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  1. Mummy is FINALLY back frum da and she is talking funny BUTT she froo Misser Skanky Skonky up in da are fur me a few times and gabe me cookies, so I'm gud She says dat dis morning I turned into a diffrint dog fur a few secunds... and it wuz KNOT a compliment. I barked fooriussly and angrily at da two hutskeys hoo lib in our neighbourhud Oooooh, I do KNOT like dem. I nebber hab. I always get all werked up when I see dem and mummy wuz glad I wuz in me yard beehind a fence. She is shoor dat we wood get into a fite iffen we wuz let loose on eech udder. Mummy habs no ideer wut it is wiff me and dose huskies, butt she finks it mite be dat dey are KNOT nootered? Merlin lubbed eberywon EKSELT a husky (a diffrint won) and an intact Weimaraner hoo used to lib up da street. He went frum docile and lubbing and frendly wizard to crazy banshee wiff a penchant fur murdah in like 3.5 sekunds Dat wuz me tooday too! And I am da sweetest most chill houdie wiff eberywon hooman and canine, butt dose two huskies are gonna get it won day. FancyPants - yoo dare? How did it go at da vet on Munday? Did I miss anyfink? And how is ? DID NO WON LIKE ME VIDDEO? I yam going to Pippin, attenshin seekah
  2. Hi! I missed a few posties, butt it looks like fings is going back to normil in GT? Is dat rite? Did anywon hab any luck wiff deleting cookies? Mummy I yam bery gud a deleting cookies, why don't yoo gib me won and I can show yoo how I make it dissipeer Nooooooooooooo! We hate wasps! Nasty bad-tempered fings. Sorry yoo habbed a mindgrane Ms Banessa. Dey're so horrible, mummy gets dem too and wood KNOT witch dem on her werst enemy! Well I had a lubbly sunshiny day wiff me mummy and we may be going to da beech tomorrow morning, so I won't stay on long, butt I wanted to share a leedul video I took (okay, mummy took it, butt I INSPIRED IT, so dare) on our walk dis morning. Mummy is going to leeb me in da morning to go back to da (KNOT our ) to finish da rude canal procedure. She bedder KNOT be gone long... Pippin
  3. So I just tried to post and was commenting on how I haven't experienced any GT issues at all, and I clicked submit, and had issues However, I deleted my greytalk cookies, exited and re-launched my browser, and was able to post again. Go away mummy I hab to tell me frends about da DEFF MAAAHCH i got tooken on tooday. I got dragged out fur like FREE (3) walks tooday! (Ok, I did enjoy it. ) We picked up TobinDoofus witch wuz okay I s'pose since we hadn't seen him in ober a week. It wuz way too hothothot to walk bery faaah until yesserday, plusalso dat doofus had runned around and riopped a big peece ob his pad. Wutebber. He came up to me a few times to peck me on da cheek. Stoopid Doofus. You wagged your tail at him! I did no such fing mummy. Time fur noo specs. Oops Okay well wutebber age day are, we no wut effek yoo seem to hab on hoomans. It's dose big brown eyes. Yoo're like a pro at dat. Yoo shood do a TED Talk about it or summink. Ennyway I hab been OUT fur da count since we got back frum me turd walk, as yoo can imagine. I fawt mebbe she mite possibly hopeefully feed me a sekund dinnah, BUTT she wuz being meen Fank yoo Molly fur da pritty lite bloo flower! Wut is it? So lubbly! I am terning in fur da nite. Sweet dreems ob fuds to all me frends. Pippin
  4. Rosiz is red Violets is-- no wait, I don't hab no violets to share... juss moor rosiz. I fink dees is rosiz, ennyway. Wutebber dey are, dey're lubbly. Mam!!! Ryker is sooooo hampsum and dreemy Cherry and Ivy, I hope you habbed a wunderful time at pleygroop! AndiPants, Unka Nick nebber goes anywhere (I meen he lidrallee nebber leebs da house), so weeze happy fur him dat he is going, and it's totaly A-ok wiff me dat he tooked MY houndmobile because I get to spend da hole day wiff me mummy anyway and we can go fur a caah ride togedder on anudder day. Heeze bery stressed so dis gud fur hims. Plus he is taking da car bc his bruddah's caaah is in da shoppe, and so he is picking up his two burddahs and hisown dad and dey're going to an amoozement paaaak in MassobChuck-its to cellabrate his youngah brudder's upcoming nooptchooals in like won week. Mummy habs to find sumfink to ware, she hates any and all shopping (unless it's