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  1. Sweep, I bet that was the most appreciated stink eye EVER! Congrats!
  2. TGIF! Guest is happy that it is FriedDay! And, a beautiful day! We got just a little rain last night - not much at all but enough to make the deck slippery. Miss Vanessa, AnGUS and Zeke wear Flagline harnesses from Ruffwear. I will have Guest take a picture of them tonight so you can see where the straps fall. We also have a Webmaster one for Paris as she has a bum shoulder, but she has to step into and it is a pain so she doesn't wear it much. If Paris decides to go for walkies today, I will have Guest put her in that harness for piccies, too. Since *I* am perfect, I wear my 3 Hounds harness just fine. However, it does put pressure on the front of the shoulder. So, if he is all over the place, like my boys, it may cause issues. At least by looking at these houses, Laila, you are finding out what and what not is important! Have fun looking! Merc, I get to go to work with Guest almost every day! I just love it. I even have a bed right next to her desk and I snooze next to her while she works all day long. It's the life, lemme tell you! Guest is supposed to make birthday dessert for the office next week. She is supposed to "surprise" the birthday girl. Harumph. She - meaning Guest - hates the "just surprise me" response when asked what the dessert should be. She thought the surprise would be that there was no dessert at all, but that wouldn't be fair to everyone else. Then, she finds out that the birthday girl is watching her weight. Double dessert whammy! Guest is going to make an apple crisp, as that isn't as awful as the pumpkin cheesecake she was thinking about and the others can add ice cream to their crisp. It might even be considered healthy as it has real apples and oatmeal Hope you finally get rid of that kitteh, Miss Reel England Carol! And, I almost forgot! Guest and are celebrating their anniversary today (way less than 31 ) and Guest has already told me that there will be NO white box for us! But, she did pull out some libber brownies so we can celebrate with them houndie-style. Just to clarify, the libber brownies are for US. We will NOT share with them! Guest hasn't even thought about what to wear next FriedDay when she sees Miss Patsy. In the past, she came directly from work. She will this time, too, but not from the office and her home work clothes are a tad different that the office work clothes! Right now, she is wearing business casual of leggings and a sweatshirt. I will make sure she dresses a little less business casual next week! I hope everwon has a good day! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  3. I have not! Fancy is taking Enalapril to help with her blood pressure but it can hurt the kidneys, so it is a balancing act. Her medication and diet regimen is rather convoluted and extensive at this time, but it seems to be working as her levels have been stable now for almost 6 months. She also gets VetriScience Bladder Support. We can several days of accidents while asleep and that has stopped. But, TBH, I also changed her Enalapril from the evening to the morning at the same time. But, I will have to look into that supplement myself. I am sorry that you are dealing with kidney issues. Happy to compare notes on treatment, if you want! Cindy
  4. It's WindsDay everwon! And, it is not even windy today - yay! The sky is blue and the temps are comfie. I am really looking forward to our evening walk! Ivy, we have a whole herd - of over 12 at last count - of those deer across the street. They snack in our yard, too, as you have heard. Over and over and over again Just be careful this time of year as they are getting rather frisky! Have fun house hunting, Laila! When Guest and bought this house, they had a list of about 10. had the day off and he drove by 4 and was willing to look at one. So, Guest scooted up there in a downpour on her lunch hour, which ended up being 2 hours , and saw the house. The realtor didn't want to say anything while in the house because the owner was in IT () and was *different* enough that there as a concern about conversations being recorded) They made an offer, Guest held the line, and the buyers crumbled like week old toast. The rest, as they say, is history! We have now lived here for almost 5 years! Let us know how the viewing goes. Happy Anniversary Miss Kathy and Missr Jim! Guest and have their anniversary (NOWHERE close to 31 though) on FriedDay! Welcome home, Miss Vanessa and croo! Home walkies are still the best. Guest never did find the chippymonk that was in our basement. Nothing has smelled yucky, either, so she figured the day with the lights off and basement door open caused the chippymonk to see the light but not THAT light, and escape! Milo, our 17 year old kitteh, needed his rainbees shot today. The vet heard a heart murmur and he has lost a pound in 6 months. She is worried about his thyroid going bad. She also had that "quality of life" chat with Guest about Taz. It isn't time yet, but with his liver