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  1. Oh no. I was so worried when I read about the broken bone, and hoped it was due to something else. I am so, so sorry Halise. Thinking of you.
  2. Caroline, it's quite a lot of work wiping things down constantly, isn't it? I have to go tomorrow and I'm dreading it. I have been getting things delivered so far, but I need to go and pick up my meds as I'm running out. I am super nervous, but I know we all are. I have one unused mask, it's old but unused, I'll be using gloves too, but I know it's going to frightening. If it looks quieter than expected I may just buy some provisions, mostly fresh produce which I have had to ration over the last two weeks. I just got a huge bag of kale and some lettuce yesterday, so I am super excited about that! Finally got out of my last Zoom meeting of the day, so I'm going to have a nice cup of tea and watch the last two episodes of Star Trek: Picard! Have a great evening everyone, and welcome Albus! (You are so tiny!!)
  3. Pheeeeeww! Thank goodness it's "just" a soft-tissue injury! Myka? Tell yer mum, How's that for Good News Friday???
  4. Juss a quick fur now.... Gud Mornin' ! Mummy habs back--to-back meetings (trainings) dis morning wiff 3 faccaltee and a stoodint needing Zoom halp and stuff. I HAB KNOT EEBEN HADDA WALKIE YET. On da urodder paw, it's code and rainy and bery windy outside, witch freeks me out. So Mummy says to juss do me bidzniss in da yaaaahd (back garden fur me Reel England frends) and we'll go walkies when it's less awful outside. Juss wanted to say how glad I am to reed dat Merc's toe is moor beddah!!!! DA, we saw yur mum's postie aboot yoor limp and weeze hoping it's juss a bad sprane We are finking ob yoo. Oh! Albus is coming home tooday! I hab me annual fizzical on April tenff, I wunder iffen it's going to be cancelled? And iffen KNOT, I wonder how day're doing bizits? Mummy herd ob sum places taking da dog inside while da guardian stays in da caah and talks to da vet ober da fone. Much moor safer I guess she will call da office. Bak in a bit, Pippin
  5. ^Yes!! Oh! Gud luck Aunty Patsy! Wut strange times we lib in, eh? Molly dat wuz a funny meme Bery useful infurmashin fur hoomans Da guv'nah isshooed a lockdown order starting Fried Day! We will only be able to go to da store and stuff. Mummy says "good".
  6. Hmmm... Hello? I habs a questschun. Is it ok to lick random poles (da mettle fings, KNOT da peepuls) on one's walk? Asking fur a frend ob course "helped" Dat's wut da "Mute Microfone" tool is for Ms Lizabeff! BUTT Zorro! Yooze beeing totelee unreezinable! There are sooo menny kewt hedgemahogs out dare. Like, lodes. Mummy wented online fur me and asked da google persun and it reeterned so menny kewt kewt KEWT wons dat mummy wanted to buy ME a noo toy! (She didn't. ) Lookit dis won!!!! Lookit hims leedul pointy schnoz. How kewt It wood make a gud grab point wiff which to toss dat leedul hedgie in da air! Well, deeze are da prerongatibs ob 'dopted houndies. We will eet when (always) and iffen (no iffens or butts) we feel like it (I always feel like it ). And dare is nuffink Mistress can do about dat. Yoo like to take yer time. So?? Her schedule is based on YUR schedule, no? Dat's how it shud be. So wut's her probblim, eggsaktly? STOPPIT!!!! Mummy is all, like, THUD and moor THUD. Stoppitt! Yoo guys (and gals.) Mummy neerly losted it wiff a prufessah tooday. In 9 yeers ob doing dis job she habs nebber quite delt wiff so much cloolissniss. Dis indibidooal is KNOT part ob da regular faccaltee), and is da werstest persun she's ebber had to train. KNOT because she is incredibbly technologically "unwashed", as mummy puts it (aldoh she is!) butt because she duz KNOT lissen, and she panics and mumbles fings like "oh, this is disaster" while mummy is trying, fur da umpteenff time, to repeet da same infurmation she JUSS went froo wiff her. How, HOOOW do people get hired these days without having at least the most BASIC level of tech savvy? I mean, you can't say "what's Chrome?" or not know what a webcam is, and expect your remote class to just happen. You're going to have to put a bit of effort in, and learn how to do something new, and not whine about it or say "well I usually have someone do this stuff for me." I'm sorry, but that's pathetic. And iffen sumwon spends a chunk ob time sending you step by step instrookshins (with screenshots!) after dey begged yoo to, and den it turns out dey didn't eben look at dem, and keep calling ebery five minnits... oh my dog... she did loose her payshints a leedul because it habs been so horribly frustramatating. And eberywon in da faccaltee and stoodint body, and da staff, sed mummy wuz a bery payshint teecher when she wuz training peepuls on Zoom, but dey bovvered to practice and dis person is "just too busy" (well don't agree to teach on the side, then!), and, well, she is juss dribing mummy bonkers Plus no one can train sumwon wiffout adequate time, and every time dey connect, she's like, "I have to go in 10 minutes". Well then don't bother! I do technology, I'm not in the miracle business. I don't push buttons that make things happen automagically. Ugh!! Wow mummy, dat wuz quite a gud rant, well dun! Pippin
  7. He is so beautiful! I love his coat <3 Happy 6th Gotcha Day, Logan! Lovely pictures
  8. Hey @Jeff, I apologize if I missed clarification on this - I read all three pages of this thread - but, at the risk of sounding really dim, how do I upload new images to my Gallery? Of course you're going to tell me and then I'm going to be all I freakin' LOVE this upgrade - so many new cool features and greater functionality. Thank you!
  9. Oh no I am so sorry for all the bad news. Sending a ton of :grouphug
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