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  1. It's WindsDay everwon! I celebrated by having a walkie by myveryownself with Guest. Zeke decided that the whirled was just too much for him this morning. Guest dragged him off the porch and down the driveway. He still didn't chillax, so she gave him the choice to return home and he took it. So, I *finally* got a decent walk without those other two cramping my style! Guest enjoyed our time together and got her daily step requirement in before 9:00! Yeah, she went running this morning without me again. I guess I am really and truly retired now. I waited almost patiently for her return so we could get out. She is suffering though, lemme tell you. She runs faster without me so she is having to start a little over again to build herself back up to her regular mileage. And, with everywhere being an incline around here, she is gonna have some buns of steel! Congrats on your stepping down to retirement, Miss Lucy. We are happy for you. Easing out may be just the ticket. Miss Susan, that is some tattoo! The front of your shin had to have hurt. It is going to look so nice when it is all done. Congrats! AND, a new puppers! Guest is a huge fan of a two hound (or more, lol) household. Welcome to the club! Happy O'Canada Day! Charlie gets to go home, too! That is ALWAYS a great day in my book. I found out my new international boots should arrive at our house this FriedDay! Guest is way more excited about it than I. She hates my current boots as they are too cumbersome for moi. It's gonna be hot, hot, hot here today and through the weekend for us, too. It might ruin Guest's big plans for the long weekend. They need to repaint the porch floor. Right now, the house is a weird antique creamish color (matches absolutely NOTHING), the shutters are black, the porch floor is gray, the trim is white, the screened porch door is barn/brick red, part of the screened porch is hunter green, and the gutters and ceiling of the wraparound porch is taupe. Makes her nuts. The ceiling/gutters are getting repainted next month and will be white. Guest is trying to minimize colors as it make her head explode. The shutters and doors will be black. The siding will stay that weird color. And the porch floor will become that barn/brick red since it actually compliments the siding. So, she was going to sand and paint the porch floor and finish the screened porch trim. We shall see! 95 degrees isn't real conducive to painting outside. Our raccoon is going to be a PITA. Guest put out a tub of ammonia soaked cotton balls last night by the feeder pole to discourage him (as suggested by the gaming commission). This morning, the tub was upside down and the cotton balls 2 feet away. The smackdown has begun! Congrats, Dr. Frootkake! Glad all your hard work is being appreciated. Gotta go - Guest has to finish a project before she has to leave for a dental appointment. Oh, she has ONE MORE pill to take and then she is done with the doxy! It has not been fun, but thankfully not as horrible as some others' experiences have been. But, her COVID-19 (pounds lol) are pretty much gone now! Have a great day everwon! Stay cool. TTFN Miss Fancypants
  2. AndiPants, we HAVE bird netting on our blueberries and the birds still find a way to get in! We are being overrun by catbirds this year and they are into every.single.thing. Fun to watch, though. As for the raccoon, Guest is loathe to have the raccoon destroyed because he is being a raccoon. After all, like her father said, if she was one to make things go D E D if they really bother her, she wouldn't have an ex, but would be widowed lol. Fortunately, we have the capabilities to humanely trap and relocate a raccoon, if that is what we need to do. We are just concerned that it might not be a he and could be a she and could be with family somewhere (heaven help us) and that would further complicate matters. So, any trapping would have to be done in the fall. Until then, deterrence seems to be the best bet. Guest's brother is making a bird feeder pole for us that should be raccoon safe. It has become a puzzle for the whole fam to solve! Guest is truly fortunate to have a terrific family, whom she really misses due to this stupid beer bug. Oh, I didn't tell you - they went to the new house of one of the kids of on SunnyDay - social distancing and masks! Anyway, Guest got to spend time with his new live-in GF and they hit it off well. Or, the GF faked it really good! Anyway, Guest is happy that there seems to be an avenue to more pleasant experiences with *those* kids. She, too, is divorced and understands the weirdness of entering this family late. So, paws crossed there is more harmony in that direction. Plus, her two daughters really, really want to meet us and are going to come over one day to play with us! Zeke will be in puppybrain heaven. Woot!
