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  1. and hugs to you and Mary. We were faced with an osteo diagnosis for our sweet Maggie last March. We let her go two weeks later. So hard.
  2. I have had three greyhounds - all of them were fine with four grandkids from birth on. My last grey, Maggie, adored children of any age. I always made sure the kids were supervised when the dogs were around. All of mine were fostered prior to me adopting them (the dogs, not the kids). That way, I feel, you can get a good idea about food aggression, sleep aggression, interaction with children, etc. Judging by my three, you will find the perfect dog for you.
  3. I am so very sorry to hear about Mazy.
  4. So sorry for your losses Greg. Lost Maggie last spring to osteo. Losing them is so very painful Betsy
  5. Lost my Maggie last March. One month shy of her 11th birthday
  6. Maggie developed a lump on her shoulder. Hoping for arthritis but apparently not. X-rays on Saturday showed some bone holes, not a lot. Needle aspirate from fluid came back as spindle cell. Do I want to do a bone biopsy? Don't want to cause her more pain. Waiting to hear back from specialist. She is limping. Currently on Novox twice a day. It is definitely helping with pain. How do I rate her pain level? Appetite is fine. Yesterday she wanted to play. Assuming it's osteo, how do I know how much pain she is having? Sorry for such a disjointed post. Just want to do what's best for my gi
  7. Apparently not arthritis. Most likely osteo in her shoulder
  8. Just wondering what meds people use for their greys who have arthritis?
  9. My Dusty was put on gabapentin years ago. The first days he could hardly get up or stand. I later heard that sometimes it takes awhile to get used to it. We decided to discontinue though.
  10. Does he limp the same way whether on hard surfaces or soft like grass?
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