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  1. I am trying not to be pi$$ed, but it's not working too well. Fancy's boots where processed at USPS San Francisco on June 29 and arrived at their regional facility on June 30. Then, on my mail delivery digest on July 3, it said the package was being delivered to me. Never arrived. I called my post office on Monday and he said that was an error and it is enroute from CA and to give it another week. I called back today and unfortunately the same employee answered the phone (very.small.post office). He basically shrugged and said the tracking must have gotten damaged. Fine. FIND IT. He said he would email San Francisco and if they respond he would let me know. I was polite and pleasant but told him that I am getting questioned regarding the package and I need to be able to say something besides standing there with my thumb in my ear. The nitwit could possible look in the back of our post office but clearly nothing occurs to him since it is not on the computer. I have never experienced this to such an extent. Thoughts? Going postal lol is not an option, however tempting. I am so tired of seeing my beautiful girl struggle with her current boots and not being able to be as active as she would like. Rant over.
  2. It's ThirstDay everwon! And I know that our yard is thirsty! Feast or famine, rain-wise around here. About an hour from here they got 2-5 inches of rain over the past couple of days. Here, we got 2-5 drops. The birds are happy that we have a couple baths set up for them. The catbirds have been having a wonderful time splish splashing the day away. The wrens who set up housekeeping on our porch are frantically trying to keep their little ones fed and quiet. Endless battle. Guest is keeping an eye out for when they learn to fly so she can keeps the cats away. Hopefully, our screened porch will be back up and running (it is taking forever and a year for the paint to fully dry) because the cats prefer to snooze the day away under the ceiling fan on the porch. But, Zeke was being especially lazy this morning, so I got to go on a walk having Guest all to myself! I just love walkies when it is her and I. We had a great 3-bunneh time. Lots of deer, too. And, you could hear the hawks hollering all over. Not bad for being as warm and humid as it was! Now, my belly is full and I am about ready for my post brekkie nap. Oh, Guest dragged Zeke out down the driveway and back so he would at least poo outside the dog yard. He obliged because hesagoodboy. He then got his coraxis treatment and promptly jumped on the big bed and roached. That blankie is now in the wash and the room is shut off from us until it is back on the bed. Silly boy. Thankfully, only a little got rubbed off as Guest scrubs that stuff into his skin. I am not sure why Paris' postie from yesterday just posted again, but whatever. She is just a little odd anyway. Spirit, I like your DNA! Sounds perfect. I have some, too - Decidedly Nice Girl. My goodness, Miss Jennie, you had quite the adventure! An emu. Whuddathunk. There is a zebra that lives on a horse farm about 15 minutes from here. People be crazy. We can hear the owls calling back and forth but rarely see any. Hopefully, never again lying in our street, too. Paris is our glopper. Holy moly. You hear "Paris, cut it out!" several nights a week. Between that and digging the beds through the floor, . . . . Hada, you find the best memes! But, we were told if we are going to trap him, we should put a dog toy or tennis ball in the trap so he would have something to play with instead of freaking out being trapped. But, I don't think a carriage is gonna fit. As for the raccoon, we haven't seen hide nor hair nor poo of him. The feeders are still coming in every evening and the ammonia is out. Guest is really hoping he has found the cat food bin at the next house and leaves us alone. But, if he makes his presence known again, he is going to be removed. We have neighbors that got chickens again, so we may not see him anymore. I hope everwon has a good day. Guest hasta go into the office tomorrow. Tomorrow is not going to be good for me. I like to keep her within my sight. I like and all, but it is just not the same. And Zeke is going to drive him bonkers. That will be worth the price of admission, me thinks. TTFN Miss Fancypants
  3. chaRlie! Ob corse yu awr like nummer one! Yu habs been in like my mind. Yu gots lots and lots ob pokey dots! I got lots and lots ob stripes. What I like don't got is a momma-bare who takes gud pichers like dat! Oh, and Zorro's is nice to. I hope yu gotted to tuch yur momma-bare dat hole time yu had boomers. I am sorry dat dey bodder yu. Nuthin seems to bodder my sleeps. Stay safe! Yur fren Paris Bueller
  4. My understanding is that the simparica trio doesn't have the same level of moxidectrin as Advantage Multi and isn't effective (or as effective, I am not sure) on hooks. We have a hook positive boy and I have been giving him coraxis on day 1, DrontalPlus on day 15, coraxis two weeks later, followed by 5 days of safeguard with nemex added on day 5. Then, coraxis 2 weeks after the start of the safeguard (so a new med starts every two weeks). We have been really lucky and have gotten our first negative, but he shed larvae the next day after treatment. His stool has actually been on the drier side, so I consider this protocol to be working for us, thankfully. But, the disclaimer is that he is just a tyke (2.5 YO) and wasn't at the track very long before being sent home. I am assuming his exposure was more limited and he underwent treatment pretty quickly and the larvae didn't bury as badly as with some others. Please let us know what else you find out. I loathe hooks and how it makes them feel. Zeke has stopped biting at his sides, too, so I am taking that as another sign things are working for us.