  3. It's TootsDay everwon! Gonna be another hot day here, too. Not as hot as Gino's, but hot enough for us. I am planning on spending the day underneath the ceiling fan. They are not scary for us at all, thankfully, as they run almost all summer. Guest, when she is not trying to get her work stuff done, is trying to figure out how to deal with our raccoon problem. S/he is getting rather bold and both peed and pooped on our deck! He has also been dumping the bucket o' tennis balls that are kept under the grill cover and out of the rain. Guest suspects that s/he smells the noms of the grill and is interested in partaking. However, the grill is way too close to the doggie door for comfort, so the raccoon has got to go. Guest called the County yesterday and was told very nicely that raccoons are not relocated as they are very territorial AND are rabies vectors. Therefore, if they are involved, the raccoon will surely meet his fate. But, we cannot risk having him come into the house! So, last night, Guest put out cotton balls soaked in ammonia. No nocturnal visitor, of the raccoon kind. Or, at least no calling card was left and the door was undisturbed. We cannot just lock the door as the kittehs use it and I have been known to travel outside in the wee hours myself. Next, she is gonna put that around the bird feeder at night since it gets raided every night even with the feeders down and safely inside. Trying to peacefully co-exist is time consuming! Yay for mask wearing, Miss Carol Ann. Not hardly happening up here. Until numbers get crazy again and then the hammer will drop, I am sure. Drives Guest nuts. She has no issues wearing a mask as she is not a fan of killing things. See above, I don't see any issues with being picky as two-leggers certainly can be! So, be particular, Lila! It is easy for us to say as we are not the ones trying to accommodate your current and ever changing desires. Girls rule! Guest (not so) fondly recalls making brekkie cafeteria style almost every morning for Indy because he would change his mind daily, if not in mid-meal. Truthfully, she misses loads of things about him, but not that. Miss Nancy o' the Burgh, we hope you find some peace, health-wise. You need to be your own advocate, so get going! It's not that most doctors do not care, it is that since lots of these types of conditions are more a matter of exclusion and take lots of time and monies. Guest is happy that she only has three doxy doses to go! This is getting less and less fun as it goes along. Thankfully, no Lyme symptoms though. We had a snapper laying eggs on the road bank about two weeks ago. Those eggs are long gone now. Sorry about yours, Mam. We hope Charlie has been having a good time! Hiya, Charlie! Happy Gotcha Day, Ivy! yummmm, libber brownies! AndiPants, it looked like you had a blast! Guest has another call and I have another nap, so I gotta go. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  4. It's SatonDay everwon! Good luck today, AndiPants! Guest has finished her run already and had her bestest time ever. However, she isn't a fan of virtual racing. It's lonely. That's because *I* was not there! It is rather sticky and already 74 at 6:30 this morning! She is now home and we are getting ready for a walk. Miss Nancy o' the Burgh, we are so sorry about all the hurting going on at your house. We hope things improve soon. Zeke is not a fan of fireworks or loud persistent thunder. He isn't scared of it, but just not a fan. Sorry you have been having a tough time, Merc and Clarkie! We hope Missr Richard is quickly improving. People are complicated creatures, Miss Susan! Guest hardly ever stays up past 10:30 anymore. She automatically wakes at 5:00 and can't be a night owl and an early bird. Score! The leashes are coming out and is walking with us this morning! Gotta run! Have a good day everwon TTFN Miss Fancypants
