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  1. Oh no, Jerilyn, I'm so sorry. That sounds miserable. I'm glad Lila seems to be feeling a little better though... Hang in there
  2. Glad our Whiskey-Biskey is home again even if he does have to wait for his permanent logding... I hope the company apologized. As for the emoji: over the last few months, I have been working veeeeeeeery slowly on changing the whole menu and general layout of the Emoji & Animated Smileys google sheet I created and shared some time ago. As soon as it's finished - it's so confusing right now - I will share it again. In the meantime - the Animated Smileys album in my Greytalk gallery is public. Halp yerownself
  3. Hello Mam! Yes, sheezabanduning me! She is leebing me fur like a hole week! Da week ob da 23rd December. Da week ob Crispmix!! She is LEEBING ME ON ME OWN AT CRISPMIX TIME! Oh please stop Pippin, I'm already feeling guilty... Oh reely? Yoo are? Sheeze only going to Montreal doh. Sheeze meeting her bruddah dare hoo is flying in frum London. Dey is going to go to moose-eums and stuff like dat. Indoor stuff since it's going to be I don't like dem rainy rains! Sorry about dem rains falling into da house Fancy I hope da landlord gets it fixed soonestest! Sorry Hamish, mummy juss haz always found it a bit confoozalating how Americans call derownselbs "Scottish" or "Italian" when dey do KNOT speek da language or no da culture ob dat country, haven't eben been to dat country and do KNOT hab dat country's nashunality. BUTT it habs to do wiff da melting pot ideer, yes? Witch is quintassenshuly American. It's a nice ideer, btw, mummy habs always liked it. Also: I do understand da hole muttering fing, I geddit, mummy duz it too, akchooally I fink all hoomans do Ennyhoo, it's yur mummy KNOT mine, yoo call her wutebber werks fur yoo and her! Mutter it is!! Pippin
  4. Hello frends, Furst ob all fank gudniss Ambi seems to be gedding moor beddah! Phew. Dissiz grate nooze. Weeze finking ob yoo all and hoping da leg continues to improob and da appetite continues to be gud. Ms Jen? We lub yoo. We been finking ob yoo lots lately and weeze sending lots ob lubs and pippinkisses tu. Myka yooze doing a fabuluss job, I been seeing yur kewt pikchurs on dat faceybuk fing. Mummy is always swooning whenebber she sees yoo :rolleyes:, she juss finks yooze da bestest ob da bestest and kewtest and clebberest and sassiest. Yeh ok mummy fanks fur making me tic dat. It duz wunders fur me self-extreem. Oof! Wut a gsawsstink few daze we had heer. Furst we got da nor 'easter dat wiped out da powah. Fankfully me fuds is dry so dey did NOT get spoiled - well I was worried about the human food in the fridge and freezer - yah we don't care about dat heer mummy - oh yeah, even the carrots?? Uggghh! I yam loozing me trane ob fawt! Dis MY place! Grrrr. As I wuz saying afoor I wuz BERY ROODLY intercepted -it's "interrupted" - WUTEBBER - da power came back after a day, butt mummy hert her fut bery badly and da unibersity wuz closed BUTT dare wuz a panel discusshin ebent dat mummy wuz apposed to werk at so her bosswuman sed Go in. Well she surbibed dat (aldoh she hadda do her bestest KNOT to fall asleep cuz it wuz so boring) and she went home butt den on Sattiday nite her frend teggst her dat she wuz taking her houndie to da e-vet cuz his heg has swelled up sumfink awful and it did KNOT look gud. Well dey habbed to say gudbye and it wuz a shock. Mummy lubbed York da Behemoth (raced at 90lbs), he wuz a bewtimuss blak houndie wiff a bewtimuss tuckseedoe and a gentle giant. So den mummy went ober yesserday and dey only juss losted dare darlink gurl Nan, and now da house seems so empty eben doh dare is still free houndies. Dis wuz York Den also on Sattiday wuz da beeg maaahch froo London fur a Peepul's Vote and da nail-biting