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  1. It's TootsDay everwon! Thankfully, no toots here though! We had quite the weekend here. A lot of the family from Guest's father's side came over on SatonDay for a mini reunion. Guest's aunt from Vermont came down with her choklit labradork. I totally understand the dork part now! That girl would have run herself into the dirt chasing a tennis ball. She has ZERO pride. She also enjoyed our houndie pool! Our cousin, the little chiwawa was also here. Quite the fool house. It was crazy hot and then we had lots of thunderboomers and an inch of rain that evening. Then, on SunnyDay, it was much cooler and nicer, so we went on a family walk on some trails in a near-ish state park. We even saw a couple of people who stopped to pet us and talked about their own greyhound! Guest was really hoping that with all the excitement on SatonDay and the long hike on SunnyDay that we would sleep in on MoneyDay. Not.On.Your.Life I was up and at'em at 5:00 am. Roused Guest outta bed so she could take her class and then take Angus and me our for a nice morning walkie. I tell you, I cannot ease off that pedal with her or she would backslide. Clearly, I am over my tummy issues. I am back to eating my new diet and cleaning my bowl because someone has to. Not too sure how reliable the help is around here! Nate buddy, you are doing a good job! If Merc is on the prowl for a brother, you should join in! Tell the OGs that you want your very own seeing eye dog. Pippin! I am no longer blase about the heat. I take my morning walkie and then it takes an hour for me to stop panting, even with getting packed on ice! But, I refuse to not go. Walks are my thing and if I cannot take them, then I am done here on earth. I have made my position abundantly clear and Guest toes that line. Tiller, it is really nice to hear from you and hope things continue to improve. We hope everwon has a great time at Grapehounds! One day . . . . We are going to miss GIG this year because Guest and will be out of the country. Such rude planning on their part. Yeah I know it got scheduled for the date change for GIG but that is not my problem. Mario, Guest says you are one cutie-patootie! Great ears! AndiPants, good luck with your trees! Guest is hoping that that project is done here for a while. Noisy and expensive! Hada, I hope you are feeling and doing ok and your accidents are a one or 3 off. Our squash plants are doing ok, but the zucchini plants just bloom and bloom and bloom and don't produce. That frustrates Guest. She planted flowers to help with pollination but it didn't work. On the other paw, we have tummytoe plants that are over 6 feet tall! It's crazy. The deer come through here all.the.time. They knocked down some barriers on SunnyDay night and stripped our dogwood bush to 1/4 of its size. Guest was and still is apoplectic about the deer. She is no longer amused or in awe to see them. We have seen a lot of ringneck snakes this year. That's a new one for us to see! Guest's work is still busy, busy! She just got another call and a couple emails, so she is booting me off. I know I have missed loads, but am trying to keep up. ChArlie, Paris has been yapping about you, but whenever I get a chance to get on the computer, she is asleep upsidedown somewhere. She hates hot and humid, too, and refuses to leave the house except to eat and do her absolutions. Otherwise, no walkies or nuthin. Except she did go on the hike with us because. you know, a car ride. I hope everwon has a good day! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  2. Lucy, we are so sorry that it was his time. He has left a huge hole in so many hearts. We shall miss his astute observations and sage advice. Spirit, buddy send your girls a sign that you are happy and whole. I hope Nate is able to handle the change. Cindy
  3. Good afternoon everwon. It is FriedDay! And, it really truly is. It is hot as all get out with lots of humids. Angus and I took a good walk this morning. Zeke acted like he wanted to go, but once we left the driveway he refused to walk, so Guest took him back home, dumped him off, and then off we went! We saw deer, bunnies, water birds, geese, and a snake. Not a bad nature hike! Miss Wiki, you are Zeke's hero! He wants to try your antics so keep posting them! Before my time, Zoe lived here and ate a bee once. Her experience was not as positive as yours - her mouth and throat swelled and she hadda go to the vet for super steroids and intubation. She still snapped at bees after that, too! Miss Jennie, we hope you are feeling better! Mister Spirit, we are holding you, Miss Loosey, and Antie Ann in our hearts and thoughts today. I know everwon has your best interests at heart because you have their heart. I am wishing everwon peace at today winds its way down. Anyway, I am in dire need of a nap. I didn't eat all my breakfast because I enjoy watching Guest flail around like a live fish on dry land. But, the lack of foodstuffs makes me tired. Have a safe and agreeable temperature day! