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  1. Ooof! Wut a week! Mummy sez she habs been "slammed" at her werkjob, I do KNOT understand why she wood put up wiff dat! Iffen sumwon wuz slamming me against fings I wood leeb! Classes start up again neggst week after Misser Mahtin Loofah Kink day, so dare is lots and lots to do to make shore da classroom tekanology is werking at its bestest. Plus also da egos hab alreddy ensured dat da furst meeting ob da yeer wuz fillt wiff drama and peepuls gedding huffy Mummy says if only she cud find dat dastardlee monies tree she been looking for all deese yeers, she cud juss moob to da rainforrist ob Bee Cee in O Canada like dis hooman did, and hab her bery own leedul cob house! Isn't it KEWT??? It's juss beeg enuff fur me and her! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlzpfkjjqOw It's Fried Day! And when Mummy asked Siri wut da temprachur wuz dis morning, Siri sed "Brrr! It's ten petigreeze rite meow". She didn't say right meow. Well mummy it sounded like she did, gib me a brake. Ennyhoo we went out and da reel feel wuz like minus 7 fahting height, and it wuz so dat I hadda lift me paw seberal times because it frozed! Mummy rubbed it warm fur me again I guess she habs her uses I will a bit later! Pippin Pee ess Dippy Ms Chris Ms Rachel
  2. Mornin'!! Dat's lubbly!! BUTT weeze KNOT jellis. When summah comes we will hab bewtimuss Maine summahs and enjoy da outside wiffout tu deff! So I guess I will keep me nordern wintahs! Ooooh, lookit da Magoo croo! I counted 12 tu. I fink dat's too menny, Magoo Tell yoo wut, I yam a halpful houndie so I will take yur fosser boy wiff da dreemy eyes off yur paws, and keep him fur me, as me brudder. OK? OK mummy? Ok eberywon? Oh gud. Dat wuz eezy Pippin still bruddahless
  3. Ooooh! Merc! Bunnies in da neighburhud! How eggsiting! I nebber seen won heer. Wut I DID see wiff my bery own eyeballs yesserday wuz anudder creechur, and let me tell yoo - it wuz an ebil , and it wuz in MY dribeway, and -- it gets werser -- it wuz trying to butter up MY mummy! Can yoo beleeb dat fing's impewdents? She had juss got out ob my houndie mobeel and wuz grabbing sum grosheries and her laptop and ob coorse I wuz at da window all reddy to greet her and welcome her home, like a gud boy, and insted ob coming in she cotches site ob dat FING outta da corner ob her eyeball, and she starts... cooing at it! And... saying hello! And dat kitteh runs across da street and into da dribeway - did I menshun dat it's MY dribeway - and acts like a hussy, all, like, meow meow meow DISGUSTINK!! Ooooooh, I wuz so libbid! I juss stared and stared frum da window, totally wiffout speech because ob da shok and brokenness ob da hart. Finally mummy looked at me and saw dat me face sed STOOPID KITTEH, so she wuz like, ok, I have to go now, and came into da house. I sniffed and sniffed her madly and furrahlee. Den she gib me a cookie so I furgabe her. Myka! Wut's up, gurl? Why is yoo poopin and peeing in da house? Yoo no dat's a beeg no no wiff dem hoomans, rite? Cud yoo KNOT hold it? Well, at leest I didn't get waterboreded like Hamitsh! Oh me gudniss. Wut did dat Mutter ob yurs make yoo endoor! Outrageuss. Speeking ob stories... Mummy says she misses Magoo's stories!! Pippin
  4. Oh, Velvet Wut a perfek pikchur! We been finking ob yoo and yur mummy. I yam so glad yoo're heer. Lulu! Yoo look ebber so kewt in dose pikchurs Mummy swooned a leedul bit, and I didn't eben mind! mostly Beka lookit yoo, always bewtimuss, It wuz high time we got to see a noo pikchur ob yoo. Mam! I yam so glad to reed dat yur fingah is moor beddah! Da yellah stage, yoo say? Dat's like, ober haff way back to peenk. Plus also, da swelling going down is a releef. I going to keep it short an' sweet fur tooday. Mummy is a bit tired because she got into dat stupid old pattern she went froo a while ago, where she falls asleep erly, wakes up at 11, den can't sleep so she reeds and den wunders why sheeze tired when it's time to geddup! Wut a DORK Pippin also a dork butt knot as much as mummy
  5. How considerate! Lookin' gud, Ivy and Cherry! Oh, yoo meen like dis? .... .... Nooooo! KNOT dat won! KNOT dat won, mummy!! Pippin
  6. So.... KNOT like me, den Pippin also an onlee BUTT wiff a bigger appetite and biggah fighs
  7. 'zactlee! ( Miss Jennie) Why, at da weekind I let mummy sleep until AYTE ob da clock sumtimes! Also, I sleep in til 8 ob da clock. Sumtimes she habs to go on at me to get me up and calls me lazy (ROOD!). She says fank yoo because she is a nite , and on Fried daze and Satondaze she likes to reed late into da nite while I snooze da nite away. She is grateful because Merlin da Wizard and Sagan da 80lb Limpet liked to geddup REELY erly. Dey wuz like yoo lot! At da furstest sine ob lite (or ob dare internal clock) it wuz all, like, geddup hooman! GEDDUP GEDDUP! FUDS! WALKIES! NAAOOOW! Hello Ms Robin!! Cherry, noooo! Do KNOT eet stuffy entrails! Lissen to Merc. He's got it sussed (I like yur style dood!) Bak in a bit Pippin P.s. Ivy? Dissiz a noo emoji fur yoor sissy, frum me: I will make mummy add it to da sheet she's updataring.