fur books ) and wears like da same 5 fings all da time. She libs bery froogalee (minus da book purchissiz Yes, ok, I get it Pippin, stop bookshaming me, sheesh ). I suppose dis meens yoo will be going to a shop WIFFOUT ME?? That is correct, my handsome little fool. Well iffen yoo put it dat way and tell me I'm hampsum... Wait ! MS Jerilyn sez Wiki is preshuss! (She is). Am I preshuss too, mummy? Am I?? I am feeling needy so I go and cuddle up to mummy now fur a bit. I'll swing by laydah. Habs a gud Satonday! Also: Sounds like yooze going to hab a terrible day, Merc. All dat free lubbing. Muss be hard being Merc. Enjoy habbing yur furs stroked and gedding chilluns kisses Ms Ducky yooze been in our fawts Ms Nancy weeze so sorry about yur frend FancyPants we will be backandforfing fur yoo on Munday Yoo habs to be okay. You habs to be okay. Yoo HABS to be okay. Back to Suffolk Keys now (mummy is reeding Ajax out loud like a loser. She sez it is moor drammatik when yoo reed it dat way and imagine yooze in a Greek amphifeeatah!!) Wutebber mummy come heer so I can put me snoot against yoo Pippin
  5. It's been a reely reely long day fur mummy so I am juss running froo to say hi. We wuz going to go fur a nice eckspedishun tomorrow as it's daa weekend and da lass day ob sunshine fur a while, and it's going to be bewtimuss, 65 petigreeze and sunny.... butt unkle Nick needs da caaah to go to MassobChuck-its. We use da caah way moor dan he duz, so ob coorse we rescheduled our adbnechur. It's only fair. Mummy had reely hoped to take us on a daily adbenchur dis coming week butt it's going to rain froo moss ob her week off Waitamminit - mummy, yoo habs a hole week off???? A hole week off wiff meeeeeeeee I check in & cotch up tomorrow Pippin
  6. Ms Lizabeff!! Yooze being tricksy! I lub it! WUT. I lib in Maine and hab nebber herd ob dis. I tode mummy and asked iffen we can go see it, and she gabe me a look and sed: 1. People everywhere; 2. KIDS everywhere; 3. Noise. 4. No trees. 5. Never gonna happen. 6. Go lie down. Haha yes! Shut up! This is a hold-up, not a botany lesson! Mummy says Who are you calling a lady? Speak for yourself! Sheeze on a roll today. Currekshin: SHe finks sheeze on a roll tooday. Sheeze habbing won ob dose daze when she finks she's ebber so funny and witty. Yoo keep telling yurownself dat, mummy. Wiki, yoo look soopah stylitsh in yur noo collahs. Ivy, mummy wuz reeding an article in The Guardian yesserday dat wuz all about wut yooze guys is deeling wiff rite now - deffnink noise and beeg flying insekks wiff red eyeballs flying on yoo! I am KNOT sure I wood like dat. Ennyway da article wuz all about peepuls wiff phobias hoo juss want to leeb and go sum place where dere is no cicadas Dat muss suck. BUTT, da end is in site, rite? Like, in 6 moor weeks... ooh. Dat sounds like a long time. I bet dey're joocy and proteen rich doh! Mebbe day're noms? Hmm. I no, why don't yoo try to grab won in yur mouff and cronch down, den lettice no iffen it taste like chikken OMG! FancyTwo! Yooze braking me haaart! Don't be sad, frend. Yoor daddiman will be bak afoor yoo no it! And mebbe soon yoo get to hab adbenchurs to tell us about in a diffrint state! Well, I wuz stuck to me mummy like a fly to poo lass nite. She wuz gone frum 8:15 in da morning to 1 ob da clok pee emm! I wuz about to disspare when she FINALLY came back. Phew! Fawt I'd lost her dare fur a while. Or dat mebbe she didn't remember da way back? Or she deecided to leeb meeeeeee BUTT she came back I eben tried to fall asleep wiff me schnoz pooshed rite up against her nek, witch mummy fawt wuz adorbs, eggsept KNOT so much considering I hab sleep staahtle and she did KNOT want her face eeten in da middle ob da nite. Pippin
  7. Heer's dem bewtimuss lupines i tode yoo about - in a feeld ob daisies! It wuz bery dreemy. Wiki, pleeze will yoo say fanks to yur Mistress fur telling mummy about dem nasty turdums. Weeze gonna hab a cuddle and retreet to bed erly to lissen to da funderboomers. Nite! Pippin
  8. Wiki, wut bewtimuss flowers!! (i did find da BB in dare! ) Mummy wants to no wut da lass won is. So priddy At sum point i will gib mummy a kick and remind her to postie dem wild flowahs we saw on our morning outing da udder day Oh Ms Ducky, we're so bery sorry.
