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  1. Sorry I knot been ticking. Mummy KNOT been feeling bery chatty plus also sheeze tired a lot at da moment. BUTT weeze finking ob yoo all ebery day. I hab a dying rear and tummeh upset rite now butt MAYJUH cuddles wiff mummy ebery day is halping a bit Sheeze a priddy deesint cushin and comfy to sleep against. Muss be all dat padding I hadda geddup free times in da nite on Tootsday. I juss suddenly got up and stood on dat bed. Den jumped down and went straight to da back door. No time to eben grab won ob me toys on da way, as I usually do. I reely habbed to GO. Mummy lept out ob bed. Hmm... lept may gib da impresshin ob sumwon gracefully rising, so mebbe I shooda juss said rolled out ob bed (I yam on fiyah tooday!) and she let me out. Ob coorse she wuz like a da neggst day. Still wuz tooday frum all da fizzical feral pee and dental torchur she submitted herownself to yesserday. Wut a nutjob! I'll be back, Pippin
  2. Pippin will catch up in a bit, but I wanted to check in to answer Susan's question about the iPhone 11 Pro. @GeorgeofNE I just had to switch to it and as a (amateur) photographer I think it's kind of hyped, to be honest. Especially the claims about depth of field. The DoF is inaccurate and kinda messy imo. I use my iPhone for pictures constantly, and I would never trade my DSLR for an iPhone, not even the 11 Pro or Pro Max. And I LIKE iPhones. I'm kind of annoyed to be honest. Couldn't afford this new phone, but I kept cutting myself on my old one, didn't want to spend $150 to repair the display of an iPhone 6, and I couldn't lock it or really use it anymore. Finally, it stopped working altogether and I had no choice but to upgrade. I had planned to get a newer model but certainly not the newest. But the iPhone X has been discontinued and the iPhone 11 is too big for me to hold. I have small hands. Obv the iPhone 11 Pro Max was out of the question. The iPhone 11 Pro was literally the only phone small enough for me to hold and type without straining, and I hate how heavy it is compared to the iPhone 6 but there it is. I hate the idea of borrowing from Pippin's savings to pay for an absurdly expensive phone, but it was either that or no phone. I got Apple Care so that this phone can last me a good 5 years at least even if it breaks, hopefully longer, and I will slowly save up for it so I can replace the money I borrowed from Pippin. Just my 2 cents! It's a good phone, don't get me wrong. It's a very good phone, but I don't think I'd spend the extra money on the iPhone 11 Pro for the camera. I spent a LOT of time in the Apple Store talking to staff and testing both phones, and the camera on the iPhone 11 is excellent for the average user taking photos.
  3. Choklit?? Will hab to cotch up later. Mummy did KNOT leeb da pooter on fur me, she stoled it to take it to her werkjob (da cheek!) and so I yam using dis fingymajiggy callt an ifone butt it is crakked and I do KNOT hab fumms so it's hard. Time fur a Hope eberywon is habbing a gud day! Pippin
  4. Smart! Sorry yooze still feeling so crappy, Ms Lizabeff. Coffs are so exhausting Ms Lucy! Dat is so nice ob yoo to make Nate shine like dat, by telling us about ALL da fings he can do and nos how to steel! Wut a clebber houndie, I witch I cud fink ob doing stuff like dat-- Wut? It IS clebber, mummy. Yoo hoomans do KNOT gib us enuff credit fur libbing wiff da most nonsensical, inconsistent speesheeze on da planet AND sumhow managing to muddle froo life wiff yoo and mostly figger out wut yoo want frum us. Yoo cood cut us sum doggin' slak fur wonce, no? Pffff. Wut a sleepy day it's been! Mummy and I hab no energee and stayed indoors ALL day, we didn't eben go fur a walk, and da times mummy coke-hisst me to go out to pee, I almost had to be dragged and pooshed I do KNOT like it out dare, in da rainy rains, I hate it! It has KNOT stopped all day, and now it's windy too. We hate dis kind ob wedder in da winter. We don't mind rain in da summer, butt in da wintah it's juss horrible and bleek and code. Let's hope da sun comes out soon. I see dat it is KNOT biziting AndiPants eeder, so it muss hab gone on hollydaze again Ms Jen On a positib note, it is almost serten dat Ms Cynffia and Chaaaahlie and Zorro and mummy will be able to meet up in O Canada in Decembah! I wood be happy fur dem butt dey're ROOD and leebing me out ob da meetup, so shukks to all ob dem. Pippin