  8. FancyPants, wut is RONG wiff yoo, gurl? Fibe-furdy in da morning ay emm is way, WAY too erly to be roodely dragged outta bed... being tooken out fur eggsercise??? In da cold? In da DAAAHK? Stark rabing MAD. So, lemme repeet: WUT is rong wiff yoo??? I fink Guest shood do won ob dem 123me dna testes on yoo because lemme tell yoo, rite now I hab sum reel and siriuss dowts and misgibbings about yur houndie dna being, in fact, reel and troo houndie DNA. Miss Banessa, I shore hope yur day improobed!! Hamitsh! I hope yer mummy's KNOT heddaky and barfin no moor! Dat sounds horrible. Oh, I just saw yur postie. Phew. It sounded like a mindgrane. Gud fing it's passed. Well guess wut. It is SNOWING Plus also, mummy is being all weerd and POSITIB and saying we got to be grateful fur seezins and insted ob libbing in da fewchur witching fur hot daze we shood enjoy da winter fur wut it can offer us. WUT So yeah, she's cleerly losted her mind. Pippin all confuzzled
  9. Gudniss, I hab misst so much. Ok, well, furst ob all, heer's witching yoo all a bery happy noo year. Second ob all, OMG poor Kimber! And poor Ms Nancy ob da Berg! And poor Mam and her fingah! Wut a mizrable time yoobe had. Ms Nancy ob da Berg, did yoo end up going to da 'mergent sea room? I no mummy nebber wants to go because she is askeered ob da billz dey will send her way (and she has inshoorance.... ), butt I hope yoo went... And is Kimber moor beddah? Dat sounds so askeery. I hope yooze all feeling a leedul beddah. Ms Ducky I hope Beka feels moor beddah soon. We hab been finking about her lots. I can KNOT comment on da rabies fing, I don't know enuff about it, butt Shorely dare muss be eggsepshins fur a immoone comprumised houndie? Oh! Glad Misser Jim got da all cleer! Charlieeeee! Yoo wented to see yur bruddah Jack! Mummy tode me dat Ms Cynffia showed her reesint pikchurs ob him and she felt all swoony... hmpf!! KNOT shore I like dat... Bak sumtime dis weekend to check in. Mummy wants to finitsh her book about !! Pippin hooze life is currintlee bery borink
  10. Me Mummy is back! Me Mummy is BACK!! Pippin wiff a Hellicoptah Tale (From Kerry: big hugs to everyone who needs them in the Club tonight )
  11. Hopefully Pippin is KNOT being allowed anywhere near the laptop and will KNOT see this Having fun here in Montréal although today was super cold. So many places (including restaurants) were closed this week for the holidays, but quite a few restaurants re-opened today, thank goodness. Happy belated anniversary, Chris!! Back on Saturday, -kerry
  12. He is so beautiful! I love his coat <3 Happy 6th Gotcha Day, Logan! Lovely pictures
  13. Hey @Jeff, I apologize if I missed clarification on this - I read all three pages of this thread - but, at the risk of sounding really dim, how do I upload new images to my Gallery? Of course you're going to tell me and then I'm going to be all I freakin' LOVE this upgrade - so many new cool features and greater functionality. Thank you!
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