vote in Pallamint. Phew phew phew it wuz voted down. Dissiz all so stressful. Mummy wuz facetiming wiff me unkle Tim until da wee hours ob da morning YooKay time, talking it ober. So yesserday all she did wuz and Lila - I am reely sorry yooze all restless. I hope yooze ok. I hope yur Mistress is ok too. How is Misser Doug doing dis week, Ms Nancy ob da Berg?? Ms Banessa, Mummy hadda go at me fur laffing at da comment about yur mum dropping her fone in da toilet and how it wuz karma Chaaahlie! Yoo hadda baff! I bet yoo smell delishuss now. Mebbe eeben gud enuff to eet? I will hab mummy tell me iffen dissiz troo when she meets yoo in a cuppla munffs. BUTT I hab a feelink dat I alreddy no da answer to dat Oooh, I do KNOT want to fink about it, wut iffen she falls in lub wiff yoo and den nebber comes bak... ? Happy annibursary Miss Kathy and Misser Jim! AndiPants! How nice to see yoo ticcing heer! Hello, me's Pippin Hamish, why duz yoo call yer mum Mutter, yooze KNOT German, and she duzn't speek it as far as I no, so duz she understand yoo or do yoo habs to gesticulotte? Also: Wut is sno? Wut is ice?? WUT? Call yerself a Scottish houndie?? Pffff!! It shud be rite dare in yer Dee Enn Nay! Silly hound. So mummy did yoo say carrots? Pippin
  5. I literally didn't get it until I read Carol Ann's explanatory post. I was all, like, WUT That's interesting, because I have the opposite problem, our students, Faculty and stadff don't ask Mr Google anything, I wish they'd have some initiative and think to google things first! I've literally had people email me from another country to ask me things they could have searched with Google and found an answer to in less than 5 minutes. Puzzling... Beeeg hugs fur Ms Tin and Misser Michael on da aniibursary ob Tosca leebing us. Mummy says doze daze is always reely hard. Happy furst gotcha day Enzo!!! Bestest ob luck on Sunnyday when yoo go take yer test, Galina! Merc did yer mummy hab a nice wiff yoo dis affahnoon? Hamish!! Shok, horrah. Yu been walking around wiff a beeg hole in yer bak? Why, yoo need sumfink to stem da flow ob bluds! I ast Mummy iffen cookies mite werk. She said no. I fink sheeze lying. Pippin
  6. Sorry to heer dat yur bum is still dying, Hamish!! Dat sounds bery unpleazint. Speshuly fur yur mum. Speeking ob bums , Mummy tode me yesserday dat I hab a nice won! ... doh dare is a leedul patch ob baldyness on me rite figh... Wait - stop looking at me bum mummy!! It's inappropiatt!! Pippin
  7. I've been plagued by headaches for days and days and screen time hurts. I'll just leave this here cuz I thought it was funny.
  8. Ms Nancy, we will be finking lots and lots ob gud fawts fur Misser Doug and fur yoo tomorrow! In fact, we will start rite NAOOW! Wow, China, dat's sum trip! Is it a bacashin or is it fur werk? Hab yoo all been following Ms Cynffia's adbenchurs in Sweatsaland? Oh me gudniss! Mummy wood go neerly ebery yeer (at Easter... to get a chocklit bunneh!! )when she wuz leedul butt dat wuz, like, halff a milliun yeers ago and she wood lub to bizit again! Mummy says I yam terning into a leedul She says gud, she had planned on fattening me up fur Crispmix ennyway! Oh grate, mummy! Wut for? Why do I need to be chubbeh fur Crispmix? I don't geddit..? Wait Yoo woodn't!! Yooze a veegan! Well I might get really hungry, there's no way of knowing such things I hab to escape!! Sumwon inbite me ober fur Crispmicks! Ok. Enuff nonsents. Mummy asked me to tell Miss Susan and Miss Lucy dat a vet tech at at da vet place says white rice is moor beddah fur when yur houndie habs da dying rear. KNOT saying Mummy reely nos, butt when she asked dat's wut she wuz tode. Ennyhoo, gud look wiff poo, eberywon, wutebber form dat takes -- poo on da shoo, poo on da ground, poo eberyware. And on dat note, I will bid yoo Happy and a gud nite.
