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  1. It's ThirstDay everwon! We hope Rita is doing better and glad to hear that Roman had a good report. We hope all is going/went well for Miss Kerry. Hope you get a quick appointment to get rid of your extra cats, Miss Chris! I got myself an extra long session at the bonecracker last night! I am still not putting much weight on my leg but the bonecracker said it was my neck. This just proves that Angus truly is a pain in the neck! I am supposed to go again tomorrow. This also means that I will NOT get a walk again today. This is getting old! Wiki, I have only gotten like
  2. It is TootsDay everwon and CHarlie is just making sure that we know! What a kind and thoughtful gesture. At least for the rest of us and maybe not so much for Miss Cynthia! We hope the end of Capn Jack's journey here on earth is filled with happiness, peace, and whatever noms he loves the bestest. Tiller, DOOD, don't be hurting your bud! I am still uncomfortable when Angus trucked me. Welcome Sam! You have yourself a good place to start the next chapter of your journey! I consider having another Fancy here to be the highest compliment to *ME* Lucky and blessed
  3. Robin I am so very sorry. That seems so inadequate compared to how you are feeling. Hugs. cindy
  4. It's FriedDay everwon! As if you did not know by now. Guest is getting more and more stingy with the keyboard these days! She claims that she got a couple more cases over the past week and that just amplifies her work load. Frankly, I do NOT CARE. But, that still doesn't get me anywhere. She will never be on the straight and narrow, I fear. Sigh We did not get any snow that stuck yesterday, phew! It did rain and sleet and snow and rainsleetsnow, but nothing really bad. Just sloppy and cold and gross. Sorry about all these hurt legs! After a couple days on unicorn pills, m
  5. It's TootsDay everwon! And, it is cold but is now above freezing. Whew! I am feeling better, thank you. Never found any signs of toofer involvement - Guest is thimking that Angus threw his weight around and since I am a very svelte 60 pounds, he literally bowled me over. I am on Rimadyl for a couple day to make any unseen ouchies go away. That brings me to a question. I have been less shakylegged while on it and Guest is thinking that maybe it's time to add something to my daily regime. Thoughts? I already get 300 mg of gabapentin twice a day, plus fish oil, Cosequin, and some other s
  6. It's MoneyDay everwon! And, what does that actually mean around here? It means that Guest ignores us and sits on her blue exercise ball and plays on the computer. But, from some of the things I hear and how she sometimes pounds on the keyboard, I get the distinct impression she is not having fun and the only exercise she gets is exercising her restraint. I know she is happy that she has been able to work from home for the past year, but yowza is she tired! She says that she never gets a brake. That doesn't surprise me because she is rarely driving anywhere! We did get all that n
  7. I am so very sorry that it was Katie's time. I hope Petunia is adjusting to the loss of her BFF and the new level of silence in your home isn't too deafening. Wishing everyone peace.
  8. I am so very sorry you lost your Charlie. I have lost two the same way and it truly stinks. I wish you peace, knowing you "did good by him."
  9. I am so sorry. The hits just keep on coming. Hugs.
  10. Oh, I am so sorry that she had to leave. She didn't get the quantity time, but you sure gave her the quality.
  11. I am so very sorry that you lost your handsome boy. Wishing you peace as you learn to navigate your new normal without Mr. Spock at your side.
  12. She is just lulling you into a false sense of security! Such a cutie - it masks the mayhem lol
  13. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, handsome! Enjoy your outdoor time and quest for all things inappropriate. At your age, the filters are gone and you get to do/say whatever you want! At least, that is what my father has told me, lol. Congrats on such a wonderful milestone!
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