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    I think that if you sit quietly and ask Charlie what he thinks would be nice then he will get through to you and tell you. In fact I think he is helping you along with this project right now. Charlie is OK-only his body died. The Charlie that you loved was spirit-as are we- and you will be together again someday. I took one of my soul mate Slim's ID tags from his collar and have worn it around my neck since he left- 15 years now. It truly is a point of contact for me and is very comforting as I feel Slim's energy through it. I know Slim is with me still. I know he is waiting for me at the bridge. God bless you and Charlie . Love never dies-it is eternal. It is the most powerful force in the universe.
  2. He will be with ALWAYS. Be open minded. The heart knows what the mind cannot understand sometimes. I believe he will send you a sign to let you know all is well. You will recognize it instantly. When tomorrow starts without me And I’m not here to see If the sun should rise and find your eyes All filled with tears for me I wish you wouldn’t cry The Way you did today While thinking of the many things We did not get to say I know how much you love me As much as I love you Each time that you think of me I know you will miss me too When tomorrow starts with out me Please try to understand That an angel came and called my name And took me by the hand The angel said my place was ready In heaven far above And That I would have to leave behind All those I Dearly Love But When I walked through Heaven’s Gates I felt so much at home When GOD looked down and smiled at me From his golden throne He said This Is Eternity And All I promised you Today for life on earth is done But Here it starts a new I promise no tomorrow For today will always last And Since each day’s the exact same way There is no longing for the past So When Tomorrow starts without me Do not think we’re apart For every time you think of me Remember I’m right here in your heart.
  3. Sending love and positive energy to Violet today.
  4. Starry sounds like a perfect gentleman- smart, non-reactive and well socialized. The other dogs are leash reactive and unsocialized-and dangerous. And there are more of them than usual right now because a lot of dogs did not get socialized at all due to the China virus lockdown. Be sure you carry something to defend Starry with just in case one of the uncouth rogue dogs gets loose and attacks Starry. Sadly many times an innocent dog that gets attacked is so traumatized by it that they themselves then become leash reactive and dog aggressive. You can't let that happen to a great guy like Starry. He is depending on YOU to keep him safe. I can also tell you that many if not most of the owners of the aggressive dogs have no clue how dangerous their dogs are; make little effort to control them; and if they get loose from them they usually just run around waving their hands in the air and screaming because they want it to look like they are trying to restrain their dog but they really are not because they don't want to get bit by their own dog. I was an Animal Control Officer in a large city for over a year and this is the sad truth. Anyway all the best to you and Starry! He sure sounds like a very nice dog and extraordinary friend. Just be very careful and have a plan in case one of the brutes gets loose and threatens Starry. He wouldn't stand a chance with his thin greyhound skin and skinny legs. A nice dog like him probably wouldn't fight even to defend himself. And if it is a small dog that instigates an altercation they will blame Starry just because he is so much bigger. So its a no win situation for Starry. I was leading a hound 1 day when 2 loose large rogue dogs running loose attacked him. Goldie just tried to run away but wouldn't fight back and they were trying to bite his rear legs/area to take him down. Luckily he didn't have to. I have a black belt in karate and I was carrying a Phillipeno fighting stick with me for protection "just in case." The closest dog I caught solidly with a good side kick and sent him reeling back at which point he got up and ran away. The 2nd dog I came down with a blow between the ears with my stick that sent him to the ground at which point he got up and ran away. Because I was prepared my greyhound Goldie was not injured. Had I not been I shutter to think how badly he could have been hurt or worse. I will tell you also that we had a large Rottweiler show dog as well. I could walk the Rottweiler everywhere and none of the dogs- not even the ones who attacked my greyhound- would bother us in the least. Nor would they bother a greyhound if the Rottweiler was with us. Dogs are not stupid. So yes, in my experience, they do tend to target our greyhounds because they know that the poor greyhounds are essentially helpless and can't or won't defend themselves. People not controlling their dogs and also letting them run loose is one of my pet peeves. That is one of the things I have always admired about greyhounds. They are simply "above" common street brawls and are too smart and too wise to act like a stupid bully and start street fights. JMO
