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  1. I was off the computer so I missed the BIG celebration but I still want to wish the girls the happiest of birthdays! Wow-looks like a FUN time was had by all. The pictures are so wonderful. Sending love and best wishes!
  2. Ah my little socialite!! Thinking of you on this your transition day. Never forgotten. Thank you for teaching me the truly important things I needed to know. Love you always pretty girl!!!
  3. Enjoyed visiting with you on your birthday this year! Your smiles are forever on my mind baby dog.
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Min-Man. Your love and compassion are an example to me everyday. NEVER forgotten. Love you always!
  5. CONGRATS on your house! And greyt idea to begin with a nice bar b que! I use about 2000 gallon a month for myself and 2 dogs and it cost around $22. No monthly sewer charges because I live in the country and have septic.
  6. Personally I believe there is reason to be concerned-the numbers don't lie and its not a food company that published this latest data but rather the FDA. However, instead of arguing or debating about this that or the other point, like so many do on social media, my thought is this: why take the chance? Personally if there is even a legitimate hint that ANYTHING (not just food) may harm my dogs, in any way, then I am done with whatever it is. I can always replace whatever it is with something that is available that has been shown to be safe historically. IMO its just not worth taking a chance with my dogs life over. Where there's smoke there's fire. JMO.
  7. racindog


    What a beautiful and moving tribute and the pictures wow. In fact when I opened this thread my heart dropped in the first nanosecond because the first thing I seen was the picture of her beautiful self and I recognized her instantly. I knew her charm even though I had never met her. It was so obvious. My heart is breaking for you. I am sure she will be with you always. Love so strong as hers is eternal and there just can't be any other outcome. "Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality." ~ Emily Dickinson
  8. OMG WOW! WOW! WOW! So glad you shared this! I LOVE it when greyhounds get the opportunity to showcase just how greyt they are! Super CONGRATULATIONS to Team Kenna!!! Many more victories are on the way!!!!!!!! GO TEAM KENNA!!!!!
  9. He has been bred for over 5,000 years to hunt. He IS going to do it whether he catches anything or not because prey drive, hunt drive, and other such is in his genes. The genetic drive he was gifted with determines his motivation, not the amount of prey he catches. And you can forget recall as even with well trained police dogs sometimes the drive overrides the obedience and they will blow off commands. It happens. Yes he will be more alert in the area where he got the rabbit because he knows he was 'rewarded' there by the catch. IMO you should praise him for being such a fine boy! It will not make him hunt more but will enhance the relationship you 2 have when he knows you are proud of him.
  10. Little Hada can get down!!!!!!! What an awesome picture. So wonderful to see her so happy!
  11. Love this picture! She's ready to GO!!! But she's still politely waiting her turn!
  12. I have not had to use it yet but I know that Dr. Goodpets carries it and that they are a trustworthy reliable company. One of my vets referred me to them for purchase of their "Eye-C" because it actually does help prevent their eyes from getting that old bluish look from age. I noticed that there may be a shipping delay or something so I would check availability before I paid anybody. http://www.goodpet.com/dogs/digestive-support/cbd-therapy-100/ I highly recommend this supplier as well: https://www.trikossupplements.com/
  13. So brokenhearted at Atom's crossing over. There are things I have learned we just cannot understand. But then other things we KNOW-because the heart knows what the mind cannot understand. Atom is and always will be special-we definitely know that. Only his body died-the real Atom is spirit and he is healthy and happy after discarding his defective body suit. And like Ducky said he completed his mission and it was his time. We may not understand it but we know it. And Atom no doubt knows that we all love him now and always. I am hoping that perhaps someday he will send a sign to say hi because another thing we know is that his presence will always be here and he will never be forgotten.
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