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  1. It's WindsDay! And, it is rather brrrrr out there still. Quite chilly for September. Guest wore long pants, long-sleeved shirt, jacket, and gloves for her jog and our walk this morning. She is whining that her hands are still cold and it is hard to type. Retirement is definitely the way to go! My retirement is different from Zeke's and Paris'. *Mine* is the right way and theirs? Not so much. I get up when it is almost light and take a brisk 2.5-3 mile walk. Then, I chillax until breakfast is served to me. Then, I have my post-brekkie nap. Then, I get outside or sun myself on the
  2. It's MoneyDay everwon! Welcome home, Noor! We hope you settle in and enjoy life to the fullest quickly. You landed in a really, really good place! Aww, we are so sorry about Bibbi. Our hearts are with you. AndiPants, we hope your air cleans up quickly. So scary! Summer, we hope you and Miss Jen can get back to normal really fast, too. Stay safe! I would say that I wouldn't want to have wet grass tickling me when I gotta go, but the taller the bush, the happier I am! It makes it much more difficult for Guest to find and bag. We had a pretty good weekend v
  3. It's ThirstDay everwon! All of the big storms that were supposed to roll through have rolled through everywhere else but here. This morning, it was 72 degrees with a dewpoint of 71. Hard to breathe! Guest and I took a nice walk, though. AND, I was barefoot! She decided it was better that I limp than pant half to death. My feet get so very hot in my boots. She kept trying to make me walk in the grass on the side of the road, but I wasn't having it. Miss Chris, that is just so very sad. We are so sorry. Guest's father has a friend from the west coast who has 3 family members tha
  4. It's WindsDay everwon! I have been rudely kept away from my computer through no fault of my own! I have tried being nice and napping on the couch while Guest is in front of the computer, I have been more insistent by whining and using my beeg eyes to beseech her to let me type with my friends, and I have resorted to coming up and slamming her with my nose and pushing her hands away. Tough times take tough measures, I always say! We have had a string of beautiful days which is ending tonight with rain and the temperatures will start to heat up some, too. It was in the mid 50s yesterday
  5. It's TootsDay everwon! And, from my perspective, it is a much better day than yesterday. Guest hadda go into the office today and she told me that our morning walk would have to be quick since she has to leave. So, I made it quick! I started jogging and we took a 1.5 mile jog. It was glorious! Guest let me pick the speed and the most of the route. There was a loose dog near where we turn around, so we had to turn around earlier than I wanted, but I got to jog! Life is good. Then, we even got brekkie! Life was even better. You see, Guest got THE phone call yesterday morning right bef
  6. It's MoneyDay everwon! We are supposed to get some rain from Laura today. We shall see. We haven't gotten any of the other rains we have been supposed to get, so there is that. Guest has planned ahead, which will assure us of zero rain, by having Zeke take a morning walkie with me! He was all over the place. When Guest wasn't cajoling him or hauling him around. He finally got with the program and we had a nice walk. Guest took a quick run first, too, so she is ready to not get out after work today. We were also supposed to have an impromptu playgroup yesterday but we could not
  7. It is still ThirstDay everwon! Thought I would pop in before I lose all chances for the next couple of days! Not sure why Guest bothered to get her hair cut. She could have just waited an extra day or two and taken care of it by herownself since she is pulling her hair out! Oh, and don't hold your breath for pictures - she is not photogenic by any stretch of any imagination and is too self conscious to post a selfie. Suffice it to say that it is 3 inches shorter and she is letting the waves stay in, so she has that popular Beach Hair without leaving the woods of Penciltucky! We ho
  8. It's TootsDay everwon! It is supposed to be very hot and sticky here today, too. Guest and I took a nice long walk this morning before the real yucks got here. Then we all got to go on a trip to the vet. Paris and I got our lepto shot, Zeke got his toes chopped since he fights to have them done here, and Jet got his rabies shot. Very expensive morning! Zeke didn't get string cheese or cookies or nothing! He got rooked. Guest is going to drug the bejeebus out of him to chop his toes next time. Vet recommended. Nancy o' the Burgh, we are so sorry! Guest got cellulitis from her
  9. Just seeing this and I am so very sorry. I, too, let a dog go without any clear diagnosis. My vet thought that he had a GI cancer, but he was 13 and would not have done well with the diagnostics themselves. He let me know when he was tired and I let him go without ever really knowing the cause. Run free, Henry. You were so very loved. Wishing you peace and comfort.
  10. Thinking of you both today while you travel this road. My heart breaks for you both. When my bonded boys passed within months of each other, it gave me comfort to think that Goose needed Maverick more than I did. I imagine that Luna needs Nova, too. Wishing you a peaceful transition.
  11. Also, I wouldn't base my concerns about the activity level on his age. We recently brought home a 2.5 year old and he is the laziest dog. Our almost 11 YO is way more active than he will ever be. If your group thinks he would be a good fit, then go for it!
  12. I have had 3 OS dogs and the first sign in 2 of them was a broken leg. I wouldn't wish that scenario on my worst enemy. I only say that because it has certainly influenced my thought process in dealing with this. Our 3rd OS dog was Sherman and it was found due to a limp. In his case, as soon as I had to up his pain meds, I called it. I could not let him be in pain. However, as with most things, the best laid plans, yadda yadda. We scheduled it with our favorite vet and she would come to the house. Of course, his pain increased dramatically overnight and she was off for the next 3 days.
  13. I am so so sorry. I was hoping your experience would be different. Hugs to you and your beautiful girl. Sherman got to eat everything that he may have ever possibly wanted. He left us with the worst gas but he was all the happier for it! Wishing you peace and many days of wonderful memories.
  14. Sherman's tumor was in his knee area. It was a diagnosis that we didn't see coming based on his presentation. But, having these guys and already having been through it twice before, I am paranoid.
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