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  1. Thank you for all the messages, I do appreciate them. I am so incredibly sad and torn apart. Teddy was such a part of me, like I have lost a portion of my body.
  2. Thank you Jey. Tell your handsome Joseph and sweet Gidget that I appreciate their comfort, I need all the help I can get. I am just so incredibly sad. Seeing your name always reminds me of the wonderful picture of your mom and Batman. Thank you for that.
  3. Thank you everyone. This is the first time in almost 19 years that there is not a greyhound in our home. DH has been in India for 2 weeks. He knows that Teddy is gone, but he hasn't been in the empty house yet. Lucy and Teddy were from the same brood mom. Lucy left in May so Teddy has joined her now. My heart is broken.
  4. Greytlady94


    My Teddy (Nina's Bandit) slipped peacefully away at home Monday October 15. He would have been 13 in November. Teddy was the last of our seven greyhounds. I knew it was coming, but my heart is so broken. I don't think that we can ever be prepared, no matter how many times it happens. I took Teddy as a foster just a couple of days after he came in. Teddy was a spook, afraid of everything. I remember Robbie telling me "don't bring him back, I don't want him in my kennel". You see Teddy was so afraid he would soil his kennel and himself, a very fearful dog. Over the years though, Robbie has come to love Teddy too, and Teddy was always very happy to see Robbie, like his second dad, but he never went back to the kennel. Teddy became my fearless protector as he matured. My big boy was not about to let anyone around me until I told him it was ok. Then he would look at my face to see if it was alright for him to go back to his nap. I think I here paws walking, or the squeak of a toy. I look to see if it is him coming but there is no one here but me.
  5. Medicating a dog who has such great anxieties as you have described is not being unfair to the dog, it's loving the dog enough that she understands the problem and takes care of it whatever it takes. It is obvious that this has continued to get worse. One of my greyhounds had very bad anxiety issues and she was put on Alprazolam. It made a world of difference in her quality of life and did not leave her a drugged up dog, but a calm dog. See link below. http://www.vetinfo.c...gs-anxiety.html
  6. Thanks everyone. Lucy had a long and healthy life up to the last six months. Teddy is doing fine as the only one. At the time I brought him home to foster (yeah right) we had four female greyhounds. The boy has been bossed around his whole life. I think he is enjoying being the only one.
  7. Ducky thank you for adding Lucy to the list.
  8. Lucy slipped peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. She was 13 years 8 months. Godspeed Lucy Goose, you have many siblings and house mates awaiting you at the Bridge. Lucy was a Mac & Nina McKay pup, she went to school but never raced, so she had an early retirement. Lucy's brood mom was Oshkosh Lois who had many pups come through GPA Houston and when Lois retired from being a mom she also came through GPA Houston if I remember correctly. Lucy's half sibling Teddy (Nina's Bandit) was there by her side also with Jim and I.
  9. Dyne is high in calories if enough is given. A spoon of it mixed in a bowl of water is not going to give her a boost of calories. I would change to filtered water and Pyrex or crockery bowls. You could try the filtered water first, Britta and Pur both have water filters you can attach to your faucet. There is a lot of crap in water and it could be she can taste it even if you can't. My dogs drink only filtered water. Even I think the water tastes bad.
  10. If chicken isn't a problem and you want to feed iams you could try this Iams food click here Certainly better ingredient list then the others.
  11. Three times a day, meal content changes from meal to meal.
  12. I am so sorry. Try to take some comfort in knowing that Luna knew she was loved. You did everything you could do for her. Godspeed Luna, run with all the angels.
  13. His urine needs to be tested for UTI. If it were my dog I would also have a urine culture done. At six he is still a young dog, not middle age.
  14. My 13 year old is Lucy. She has never been very food motivated and especially the last year or so, getting food that she will eat changes from meal to meal. I feed Lucy and her 12 year old brother three times a day with two or three snacks in between. You can''t let them not eat or they literally will stop eatiing completely. For Lucy, so far alternating her meals between 13.5 oz Merrick Thanksgiving Dinner, Grammy's Pot Pie, Wingaling, and Smothered Comfort are good ones, also Fresh Pet Select, which is found in refrigerator cases in the pet aisle of some large grocers is a winner sometimes even two meals in a row. Scrambled eggs sometimes, roast beef, baked chicken, bread, waffles. I also give Lucy Dyne which is found in feed stores or online. It is a high calorie supplement and she really likes it for dessert. Antibiotics are awful hard on their stomachs and it is usually best to protect the stomach when they are taking them. I've found that if I can "jump start" her eating by placing a little of something she really likes on top of her food that will sometimes help too. If you search the Food and Dietary section of Greytalk you will find there have been many, many threads over the years on this exact topic. I hope you will find things in this thread that will get your Luna eating.
  15. I pick the food, I buy the food, I feed the food, I pick up the output. Pretty simple.
  16. Yes, just "jump starting" the eating is half the battle.
  17. I looked at the Stella and Chewys because I have a 13 year old who Is really a challenge, so I'm meal by meal alternating what I offer her. I feed three times a day plus her favorite peanut butter biscuits. I was surprised to see that the S&C dehydrated patties had only 70 calories each so it would take a lot of patties to get enough calories for a greyhound size dog. Some of the foods I alternate for Lucy are Fresh Pet Select, Merrick grain free canned like Thanksgiving Dinner, Grammy's Pot Pie, Smothered Comfort, etc. A surprise was finding a kibble to add in for more calories that she loves, Acana, also the grain free. I brought home some little bitty bags that I picked up when last getting her Merrick. So far she loves Wild Prairie and Ranchlands. Lucy is not the first senior lady greyhound that I have had who kept me on my toes for meals and I have gone the gammitt including home cooking, but I really hope to keep her eating as long as I can with a variety of choices. I am fortunate that Lucy doesn't usually have digestive problems. Another thing I use as dessert for Lucy is Dyne. It is meant for weight gain and she licks it up readily. Dyne has 150 calories per ounce and can be found at feed stores and on line.
  18. There are 73 calories in the average chicken foot so if she ears enough of them maybe that will help.
  19. i agree, the hooks may still be there. I would ask the vet to test for Giardiasis. Giardia info
  20. I would try just giving her the Purina One without the other mixed in. If it settled well with her before, and she liked it, she will probably do well. I agree, if the problem doesn't clear up a vet check is next.
  21. If you aren't already, you might try a raised feeding stand so the food will be more on her level. The ones I have come with pretty deep stainless steel bowls. Welcome to Greytalk!
  22. You might try to jump start her by sprinkling some dry parmesan cheese on the pieces.
  23. Renie, one of my bridge angels never gained weight until I started feeding raw. Feeding her 3% of her weight daily did the trick. (edit for msp)
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