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  1. I seem to recall this happening before, but forget the cure...using firefox 71, latest chrome, latest edge browsers, same.
  2. Famotadine is available from overseas, India, via ebay for around $5 for a hundred 20mg tablets. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174105361543
  3. Never underestimate the power of Hunger, freindship, and love. Note the special key lock they added. you could also try:
  4. My last dog, when she got elderly, I used an American Equine glucosamine & chondroitin powder, cost me about £15 for a kilo tub (2.2lb.) and lasted forever at about a teaspoon a day mixed in her food. My vet said there is no difference in the chemical formulation between the horsey or the doggy versions, or even the human ones. I used it myself. probably should buy some for me again now... Poppy doesn't need it yet as she's only going on 7 yrs. Does make you want to chew on the lawn tho.
  5. Freezing will not kill 'everything' in the soil. Might kill adult hooks & larvae, eggs are hardier. Little info available, but I saw one article that said 7-10 DAYS at -35F to kill hook eggs. Some worm eggs can survive years, anyhow, canine wildlife, fox, coyote, etc. can re-infect your yard in the spring even if you live in an area that gets that cold for that long. Hooks Less likely in the north tho. Thankfully hooks are rare in the UK it seems. I see badger and fox poo around our apt. lawns almost daily they live close by. Thankfully no coyotes here...
  6. Cletus didn't do it. He wasn't there. If he was there, it was someone else who looked like Cletus. If he did do it, he doesn't remember. If he does remember, he was forced to do it by Donald Trump. If he did it on his own, He's sorry, he didn't mean to do it. If he did mean it, he's even sorrier. Anyway, It's all in the past, let's get over it and move on. All Y'all will forget about it in a few days anyway even if your Goldfish remember... p.s.- That's it! The Goldfish did it!
  7. Making the bed has a whole new meaning after you get your houndy.It is indeed now a crumple zone.
  8. It did! thats as wild as they get. Absolutely Berserker! Don't know how y'all stand it.
  9. Seems a bit drastic. I'm guessing you've explored other solutions, hulling out the corn, etc. Can't they cut (or botox) the nerve instead so he/she can still use the toe?
  10. Poppy dislikes peanut butter. She can hear you whisper 'sausages' at half a mile tho. And will be behind you when you finish saying it.
  11. Well, a dog needs his beuty sleep. Love the chikken, Poppy wants one now...Southern fried of course.
  12. My two bridge angel greyhounds, Blue and Millie once caught and chewed three fledgling partridges each like bubblegum before I could get to them. The parent birds just escaped by flying. no change in stools after.
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