  5. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.akcchf.org%2Feducational-resources%2Flibrary%2Farticles%2FGolden-Update-Summer-2020-Hemangio-Bartonella.pdf%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0KAWfUPeaG1zDnvCWsYWouUkKdR_7t9WUPpvYlogsumrfysDoNexh6B7g&h=AT1LLMwN_Tz8INtdv9q0An6maBAMgx6OwXPJpFaBjg37crcjvQ78HUBN5G0PUDw8I-Jr8o5dbsTfitWahbl46_oOtW0W3Kfby9Hnjfmz5JFM6JL12OuMiO5NTpAYxmXB_d1f&__tn__=-UK-y-R&c[0]=AT0ZOvQDRADRMBZo4yUbaILW6VD5wwmkmNmWTASTaUeSeMWXzOzWMc5E6tcoIFQSGuZ7xioKjpjgUdTnKNRMelqx7VT_pHTClQMKnnO27jjwTmWRcVNRggnr3XPVyrmEPPbdMohF1mFVd-AzC1F5oN5IVQIEQLWLICy9YlDCtY3qtXl6-87brYsPyNzNIupv40EHFRYXD0-wQJ_vCsuYktXYOT2dgW38hdVo8_puOIR47Q
  6. The big giant(1-2 ounce/ ~60ml) plastic syringe covers might work-they come on the syringes that are generally used for feeding etc, BUT! I have used hair rollers before. You know the soft foamy kind women put in their hair? They are light and sometimes are just what the Dr ordered. There is also a collar of sorts that is pretty convenient and it just prevents them from bending their neck so they can't get at things. The KVP Bite Free Collar is another version of the neck control collar. This collar will keep your dog’s head and muzzle from reaching any area behind their neck. Not only that, but this collar can be trimmed for a custom fit.Not a lot you can do. Mostly you just got to get creative I think https://ourfitpets.com/health/8-best-alternatives-cone-shame/
  7. STARZ!!!!!!!!! We love ya girl! And a fellow french fry lover at that!!!!! You got it all working girl! We usually celebrate Rocket's French Fry Day once a year just to spoil our houndies some more. In fact I believe 'Rockets Fry Day' was just recent on April 20. Last year we wound up celebrating it on on National French Fry Day (July 13 this year) so I guess that is what we will do this year to. Get Time4aNap to tell you about Rocket and his lovely wife Lexie
  8. I used to have to give fluids to Aggie. Occasionally some would collect in a pocket under her chest like you described but they always dissipated eventually with no issues. I figured it must be "normal" .
  9. Here is something to learn about dogs...it is an old old saying that has been around a long time: "Let sleeping dogs lie." Leave the dog alone when he sleeps. Would you like being bothered while you were trying to rest/sleep? If you just leave them alone when they sleep then you don't have to worry about startle responses or any other responses.
  10. Great advise above and I have some more There is a very very old saying that has been around a very very long time and it is this: "Let sleeping dogs lie." Just don't mess with him while he is sleeping. Some dogs don't like that. Would you like somebody bothering you while you were trying to sleep? I don't see it as a problem. And don't worry. Everything will sort itself out. You are about to take one of the happiest journey's of your life in bonding with your new greyhound. It really is that special. It takes TIME though. Don't rush it. Enjoy the journey.
  11. You're in for a treat! I will be at the Sydney James too. I can't wait to see everybody!
  12. A vet told me that heart murmurs were fairly common in greyhounds and not usually any big deal. I have had 2 or 3 greyhounds that had murmurs and just like the vet said it was essentially meaningless because the murmurs in no way harmed or caused any observable symptoms. None of them rec'd any meds for it and most were seen by different vets from time to time that said the exact same thing as the first vet: "Not to worry/no big deal for a greyhound." I will be the first to say you can't always believe what a vet says but in this case they were right. I suspect the alarmist vet that cancelled your appointment might not be as knowledgeable as he thinks he is about greyhound hearts. Probably a blessing the appointment got cancelled!
  13. Just tell Hada we love her and are praying for her complete and swift recovery! Sorry IDK any info to offer.
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