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  1. I yam late to da paahtay today and it's late genralee, so I am juss fur rite now. Fank gudniss it's Sattiday tomorrow! And it's gonna be nasty and rainy so mummy is all, like, yassss because eberywon in ' da neighbourhood is gonna be indoors and it's going to be blissfully quiet Yoo meen borink, mummy! Ennyhoo I will tomorrow butt I wanted to say Happy birthday to Daphne!! Glad you got home safely Merc! Pippin
  2. Hello frends, Juss to get da borink stuff outta da way, Mummy says fank yoo bery much fur da gud fawts. It wuz ruff, butt it went bery well, and bestest ob all, now she is like so I gots to profiterol ob dat to sneek on da pooter and tic wiff me frens Hehe. I yam so cunning! We hope Rita's vet bizit went well Nei! No moor splint! Woot! I bet it feels reely nice KNOT to hab dat nasty clostromafobic fing squeezing yoor leg. Wut IS dat debilry, anyway? It looks like it beelongs in a Spanish Inquisishin dungeon! sheesh. Yoo poor houndie. Anyway, it's gone now! Hope yoo get
  3. Trudy! Hmm. No, I finkTobin-Doofus is still a nobbiss compared to yur bruddah, hoo is da ORIGINAL doofus Salvo! Happy birfday!! Do yur werstest, guys And wut a nice arrangemint! Wut a grate ideer fur yur mummy and da Misser to hab dare own space butt sooper close by. I like it! After all yoo woodn't want too mucho competishun frum da Misser. Yoo boff need time wiff Ms Cynffia wiffowt him gedding in da way. Tomorrow is going to be a tuff stressful day fur mummy, pleeze send her gud vibes at Noon! Dat's elebben ob da ay emm fur yoo Wiki! And Aunty Patsy! 9 ob da
  4. Cap'n Jack We wuz so hoping to see a reesint pikchur fank yoo Ms Cynffia Charlie for posting it! Safe trabbels Merc!! Don't furget to poo in all da states yoo cross! Glad yoo got yur lektricals back quickly AndiPants!! I can only imagine how trommatical dat musta been fur yur mummy after da lass time. I witsh I'd seen her face when it happened! Haha! Prolly sumfink like dis Teehee. Yoor priddy funny, Paris We hadda gud laff at dat! Fancy, doh, takes it da biskit doh The Parisite I can't! Hahahaha. Yoo crak me up, Fancy! Sorry yoor gots a limp. Dat's KNOT fun at
  5. Ivy! Stoppit! Me mummy is trying to werk! She can KNOT be swoonink in da middol ob da day, and swoon she did ober dose eyesies ob yurs... KNOT to menshun yur earsies - all folded on toppa yur hed like dat... it's too much! Oh, and I called yur toy a dragon erlier butt it's a Charlie, fanks fur updating on Cap'n Jack. We hope he habs sum painfree and sereen time afoor it's time to say gudbye. He will be in our fawts. So sorry, Robin! I'm a dum-dum. I lose track sometimes FancyToo! It is SO nice to meet yoo! Welcome. I compleetly understand - yur hole fambly muss miss
  6. I am confused - did they up Jack's Gabapentin for a few more days, or did they keep today's appointment? If today is the day for goodbyes, I hope he leaves in the calmest, softest, easiest way possible, surrounded by love. He goes with all of our love too, the Club wouldn't have been the same without him. Cynthia, will you update us when you have the time...? I am trying to hold back the tears right now. I have a very intense and difficult week at work and will not be here too often... Hada and Cherry that's a gorgeous purkle dragon you got there! Wait - so did Robin adop
  7. DOOD. How do yoo stand it. She is ALWAYS bovvering yoo! Furst she drags yoo to get shot, lets dem steel yur toofers (wiffout paying fur dem), leebs yoo halpless and confoozled frum da sleepy jooce, and now? Is she ledding yoo recubber wiff lots ob rest and reelacksashin? NO! She wunts to drag yoo to hab a baff! Dis gedding a leedul eggstreem. Ms Lizabeff! GIB ME FREND A BRAKE. In da werds ob our late and clebber frend Joe T. : Sheesharoni. We may need to bring back Our gaahbedge peepuls stay in da truk and let a beeg lektrical leevah pick up our rubbitsh and reecy
