by Cosmo's head. She loved to stand in the back with her head over the driver's shoulder. Clearly wherever we were headed would be better reached with her assistance.



And over the years we were lucky enough to have her as a travelling companion on a few long trips. Our first trip was with her and Morgan on a trip to Michigan to see my parents. We rented an SUV for the trip and at the first rest stop when we opened the lift gate she was so excited she flipped herself out and landed on her back on the pavement. We were in the middle of nowhere and terrified she'd hurt herself, but she was fine. On the same trip, the day after we got to Michigan, my 20 year old nephew died in a car accident. Tragic as it was, Cosmo found a way to bring a little levity to the situation. We had no choice but to cart the girls everywhere with us, including to the funeral and gravesite service. The church and cemetery were way out in the country, and as we drove along we kept smelling the foulest manure smell we have ever smelt. It wasn't until we got to the cemetery that we realized the scent was coming from the back seat. We knew, given my nephew Marc's sense of humor, that we would have found it hilarious that while people were gathering at his grave, Cosmo was spreading poo from one side of the SUV to the other and back again. She even got some on the ceiling. We must have spent $50 on cleaning supplies and I spent about three hours cleaning. To this day I'm amazed we never got a nasty note or a bill from Avis after we handed back the poomobile.


We were also lucky enough to take her on a couple of trips down to Georgia to Sandy Paws and down to Florida for the big Follow That Hound get-together. She was so excited on her return to the racetrack that she left a big gift on the carpet at the Orange Park Kennel Club too. Now that I think of it, a lot of Cosmo stories had to do with bodily secretions. For the first two weeks she was here we did the one-foot-in-front-of-the-other method to get her up the stairs and back down again. Morgan had caught on in two days, but Cosmo was seeming to take much longer. One night Jason had gone upstairs to our bedroom and I heard him yell "holy s***!" I ran upstairs to discover that someone - and I REALLY never had a clue who - had gotten sick all over and down the side of our bed. In my shock over the mess I didn't notice that someone had run up behind me to see what all the commotion was. When I turned to discover Cosmo standing behind me I totally forgot the disaster in our room. Apparently Cosmo had been going up and down the stairs on her own for some time when we weren't looking because when we finally discovered she could do it on her own she was already a pro.


Another thing we discovered about Cosmo was that she enjoyed TV almost as much as her mom did (I mean me, not her actual mom). Every morning when we left for work she'd be lying on our bed watching Animal Planet. We often wound up leaving both TV's on for her all day long. When she lost a toenail and had to take it easy she did her rehab on the couch in front of the TV.


Even last night she was watching a dog do tricks on one of the late night shows.


In May, our life together began a whole new chapter when Cosmo started limping. I tried to tell myself it was nothing, but I think I always knew. Through it all, Cosmo was a trooper and always a well-behaved lady, no matter how frightened she was. All the vets and their staff loved her, and I think she met every one of them in the state. The day after her amputation she was up on her feet and ready to go home. A week later, despite doctor's orders, she was going up and down the stairs on her own steam. Two weeks in we began our walks on the boardwalk at the beach. Before we knew it, we were regularly walking the entire mile and a half distance from one end of the boardwalk to the other and back again. It usually took us a couple of hours to make the trek, though. Not because Cosmo got tired, but because so many people wanted to meet her (and because Cosmo wanted to meet every dog on the boardwalk too. I was so proud of how gentle she always was, even with the tiniest two pound chihuahuas. And how un-bothered she was by the not so well-behaved dogs we encountered, and there were plenty of those, too.). Over the summer, Cosmo built up quite a following. Everyone who met her loved her. I cannot count the number of little kids who put their arms around Cosmo and hugged and kissed her. Instead of being afraid of her because she was different, somehow in her tripod status, little kids and adults alike just seemed to love her more. I was always amazed at the people who would bless us for what we were doing for her. We were blessed already to get to walk the road together a while with this gentle soul, and probably selfish more than selfless to want to keep walking this path together.


Our last boardwalk walk together was this past Sunday. We ran into a woman who we'd met before. She'd taken a photo of Cosmo the first time we'd met, and taken it with her to visit her family back in Peru, including her mother who was battling cancer herself. Cosmo's bravery and love of life in the face of illness gave hope and inspiration to her mom and the rest of the family. I think it was then I truly realized what a gift Cosmo had given so many when she lost her leg. I don't know how to explain it to say that Cosmo really seemed to come into her own once she got sick.


Jason and I definitely never felt closer to Cosmo than we did these last five months. Always independent, now Cosmo was forced on occasion to accept the assistance of others. These past few weeks she couldn't really get up and down the stairs any more, so every day began in her Dad's arms being carried downstairs. And every day ended in the same fashion as he carried her up to bed. Whereas, before she got sick, if Cosmo slept on our bed it was always tentatively - if we moved or if another dog challenged her right to be on the bed she'd be quick to get down - these past few months Cosmo slept like a log between us regardless of how much we tossed and turned. And no matter how much she was shivering in the direct line of the A/C, she refused to relinquish her spot between us. I will miss so many things about Cosmo, but feeling her soft little head as she laid between us may be one of the things I'll miss most of all.


