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  1. ChaRlie! CharLie! Pleeze like make shur yu don't like get losted in awl dat snow! Yur fren Paris Bueller
  2. It's ThirstDay everwon! And, as Linus and Jazz know all too well, the fabric box on wheels came out last night. I did not see ONE thing that was mine in there! But, Guest will get her comeuppance. You see, she now has a full blown, snotty head, clogged ear cold! She is going to be THAT person on the flight that everwon will hate since she is a sniveling mess. She blames her secretary, who was sick for two weeks and just kept hacking and coughing the whole time. It's actually ironic, since Guest rarely gets sick. So, of course, she gets sick right before flying. Naturally! She leaves straight from work tonight, so when she told me that she would see me later, I turned my head away. No trying to make nice to me. You are LEAVING me! But, we will stay home with and hold down the fort (and the bed ) while she is gone. He will have all 4 of us, plus crazy winds today making it too risky for walkies (limbs are coming down) and then snow on Saturday. Fun times! Sherman got stabbed last night at the vet. He is holding steady at 80 pounds! The vet thinks he is the sweetest.thing.ever. All these meet-ups in Florida - fun! Glad you are home safe and sound, Merc! We are also glad to hear that Miss Jennie's dad is holding his own. CHF is not fun. Guest's mom has that and not the one that you can take medication for. Her heart pumps blood in just fine. It just cannot pump it back out too well. So, she is on lots of lasix and a salt free diet. Quite the challenge to feed her at family gatherings. But, we all do as it's a labor of love and probably better for us all. I simply cannot imagine skipping a meal. I hope you are hungry for dinner tonight, Hamish. Having others around while you eat will probably jump start your appetite. Have fun with Capn Jack! I better go. The wind is making all kinds of racket and is interfering with my rest. Have a great day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  3. Oh Chris, I am so sorry. I will never be able to erase Maverick's broken leg, either. Or, finding Dante lying in the yard. Lots of hugs.
  4. Be safe Merc! i has to wear FOUR boots last night on our walk. Two are my $$$ custom boots (I have really high knuckles and the regular boot rubs them bloody) and two that are too big but don’t hurt my knuckles. We will do just walks for a few days until I am not walking line a dressage horse! Having Finn here for 3 weeks now has confirmed to Guest that our days of 4 dogs are OVER. Especially one with Labradork mixed in. Chaos. Lots and lots of chaos because everything is so.dam.exciting and he is used to being an only. I have my paws crossed that all will be well while Guest is gone and that he will be going home when she gets back. Guest is looking forward to helping Kevin with his condo. His current style is teenage dorm room, and he is ready for a makeover. Won’t be much, some paint on only a couple walls (main living area has cathedral ceilings so painting isn’t happening there), buying a new couch, and getting stuff in the walls. She hasn’t seen where he lives 3 places ago! He is finally living alone (a good exercise for everyone) and is ready to claim his space. I hear Finn’s kibble hitting the bowl! Gotta run. TTFN Miss Fancypants
  5. It's MoneyDay everwon! It was a beautiful weekend, too. We got some really nice walkies in! And, the house is now all de-chrisped and back to the same ol', same ol'. Guest is relieved. She wanted that stuff G O N E. And, it is! Now, she is going to be G O N E next! She is leaving after work on ThirstDay and going to Colorado to spend a long weekend with Kevin! He moved into his new condo and asked if Guest could help him get it decorated and find a new couch and whatnot. He has never asked before, so she is looking forward to it. We are staying home with That, too, causes Guest some anxiety since we still have Finn and it is rather nutso around here and keeps his patience and patients at work Guest told me, rather rudely, I think that my jogging days are probably over. It looks like I am getting a corn in a back foot now. All this limping is making her crazy and sad. I develop corns in a different way than most. My paw pad gets hard before any circle pops up. Right now, if she squeezes that pad, it doesn't give like it does with my other toes. So, it looks like I will have to wear boots on all 4 feet! She wishes the therapaw slippers could also be worn outside since we have free access. I might just have to wear boots all the time when they are home since I don't move around as much when they are gone. And, of COURSE, I require custom boots! triple cost! Because, I AM worth it! Crazy happenings with the games this weekend! Guest was actually p!ssed about the Baltimore game and turned it off. The Packers game was the most game-like game of the weekend! At least the score was close and it really could have gone either way towards the end. Next weekend will be interesting! Mahones has quite the career ahead of him, being such a young pup and all. Dr. Frootypie, we are sorry for your loss. We are happy that your FanceeHarleigh is helping to keep your heart light. Capn Jack! Great to see you! Poor Sam - that stinks. Hopefully, he will land somewhere else quickly and not have any lasting issues from this place. Guest's office is a hot bed of germs. She is NOT happy. Stay HOME people! Her secretary has an alcove office off Guest's and is in there coughing and hacking up a lung. Guest is none too pleased. