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  1. Poppy has been doing her 'wake-up daddy' call an hour late recently, I'm assuming she's resetting her biological clock early to make sure tomorrow goes well.
  2. Poppy, my saluki x lurcher, off the leash in our Apt. complex's enclosed garden, would head straight for a weeping willow and circle around it, letting the hanging bits scrub her, and not particularly slowly, of a few minutes with a look of bliss on her. Only once per outing. We had a blind man who moved into one of the flats who complained about the hanging bits, so the management trimmed the branches to head height. He moved on a year or two later, the branches grew back and when they touched Poppy's back again she was back in heaven. We had to move 2 years ago, no more weeping willows on our walks. No more bushy back scrubs. She now insists on me scritching, while she stands, her back from head to tail along her spine every evening, accompanied by her bum twerking happily throughout.
  3. Firefox sort of centers the header, depends on how wide you drag the window. FF 82 B4.
  4. Poppy is also a great listener to my dissertations on life, the universe, and everything and......FOXY! Tally-HO! On our late pre-bed wee-wee walk, is saw two gleaming eyes in my headlamp range. Approaching nearer, it was a large male fox calmly lying down and watching us. at about ten feet Poppy was trying to go into heat seeking missile mode, radar locking on, with me trying to not have my arm wrenched out of its socket. Mr. Renard casually moved another 10 feet to the left and lay down again, watching us. After dragging Her Highness past the chase toy, with only one strangled bark, we proceeded up the hill. On our return Mr. Fox was STILL there, back where we originally saw him. Lying in the exact same spot just behind our communal lounge area (which is shut down due to coronavirus). He finally trotted calmly thru the barbed wire fence border into the pasture next door. (We generally see around 6 sets of eyeballs from the resident foxes in the pasture at night. They usually stay at least 20-30 feet away staring at us.)
  5. Any physical or hormonal changes in your daughter that may have affected her smell? He may think she is a stranger and be wondering where his real friend went.
  6. The Solution: Fight Fire with Fire. https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/lifestyle/boxer-window-cleaning/
  7. Yes, try leaving the door to the crate open & see what happens. If OK archive the crate.
  8. I've been told pure white with blue eyes mammals are almost all deaf, the gene responsible causes all three. Knew a nice neighbour's cat a few years back, all white, blue eyes, deaf as a post. Very friendly.
  9. They still 'lure' course, chase a plastic bag lure on a string pulled by a cranked bicycle wheel. Actual hunting of live animals is frowned on.
  10. My females marked. Just not indoors. Outside they marked EVERYTHING that might possibly have had the attentions of a passing doggy. watching Poppy squatting while also lifting her leg to mark a lighting pole or a bush is really funny. The only dogs I've had that did not ever mark indoors were Blue, my male greyhound Timber, my male terrier.
  11. Gallows Humour: Covid-19 Isolation Good news / bad news
  12. Pot Noodles are emergency comfort food, snack, or "I better eats somethin or i''l be hungry later" food. They come in a bewildering variety of flavours.Open lid, add boiling water, stir, wait, stir eat. Some are a bit more difficult and require opening and adding a packet of dried veg or a packet of sauce or flavouring powder. Primary food source for students at university. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pot_Noodle Note the exclamation mark with 'flavour' in caps. this warns you that there is no real BBQ Pulled pork in it.
  13. Tesco here have 28p chicken and mushroom pot noodle that's better than the more expensive ones like batchelors, and their own store branded ones, and one with phoney oriental manes. Some of them are well over a pound and do not taste nice. batchelors packets were pretty much sold out. They were on sale at 40p, usually 80p-£1. (50p at Sainsbury) Don't care for aldi's pot noodles much. Packet noodles there are better. batchelor's bacon ones and the knock-off bacon ones at Aldi and the store brand Morrisons are the ones I buy most. (and some chikken ones ;))
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