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  1. It's FriedDay everwon and FRY is the operative word! Lawsy, it's like H E dubble hockey stix's front porch out there! is dying. He cannot handle heat well AT ALL. That's probably why he is hardly ever in the kitchen! Not sure why he hangs around Guest since she is a hot mess most of the time. Anyway, Paris and I have been lounging on the screened porch and only come inside when our furs start to crackle from the heat. It's glorious! Guest left me this morning. I was all over her last night while she was trying to pack. She was in the extra room downstairs and I jumped up on the bed and snoozed while she packed. Then, I gave her my big pitiful stare and she lied down with me for a little and we hadda snuggle. I am gonna miss her. She gave me extra smooches before she left for work because I won't see her again until next SatonDay night! Bryan is already here, so we won't miss a meal. Whew! Glad they are doing a great job with your new paint, Miss SC Susan. Can they come up here and paint our siding? Guest would be SO appreciative! She would like new dining chairs, too. Ours are cane seats - which she HATES - and were free on Craig's List. Her SIL is great for sniffing stuff out that way. So, they just came home with them one day. Our table was from an upscale consignment store near Guest's work. No chairs, but she scored a nice Ethan Allen maple table. She really likes it but got that after she "lost" our last one in the divorce. Which, when he got evicted from his apartment, it didn't go with him. She misses those chairs, but not the table Miss Sherrie, enjoy your reunion! Guest is missing hers this year - no big deal to her, but her bestest friend from HS is an event planner and planned it and is rather P.O.'d that Guest isn't going. Oh well. She sees 4 of her good friends from HS every 3 months still and only one is going. She is attending a family gathering with her dad's side that she hasn't seen since her cousin's unexpected death (he was a year older) two years ago. Guest was gonna chop our toes before she left but ran out of time. Paws crossed (toes are harder to reach that way) that you escape that fate, too, Merc! A skunk? Mucho yuck. We have them by us, but we haven't gotten sprayed, thanks be to all! We did have a snek wriggle across our driveway last night. Sherman and Paris didn't notice and I was just kinda like "huh?" Only about 18 inches long and skinny. Needs to find some more crickets or something! Well, I gotta go. is getting ready to leave and go pick up Guest before heading off to the airport. I need to score a few more cookies. Have a good day everwon and stay cool! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  2. It's ThirstDay everwon! And, we are gonna be thirsty as the humidity is off the charts! Guest said it felt like she was slapped with a warm wet washcloth when she opened the door this morning. We still went on a jog, but she made it shorter and I got to stop and sniff whenever I wanted! I also decided it was a good morning to totally lose my mind, which takes quite a while over the deer. I got good exercise barking and lunging and jumping after them. Guest didn't seem to enjoy the sport as much as I did. We also rescued a turtle! He was trying to cross the street, so we helped him across and into the overgrowth. As soon as Guest put him down (in the direction he was already headed), two big trucks carrying roof trusses came by! Whew! Oh, and our turtle got run over by the UPS truck. Guest and are so very bummed. They would love to have another one in our yard, but know that you are not supposed to relocate them. How do you get a new house turtle, Miss Jennie or Miss Jerilyn? Inquiring minds wanna know! Guest broke the news to us this morning that once she leaves for work tomorrow, I am not going to get any jogs or walkies for 9 (!!!) days! is taking her to work and then picking her up mid afternoon and off to the airport they go. I am gonna miss her. Bryan won't get up with me in the morning and our meal schedule will be all kinds of messed up since he works afternoons/nights. But, we will get fed twice a day and lots of pets, so there is that. The birds aren't gonna get a thing and Guest is bummed that the hummers won't get fed either. She just hopes they return when she does! Good luck today, Miss SC Susan! Happy moving and yay for your new painter! Same colors? Mam, we have been thinking of you and hope that Nigel is doing ok all by his lonesome, too. That would just be the end of me. Miss Nancy o' the Burgh, 's father had one of those and had a successful surgery. Thinking of you and MIssr Doug. Better to get it taken care of while it is controlled than not. Uh oh, Merc! Being left alone with the Daddyman isn't always perfect, but at least mine gives out oodles of cookies! Hopefully, yours steps up and does the same. Where is your mummy escaping to? How's everwon feeling at your house, Miss Ducky? Miss Sherrie - OMG! Scary stuff. Guest and better be careful. The speed limits are higher (no pun intended but ) in CO than here. Anyway, gotta catch up on my naps! Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  3. Nancy, I am so very very sorry to hear about Ruby. As there is no place like home, I am sure that she is still with you, even if only in your heart. Hugs. Cindy