Cosmo truly did teach us so much. That stuff about every day being a gift? Turns out it's true. We packed so many great memories into these past few months; nights at the beach, walks near the ocean and through the woods (while the cancer slowed her down, what a treat it was for all of us to be able to let her off leash and let her determine entirely where we were walking, how fast and how far), trips to cars shows and an adventure through a corn maze. More cheeseburgers and ice cream cones than I can recall. The visits paid to her by a sparrow and then a butterfly, her guardian angels, I'd like to think.


If I'm honest, 100 years together wouldn't have been sufficient. Five years together in her short seven year life was far too little, but long enough, I guess, to teach the lessons she needed to teach and share the gifts she had to give. Cosmo, you were truly one of a kind. If I live a hundred years I will never meet another spirit quite like you. And while I know your Dad and I could never hold a candle to any random stranger, I hope, when one day we meet again, that you will be half as happy to see us again as we will be to see you. In the meantime, I wish you endless supplies of ice cream cones and Burpdog biscuits, all the big fluffy stuffed balls you can find, and countless TV's playing Animal Planet.



You took a big piece of my heart with you when you left, little girl and I will always ALWAYS love you, my wonky-eared Sweet Pea, my Supergirl, my special gentle soul called Cosmo. Now go dig a great big hole!


Cosmo elevated digging to an art form

Edited by Tracey

...............Chase (FTH Smooth Talker), Morgan (Cata), Reggie (Gable Caney), Rufus
(Reward RJ). Fosters check in, but they don't check out.
Forever loved -- Cosmo (System Br Mynoel), March 11, 2002 - October 8, 2009.
Miss Cosmo was a lady. And a lady always knows when to leave.

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Guest FullMetalFrank

What a beautiful, well-lived life... Your quote above, about her being a lady, was exactly what I was thinking when I read about her passing in H&M. She was a gem, for sure. Godspeed, Cosmo...

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Guest MnMDogs

Oh Tracey :( I remember the story of her coming into your lives, and I really can't believe she's gone. It's never enough time with these special hounds...

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Guest PhillyPups

Tracey, what a celebration of your beautiful lady. She may leave but she will never be gone.


Run with the angels sweet Cosmo, you are with some of the very very best ~



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:cry1 I'm so sorry for your loss. Such wonderful memories of a beautiful girl. :grouphug:f_red

Paula & her pups--Paneer (WW Outlook Ladd), Kira & Rhett (the whippets)
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Such a lovely tribute to a very special girlie. :beatheart She will live on forever in your hearts.

Godspeed, sweet Cosmo... :gh_run

Jeanne with Remington & Scooter the cat
....and Beloved Bridge Angels Sandee, Shari, Wells, Derby, Phoenix, Jerry Lee and Finnian.....
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again.

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I'm so sorry - what a sweet face she has in that first picture - RIP Cosmo.



When a relationship of love is disrupted, the relationship does not cease. The love continues; therefore, the relationship continues. The work of grief is to reconcile and redeem life to a different love relationship. ~ W Scott Lineberry

Always Greyhounds Home Boarding and Greyhounds With Love House Sitting

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I am so sorry for your loss. Cosmo was like a diamond in the rough just waiting to be polished and shined until all the beauty was revealed for everyone to see. How fortunate she came to just the right home where she was encouraged and allowed to blossom. Your beautiful tribute shows how much she was loved and cherished. That sweet face will be remembered by many. May all the wonderful memories you made with your special girl bring you comfort & smiles.


:f_pink :f_pink :f_pink




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So very sad and sorry to read Cosmo had to leave you so soon......she was a very special girl.


Lovely tribute!

Run free our beloved Sir Snowy, Pip, Queenie, Sadie, Tess & Rosie until we meet again......I would rather feel the thorn than to never see the rose

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What a wonderful tribute to an obviously well loved girl. So sorry for your loss.

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Beautiful tribute for a beautiful girl, inside and out. Thank you for sharing Cosmo's story with us.


Cindy with Miss Fancypants, Paris Bueller, Zeke, and Angus 
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Beatiful tribute, beautiful girl. I am so sorry.



ROBIN ~ Mom to: Beau Think It Aint, Chloe JC Allthewayhome, Teddy ICU Drunk Sailor, Elsie N Fracine , Ollie RG's Travertine, Ponch A's Jupiter~ Yoshi, Zoobie & Belle, the kitties.

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I'm so very sorry. :cry1 What a wonderful remembrance of a special girl.


Godspeed Cosmo.

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I am so sorry. :candle Godspeed Cosmo.

Greyhound angels at the bridge- Casey, Charlie, Maggie, Molly, Renie, Lucy & Teddy. Beagle angels Peanut and Charlie. And to all the 4 legged Bridge souls who have touched my heart, thank you. When a greyhound looks into you eyes it seems they touch your very soul.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more then he loves himself". Josh Billings


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What a beautiful tribute, Tracey.


Thank you for sharing her story with us. Cosmo really was an incredibly special girl. :brokenheart:heart


:f_white:grouphug :grouphug




Kerry with Pippin (Paid Vacation), adopted 4/15/2017
Missing the best wizard in the world, Merlin (PA's Paris), the biggest Love I've ever known, and my sweet 80lb limpet, Sagan (Leon B) :brokenheart :brokenheart, every single day.

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