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  1. Hi Tiller! Well, my sisser Cherry is offishally She runs through the house wif a stuffy in her mouth, backandforfandbackandforf. She throws them in the air and does circles around the dining room table. If she gets eggsited, like when Momma comes home from an errand, she runs and runs and then she jumps a leetle and nips at Momma' clothes. She sometimes pushes me out ob the way if Momma or Daddy are petting me, but I push back! Then she lays down and falls asleep really really fast! Yes, she is ! Uh oh Miss Patsy, those storms are sneeky! Charlie, does leetle Mystic habs to wear a cone ob shame? Fancy is still getting snax for her birthday and gotcha day! Guess whot! Tomorrow is playgroop day! The weather is supposed to be nice, knot too hot, so we will be able to run and run! Maybe Cherry will wear herownself out and behave when we get home! Ivy, always well behaved
  2. AndiPants, that horse racing track is about thirtylebendy minutes away from our house! I habs knot been there though! Ivy
  3. Gud morning friends! It is knot raining today and Momma habs to go to a dentist appointment. Our dog walker Miss Tracey is coming to take us on our morning walk. Miss Sherrie, we lubs you. Ivy
  4. backandforfandbackand forf for Mystic! Charlie, I am glad you called the Animal Welfare peeple for that poor doggie!
  5. It is hot hot hot today, so Momma and Daddy surprised us wif a field trip for a cool, shady walk! We went to a trail in the County Park nearby. I habs been here before when Beka wuz here and had four legs, but that wuz a while ago. Cherry habs neber been there before so she wuz bery curious! Here are some ob our fambly walkie: Me and Daddy on the trail: Cherry looking ahead on the trail: Here we are wif Momma: Meeeeee! Cherry by the creek: I decided to lay down in the sand by the creek and take a break: Here we are wif Momma by the creek: When we got back to the car, Momma gabe us a long drink ob coool water! Ivy, ready for a nap!
  6. Hi! It is hot hot hot here again and hoomid too. We went for a walk wif Momma this morning at 8:30 and she made it shorter cuz it wuz so hoomid! Andpants, that eggsploshun wuz in Baltimore, the city where Momma used to werk. We libs near Dee Cee,so we are far away. Thanks for thinking ob us! I hope that Kimber is OK! Those corn "sticks" are beautimous! Those bug bites must be a pandemic! Momma habs them too. Just two leetle bites on her leg and it habs been itching for WEEKS! Mam, a hornet's nest AND a wasp nest? Stay far far away! Uh oh, those deerhoundies are knot allowed in the kitchen! Aww, the leetle bloobirdies habs flown away! Merc! You got macandcheese? nom nom nom! For Laila's daddiman There is a repair man coming to werk on Daddy's treadmill today. Cherry and I will be sure to bark and bark and bark to let him know when the man gets here! That is our job, to be guardhoundies! Ivy, resting up before werk!
  7. Merc, we habs never been to Popeye’s. Do you get a chikken sandwich? Wow Pippin, you have lots of things going on at your house! Spirit! Your Mom knows how to install a ceiling fan? I am very impressed! My Momma would be afraid to even TRY that! Laila, we are thinking about your Dad! Miss Noo Carol, Momma says that autumn is her faborite season, even if the days are shorter. It will be better for her this year in autumn and winter because she will be home and able to see daylight during the day instead of driving to werk in the dark and home from werk in the dark. we had a quiet day today but did get lots of walks. Now I am ready for Ivy
  8. Tiny habs a foster brudder! Lila is eating! Uh oh, Spirit does knot like going to the vet. Neither do I! I'm glad you didn't habs to go back when Miss Loosy went back! We went to playgroop today and there were sebenlebendy houndies there! We ran and ran back and forf, and then we bugged demanded requested petting from the hoomans. It wuz a nice morning! We went for a fambly walk this afternoon and met a leeetle poopie who is 13 weeks old! His Daddy sed he wuz a Cavapoo (King Charles Cavalier Spaniel/Poodle mix) He wuz bery curious but a leetle skeered ob us cuz we are MUCH taller than he is! His name is Leo. Bery kewt! I habs spent the afternoon and I think I will go back to that! Ivy, tired houndie
  9. Lila, I am so glad you are feeling better today! WOW! Those snax look nom, nom, nom! Merc, that is a wunderful idea! I lubs ear rubbies! Thanks for having a birthday Miss Nancy ob da Berg! Ivy, enjoying the celebrashun ob Miss Nancy’s Birthday!
  10. That's really lovely. What a great place to relax bug free! Sweep looks lovely lounging on her throne.
  11. Cindy Jerilyn, it is never an easy decision. I agree with Caroline and Cindy. But do talk to her- you would be surprised what you can get from that talk with her! In the meantime, don't fret about a missed meal or a missed day. Just give her as much as her favorites as you can! Enjoy and treasure this time with her! Kathy
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