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  1. Merc, dis made mummy go all She lubs dat yoo and Ms Lizabeff take nappies togedder At furst I red dis as "whose butt is kinda boring" Dood, stop putting yerself down, I'm shore yur butt is juss fine! Pippin
  2. Sure hope da leedul chiwahwah is found! Fansk fur halping, Miss Ducky! Mario! STOPPIT!! Mummy is enuff ob a cheetah as it is! Wait. No. I can't use dat spelling. Cheetahs are slim, fast, elegant animamals. Dat eggsact oppositt ob mummy! Ok, she is pretty fast, butt deffo KNOT slim and MOST deffo KNOT elegant Flizzie is back to her ownself ... and causing trubble! Yoo go gurrl! Cherry saw a focksy! Lucky yoo, I haben't seen won in ages around heer. Prolly too menny screeming kids Mummy habs two hours to go at her werkjob, den she is coming home and werking frum home dis afternoon! Yeah! I can't wait to be a soopah pesto. Mummy, we need an emoji fur dat too, as well as a train. Chop chop! Wiki, yoo look positibbly adorable wiff yur Wicked toy. Oh me gudniss. Ware is Charlie? Yoo out dare Charlie? And Summer? Hi Nutmeg! Pippin
  3. Gud morning! Nice werk on da stares, Cherry! I nebber lernt to do da inside stares... Merlin and Sagan lernt, butt da caahpit on dem is slickery, and she tawt Sagan how to do dem, and he wuz soooo funny, he hopped up dem like a bunneh, and came down dem won by won bery slowly and carefully... it looked reely funny frum beehind Plus also, it wuz diffrint because at da time Merlin and Sagan wuz around, dey wuz da fambly dogs, and Unkle Nick and me mummy sleeped in da beeg bed upstares. BUTT me, I yam mummy's and da upstares is Unkle Nick's now, so dare is no reezin fur me to go up dare and he comes down to talk to me and gib me pets when mummy is at her werkjob anyway, so. I am afeered ob slickery stares. Miss Halise! Calls at won turdy ob da ay emm?? Dat sounds nitemaritch. Aldoh I don't fink I wood hab a probblim going back to sleep. Dis KNOT a probblim we houndies are afflicted by I hope yoo get a gud nite's rest tonite. Miss Noo Carol @ScootersMom! Yooze a hooman after ourown haaahts! By da way, did yoo no dat Mistah Henree Waddleswerff Longfellah wuz born rite heer in Portland, Maine? Dare's a beeg stachoo ob him in a square, and hims house, da Wadsworth-Longfellow House, which wuz bilt in 1785-1786, is preserbed by da Maine Hysterical Society and peepuls go and tour it, plus also da gaaahdins. Yur quotashin reminded mummy ob a line frum anudder pome by Mistah Longishfellow about da Amalfi coast - ... And a sound is in his ears Of the murmur of the bees In the shining chestnut trees; Nothing else he heeds or hears. All the landscape seems to swoon In the happy afternoon... Gotta run... to take a nap afoor mummy comes home to lub on me let me tinkle. Pippin
  4. Miss Noo Carol! Glad to reed dat Flizzie habs eeted a leedul sumfink and pooped - baby steps! It's only nachooral dat she shud still be soopah tired. And Miss Chris too! I hope yoo can take a leedul napette, Miss Chris! Yoo cud leeb AndiPants in chaaahge ob sooperbizing, no? Hmm/ I dunno. She mite fall asleep on da job or fink eberyfink is juss fine and den realize it LOOKED dat way frum her uppside down vantage point! DISS below is da creechur mummy cheeted on me wiff lass Turdsday. Lookit dose REDONKULUSS earsies. I woodn't eben leeb da house iffen I looked like dat. Pfft! I don't know wut she sees in him. BUTT she is all when she sees him and goes on and on and ON about him and "kewt" he is. So I juss ignore her cuz I yam too polite to pee in her shooze... Hmpf. Also, won ob mummy's faybrit treeze practiclee terned a into a milliun colours obernite! She checks it neerly ebery day. Isn't it pritty? It's going to get eben prettier soon. Pippin