values, she is surprised that he is feeling as good and as feisty as he has been. Sounds like he is on borrowed time. When Guest and took their river cruise, the company took care of letting them know what all they needed to have in order to enter all those countries. They also told them the date in which they had to have a PCR test done, regardless of being fully vaccinated, and they had to carry their vaccination card and the negative test paper with them at all times. Those became more important than their passports! The river cruise also tested their spit every.single.day and they got a printed out negative test result that they used to get back home. They also had to show their card and negative results when they changed planes in Munich, even though they never left the international terminal either. But, that was September and who knows what the rules will be in November! Have fun! Oh, and even though they said to take pictures of these materials, places they went wanted to see the actual paper. Just an FYI. Aww, Dude! Such a smoochable face. Reminds Guest so much of Dante, who Guest still misses, too. Hugs, Miss Chris. Whew! My paws are tired so I need a nap to be rested up before our walkie in a couple hours. Have a great rest of your day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  5. Gud ThirstDay everwon! It is a beautiful day! is outside mowering the grass and Guest is stuck inside at work. Those peeps that she works for are relentless! But, Guest keeps telling me that it means job security. Heck. I had a job. I was ZERO relentless and got to retire and go home early. Guest should really take a page outta my playbook! So, now. while she is working away, I am taking nice gentle snoozes on the comfy bed next to her desk. Then, in a couple hours, Zeke will come into the office and start barking and whining in her face so she will shut off the computer and take us for a long walkie. As Ivy and Cherry, and Miss Kathy know, Zeke can be VERY, shall we say, MOTIVATING when he wants something! Guest's ears have rung after his motivational speeches at times. We are glad Flizzie is doing well! Mario has the cutest ears! Guest likes them all floppy like that. We haven't seen any fox in a while. Haven't heard any either, which is very nice. We did see a snake crossing the street on our walkie last night. Then, we got home and Guest remembered that she didn't have any ground meat for my dinner! Of all the nerve. She promptly left but that trip takes an hour. We were rather HUNGRY when she got back. That also pushed her dinner back - not that I care about that, but I got my peanut butter late! She has been better prepared today. Good thing, as I am not in the mood to be snarky. Truthfully, I am never ever in the mood to be snarky. It just isn't my thing. Paris can make up for it though! We hope the little chiwawa gets reunited with his family soon. How distressing. Guest watched a deer rip vines right out of our veggie garden yesterday. Cheeky thing. Yes, our garden is still upright as we have loads of tomatoes that are still ripening AND we have a couple new butternut squashes coming along! The acorn squash is still not ripe enough to pick. It is supposed to still be warm through the weekend, so I am guessing the garden will be good until the middle of next week and then down it will come. Anyway, is done so I need to see if he is going to get a snack - that he just may share. Merc, hope you had a good nap with Miss Elizabeth! I have a new routine where I jump into the big bed in the early morning to catch a couple hours before gets up. Guest is already getting up, so I take her nice and warm spot. Win-win. Gets her lazy tush outta bed and gets me into it. I hope everwon enjoys the rest of the day! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  6. Woot! New pictures are scheduled to be taken in November!
  7. Oh my! I wouldn't have even bothered to pretend to foster him lol. Congrats! He looks like a total doll and the name is perfect!
  8. It’s SunnyDay but it is not sunny! We are on our way home from the beach. Had a wonderful time. We got TWO long, long walks on the beach yesterday and all was right in my whirled. I just live beach walking! The boys and Paris really liked it, too. When new to us houndies move into my house, they don’t get new collars because we don’t wear them. They get new coats because we do wear those! So yesterday Zeke and Angus got new coats. I will make them model when we get home. Zeke, as now Miss Kathy has experienced first paw, is a whiny butt extraordinaire. He led everwon in several choir practices over the weekend. Miss Fawn loved hearing us so she would get him going, which only takes one AROoO, and off he goes! Her Donnie loves to sing and would happily join in with his head next to Angus. I was completely off my eating game this weekend which caused Guest all kinds of anxiety. Paris finally stepped up a d we switched foods. So, her kidney beans got a break and mine got a workout! But I needed my strength for all those glorious walks. it was great to see