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  1. Just fur now... mummy is going to her werkjob bilding and she sed she habs lotsa computers to set up and software isshooz to ficks so sheeze gonna be gone fur HOURS! FINALLY it is raining. We need it so much. All our grassis are yellah, and it's snot because I peed on dem I run AFOOR pooping... yoo no, to get fings moobing bak dare Yes thank you for the mental image Pippin, we really needed that for clarity Yoo're welcome mummy! I will be back later when mummy brings back her lappertop Pippin
  2. Oh, Cherry! What a beauty. And I love your deck and flowers, Kathy! Hello, helloooooooo! 'tis pippin! sorry i been gone fur seberal weeks. gud to be back! i hab been bizzy sleepink, nappink, snoozink, eatink, walkin' plus also pestoing mummy while she werks. Mostly by being kewt, and making dem big eyes at her, i don't hab to do much, cuz as yoo all no she is a sucker ob da furst ordah. Oh yeah, also been werkin' on me Maine acksint, witch is now a wikked gud acksint, iffen I say so meownself How yoo all been??? Oh, yoo guys, I do KNOT want mummy to go back to werk in dat bilding all day, nuh-uh! She needsta stay heer wiff me and cuddle me while she werks. Or tries to werk. She says it is a leedul hard to use her rite hand to tic on her lappertop when me hed is baring down on her arm. Well, it's KNOT my fault iffen me brayne is hebby, is it? I can't controle da fact dat da uniberse deesided to put lots ob beeeeeeeg hebby brayne matter up dare! Face it, mummy, sum ob us juss hab it all... looks, kewtniss, braynes. Suks to be yoo! Yoo hab nun ob dose fings! Butt I still lub yoo reely and trooly cuz yoo feed me. We been finking lots about Myka a lot, and missing her. And we wuz so glad to see dat Miss Jen been posting sum pikkies ob our frend on dat facebuk place. Hope Summer is doing well and you lubbing on eech udder mucho ebery day. <3 I also losted me frend Sarah. She libbed 5 minnits walk frum me house wiff Ms Christine and Misser Jon. We noo her fur menny yeers. She wuz our last link to Merlin and Sagan. We miss her. She wuz da sweetestest houndie, so lubbing. Da won fing dast gibs us joy is dat at leest Sarah got to meet her skin sissy when she wuz born two munfs ago. Genevieve. Miss Susan, am I rite in understanding dat yooze house is now uffishuly a zoo? Won beeg rambunkshuss yung houndie, a hound poopie, and a gazilliun kittehs! Wut's neggst? An almond dillow? A jaraff? Well, we fink beeg happy famblies is grate wutebber da speesheez! Hooray! I hope eberywon habs been well. I been gedding priddy anckshuss when mummy leebs da house, cuz now I am used to habbing her around all da time. BUTT when she wented to her werk bilding tooday she stayed dare free (FREE!) hours! And... aaaaand.... I wuz a bery gud boy and paced a bit and looked fur her lots butt I mostly sleeped and waited fur me mummy to reetern. She wuz proud ob me. Dat's it frum me fur now. Pippin
  3. So glad that Summer is a super snuggler Pippin and I have been thinking of you so much, Jen. Sending more love and hugs... and a smooch to Summer.
  4. I am heartbroken at the loss of our sweet friend Myka Jen... I don't have the right words. We will miss her so, SO much. I am sending the tightest hug. -kerry
  5. He is so beautiful! I love his coat <3 Happy 6th Gotcha Day, Logan! Lovely pictures
  6. Hey @Jeff, I apologize if I missed clarification on this - I read all three pages of this thread - but, at the risk of sounding really dim, how do I upload new images to my Gallery? Of course you're going to tell me and then I'm going to be all I freakin' LOVE this upgrade - so many new cool features and greater functionality. Thank you!
  7. Oh no I am so sorry for all the bad news. Sending a ton of :grouphug
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