  9. Ms Michelle!! Hamish is askeered ob da dremmel! I wouldn't be so cocky since you're petrified anytime I even hint at bring out the Hmpf Sorry about Hamish's dying rear All dis discusshin ob cars made mummy fink (fur da umpeteef time) how she can knot WAIT fur self-dribing caahhhs to hit da mainstreem commershul maaahkit! How kewl KNOT to hab to dribe no moor iffen yoo do KNOT want to, fink ob all da time spent doing sumfink else while being transported to werk! Also da time ob prybet caaahs will soon be coming to an end. Da hole won purshun won caaah noshin is madniss and wasteful. In da fewchur, we will all be picked up and tooken places! Den da caaahs won't need to sit idly in a pahking lot while weeze KNOT using dem, witch is silly. Fink ob how menny moor space fur trees! And wut is all dis nonsents wiff houndies stepping in poo? Sorry fur all da peepuls wiff upcoming storms. Miss Chris wee habs been finking ob yoo sumfink feerce. We lubs yoo. Merc! RITZ??? Dey sound delishuss!! Miss Lisabeff, weeze so bery glad about da reezults ob da testes. Hooray fur B9! Enjoy yur wines Ms Kathy and Misser Jim We no I misst lots butt mummy is coming home soon so I gotta go take a cuppla naps while she picks up sum grosherieez! Bak in a bit! Pippin
  10. Chris, I have been thinking of you all and Dennis all day. Ir's been a very rough year and my heart is breaking for you. Thank you for giving him such a good life and also for giving him a good death. Sending so much love your way. Rest well, beautiful Whiskey Biskey Samba Boy We will miss you. I'd forgotten that!
  11. Sorry I wasn't able to check in yesterday, my neigbour who is away needed me to take care of her dog. Oh Chris, this is not the news we wanted... And I am so sorry you're not seeing an improvement. FWIW, I totally understand why you're reluctant to syringe-feed Whiskey if he doesn't want to eat. It's always such a tough call. I hated doing it with Merlin but that was a different situation - he was much younger and only refusing food because his IBD issues made his stomach hurt. We feel terrible for you. It's so hard. And we love our Whiskey Biskey. Hoping for an improvement on the prednisone . Either way, we know how much you both love him and that any decision you make will be in his interest first and foremost. Thinking of you Go Merc! Yu show dem how it's dun! Did dey join in??? Carol, my condolences for the loss of your Richard I am glad that he died peacefully. I am thinking of you and Pippin sends I get the worry! I'm sure we've all been there... CRINGE! But I'm so glad that Lila feels like doing zoomies!!! Kathy, we are cautiously optimistic wrt Beka's X-rays... The fact that she is feeling well enough to be so bouncy, and seems to be in such good spirits, is reason enough to be happy and hopeful, I think! Your girl is absolutely amazing!! Please give her a smooch from me and Pippin. Ms Banessa! I hope yur sting duzn't hert no moor! Happy burfday Felicity! It's so cold here, mummy has KNOT put da heetink on yet BUTT she did put me tummyeh warmerer on and she says I look hampsum in purkle Gud werk fur holding yur dying rear obernite, Hamish Hope yoo feel moor beddah soon. Dat nasty Panda Cure is tuff on our innahds! Pippin
  12. Oh, I just saw your update, Chris. Sorry to hear that the swelling is back. and that he is having rear-end issues. Ugh, please be okay Whiskey Biskey Samba Boy. Thank you for keeping us updated. Abby - so sorry 'bout your dying rear! Feel better soon Pippin and I had to go check on a neighbour's dog and got lost down the black hole of online news, so we're going to turn in early. Time for a and and Good night, all <3
  13. Backandforfing.... Hoping fur a gud EberyfinkIsGonnaBeAlrite update on our frend Whiskey.
  14. I'll catch up in a bit, just came to look for an update on Whiskey - I see it's still not good. I hope the vet managed to fit you in today, Chris Oh no Patsy I am so sorry
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