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  1. It's MoneyDay everwon! And, it is not raining today! We got lots and lots of rain yesterday and will get more tomorrow. The rain was so bad for Kimber that her roof is leaking everywhere! They hadda sleep downstairs on the liddle couch in case their ceiling fell in - yup, it was that bad. The landlord should be there as I tick tick to see what needs to be done. While it rained and rained yesterday, we were snug as can be in our house with a nice fire, watching football (at least some were, I was testing my eye lids for lite leaks ) and Guest was just cooking up a storm. She made several things, but we got to taste the butternut squash soup - it is houndie approved! Paris spent the night on the couch in front of the fireplace. She REALLY likes those fires! f Kevin left us this morning It was really nice to have him here for the week and we will miss him lots and lots. Guest is gonna fly out there in January to help him with his new abode. Happy Anniversary, Missr Jim and Miss Kathy! Guest and 's is tomorrow. They are going to have dinner out to celebrate and it will be raining on them, too! Ambi, good to hear that your leg is getting better. Sounds almost like an infection or something. Keep on improving, buddy! Welcome home, Charlie! Glad you no longer have Zorro's ear stapled to your butt. Better than his nose! A bath? What on earth is that? We only get wet if we get caught out in the rain - which was yesterday, but there was no soap involved. Phew! Guest is not gonna get home until after our dinner time! She is FINALLY getting her hairs cut. Even her father mentioned that it was time to get things done, But, she made up our dinner bowls this morning so can feed us properly. Disaster averted. He better take us for walkies, too, or I am gonna have a few things to say! Hiya, Pippin! We hope Miss Kerry's fut is more better today. We are so sad about York - he looked like such a special soul. Hugs and licks to his family. Lila, you are keeping Miss Jerilyn on her toes! How are her new shoes? She wanted brown - good luck with that, Guest has been looking for a while. What did she end up getting? Anyway, I gotta go - the sun is sorta out and I want that beam before Paris finds it. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  2. It's ThirstDay everwon! It feels like a WINDSDay though! Crazy windy today! Branches and limbs down every.where. Guest said no morning walkies because of the wind and I actually did not mind! It's rather chilly, too. We are officially in jammies at night now. We got new flannel housecoats from HoundTime while we were at the beach. Guest is supposed to take piccies of us in them and once she does, she will share. We had us a great time at the beach! We got to take long walkies on the beach on both SatonDay and SunnyDay before we left. Traffic was horrible for us, both ways because of when we left for the beach and when it got us to the bridge. Supposed to take less than 4 hours and it took 5.5 hours both ways. We are, according to Guest, excellent travelers and we napped most of the way. came down with a pretty nasty cold SatonDay night, so we hadda skip our last visit with Merc and Miss Elizabeth. Guest was happy about her race time, as you already heard about. As for ME, I hate races! Too many crowds and noise and unfamiliar peoples. I just wanted to go back to the car and I wanted Guest, too. I wasn't going to tell her *that*, but did. So, the horrible truth is out - as crazy as she is and as rude to me as she is and as much as she does NOT cater to my ever wish and whim, she is *MY* person. I am pretty sure she already knew that, but now it's for sure. Guest forgot her phone for most of the weekend, so there are NO pictures! She did snap one of us with And, she got one of and Sherman. Those two are quite bonded. Not as good as me and Guest, but you can see it here. Two old guys just hanging out together. Oh, Paris decided that the beach is all that and then some! She wanted to run and run and run! Unfortunately for :brushteeth, he had her leash at the time, so he and Sherman also got to run and run. Guest and I trotted along behind, laughing at that unlikely sight. We got home SunnyDay and Kevin showed up at midnight. He drove from Denver to Penciltucky in 36 hours. That's a lot of driving and not much sleep. We are very happy to have him around. He leaves us again on MoneyDay at oh dark thirty. Work is still nutso for Guest, so I haven't had any Guest time or tick tick time. Sheesh. I am feeling rather neglected. Last night, I refused to leave the big bed at sleep time because Sherman was in *my* spot on the couch! Guest had to actually lift up the couch to get him off so I could riteawaykwik-like jump up in my spot. He can sleep on the dog bed on the floor - NOT ON MY COUCH! He will learn . . . or else! Miss Andipants, you will do great! You have no choice - you are a "pants" houndie, which means you are special and unique. Just like moi and MoMo. You wearing purple, too? That's the color of royalty, you know! Just like you and me. I think we are gonna be good friends. Welcome! Anyway, I feel a nap coming on. All this typing is hurting my corn. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss FancyPANTS