  5. chaRlie! Ob corse yu awr like nummer one! Yu habs been in like my mind. Yu gots lots and lots ob pokey dots! I got lots and lots ob stripes. What I like don't got is a momma-bare who takes gud pichers like dat! Oh, and Zorro's is nice to. I hope yu gotted to tuch yur momma-bare dat hole time yu had boomers. I am sorry dat dey bodder yu. Nuthin seems to bodder my sleeps. Stay safe! Yur fren Paris Bueller
  6. ChaRlie, cHarlie it's meeee, Paris! Hiya chArlie, how yu doing? Glad to be home from camp at Mam's house? I habs sum eggsiting noos! I hab like found MY VOICE! Yuppers! I am much more like chattery at home now. Yu see, Zeke is reel like needy and takes lots ob time from me. He duzn't ask for pets or nuthin - he demands them. It's in his Dee En Aye. Yu no, his Desperately Needy Gene! I got Dee En Aye, to. My Demanding Nosiness Gene. So, now wen I like want sumfing like to get my belly rubbed or my earsies rubbed or my nose rubbed, I like squeak and yip and wave my legs in da air. I am like way more insistent than just a regular ol' bark. Higher pitched, too. It works every.single.time. Yu gotta try it! Making goo goo eyeballs at them helps, too. I was gonna tawk like to yu yesserday but I hadda get my froot booster shot. I made mama sad fur me. We lefted da howse, juss me and mama, woohoo!, and wented on like a car ride! We hadda stop cuz dere was a mama turnkey and her two bebbies crossing da rode. Den, dere was a mama deer and her bebby ready to cross affer dem! I did NOT see da crosswalk but dere was one dere. Ennyways, we got to the vet place and I was too skeered to get outta da car. Yu see, eberwon is masked and dey TAKE YU AWAY FROM YUR MAMA!!! I pooshed myself way up against the back ob her seet and wudn't get out. She hadda open da side door and lift me out. She den hadda like look in da car to see iffn I lefted my tale in dere becuz it was tukked so hi up. Da teck den tukked me away and I kept lukking back and trying to get back to mama and dey wudn't let me. It was horrible. I gotted shotted and stabbed and den mama gotted her credit card fleeced and den I got to get back in da car. But, mama had sum magic cookies from Miss Jan at Camp Greyhound and we got sum ob dose and eberfing was ALL BEDDER. But, I was too traumatical to rite to yu affer dat. Tuk me like HOWERS to recubber. Oh, bloopberry crisp halped to. I also wanted to tell Zorro, yu go! Not go like leab or ennyfing. Go, like way to score dat chikken! Cuz, yu no, it it it like tastes like chikken! It's da bom. Yu gotta try it, too! We habs been getting snackies ob wadermelon and bloopberries and nanners and apples and awl kinds of noms! I lubs me like sum summer eating. I don't fink I will eber get to go to camp. Camp comes heer. But, I fink we like mite get to go see my noo sheltie cuzzin in a cuple weeks. He goes to daycamp once a week since he is lonely at his house. I kennot like imagine being an only as a liddle puppers. Dat wud be hard, I fink. Ennyway, I wanted to say hiya and I liked yur pichers. mama doesn't like take dem ob me much. SHE says it's becuz I am always lying upsidedown and iffn yu see one or one hunnerd ob dose, yu habs seen dem awl. Sheesh. Habs a gud day! Yur fren, Paris Bueller
