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  1. Good morning everwon! The snow squall missed us! The winds have NOT. Stuff is blowing around! We just got some of that Sensitive tummy food, too! With 4 big eaters, Guest decided that we have to learn how to eat kibbles, as well as our raw. Angus came with kibble but Guest wasn't thrilled with a no-grain one, so we are switching now that the bag is almost done. True story - I will now eat the liver that we get with breakfast without Guest having to quick pan fry it. I like the kibble broth and eat it all up. Angus needs kibbles to help get his hookworm meds down. He is going to be on
  2. Guest had to walk outside for a minute and she had an exciting walkie, too!
  3. It's TootsDay everwon! Not too cold here today, but starting tomorrow afternoon - brrr! Nate, we wear Houndtime flannel housecoats, too. Just ask that she make the fleece wedge in front extra big. We have had problems with bouncy boys tearing the coat under the throat because they are too active and flannel does not give when pulled on. We were wearing ours during our choir practice video. Miss Irene is great to work with, too. Miss Ducky, we hope your shed issue gets resolved riteawyquik! It certainly doesn't look new. To be so excited about something and waiting so long an
  4. Angus getting butt scritches, which as we know, are DA BOM
  5. Zeke looks so much like Goose in this picture that it made my breath catch.
  6. Hey there! Okay, I will wait while everwon picks themselves off the floor as it is SunnyDay and I am stopping by to say hi! Guest is making a food order for us - no peas though - and got up to check what else we need, so I snuck on in. We had playgroup today! There was a good 25 hounds or so there. It was busy! And we were all getting our crazies out and it got crazy. One girl gotted her bum hurt and hadda to home. Butt, here is the BRAKING NEWS - Paris was RUNNING! Yup, you read that right! She was running all around and getting her yaya's out. Zeke was either begging for pets
  7. I edited it to be open to anyone on or off FB. Try again? Otherwise, I give up lol.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/cindy.h.mcnealy/videos/3970781949622001/ will this work?
  9. Just schelping through! Guest took Angus and I for a jog this morning! She had to wait until it was light enough because jogging two dogs in the dark is not something she likes to do. Especially one new to the process who is all.over.the.place. He would probably kill her in the dark. Anyway, it was short but good enough for both of us. Finally! Mam, Guest and are watching The Crown and just started season 3. They are enjoying it. Guest isn't much of a tv watcher, but she does enjoy that one. She said that I am like Queen Elizabeth (which I am guessing isn't too much of a complim
  10. Good morning everwon! I have a minute before the day blows up any worse, so I thought I would stop by and say hello. Money certainly causes all kinds of troubles! We know that here, too. Just this week alone, our septic pump has failed, the alarm has failed, the company to fix it has failed (us), the new MB vanity is wrecked because of a leaky sink, Angus has the hookworms from Hades, and is no longer working. And, he had to get up early today to go get a stress test! I think this week classifies as one and he is doing JUST FINE. Oh, and my corn toe is making me miserable. Anot
  11. Pippin, ya think? She doesn't like going for walkies! Guest MADE her go today. She hadda put her coat on her, flipping her back and forth to get it on, and then put her harness on and clicked on one side before she would stand up on her own. She is an embarrassment to houndies everywhere. Miss Fancypants
  12. It's FriedDay evrewon! And the peeps are certainly fried this week! It's been a crazy one since being off last week. Guest is trying to get back on the horse, so to speak, and getting some exercise in so she isn't breaking her teeths off! Since I am not as interested in jogging when it is DARK out, which is the only time Guest isn't working, she needed to come up with an alternative plan. Her auntie convinced her to get one of *those* Peloton bikes and it has been here now for almost two weeks. She is on the saddle and peddling like her life depends on it but never goes anywhere! That's
  13. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, handsome! Enjoy your outdoor time and quest for all things inappropriate. At your age, the filters are gone and you get to do/say whatever you want! At least, that is what my father has told me, lol. Congrats on such a wonderful milestone!
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