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  1. Have a safe flight Patsy and we will see you on Friday!
  2. We finally got sunnyshine this afternoon and it wuz beautimous! We went for our afternoon walkie then came home for Summer, I hope you are feeling better after your dental today! Daphne I hope all our frends on the West Coast stay safe from the storm. I hear that it will be coming here in a cupple ob days! Habs a gud evening eberywon! Ivy
  3. We went for our morning Wiki Walkie wif Momma and saw some doggies walking by too. We visited wif one named Dashi and her Daddy looked at us and said "They are so docile!" Momma told him that is how greyhoundies are! It is cool and clowdy here in Mary Land today- a gud day to stay inside! Ivy
  4. Hello from cloudy and cool Mary Land! There were thirteenlebendy houndies at playgroop this morning and we ran and ran and ran! Then I laid down on the grass whilst Cherry kept running and barking too! There is a noo houndie named Ellie who misbehaves and Cherry wuz putting her in her place and following her and barking to keep Ellie out ob trubble! Miss Ducky, that is a really gud poster for Bella. The pikkies are kewt and it will appeal to peeple's softer side too! I hope Bella is found soon! The reel estate market here is The houses that are within 20 miles ob Washington are from $600,000 to well ober a million or more dollars in bikkie money! Daphne, we will cross all ob our paws for you on Toosday! This afternoon Daddy will be watching tee bee to see the Wisconsin Badgers football and Momma is on a trabel seminar. We are just going to Momma is telling me to get off the puter already! Habs a gud afternoon! Ivy
  5. Good morning! I hope all our frends on the west coast stay safe from that Bom! It’s playgroop day!
  6. Miss R. E. Carol, here is a to help you feel better- the center ob this orchid looks like a bat! Ivy
  7. Good morning! AndiPants, that’s whot Momma wuz thinking too about Cherry getting askeered early on about Miss Tracey and getting her harness on. Early last year one day when Momma wuz at werk and Daddy wuz golfing, Miss Tracey came and when she wuz putting on Cherry’s harness, Cherry ran away from her and into her crate and wuld KNOT come out and barked at her. That wuz shortly after Cherry came to lubs wif us. So we habs tried lots ob this and it wuz working, but Momma should habs put Cherry’s harness on ahead ob time yesserday. Oh well, negst time she will do that! Ivy, helpful sisser
  8. I am finally here! Momma wuz gone allllll day wif Auntie Gwen to go to a mooseum in Washing-a-ton Dee Cee. But Cherry wuz a nonobaddog whilst she wuz gone. Miss Tracey came to walk us whilst Daddy wuz still here and Cherry was happy to take all the treets that Miss Tracey gabe her. But when Miss Tracey picked up her harness Cherry ran into her crate. Daddy went to get her out and Cherry wouldn't come out and she GROWLED AT DADDY! She eben showed her teefers! So Daddy closed her crate door and Miss Tracey took me out for a walk all by myownself! Momma is werried about this behabior and is trying to decide how to handle this, since there are times that Miss Tracey will need to walk us when neither won ob them is home. Umm, Merc? That house is a leetle weird! All that glass and black and white and that funny fountain in the bathroom! Miss Patsy, Momma is gonna wear something she calls "business casual" - nice pants and a nice top. She is eggsited about seeing you again! Flizzie gets to eat crunchy fuds again! Momma says she habs always lubbed that ob Dude! Momma and Daddy had a really nice dinner last night for their annibersary. Thirty won years is a looooong time! Ivy who had fishies on her kibble again tonight!
  9. Guess whot! Last night Momma and Daddy brought home a leetle plastik box and then I got mahi mahi on my brekkie this morning! Nom Nom Nom!
  10. Good morning! Thank you for the anniversary wishes for Momma and Daddy! They had a really nice day and a nice dinner out, and even brought home a box for us! Ivy, going back to
  11. Oh! I forgot to tell you! Today is my Momma and Daddy's 31st wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary Momma and Daddy! They are going out to dinner wif some restaurant gift cards that they habs, so we get to eat early tonight before they leave! Ivy
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