  7. It's WindsDay everwon! Sounds like that is gonna be extra true for Merc! With everything else being so crazy, the temperatures might as well join in the mayhem. The dew point was higher than the temperature this morning! It was like breathing into a warm wet washcloth. Guest did not do so well with her jog this morning. I was quite content to let her go on it by herownself. And, her music stopped so all she had was herself and inside her head - which is NOT a good place for anyone to venture! But, she got herself home and then took Zeke and I for a nice walk. Loads and loads of bunnies everywhere! Guest thought my ears were going to pop off the top of my head they were up so high. Zeke, on the other paw, could not have cared LESS. I live with such numbskulls, it is quite the embarrassment. Hang in there, Miss Tin - a Friday is coming, eventually! Thanks for popping by. We haven't seen any fawn zoomies, but we do see a pair of fawn regularly. In the road. Scary as people are stupid and drive way too fast on our street. We have loads and loads of pretty blooms in our garden but that's it. Guest has to go out there with a q-tip and pollinate them herself. Sigh. When on earth is she going to find the time. Working from home is great, but it takes up more time than going to the office. She has to go in on FriedDay (what a icky way to end the week) and she is worried that she is going to be told that she has to return to the office. She really doesn't want to for oodles of reasons, but a big one is that our neighbor found 3 feral kittens trying to get into their trash. They caught Whiskey and Tango, but Foxtrot got away. Well, Guest found a home for the pair and they will be moving to Washington, DC at the end of the month. They have been living in a ground level, meaning in the dirt, rabbit hutch and Guest is bringing them into our house for a couple weeks to get them used to the indoor life before they move. We had them vetted and their shots started this week, so they have been cleared to be amongst us. Would be so unfair to bring them indoors (and locked up in a room) only to have no one around all day. They are cute little plinkers! Well, it's time for my post-brekkie nap, so I will check in with everwon later. Stay safe and cool! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  8. BEAutiful Bea was probably why it took you so long to figure out what she already knew - My Three Sons needed a mother figure and she was ON IT. I am so very sorry that it was her time to go. We have an apple thief here - I wonder if pumpkins will be safe. Rest well, Sweet Bea. Send your mom a sign as I am sure she could use one right now. Hugs to you, Jan, and your campers who are probably lost without their Boss Momma.
  9. While our wishes for you to celebrate your wonderful life are late, they are most heartfelt. It looks like you got to celebrate in greyt style, Miss Bea. We are thinking of you, Miss Jan, and hope that you are doing ok.
  10. Miss Elizabeth, don't edit your post unless you want to. Being here to have our computers cried on is just one of the things we can do for each other. It really does "take a village," but the definition and make-up of those villages differ these days. Stay safe and I hope you can find comfort knowing that there are people (like us) thinking of and supporting you and yours.