  5. Myka dat's incredibbly rood ob yer mum to ignoor yoo and yer frend. Priorittees Ms Jen! I did something similar the other day - said something in Houndish and got funny looks. Wasn't even thinking about it and then of course I turned bright red Miss Fancypants, dat Paris shore is sumfink else! Sheeze bery clebber I fink. She nos how to manipulalate her hoomans! Oh poor Ms Nancy ob da Berg broked her toe!!! Beka's furst ampunnibersury Mummy wuz KNOT born when President Kennedy wuz shot, and she did KNOT gro up in dis country so she only found out about Misser Rogers when she moobed heer. Howebber she watched da wunderful video dat went viral a few yeers ago ob his testimony in Congress and she fawt it wuz so wunnderful. I had a good Sattiday. I got tooken fur two grate walks On da furst walk we wuz crossing da rode and sumwon honked at us and mummy turned her hed and saw a dood sheeze nebber seen afoor waving and wuz puzzled, butt den realized why he wuz honking and waving! Dare wuz a bewtimuss houndie in da bak ob da caaaa hanging her hed out ob da window! Den at free ob da clok I got tooken to da feelds! We usually go alone butt today we picked up our frend Ms Robin, hoo also libs in me neighborhood.. While mummy and Ms Robin fur ebber about moosic (Ms Robin is da moosik direktah ob classical moosic at Maine Public Raydio and likes books and dogs juss like me mummy, so dare is a lot ob when dey're walking togedder), I sniffed and snoofed in da grasses and booshes and den entertained dem by doing zoomies in beeg sercles. Dey laffed. Yu're welcome hoomans! Miss Lucy we're so glad yoo habs neggst week off! It sounds like yoo reely need it! Mummy's lass few weeks hab been eggsaustink too so she is looking forward to da time off dis week. And da beginning ob da week will be fine because her boss is KNOT in and udder peepuls won't be eeder, so she can do some imaging and update all da lab compooters in peece and quiet. She lubs it at werk when it's quiet and hardly no one is in. Now me and mummy are going to spend da rest ob da eebning snuggling and reedijng and mebbe watch an old episode ob Homeland! Hab a gud nite eberywon! Pippin
  6. Oh no Fruutcake, we are so so sorry about Harold That is beyond sad. Juss as his furebber home wuz in sight... How lubbly dat yoo and Misser Kevin is adopting his sissy. Dis will be yur furst girlie dog since Lily, amirite? Mummy's nebber had a gurl doggie. Hamish! Yoo hab TWO noo toyz? How lucky! Mummy bot me a sooper kewt festib hedgie frum TJMAxx da udder day and REFOOSED to gib it to me! She says it's fur Crispmix fur when she is gone to O'Canada. Dat's juss crool and unusual poonishmint iffen yoo aks me. Awww, Merc! Yoo look so sweet on dat couch. I bet yooze being a bery gud guest. Laila, I yam sorry yooze sissy Kiva habs da liquidy dying rear. Dat sucks. Glad it's a bit moor beddah, and let's hope she's back to normal soonist. Glad yoo habbed a guud weekend wiff yer aunty Linda, Ivy - AND yoo scored hamburglars!! Yummeh! Oh no! Poor Abby broked a toofer! We will be finking ob yoo on Wednesday Miss Sherrie!! It's always moor askeery fur da hoomans dan it is fur us... wiff da eggsepshin ob Sagan's dentals. Mummy used to get calls frum da vet to come and pick him up hours afoor she wuz apposed to because he cried and cried and cried until her saw his mummy again Mummy tode me yesserday dat she is missing him so much at da moment. She nos she about her Wizard all da time BUTT she finks about Sagan all da time, and misses him terribly too. It's juss diffrint because no one reely noo Sagan da way she did. He wuz shy and KNOT a staaaaa like Mistah Merlin. Okay I beddah cotch up wiff da rest da neggst time... I got to go cuz mummy is coming home!! Pippin hoo did back-twirls in da air at da feelds wiff his mummy yesserday and she laffed and laffed