  5. It's FriedDay everwon! It is sunny and hot here today! Guest is thinking that the AC might go on this weekend. I got my jog in this morning - barely! Zeke insists on going every.single.place anyone else just *might* go. He isn't just underfoot - his is ON your foot, beside your foot, in front of your foot, and behind your foot! Anyway, he wanted to go with us this morning. Fine. We get to the end of our driveway and I want to go left so we can go up the hill o' deff. He wants to go right. Fine. We go right. He stops for a mini-poo. Fine. He turns around and wants to go up the hill. Fine. He stops and does another mini-poo. Fine. He turns and wants to go home. Sheesh. Guest took him home, dropped him off, and we went out for a jog. To the right. Not a long one because it is getting pretty warm and Guest hasta work today, but because her virtual race is tomorrow morning. The humids are supposed to be back and it is supposed to be in the 70s at 7:00 am, so I don't get to go. The AC better be on if I have to miss the race. So, AndiPants, have fun running tomorrow! Run one for me, please. We are glad that Missr Richard has something that is treatable. Guest sends condolences for TBDs. Hope he gets to move closer to home and responds quickly to treatment. Mam, we hope Chris doesn't have the beer bug! So frustrating to be so very safe and then someone isn't and risks the health of everwon. Guess what? I have decided that I like watermelon! Paris and Zeke eat anything that is not nailed down and a few things that are, but they were so nutso for it that I had to try. Of course, he wasn't interested in a walk or jog this morning and never got his ya ya's out, so he is constantly throwing his head on Guest's arms and blocking her keyboard! She keeps having take him outside to chase his beloved chuckit bouncie ball. It's not working, either. Anyway, Guest has to get back to work, so I hafta go. Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  6. It's ThirstDay everwon! Guest was so tired that she slept through me her alarm! *I* am her morning alarm and she told me to go lie down. Rude. So, she misses HER jog but Zeke and I still get our walk. How did the scoping go, Miss Elizabeth? We have been so very worried for and with you. Even was asking about Missr Richard this morning. Miss Patsy, I hope Plan Z is good and you have a nice, socially distanced visit to Glacier. Guest would love a vacation - not to leave home, but to be able to *be* at home without the pressure of work. That will be in September. Miss Susan, what about cone flowers, black eyed susans, coreopsis - that kind of thing? Think wildflowers as they tend to be sun loving and more tolerant. Not as dense, leaf-wise, but there are so many varieties. I don't know - blanket flowers? I know zilch about sun-loving plants. Knock out roses? Butterfly bush? As for Zeke, basically his tail is broken at the base, right near the sacrum. Here's a picture of one of his x-rays. FYI - your tail isn't supposed to be off center lol. The surgeon explained that while his tail is vascularly intact, it is basically paralyzed. He cannot lift his tail up, but he can tuck it down. Trying to lift it at all causes pain and dogs lift their tails to open the shoot to poop. So, when he tries to defecate, he cannot lift his tail and the exit is restricted and that causes pain. He also has scar tissue build up. The malunion is fully healed so there is no fixing it. It would have to be docked at the sacrum. Like an English Bulldog. We would have a new breed - Bullhound! But, before doing that, he wants us to try conservative measures and see if accupuncture, chiro and cold laser 1-2 times a week for 2-3 months can loosen things up and give him some increased range of motion that may help. Surgery would be the last option. Of course, they have a wonderful rehab center there, but it's 1.5 hours away so that's not happening. We are waiting for his consult report to be sent to us and our vet and will then find out what options are available to us closer. Of course, we could elect to do nothing, but being that he is only 2, that's ridiculous. The surgeon also thinks this impedes his ability to run properly as it impacts his hip motion. We noticed that he bunny hops up steps and curbs and the surgeon feels that this is all related. I cannot imagine how much happier Zeke could possibly be if he didn't have a low back ache all the time - he is such a love. Meanwhile, my friends, we were all hanging on the porch last night, when all of a sudden, Paris jumps up and starts barking and growling! I didn't even bother to lift my head. Guest looks over and THAT RACCOON is running away! He disappeared into the thicket, but Paris did not stop barking for about 10 minutes! Guest was hoping that good scare would help, but nope. The baffle was bent again this morning. The feeders are no longer out at night but he keeps checking. Then, at 3:00 am, the motion lights come on and this weird noise is heard. Guest jumps up and a deer is in the front yard, keening or whatever she was doing. Not one of us bothered to lift our heads, much less respond. Guest wants a cap gun. Just scare the deer out of the yard. Then, when we were leaving