  11. It's TootsDay everwon! First things first - Miss Elizabeth, all we have is socially distant hugs and leans. Grieving in isolation with everything else happening has got to be incredibly tough. The idea of just going back to "normal" boggles my mind. I am actively trying to rethink about the definition of normal and how things *should* change forever and ever as more and more of these viruses and plagues seem to be happening. And, for what it is worth, I certainly WOULD add Richard's health into the mix while trying to decide what to do. At the end of the day, your and your husband's mental and physical health take precedence. It is going to be another hot and sticky sticky day. The dew point and temperature were within a degree of each other this morning! Yuck. Guest took her jog anyway and was a literal hot mess when she got back. But, this weather has allowed me to embrace my new routine and I didn't even look up when she left and I barely moved when she returned! I am rapidly getting used to not going for a morning run. I am truly finished with coaching Guest through the morning hours. She is taking it in stride for now, but let's just see how much she begs me to return when it is dark out there in the morning! Ha! Zeke and I did take a shorter walk when she got back and cooled off, but we were definitely not our usual bouncy selves either. But, we did stop and help a turtle cross the road. So, my good deed of the day got done early! Yay, let the crazies start now! Nuttymeg, I keep forgetting to tell you that we had a pair of bats flying around last week! Guest and hope that they are regulars, but so many things are transient around here. Now that we have to take our feeders down at night, our bird traffic has slowed. They are going elsewhere since the pre-dawn feeding isn't happening. The feeders get out before 6:00 but apparently that's not early enough. Molly McFashionista, we agree that the plaid collar is your Chrispmix one. We think you should rotate through the other three, one week for each at a time! Depending on your mood. We saw something about your state signing an executive order or something requiring schools to open to students in August. We certainly hope we read that wrong and worry about your mama! Miss Jennie, I forgot to mention that putting zucchini in chocolate cake makes it a health food! How is Bibbi today? We are sorry that she is having a major issue. How old is she? Our oldster, Milo, who is 16ish is starting his decline as he is looking pretty ratty. But, he is still catching moles and practicing his pesto skills, so they are letting him be, besides doing what they can for his hip soreness. Thanks for the poison ivy tips! Guest is so used to it by now. She tends to just get a couple spots here and there - no major real estate is covered, thank goodness. She is pretty sure that we tromp through it and then the oil gets on her because we share like that. The husband of one of Kimber's besties was sitting on their porch on the 4th and the neighbors shot off a firework and the stand fell over and the rocket struck Andy in the chest. Burned his shirt and his arms and he still has ringing in his ears. Crazy. Their toddler had just been put to bed and it sickens me to think what would have happened if he was still sitting on his dad's lap. So, yeah, those illegal fireworks can be nasty. So thankful he wasn't seriously hurt. The neighbors kept on firing them, too! People can be batsh!t crazy. Guest called the post office yesterday and they want to give the package another TEN days before trying to figure out where it is. Guest is giving it TODAY and then will call again tomorrow. Hope you are feeling better today, Ducky! Miss Nancy o' the burgh, we are glad you are starting to feel better. We hope you are able to enjoy Grapehounds. It is on Guest's bucket list but she is just not comfortable for it this year. That's too bad since everything else they were going to do has been cancelled. Charlie, when Paris wakes up from her post-brekkie coma, she is going to chat to you. She has been chattering about it for a while now. Anyway, Guest needs to chat with her office, so off I go! Have a good day everwon! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  12. It's MoneyDay everwon! And, like everwon else, it is hot, hot, hot! Guest took Zeke and I for a long morning walk before the heat really kicked in. While we were out, a real friendly Golden Retriever was in his yard, behind his fence. He ran up to the fence, barking and wagging his tail hello. Zeke took one look and one listen, spun around and dragged us back towards home! Sheesh. He looked like a nice puppers, too. Guest did not run this morning because it was too dang hot and humid. And, she was tired after the long weekend that had zero relax and all work. But, she is happy with what got done! Guest and did not go anywhere to see fireworks. There is a decent display near our favorite park. They could have gone and not even have gotten out of the car to watch. But, Guest spent all day FriedDay and SatonDay in the blazing heat painting the inside and out of the screened porch. It looks real nice, but by SatonDay evening, she was done. So, they listened to the fireworks from the comfort of our AC and watched the display on the local FB page. Us houndies slept through it. Sherman and Maggie were both really afraid of them and Guest wasn't sure how Zeke would be since he is not really a fan of gunshots or loud thunder. Not scared, but not thrilled. The