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  1. Wow. Hoping the strong meds and drains lead to fast healing.
  2. What a beautiful tribute. I am so sorry for your loss. Godspeed Fenway!
  3. Sorry to hear you did not get better news. Sending hugs for you and Zuri.
  4. Wow you and River have been through a lot this weekend. Will keep River in my prayers.
  5. Glad to hear the surgery went smoothly. Will be watching for updates and keeping Jake in my prayers.
  6. I too would suggest duralactin. I had no idea that it came as powder form. I will have to try to find it online. You can get the equine pellets of duralactin but they did not save us much and neither hound taking it liked the horse pellets. My almost twelve year old takes Rimidyl once daily and tramadol twice a day along with his duralactin, He is still able to handle thirty minute walks.
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