  5. oh, now it's FITTEEN toofers?? Oh me gudniss. Hopefully we get a gud update later tooday! Gud girl, AndiPants, fur being yooze sissy's support bubbol! Free cheers fur Amicar doing its job! Espeshully since it ain't cheep Butt so werff it! Mummy's at her werkjob rite now and is going into a boring meeting. She duz KNOT hab a lot ob dose in her job, fank gudniss, butt dissiz about da moob neggst yeer. Da law school is mobing off campus and going to a shiny bilding downtown. Mummy is so sad to leeb campus, plusalso it will take her much longer to get home to me at lunchtime. She alreddy juss about brakes her neck getting to and fro in won hour, she is stresst out juss finking about neggt yeer. Sigh. Oh well. Dare's biggah probblims out dare. I cotch up wiff yoo all later. Pippin
  6. KNOT mucho time rite now as it's my sleepy bed time, butt wanted to check on Flizzie. She losted 10 toofers!!? Oh boi, sheeze gonna be sore tomorrow Miss Chris, I fink da only fing yoo can feed her tomorrow and mebbe prolly fur a hole week, butt mebbe two to be on da safe side, is ice-creem. (Flizzie, yoo can fank me later ) Heer's lots ob fur speedy mouff heeling. We LUB all da pikchurs!! Fank yoo fur sharing dem wiff us! Aldoh mummy wuz doing a lot ob dis at Merc and Toby and Zeke Plus also da gurls!! I fink mebbe I shood find an emoji fur chopped libbah We did nuffink tooday. Correkshun, I did nuffink Mummy did reeding, laundree and tidied up and cleened a bit. Don't worry, she did KNOT ober-eggsert herownself, so we still lib in a pigsty. Pippin
  7. So glad it's not The Unmentionable. I highly recommend Alisha's No-Pull Harness. To be honest I think every dog should be walked with a harness, I really don't understand why so many people still pull or tug dogs by the neck. I honestly, genuinely don't understand, because harnesses are such a no-brainer to me. They can't cause damage to/hurt a dog's neck, they don't irritate the fur around the neck, they are way more comfortable for the dog generally, and you have way more control when you're walking! Teehee! Mummy duz dat all da time! !!! Carol, I am so so sorry that your surgery was postponed again. How insanely frustrating for you. I no dare's lodes ob udder stuff I misst, butt YOO GUYZE, I hab to tell yoo sumfink. I am juss going to say it cuz it needs to be said. I am sick and tired ob mummy coming home smelling ob udder doggehs. I am too eggsausted so I won't go into da detales tonite, butt since mummy is abandunink me ALL day tomorrow to go to Noo Hamshah, I will hab plenty ob time to tic tic and tell yoo how she cheeted on me tooday... I juss need to remember dat pastwerd ob hers... butt anyway, I yam mad as hell and I yam KNOT going to take it ennymoor! Pippin, fed up
  8. Gud morning! Mummy got to her werkjob late and wuz all grompy frum da nasty swettiness. Haha! Yoo're so gross mummy! I miss Myka tooday. Summer, it wuz so nice to heer frum yoo and I am sorry dat Ms Jen is so bizzybizzy wiff her werkjob. Yoo mite want to check on her to make shore sheeze KNOT saying sheeze buzzy werking BUTT reely spending her daze doing dis ! Gud luck wiff dat project, Aunty Patsy. Mummy habs a totally outtacontrole forsyffiah on da side ob da house too, and she habs been wanting to zap it bak fur weeks, butt it's been too hoomid or too rainy, or boff. Looks like dis weekend is going to be gud fur dat project, doh. Ms Jerilyn is BLEEEDINK!! Nope. Can't possibly werk tooday. Wiki, do yur magik wiff dose bewtimuss beeg brown eyeballs Glad to heer dat Miss Kathy's eyeball is doing moor beddah, Ivy! Well mummy keeps finking it's Turdsday butt it's SNOT. It is still Wennsday. Bummer. She wants dis week to go way way fasterer dan it's going. Sheeze going onna day trip to Portsmuhff Noo Hamshah on Fried Day (and leebing me beehind ) wiff a frend and doh sheeze KNOT crazy about Noo Hamshah genrallee, she is looking furward to spending da day wiff her frend. Plus also dey're apposed to be going to dis Nepaleeze restront dat habs lots ob yummeh vegan opshins. Hope eberywon habs a gud Turdsday grr, Wennsday! Pippin