for our walk this morning, there was a deer in our driveway. Zeke and I were in front and could see the deer before Guest could. Good thing our leashes are tight around her wrist! We nearly yanked her off her feet! Anyway, Guest's office keeps emailing her so I supposed I should let her get to work. Sheesh. I will be listening for the laptop lid to close - that is our cue that work is over and it's walkie time! We all come running over and start bugging her half to death. Not all the way because then there wouldn't be anyone to feed us. AND, tonight is field trip night. doesn't get off work until 6:00, so Guest will switch our field trip night to ThirstDay. We are going to the park to look at the walking path and measure it. Guest has her virtual race this weekend and that path is flat - unlike any street around here. She is lazy and doesn't feel like having to run any hills. What a bum. Have a great day everwon! Keeps us posted on your flowers, Miss Susan. Keeping Miss Elizabeth tight in our hearts. TTFN Miss Fancypants Oh, I forgot to give you my sympathies, Miss Kathy! Zeke is the master at being a tough walker. He not only stands on his brakes, he also applies the emergency brake and there is simply no moving him until he is ready. We are happy to report that now, 3 months later, he still stands on his brakes, but doesn't apply the emergency brake as quickly as he used to.
  7. It's WindsDay everwon! Guest and left here with Zeke at oh dark thirty this morning to take him for his surgical consult for his tail. The surgeon told them that Zeke was the most socially outgoing greyhound he had ever met! But, in order for him to have that experience, *I* had to miss my morning walk! As of 5:00 PM, I STILL have not had my morning walk! That is truly messed up. Guest has promised me a walk when she gets off the computer, but that isn't going to be for another hour! That is truly messed up, too. I am being rudely ignored. I will just have to throw myself on the floor in despair. Nate, I am sure that Zeke has worms. His first test was negative but he is symptomatic. We figure we will be treating him until he is old and grey. I am sorry they are still attacking your insides. What protocol are you using? Vanessa, we hurt for you and completely understand the pain of losing those big goofy fawn boys. Hopefully Sherman and Johnny are having a grand old time over the bridge. Miss Elizabeth, we are still thinking of you. Yikes! Just read your post. Hugs. Well, I have to go. Not only is she withholding walkies, she is withholding computer time! It is time for me to move on, I think. Sheesh. Have a good day everwon TTFN Miss Fancypants
  8. Glad his fever is down, Miss Elizabeth. When should you find out his test results? Scary times.
  9. I am so very sorry. He is at peace. Wishing you comfort in the knowledge that you took his pain and made it your own.
  10. It's TootsDay everwon! We had lots of rain and thunder yesterday afternoon and evening. The thunder was bad enough that Zeke was not a fan. He spent a good portion of the evening tucked up against He usually spends that time with Guest but Paris is having some feelings of rejection, so Guest gave her a good snuggle and all is well in her little whirled again. Zeke does love his people. Miss Elizabeth, we have been so very worried about you guys. Please keep us posted and know that there are lots of people sending loads of good thoughts and white light your way. Virtual hugs. Miss Jennie, Guest told about your comment of the oxygen stats being low without knowing it. Our pulse ox arrives tomorrow lol. Thanks for the public service announcement! I had my last cold laser treatment this morning. That worked great! I still LOATHE going to the vet but my shaky legs are GONE! Guest wants to find something they can do at home. knows how to use a cold laser as he uses one at his office. Any thoughts? We live in the woods, as Miss Patsy and Miss Kathy know, and don't have many flowers and the ones we have get chomped by the deer. Stupid deer even ate our Black Eyed Susans that they are not supposed to like. Guest is all But, this is her view from the deck while I was having brekkie this morning. Not too shabby. You even get to see our new fence! And, hopefully to bring a smile, Zeke has mastered bed fail without even trying. Imagine what could happen if he actually made an effort? Gotta run. Guest has a conference call . . . TTFN Miss Fancypants
