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  1. Deeply sorry....the pain of loss is unbearable 💔
  2. crazygang


    Tears again.....How loved she was by your family. She was special and very precious. Run free Mazy 💔
  3. Good God!!! What a tragic and desperately sad situation....so sorry....both reunited in Heaven waiting patiently 💔
  4. crazygang


    Deeply sorry...take comfort in your memories and that he knew he was well loved
  5. Deepest sympathy for your loss....what a special boy he was. Will watch over you as an angel now.
  6. So sorry she sounded such a character....miss my bossy girl too so understand your pain of loss.
  7. Deeply sorry...such a short space of time between losing pups. Struggling with six months between myself let alone weeks. Peace be with you
  8. Thanks for the kind words. Having fought so hard, only to lose.... Missing her desperately 💔
  9. So very sorry for your deep and painful loss.....Trevor was obviously adored and knew much love. Peace be with you.
  10. Goodbyes are the hardest....and we let our baby girl go yesterday. Her health was declining and just this week... worsened to the point of no return. Our little tough hardknock, accident-prone Irish Dancer who greeted us at the bottom of the stairs. Had the waggiest of tails, brightest of eyes and the biggest smile.... 💔
  11. So deeply sorry.....wished so hard she would rally for you. But it was not to be sadly...
  12. Just awful..deeply sorry...we entrust our babies with others. Truly heartbreaking :'(
  13. So tragic! Deeply sorry..... and so very young :'(
  14. Oh how awful...so very sorry...and so young :'(
  15. I got through the first anniversary of his passing on the 7th Aug.... don't know exactly what I expected to happen. The worst already happened. Again I found myself same as last year not crossing the dates off the calendar after the date he died during the month of August. Time stopped that day and will never be the same again.
  16. It hurts these anniversaries.....but not to feel grief is to forget, which will never happen...they are always in our hearts. Remembering Nixon
  17. Thanks so very much for caring and taking the time to post kind words or send hugs. I know everyone understands.
  18. I didn't post in remembrance last August when my precious boy lost his battle to stay with me.......just couldn't find the right words.... It would've been his fifteenth birthday today and another 'first' without him........He was my pride and joy.
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