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  1. He is so beautiful! I love his coat <3 Happy 6th Gotcha Day, Logan! Lovely pictures
  2. Hey @Jeff, I apologize if I missed clarification on this - I read all three pages of this thread - but, at the risk of sounding really dim, how do I upload new images to my Gallery? Of course you're going to tell me and then I'm going to be all I freakin' LOVE this upgrade - so many new cool features and greater functionality. Thank you!
  3. Oh no I am so sorry for all the bad news. Sending a ton of :grouphug
  4. Beautiful .... although, let's be honest, Lila could sit in a pile of poo and STILL look fabulous
  5. Sounds so wonderful. What a wonderful way to start the day. Merlin's happy little grunts did that for me. These days, once Pippin has been out to relieve himself and had his breakfast, we settle down on the couch together and I drink my coffee and eat my cereal while he has a post-brekkie cookie and snuggles up to me. It's hard to find the motivation to go to work most mornings. Or even just to get up from the couch If he started chattering, it would seem impossible! Do you even manage to get to work??
  6. Oh my goodness! As soon as I saw the post about these three girls and that they needed to be placed together, I thought of you! You are their angel. I am SO HAPPY and relieved for them. And for you :yay
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