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  1. It's MoneyDay everwon! Myka, we are holding you tight in our thoughts and hearts today. Hope the surgery goes well and you recover quickly and easily. Mam, we are really sorry about Missr David. We have a 70 year old David here, too, and that would be just horrible. Holding your family in our thoughts, too. Guest is back at work today. She was not a happy camper on Friday or Saturday, but was doing pretty good yesterday and I booted her off to work. On the other paw, I refuse to leave my stitches alone, so I have to wear a muzzle with stool guard all.the.time. Blech. I get my stitches out in 9 more days and then back to our regular programming. The water go-away peeps were supposed to come out today since last ThirstDay was a total bust. So, OF COURSE, it rained half the night! I am thinking we may need malaria shots or something! One of the secretary's at Guest's work turned in her notice. Guest is happy for the secretary with the new job, but sad for herself. They were walking buddies at lunch and now there isn't anyone to do that with. Time to take a nap! Have a good day everwon TTFN Miss Fancypants
  2. It's ThirstDay everwon! Guest is working from home today because of ME!! and because the water go-away peeps are supposed to start today. OF COURSE, it has been raining for hours. It's officially beyond ridiculous! We got !!6!! inches if rain over the past two weekends. Anyway, enough whining about the weather since in spite of every.single.thing I do, I simply cannot change it. I am not allowed to jog until my stitches are out in two weeks. Right now, I don't care because I am on drugs and they make me loopy. Once I am off of those in a couple days, though, oh boy! Not gonna be pretty. Speaking of drugs, Guest has to take 600, yup 600 mg of gabbypencils tomorrow with that Gatorade crud. She has light blue because it was free. 600! She cannot even take a benedryl without collapsing into a heap. This should be worth the price of admission, lol. Welcome back and home, Molly and Miss Carol Ann! We hope everyone had a wonderful time. Merc, enjoy your extra nap day! Miss Lizabeth, oy. That is all. Oh! The water peeps are here! I gotta go check things out. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants :star
  3. It's WindsDay everwon! I was so not in my happy place! As a matter of fact, I am still not there because they will not let me go home! I did get a shorter jog this morning since it will be my last one for two whole weeks! That is just SO WRONG. I was also denied breakfast, which is also SO WRONG because I am actually trying to put on some weight! It's not gonna happen if you deny me my meals. The vet said that I did well but I have to be stuffed in this holding pen until 4:00! Guest kept asking them to let me go as soon as possible since I don't like this place, but this surgeon is way too steadfast in her rules. Sheesh. She also HIGHLY recommended that my lump be sent to pathology. Guest was under the impression that it was more likely than not (a medical term )an adenoma like before, so the vet is probably just being cautious, but still. What a way to scare someone! will get me later today and take one of the kittehs in to have his mouth looked at (good luck with THAT one) and will talk with her then. Miss Vanessa, your vet needs to be schooled! Maybe Dr. Ng will speak with him? She offered to do that for owners when she spoke at GIG. Just a thought. Yay for getting monies paid and fees waived, Miss Sherrie! You certainly kick tushes and take names, don't you? Guest wants to learn how to do that. Enjoy Mountain Hounds, Abby! Hiya, Bikini! Guest is gonna be home with ME all day tomorrow! She is working at home because the water-GO-AWAY people are starting tomorrow. That is, until they call and cancel tomorrow morning like they did the last two times. But, it's all arranged and she has work she can do from home, so I will have her at my beck and call. FINALLY, she understands and respects the power that I possess! It was cold again this morning, as it was all day yesterday and last night. But, it is nice out there now and I cannot be out in it! Paris is snoozing on the screened porch. Brat. Balti, have a good birthday! I need to start whining for real so they will let me go home. This is ridiculous and no place for a special girlie like me. Have a good day everwon TTFN Miss Fancypants
  4. It's TootsDay! Is it Miss Ducky's birthday, too? That's tootsweet, if it is! Happy Birthday! Or if not, happy birthday early or late! NO rain this morning! We got our 5K in and I am happy. Miss Patsy, I would also bring a wet suit cuz you would be cold in just a bathing suit. It was 43 degrees this morning! Guest brought the winter pants, jacket and mittens back out for our run this morning. She debated a coat for me but let me go nekkid. Having to wear boots keeps me warmer anyway. On the way home last night, Guest and saw a baby porcupine marching across the road! No, she did not get out of the car and shoo him to the side. He was marching pretty well and she wasn't interested in homemade acupuncture. That was a first, along with the crayfish on SunnyDay. Definitely MofO Wild Kingdom around here! Abby, we hope your mom has calmed down and everything is better now. I would have been hiding, too! Tense words make me nervous. Hiya, Charlie! We hope that calmer minds prevail soon and your momma-bear's workload decreases. Guest did not know that May was a trigger month, too. Welcome, Knarl! Your got it made now, buddy! That is all from here. is home and is getting ready for breakfast so we need to get ready for treats! Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  5. We almost missed birthdays! Say it isn't so! Miss Lucy, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Ambi! 12 is swell! Or so they say. Enjoy! Sherman got your birthday off and running last night - there was garlic bread sitting on the table and he helped himself! You see, he couldn't help himself, so he did just that. A birthday riddle! We hope Missr Michael has a great trip! Guest saw in the news that one of the closest Maryland towns to us has had over 91 inches rain in the past 365 days, which is a Maryland record. And, we have gotten more than that. So, Daphne and Bitzi, we totally commiserate with you! Miss Patsy, we are not sure what sparked the chocolate question, but is a HUGE lubber of dark chocolate. He doesn't eat milk chocolate anymore. When the family was over on SatonDay, Guest's dad said that when Guest's mom passes, there had better be ice cream at the Celebration of Life since Guest's mom is ALL.ABOUT.THE.ICE CREAM. laughed and said it would be dark chocolate with almonds at his. Guest's family is weird. Miss Fancypants Impatiently waiting for some drier weather! Warmer would be nice, too, since the heat is back on and winter coats are once again in fashion. Yikes!