  8. Ob coorse, Ivy, ob coorse da postieman gib treets! I yam priddy shore it's in da Unitid PostiePeepul Constatooshun dat postiepeepuls hab to hab at LEEST 2-3 pocketses ob treets filled up at all times. Oh Wiki dat's KNOT gud. KNOT gud at all. I hab notissed dat when dis happen instwed ob dis hoomans can get BERY grompy. I hab TWO haahnisses! Won is green and I ware dat in summah, and won is purkle and I ware dat in wintah! Mummy says I did KNOT need a sekund won butt dat kelly green juss wooda looked too weerd on top ob me purkle cote, and her eyeballs cud KNOT face it
  9. Cap'n Jack I had hoped he had more time.... I hope his family manages to get an in-home vet to come before Tuesday if they can't manage his pain. What a difficult situation they're in , I really feel for them. Cynthia, I am sure this morning was emotional for you. You were his first mum and he was your first greyhound and you found him a wonderful second home. We'll be thinking of Jack so much in the next few days, and sending for him. Once again I am beehind. Me haart neerly jomped in me chestie when I sawed Neizan's hex-raze brokerage! OUCH Poor dood. How is he doink?? Weez
  10. Oh Robin, no! Just seeing the shocking, terrible news. I am so, so sorry. Rest in peace sweet Dustin... we will miss you
  11. I yam beehind too. Hmm. Lessee. Aliimagaters making allimagater poopies in a pond. HOW ABOUT NO? Poor Miss Ducky felled! Ouch! And poor Misser Dennis went swoon in da outside! Oh me gudniss, houndies, PLEEZE get yur hoomans unner controle! Yoo hab to sooperbize moor beddah dan yooze doing rite now, ok? I no dey fink dey're in chaaaahge, butt deep down dey no we run dare libes. Mebbe it's time fur us to start fittin' dem wiff harnissiz. I hope dare's KNOT too menny broozis and hurty body paahts. Feel moor beddah. Bigfoot Candy, after reeding yur postie I
  12. AndiPants, yoo're such a wise houndie. And yooze entirely currekt: dare IS no point innit, no point wutsoebber. Day's why Labbadorks, hoo are abscessed wiff balls, hab da werd "dork" in dare name. Kibo, poor Mam, wut a tuff week. We're keeping our fingahs and paws crosst dat Granny starts improobing, dat Mam's uncle Bill is going to be ok, and dat many yeers ob lubs and fuds and fun await Stirling pony. Plus also, we're sending mucho amor y amistad to Mam. I got tooken to da feelds earlier and we wuz da only peepuls dare fur miles, mummy lubbed it. Plus it wuz sunny and she lissen
  13. Trader Joe's is fulla peepuls ALL da time heer too! And da paaahkin' lot is too small. Mummy only buys a few fings dare because dare's too menny peepuls , BUTT no won beets dare vegan basil and kale pesto plus also dare kale or collie flowah gnocchi plus also dare . Mummy is obsessed wiff carrots ME TOO (doh I am KNOT gedding enny rite now cuz ob me pippinpoo probblim. )
  14. to eberywon! I yam beehind again! Sheesh why is SHE always about stoopid stuff like werkjob fings, yet I nebber get priorittee to tic eben when I hab BRAKIN' NOOZE dat I hab to share wiff me frens about reely impotent stuff. BUTT ennyway, heer's me nooze: me pippinpoo is improobing! (plus also, copiuss. Witch mummy says isn't necessarily won hunnred passent awesome to pick up.) I been back on 100% me regular diet fur a few daze because dat turnkee wuz making no diffrints. I went to see Dr. Katie yesserday fur me kennil coff backseem and attempt #2 ob a fine needil aspri
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