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  1. Manuka honey rocks! In 24 hours you will be amazed at the improvement. You have to use REAL manuka honey (~$90/lb) though, not the cheap imposters. Of course it will last for years so it is really not that expensive considering. Manuka honey is the only thing known to kill MRSA as well. https://manukahoneyusa.com/
  2. Look at her go! Greyt video! She is absolutely beautiful frolicking around the yard, I mean her domain, like that!
  3. I GUARANTEE you backyard breeders will be breeding Greydoodles and everything else because the stupid public is so shallow and ignorant that there is actually a demand for such poor creatures. There will definitely be a fast buck to be made by unscrupulous people who will breed them for the 'designer' market without a care for their irresponsible actions.
  4. What a lovely lady! That last picture with the shamrock garland is gold-she is sooo happy in it-smiling all over herself. I am so sorry she had to leave. It is a testament to the love that you two had that she did not let the evil cancer keep her from enjoying a full life with you. She is a winner now and forever in every respect. My deepest sympathy. Perhaps she will send you some signs to comfort you. Cancer is so limited It cannot cripple love It cannot shatter hope It cannot corrode faith It cannot destroy peace It cannot kill friendship It cannot suppress memories It cannot silence courage It cannot invade the soul It cannot steal eternal life It cannot conquer the spirit. -Anonymous
  5. I am so sorry. My heart is breaking for you. What big beautiful eyes he had. I will never understand why dog's have such short life spans here on earth. My deepest sympathy.
  6. The red flag that would go up for me would be a possible blood clot? The only reason I say this is that I noticed Bobber at 9 yoa all of a sudden just seemed to get out of breath faster than normal. She used to love to run and run but I noticed that she would begin to but then would seem to get out of breath too soon? I thought perhaps it was age because it was not real bad and since I am a mother hen with my dogs I notice the slightest changes. But then one day she suddenly lost neurological response in her back end, and while it was minor when I first noticed it--the rear feet not righting itself thing-it quickly progressed to full paralysis!!! The vet was incompetent and sent her home paralyzed with a big bottle of prednisone and poor Bobber suffered and suddenly passed away on her own less than 5 hours after it all began.(I did not know the protocol at that time for this and the vet told me that she was OK and that my biggest problem would be to restrict her activity once she felt better. BTW she had NEVER had any spine issues either. Anyway I stupidly trusted the vet and in so doing caused undue suffering to my girl. That won't happen again on any level. #1 I now know the PROPER protocols for an animal presented in her condition which I would now demand and #2 I will NEVER trust a vet again. ) I did not have a necropsy done but I suspect it was a clot particularly because she always had protein in her urine. TBH I think most times the breathing issues may be heart related but because of what I went through with Bobber I personally am suspect of a clot also. I don't know but it seems to me that perhaps a clot may have been inhibiting her breathing and then just broke off on that fateful day and lodged/blocked a critical vessel? All the best for Luna! I'll be praying for her.
  7. As a K9 handler my first thought would be that we'd 'have to ask him'. Sometimes we cannot determine their exact triggers.
  8. Yes it is very sad! That is one of the reasons that people that let trash dogs run loose infuriate me so. They can literally ruin another dogs entire life with regards to sociability after an attack. But never forget it is not your dogs fault. Your dog was victimized and the new terrible behavior is a result of the bad dogs irresponsible humans that let him run loose and victimize other dogs. The penalties for letting dogs run loose need to be substancially increased to reflect the seriousness of it.
  9. Well!!! I hate to say this but it is time to search yet AGAIN for a decent pet insurance company. I sent HP the med records on the new pup I signed up and THEY LISTED IT AS A CLAIM!!!!!!!!!!! And I had even sent an email along with it making it VERY clear that I was NOT filing any kind of a claim that I was just complying with their request to provide the records for a new dog prior to making any claim. I even reminded them that the new dog is not eligible for any claims until Feb 5. So what did they do? They submitted all the shot, microchip and other charges that we all know is not eligible in the first place and listed it as a claim!!!!!!! And the dog is not even eligible yet for coverage on those charges that were made Feb 1 because he is in the waiting period for new dogs !!!!!!! So clearly they want to make it look like a maximum number of claims are being submitted to justify jacking up the rates even though the dog isn't even eligible for actual coverage yet via the waiting period. I know they 'say' the # of claims doesn't impact rates but I also know it does. So I sent 3 or 4 more emails to them demanding an explanation for these hi-jinks and got NO REPLY. So then I went to their FB page and what do I see? Posts from people saying that HP won't contact them; and one saying it had been 30 days and they still had not received their claims check and again no response from HP. Clearly the new owners are just as terrible as their reputation that preceeded them. Now, where do I go for insurance and one of the dogs is 9 so I'm probably stuck at HP for that one or else if HP isn't going to be honest might be better to cancel all together anyway and risk it on my own. Why pay for coverage if they arn't going to provide it anyway? What a mess. Why do all the good companies get gobbled up and RUINED by the cheap crooked companies?
  10. racindog


    My heart is breaking for you. Perhaps he will send you a sign that he is well and remind you that he will never leave you. Only his body died. The Leo that you loved is spirit and he is OK and the love you shared simply cannot be destroyed by death or anything else. It is the most powerful energy in the universe. The Way In the darkness I turned to go; my last day's done; I'll miss you so. No time even to say goodbye or to lock the tears spilling from your eyes. That's when I heard you call my name; I knew right then I must turn back to help ease your pain. Since I've no voice with which to speak, its whispers in your dreams I'll make. Ease your heart and rest your mind, my time with you was the best of kind. I couldn't have asked for a better friend, we've shared our journey to the very end. There's one final thing you need to know, I'll whisper in your ear before I go....."I'm leaving first to find the way...so I can lead you back here with me on your last day." -(SLong) Bridge angel wisdom: "The love is bigger than the pain. I know your heart is breaking terribly. But I promise you that your pain will subside over time, and our love, our love not only will survive, it will be stronger. Someday the horrible pain will be a memory of deep sadness but our love will still be vibrant and alive. Love is always bigger than pain. When you are hurting, reach for the love and I promise you will feel better."
  11. Be very careful before you turn your hound over to anyone. Many many times people will send favorite blankets or treats etc to ease the transition and the boarding people will not even bother to give it to your dog. They will tell you they have professional reasons etc. which is bs for what really happens which is they are dumped into a kennel and forgot about until you pick them up. They just plain don't want to be bothered with accommodating your dog with any frills. They also will not make any significant effort to protect your hound from interaction with other dog aggressive dogs etc because frankly they are very casual about moving dogs(sometimes just turning several loose together) to and fro and they won't know if a particular dog is dog aggressive anyway since they didn't bother to find out and don't really care either. It can be hell for a civilized dog like a greyhound at some of these facilities. They are not run like the nice professional racing kennels are. They are crowded with all manner of 'street dogs' and sometimes unmannered untrained pets and it can be quite unplesant.And hounds can be quite upset physically and mentally by the time they get back home. Be very sure of who you are trusting your hound too. They are counting on you to protect them. And it really is meaningless to think being boarded at the vet is somehow "safer". It is not. As above poster pointed out a lot of them abandon the dogs from the time they close until the time they open up the next day. If something minor even happens it can turn into a tragedy by the time they are seen the next morning since there is no one there to help the hound no matter how loud they cry. The vet never 'sees' them either. They are generally 'taken care of' by teeny bopper kennel help and/or vet techs that know little if anything about greyhounds and are not known for being too conscientious. And sadly some of them are even abusive. So just be VERY careful!
  12. Turbo and greyhound Octane have really hit it off!
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