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  1. MERC I JUSS WANTED TO LET YOO NO YOOR MUMMY WENT TO PET-FRENDLEE PLACIZ AND DID KNOT TAKE YOO BECAUSE SHE IS TRICKSY, and den she had da NERBE to try to make us KNOT tell yoo! Sorry Ms Lizabeff, houndie bruddahs gotta stik togedder Pippin sorry butt KNOT reely
  2. Summer Ivy, while I am most impressionated by yur deesire to fink positib, dat "second brekfist" ob witch yoo speek duz KNOT reely count as a reel and troo sekund brekfist. It's wut we call a "recycled brefkist" and darefoor duz KNOT confer eggstra kudos to yur mummy. In fact, she prolly wuz juss being tricksy and shood gib yoo a REEL sekund brekfist to make up fur it. Merc, yoo make me laff. Also, me mummy wuz all at da beeg round white blob in da sky lass nite. I dunno wut all da fuss is. It's KNOT eeben cleen, it habs wut look like dirt mahks on it. Meenwhile I wuz standing
  3. Handsome indeed Kibo! By da way, so glad to reed dat Widget seems well and trooly recubbered and up to his ode triks Oh no Ms Halise! Werkjob werries and stresses is da werstest! We hope yur day goed beddah dan eggspected! Ms Lucy lookit yur vegimal beds, all fancy schmancy! Sorry yoo had such trubbles. GLad it's all dun now doh - well apart frum da outstanding bad online reviews Wiki and Summer, yoo do KNOT look alike AND yooze boff bewtimiss I lub da sock Summer (I meen - no, no, bad Ms Jen!) And mummy laffed out loud at da pikchur ob Wiki lying in da dirty
  4. I've been wondering how to do that as well. I am the klutziest person in the universe. Mummy. Go. Away. Naaaoow. Hello me frends, dat meenie did KNOT let me tic fur a foo daze cuz she keeps gedding heddakes It's all in her nek (it's always her nek and showdahs! ) and me myownself I yam conbinsed it's juss dat her postchur suks, iffen she sat up streyt--- Well maybe if I didn't have a big LUMP lying against on me every moment of the day I would have some room to sit up straight. Oh me gudniss, sumwon bring me a biolinn pleeze! Akchooally mebbe we need sumfink biggah s
  5. I hab misst so much!! Mummy's hed got moor beddah over da weekend, BUTT she tooked a brake frum dingy-tall debices anyway because she wuz so eggsaustid frum da mindgranes and heddakes dat she didn't dare risk it. So I missed lodes, BUTT I am so happy to reed dat eberywon habs powah again! Oh, dat mussta been reely ruff. Well mummy is werking rite now and did KNOT want to let me tic, butt she made an eggsepshin because... It's me BURFDAY!!! I don't no wut she habs in stoor fur me yet butt I am reely eggsited. Wutizzit wutizzit? Wut cud she habs been planning?? Mebbe a limo
  6. Day Too ob mummy's mingrane. So weeze juss stopping by to say hello fur now. Wags, Pippin
  7. Crickey I misst a lot (no I am KNOT an Australopithecus Australian juss cuz I sed Crickey.) We feel so bad fur eberywon hoo is wiffout powah! By da way fanks fur da normil americun-to-nooenglund translashin Merc Doh fur me it's an acquired accent too, being frum Floridya! Say hi to da allimagators frum me and tell dem I do KNOT miss dem!! Ms Sherrie and Ms Chris, I hope yoo boff habs powah again now Laila! How perfklee lubbly it is to see yoo! Weeze bery sorry to heer dat yur mum is poorly doh. Ms Nancy ob da Berg, I hope yoo get sum answers at da doctuh's tooday.
