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  1. Gud morning! Happy Birthday Wee Hamish! Cherry told me she saw TWO bunnies standing together this morning! They had a stare-down until Momma moved, then the bunnies ran away.
  2. Merc, this is the closest I culd come to getting a ob my Momma's first roach. I though she wuld roach on the couch, but this is the closest she wuld come to roaching : I think she definitely is knot a roacher!
  3. Gud morning! We habs been awake since 5:15 ob the am, went outside for our potty break and then had our brekkie I wuld knot finish mine . When Momma and Daddy came home from the grocery store, I did LOTS ob Zoomies in the house! Then Cherry got out ob her crate and we chased and chased and chased through the house too! Then we got peanut butter! Nom nom nom! Miss Caroline, Nuttymeg! You stole your momma's scrampled eggs and toast? Oh! I mean Look at Charlie and Zorro! Miss Nancy ob da Burg, how are you feeling today? Momma is going wif Aunty Gwen to help her plant all her flowers in her flower beds today. Aunty Gwen moved to a noo 55+ neighborhood (?) and has flower beds now. Then when Momma gets home she will finish planting the rest ob OUR flowers in the containers on the front porch. Daddy is gonna do our walk this morning since Momma will be at Aunty Gwen's house. This afternoon we will do a fambly walk. So I better get my in now! Ivy, busy houndie
  4. Miss Patsy, I habs been trying to get a ob Momma roaching, but I habs knot seen her do it yet! Plusalso my paws are too beeg for the white dot on the phone camera screen! I will keep trying for you! Miss Nancy ob da Burg, I hope you get better ebery day. Miss Caroline!!! Speek to us! Miss Noo Carol, Momma sed she forgot about wax beans! Her Momma used to make them a lot when she wuz growing up! She is going to look for some at the grocery store this weekend! Miss Lizabeth Lila, my Momma used to habs 6:30 ob da am meetings and she would habs to dribe to Baltymore for them and leave at 5:15 ob the AM! Laila, Momma just ordered two purkle Grapehound masks today when she got that email! Ivy, maskless houndie
  5. Gud morning! Guess whot! My leetle poopie friend Nala wuz found last night! She wuz missing for 5 days. Now she is safe at home wif her momma! Ivy, happy that her leetle frend is home
  6. We did a Mommy and Me walk today cuz Daddy went out to hit the leetle white ball around. Then this afternoon we did a fambly walk too! Momma wuz planting plants in the garden this afternoon and now she has to plant in three containers in the front ob da house. She is gonna do that maybe tomorrow if it doesn't rain to hard! She says she really really likes this retirement thing! So many houndies are going to Mountain Hounds! Is that in Tennesseeeeeeee? Plusalso Miss Ducky will be there! Merc! Miss Soosan, did you get leetle Hermione yet? Time for a before bedtime! Ivy, tired wif all the eggstra walkies we are getting!
  7. Miss Patsy, according to Mr Google, today is Israel Kamakawiwo'ole 's birthday! He would habs been 61 years old.
  8. Merc, that is such a kewt cake! How did you find that pikkie? Abby, welcome back! Miss 'Lizabeth, Miss Deb, ouchie ouchie! Miss Soosan! That Miss Laze sounds like trubble! Those are bery nice garden Miss Chris! Momma took us for a Mommy and Me walk this morning, and then we went on a fambly walk this afternoon. Then Momma wuz out in the garden planting flowers. She still needs to buy a few more to fill in empty spaces in the garden, plusalso for one ob the big planters. Ooooh, I think I hear the kibble hitting the bowl! Ivy, who really likes habing a retired Momma
  9. Outsmart a cow? I think Miss Robin and Misser Kevin are probably smarter than the cow. But the cow is an eskape arteest! Miss Robin, keep on swimming and don't let them get you! Um, Miss Patsy? I habs knot seen Momma roaching yet. But I did see her walking around the house wif a sparkly tiara that Auntie Linda sent her that says "Officially Retired" ! Momma told Daddy that she was born to be a lady ob leisure and wear a tiara! Miss Patsy, I like the Hawaiian singer "Z" who went to the Bridge a few years ago. He wuz REEEEEL big (in size) and sang Over the Rainbow wif a ukelelelele . I do knot know how to say Hermione. Momma took bof of us for a walk this morning, and then we did a fambly walk this afternoon. Daddy took FOREBER to be ready to go for our walk! Here I am waiting for him to be ready: Ivy, patient houndie
  10. Gud morning! I wanted to be the first to selebrate Mommy's first Monday ob retirement, so I woke her up at 2:15 ob da AM! I wuz making a high squeeky whine and she got up and gabe me belly rubs and scritches and snuggles. Then she went back to bed so I woke her up again! More belly rubs and scritches and snuggles! Now I am going to but Momma wuz wide awake so she got up at 4 ob da clock cuz Cherry wuz crying, so she took her out and fed her . I am gonna wait and wake up Daddy soon! Ivy, alarm clock houndie
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