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  1. It's ThirstDay! I finally got the day right! Guest was all confuzzled yesterday, too. Apparently, no heat except for a tiny cube heater in her office, frosts up her brain pretty well! For the last TWO nights, Paris has refused to go walkie because it's dark outside. We are just letting her stay home so we can actually WALK, instead of drag her around, and we get done faster since it's still damp and chilly. Sherman and I prefer to go at a pretty good clip, as do Guest and So, Paris stays home and guards the door. She runs around like a lunatic at home so no worries about exercise, or lack of it! Glad Abby is home and hope she is feeling better today, as is Tiny. Was it a holiday drink, Miss Sherry? So many good ones out this time of year! Guest needs to get some apple cider so she can add some Fireball to it. Gonna be rainy for most of the weekend, so it's a perfect match! Guest usta work for a woman with bad, and I mean BAD, asthma. Office went scent-free. Even no scented hand creams. Heather doesn't work there anymore but there are still no perfume drinkers. There is some scented hand creams but it's mild. Axe is nasty stuff - Guest had a teenage boy at one time and that stuff is gross. He is 28 now and doesn't use it anymore, thank goodness! Glad you survived your trip, Miss Ducky. Many hugs for many reasons. Guest and worked on my corn last night. was shocked as to how big it was and is slowly coming around on just springing my toe. Paws crossed! Miss Susan, Guest made chili on MoneyDay. She tends to mix it up somewhat and this one was without meat. They eat it with the shredded cheese and sour cream and fritos. They are weird. is the one who makes stew in our house. Butternut squash soup would be good to make, too! Guest has to go to Costco today. I wonder how much that trip is going to cost her? Time to stock up for holiday baking and whatnot. Oh boy! Anyway, the sun is trying to come out and I need to grab that sunbeam while it's available. Enjoy your sunbeams everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  2. It's WindsDay everwon and I am BEYOND frustrated with my staff these days. Not allowing me one.single.peep with my friends! She just rants about work and life and stuff at home. I thought I had her all set straight yesterday and then her office had NO heat. She said phooey on that and went home. To *me*, which is to be expected but we don't really get to use the computer at home! Ridiculous. So, I have missed oodles and am sorry. And hope that you forgive me for making such a poor choice in staff. But, we are good here. My corn is massive and I won't let Guest hull it. She is being a royal PITA or has a royal PITA, depending on how you look at it! She pulled a muscle in her leg and we are on hiatus from jogging until it doesn't hurt her to walk up a hill. I am going to lose all my get up and go if she doesn't get going soon! On the other paw, the weather is damp, dark, dreary and cold, so a little extra snooze in the morning isn't quite so bad. We did spend the weekend with my Auntie and had a good time! Great walks in empty fields and lots to see - the turkeys were everywhere! And, not just IN the house! They even went to a shelter to look for Auntie's new housemate, but the shelter had NO dogs. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Very odd. Told them to come back after Chrispmix. Then, they stopped by a winery and there were Shelties there - Auntie's favorite breed. So, she is gonna get another Sheltie. Fur be dammed. Anyway, she is back at work today, dressed in layers and layers. So stupid. Paws crossed for all those that need it and high fours for those who want them! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  3. I put down old towels as a path to the steps, upon which we have rubber step pad-thingys. I find that they stick to the towel path rather well.
  4. I had that happen, except the bite results were quite different. Fancy had to undergo surgery to repair the tear. Then, 8 days later, Paris nailed her again. We ended up seeing a behaviorist, placing Paris on medication, and practicing loads of NILIF. In our case, the trigger appeared to be a hospice foster that we had and Paris redirected her frustration onto Fancy. After our foster passed, things calmed down considerably. We have slowly weaned Paris back on her meds because you just never know, and still practice NILIF with her. We did get another 3rd hound, a male this time, and we haven't had any issues. However, after that experience, I will never ever take calm for granted again! It was quite the scary and stressful experience. It also took Fancy months to fully relax around Paris again. I so feel your pain and trepidation. Hope all goes well from here on out. I would make her earn everything though - a tired mind seems to help keep them calm.