  4. It's TootsDay everwon! And, the humidity is coming back full tilt, but at least on the slower side. I got my jog this morning and yesterday, so all is well in *my* world and we all know that is the only world that needs to concern Guest! We are taking our evening walks in the, well, evening instead of when they get home from work. Much cooler and the bunnies and deer are out in force! Good times. Guest officially has one arm longer than the other now! You feeling better today, Miss Jerilyn? Tummy issues are NO FUN. How exciting, Miss Susan! If you have having painter issues, maybe some of it you could do yourself and leave the high ceilings and whatnot to them when you can get it done? Just a thought. I am one to talk - Guest hasn't even finished painting the house the first time and she already has to re-do the kitchen and still needs to do the outside! She is going to call a professional for the outside stuff. She simply cannot deal with all the different colors outside and is going to have the siding painted. That is the path of least resistance and the rest of the outdoor painting (porch floor and screened porch) she can do herself. The porch railings have to be replaced so this is the time to DO IT ALL. is never gonna be able to retire at this rate! How exciting for the puppy! Do you know if it will be a boy or girl? WBSB, we hope your lappertopper hangs in there until Miss Chris can get a new one or fix the old one! Oh, they are leaving for Colorado this coming FriedDay. She promised me jogs every morning this week (barring rain, of course) since I won't even get a single walkie while they are gone. I just hope the porch door gets opened so we can snooze out there when we can. They are going to Golden, Steamboat Springs, and some other place yet to be determined. While they are gone, our tree is gonna get chopped up. All 60 plus feet of it! JJ, better living thru chemistry! Glad you are better. If I couldn't walk, it would be all over for me. Guest gets lost all.the.time. She is rather used to it now! She does like her navigation system on her phone. I am not even sure if there is one in the Subaru - she should really check! My auntie Nancy was here for the weekend since she went to Kimber's 30th birthday party on SatonDay - to which *WE* were not invited! I am more comfy in my own house, though, tbh. Anyway, she came alone since Bear went to the bridge a few weeks ago. Our kittehs kept looking for him since he always chased them and were quite confuzzled that he wasn't there. She will open her heart to another doggo in the future, but isn't ready yet. Well, has to leave early today, so I better go get my cookie. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants chArlie! hiya! Yu like yur noo house like ok? It tukked me like a wile to get usta mine. I like it juss fine now. I habs been playing wif my bunneh stuffie and my futbawl won. mama camed home frum werk da udder day and stuffies were like ebberyware! I hadda gud day. daddy was bizzy and did not keep putting dem away so mama gotted to like see how bizzy I was! I am ok wiff udders coming to bisit, but I like it moor bedder wen dey awr not dere. I don't like to share my snuggle time - wich, iffn it was like up to me, wud be AWL DA TIME! I lubs me sum ear rubbsies. daddy is getting us sum noo beds for owr porch. The rains come in so he is getting sum dat dont like sit on da floor. And habs a bolster onnit! I lubs me sum pillows! I hope I like it. We were owt habbing walkies lass nite and da hawks were going like crazy - screeching and hollering and carrying on. Guest figgers dey were teeching dere liddles how to hunt or sumfing. Fancy seyd dey were owt being awl loud again dis morning. We hadda reel libe turnkey in our doggyyard SatonDay! And den on owr walkie lader, we like skeered up a hole flock ob dem. Sounded like a bunch of rusty gates squeeking all at wonce. I cud like not care less about dat stuff. But, I almost cotted a bunneh! I need a liddle moor leetch. Habs a gud day! Yur fren, Paris Bueller