  9. Merc, yur hint aout NO TRAIN EMOJI wuz registered and gotted me stamp ob approobal and I hab added it to mummy's to do list. Sheeze such a slacker deeze daze Do KNOT werry, I yam on it! I kick mould her into shape! Fancy!!! Soooo nice to heer frum yoo, and weeze so glad yur medicamashins are werking Dis makes us bery happy. Sorry Kimber habbed to leeb - cuddly hoomans can be fun. Mummy is quite cuddly, and I follow her around too, butt I hab no deloosions about her keeping libbah brownies in her pocketses Gino! Yoo be shore to keep yer toofers to yurownself! Molly habs birdie giraffs outside her frunt door! Wutebber neggst?? Yoo be careful out dare! Happy burfday Flizzie! I can KNOT beleeb yooze alreddy SICKS! Enjoy dem birfday sammiches! We juss LUBBED dat pikchur ob yur gahden prodooss. Mummy habs dis weerd fing about colourfull prodooss and how pritty it is. She downloads digimatal puzzles to play on da iPad sumtimes while she lissen to moosik or potcats, and it is always pikchurs ob colourful veggies and froot! Or tea! She uses dem as desktop backgrounds as well! Hmmm, wait mummy's wut's a potcat? Izzit like a stoner or summink? Gud, cuz moss ob dem need to chill a bit to be honnist Guest, we wuz reely sorry to reed about all yur eyeball isshooze (also mummy said dat 7.5 hours onna plane wiffout being able to read is her idea ob a terrible, horrible, no gud, bery bery bad trip, and she is sorry ) Eben werser iffen yooze werkjob depends on da ability to read lots. Pleeze be bery careful and gentle wiff yurownself until yoo get da all-cleer to read again frum yur doctor. Eyeball isshooes is bery askeery. Laila, how eggsiting! Weeze keeping our appendages crosst fur yur 'rents and hope dey find a house dey lub! Hi Nutmeg!! Wiki, duz yur Mistress juss sing deeze songs about yoo in da pribbasee ob da toilit when yooze KNOT around? Because I'd hate to fink ob yoo habbing to endoor da kind ob singing dat comes out ob me mummy's mouff, witch is a daily occurrence and is unspeekably mizrable fur me earsies. She duz KNOT rear lies how bad it sounds because she is waring earsie butts, so I am da only won hoo suffers. Howsumebber, I did get tooken to da feelds tooday! Fanks mummy, I guess I'll keep yoo butt pleeze stop torchurink me earsies fank yoo Pippin wiff da sensitiff um, dissernink earsies
  10. Dat meditatayshin gahdin looks reely lubbly and leefy! It's callt habbing a dissernink palate, Ms Lizabeff. Merc nos wut he wants! Or wut he duzn't want! Or... well it depends on da day, mood, etc. Yoo no - a dissernink palett. Butt I guess yoo don't understand dis, I seem to rememborate an adbertissmint about SPAM Oh, I yam on FIYAH tooday! I doubt it - prolly slow like a slug. Aldoh he duz hab sumfink we don't hab: endoorants. Da udder day he wuz playing wiff a labbadork in da hall all day! Sounds eggsaustink and unpleazint quite franklee. Mummy came home eggsaustificated juss frum lissening to dem Well, dat's priddy rood, fur stahters. Ms Jerilyn, honnistlee. Yoo been chatting wiff me mummy? She's always YoureBeingReallyAnnoyingRightNowing me. Come to fink ob it, sheeze always YoureAlwaysUnderMyFeeting me too. Sheeze juss been a big grump eber since she went back to werk at da offiss! Did FancyPants check in while I wuz gone? How she doing? We hadda lazy day. Pippin