Merc and Miss Elizabeth, who was sporting peenk nails and a peenk curl! Well, these little keys are ruining my pawdicure and the little phone screen is killing Guest’s eyeball. have a wonderful SunnyDay everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  9. It is FriedDay everwon! I am busy, busy, busy getting in my naps since I will miss a few while we are at the beach! Guest is busy, busy, busy trying to finish up a kazillion things her work has decided has to be done RIGHT AWAY. She is just not feeling it, either! Merc, travel safe and we will see you this weekend! Guest is bummed that she cannot run the race. It looks like such a fun one. But, she still isn't cleared by her retina doctor and she would rather miss a race than to miss having vision in her eye! She can be oddly responsible at times. I have yet to figure out a pattern! All of us have harnesses here. Paris and I wear the 2-Hound harnesses. The boys are much more rambunctious while on lead, wear the Flagline Ruffwear ones. They are much harder to get out of and when those two are flailing around like helium balloons, the extra security is welcome. Plus, those don't put pressure on the front of the shoulder like so many others can. Andipants, I hope your grammy's surgery goes well today! Oh geez, Paris is barking her head off. There must be another deer in the yard, but I have to investigate just the same. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  10. Good foggy morning everwon! Since there are no sidewalks in our area, it was too dangerous to walk on the street and morning walkies got canceled! That stinks. We did get a really good one last night though - just under 3 miles, so I can wait until tonight. The only migration around here is the hummingbirds and we are sorry that they are now all gone. Guest wasn't quite ready for the season switch yet. She needs to get out the sunflower seed feeders! So, this morning Guest went to the basement to feed the cats. Taz was standing at the bottom of steps with a rather large, full grown chippymonk in his mouth. Guest picked the cat up and was going to transport cat and critter outside, when Taz dropped the chipmunk, who promptly ran off and is now in hiding in our basement! A Havahart trap is on its way lol. As for Guest's eyeball, while she was in Colorado, she developed a vitreous detachment and hemorrhage. Being out of state and over a long holiday weekend, there really wasn't anything she could do. Plus, there really isn't anything that can be done anyway, except be super careful and hope there isn't a retinal tear or detachment. Luckily, so far so good! But, she wasn't supposed to read or do anything to raise her blood pressure, make her eye move rapidly (like by reading, which is what she does for a living), or any jolting or sudden impacts. The retinal specialist did not want her to go on vacation, but it was really too late to cancel. So, she had a 7.5 plane ride and could not read! That was rough. But, she survived. Things are looking better but she needs to be super careful until her next check in 2 months. Andipants, we hope your gramma's eye is one of the fixable ones. These things can just happen and nothing causes it besides getting older (ha ha, Guest!). I suggest she not try to cross her eyes though! Those are cool birds, Miss Molleigh! We have a couple types of herons around here, but no cranes. Except the construction equipment type. Kimber is leaving us today! I am sorry because she is the BESTEST snuggler. Paris and Zeke follow her around like she has libber brownies in her pockets or something. And, they have been sleeping with her every night. That's gonna be rough for them! Anyway, I have got to go. Guest ordered a new phone and needs to track it - hoping that it arrives before the weekend so she can play with the new and improved camera! I hope everwon has a good day! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  11. It is ME, Miss Fancypants, everwon! Life has sure been busy and stressful for Guest this past month! She went to see her kids over Labor Day, had her eyeball problems that are still not all better, packed and left ME for over TWO WEEKS!!! while she and went to Europe. They started in Budpest and ended up in Amsterdam! We stayed home with Kimber, who flew in to watch us. They got home late last MoneyDay night and Guest was at work (because she had no choice ) early TootsDay morning. Then they spent this past weekend helping to clean out Kimber's storage unit as she is moving the rest of her stuff to Colorado. Guest is back at work today and Kimber leaves tomorrow night. Then, so I am told, there will be a flurry of panic and packing as they are leaving AGAIN, but have the smarts to at least take us with them this time! We are going to the beach and will be staying at the same place as always and with Ivy and Cherry! Guest is just so behind at work, but we are going anyway because I have always loved the beach trip and she isn't going to take a chance that "we can just go next year." Plus, this would be Zeke's and Angus' first time. Guest