  5. It's FriedDay everwon! And, I bet Miss Michelle and Miss SC Susan will both be happy and fried after today! Good luck, ladies! We are behind you, rooting you on. We got almost another 1.5 inches of rain yesterday. Stop already. Where the tree pulled out of the ground is now a nice mud hole! I suggested Guest take a sit innit because heaven knows she would use a little pampering with a mud bath I did not get a jog today either. Guest is just over the top tired and slept in. Apparently, humans need more than 5 hours of sleep a night in order to be rested. Who knew? Being rested has never been an issue of me! Anyway, she is looking outside this morning and a two-pointer is chomping away at the limbs from the fallen tree. Cool, no problem. Guest looks down and sees that he also chomped away the cardinal flowers - that are supposed to be on the deer resistant side of things. He did, however, leave the cone flowers, black eyed Susans, and tickseed alone. Sigh Thanks for the suggestions about shoes. Guest forgot that she has a pair of AK flats that are comfy, but pointy-toed and she cannot wear that anymore either. That's a project for fall. She is returning the shoes she ordered since they don't fit quite right at lunch time today even though she doesn't get that type of lunch break. It's FriedDay and she is done with burning discomfort on her feet, so she will take an hour of sick leave to get this done. This is a downside to living in no-wheres-ville - she has to drive almost an hour to get anything like this done and frankly she doesn't have that kind of time on the weekends and after work time is for us 4-leggers. Should be interesting, to say the least. Double sigh Miss RE Carol, Guest is clearly ignorant and she always understood that worms can kind of regenerate or something! I guess that idea goes the way of the tooth fairy. Triple sigh Oh well. is getting ready to have brekkie, so I gotta look all pitiful and needy. Be back soon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  6. Ha ha! Guest misspoke. It isn't required, as in she has to wear heels or else, but more that she does need to dress professionally and is still in the mindset that dress shoes are the way to go. She does have to go to Court unexpectedly at times and they are still stodgy. But, she is not permitted to wear tennis shoes or clogs or Birkenstocks. Working in the legal field, image is impotent! Their clients tend to feel more secure if one "looks" court-ready lol. As for the men, no heels but they do have to wear ties - another soul-crushing style
  7. Good morning everwon! However, it is not such a good morning for *me*. Guest did not give me my jog this morning! You see, she has hurty feets, too! She went to the podiatrist TootsDay. She is glad she wasn't told to stop jogging, especially since she forefoot strikes due to a wonky knee. The doc told her that she hasta to get all new shoes - which is an expensive and daunting task. She knew that was coming, but has zero time, so she ordered some. They came last night and they don't fit right. So, all y'alls with hurty feets, what shoes do you wear? Guest hasta wear heels for work. She got some BOCs and Clarks and just yuck. She has issues on the bottom of her left foot that is not a neuroma but acts like one and a pair of yucky bunions - thanks paternal grandmother! To make it worse, they leave for vacation in 10 days! She is freaking out about her feet right now and work is nutso and home is crazy-busy-nutso. Halp! Welcome back, Charlie! Paris will chat with you later. She is busy tearing up a stuffie - NOT Chompers, though. She won't hurt that one. Speaking of tearing up - I was 6 inches away from bunny tar tar last night! If Guest hadn't had my leash sinched up since a car was coming, it would have been MINE, ALL MINE. Hope everwon is feeling better today. Yay for paying for your house, Miss SC Susan! Grilling is wonderful. They cook veggies onnit a lot - even *I* like them! Sorry your family cannot be happy for anyone but themselves. We are thrilled for you! Merc, good job on rescuing that owl. I remember when we had our owl visitor for the weekend. Such cool birds. AND a horned owl! So cool! We have a well and septic system, so I have no idea how much water we use around here. Guest didn't pay too much attention to amounts when we lived in Maryland. Cost about 40.00 a month for water and sewer. SatonDay is Kimber's 30th (!) birthday party in Baltimore. Guest is trying to figure out how to get everything done for that that she volunteered to do. Silly girl, volunteering always gets you in trouble! Anyway, I need to take a good nap before the crazy thunder storms start and the flooding begins yet again. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  8. Good morning everwon! It's WindsDay! Going to be another lovely day here today and then the humids come back with full force tomorrow. Got another jog in this morning whilst it is still not stupid sticky. Nothing exciting happening here. The insurance guy is coming over tonight to make sure that everything is on the up and up. Guest hasta leave work early for this. There are so many other reasons why she would rather take time off than to listen to insurance stuff! All I know is that it is going to mess with my evening walk and will probably make dinner late. Anyway, is home this morning, so I get to take my after brekkie siesta on the screened porch, with the fan on me. Bliss. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  9. It's TootsDay everwon! I cannot believe that once again I have been so grievously denied computer time! I finally got to enjoy our long weekend on SunnyDay. Guest and went kayaking on the local lake and then came home and took us for a nice nature hike at the preserve near our house! It was shady and cool and we got to poke around a stream and a lake. Sherman was channeling his inner labradork and could not stay out of the water. Guest decided to cross the stream with him while calmer heads prevailed and we crossed using the bridge. She got within 3 feet of the far side and BLOOP! Right into the water she went! Clearly, Grace is NOT her first or middle or last name Her tush is still sore from landing on a rock but the gash in her ankle is better. I swear, it's embarrassing to be seen with her. The bridge at the bottom of the Hill o' Def is still out and will be for months, according to Guest. However, *I* don't trust a word she says, so I insist on jogging into town and get rather annoyed when we cannot cross the creek that has become a river due to all the rainy rains. We didn't get that awful stuff yesterday, but Guest and got to drive into it. We did get almost 4 inches of rain over the weekend though. Happy Birthday, Bikini! We hope you had a great day. Sherman is not a fan of boomers, either. We hope Nigel had a good bday, too. Mistress, we are so sorry about your uncle. Miss Vanessa, we hope you feel better soon! That trip really got you good. Gino still doing okay? When I ended up an only quite unexpectedly, I did NOT handle it well AT ALL and they had to scramble to get me a housemate. They should have scrambled better because I ended up with Paris! But, to be honest, she is doing oodles better with Sherman here than she did with Maggie. So well, in fact, that they are thinking about stopping her happy pills when they come back from vacation. Abby, Guest and are going to CO, too! And, we are not going either. Harumph is right. WBSB, your new to you sister is a cutie! She might know her name, but you know it can be changed, iffn you want. All of ours were. Mine was just switched back to my kennel name, but it fits me. Paris was called Star and it just didn't fit. Paris Bueller is a much better match and she loves the idea of being European (S)Herman worked and he responds to it, but still responds best to "dinner" "breakfast" or "cookie"! I know I missed loads more, but I gotta get a wiggle on - the day is passing me by and I am behind on my naps! Have a good day, everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  10. Hummers like trumpet shaped flowers the best around here. I don’t know how things grow down south so I would go to your local garden center (Lucy can recommend one I am sure) and pick their brains. Implant stuff for the birds and butterflies (milk weed for Monarchs) and things I like and things the stupid deer aren’t *supposed* to prefer! I have a dwarf butterfly hush - purple haze, several types of coneflowers, cardinal flowers, agastache (hummingbird bush - not vine even though I have that, too), bee balm, tickseed, pinchusiom flowers, daisies, black eyed Susan’s, and asters. I also planted iris and daffodils because I like them! You can have so much fun deciding but not gets real pricey real fast. I already have crepe Myrtle, Rose of Sharon and lilacs here. Just don’t plant around the septic tank! It should be well marked. You could also plant a tree or two but figure out what you want - size, shape, deciduous or whatever. So jealous - I love doing this type of thing!
  11. Love me some tractor supply! We get most of our bird stuff there and cat food and outdoor stuff. It gets better because one of David’s boys works there so we get a discount, too! There will be fireworks (assuming the weather cooperates) at the ski resort near us and in Gettysburg. We will go to the ski resort since it’s easier to get In and out of now that we know Sherman will be ok. Fireworks used to be so exciting as a kid since you saw them once a year. Now, you can see them way more often and the allure is fading. Weddings are performed at the ski resort and people set them off then! And baseball games. And fairs/carnivals etc. enjoy your 4th!
