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  1. Sounds like time for a vet appt. If just loose stools, that may sometimes be the food not agreeing with the dog but blood can be indicative of something else that may need meds.
  2. What a beautiful face Sometimes, you just need to foster fail.
  3. http://gooddogbeds.com/ It's owned by someone I know and everyone who gets one loves them. I had a greyhound who would pee during his seizures so I added a waterproof/pee blanket from Babys R Us. It didn't make any crinkly noises and prevented any liquid from going into the inside bedding material.
  4. How great that he and the article are drawing more attention to the activity!
  5. It is absolutely NOT silly. Greyhounds are raced after they fracture bones. Most are rested for awhile though before racing again. Our group has taken in a greyhound who had broken both rear ankles and was finally retired after the second ankle broke. In looking at his history, it makes total sense that he severely injured that leg in the race where he fell. He did not race well after that and was then retired a few races later? Something was definitely up but I'm surprised the group you adopted him from didn't notice or treat his injury.
  6. He has a very soft mouth...he takes treats so lightly it's hard to tell when they have left my hand!
  7. Gorgeous! Those boys can't take a bad picture.
  8. Awesome find on those glasses! I think there was probably too much rum in his eggnog
  9. Congrats! Ani is adorable. I think having patience is the key. Phaelin was 6 months old when we adopted him and he was a very good puppy but he still chewed the door frame. Good luck and have fun with her!
  10. My dorky boy picked this up on a walk and decided to bring it home
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