  6. It's MoneyDay everwon! And, it's another cold and rainy day. Been raining since SatonDay night. There was a couple hour break later yesterday afternoon, so we got in a walk and then Guest and hadda tow Guest's car outta the mud! She had to park on the side of the driveway for the SatonDay onslaught and the caaaah bogged right down! Whatta mess. Our SoupaROO color is jasmine. What kind of color is THAT? The puppy decided that she was better off staying at home SatonDay, much to Guest's relief. Between 12 people and two other extra dogs (one in stage 4) and some rain, it would have been even more total chaos and that really wasn't the best place for her. We are excited to be able to meet her AFTER she has at least one vet visit and we don't have so many other people and dogs around! They did get all the old azaleas dug up and out and put the new stuff in. So, Guest is looking at the 2 plus inches of rain since then as a good welcome to the neighborhood *shower* for the new bushes! Yes, it is kinda funny that it has been too wet to get the water removal peeps here. That part is amusing. The un-funny part is that he has $4,000.00 dollars of ours and isn't making us a priority when the weather IS good! We shall see if Guest's nice *pep* talk will get us put on the top of the list of people instead of being constantly reshuffled to the bottom of the list. He gets two weeks or she is asking for our monies back! Ivy, it looks and sounds like your birthday was fabulous! Paris is loving being 6, so I imagine you will, too. If I recall, 6 was a pretty good year for me, too! Sherman cannot remember that far back Paid for houses - what a beautiful concept! I think I would like one of those, too! They are getting there, chunk by chunk. Good luck with the applications, Miss Susan. We are so happy for you that your move has been nothing but spectacular. Hope they don't bleed you dry, Miss Lizabeth. Thumbkins' without coffee is a very.scary.thing. At least mine can be! A dinner teaser? Ouch. Maybe look at it like you had an appetizer before dinner? Sounds like you were trying to provide the dinner entertainment, Hada! Did you create a scavenger hunt? Your bank closed just because, Abby? That would have frosted Guest, too. Hope they did the right thing and waived some fees for you! FOUR tires with nails? That's a lot of dremeling! Ouch. Guest smeared peanut butter on the outside of Paris and Sherman's lectors last night when chopping their front toes. (Fronts are being done weekly, while front and back is less often). It kept them reasonably distracted while she sanded away! *I* just lied there and took it like the perfect girlie that I am. I did have a rather miffed look about me when I saw the other two getting treats, so Guest gave me a spoon of PB, just because. I guess some of my training has worked. Time for a nap - the rain is lulling me to sleep! Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  7. Happy birthday Ivy! Enjoy your day and cookie! Guest made some from scratch blueberry muffins for today - maybe I can bat my eyes at her and get some in celebration! They smell so good! the whole crew descends on us in a few hours. Guest is off to get our monthly food order and then will be running around before everyone gets here. At least the puppy will be housed outside and not in my yard either - she hasn’t had any shots and Guest isn’t taking any chances! She doesn’t know if we were inoculated against Parvo and isn’t taking that risk. Bear can stay inside with us. The cats will disappear for the weekend that way too! Paws crossed it doesn’t rain until after the puppy leaves and the landscaping is done! why poison ivy, Miss Susan? Your tattoo sounds quite intricate and full of meaning Where will you put it? have a wonderful SatonDay everwon! Miss Fancypants
  8. It's FriedDay everwon! I got my jog this morning, so all is right in my world. Well, except for the part that Paris slept in MY spot on MY couch last night! I was forced to sleep on the other side. I mean, really. She has a bed in the big bed room, so why did she feel the need to disturb me? It did help me to run extra well though! Guest was huffing and puffing up the hill o' def. It has already rained today. That's 11 out of 12 Fridays inna row with rain. Supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon and all day SunnyDay. Sheesh. We are past the arc. Yay for Atom! We hope that additional information may make things even better and more manageable. Keep up the good eating, WBSB! Life is so much better with food. Miss Patsy, you will be on our mind, while your doctor in on yours Hope all goes well and you have perfect success! Our kittehs keep all their foods to themselves and if they happen to urp, it's usually when Guest is asleep and we all know that the urp noise is the BEST alarm EVAH or they do it in the basement where houndies are NOT ALLOWED. Lila, enjoy your long weekend! We are having the puppy and Finn and Bear and 10 more people at our house all day tomorrow. Guest is trying to take it all in stride. She went to work and left with a list of things to do. Heaven help us all . . . . Guest tried to see if she could drink something different but no go. I see that it is the "new" thing. Miss Lucy, I will have her critique this pain management style for you! However, she isn't going to go through this twice, once with Gatorade and once without, so we shall see! Miss Susan, you getting another tattoo? Anyway, is almost home from the food store, so I gotta practice my poor, pitiful, starving hound dog face for when he comes home. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  9. Nope, it HAS to be Gatorade. Color doesn't matter. It is being used along with a cocktail of extra strength Tylenol and gabapentin as a method of pre-surgical pain control. General consensus thus far has been grape. I will look into Flow and Frost as I have a week to get it organized!