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  4. It's MoneyDay everwon! It's a rather hot and humid one, too. We may get more thunder boomers this afternoon and we could certainly use the chance of cooling things down. Guest hadda take me and Angus on our morning power walk much earlier than usual. We didn't see any fox, but the bunnies were out in fool force! I got some furs stuck in my teeth. There IS a reason why they are called dumb bunnies! Spirit, I understand you are taking a quite the trip this afternoon. While I really hope you have a round trip ticket for this one, I know Miss Loosey will get you whatever ticket you want. Please now that you are in our thoughts and hearts. Miss Ducky, we hope your girls are ok, too. I decided to give Guest quite the scare, and no, it wasn't performing a breakout like Miss Wiki. Just as soon as Guest said that I liked my foods, I decided not to eat and just pant and pant. Guest and were pretty anxious for about 12 hours. I did eat some after that but now Guest has me on even easier foods until my belly is happier. She separated everything out and I made it perfectly clear that I don't want as much sweet potato as I was getting, too! It is kind of fun being able to dictate your meals! You have a good lookin garden, Andipants! We have tomato plants that are over 6 feet high! It's crazy. Guest and picked more wild raspberries this weekend and she made some fresh raspberry vinaigrette. Did *I* get any? Nope. And, whew! I am not a fruit lubbin' gal. So, that would also be a big NO GO on your jello fuds, Merc! It did remind Guest of one of the appetizers from her youth - cream cheese spread on a piece of chipped beef, rolled up and then sliced. Her mother had stewed tomatoes with chunks of bread it in during the war. That concoction reminded Guest of other types of "chunks." To this day, she is NOT going to eat stewed tomatoes! Well, I gotta go. Guest has to use the computer. How rude. Just because it belongs to her office, they act like she needs to be working on it or something! Such audacity. I hope everwon stays cool and comfy today while we do our backandforthandbackandforth for our venerable Mister Spirit. TTFN Miss Fancypants
  5. It's FriedDay everwon! We are supposed to get more storms this afternoon, but we shall see. Got a good dumping yesterday while Guest was at the office. She also had her first appointment with her new dentist. She told him she felt like she was cheating But, her toofers should stay in her mouth for at least another 6 months! Spirit, we are keeping you and Miss Loosey in our thoughts. Guest has too many of those t-shirts from that same place. I gotta admit, the bunneh scream of deff is not for the faint of heart. I have heard it a couple times at the clutches jaws of Beeg Mav. Once Guest just stared in horror as it screamed it's way down the gullet. Us houndies can be rather barbaric when we so choose. That being said, we have bunnehs in our big yard, but not in the dog yard. Boy howdy, when I see one, my ears go up and I just quiver. I have gotten very very very close to them on our walkies. If only I didn't have that stoopid leash .... The only poop bags we have found on our walks are the ones that Guest has lost along the way. We are one of the few that pack in what we packed out Most other dogs just dump and run! So rude. Fortunately, in a left-handed kind of way, there aren't many dogs that get walked around here, so there isn't too many piles that have to be navigated. Angus got himself sedated last Monday to get his nails clipped. The vet is out of suggestions as to how to get it done without knocking his punk head out. So, they put him on happy pills to see if that would help with the counter conditioning. The vet thinks he is soooo sweet. I think she has clearly lost her mind. I am now eating a homemade diet for my kidney beans. Guest hopes it is balanced enough but she said that since I am going to be 12 in 5 weeks, that an unbalanced diet at this stage isn't going to be that detrimental. I am loving what I get and am eating faster than ever before! I get more blood stolen in 3 weeks, so we shall see if this is helping any. I certainly hope so because I am loving my foods. Glad the squishings have gone well! Guest finally moved her office off of our dining table and into the spare bedroom on the first floor. I am liking that, too. She set up a space for me, so now I go to work with her every day! For variety, I will lie on the carpeted floor instead of my bed. I think getting a ride on a pontoon boat would be loads of fun! yay, you, Candy! I hope the new meds help poor Flizzie. That sounds rather uncomfy. We have another raccoon tearing up our bird feeders. They got a new outdoor camera that takes movies and they watched how he did things. Raccoons are pretty dang smart - even more so when you think how small their heads are! But, we are to stop feeding the birds for a while anyway. There is a nasty virus going around the wild bird population that is making them go blind and D E D. It isn't in our county yet, but we are doing our part to keep them safe. They are wondering if it is related to the BroodX cicada invasion. I know i have missed loads, but I gotta get off the computer so Guest can pretend to get some work some. I hope everwon has a good afternoon and weekend. TTFN Miss Fancypants
