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  1. 2021 only juss started butt so faaa mefinks yooze da pestoing winnah! I meen dat is REELY obnockshuss dood. Nice won!I fink our Lila wood me proud. 27 replies since I lass postied! I am alreddy beehind! Mummy did KNOT finitsh werk until 9 ob da pee emm on Fried Day nite, so I wuz grumpy and lonesum wiff no cuddles and mummy wuz 'sostid. BUTT dis morning we sleeped in, we cuddled I got lots ob morning pets and we only got up at like ten ob da clock! It wuz BRILLIUNT. I'm sleepy. See yoo all tomorrow. Pippin
  2. Clarkie!! No no no limpin... ugh! I hope anudder lazy treetmint duz da trick WUT I get treets! I do - and I get pooshy asking fur dem too, because dey hab libbah treets at da vet. Mebbe yoo shood get anudder vetimarian, CK! A vetimamarian dat duz KNOT gib out treets is KNOT wervy ob da name, shoorely! Fank yoo AndiPants! Mummy wuz wundering about dat! She will talk to da vet afoor da procedjur As it terns out, it will KNOT be fur a while! Dat's rite, I gots a repreef! Me vet is bizzy wiff surgeries all da way until March so dats when it will happin. In da meentime
  3. I can KNOT today. Mummy been habbing reely bad heddakes and all da screem time is KNOT halping. And she juss forked out $500+ ten daze ago fur me hexrays and yesserday she discubber a growff on me gums and now I hab to hab sugary! Mummy pulled a face (it wuz KNOT a gud look) and put da phone down after speaking to da vet tech and she turn too me and said,This is why I can't get you a brother! Wutebber mummy, cood sumwon find a leedul teeny tiny fur me mummy pleeze? No? Eberywon is after reeding dis? Yeh I figured. I'll be back when me mummy's hed is less hurty. Pippin
  4. Mornink eberywon! Can't talk now, BUTT sumfink amazing happined! Oh heck, I will tell yoo now. Yoo no how I yam always waiting fur sekund brekfist and it nebber ebber comes? Well a mysteriuss sekund dinnah materialized lass nite! Can yoo beleeb it? Mummy furgot to gib me ma pillz, witch habs to be tooken on a full tummeh, and she only remembered hours and hours later. So I got an eggstar dinnah and den me pillz. Yoo shooda seem me eyeballs... a miggschur ob unbeleef (like I fawt mebbe she wuz being tricksy) and deelite. I gobbled it all up in a microsekund afoor she changed her m
  5. Dat make scents, Charlie! Deff walkies is da werstest. It takes me two daze to recubber! Slo an' awkward non-houndies! Eben hootskis can KNOT keep us wiff us! Day will do ennyfink to avoid sharing. SALFISH! Mummy Mummy keeps habbing dreems in witch she habs eeder lost Merlin & Sagan, or someone took dem away, or dey are in danger, and whichebber scenario it is, she is looking fur dem desprittly, and crying out fur dem, or asking fur help in finding dem/saybing dem. Pippin
  6. Ducky, I am the only coffee drinker in the house and I use a Mr. Coffee 4-cup coffee maker. I never fill it beyond level 3 and it allows me to drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning (the first one usually goes cold in 5 micro-seconds .) I drink tea during the rest of the day. I don't need to use filters either, you just spoon the coffee into the basket provided. $15 at Target. Not sure I'd recommend using tea strainers with coffee, but who knows, you could try it, and see how that goes. Dare's a lot ob pooing going on! Spirit, KNOT won BUTT two poos in yer bed? Dat's pushing it...