  7. Omg I laughed SO hard Sorry I forgot about this, I wouldn't have made a sarcastic comment. I am so sorry that RIchard is not being supportive I hope he can set his issues aside and realize that this is a very tough and emotional time for you, and there shouldn't be conditions attached to providing emotional support. Sending We habbed a lazy day heer. It is bidderly code - firteen petigreeze dis morning when me and mummy went walkies. Forchoonattly it's apposed to warm up into da fordeez neggst week. Phew. Mumym finished her book and now weeze going to go out fur anudder sniffandtrot ( Lila!) afoor it goes reely reely daaahk again. Hamish yer mutter cooked???? Wut is da whirled coming to Gud fur her and mebee she will share sum ob dat stoo. Pippin
  8. So nice to heer frum yoo Misser Tony! Congrachoomalashins to Cardamom on becoming a Canadian citizen! Yoo hab such a grate flag! Mummy lubs it so much, and she duzn't eben like flags! Iffen she wuz a Canadian I fink she wood prolly be wearing dat kewt mapil leef as a cote or sumfink ^This!! I wouldn't dream of having people at my house and expecting them to cook for me! Well I yam priddy tired frum lazing around today butt mummy asked me to pop in anyway to say fanks fur allaying her feers yesserday and she went to get moor imaging dun and also an ultrasound, and dare wuz quite a bit ob waiting around witch wuz da most nerb-racking part butt den dey sed da ultrasound shows it wuz a nodool ob dense tisshoo and KNOT a cist or nuffink werser. She cud KNOT be moor releebed! So now weeze snuggling togedder and she been reeding butt now she is going to indulge in a leedul Staaa Trek and relacks into her fried day nite. Habs a gud nite eberywon!! Pippin
  9. Lila, dat's a a gud painting butt it kinda loses sumfink when it's postied neggst to a pikchur ob yoo because yur bewty washes out eberyfink else!! Happy Burfday Ms Jerilyn!! Happy burfday Molly! I can't beleeb yooze still only FREE yeers ob age! Yooze so yung! Still kewt too. Oh, dissiz grate nooze!! Mebbe won day iffen me mummy stops being such a huge pain in me backside I will AKCHOOALLY get to meet yoo, Merc I bet yooze gunna dazzle eberywon dis weekend. And Ms Lisabeff we will be finking ob yoo lots So glad to heer dat Beka's neck is moor beddah! Phew. Habs fun wiff yer Aunty Linda!! Like we need anudder presidenshul candidate!! Ugh! Bloomyburger is finking ob running too! Mummy is alreddy totalee ober da 'lekshun and dare's still a yeer to go Sorry but no baby that is forcibly separated from his mother shortly after birth - so that humans can take the milk that was intended for him - can be said to be "treated well"... Chase is absolutely beautiful. I hope we will get to see many more pictures. You're so right about the pretty eyes, too. They really have the best eyes (and eyelashes!). Fanks fur da werds ob support fur tomorrow, Mummy says she will juss get it dun and dey tode her she will get da reezults befpre she leebs da clinic. Pippin cuddling wiff his mummy
  10. Gud won!! Dustbin, yoo gots a cow as a noo frend? Um, day're KNOT gonna make hamburglars frum him, is dey? AndiPants, mummy is like yoo, she goes out in a teeshurt when it's fitty pedigreeze! Merc?? Pleese tell yer mum dat she inadbertently went to Goodreads on her werk profile in Chrome and saw dat yer mummy sented her a frend request ober a hole yeer ago! Soooo sorry she did KNOT respond! She duz KNOT use dat account, it wuz created ascksidentlee froo her werk facebook account She habs deleted dat account now. She sended yer mum a frend reequest from her reel and troo account! Mummy is a bit askeered because she habs to go back fur anudder boobysquish AND ultrasound and sum udder boob-related fing on Fried day because dewy found sumfink. We hope it's nuffink and it prolly is and she nos dissiz KNOT unusual at all butt she is still nerbuss and anckshuss. So iffen yoo cud keep her in yerown fawts... fank roo. Me, I am enjoying me lunchtime walkies LODES! It wuz a bewtimuss sunny day at lunchtime tooday, and we went walkies and mummy habbed da most bewtimussest voice ob Kiri te Kanawa in her earsies and I acted all silly and we laffed and she froo a cuppla small biskies in da air and I jumped fur dem! We hab fun togedder. How is Beka's neck tooday? Pippin