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  6. It's FriedDay everwon! And, the sun is shining and the temperatures are supposed to be warmer! I am holding out hope that we will get some extra good walks this weekend - IF Guest can convince to stay home instead of gallivanting around! She is just plain ol' tired. Been a long couple of weeks! Charlie, you are very much like Paris. She thinks that walks are highly over-rated, unless they are in the sunshine and the temps are between 50.39 and 52.08 F. She refuses to go most of the time. And, by refuses, I mean she runs and hides her head. Most of the time, Guest just puts her harness on her anyway and makes her go. Sometimes, she just leaves her there because Guest isn't in the mood to cajole a dog to walk a mile. The rest of us are only too happy to take a walk! Anyway, is home with us today and he is getting ready for lunch. I need to practice my doe eyes so I will get a snack. Have a good weekend everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  7. It's ThirstDay everwon! And, it was 16 degrees this morning! Guest is a wimp and rolled over and went back to sleep instead of taking us for a walk. Sheesh. (Just don't tell her that I never even got up until it was time for brekkie, okay?) Our yard is still covered with snow - just enough to be nice to look at but not enough to do anything with - except mess up a couple UPS deliveries yesterday! They ordered some new dining chairs and they didn't get off the truck. Of course, they have already been delivered TODAY when is at a dinner tonight and won't be home until around 10:00, so Guest is gonna hafta haul them inside herself. It's not that big of a deal, but it would have been easier with the two of them - especially since we all seem to have caught a bad case of cabin fever in the evenings only. Morning walkies don't make a difference. Oh well, stinks to be you today, Guest! Hmmm, smoked salmon or cheese. Hmmmm. GO PACKERS! Hiya, Miss Sherrie! We feel so bad for you. Hard to enjoy a new home with those bumbling builders of yours. Georgie, I am not gonna tell you what your picture looked like. Lemme just say it didn't look like you were complaining about your ears! We hope you feel better soon and that Charlie is ok. How's Lulu today? Myka! Whoops, girl! You getting even? Our Zoe usta dig for moles and she was pretty good at it. LOTS of mole holes dug around our backyard. Now, we don't have to dig for them - we can just wait until the cats find those suckers. Hey there, Merc! Well, I gotta run. Finn is barking his fool head off again at whatever. I need to go into another room for some peace and quiet. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  8. It's WindsDay everwon and is living up to it's name today! We are getting winds up to 40 miles an hour - almost as fast as us! We got 3-4 inches of snow yesterday and had thunder snow squalls this morning. Guest got to take her time going to work, which she took total advantage of! Some more of the house got de-Crispmixed this morning. She is so so ready to have it all put away but needs a good block to time to do so. This bit and piece style doesn't suit her. Last night, she was late getting home because she finished getting her new crown installed. Now, she can go back to chewing gum! She is quite thrilled with that as it is her stress busting move at work. When she got home, Sherman, Finn and Paris (!) went out in the yard and began a rather loud and rough play session. Sherman was tripoding again MoneyDay night and TootsDay morning, so Guest was rather freaked out about his running and quick turns in a snowy dog yard. But, everwon survived. Clearly, I am the only one in this house with any common sense - I stayed warm inside on the couch while they all lost their itty bitty minds for a few. We each got some shrimp last night! Yummo. Lulu. we are glad to see and read that you are back on track to feeling better. Guest thinks you are just too cute! We are glad to see that Miss Cherry is settling in well. She is a real sweetie. I never get my picture taken, much less put on here so everwon can oooh and aaaah over me! I really should stage an intervention about that. Or not. Too much effort. Anyway, I am ready for my cookie as is on his way to a lunch meeting. Does this mean I get a white box? Of course NOT. doesn't think about me! Just ignore the fact that we get some of their dinner every.single.night. Miss Chris, Kimber is home from the hospital but is in all day rehab for another week or so. Looks like Finn will be with us for another two weeks. Pretty soon, Guest is going to ask for his SSN so she can list him as a dependent! She is switching his food, though, and will try the Purina Pro Plan Focus sensitive stomach food. Paws crossed he switches ok. She hasn't switched a kibble food in years. Anyway, I hope everwon has a good day! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  9. It's MoneyDay everwon! And, of course the sun is shining today. We had rain on and off all day on SatonDay and we were left on our own yesterday while Guest and spent the day in Baltimore. Those were some oddball games this weekend! It seems like several teams just forgot how to play. Guest was surprised that the Saints lost, but they didn't play well enough to win. They weren't beat - they lost. She is happy for the Vikings QB, though. He spent time on that dysfunctional tyrant-led Washington team, so any victory is good! Oh, Hamish, sorry about your Mutter. Sick headaches are the worst - for hounds and humans! We hope Missr Jim feels better soon! Man colds - ugh! I bet Myka is still one happy girlie this morning! We hope you had a good trip, Miss Jenbo! Paris loves, loves, loves to be upsidedown! She spends more time that way than on all fours. Velvet, that was a great post! Welcome aboard. Being the new voice on the block is so very hard, I know. Took me a while to find my voice. Congrats! I got a halfway decent WALK this morning. Finn came with us, so no jogs - he is not capable of not veering off to one side or the other and would trip Guest in the dark, or the labradork part of his brain takes over and he loses.his.mind over nothing at all and starts spinning and jumping and being OVER THE TOP thrilled to be outside. So, he and I get a decent brisk walk, which still isn't bad. But, it is dark! out there at 5:30 in the morning! I have actually gotten used to sleeping in and Guest is gonna be bummed when I am back to my 5:00 wake up time. Can't have it both ways! Anyway, she is off to work and I am ready for a pre-lumchtime nap. Have a great day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  10. How long is her new chemo protocol supposed to last? Do you have her licensed in MoCo?