  3. Ha! First time EVER that I am way early for anything! Hold those thoughts for a month, will ya?
  4. It's ThirstDay everwon! AND, it was not raining this morning and was pretty chilly - in the 40s! I know that isn't cold for some of youse this time of year, but it is here. Brrr! It did mean that we had a good jog and Guest is officially ready for SatonDay. I am officially ready to be ready for SatonDay! Come on, weekend! Miss Nancy, we are thinking of you and Missr Doug and hope all goes well, easily, quickly, and smoothly. Pippin, it is so nice to see you chatty again! We hardly ever, if ever, get rice around here. Maggie was the last bland diet hound and she liked noodles better than rice. Then, she didn't like noodles, either. She was a hard keeper! But, in her own way, she was very sweet and we know she is happy to be back with her sister. We did not know that there were giraffe in Erie. Now we do. Or did. Or something. Glad you are feeling better, Hamsammich! Glad the food thing is all worked out and smoothed over. Happy Birthday, Miss Patsy! Has your blizzard started yet? I guess it's Mother Nature's way of giving you a confetti shower for your birthday! The mystery continues at the Harper Hacienda! Myka, we hope you get your power back soon! Your power company has some work to do! Guest made some banana bread to bring with this weekend. She left the chocolate out because she likes it better that way AND we can have some, too! Love me all things banana! If this weekend is supposed to be all about the greyhound, then all foods should be greyhound friendly, amirite? OF COURSE, I am right because it is *moi* Miss Fancypants! She will be making some more friendly stuff tonight. Miss Kathy, she needs to text you! Mam, it is so beautiful where you live! Our leaves are beginning to turn but are nothing like that. We get mostly yellows and browns. The chestnuts are falling everywhere, though. Thankfully, we don't have any in our yard. Anyway, after that nice run up and down the Hill o' Def, I am ready for a good nap. Have a good day everwon! I will check back in to see how Missr Doug is doing. Miss Fancypants
  5. We will be thinking of you and Doug tomorrow, Nancy. Please let us know how things go. Cindy
  6. I use outdoor furniture cushions and they work well. I just bought chaise lounge cushions from Lowes for 12.49 each. I cut off part and used the rest for a dog bed. Foam inners, 4 inches thick. Dogs love them! I have them on our deck, on our screened porch and a set in our camping trailer. They can get wet but they do get kind of gross after a year or so. You can clean them and then ditch them for new ones when they go on clearance.
  7. It's WindsDay everwon! AND, it was raining again this morning! It did stop yesterday afternoon, so we got a walk in. Whew! Otherwise, we would be climbing the walls! But, it means no jog again today! Miss Michelle, Happy Birthday! Better late than never, I hope! Guest was always happy that she never had to go to school on her birthday. She has never be able to take off work though, but what a fun thing to do! I agree that going to China is a good trade off. Hope it was a good day! Miss SC Susan, you are in a tough spot. Sounds like Laze is your friend and Robin not as much. Can you text her or something to let her know that Junior will have to have his food switched? Just thinking out loud. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. Those are quite big paws there, Miss Chris! Is that a clue? Merc, Guest is beginning to stress herself crazy about getting ready to leave for Dewey and work is nutso, so she is being slammed from both sides! I just know we are going to have fun! Saturday lunch is a must! I am not sure what the status is with the outdoor dining and dogs, but we will work everything out. At the very least, there is a Grotto near our beach house and we can all go back to the house to eat. Just a thought! I know I missed stuff, but I gotta go. is getting ready to leave and I *need* my cookie! Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  8. It's TootsDay everwon! And, it was still raining when we got up this morning! Phooey. It was pouring last night, too. Our porch is finished, so we INSISTED on going out on the porch last night even though it was cold! Milo, the fat orange kitteh, took his evening nap out there. He loves the porch more than anything else - almost. Paws crossed it isn't raining tonight! Miss SC Susan, which Ikea couch did you get? Kevin is buying a new condo in Denver and needs a couch. The old one is going with the stupid roomie when their house goes to closing Thursday. I like the idea of slip covers being washable since he is a male and all! Am also not a fan of those sensors. Replaced the tires once and the shop broke one and made me pay to replace it. I finally got them to split the charge. So annoying. Mine also go crazy when the temperature drops in the fall and usually take a 20 minutes to shut off. Good luck on those hooks! Nasty things. Finn freaks all out with Kimber's dremel but is still freaked but less so with mine. The pitch of the whine is different and he can almost tolerate it. Wonder if that is part of the issue. How about a scratch board? Miss Chris, finding a new voice is so so hard, as you have already found out. I tried with Paris but it just wasn't working since her life views are totally upsidedown - literally - from mine :rofl. Fancy is way more snooty than I am but that's easier for me! Anyway, work is crazy and I need to get back to it!