  8. Oh that's consideritt, Merc, fank y— Nope, didn't werk. Lub birds... Pffft! Moobin' on, while dose two getaroom... Oh. Mummy is very hormonal and grompy-irritabill today, and sad. She knows it just habs to pass. She will be fine in a few daze! Back in a bit! Pippin allergic to bah!lemontimes
  9. Stoppitt O Canydah! Stop sending us code air!! Heer in Maine it is KNOT as code as in O Canydah, BUTT let me tell yoo, it is code enuff. Mine-niss sebben fartyheight dis morning -dat's like mine-niss twentywon saltiuss! No. Juss no. BUTT! It habs been bewtimussly sunny and sunshiny. So eben doh it is code, me and mummy hab been wanting to be outside a lot. WIff ice crystils on our eyeballlashes, shore, BUTT still in da sunshine! Dare is sumfink so bery priddy about a reely sunshiny wintah day. Yoo no? Da code air is so crisp and da snow under our feets is all sparkly and powdr
  10. From the album: Pippin

  11. No! Not YELLBOY Oh, Jen, I am terribly sorry. I just don't even know what to say. This has been such a horrible, terrible, awful week. A wintah storm is coming. Lots ob rainy rains today and den hebby wet sno and wind obernite. Mummy forgot and is werried we will lose all da frozin fud she bought yesserday. Well why on erff didja fill da freezybocks won day afoor a storm mummy?! I forgot! I like yur attitood, Isabella. Yur mummy's attitood? KNOT so much. Priddy ungrateful, iffen yu ask me. Yu wuz being halpful! Hmpf. I was fed brekfist at 10 on da clok. N
  12. Jerilyn, I cried out when I read that you had to say goodbye to our beloved Lila. We will miss her so much. She was such a wonderful girl, and one of the most beautiful hounds I have ever seen. I am glad that she helped you make the decision in the end, we've all been through that agony of not being sure when the time is right. I am sending you lots of love from me and kisses from Pippin. You are very much in my thoughts. And now I am just speechless about Jack's news. I literally don't even know how to process this right now. Cynthia -kerry
  13. Morning! AndiPants, yur neighbur blows dem leefas fur hours ebery Turdsday?? Oh mah dog. Mummy wood go bananananas. She wood prolly hab to hab werds wiff da neighbor - or moob! Mummy says sheeze reely sorry yur hoomans hab to deel wiff dat! Cherry , dat is KNOT nice to be rushed fur numbah won and espeshuly fur numbah two. Ms Kathy Da air smelled sweet and felt nice dis morning too, butt I wuz still KNOT taken fur walkies because mummy sed We will wait for the rain to subside, witch cud be, like, nebber! Da sky got ebber so daaahk and we herd funderboomers!! Now it appeers to
  14. Sorry yoor tummeh is upset, Molly. I hope yoor urge to subsides! I lub eeting blades ob grass. Mummy used to get soooo and about it, and eben roodely pry open me mouff and steel da grass blades out ob it. Unnecessarily aggressif iffen yoo ask me. Now she seems to eeder hab desided dat life is too short or she habs juss finally lerned to chill. We habbed a reely borink sunnyday. I did KNOT get a cah ride, I did KNOT get to go on a cookie run AS PROMISSED eben doh me biskie supplies is looking dangerussly low. It's bery discontzerting. Mummy raked moor leebs fur a while and made me s
  15. AndiPants yoo crack me up! Charlie, we do KNOT like dis nooze about Cap’n Jack. No, we do KNOT like it at all. We hab no eggsperience wiff dis so we will KNOT chime in or gib adbice, BUTT we is hoping and hoping dat dis nasty neck payne resolbs itsownself SOONIST and dat his hoomans is able to figger oot wut werks. Pleeze keep us postied. Also: me fut goes D.E.D. all da time when I sleep onnit. Stoopid fut. Plus also me leg. Always da bak rite won. It’s happened all me ‘dopted life. Mummy finks sumfink happened to me dat dare is no infurmashin on, prolly an injoory dat nebber heel
  16. Gud fur yoo Summer fur lerning to be alone. I don't like it - I reely reely don't - and it duzn't madder if Uncle Nick is in da house, iffen mummy is KNOT dare I roo to da hebbens until sumhow she muss heer me and she comes back. She sez she is running errands, BUTT iffen running is inbolbed, why wood she KNOT bring me wiff her? I no how to run. Ennyhoo I don't do nuffink crazee when she leebs da house. I'm juss KNOT happy. It's cuz I'm KNOT used to it anymoor. Summer, I hope yer mum swintchiz to werking at home again soonest. We lubs goldiefinchiz! Mummy's been tackling d
  17. Hello hello HELLO!!! Guess wut - dat meen hoomum is ledding me back on to say hi, and I tode her dis heer is a NO HOOMAN EDISHUN (wut a GRATE ideer) so she can't talk bak iffen I deeside to be impertinent Funnily enuff mummy wuz also happy to come back to a NO HOOMANS edishun because she is tired ob dem and she'd much rader lissen to houndies talk. Well, habbing been roodely forced in secloosion fur so long, I only herd about AndiPants a few days ago and shore hope she is feeling moor beddah and heeling! My oh my, wut a frite dat muss hab been. Ooooh, greytalk looks re
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