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  1. Patsy, is the cruise over already? We will be leaving for home on Tuesday. But we will get to pick up our girls on Wednesday!
  2. Hello from sunny blue sky Italy! It’s so beautiful here and we are now staying at a 500 year old Masseria ( a five star farmhouse!) and the property and gardens are spectacular! Welcome back Pippin! It is so good to hear from you again! Zorro!!! You poor houndie! So are still soooo cute and I think a rakish beret would look adorable on you! Nancy of the Berg, we are on the same continent! Welcome to Europe! This evening we are going to a cooking class and will learn to make focaccia! Yum! There was a bad storm here two nights ago and it knocked out our WiFi, so I’ve been unplugged for 24 hours. Robin and Dustin, I saw JJ’s star all the way over here in Italy! Kathy
  3. Zorro, I hope your ear heals fast and hope you are feeling better. Oh JJ, I am so sad to hear you are making this journey. You have been such a delightful addition to this group. Please dance with my Breeze when you get to the Bridge and you will feel healthy again! Sending to your Momma and Daddiman too.
  4. Good morning! It’s a gorgeous day here today with a clear blue sky and sunshine. Temps will be going up to the mid 80’s. Perfect for touring. Welcome home Lulu! Great picture Miss Ducky! Miss Carol, I hope Richard will cooperate and take his meds so he can make a full recovery. Kathy
  5. Merc, thanks for posting our gelato picture! I had chocolate orange (yum!) with coconut gelato and Jim had lemon and coconut. Miss RE carol, I am so sorry about Mr R. He has enough challenges already! Hamish, you are having such exciting adventures! off to bed- we are exhausted after so many hours traveling! Miss Kathy
  6. Hello and greetings from Matera Italy- in “the heel of the boot”! We are exhausted and heading off to take a nap! I will be posting:digicam on FB after my nap if someone could move them over to the Club I would appreciate it! Miss Kathy
  7. Beka and Ivy are happily ensconced at the sitter's house and Jim and I are finishing our packing. We leave for the Puglia region of Italy tomorrow, flying through Rome to Bari. Puglia is "the heel of the boot", which is on the Adriatic coast. We are looking forward to it! Patsy, have a wonderful time on your cruise! Lulu is adorable! Miss Kathy
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