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  1. I'm another cautionary person suggesting you attend lure coursing events before continuing to do this. There is more to being a lure operator than just running the lure. You need to know how to always keep it in front of the dog so it doesn't catch it, know when to slow it down so dogs don't get their legs sliced by the line, and always check the field for holes. Dogs running it need to be in shape, not just going for a walk every day shape. There are dogs running in sanctioned events that get injured so be prepared for that. People always need to hold on tight to the leashes of their dogs tha
  2. Sounds like time for a vet appt. If just loose stools, that may sometimes be the food not agreeing with the dog but blood can be indicative of something else that may need meds.
  3. It is absolutely NOT silly. Greyhounds are raced after they fracture bones. Most are rested for awhile though before racing again. Our group has taken in a greyhound who had broken both rear ankles and was finally retired after the second ankle broke. In looking at his history, it makes total sense that he severely injured that leg in the race where he fell. He did not race well after that and was then retired a few races later? Something was definitely up but I'm surprised the group you adopted him from didn't notice or treat his injury.
  4. I'm now making tag collars! I don't keep these in stock but make them to order. I can make them in any color combo. $20 + shipping. Here are a few tag collars I've made for reference:
  5. Ok, cool....thanks! I changed the file size to 13.9 but I don't know how that transfers here because of Photobucket....will this image now work for GT?
  6. Thanks. Ok, I got it down to 500 X 150 but the size is too big at 20 KB. I can't seem to figure out how to get it down to 15 or less. There doesn't seem to be anything to reduce that down.
  7. I'd like to use the above for my signature but I know it's too big. I'm hoping I don't have to read through all 18 pages to figure out how to make it smaller. I read the first post in this thread, but it doesn't tell me how to do that.
  8. Their adoption contract states you HAVE to feed their food if you adopt a dog fromthem. I wouldn't care who makes it....I'm with Shannon....I could NOT support those "people" by purchasing anything that would benefit them. My limited experience with them told me how Burt and Tracy are.
  9. This is the one that worked for Winnie: http://www.sentrypetcare.com/products/sentry-calming-collar-for-dogs/ We also tried this one but it didn't work as well: http://www.adaptil.com/us/Adaptil/Adaptil-Collar
  10. I've used both the Sentry and Adaptil collars on whippet Winnie because she had gotten very anxious when we would leave the house. The Adaptil collar didn't work for her but the Sentry one did. It took the edge off so she was just a bit calmer but her personality still came through. In reading about both collars, I've seen that sometimes one collar will work for a dog while the other doesn't and vice versa. The Sentry one worked for Winnie but either one might be worth a try. It took about a week for it to take full effect and I could tell when the 30 days was about to be up....her anxiety sta
  11. The Swanky Hound is having a sale! From now until Thursday, March 31st at midnight, all ready made or special order collars are 15% off. Payment must be received by midnight Thursday for the discount to apply. Thanks and happy shopping!
  12. New design! All That Glitters... Gold and Rose Gold and Catans Teal Gold and Montana Blue Gold and Dark Red Gold and Midnight Blue
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