  9. It's MoneyDay everwon! And, it is RAINING. Like it did some yesterday. Back to our old normal, I guess. But, if it means that it won't be raining while we are in Dewey, I'll take it! I did get some of my jog this morning. We started out ok and then our flashlight decided it was time for new batteries, so we turned around before we had nothing. I mean, we are both lit up well, but Guest is a mere human and needs a flashlight to see where she is going and, more impotently, to see what *I* am intently eyeballing! That, my friends, is always a good game - stare unrelentingly into the distance and watch the humans struggle to see what you are staring at! Even more entertaining when it's dark and they cannot see bupkiss. Probably almost as fun as poop foot and there is NO smell and you don't even need to get your feet wet. Hugs to the Harper household today. We are still so sad. I cannot imagine not having a brother - I did for a while and did not like it one bit. So, I have extra leans for KLilly. And, we missed Felicity's birthday. I hope she got some celebrating in. Dustin, I remember going back and forth between houses. First, it was Maverick and I and then Paris and I. Friday nights were always exciting because Guest came home from work and off we went! I don't miss my old house one bit. We know that Maverick would have loved our new house, too. Enjoy your travels! We had Finn here all weekend and he went home last night. On SatonDay, Guest took the 4 of us on a long walk and we went into town. While we were there, some man asked too many questions about us and how fast we were and wanted to know if Guest was breeding us. He also wanted to know if she needed help walking with us! Holy moly - he probably would have stolen us! He was especially interested in Paris. Come to think of it - dang, I missed my chance to unload her! Sheesh. Wot was I thinking? All of us came home and then Guest spent the rest of SatonDay painting the porches. Something else she knows way too well! Yesterday, Guest and helped move 3 more houndies to their forever homes. And, Guest started to get a little anxious thinking about when the distinct possibility of no more racing hounds to be able to adopt after our racing careers have ended. Anyway, I am off to catch my post-lunchtime nap! I hope everyone has a good day. Leans and lick to your peeps! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  10. Oh, Whiskey Bisky Samba Boy, we are totally broken of the heart to find that you are getting your wings. Guest is a mess as she knows EXACTLY how Miss Chris is feeling. She watched Goose like that on his last day and she lost her two boys close together, too. Wishing everyone peace and strength. Guest remembers wanting to take Whiskey home with her when she and came to visit. He really touched her deep in her heart. He is a GOODBOY. Miss RE Carol, we are also sorry that it was Mr. Richard's time, too, but we know he was also ready Many hugs and leans from the Somerville household. Love to you all.
  11. It's FriedDay everwon! And, it's a beautiful day here today! I was all set for a good long jog this morning when Sherman decided that he wanted a walk at oh dark thirty. He drove me batty - sniffing and snuffling and zigging and zagging. I wanted to run and he wanted to just lollygag around! Took forever, too, so Guest wasn't able to run errands before work and will have to go after work, which means she will get home late, which means our evening walk will be late, which means our dinner will be late! Geez. Any news on Beka's x-rays? Whiskey, we are sorry that you are not doing better. We are glad that you are not worse, either! Hugs to you, Miss Chris. Guest remembers the hyper vigilance when Goose was struggling. Not a fun time for anyone involved. Miss Chris, you are NOT a downer. Expressing yourself and your concerns and worries is one reason for this group! We would like to see your before and after tattoo, Miss Susan! Not going to be a fun-filled weekend, phooey. Guest has to paint the porch pillars and the screened porch. The end result will be nice, but that's not how she thought the weekend was going to go. It also means that any adventure for the weekend will hafta wait until SunnyDay, if we get one at all. Drat. Indoor zoomies, Merc? Yay, you! Flaunt those after burners! How is your heart today, Miss Patsy? Have you been able to celebrate your friend's life yet? Finn is here! Kimber and Francis have a wedding to go to and Finn is camping out here. That should liven things up! I hope everwon has a good day and feels better. Hugs and leans to all who need them. TTFN Miss Fancypants
  12. Vanessa, OUCH! I got a wasp sting this summer and 10 days later, my entire upper back on that side swelled and itched like no one's business. It was brutal. Ended up on pred. I cannot take benedryl and I found out pred and I don't like each other, either! Miserable week. Hope you have a better experience! Miss Ducky, you have met Guest, so you know that song doesn't apply! Nothing to swing, lol. Anyway, she actually saw that on a birthday card - which she promptly bought and gave to her sister, who over qualifies for that mental image! She didn't find the card hilarious, for some reason.