  11. It's da sno-pocalypse!! It's reely coming down now! Weeze gonna get berried! Don't be ridiculous. We're supposed to get barely an inch. Geez, what a whole lotta drama. Oh Hamish yooze so LUCKY to be going into wintah in da souf. Mummy laffed and laffed at da idea ob waring a beeg cote in fitty petigress temprachurs! Oh, it's gonna be a fun wintah fur yoor mummy. dat's fur shore. Weeze glad fur her. Cud she hab a pinched nerb in her nek, mebbe? Poor Beka! We hope it resolbs itsownself soonest. Oh gud, yooze ok Myka. And yooze been werking hard snuggling yer mum. Sorry Ms Jen dat yoo're habbing such a trying time deeling wiff yer own mum. Lila do KNOT eben get mummy started on peepuls dribing ridiculussly below da speed limit. It dribes her absolootly bonkers. She habs started to HATE dribing since she moobed to Maine. Honestly sum daze it makes dem M@ssholes preferable. At leest dey moob dare backsides. She can KNOT stand soopah slow dribers. It's like, iffen yooze too scared to be on da rode, pleeze don't dribe! At leest at rush hour times. And iffen yoo don't hab a choice, at leest try to keep up wiff traffic, don't hold eberywon up, it's so salfish.Dissiz anudder reezin why dare shud be proppa, effishunt public transport eberyware. Mummy habs changed our walking schedule dis yeer in an effurt to beet da wintah blooze. She usually comes home at lunchtime and lets me out fur a peepee and den I get a cookie or two and she makes herownself sum lunch and reeds her book fur a few. BUTT now she habs started to walk me at lunchtime too, so dat when she come home and it's dark and cold she juss lets me out to pee and den I can hab dinner rite away! Dis noo schedule soots me juss fine! The fastah I an get dinnah in me belleh in da eebning da beddah! Amirite? Miss Jennie fanks fur sharing dat bewtimuss pome, won ob mummy's faybrit war-time pomes. Dare is sumfink about Furst Whirled War poetry dat habs always touched her moor dan any udder war poetree. It is so debastating. All war is horrible and a ghastly waste ob life, butt dare is juss sumfink about WWI dat always shakes mummy to da core. Mebbe cuz she hab red about it moor dan udder wars. So menny yung libes lost, peepuls hoo did KNOT hab a choice, dey wuz called up and dey hadda go or end up in jail. And den ended up rotting in rat-infested trenches wiff no proppa medicine or nuffink. Lemme juss check on da snopocalypse again... Oh. It alreddy stopped. Neerly time to go to da window wiff misser lambie in me mouff and wait fur mummy to pull up in da dribeway. Back later, Pippin
  12. Nuffink major to report tooday, xept dat mummy did KNOT do yard werk and tomorrow it's apposed to rain and den snow Gud job mummy <slow clap> Now it's gonna be all slickery out dare. Weeze planning to stay inside. In fact, mummy's finking dat iffen she cud juss wait out da wintah inside, on da couch and in da reeding room cuddlink wiff me and drinking tea and coffee and reeding all wintah long, and playing her fireplace video she wood be as happy as a clam! KNOT shore why dat eggspresshin make sense, oh rite it DUZN'T... clams is silly gooey and slimy fings dat hoomans like to eet fur sum strange reezin Happiness got nuffink to do wiff it! Silly hoomans. Myka, yoo out dare? Yoo ok? I keep dis short because mummy is finking ob making apple crisp. Meening she reely wants apple crisp, doh she duzn't want to make it, so we'll see iffen her laziness or her greed will win dat particular battle Pippin
  13. Iffen yoo meen Munderday da ayteenf, I hope yoo do KNOT meen Munderday da ayteemf. Mummy alreddy noes she can KNOT take day off Thank you I'll do some research and may ask my doctor about it. Thankfully the pain only lasts one full day now, which is an improvement, but yikes. I dunno dood, I cood totally see mummy doing sumfink like dat Pippin
  14. Hello eberywon, Mummy tode me I cood cotch up yesserday. BUTT den she biolated her promiss cuz she sed she habbed dem reely bad crampons and kept bending ober and grumbling dat she duz KNOT need her stoopid yoo-trust and she nebber wanted crumbdroppahs in da furst place. Iffen she hab it tooken out, will she stop habbing crampons? Dat wood be nice. She gets grouchy when she habs dem crampons. I fur won gib her a wide berff, I can tell yoo. Turdsday nite after she got home she habbed a video-chat wiff herown bruddah, and I was lying on top ob her rite against her and boff she and me unkle Tim hoom I hab nebber met (yet) fawt I wuz bery kewt So I milked it fur all I cood get out ob it. Den yesserday she furgot dat I had started to rite to me frends and she went into a meeting wiff a colleegue and she wuz showing her sumfink on her lappingtop and ghess wut popped