Calm-A-Mile worked well for Sherman, too. Miss Jennie, Guest makes a chocolate zucchini cake and you cannot tell it has zucchini in it! It is really really shredded and just adds loads of moisture. She made blueberry zuchinni bread last night! It is so good! I was following her around asking for another taste and *I* do NOT beg! Of course, she got from freshly picked blueberries (not from a store) and those are SO GOOD. Then, she made a lemon blueberry bundt cake, which is why she was up way too late on a school night. She is making all kinds of things blueberry right now before she freezes the rest. We have been lucky with Lowes. We got our kitchen appliances and countertop from them and they arrived when they were supposed to arrive and without fuss. Thank goodness because there isn't a Home Depot less than 35 miles from here. It's basically Lowes or nuthin! Be careful of that rash, Ducky! Guest is finally feeling better after her rash. Now, she has poison ivy. I swear, I live with a moron who is unable to stay out of trouble. Summer, you did well with the snacks - after all, the only way we can stay emaciated is to only eat one chip or cheeto. I am sorry that your svelte figure is being called emaciated. Guest had some stranger stop his car and yell at her while walking Dante that she was starving her dog and he was going to call the police. He would not stop yelling, so she told him that she would tell the police that he was stuffing his fat dog to death. She didn't win any points with that altercation but it felt good to see him get all ticked off and sped away. Jerk. My boots have been losted somewhere between San Francisco and here! Guest is non too happy with our postal system right now. The boots left Melbourne Australia ONE MONTH ago and landed in the US 10 days ago. I know things are slower right now, but on FriedDay, our email from the post office said the package was to be delivered on FriedDay. It was not and now no one can tell us where it is. I want my new shoes! Anyway, I gotta go. I would have said run, but it is too hot and I don't have the proper footwear Have a good evening everwon ! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  13. I am so very sorry. He is at peace. Wishing you comfort in the knowledge that you took his pain and made it your own.
  14. Pat needed him more. I cannot imagine a more joyful reunion. I am so sorry. I remember all the Gizmo stories and pictures.
  15. Thanks for all the responses. Fortunately, he has a little ADHD-type behavior, so we have learned what can distract him somewhat. We do attempt to turn around when he freezes, but if he is frozen it is because he is focused on something only he knows about and there is no moving him. But, lots of face massage seems to help to focus him back on us. Every walk is a different experience and requires a variation of the million methods we have tried. We will get through this! I thought Goose was the ultimate in statue-ing - WRONG. At least here is a picture of our newest addition!
  16. Oh no! I am so sorry to see this. Wishing you peace. Hugs Cindy
  17. Aww, poor Lila. Step up your game, Jerilyn!
  18. I have ours on Cosequin and NextGuard, which is a liquid. Paris tore a muscle in her front leg while racing and that leg seems to bother her at times, so I recently put her on Adequan injections, too. Haven't been on it long enough to see if it will help her, but I have had good response from several other dogs. I give it subQ, so it's an easy injection. Just a thought.
  19. We just brought home a 2.5 YO greyhound. He loves going for walks, which is great, but at some point (distance is not relevant) he flat out refuses to move because we are not going where he wants to go. He is 75 pounds of stubborn puppy muscle, I haven't figured out what to do. Your typical circling, waiting it out, coaxing, switching directions, does not work. I realize it should ease up with time, but meanwhile I need to do something. Dragging him isn't good for either of us. He is this way with a martingale harness or collar. Suggestions? He will even do this walking in our yard. Thanks, Cindy
  20. thank goodness you didn't say how long they had to pose with a piece of fruit! This is was a strawberry. Paris thought it was most delish.
  21. We lost our silly, goofy, gorgeous boy on February 21 10 days after his osteo diagnosis. He came to us almost two years ago after his first family couldn't handle a dog and a toddler. He was a big boy and we were able to get his weight back down to a comfortable 80 pounds. He had the biggest neck I have ever seen on a greyhound. His family told us that he was a very picky eater. His first meal here he turned his nose up at his kibble and grabbed a chicken leg (we feed raw) and never looked back. Was never picky, never missed a meal, and polished the bowl every time. He loved his walks and his morning massage. He would back into you for a good rub down and butt massage every day. If you finished before he was ready, he would follow you and back into you again until he was done. We didn't have nearly enough time with him, but were lucky enough to have been able to do a lot of things, so his time with us was filled with fun, laughter, adventures and love. We miss you deeply Sherman and eventually we will all be ok. Fancy is still a mess, as she is missing her BFF in the worst way, but is getting better. Run with the angels, big guy, as you were an angel here on earth.
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