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  1. Welcome to rural America. People like your neighbors think that it is A-OK to let their dogs run wild and they really don't care whether they hurt or damage other peoples animals and property. In fact they don't even care about the welfare of their own dogs-obviously. You are out of luck in my opinion and sadly your leashed and legal dog will always be in jeopardy when you take him out. In most rural areas like mine there is no enforcement of animal laws. Hence such people think that dog laws-even state ones- don't apply to them since they live where they do. They will despise you and yours because you are a law abiding owner that keeps their dog under control. And BTW- it is highly unlikely your neighbors dogs have current vaccinations or vet care of any kind. As I said, and you have already noticed, they really don't care about the welfare of their own dogs much less anybody elses. Been there. Done that. Nothing you can do but take a club at least so you can protect your boy when you take him out. It is one of my pet peeves people who are like that. I cannot use my own property because neighbors on both sides of me let their big ill kept aggressive dogs run loose all over creation as well. I can't even leave a training aid or toy out or their dogs will steal it off my property! I take a gun and knife with me when I take my hound and mal outside my yard fence for a walk. Its a shame you can't take a walk on your own property without being accousted but it is what it is. If they attack I will defend my dogs. And BTW the physical injuries are often the least damage from an attack. Many dogs become dog aggressive themselves once they have been attacked so it literally ruins their life in a lot of ways. No more can you take them out and about to socialize and enjoy because you will constantly have to be on guard that your own victimized and now dog aggressive dog doesn't attack yet another one. Dog attacks can be terribly destructive psychologically and physically and to see people like yours and mines ignorant selfish neighbors that just don't give a care disgusts me. Good luck.
  2. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! Perfect indeed! And you look really sharp in it to Cletus! Love ya boy!
  3. Good decision! You did the right thing by trusting your intuition. Also, there is a mantra in the professional dog world of 3 words. It is "trust your dog!". There is good reason for it. Your boy is so lucky to have a smart mom like you! And you are already beginning to realize what a special blessing a greyhound is.
  4. Love you Bella! I can't believe you are 14-you don't look a day over 7 girl! Have A SUPER SPECIAL BIRTHDAY! Knowing you I am sure you will do it right! Love your pictures too. You are simply a lovely lady!
  5. Yep. Been using it on many greys for 8 -10 years. No I don't smell hehe not that a human can smell anyway hehe However I have far fewer ticks get on me when I take garlic. It is good for you anyway. The insecticide part is just an extra bonus And BTW I am a fanatic about what goes into my animals. Raw food; NO chemical spot ons or nothing; minimal vaccinations etc. the whole mother hen thing. I have also found Preventic tick collars to be safe and effective on hounds and others as well. It will kill the ticks before they attach where as many of the chemical ones require the tick to actually bite first I think.
  6. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! So sorry I missed your special day! Sending love!
  7. Fresh Factors are one of the best supplements I have ever used. I can't tell you how much it has helped my dogs over many years and how many more happy years it gave them. I don't care how much it goes up I will continue to use them. FF are like a miracle. I also will continue using THEIR quality garlic granules as it is amazing how well it repels ticks. In fact I feel the same about their human garlic now. I also use the skin & coat oil as it helps prevent allergy issues. Thanks again for the tip Time4ANap.
  8. I had a pup pick up parvo at the vet and die. The vet tech had cradled him in her arms. When we left she had not changed her shirt/blouse. Guarantee you that every dog/pup she helped with got exposed the whole rest of the day. Probably how mine caught it. I Don't use that vet anymore. And you would never guess it to look at his clinic which was 'clean' and spotless. Last year my friends 3 dogs picked up the dog flu at another vet. I worked at a university vet school. I know proper isolation procedures/protocols. The majority of vets I have seen in private practice basically ignore them.
  9. I feed raw and they love beef heart when I give it to them. Been doing it for years. No problem.
  10. "We know you are still here ...." This! "Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality." ~ Emily Dickinson The Way In the darkness I turned to go; my last day's done; I'll miss you so. No time even to say goodbye or to lock the tears spilling from your eyes. That's when I heard you call my name; I knew right then I must turn back to help ease your pain. Since I've no voice with which to speak, its whispers in your dreams I'll make. Ease your heart and rest your mind, my time with you was the best of kind. I couldn't have asked for a better friend, we've shared our journey to the very end. There's one final thing you need to know, I'll whisper in your ear before I go....."I'm leaving first to find the way...so I can lead you back here with me on your last day." -(SLong) I will always love Paddy. He has stamped the word "mayhem" as his personal word from now on in my life. It will always remind me of him.
  11. I vote for "same channel/same station" next year on 'Rockets Fry Day'. I so enjoyed this remembrance -and so did the dogs!- and also some necessary business got completed e.g. the designation of the the Astro as the Starship. Putting on my calandar for next year. Never forgotten: ROCKET
  12. Thanks for the update! That's what I figured would happen. I don't know if a toenail will actually grow back, and if it does it may be a little narly hehe but there should be no pain or loss of function or any problems. My working dog has a toe like this and a nub of a nail is there and thats it. Absolutely no problem. Just one less toenail to cut
  13. WoW!!! What a greyt idea! I'll bet Rocket Man was saying wow! Wow! What greyt fun! It rained french fries! Very cool! A good time was had by all!
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