  6. Speaking of Air Fryers, it is FRIEDDAY everwon! I crack myself up! As you can tell, *I* am in an awesome mood. You see, it was nice and chill again this morning (for the last time until October, probably) and after Guest just about killed herself D E D in her spin class, she took Angus and I out for our morning walkie. Usually Zeke walks with us, too, but for some reason this morning, he was not interested. So, it was just the 3 of us and we had a good walk at a decent clip into town. After coming back up the hill o' death, there is a more level stretch before going down sloping hill. Angus and I decided it was time for a little jog and Guest let us jog almost .4 of a mile! I was exhausted and panting a lot, but it was a happy, happy time for me! Then, I got my kidney-friendly breakfast, which Guest must be making all wrong because I really like my new foods My vet kept telling her that if I could eat half of my food as kidney friendly, she would be satisfied, but I am chowing down on it 100%. Gotta keep them guessing! It will be creeping back up into the 90s again in a day or so and stay that way for a while. I certainly enjoyed the cooler temps while they lasted. Pippin, I hope things turn out good for everwon. I would be much happier at home with my chilly box, but Paris would be over the moon if she could go to a wedding and smooze with all the peeps. She LIVES for attention. Me? Notsomuch. Guest has two slow cookers and she loves them. Put the stuff in during the morning and dinner is ready at night without having to stand in the kitchen! Plus, she thinks some stuff is just way more tender if it cooks all day - without heating up the house. She has an instant pot, too, but rarely uses that. An air fryer sounds pretty cool, but it would just sit most of the time, probably. Kevin has one and he loves it. But, he is a guy and guys like fried, whether real, real fake or fake) foods! Miss Andipants, stay on the cooler side! Can't believe I almost forgot to tell you! Guest got chomped not by one but TWO ticks this week and she now has a red lump and has to take doxy again. This will be the second whomp-dose this week! The ticks are beyond horrible this year and so very very tiny. We get checked constantly and the peeps do, too, but these ones were the size of round toothpick. Insanely small but they have quite the bite! Well, I gotta go. It's time for my afternoon snooze. I hope everwon has a good day! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  7. oh, this sucks. I hope she responds well.
  8. Good afternoon everwon! I don't even know what day it is anymore. I am sorry that I have been AWOL but life has been rather nutso around here as of late. I have been officially diagnosed as having kidney disease. Guest is quite excited about that! And, yes, there is a story. Nothing is EVER simple and straight-forward around here. So, grab your coffee, or your tea, or your soda, or your beverage of choice and listen to my tail of woe. About 10 weeks ago, there was an episode in the yard - the details of which the two-leggers do not know and us 4-leggers refuse to tell or even give hints. Anyway, I ended up rolling head over feet and landed on my back with my legs in the air. Looked like a bad depiction of deer v. car. Guest heard the commotion and came running out. Angus was standing stock still 10 feet away from me. She got my up and in the shower to wash off all the mud. I was a hurtin' pup and refused to put weight on my leg with the corn. There was no sign of anything broken or bleeding or not where it belonged. I already had an appointment scheduled in the next couple days to get my Lyme shot. Guest called in the morning but couldn't get an earlier appointment and I could rest quietly, so she let me be. I got to the vet and had x-rays done and everything was clear, but they were read by a radiologist, too, to be safe. I got some unicorn pills and all was right in my whirled. Actually, all was NOT right, but I was flying high so I just did not care, except I was not allowed to go on any kind of walk and was even escorted outside so I wouldn't move too fast. I went back to my chiropractor and got thumped and lasered and massaged. I was still a hurty mess so I went back for follow-up x-rays three weeks later and everything was still clear. Guest and my vet talked about this and I was placed on a waiting list with an orthopedist as the thought was it was a ligament/tendon issue behind my shoulder. The waiting list is ridiculously long and I still have not seen the specialist! Anyway, the vet wanted to run some blood work in preparation for the specialist, so it was done. My kidney values didn't look so hot and my albumin was not good. I was also spilling quite a bit of protein. So, all happy pills were stopped, the not-allowed-to-move order was extended, and I was to have more labs drawn in 30 days. I was getting more and more depressed and didn't even bother to try to go for walkies anymore. I stopped eating a lot of my foods and lost weight and looked rather unwell. Anyway, I got my repeat bloodwork a couple weeks ago and it was the same - which was not good. And, my