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  1. Gud affernoon! Just a reely kwick to let everwon no that we awr safe and sound and drying owt! We gotted just unner 5 intches of ranes yesserday affernoon. Not much wind tho - yay! Did not lose enny trees, unless they were in owr wuds and then we wud not no ennyway. Owr naybor losted won but it did not hert the howse. We losted owr electrics fur howrs and howrs yesserday, but only affer us hondies had owr dinner. Whew! Sux to be the two-leggers tho! Plus, Bola had lots of reeding to do and hadda do it wiff a flashylite. She said that was not to fun on her Bola is getting reddy to leeb me! I am not happy abowt this AT AWL. She is MINE and I want her wiff ME. The misser juss duzn't walk me da rite way - he is too slow! Laila, we awr sorry that yu awr sick. We awl hopes you habs lots of gud times still wiff yur family. Ennyway, I gots to run. Bola is sooper busy wiff werk. Have yurselfs a safe and happy day! AnGUSH
  2. Hiya, its me, AnGUSH! Boy howdy, have we gots sum rain! For ann haff intches in a liddle ober 12 howrs! Owr septic alarm wented crazy and da fones were blaring awl affernoon wif flud warnings. Eben owr leddle crik was oberflowed! It is quiet rite now and waders have gone down. We hadda ware raincoats to eet owr brekkie! Da coats made me and Zekie awl eggsited and we were running around, throwing stuffies, and chasing kittehs. Dere awr no glass tables to crack. Wiki, we awr sorry dat yur fun times caused isshoes. We won't be getting a walk dis ebening doh becuz it still mite rain and the rodes habs lots ob puddles and roks onnit. It is not berry safe - at leest Bola says. It's getting preddy windy too. Time to wach fur falling trees! Laila we hope yur noos is not as bad as you feer. Salsa sounds yummo! We gotted sum mini donuts yesserday and today. Oh Mah DAWG. If dis is hebben, I am a happy boy. We losted awl kinds of manners and pashunts wen dose donuts came owt! Dat will be owr noo burfday prezzie - at least I hope so! Miss Fancy started her doxypin yesserday. Ennywon no how long it takes to see iffn it will halp her? Oh no! The winds awr kickin up! I bedder go chek on the mister. He is feeding the kittehs and mite need my halp. Be safe ebberbuddy! AnGUSH
  3. Gud affernoon ebberywon! It is me, AnGUS! It is anudder hot and stikky day owt there. Me an Zeke got a gud walk this morning with Bola. BUTT, yesserday was the bom! I got bananer pamcakes in the mawning, then a hot walk wiff Zeke in the affernoon. BUTT insted of going bak into the howse, we gotted in the CAR and wented on a ride! Me an Zeke got to hang owr heds outta the same winnow and feel the breeze rush between our ears! I am not shore why Bola is laffing rite now though. Ennyway, we wented to a line. Bola tawked to a wall owt her winnow and gabe sumwon a peese of paper and she gotted a bag that smelled so gud! We wented home and got sum chimken nuggets! Oh my lawsy - I thot I habs gone D E D. But, nope I juss gotted a yeer owlder insted. BUTT den affer dinner we gotted sum libber brownies! I was a happy, happy boy. I like habbing burfdays. I remember wen Bola had hers and she was not neerly as happy abowt hers. Mebbe cuz she did not get chimken nuggest and libber brownies. I bedder tawk to da mister abowt dat. Wiki, I kennot imagine why yu wud not want yur brekkie. I always want mine an MIss Fancy's an Paris' an Zekes. I am not choosey. We gotted a noo bed a cuple weeks ago sints Miss Fancy had an accident in an owld won. It is preddy comfy. It is a furhaven bolster bed. Not as bolster-y as dose Costco wons but they don't sell the beeg wons of those ennymoor. I herd that we mite get for intches of ranes soon! yikes! That meens no walkies for me that day! Dubble yikes! Laila, we hope yur tests come back wif sumthing figgsable. I wud lubs to try awl those snakks. I am noo to this snakking thing! Ennyway, Bola is getting reddy to thro a ball for Zeke so I wanna wach. Habs a gud day ebberywon! AnGUS
  4. My heart hurts for you. I am so sorry that your beautiful girl had to leave. Wishing you much peace and comfort.
  5. oh, this sucks. I hope she responds well.