up in frunt ob dem, dat’s rite, me postie! And mummy wuz all embarassed Serbs her rite fur KNOT ledding me tick when she sed she wood! Kahma is a beeyotch mummy! Rite now she banduned me to go get serbiss on me Hounda. I let her, since it is ob da utmostest impotence dat me houndie-mobile werks gud fur me caahh rides. I s’pose I will take a and den play wiff piggy fur a bit while she is gone. I bit off won ob his earsies, I guess I will get to werk on da udder won. A houndie gots to keep hisownself bizzy wiff bewty sleep and playtime. Mummy hates going to da caah deelahship. It’s juss dat she goes dare fur won fing and it always terns into 3 udder fings, and she habs to part wiff moor ob me bikkie monies dan she wuz hoping, butt eben werse dan dat is waiting around furebber. She habs her lappertop and her book and moosik and her coffee and a snak butt she duz KNOT like to be in public places wiff kids running around and da dredded, ubiquitous teebee blaring fur eberywon to watch, eben dose like mummy hoo hate da crassness ob teebee commershuls and boring non-stories, and da loud noise it makes. She gots her moosik playing priddy loud in her earsies now, witch is annoying butt beddah dan da alternatiff. BUTT she juss duzn’t get da obsesshin wiff habbing a teebee blaring out inanities in ebery public space in dis country. Waiting rooms, airports, eben da post offiss!! Why?? Can’t peepul reed or stare at dare fones or – shocking fawt, I no – juss stand quietly fur da 5-10 minnits dat dey’re in line? Jeebuss. AndiPants, yoo gots sum rainy raynes yet? Juss asking because we gots way, way moor dan we want, we hate it and iffen yooze plants need sum we can mebbe put sum in a barrel and obernite it to yoo? Wood won barrel be enuff? Juss lemme no. Dippy and Ms Rachel, we been finking about yoo lots. It’s prolly still a leedul erly fur da medsinn to hab kicked in, rite? We hope it starts to halp soon. In da meentime we will keep yoo boff in our fawts and we’re sending lubs too. Glad yooze still a bit notty sumtimes Nuttymeg. We got to keep dem mummies on dare toesies yoo no. Pestoing is espeshuly fun, I find. Mummy complimented me on how gud I hab become at pestoing da udder day. She gabe me a funny look when I wagged me tale to fank her fur da praise, I hab no ideer why, den again she’s priddy weerd. To da houndies gedding nasty wintah storms, I yam sorry. Weeze sleeted to get our furst snow on Tootsday ob neggst week and I yam KNOT looking furward to it. Needer is mummy. Ober da lass cuppla daze it’s turned so code heer. Me wintah cote frum O Canada came out dis morning! I did get lots ob attenshun when we went to da pet shop doh, cuz I look so hampsum in it, so I don’t mind. Mummy says dat I look quite reegal in purkle. Merc!!! Nooooooo I am only juss reeding yer mummy’s postie frum Wednesday! We cooda habbed yoo stay wiff us fur da long weekend! We wooda lubbed it! See mummy wut happens when yoo don’t let me tick?? Oh, dat juss sucks. Bummer bummer bummah. Oh. It looks like yoo founded a place to stay dat wuz KNOT a kennil. Fank gudniss! Ivy dat is bery askeery wut happened to Ms Kathy! Fank gudniss she is okay! Pheeeewwww. Amazing how quickly fings can go souff. Hope her ribs feel moor beddah soon. Molly, dat’s an amazing storey! Yer mum lidralee sabed herown mum’s life!! Aunty Patsy, we’ll be keeping Misser Patsy in our fawts! Mummy got a leddah tooday dat dare wuz an irregularity in da booby-squishing reezults and she habs to go back. She noes dis happens bery offin and it’s KNOT ennyfink to werry about necessarily, so she is KNOT werrying. When she went to get dem boobies squished dare wuz no co-pay, and dat wuz a week ago, and she did KNOT get a bill in da male. Den dis morning she gets a leddah frum a collection agency sayignf PAY UP OR ELSE Da stoopid herts her brayne. Hamish, wut happen to yer siggy? We can barely make out yer face. It’s all fuzzy! Is it cuz yooze fuzzy? Mummy habs been finding it harder and harder to postie a deesint resolushin siggy on gt fur sum time. Da size restrikshins are bery stringent Galina, weeze sending lots and lots ob dis fur yer mum and dad. Oh me gudniss Merc is surrounded by kittehs Do we gots to stage an interbenshin and liberate him?? Pippin hoo rite a nobble
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