vet was on vacation so Guest had to wait to talk to her about the results and The Plan. It was decided to do chest and abdominal x-rays, which got done. Chest x-rays are perfect. Abdominal x-rays showed a very wonky spleen and the radiologist mentioned that awful "C" word. So, I waited a few more days and got an ultrasound. That showed that my spleen is "anatomically abnormal" and while there are a couple nodules, those are probably benign and less likely to be cancer. So, that means that we are just dealing with uncooperative kidneys and Guest is quite happy. BUT, while she was waiting for the US results, she said "screw it, if we are staring down the barrel at hemangio, if Miss Fancypants wants to take a walk, then let her." So, I did! I got my boots on and took a short walk, just me and Guest, and we have been increasing the distance and now it is with all of us. I am ONE HAPPY GIRL. And, I am using my leg! So, Guest is gonna cancel that orthopedic visit, which isn't until July anyway, and just rehab me herself. I am also getting a homemade kidney diet, which makes Guest a little nutso trying to make sure it is balanced enough, but I am scarfing everything down and am back to my contented self. Oh, the cicadas are almost pretty much gone - much to Angus' dismay. He LOVED them and would even scrape them off the road to chow down. He is one stoopid dog! But, the boys are very happy that I am back. Zeke keeps trying to chomp my neck when we are out walking - it is his weirdo version of being happy and playful and glad to see me. is pretty much back to normal but will need to have more follow up to find out why things went so terribly wrong. And, he is now all the way retired and will never work again! For money, that is And, that is all the news from the Somerville Chalet! I know I have missed loads but Guest is snowed at work and it just keeps getting deeper. Plus, we had bad storms on MoneyDay and lost power so she has to make up time from that, too. At least the trees that came down didn't hit anything and clean up was pretty easy. Just lots of debris. Winds were clocked at 70 MPH! Yikes. Anyway, I have got to go. Guest is getting too many emails and needs to get back to work. Have a good day everwon and I hope everwon who needs hugs, high fives, congrats, or good wishes can feel them coming their way. TTFN Miss Fancypants
  9. It's FriedDay everwon! I am here! Briefly. Guest got two new cases at work and is scrambling to get things done. But, I am also not really posting because I have nothing to say. I never get to go anywhere and I never get to do anything so I never have anything to comment about. But, I really like your new collars, Wiki! They look smashing on you! The boys and I had vet appointments on MoneyDay. Aptly named because it certainly cost lots of monies! They got shots and Zeke got his nails done. Angus would not cooperate for nails or blood work, so he is gonna get knocked out so that stuff CAN get knocked out. He is a jerk at the vets. But, he has also never been there with Guest and the place is now a no, no, bad place in his little pea brain. And, now they are getting ready to remodel, so it will still be months and months before we don't have to be all alone when we go. I had repeat blood work done and they did it outside so I could be with Guest. As crazy as she is, she makes me feel better while at the vet. And, my blood work did not come back any better, so I am getting x-rays of my insides this MoneyDay. If those are ok, I will start taking blood pressure medication and get a renal diet as my labs show the beginnings of kidney troubles. No failure, just at the top of that nasty, slippery slope. Paws crossed everything is ok inside of me! Miss Ducky, we are sorry to hear about Liddle Charlie. Hope your girls continue to sort themselves out and are ok after a pack change. Guest wonders what is going to happen here when that occurs. I am the glue that holds everyone together. Yikes. I have been thinking about retiring from the reporting business. I think Beavis and Butthead would do an interesting job on keeping everyone filled in. They are the ones that are going to long Wiki walkies and meeting all kinds of peoples and creatures. Oh, Angus regularly chomps on those cicadas. He says they taste like chicken. And, he would know since we eat chicken every day! Our big, orange kitty, Milo, ate them when they first pop up from the ground. He likes his snacks a little softer. We have so, so many that missing 1 or 3 or 1000 won't matter. There are enough shells around our trees to look like they have been mulched in them! When Guest has mowed, she gets whacked with shells and live bugs. Those claws can do a decent scratch! Anyway, I have been thinking about everyone and wish y'all well. I will try to check back in and maybe introduce my pup reporters, too. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend. TTFN Miss Fancypants
  10. what raw bones? Some times my dogs hork up the joints from chicken quarters. It is more cartilage-looking, if that makes sense. If it aren't digested within 12 hours or so (based on my dog's personal digestive tract), up it comes. Usually on carpet lol.
