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  1. Jan, all my good thoughts are with you and Aiden for his dental. He will be so happy to get back home with his Buffalo Chicken. Give him a big hug for me.
  2. Belated Happy Birthday, Annie! Wishing you lots of fun rides in the BOH2 and delicious treats from Mom.
  3. Jack and Annie have a lot in common. He loves to rip up paper of any kind and leave it on one of the dog beds. We now keep a gate across the office at night as its his favorite time to "hunt". Annie, you are such a cutie!
  4. Jan, I am so sorry Cletus has left you. Your tribute is wonderful and shows so clearly how his journey to Camp Greyhound was meant to be. From the moment he stepped into your care, your chicken dog knew he was in a loving home. That wagging tail was a big indication of how safe, happy and content he was feeling. What a surprise it must have been for him to have companions, adventures, car rides, treats and lazy days in the sunshine with his new friends. Although his time with you was too short, he lived a life time at CG. We will always remember that sweet face looking up at you. Rest well Cletus.
  5. When Bea arrived at Camp Greyhound she knew she was home. You have given her such a wonderful life. So many memories of a very special broodie as she slipped into becoming a permanent Camper. When the Fall comes I'll picture Bea munching on her favorite apples and mini-pumpkins. Rest well sweet Bea. My thoughts are with you and the Campers.
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AIDEN AND TWO GOTCHA DAYS! What a nice celebration for Camp Greyhound. Aiden and Cletus seem to be having a great time together on their walk. It's hard to believe that Aiden is now 11 years old.
  7. Miss Bea can really dash around the yard when she's inclined. So nice to see her running around and enjoying herself. Her bee stuffy is perfect for her.
  8. Happy Birthday Cletus! You look pretty perky for a 14th year old. I bet you enjoyed all those special treats for your birthday celebration.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to Camp Greyhound! A chicken is most appropriate to celebrate Thanksgiving with Cletus. Enjoy your day!!!
  10. Jan, Trevor was a very special dog. He was so gentle and loving, a true gentleman in so many ways. With that beautiful white face he was sure to warm your heart every time he looked at you. Trevor, sweet boy, you are dearly missed and never forgotten.
  11. Jan, thank you for the comforting words. Callie's daylily has been blooming as it never has before. Each day there are more flowers that open that form almost a bouquet shape. They are bright and lovely just as she was. I want to thank everyone for the kind words for Callie. She was a real sweetheart!
  12. Our hearts are broken to say goodbye to our beautiful Callie. At the GAS kennel her nickname was "Merry", the perfect description for this lovely girl. She was outgoing, loved people and seemed to be without a care in the world, as long as she was with her people. Callie had the sweetest personality. She was content, happy, never demanding and always quietly moving through life. Callie was always ready for a walk or ride and loved to greet people at the door. Callie could have her silly moments. She had a spot under our lilac bush where she routinely would dig a hole. Tucked into "her spot" she would look very pleased with herself. We have been so fortunate that Callie has been healthy during the almost 10 years she has been with us. Except for treating her daily with eye drops for Pannus, she has avoided many of the illnesses our other greyhounds have experienced. It was only in June of this year that she experienced Vestibular Disease. She was able to recover nicely in a few days and gradually could resume her morning walks. I really enjoyed our walks together as it was just the two of us in the early morning listening to the birds and the start of a new day. I loved the way she would almost dance with excitement as we began walking. She turned 13 in July and was as perky as ever. On July 23, Callie experienced another Vestibular event. I rushed her to the e-vet where it became clear that she might have had a stroke. She was transferred to a Vet. hospital with a neurologist, but the outlook was grim. They sent her home hoping there would be improvement in a familiar surrounding. She had a peaceful night and seemed content to be home. The next morning she had another stroke and it was clear we had to let her go. Callie, my sweet girl, I will miss your quite, gentle presence every day. When I take my walk I will think of the lovely moments we had together. Thank you for coming into my life and bringing so much joy to our house. You will be in my heart forever.
  13. Ducky, could you please add our Callie to your list? Our beautiful brindle girl went to the bridge yesterday.
  14. Happy 12th Birthday Bea! Your birthday celebration was lots of fun with some pretty neat treats. Looks like all the Campers enjoyed their food too!
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