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  1. https://res.cloudinary.com/rlm410/image/upload/v1605961318/AABAF0A2-B2A3-490E-BB4A-4D6563E3054D_xgzgvx.jpg
  2. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve been on GT. I’m following Od Aficionado, at Southland. eta I need to change sig. I’ve lost everyone except Yoshi, my 19.5 year old kitty. 😟
  3. Hi all, too much to go into right now but a quick question What have you found to be the best harness to use for rear end stability after rear leg amputation? I will explain everything but right now I need to get working on this.
  4. hi... I'm sorry to say I have lost so many dogs over the last few years. My beautiful Chloe to lymphoma despite doing the "gold standard" of treatment- one month short of her 11th, but she was a very young at heart dog, Teddy, to hemangiosarcoma of the heart at 13.5 Beau at 14 to LS, my first greyhound. Those 3 were my "core pack" And the reason for my love of greyhounds. Now I have... Ollie who is 12.5 Ponch who is 10.5 Bugsy a 2 x return. growling & lunging at men. Rio age 6. She is the real problem. She bites. Literally. She is just a mentally unbalanced dog. But shes ours. We don't have sweet and calm pack anymore. I miss those days terribly.
  5. Does anyone here remember me?
  6. We lost Beau. Our beautiful, precious Beau at 14. May 2018.
  7. My Teddy was perfectly healthy until e had a massive stroke at 11.5 which he recovered from 90%. He's almost 13 now and has had 2 more strokes but refuses to give up. My others, over the years have had multiple issues. It's bound to happen with all the inbreeding.
  8. Yes, I do remember. Im just sick over this. So raw.
  9. My beloved Zander. My one and only Prince. November 17, 2008 - March 12, 2016 One year 10 days post amputation. Cancer robbed another innocent soul. I want to honor Zander's life rather than grieve it. He brought us so much joy and made a seamlessly integration with our already established pack. He was our resident mouth piece who showed his excitement by barking like a certain cow doggie who happened to be his mother. But his roo, his beautiful baritone roo was both music to our ears and a beauty to behold. Head back. Needle Nose straight up and he sang with soul. Speaking of soul. Zander's eyes. He has the deepest, most expressive brown eyes I have ever seen. The most beautiful eyes....and they followed me everywhere, all the time. He positioned himself on a certain bed, his bed, so he could follow everything I did. Aside from having a deep appreciation of food ( particularly Vienna fingers) Zander lived for his walkies. Even after his amputation, within 3 weeks, he was leading the pack on 2 one mile walks a day. Literally, leading the pack. But, he hated his coat. When he saw the coats come out, I would have to chase him around the dining room table, then he would run back into the den and plop down on his bed, making getting the coat on more difficult. So, many times, we said the hell with it. It was comical. Seriously comical. He didn't "do coats". It became a game. He won. Always. Luckily, he had his own natural fur coat. Like his momma before him, he had the lushest, thickest, most beautiful coat of hair I have ever felt. And so soft. My fingers became buried in the thickness of it. And how he loved when I ran my fingers through his coat. And I did. All the time. I could stroke him for hours. And I did. All he time. But my favorite part of Zander's "looks " was the black smudge across the side of his face. That was what I called "the Elsie kissy spot". And kiss it I did. He thrived on the loving. He loved to be loved. Boy, did he wind up in the right place because Rich and I adored loving him. When he slept or was just laid out chilling and relaxed, he looked like a sleeping Prince. My Prince. I could never express how much I will miss him. I can honestly say that my heart will never be the same. Again, as with Elsie, I hope I get some sort of sign. Not being a believer, I'd like to be proven wrong. Sweet dreams, my Prince. I love you and I always will. Forever and ever.... Goodnight, Sweet Prince.
  10. Personally, I don't think there are ANY choices once you have one of these. Custom made for your hound, ultra lightweights, ultra strong and I know of no greyhound who is bothered by wearing one, including my Teddy who has been wearing his since August 2015. Simply the best! https://www.etsy.com/listing/225448995/greyhound-assistance-harness?ref=shop_home_active_2 ETA, I think every GH owner should have on BEFORE they need it.
  11. I'm sorry Lisa. So very sorry. I remember when he came home.
  12. Our beautiful Chloe lost her long battle with lymphoma in May. It's taken me 4.5 months to be able to post this. What more can I say? She's gone and our hearts are shattered. We miss her, and mostly Teddy misses her. Life will never be the same. http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=JC+allthewayhome+&x=37&y=7
  13. Are you sure it's not LS? If so, Acupuncture is amazingly helpful. I've had 2 with it. http://www.greyhound-data.com/dir/397/Lumbosacral_Stenosis.pdf
  14. Will do! How's Iker doing? Nancy Nelson adopted a galgo just as skittish as Iker. She's had her about a year and she is doing much better but still freaks out when she doesn't know who you are.
  15. Hey Jey, I called about an hour ago. His vitals were ok, blood pressure good and they took him on a small walk. We are Hoping he can come home tomorrow. This was extremely frightening. Thank you for asking.
  16. Teddy is walking, not great but is is up. They are putting together a plan of PT and hopefully tomorrow, he can come home.
  17. Teddy has been getting aspirin for years because of what we thought were small Tias. What happened yesterday was different. His face was distorted, mouth hanging open, no use of legs. To see him removed from the van by a gurney and wheeled away was heartbreaking. Results were 2 strokes in the front of the brain and something else in the back. I am waiting to get the full report from the radiologist.
  18. After an amazing short weekend (cut short by the events) in the poconos, where Teddy was running, spinning and jumping around like a maniac, despite his LS (he gets acupuncture) he threw up, basically collapsed and was unable to Get up. Brought him to the er vet in the poconos where they did X-rays where nothing showed up. They told us before they did anything that they would probably see nothing in X-rays but they had to start somewhere. We loaded the other 5 in the van and drove back to Long Island for the MRI. That showed the multiple mini strokes. I'm trying to find out if there are any other older greyhounds who have had serious strokes where things got turned around. They are staring PT for him tomorrow. Teddy is 11.5
  19. Please do not let him near the kids. If there is an incident of any kind, make sure you get the dog out of your house and get him to the group who should contact the Lexus project ASAP thelexusproject@optonline.net Www.thelexusproject.org
  20. Unfortunately, we have been through an amp before. We aren't allowing him off leash yet in the backyard, plus we still have about 8 inches of snow. He hasn't tried to jump. Hopefully, he won't for a while.
  21. Hi everyone, Zander came home Wednesday evening. We are all so pleased with his progress. He ate the pork cookies (dehydrated pork we make for the dogs) in the van coming home) when he came out from the back at the hospital and saw me, he literally screamed. He then dragged the vet over to me and proceeded to drag me out the door. I literally had to slow him down.nhe wanted O U T . O F T H E R E!!!! When we got home, we brought out the dogs a few at a time in the backyard to see Zander. After a brief, oh hi, where Ya been, ohhhhh I smell where you've been, you poor bastard... It was business as usual. I slept on the couch downstairs and it was a relatively quiet night. He got a little restless about 3 am, I bought him out for pee pee and all was good. Here is when we got home last night and had a snack. Looking adorable!
  22. Zander lost his right front. His mom had osteo in her left front. He is doing really well and will be coming home later.
  23. He did 2 laps around the office. They are very pleased on his progress. My boy.... :beatheart :beatheart I will post pics when I get home from work.
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