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  1. thank goodness you didn't say how long they had to pose with a piece of fruit! This is was a strawberry. Paris thought it was most delish.
  2. It's WindsDay, I think! I have decided that I am not a big fan of Guest working from home. I don't get lots of extra pets and attention and stuff, like I should! She actually sits there and is on the computer all day. How boring! How do I get her to pay attention to ME? Also, a little sun would be nice. It has either been really cloudy or just raining. Getting old. Like Guest is! Pippin, we really feel for Miss Kerry. That would be so incredibly frustrating. Guest has a tendency to shut down when trying to learn something beyond her pay grade. Once it perks a little, she does much better. Her processor can be slow(er) at times! But, giving attitude can get you a throat punch. Hope that person gets over themselves riteawaykwik. We get our heartworm candy in the middle of the month and then our ticksbegone pill a week later. We still don't have a stayathome order in our county. The counties that have 85% of the state's population are on lockdown. However, it is just a matter of time. Guess what? We have a new raccoon visitor! Finn has something to bark out when we go out for last potties. has to bring the suet feeders in at night now. The raccoon has been caught on camera and we are just waiting for a baffle so he can no longer climb up the feeder pole. He cannot always open the feeder itself, so he will get it down and drag it off. He even took the big one that the pileated woodpecker likes because it has a tail rest on it. It's getting expensive to replace the suet every morning! Besides, can raccoons get pancreatitis from eating all that fat? Nice pictures everwon! It's nice to see everwon. We still don't have any flowers in our yard, but some of the daffydills are trying to bloom. We are supposed to get some sun tomorrow, so maybe it will be enough to get them going! Paws crossed. Cold and dreary weather is highly overrated. Anyway, gonna nap away until walkies time. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  3. It's TootsDay everwon! Guest is trying to wake back up front mindless stress eating, too. Works for me. I got a short jog yesterday and today! She is also now working from home (which isn't going too well at the moment because she gets all kinds of disruptions as people get used to the new normal) because Maryland has now shut down. Her part of Penciltucky is still open for bizness - sorta. No lock down because our county is pretty rural (with the main exception of Gettaburger, but the college kids have been gone, the ski slope is closed, and there are no visitors) and social distancing is pretty much the norm! But her parents and other family members are calling because they have already been self isolating and losing their minds. Guest's mom's doctor flat out told her mom that if she ventures out, she will go D E D. That's pretty chilling! Her father still feels that he is invincible, which is making things rather tense in their home. But, funny story for today before Guest boots me off the puter. We are all hearing about the two-leggers are turning into four-leggers since they are just roaming their homes looking for food, are told NO when they get too close to strangers, get all excited about car rides, and freak out when the doorbell rings. Well, this morning we are jogging down the road when a truck is coming the other way. We, as usual, pull over to the side and wait for it to pass before continuing on. It passed and Guest looked at the side and it was a truck of a company that we contracted to remove the downed tree that the last tree company just sawed into 9 foot logs (3 feet in diameter) which is too big for us to turn into firewood. But, I digress. Guest reads the truck name and promptly tells me that we need to turn around and she starts CHASING THE TRUCK! The whirled has gone completely mad. She was worried that it was coming to our house and had to go to work this morning to help a couple of people with teefer emergencies. Anyway, she found the truck in someone else's yard and wanted to know when/if they were coming to see us. I live with a nutjob. As if you already did not know. Guest found another benefit of living with an older man - he got to go to the store extra early this morning and they had TP! She had been on the hunt for 2 weeks and now we are good. No scooting in the grass, up hill both ways, and in the snow to finish things! Stay safe everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  4. We lost our silly, goofy, gorgeous boy on February 21 10 days after his osteo diagnosis. He came to us almost two years ago after his first family couldn't handle a dog and a toddler. He was a big boy and we were able to get his weight back down to a comfortable 80 pounds. He had the biggest neck I have ever seen on a greyhound. His family told us that he was a very picky eater. His first meal here he turned his nose up at his kibble and grabbed a chicken leg (we feed raw) and never looked back. Was never picky, never missed a meal, and polished the bowl every time. He loved his walks and his morning massage. He would back into you for a good rub down and butt massage every day. If you finished before he was ready, he would follow you and back into you again until he was done. We didn't have nearly enough time with him, but were lucky enough to have been able to do a lot of things, so his time with us was filled with fun, laughter, adventures and love. We miss you deeply Sherman and eventually we will all be ok. Fancy is still a mess, as she is missing her BFF in the worst way, but is getting better. Run with the angels, big guy, as you were an angel here on earth.
  5. Sherman is 80 pounds and he is big to us. I just love those big boys and would probably drive down there with Maggie!
  6. One of our dogs jumps on every piece of furniture we have but WILL NOT jump into a vehicle, including our Forester. I am convinced that she will not jump in because it is a hatchback and the idea of a roof over her head, so to speak, causes her to refuse to jump. She will, however, stand patiently for you to hoist her up and into the car. No amount of treats or cajoling or instructing worked. Thankfully, she is only 52 pounds and it is not our 80 pounder that refuses to jump into the car! He, however, happily jumps into the car but will not jump on the furniture. Go figure
  7. Better to be wearing a curtain than a lamp shade! And a good time was had by all.
  8. Happy Birthday, Cletus! Your birthday celebration was planned very well! You are just.too.cute.
  9. I put down old towels as a path to the steps, upon which we have rubber step pad-thingys. I find that they stick to the towel path rather well.
  10. I had that happen, except the bite results were quite different. Fancy had to undergo surgery to repair the tear. Then, 8 days later, Paris nailed her again. We ended up seeing a behaviorist, placing Paris on medication, and practicing loads of NILIF. In our case, the trigger appeared to be a hospice foster that we had and Paris redirected her frustration onto Fancy. After our foster passed, things calmed down considerably. We have slowly weaned Paris back on her meds because you just never know, and still practice NILIF with her. We did get another 3rd hound, a male this time, and we haven't had any issues. However, after that experience, I will never ever take calm for granted again! It was quite the scary and stressful experience. It also took Fancy months to fully relax around Paris again. I so feel your pain and trepidation. Hope all goes well from here on out. I would make her earn everything though - a tired mind seems to help keep them calm.
  11. Perfect tribute for your perfect girl. I am so very sorry that her walk with you could not go on forever, except in your hearts. Cindy
  12. Ours love dried cranberries, too! Milo sounds like such a cute character. Yay to being good and healthy!
  13. I use outdoor furniture cushions and they work well. I just bought chaise lounge cushions from Lowes for 12.49 each. I cut off part and used the rest for a dog bed. Foam inners, 4 inches thick. Dogs love them! I have them on our deck, on our screened porch and a set in our camping trailer. They can get wet but they do get kind of gross after a year or so. You can clean them and then ditch them for new ones when they go on clearance.
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