  11. LBJ - Little Brown Job - at least to this east coaster! It's WindsDay everwon! And, it is supposed to rain again tonight and tomorrow. We got about two inches of rain last week which made is much easier for Guest to put up the fencing around the garden! She also just agreed to spend major bucks - Angus and Zeke both have vet appointments and nail trims and shots on MoneyDay (aptly named ) and I have lab work to see how my wonky lab work was 30 days ago. Guest is not optimistic. I am getting picky eating and am still limping. She did get a call about an ortho cancellation for me, but it was at the same time as 's surgery, so that did not happen. My appointment, that is. And, Taz has lost another 1.5 pounds. This is going to be a painful year for Guest, I can see that now. Oh, and Paris has a SENIOR appointment set up in another couple weeks! She is getting old, too! I have read everything and just do not have the energy to comment. Guest took out my corn on MoneyDay and it oozed. First time that has happened. And, I won't put any weight on that leg now at all, which means it hurts like all get out. She did work all weekend to make up for last week, except when she put up that fence. She is looking forward to SunnyDay because she doesn't have anything really pressing to do and is not planning on moving too quickly that morning! Yay! Snuggle time for me! Anyway, have fun at Mountain Hounds and enjoy new deck furniture and plant moving and snack eating and picture taking and walks with doofus neighbors and whatever else is going on. I will check in later when I can push Guest away from the stupid work computer for a minute or three. TTFN Miss Fancypants
  12. It's FriedDay everwon! And, for some of you it's a long weekend! Not around here, I am afraid. Guest hasta work all weekend to make up for part of the past 1.5 weeks. You see, things kinda derailed early last week and completely went off track by last ThirstDay. Being that lives here, I made sure I used train-related descriptions! Anyway, Guest just got back to work this afternoon. She shut the puter down last Wednesday and that was it until today. So, she has lots of work and deadlines that she missed from the past 10 or so days. At least it is supposed to be raining most of the weekend so she won't be missing too much outdoor time. She did take some time this morning to mow our yard. Sounds blah enough, but there is lots and lots and lots of space that needs to be mowed and it is either up hill or rocky or bumpy, but usually all 3! The place looked like it was vacant. She was worried about ticks and snakes and the grass getting too high to mow. always mows and rides the mower. Guest doesn't know how to use a riding mower and figured with little time and the threat of rain, today was not the day to learn. So, she huffed and puffed and mowed and mowed and mowed! She is very sorry that so many cicadas lost their life to the mower. They are EVERYWHERE. The noise is louder, but rather melodic out here in the woods. She has pulled them out of her hair and they hit her in the neck, too, Miss Kathy! Several of us, ahem Angus ahem, are chowing down and have to be constantly watched. I am not interested in any food with beady red eyes, thankyouverymuch! Despite all that, I am a very happy girl today. is back at home! He had some not so great health issues and had to leave but is now back and much better. Guest has been running on adrenaline, coffee, water, and yogurt. She drove more over the past 9 days than she has driven in a year. She could really use a 3 day nap! Of course, in the middle of this, Guest got a call that there was a cancellation and I could see the orthopedist for my shoulder. However, she was over 50 miles from home and another 50 miles from the doctor's office, so she had to decline. Made her sad to know that I have to continue to hobble around and look pitiful at Wiki Walkie time when I am not allowed to go. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and we miss you! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  13. Just a quick pop in before Guest leaves us AGAIN. Miss Patsy, we are so very sorry that it was Jazz's time to go. Our Taz is battling the same type of issues and a GI cancer is suspected. Cats are so good at hiding things that they do not want seen. We are sending you big big hugs and are glad to see that Linus is doing ok. Jet is Taz's littermate, so we are concerned about that situation, too, and it is comforting to see that things may work out. Hi and hello to everyone. Hopefully, we will be back for real soon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  14. I am so very sorry that it was Katie's time. I hope Petunia is adjusting to the loss of her BFF and the new level of silence in your home isn't too deafening. Wishing everyone peace.
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