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  1. You're in for a treat! I will be at the Sydney James too. I can't wait to see everybody!
  2. A vet told me that heart murmurs were fairly common in greyhounds and not usually any big deal. I have had 2 or 3 greyhounds that had murmurs and just like the vet said it was essentially meaningless because the murmurs in no way harmed or caused any observable symptoms. None of them rec'd any meds for it and most were seen by different vets from time to time that said the exact same thing as the first vet: "Not to worry/no big deal for a greyhound." I will be the first to say you can't always believe what a vet says but in this case they were right. I suspect the alarmist vet that cancelle
  3. Just tell Hada we love her and are praying for her complete and swift recovery! Sorry IDK any info to offer.
  4. He's gorgeous! Very handsome. I just know he will make you a prized hound!!! I am sure that with your experience you two will work out any issues so I would not be overly concerned about the guarding etc. He probably just needs to learn that he is not running the show with you as he may have been with others. EVERY dog has some kind of issue at some point. If you wait for an 'issue-less' dog you would be waiting forever. One of the best most compassionate hounds I ever had was a large male named Minny! He would and had attacked other dogs and just like Tiger bit me pretty good after I first
  5. savvyPRchick is right. It is a survival of the fittest situation . It can't be trained out anymore than you can put it in. It genetic. It's also a highly prized attribute in the working dog world because a dog that has great prey drive is usually a top working dog.
  6. https://ivcjournal.com/metronidazole-veterinary-medicine/?fbclid=IwAR00JJ6wNiV1lf_5b7Pob04_yyq9egqUgbu0PbPbGGf0-VVkW_cKQ5wNWS4
  7. The "greyhound smile" for the win!!! Love the pictures and love to all! Thanks for posting them!
  8. Sorry I missed the big celebration but Happy (belated) Birthday Wiki!
  9. I always try and get a legit dental specialist. Unfortunately the last one has retired-and I had to take a day off work to drive some distance to him. There doesn't seem to be any in my immediate area right now. There ARE plenty of GP vets that have decided to anoint themselves a dental specialist because they try and sell themselves as such by placing some focus on dental issues. That is why I specified a legit dental specialist earlier. Dr. Quaak, a fellow, gave several wonderful lectures at Mountain Hounds one year on dentistry. She said most vets have almost NO knowledge of it and that
  10. "Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality." ~ Emily Dickinson
  11. THIS! I would be concerned about an injury to one of the disc in her spine. As your gut has told you it can be very serious and whatever the issue is it should be diagnosed! period! IMO not just trying to medicate it away as seems is happening. Its past time for an orthopedic vet. Hope she gets diagnosed and recovers quickly.
  12. My heart is breaking for you. I pray that the Good Shepherd will give you peace. God bless you for sharing your love with His creatures in need.
  13. I went through osteo with my first greyhound but I am no way convinced that is Gator's issue. Actually I would be inclined to think it is something else unless it is definitively PROVEN otherwise. My vets and the cancer specialist told me the only way to know for sure was a biopsy which incurred risk of its own. After a biopsy it was indeed confirmed and she had her leg amputated. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY THE RIGHT THING TO DO. She was 9 and we had a whole year of healthy pain free good times that are HAPPY memories. She actually WON the trick class at a pretty big greyhound event as a tripod!
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