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  1. "Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality." ~ Emily Dickinson
  2. Oliver sounds to me like a very wise and loveable fellow. He knows whats important to him (and you), is loving and caring, and there is no doubt in my mind he has it more "together" and is a better friend than many many humans would ever be. Sending him some love
  3. I have found a great deal of help and comfort by just talking to the dog about their situation. Sometimes they even initiate this although I have a tendency to try and ignore it at first when they do because I don't want to believe what is happening. Sometimes words are not even necessary. If you are unsure a professional reputable animal communicator can facilitate things. I have done that as well quite successfully. Regardless, sending positive thoughts and tons of love.
  4. I understand completely- oh believe me I do. Even for experienced handlers new dogs mean new challenges. I did not mean to be rude but because of my background I know I can sound forceful. IMO you don't have to worry about whatever you decide to do because you are motivated and operating out of love. Therefore you simply cannot go wrong. Truthfully Jack is lucky he had you instead of some possibly mean person who would not have had such love and concern for him in their heart. I am just sorry it doesn't seem to be working out but you are doing the right thing and putting Jacks well being fi
  5. He is running the show. He considers himself the leader and you the subordinate. IMO that is a recipe for failure and/ or disaster. In his defense it is not him. In fact many, if not most, dogs will respond the same way to greater or lesser degrees to the appeasement strategy you are using. I know you are well meaning but what you are doing is not fair and will set the dogs up for failure. Sooner or later you will probably get bit. Not because Jack is a bad dog but because dogs bite. It is what they do and since you have allowed him to assume leadership it follows naturally to subordinates-YO
  6. I use this protocol for my dogs and myself and have for years. I believe it is an effective preventative and it feels a whole lot better than just doing nothing. It is also completely safe. You never know https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/a-homeopathic-protocol-for-lyme-disease/
  7. Wow what a fun day! Thanks everyone-and especially you Rocket- for making it so happy. I know that you made sure your wifey Lexie had a happy day too and that just adds to how wonderful it all was. Octane got xtra treats of various kinds all day and also had a happy happy day with lots of lovins. I so enjoyed seeing the vids and pics of all the hounds getting spoiled! There's definitely 'nothing finer in Carolina' Can't wait until next year!! But hey-a year is a long way off. However, .......there is a national french fry day between now and then- we may have to see what Rocket and the houn
  8. Love his mug sign! Doesn't it feel good when the reach out to us like that?!!!!!
  9. HAPPY BIRFDAY at the bridge Rocket!!!!! Sending love and endless french fries your way! All the houndies say THANK YOU for the special treats on this Spoil Your Hound Day!!
  10. 🍖🍗ðŸĨĐ🍟ðŸĐðŸĨ§ðŸŽ‚🧁🍧ðŸĨŪ
  11. ðŸĶī😋💕🍖🍗ðŸĨĐðŸĨ“🧀🍟
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