  9. Sigh. It is hot, we all no dis, rite? Yes. We do. Mummy duz too. And she nos I hab fick and soft furs, rite? And dat dis makes me moor hotter? Yes. She duz. Den why did she deecide it wood be a gud ideer dis morning to haff wake up, offer me a pitifully small treet, and den ROODLY re-arrange me legs ( mebbe I liked me legs juss ware dey were! my body my choice mummy!! ) to make space fur her, den slivver beehind me and do da spooning fing? WHY?? Yes, she did put a on us, BUTT guess wut. It's STILL HOT mummy and yoo juss made me hotter. Howsumebber, I did get me revenge. I am shedding all me soft bunneh furs rite now and wiff da fan on us, dey started blowing up in da air and went into her mouff! Serbs yoo rite mummy. Dat will lern yoo to bovver a poor houndie werking on his bewty sleep. It's "that will teach you". Wut's dat mummy? I can't heer yoo proppa wiff all dem flying furs in yer mouff! Da werst fing about it is dat she finks she can juss lie dare like a lump and drift into da land ob dreemy dreems while attached to me like a firsty I don't fink so mummy! Iffen yooze going to be a pesto in MY space den yoo hab to gib me constant pets while spooning. Insted she kept stopping because she wuz still sleepy, so ebery time she stopped I had to lift me hed and gib her a LOOK to remind her dat dare is a fee and she need to pay up. Sigh. It is only juss passt nine ob da ay emm and I am alreddy eggsausted. Charlie, yesterday I furgotted to say how BERY IMPRESST I am wiff yur mad maffematical skillz! Merc You're not missing that much, Nancy But if you ever did need to learn how to use it, I am sure those of us who use it could show you. I could even remote into your computer and set it up for you, if you wanted ( I promise that's not as creepy as it sounds ) Gud point. Espeshuly DIS won heer dat I lib wiff. She drinks a drop ob coffee and sheeze all, like, I have to pee! Pippin
  10. Oh no Mam! Day poor dood broke his uncle! Sounds so painful I hope he heals ok and quickly It seems it is hothothot eberyware in da Yoonited Stayts dis week plus also eben in Canada! 92° F / 33°C in Maine today!! Weeze only a few steps away frum Charlie here Dis KNOT rite! WUT! So yooze saying dat yur mummy tooked a day off because she wuz tie-yaaahd, butt yoo had to take care of reacquaintanating da hole neighburhud wiff yer scent? So I guess a day off juss meens a day off fur da hoomans? Dat duzn't sound rite, dood. Oooooooh Da Black Bandit strikes again while da iron umm croissant is hot! No no bad Wiki! Chocolate is bad bad bad for you! Plus also, it is verboten! Wutebber mummy, to be da Black Bandit a houndie habs to hab nerbs ob steel, possess souperiuh agility and clebberniss, and a stummak ob iron. Choklit cuz KNOT stand a chance against da . <Whispers>Wiki iffen yoo gets da squits keep it to yurownself or it may roon yur reputayshin. Juss sayin. Zorro del galgo is prolly finking "Dat's wut I'm talking about!! Finalee" Sagan was the same way Absolutely terrified of any flying insect. He would stand in the corner shivering and panting until I let the insect out of the house. Poor houndie. Happy Gotcha Day Flizzie!! I hope Whiskey is cellabrating among da stars today. It's oobah late so it's time for last out and bedtime It's been such a boring day and I been tode to eggspect da same fur tomorrow and Wennsdee. Pippin
  11. Helloooooo! Yoo guys. Mummy duz KNOT like da heet and needah do I, butt Maine is so so bewtimuss in Joon dat it wood be a crime KNOT to go out and see and enjoy it. Between da gorgeous flowers, and espeshuly da wild flowers, and da oshun, and da amazink smells ob da flowers and da oshun, and da sunshine and breezes, and trees and beeg ode houses in da shade ob beeg ode trees.. Ok yoo get da pikchur So dis morning we hadda a leedul lie in and cuddles (ob coorse - weekend roolz) and den mummy wuz habbing and suddenly she jomped up and grabbed her cambrah and grinned at me and asked me ME FAYBRIT questchun. Yah mummy, ob COORSE I want to go fur a cah ride to da oshun!!! I pranced and twirled and jomped and grinned like a fool to make shore she'd no I'd sed YESYESYES. I shubbed me hed out ob da window and enjoyed da breezes in me furs (oooh, I lub it!) and den we got to da oshun and it smelled