  13. It's ThirstDay everwon! And, it's another humid day, but at least it isn't gonna be 90 plus degrees today. When we left the house at oh dark thirty this morning, Guest told me that we were just going to take a short walk, as it was already yucky out there. I, however, shocker I know! , promptly went right at the end of the driveway and broke into a trot. So, I got my jog down and up the hill o' death. Guest refused to go the entire loop though and promised me a long jog tomorrow. I still got 2 miles, so I was happy. Oh, and we got bananas with our brekkie! They were too soft for picky human consumption, so we got it instead. Score! WBSB, we hope you are feeling better today and the vet can do something easy to make you all better. Yay for a Hamburgler! Spirit, I hate it when I get trucked! Nate is lucky you still only use your words. Miss RE Carol, we are thinking of you and Missr R. Hugs. Worms! Yuck, yuck, yuck. I would hope that your friendship with Laze is one that you could tell her that Junior needs to be treated before Dewey. I don't think that's unreasonable. We hope Fletcher's limp is nothing. Scary! Good luck with the estimate, Balti. Seems wrong to have to use bikkie monies so you can eat bikkies and then don't have enough monies to buy them! Hopefully, the dentist aspires to that type of thinking. Lulu, you got the "look" down pat! Oh, and you clearly represent this song "Do your boobs hang low, Do they wobble to and fro, Can you tie them in a knot, Can you tie them in a bow? Can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier, Do your boobs hang low." If you got 'em, flaunt 'em! Myka, how are you doing as an only again? I did not like it one little bit. But, at times, I think it was better than being with Paris. However, I will hip check you into next week if Sherman leaves me. I just love having a big brudder! When Guest got divorced, her ex threatened to take Dante with him. Needless to say, it didn't happen and when Dante broke his leg, the ex didn't even come by to see him cross the bridge or pay for that final visit on anything. sheethed Lila, you go girl! Safe travels, Miss Nancy o' the Burgh. Dustin, glad you are enjoying your new housemate and are adjusting to your new normal. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  14. Oh, Miss Patsy, we are so sorry about your friend, Kathleen. Sounds like she had a well-lived and well-loved life. Our condolences to all those who knew and loved her. Hugs. WBSB, you HAVE to get better! That is not optional. Miss Fancypants
  15. It's MoneyDay everwon! Yup, that means Guest went back to work to earn some monies! I swear, she seems to be there A LOT, so she mustn't earn very much! Happy Birthday, Miss Susan! Playing in the dirt is one of Guest's favorite ways to spend an afternoon. Boiling her brains isn't quite up there, though. Enjoy your dinner! Guest gets scams about her student loans being behind. Yum, no. She doesn't have any student loans and never had any! I am sure that they would be happy to confirm that once she gives them her SSN. Spirit, are you still with us? Spurting blood seems to give two-leggers pawsuse. Eat up, everwon! Sherman used to be a picky eater at his old house. Here? Not so much. He licks the stainless right outta his bowl! And mine. The contractor to work on enlarging the screened porch was scheduled to start today. So, OF COURSE, it has been raining! Sheesh. Whether he has been at the house, Guest doesn't know and I am NOT telling. Yesterday was 's birthday! They celebrated by going to brunch with a couple of his kids. Guest simply cannot help herself. One of them made a comment about plumbing being different for men and women when they were talking about endoscopies. Guest told him that the only difference between his GI plumbing and hers was that he had a bigger GI exit, if you know what I mean. I swear, she is not fit for public! Thankfully, he laughed and acknowledged that was a good retort - he likes stuff like that. The other two just stared at her gaped-mouth. was completely unphased as nothing surprises him anymore! But, to be honest, the delivery was way funnier than it looks in print! Then, they went to our local street festival, but it was way too hot for us, so we stayed home. Later that afternoon, we took a nice family trip to the covered bridge so Sherman could splash in the creek. Did you know that there is a tiny bat colony living up in the eaves of the bridge? Guest was all excited about that. Sheesh. Again, I gotta keep her out of the public eye. The final celebration was coconut cake and we each got some! Holy moly - I love me some coconut! I did get my jog in this morning in spite of it being rather warm and very sticky! It was nice to get back to my normal. I hope everwon has a good afternoon. TTFN Miss Fancypants
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