  12. Good morning everwon! Happy 4th! Gonna be a hot and sticky one today with more thunder and booms tonight. We will be hearing canons and muskets and rifles and all kinds of noises for another couple days. This time of year is pretty important around here, being Gettysburg and all! Sherman is NOT a fan. If we are outside and he hears one pop, it’s back inside he goes. He gets the calming oil Miss Ducky gave him and stays inside with the music and AC. He does fine with that. Guest took some pictures of some of the flowers from our remembery garden and will share when at a real computer and not her phone. Some are pretty tough and are blooming in spite of being chomped early on. Of course, there were just a couple weeds over the weekend and now the place is covered so I know what she will be doing later! We hope everwon has a good day! TTFN miss Fancypants
  13. I am back again! Twice in one day - must be a mistake. Miss Ducky, our vet puts up funny sayings on their marque board, too! Guest would love it if there was da brie everywhere! I don't foresee much fun happening around here this holiday. They have lots to do with our downed tree. There was another one just as big that went down in the woods, but that one will be left alone. For those not on The Book, here's a different view of The Tree Then, we still got another nasty storm yesterday that interfered with my evening walk. Boo! No trees came down though.! It is hot hot hot and very sticky today. My naps will take place on the couch with the chilly breezes going. Miss Patsy, we are sorry about your tricky knee ruining your vacation plans. Glad that it is only a temporary set back, though, and you won't have to miss your NJ shore trip! I know I am missing all kinds of things, and am sorry. Guest is still overwhelmed with stuff at work, so I keep getting timed out. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  14. It's windsday everwon! I have been absent through NO fault of my own. Work has been kicking Guest around pretty good and because of that, I cannot chat with my friends. That, everwon, is MESSED UP. Anyway, Miss Patsy asked that we post these pictures. So, without further doodoo :rofl, here you go!
  15. It's WindsDay everwon! Supposed to be another hot day, but not too humid. I got my jog again this morning, though, so all is right with my whirled. Now, if Guest would only go to bed earlier at night so I can snuggle with her before goes to bed, life would be PERFECT. Gives me something to work towards! Sherman is finally feeling all better and is back on his regular rations, plus extra!, and he was still sniffing around our bowls for missed bits. Bottomless pit. Milo is no longer a fan of Guest's since she keeps having to squirt nasty antibiotics down his throat. He lost 3 teeth at his dental but it hasn't slowed down his eating! He may be a big 'un, but he can put up a good fight. Hoping things go well for Missr R. We also hope Missr Jim has good test results. Miss Vanessa, we hope you are hanging in there ok and Gino is doing well, too. Many more hugs. Guest found out that her office is gonna be closed on the 4th AND 5th! WooHoo! A 4 day weekend for her! She is quite excited but will still have to work some since they go into trial on the 8th. But it is still a win in her book! Miss Chris, how are things with you, too? You looking for another grey puppy or . . . . (when you are ready, of course) Guest sent that link for the wine train in Colorado. They are touring the northern part this time, dagnabbit. It sounds like a lot of fun! They will be in Golden, then Steamboat Springs and then Estes Park before flying home. We shall see if the itinerary changes now, Lila, you GO girlie! It's fun to scare the beegeebers outta the 2-leggers. Paris scared off our raccoon last night. Pesky little guy. Anyway, is with the dental students ALL DAY today. I am used to having him around and it's too quiet and food-less here. I hope everwon has a good day! TTFN Miss Fancypants chArlie! CharLie! Awr yu like ok? I sawed dat yu neerly like gotted eated by a snake! I wud say dat yu gotta come heer but we gots like udder skeery stuffs heer, to. But, no baffs. Juss a thot. I skeered off a raccoon last nite! He was trying to eat da birdy fuds. I do NOT like him to do dat sints *I* like dem fuds, to. I hope yur moob to yur noo to yu howse goes like gud. Yur fren Paris Bueller
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