  11. It's MoneyDay everwon! We had quite the unexpected weekend happenings! You see, Guest's fadder turned 87 years young on FriedDay and then, of course, there was Fadder's Day on SunnyDay. He actually said he was having his 53rd birthday since once he turned 70 he started going backwards again. Anywho, the family was supposed to socially distance at the 'rents house to mark these two days, but it was raining there. So, everwon jumped ship and scooted on up here instead! We got a good storm for an hour and then that was it. Plus, we can socially distance 4 households outside covered without too much trepidation, so that's what we did! Zeke got to meet everwon and he also found out, much to Guest's chagrin, that he likes cucumbers. They didn't really need them anyway and heaven knows he could use all the dietary assistance he could get. Then, on SunnyDay, me and Zeke took our early morning walkies while Paris was sleeping and we foraged along the side of the road so Guest could steal transplant some milk weed that grows wild along the road and plant it in our yard. She got some real pretty dark peenk ones! This morning, she left to put the feeders up and didn't come back in for over a half hour! She ran a 5K without me! I was all bothered by this but she explained that the weather wasn't too bad and she is feeling worser and worser every time she takes a pill and isn't sure she will be able to run SunnyDay, so she did it early. Then, she took Zeke and me for a walk and I paid her back by making her jog over a mile more! Don't mess with Miss Fancypants! We really hope Missr Richard feels better. Sounds horrible and scary. Congrats on your new brother, Hamish! Our bird baths are behind fencing so we cannot get to it. Guest isn't going to encourage birds into the dog yard. Sheesh. All these nice pictures of stuff and I live with someone who neglects her picture-taking doodies. Anyway, there is some bad office politic stuff going down, so Guest hasta go. Yikes. Have a good day everwon! Stay safe. TTFN Miss Fancypants
  12. Pat needed him more. I cannot imagine a more joyful reunion. I am so sorry. I remember all the Gizmo stories and pictures.
  13. It's ThirstDay everwon! Guest is up and awake already She has been working on and off for a couple hours now! It was raining this morning, so not walks or runs today. Miss Elizabeth, Guest still has sporadic issues with her sciatica so she totally understands and commiserates. And, she spent HOURS yesterday cleaning out that pot and it's inner workings! Both the vet and her doctor's office were laughing themselves silly when she called to make sure she wasn't being risky for just cleaning the machine. Both assured her that she might be crazy but keeping the machine was not She ran a full container of straight vinegar through and then two containers of water then a container of water with a 1/4 cup bleach and then container after container of water for several hours. That machine is cleaner than it was when she bought it new! And, she rang another cycle through this morning to check for anything and all was good. So, she had her cup of coffee. Could have used two, but is out of milk. doesn't drink milk either and did the last grocery run and forgot it. It's one of those things Guest doesn't think about, as it is an automatic purchase. She is a big milk drinker. He drinks copious amounts of iced tea. She likes her kidneys better than he likes his, she supposes. Welcome home, Miss Sherrie! Guest cannot imagine how empty the house would be with no houndies in it at all. Hope you continue to improve and feel up to snuff for a long, long time! I am sure that when you wanted pictures that the swimming mouse wasn't *exactly* what you had in mind, but Guest doesn't tend to follow scripts very well. Here is Zeke, is this better? Laila, tell your mom that migraines with auras stink. Guest has had them before with major visual disturbances and it was horrific. Hoping it is a migraine over a blocked artery though! Guest loves her migraine medicine, lol. Miss Carol Ann, ouch! They say that when crocs get well worn, they become slippery as all get out. Be safe! I have another laser session this afternoon. Guest said that if it isn't raining, we will get a short field trip! We just love field trips. Zeke's lake picture is from one of them. That is our town park and we love walking there! Anyway, Guest has to answer a bunch of work emails and look like she is earning her paycheck, so I gotta go. Have a good day everwon! And, remind your mousie, Nuttymeg, to stay outta the pool! TTFN Miss Fancypants
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