  11. Of course you did Elizabeth, I have a guilty confession to make. You know that absofrickinlutely adorable photo of Merc sitting and looking up like an angel with a cookie on his looooong schnoz? I saved it to my camera roll a while back, and when I feel down I look at it because it makes me and smile so much. I haven't shared it or anything, obviously I wouldn't do that without your permission, but I hope it was ok to download it to my camera roll. Dat's trooly vomity, Mummy! Trooly! Plus also yoo're a big Joodas. <~Dat wuz me Cynthia, I am so so sorry that you're going through this with Zorro. I've been gone a few weeks, and remember you starting the Prozac and hoping it would help. Now I see things are worse I am inclined to agree with Chris, maybe it's time to try something different? How long has it been since he started on the meds? I think that when my vet put Merlin on Prozac for the anxiety he was developing from his early dementia, she mentioned that we would switch to something else if there had been no visible improvement after a month. It must be so heart wrenching to watch him be miserable and anxious. Speaking of Merlin. He has been everywhere in my mind in the last month. I have been reliving the time he was hospitalized for a stroke and the following weeks of recovery, as the heart dog of a friend of mine had a massive stroke 2+ weeks ago and I've been trying to be supportive, so I dug out all my notes and journal entries about my experience of Merlin's stroke, and photos of him at the hospital, and videos of him learning to walk again... and it's all come flooding back. Unfortunately my friend's grey is recovering far more slowly than Merlin did. Her humans adore her to the moon and back, though, and have literally moulded their lives into a new routine that revolves entirely around her needs and rehab. Finally, yesterday, the first really meaningful improvement: she's not curling her toes underneath her anymore! It made me so happy. Er... HALLO? Yoo keep me away frum me frends fur like evah, and den yoo tell me yoo'll let me tic and insted yoo start to Ware is yer manners mummy? Sheesh. Oh me gudniss! Broccoli??? I can KNOT begin to tell yoo how much we lub dat name!! Mummy says she mite hab to steel it fur fuchur use.... Mummy's bruddah habs suggested meeting in Lisbon in a munf and mummy wood lub sooooo much to go because she misses Yoorup sumfink awful, butt she duzn't no iffen she is reddy to trabel when da pandametric numbers is still iffy. Ms Lucy we hope neggst week is KNOT too stressful Widget!! I meen !! How hab da crime rates been in Wisconsin lately? Habs da been on da prowl a lot? Habs dare been lots ob feevings? Is da local vole populashin still in peril? AndiPants!! Is yoo going to get bones??? Pippin
  12. Hi dee hiiiiiiiii I been bizzy conserbin ennagee fur wintah and getting kissis frum noo floofy frens and pestoing ob coorse! Fings is FINALLY calming down juss a leedul bit at mummy's werkjob and I shood hab a bit moor time. Gud fing too, because she is juss eggsausted. I hope yoo've all been fine and dandy!! Pippin
  13. Oh me gudniss duz ennywon eben rememborate me??? It's been, like, DAZE and DAZE!! Dis me, Pippin! Wiff a dying rear. Dat seemed to be gedding moor beddah. Den no. Den yes. Now no again Mummy = Butt (<~ haha!) I yam in gud spirits. Howebber, I hab missed LODES. I yam going to cotch up proppa dis weekend. Fur now juss to say to all me frends! Pippin
  14. Gud morning! Fanks fur da noo club Miss Chris!!! I am being tooken to da feelds because it's finally cooler. Yay! See yoo all later! Pippin
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