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  1. Hi Battle! That is eggsiting that you will be at an outdoor show! That Showcase sounds BERY important! When are you leabing for the show? My Daddy's phone wuz KNOT an I phone, it wuz an android phone. Momma told him he HABS to get an I phone this time- then she can track it from her I phone when if he loses it! Lilly, I hope you are feeling better bery soon! We went for a fambly walk this afternoon and we met two ladies who lubbed on us! One ob them sed she sees us when we walk by her house (about a half mile away) They thot we were beautimous! It wuz cloudy al
  2. AndiPants, Daddy noticed that the phone wuz gone when they got to the cabin for bacation. He does knot use it bery much now that Momma is home all the time, so he didn't miss it right away. He looked at the cabin but culdn't find it there, so they had to wait until they got home to see if it wuz here! They habs been looking since they got home and Daddy checked the car too- ober and ober and ober. These hoomans and their phones!
  3. Angie and Lilly are OK! I hope Lilly's nausha goes away so she will eet! Miss Ducky really does look FABOO! Daddy is going to hit the leetle white ball around so we will be spending the morning wif Momma. Daddy lost his cell phone and habs looked eberywhere. Momma called his phone ober and ober and ober and culdn't find it either. He doesn't remember seeing it after they left last week on their trip. Momma sed they are going to ask Verizon if they can retriebe all his contacts from the Cloud. Are there contacts up there? Ivy, looking up at the cloud
  4. It's OK Merc, I like seeing your pikkie bigger! backandforfandbackandforf for KLilly and Angie! Happy Birthday Miss Ducky!
  5. Lila, that pikkie wuz taken in the front yard by the dribeway. She habs a lot ob property and it's really nice. Plusalso she habs a beeeeg fenced in backyard that we get to run in!
  6. Miss Ducky, Momma made that spanich rice recipe from AndiPants and she let us taste some in your honor for your "foster" spanich doggie!
  7. I am back! We had such a fun time at Miss Nichole's house! We are glad to be home too! Plusalso, guess whot? Momma gabe us mooshies! She sed they had a fire pit at the cabin and made s'mores and there were mooshies left over so she brought them home to US! Miss Ducky, a spanich doggie is coming to be "fostered" at your house? We are getting rainy rains here today but we went for walkies anyway. Here is a ob us on our rainy walk: There was a LOT ob gud sniffings to be done since the leabes were wet and we habs knot been home for a week! Iv
  8. Hi! It's me, Cherry! We are home again! I wuz sooooooooooooo happy to see my Momma and Daddy when they got to Miss Nichole's house so I grabbed a stuffy and ran and ran and ran thru the house wif it. Then I leaned and leaned and leaned on Momma so she culd't go anywhere! We did habs fun at Miss Nichole's tho, I ran and played and barked wif Betsy so much that the fun police told us we had to stop! We all slept in crates in the brekkie room so there were fourlebendy crates and it wuz like being in the kennel! Plusalso Miss Nichole habs a beeeeeeeg fenced in backyard and we ra
  9. We are home again! We had a lot ob fun at Miss NIchole's house wif her greys Zane and Betsy, but it wuz soooooooo gud to see Momma and Daddy come in the door today! Here is a ob us in Miss Nichole's yard before we left to come home: We tried to be bery bery gud girls while we were there. Miss Nichole sed we were not trubble at all. Cherry destroyed a stuffy and shredded a crate pad. Miss NIchole is bery nice and so is Misser Gary! She sed we can come back negst year when (if) Momma and Daddy go on their crooses. We sed gudbye and jumped in our car. When we got h
  10. Good morning! Jim and I are heading home today (a 9 1/2 hour drive) and picking up the girls tomorrow ( not tonight since that would be another 3 hour round trip) We can’t wait to see them! Miss Kathy
  11. Oh Elizabeth, that’s not a pleasant experience! Your implant comment is Miss Kathy
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