  11. It's FriedDay everwon! It's the second one this week! Guest is all confuzzled by these last two weeks. Each one has two Mondays and two FriedDays. Totally messes up any routines and you know how much I love and need my routine! Plus, Finn has been with us for two weeks and will be here for at least one more week, maybe more. That destroys my morning jogs since he has labradork blood running through his veins and that makes him a complete nutjob when he gets going outside so it would be too dangerous for him to jog with me. AND, he simply cannot stand the idea of me going outside without him. Sheesh, so it's walkies or nothing. And, it is raining again this morning, so it is nothing. Paws crossed Guest has her act together on MoneyDay morning so I we can get a decent walk at oh dark thirty! Beka, we hope that your tum feels better soon. I would imagine that your oncologist will have you wait on the rabies shot. You are an indoor only gal, don't come in contact with wild critters, and probably have a good immunity built up by now. They can always draw a titer to check your protection level. Glad it was a good visit with Capn Jack and that he is staying with you for a week! Does this mean we will get a week of food descriptions? Inquiring minds and wishful taste buds want to know! Yay for Missr Jim! Hope both Miss Nancy's continue to feel better! Oooo, a mystery at MollyMcMystery's house! is on his way out, so I need to get in line for a goodbye cookie! Have a good day everwon TTFN Miss Fancypants
  12. Happy New Year everwon! Guest could not be any happier to have 2019 in the rearview mirror. They were awake at midnight and we were awake for a while after that since there were two competing firework celebrations and more gun fire than at one the Gettysburg re-enactments! There are few things happening today that I hope are NOT NY traditions - Guest is working, but at least it is at home, and we got our toes chopped! They do light a bayberry taper candle for good luck. Except this year, Guest didn't have a bayberry candle and one of our red tapers broke, so they are burning that instead. Paws crossed that its the thought that counts! Miss Ducky, we are so sorry. MaZy was such a special girl and we know the hole in your heart will never go away. We hope everwon is feeling better or still feeling good! They went out for Chinese last night. First and last time around here. We then watched Pets Life 2 and us houndies really liked the howling at the moon part! All ears on deck! Paris spent the evening napping on Guest. The rest of us are somewhat more dignified. Well, I better go. Guest needs to finish some of her work before she gets back to the chores of daily living. Loaded baked potato soup is cooking as I type and boy howdy does it smell good in here! She saved us some bacon and some cheese. Guest can be alright sometimes. Plus, we got waffles and whippy cream this morning! Nom nom nom! Guest made the waffles from scratch and they are SO MUCH MORE BETTER than the store kind! Finn drooled all over the floor. Boys. Anyway, Happy New Year! TTFN Miss Fancypants cHarlie! Hiya! I juss wannet to like tell yu Happy Noo Yeer! I hope yu had like a gud time lass nite. I did. I gotted to nap hanging awl ober mama. I tooked up like haff ob da cowch! Wen the doggies howled at like da moon in da moobie, my earsies went up up up and I was wide awake! It made my peeps laff. Yur fren Paris Bueller
  13. What day is it? I don't even know anymore! Life has been crazy and busy here. Guest has been completely inattentive to my needs. Hugs and licks and neck rubs to all that need them. I am very sorry that I have been absent. Kimber was in the hospital for 8 days and Guest had to work the whole time and drove up and back every.single.day. And, had family staying for the holidays. And had to go to holiday gatherings and bring food and gifts. She is, shall I nicely say it, crabby and looking quite exhausted. Kimber is home from the hospital but is now in another program for a while so she can continue to recuperate. All I can say is to please, please, please be careful driving! Running people over and causing brain injury sucks. You look fine on the outside, but the inside is a mess. I am not sure if I am talking about Guest or Kimber! Plus, Guest is going to a funeral today for our neighbor. He lived to the ripe old age of 98.5 and was still living alone in his own house. He fell and conked his head. Less than a week later, he died. I liked him - he would always invite us to chat and rubbed my ears. Having a couple days of completely disgusting weather - rainy and chilly - sums everything up perfectly. I will be back next year when life is somewhat calmer Miss Fancypants
  14. One of our dogs jumps on every piece of furniture we have but WILL NOT jump into a vehicle, including our Forester. I am convinced that she will not jump in because it is a hatchback and the idea of a roof over her head, so to speak, causes her to refuse to jump. She will, however, stand patiently for you to hoist her up and into the car. No amount of treats or cajoling or instructing worked. Thankfully, she is only 52 pounds and it is not our 80 pounder that refuses to jump into the car! He, however, happily jumps into the car but will not jump on the furniture. Go figure
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