  10. It's ThirstDay everwon! And, it is gonna rain again. Today. Tomorrow. SunnyDay. MoneyDay. The list is endless. We still haven't gotten our water go the &^*(*) away work done yet because it keeps raining! I did get a good jog this morning. Guest told me that we were only going to get a short one and then our longer one will be tomorrow. Well, we got on a roll and our short one was only 3/4 mile shorter than our longer one! Score! Guest had a doctor appointment this morning and needed to get outta the house a few minutes early. Well, traffic cooperated for a change and she was still on time. They stole half her bloods and told her that she is gonna have to drink a Gatorade before her surgery next week. Well, she HATES that stuff. Can anyone recommend the least offensive flavor? She finds that it makes her cough with the chemical feel and taste to it. That's worse than being stabbed with needles! Lila, I love me some chicken heart and gizzards! Good stuff right there. We get them almost every week. Chicken liver is good, too. Paris and Sherman also like turkey liver, but I think it's gross and WILL NOT eat it. Forest walks sound nice except when you don't get to go as long as you would like. We have some wooded trails near us but we haven't taken them yet because of mud. Paws crossed we can do those in another month. My surgery is next WindsDay and I won't be allowed to walk for two weeks. So, after that maybe! That is a great article and a really nice pin, Dr. Frootkake! We hope you are enjoying your new job. I thought I lost my post when the internet tab went bloop, but here it is! I am now getting ready for my pre-it's 5:00 somewhere nap. I hope everwon has been having a good day! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  11. Please DO NOT tell my mother that you figured it out! She would die. Clearly, Fancy needs to practice her writing skills as it apparently has too many pronouns. Cindy, who is NOT the result of a one night stand. (I cannot imagine my parents ever being creative enough to be standing Heck, I don't want to imagine my parents like that AT ALL )
  12. It's WindsDay everwon! It's a boring boring day for me, though. Guest is going through another round of waking up every 90 minutes all night long and by last night, she was beyond exhausted and she took another 90 minute snooze when she should have been up and jogging with me! is here with us today, which means extra cookies, so there is that. We are in the camp of no kibbles here, too! But, for different reasons. We hope things will get better at your house, WBSB. Birthdays are fun and I HIGHLY recommend them! That's some flower power there, Miss Luna! Good luck today, Miss Lucy! Glad your move has been so positive, Miss Susan. Our cousin Cruiser got a new sister, Arya! She is a lab/Great Pyr mix. 8 weeks old. My uncle has NO CLUE what they just signed up for. She is supposed to come here on SatonDay. Guest is happy for them, it's always fun to meet a new puppy, but she is from a farm and is the daughter from a one-night stand. Guest told them they need to take her to the vet for her first round of vaccines first because we are worried about squirms and Parvo. Our vet told Guest to just not let us have any contact with Arya, so hopefully the weather will cooperate and she will be x-penned outside. They are doing all kinds of yard stuff, too, so she won't even be alone. Beka, that's wonderful news about your x-rays! Keep it up, girlie! is about to head outside to work in the yard, so I better go get my cookie! Have a great day, everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  13. It's MoneyDay everwon! We got about FOUR inches of rain from FriedDay night through last night and it didn't rain Saturday afternoon. So, at least we got one decent walk! The peeps went to garden stores on SatonDay and are re-landscaping around the front of our house. THAT is a big project! was impressed with Guest's ability to wrangle huge bushes. Remind me not to tick her off! I did try to get on here over the weekend, but I couldn't post. Sheesh. I hope Atom is doing ok today. We are thinking of you guys. I hope Zorro goes home and is safe and sound. How's your wheels, Miss Caroline? Frozen Treats sound wonderful! We got some extra stuff over the weekend to make up for lack of walkies and we got our toes assaulted. Anyway, the sun is now out and I gotta get some serious Vitamin D exposure. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  14. Time to perfect the lean! Somehow, I think your counters may be safe though. WTG, Cletus!
  15. Just checking in on our little Atom Bomb this morning. We really hope he had a good night and responds well to his medications. Good thoughts are continuing! Those xrays were something else! Poor WBSB - off his feed because of the stress and worry? Merc, please know I was all over Maverick, too. He took a huge chunk of my heart that can never be replaced. How he would have LOVED this chapter of our lives! We are redoing all foundation plantings. My back will never be the same! cindy
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