amazink. Mummy wuz all like clicketyclick at da wilde flowahs and she sed she will postie sum. It wuz hot hot hot, eben doh it wuz only mid-mornink, so we did KNOT stay long, butt it was lubbly to see peepuls out enjoying a bewtimuss summer morning in Maine. I got a nice cool drink and den anuddah cah ride back home. Now I am snoozing up against me mummy on da couch. Oh, Ms Jennie I no dis wuz a few daze ago, butt I DID tell me mummy and she wuz all and yes, she understands and agrees WON HUNNRED passént. She reeds da book ebery few yeers, it is won ob her faybrit books EVAH in da hole whirled Also she sez yoo (and udders heer hoo hab faybrits) will appreshiate dis Haha. I no fur a fakt dat mummy habs dun it. I hab watched her do it ebery so offin (she is bery fussy about wut she reeds so when she gibs a book 5 stahs it meens it lidrally will stay wiff her furebber. Da Lord ob da Rings is won ob dose. ) Ennyhoo dis Pippin clockin' out fur rite now and reminding eberywon to enjoy da leedul fings Pippin recubbering frum his summah adbenchur Pee ess Sorry weeve missed quite a bit ober da lass cuppla daze. Wanted to say on yur brilliant nooze, Mam! Weeze so pleezed.
  12. Hello eberywon! I hab KNOT been around da lass two daze cuz guess wut, NUFFINK happened in me life ob any impotence wutsoebbah. In udder werds, BORINK! Howebber, two fings dat merit a menshun did happen: WON) I neerly had an attak ob da haahrt yessrday when I wuz sniffering wiff me schnoz shubbed rite into a shrub (which mummy always sez I need to stop doing), and I wuz BROOTALEE attacked by a slivering deemun wiff fangs! I barely escaraped wiff me life, I tell yoo. What's up with your snoot, Pippin? It seems to be getting pretty long. Er... Okay, okay,I did KNOT see no fangs cuz he didn't reely attak and in fact he slivered away quicklee (smaaht snake, cuz I wooda killt him d-e-d wiff me vishuss toofers udderwise ), and it wuz prolly a nice slivering deemun because weeze KNOT apposed to hab enny venumusk snakes heer in Maine, butt it wuz way biggah den a gahter snake, and grey, and mumy always wunders iffen sum eedjit bot a snake and den froo it out into a forenn habitat. A few yeers ago dey founded a slivering deemun beehind a cinema complecks a few towns away frum heer! It wuz a venumusk slivering deemun and did KNOT belong in Maine, and it had been releezed by sum fool wiff no brayne. BUTT it wuz still bery askeery. So I fink I get eggstra points (biskies?) fur displaying such curredge. TOO) I rote a pippinnobble above so now I don't remember wut numbah too wuz Do stay tooned fur anuddah eggsiting episode ob Pippin's oobah-KNOT-eggsiting life Pippin
  13. ^This!!! It just beggars belief Can't say I disagree, Ivy! Thanks for the kind words re: my toofer. It is healing now. Was very sore yesterday afternoon and then things got better. Probably my fault for stopping the pain meds too soon. I'm still on antibiotics and will be for a while. When I am physically sick my anxiety goes overboard so after a few days I find it hard to swallow saliva and I get horrible indigestion & nausea. Haven't had that in quite some time, thankfully, but it came back with a vengeance this week. Better today though! Things will get back to normal. I'm very grateful for the kindness of my dentist and of the specialist who did my root canal. I have received several follow-up calls to check in on me, which I definitely didn't expect. I kind people! Speaking of toofers... Cindy, I hope David is ok & going to be ok! Your post worried us a bit He is in our thoughts. Ok, I lied, he's in my thoughts, Pippin's thoughts are mostly occupied with FUDS. I hope you're not too sore today after all that mowing! My yard is not uphill, but I did feel quite proud of myself for coming home after my dental torture and mowing both the front AND the back! Oh mummy, sheesh! You don't know wut a hard life IS. I no. My life is hard, and it is even harder since you started picking up dat doofus up da street when we go Wiki walkies. You guys shoulda seen his doofus earsies flapping up and down while he walked yesserday -it wuz positibbly embarrassing I hab proof. Redonkuluss. And dare's moor I yam nebber going to lib dis down. Pippin
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