  5. Perfect tribute for your perfect girl. I am so very sorry that her walk with you could not go on forever, except in your hearts. Cindy
  6. It's MoneyDay everwon! And, it was quite chilly this morning! I got my jog while still wearing my flannel jimjams! It's still way dark when we are out, so no one saw me. They saw my lighterup harness, though, and that's what impotent. So, our weekend was interesting! On SatonDay, Guest and helped bring 9 houndies from Florida to their new adoption groups. Guest and hauled 2 intact males and a recently un-intacted male. Lemme tell you, it got kinda rowdy in the car a couple times! Guest really really liked Turbo Danger - from his name all the way to his veryownself. However, he likes kittehs, small dogs, and anything that moves waaaay too much. So, off to his group he went! We did some serious, and I mean SERIOUS, sniffs when they got home. Then, they left us home and went to a family party for the evening. They had fun and we got an early dinner, which meant a midnight snack. Life was pretty good food-wise. Then, on SunnyDay, we went and had our pictures taken with Santa. Paris was acting like a total derp and Guest needs to decide if she is gonna use a decent picture of all 3 of us or the one of Sherman and I looking good and Paris looking like a total derp. Wottodo, wottodo Then, we left there and got to go on errands! We have never ever done that before and it was great! We went to Lowes and AT&T and Home Depot. What a great day. While we were at Santa's, we got to meet a Saluki who is looking for his foreverandever home. Guest thinks he is just the cutest! He is pretty shy, though. Anyway, we are sorry you are having a rough go, Dippy. Our whippet, Indy, would sundown. Guest had lights come on in every room where he would may be while she was at work and that seemed to help some, too. She doesn't remember what he was taking for it - something over the counter. It's hard to watch. We hope Balti is doing ok and comes home soon! We hope Isabella feels better soon. Yay for eating, Lila! Boo on squishy poo. At least your leafs are gone so it will be easier to find the prezzies you leave in the yard! Guest wanted to get leaves outta our yard this weekend, but ran out of time and now we are out of warmer weather, too! Congrats for making it through, Miss Susan and Hamsammich! You gave it a go and if you don't like it, don't do it. At least you tried and should have no regrets. The kittehs do get left home alone when we go away for the weekend. They are glad to see us back but are no worse for wear. Have a fun visit, Miss Ducky! AndiPants, we have our heat on now! I bet it stays on now until spring. Now, I am ready for a nap. I hope everwon has a good day! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  7. We are hauling a grandson of Jimbo Scotty to Poconos Greyhounds with the name of Spitter!
  8. It's FriedDay everwon! We hope everyone easily survived Halloweenie - a holiday that strikes fear in males everywhere! As expected, we got zero kidlets. They don't trick or treat around here and we had crazy storms, wind, rain, thunder, flash flooding alerts and had to keep out for possible tornadoes. All in all, the Wicked Witch of the West was obviously trying to pay a visit! We are thinking of you today, Miss Elizabeth. We are glad to hear that the services for Missr Richard went well. We hope you are finding your new normal, too, Miss RE Carol. So, while it was storming outside last night, Guest was making a triple batch of butternut squash soup for this weekend. Her family is getting together to celebrate a couple birthdays. She loves that soup, it has zero added salt since Guest makes her own veggie broth, too, and it reheats well. She also learned that Paris LOVES butternut squash! She hovered in the kitchen while it was being peeled, just hoping skin/rind/whatever pieces would hit the floor. What a dork. She got to be such a pain that she had to be physically removed from the kitchen! That worked all of 3 minutes though before she crept back in and was escorted out again. She finally gave up and crawled up on the couch with me, disturbing my rest. Sheesh. Have fun on your trip, Miss Halise! When Guest is ready to add to our pack, she is sure to let you guys know so you can help! Not that you are enablers or anything. There is another hound haul tomorrow and 3 of them will not have had their grown up surgeries yet! Should make for interesting conversation . . . . Isabella, we hope you are feeling better today and are enjoying your extra foods. Guest learned the hard way, too, that camp didn't work too well with us. Unless camp is at someone's house. We *need* our couches to stay healthy and happy! Nice pictures, too, and Miss Michelle looks good. Anyway, is home today, cleaning the yard after last night's weather and Guest is at work. She gets to come home tonight and make a cheesecake for tomorrow, too. No rest for the wicked! Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  9. Oh, Elizabeth, I am so very sorry. Hugs to you, my friend. Cindy
  10. It's WindsDay everwon! The calm before the cold weather and rain comes in - just in time for those little trick or treaters. I got another jog this morning, so I am happy. is home with us today, so we will get a decent walk, too, before the rain begins later today. Whew! Miss Elizabeth, we are so very sorry about your mom. Waiting is tough. We did that with David's mom and it was stressful. Merc, you gotta do the therapy magic on Miss Elizabeth! We also found out today that our haul hound friend, Miss Beth, lost her 1.5 year battle with brain cancer. So, so sad for her husman and her family and friends and us houndie haulers, too. She was a wonderful person. Congrats, Miss Tin! How exciting! Nice kudos for you both! Myka, I am sorry that you are missing your Yell-Boy. That's so hard. I, Fancy, could not tolerate being an only, so I completely understand. Hugs. Yay for eating, Lila! You need to give your mistress a break once in a while. Can't stress them out too much or they lose focus and can forget to feed us entirely. Have fun with that bath, Hamsammie. I LOATHE baths! Hoping for Miss Susan's sake you are way better than I. is in a snacky mood, so I better go bat my ears at him for a taste! Have a good day everwon. TTFN Miss Fancypants