  6. what raw bones? Some times my dogs hork up the joints from chicken quarters. It is more cartilage-looking, if that makes sense. If it aren't digested within 12 hours or so (based on my dog's personal digestive tract), up it comes. Usually on carpet lol.
  7. I am so very sorry that it was Katie's time. I hope Petunia is adjusting to the loss of her BFF and the new level of silence in your home isn't too deafening. Wishing everyone peace.
  8. I am so very sorry you lost your Charlie. I have lost two the same way and it truly stinks. I wish you peace, knowing you "did good by him."
  9. I am so sorry. The hits just keep on coming. Hugs.
  10. Oh, I am so sorry that she had to leave. She didn't get the quantity time, but you sure gave her the quality.
  11. I am so very sorry that you lost your handsome boy. Wishing you peace as you learn to navigate your new normal without Mr. Spock at your side.
  12. She is just lulling you into a false sense of security! Such a cutie - it masks the mayhem lol
  13. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, handsome! Enjoy your outdoor time and quest for all things inappropriate. At your age, the filters are gone and you get to do/say whatever you want! At least, that is what my father has told me, lol. Congrats on such a wonderful milestone!
  14. Lucy, I am late to this thread but am also one who has dealt with knowing when is enough. I got it right most of the time, but we were 24 hours late with Sherman and it was not fun. But, you have a plan and it is solid and feeling peaceful about it is wonderful. Indy's body failed him completely but when I let him go, he was still so pissed and my last look from him was so damning lol. But, that was Boo. Anyway, I have had good luck with gabapentin and with Adequan injections but I think you are past that point for Spirit. He is such a love and will stay here with you as long as he thinks you need. So, letting him know that it is OK that he go, may be helpful to you both. Lots and lots of hugs. Cindy
  15. Jerilyn, I am just so very sorry that it was Lila's time to go. Your tribute to your beautiful girl with the large personality was perfect. I can only imagine that she is now running around, digging holes with her pawpaws (that always made me laugh for some reason), and getting her ears rubbed by Big Momma. I hope that the outpouring of support helps to carry you through until your memories can bring a smile instead of a tear. Hugs. Cindy
  16. I finally got them all out in the mail today. Whew! Have been receiving such nice cards - my favorite part of the season! Thanks everyone for making this a success.
  17. Fancy has a corn that is really nasty and getting bigger. She has had it for a couple years. We have tried everything, including duct tape, and what works for some doesn't necessarily work for all. So, I just manage it as best as I can. She is 11 so the idea of putting her under for surgery scares me. Please keep us posted!
  18. nice! We don't use front license plates here and don't even have the holder. Looks like everything is now ready to go!
  19. If that doesn't work and you are definitely getting a new vehicle, I have a Mazda3 hatchback that has been able to accommodate the hounds with the back seat folded down. I do put a seat extender back there to block the gap between the back of the dropped seat and the back of the front seats. Everything is covered with an old opened sleeping bag. That car has worked well for me - low 30s for gas mileage and is just under 240,000 miles.
  20. Oh, I just saw this. I am beyond sorry and just so very sad that it was his time to go. Butt, it appears that he had Campers waiting for him on the other side to show him the bacon bar. Jan, I am so very sorry. Hugs.
  21. Aww, Cletus, you are simply the bestest boy. You have a huge flock of chikken dog fans! Hoping you have plenty of more time for chikken nuggets. Hugs.
  22. Fancy (11 YO) is in the study, as well, number 12,800 something. I also agreed to have her enrolled in whatever they want. Curious to see how this all plays out.
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