  7. Phew, Merc! We wuz like cringeing. I furgotted to say Happy Burfday to Señorita Rita & Spirit!! poor Chancey! Let's hope dem antibionicals do da trick Fancypants? Yur sissy is so weerd
  8. Noooooooooo! KNOT again! Pleeze misser Richard be fulla cares. Also, Merc, I juss fawt I shud menshun we STILL hab KNOT seen a pikchur ob yu in duh poole. Ahem!! Wiki! Are we shore dem milky bones is to blame fur yur sloppy poos? I yam finking it's far moor lickly dat it wuz caused by da creem cheeze Lots ob doggies do bery bery KNOT gud gud wiff dairy. I did KNOT no Buffy BUTT Mummy is so so sad to reed dat Princess Boofay is no moor fur dis whirled. She wuz lubbly. We gots to go postie a message fur Ms Donna. Pippin
  9. Oh me gudniss. Mummy is dancing around like a idjit at da noise dat Cap'n Jack gonna be libbing wiff yoo fur two weeks and ob all da FAUX TOES weeze gonna get ob him. Rite, Charlie? You will ask her mummy to take pikchurs? She pressing me to ask. So I am asking fur me mummy because I am a nice leedul dood, eben doh it make me jelliss. We are so glad Jack is feeling moor beddah and weeze sending lotsa fur hims second keemoe. I am confoozled. Da udder day too wuz complaining dat it is KNOT fun when yur Momma Bear is home because she duz KNOT nap wiff yoo all day, and now yooze happy
  10. Yassss!!! Da eggspresshin "to kill two burds wiff won stone" (horrible eggspresshin anyway) will henceforff be reeplaced wiff "to poo-shoe 2 peepul wiff won turdle" I bet dat looked reely lubbly, Nuttymeg!! Peepuls sumtmes put twinklee sparklee deer on dare frunt lawn befoor Crispmicks, dey are lit up and it makes da place look reely magical CK - no no no! Yoo're KNOT allowed to limp. Miss Halise pleeeze be shore to keep us postied when yoo can! Yoo too Kibo! Since Sid appeers to be okay dis morning, weeze hoping it stays dat way. And we're also sending to Roman
  11. WUT? Roman DOOFUS! Wiff a kink in hims tail! Duz dat make him a kinky doofus? Dat sounds rong. I finally got tooken out fur a walk dis morning. Sumfink reely funneh happened. Well I fawt it wuz funny, Mummy KNOT so much, I did me furst poo ob da day, and she wuz all muttering to herownself about sumfink, and she bent ober to pick up me poo and... and... ... she dropped it ober herownself and it went splat on her cote and pants before REELY going splat on da ground! I laffed soooo hard! SHe wuz all like SERIOUSLY?? butt den she imagined it as a comic strip and she hadda adm
  12. Oh, Wiki, Mummy sez she juss lubs lubs yur Houndish! Me to, me to! Yoo habs a bery nice acksint I hab to agree wiff eberywon else and register me most insistint objekshins to Ms. Jerilyn's poo complaints. Me, I poo twice per walk, and sumtimes moor. And it's KNOT juss like, yoo no, leedul insignifecarint poos, BUTT poos ob substance dat leeb a maaahk on da erf. Merc aka Merkaree, dat's a reely reely long trip. Yoo shood hab plenty ob oppachoonity to poo in ebery state. Senorita Rita! Yoo look so kewt!! Lookit yoo sniffin' da air. It's gud to be alibe, izzit KNOT? Charl
  13. Hi Miss Jennie!! AndiPants, sorry to heer dat Flizzie may habs anudder bladdah feckshin. I hope yoo gots sum good adbice frum yur vet tooday. Hello Wiki, da Lady yoove come to lib wiff is kewl, eben iffen she won't let yoo go down into da basemint. I furgot to say how kewt yoo look in dis pikchur. Dustin, I'm glad yoo enjoyed a bewtimuss fambly walk in da snow. COngrachoomalashins to yur mum on jomping into da oshun and coming out alibe and KNOT frozin to deff! Phew!! Yah I go oot way moor rite now dan I wood iffen she wuz fizziklee back at werk. All
  14. Hello me frends! I'm a leedul late to da partay tooday. Mummy went out WIFFOUT ME to run sum errands and had lots ob email cotching up to do. I yam so happy fur yoo AndiPants!! Dat nasty cast is OFF! Sorry yoo habs a big hole in yur leg dat still needs a bandwitch, butt it's a bery lubbly BLOO bandwitch and it luk ebber so gud on yoo! Merc, I am so sorry yur daddiman is being a duck about da trip to Floridya. Mummy wuz all and sed why shud it be yer mummy's job to take care ob da house up norff fur da doorayshin ob wintah, iffen dare is no need fur her to be up heer? Hmpf!!
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