  11. It's TootsDay! The peeps had a busy weekend doing house *stuff* but not enough houndie stuff! I mean, did take us on a field trip SatonDay to drop off unused medicines and then to the park so we could sniff to our noses' content. Guest stayed home and painted. And painted. Until the rains came and then she worked inside the house. Painting a screened porch is a real PITA, according to Guest. All brush work! And, going from parts of it being dark green to white. Oy! Then on SunnyDay we got a walk in the afternoon since the rain stopped but Guest ruined our weekend by chopping toes. Sheesh. ENOUGH! But, I DO love mushmellows and that's the only time we got them, so there is that. Then, yesterday Guest had an unexpected day home. It was a gorgeous day and she needed to finish putting the first paint coat on and Milo had a vet appointment and she felt a headbanger headache coming on so she stayed home. We spent the day lounging on the screened porch while she finished painting it and doing laundry and other housewifey things while was at work. Back in the day, I had a red couch at my old house. When we moved, the red couch didn't work in the new house, color-wise, and the back was too low for So, it went into storage. Well, they want to close the storage unit, so the couch came back, Guest found a cover that would work, and now it's brown and in the room with the tv. She thought there would be a couch for Paris and I and one for the peeps. Well, she was half right. There IS a couch for Paris and I - the new one. As for the new-to-us brown one, the cats adopted that. So, there still isn't any room for the peeps! Guest was happy to share the kitteh couch but had his boxers in a bunch and was annoyed about the dog couch. Guest told him to boot Paris off (and leave me ) because I was there first, was comfy, and Paris was using my tush as a pillow which annoys me after a while. But, instead of doing that, he stalked off. Silly human - he will either learn or he won't. But, don't tell him that I told you this story as he would get all indignant and stuff. Such a man. We are visiting Santa this weekend! Guest is younger but some days feel way way older! Does that count? Good luck this weekend, Hammish! I would not be a fan having my personal parts inspected, so remember to keep your teefers to yourself! Milo, the FAT orange kitteh had his annual yesterday. His blood is perfect and looks fabulous - albeit EXTREMELY large for being 14+ ! He also weighs 16.5 pounds! He is big boned, but he is also flat out FAT. And, it's not gonna change. He is happy and personable, so there is that. Nice snacks, Myka! We love waffles in this house! There were hunters next door last week so Guest kept me home in the mornings - better safe than sorry. I did get my jog this morning, though, so life is good. Kevin is getting a foot of snow today! He is considered an essential employee at his horsepiddle, so he hasta spend the night there tonight. He also got the all okay on his new place, so he will be buying a condo in a couple weeks. They finally sold the house and he never made his roommate go D E D, which is amazing. Guest would have lost her $^&^&)#(_ with that guy a year ago and is still in awe that Kevin maintained his cool. She still needs to learn that! Even more better is that Kevin had anger management "issues" after his cancer ordeal and has worked through everything. Woot! We miss him. Charlie, deff marches in a park are the bomb! Even Paris likes those. But, put her on a sidewalk and she shuts down. Ms Andipants, the cold is this weekend here. It was 68 yesterday and will be in the 20s FriedDay night. Brrrr. But, the wood is stacked and ready for a nice fire in the fireplace. We hope everwon stays safe on the west coast. My toes are tired, so I gotta go. Have a great day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  12. Ours love dried cranberries, too! Milo sounds like such a cute character. Yay to being good and healthy!
  13. I use outdoor furniture cushions and they work well. I just bought chaise lounge cushions from Lowes for 12.49 each. I cut off part and used the rest for a dog bed. Foam inners, 4 inches thick. Dogs love them! I have them on our deck, on our screened porch and a set in our camping trailer. They can get wet but they do get kind of gross after a year or so. You can clean them and then ditch them for new ones when they go on clearance.
  14. dante2zoe


    I am so sorry that it was Lexie's time to go. Her pictures never ceased to bring a smile. Wishing you peace and comfort as you navigate this next stage and adapt to your new normal. Hugs.
  15. Sherrie, I emailed you a couple pictures. Cindy with Miss Fancypants living up to her name!
  16. I have given all the information to my vet and she is reading up on it. I hull her corn regularly but it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I really believe she would be happier with a sprung toe than the boots and the constant foot issues. My husband is leary of the procedure. It shall be interesting to see what my vet concludes. Good luck with your boy - we feel your pain.
  17. dante2zoe


    Oh, Tricia and Burke, I am so very sorry that you lost your beautiful, special River. She was a sweet, sweet dog. Having also lost dogs suddenly and knowing that they were going to pass, I still don't know which way is worse for those left behind. Hugs Cindy
  18. You could always try to train the dog to use a scratch board. But, that doesn't help with the underlying fear issue of having the feet touched. I have never had a sedative knock a dog out that much as it usually just takes the edge off. However, I have never had to use a sedative for that level of effectiveness. Curious to see how this ends up!
  19. Aww, when it's right, it's right! Congrats!
  20. Doin it rite, Cletus! His name is so perfect! I hope you get to have lots and lots of fun with this cutie for quite some time.
  21. Time to perfect the lean! Somehow, I think your counters may be safe though. WTG, Cletus!
  22. Jan, are you going to ask about Cletus, too?
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