and are gonna have their hands full with those two hooligans! I have tried to read everything but it is A LOT and Guest can't read too well so we hope we didn't miss the big things. Miss Cynthia, we are so sorry that Zorro is having such struggles. It definitely makes one wonder if there is something organic happening. Many hugs and Paris sends her patented chin licks. She will even share the couch with you if you need some snugglies. Miss Halise, we are so very sorry about your dad. You and your dad are in our hearts. Happy house hunting, Laila! Glad your medicine is working and hope that the new house process is easy. I do not envy you - moving is the pits because my bed gets all disturbed! But, a fenced yard is so worth the angst. Anyway, I gotta get off the computer as Guest is having anxiety attacks about getting back up to speed. Her job is extra tough when it is hard to read! I am thinking of everwon and hope to be back and chatty soonest! As you can probably surmise, my new medicines and foods are working for now! Yay me! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  12. Gud affernoon! Just a reely kwick to let everwon no that we awr safe and sound and drying owt! We gotted just unner 5 intches of ranes yesserday affernoon. Not much wind tho - yay! Did not lose enny trees, unless they were in owr wuds and then we wud not no ennyway. Owr naybor losted won but it did not hert the howse. We losted owr electrics fur howrs and howrs yesserday, but only affer us hondies had owr dinner. Whew! Sux to be the two-leggers tho! Plus, Bola had lots of reeding to do and hadda do it wiff a flashylite. She said that was not to fun on her Bola is getting reddy to leeb me! I am not happy abowt this AT AWL. She is MINE and I want her wiff ME. The misser juss duzn't walk me da rite way - he is too slow! Laila, we awr sorry that yu awr sick. We awl hopes you habs lots of gud times still wiff yur family. Ennyway, I gots to run. Bola is sooper busy wiff werk. Have yurselfs a safe and happy day! AnGUSH
  13. Hiya, its me, AnGUSH! Boy howdy, have we gots sum rain! For ann haff intches in a liddle ober 12 howrs! Owr septic alarm wented crazy and da fones were blaring awl affernoon wif flud warnings. Eben owr leddle crik was oberflowed! It is quiet rite now and waders have gone down. We hadda ware raincoats to eet owr brekkie! Da coats made me and Zekie awl eggsited and we were running around, throwing stuffies, and chasing kittehs. Dere awr no glass tables to crack. Wiki, we awr sorry dat yur fun times caused isshoes. We won't be getting a walk dis ebening doh becuz it still mite rain and the rodes habs lots ob puddles and roks onnit. It is not berry safe - at leest Bola says. It's getting preddy windy too. Time to wach fur falling trees! Laila we hope yur noos is not as bad as you feer. Salsa sounds yummo! We gotted sum mini donuts yesserday and today. Oh Mah DAWG. If dis is hebben, I am a happy boy. We losted awl kinds of manners and pashunts wen dose donuts came owt! Dat will be owr noo burfday prezzie - at least I hope so! Miss Fancy started her doxypin yesserday. Ennywon no how long it takes to see iffn it will halp her? Oh no! The winds awr kickin up! I bedder go chek on the mister. He is feeding the kittehs and mite need my halp. Be safe ebberbuddy! AnGUSH
  14. Gud affernoon ebberywon! It is me, AnGUS! It is anudder hot and stikky day owt there. Me an Zeke got a gud walk this morning with Bola. BUTT, yesserday was the bom! I got bananer pamcakes in the mawning, then a hot walk wiff Zeke in the affernoon. BUTT insted of going bak into the howse, we gotted in the CAR and wented on a ride! Me an Zeke got to hang owr heds outta the same winnow and feel the breeze rush between our ears! I am not shore why Bola is laffing rite now though. Ennyway, we wented to a line. Bola tawked to a wall owt her winnow and gabe sumwon a peese of paper and she gotted a bag that smelled so gud! We wented home and got sum chimken nuggets! Oh my lawsy - I thot I habs gone D E D. But, nope I juss gotted a yeer owlder insted. BUTT den affer dinner we gotted sum libber brownies! I was a happy, happy boy. I like habbing burfdays. I remember wen Bola had hers and she was not neerly as happy abowt hers. Mebbe cuz she did not get chimken nuggest and libber brownies. I bedder tawk to da mister abowt dat. Wiki, I kennot imagine why yu wud not want yur brekkie. I always want mine an MIss Fancy's an Paris' an Zekes. I am not choosey. We gotted a noo bed a cuple weeks ago sints Miss Fancy had an accident in an owld won. It is preddy comfy. It is a furhaven bolster bed. Not as bolster-y as dose Costco wons but they don't sell the beeg wons of those ennymoor. I herd that we mite get for intches of ranes soon! yikes! That meens no walkies for me that day! Dubble yikes! Laila, we hope yur tests come back wif sumthing figgsable. I wud lubs to try awl those snakks. I am noo to this snakking thing! Ennyway, Bola is getting reddy to thro a ball for Zeke so I wanna wach. Habs a gud day ebberywon! AnGUS
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