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  1. Good morning! It's me, Cherry! Guess who! Today is my Momma's birthday! Happy Birthday Momma! I wuz nice to her today and took her out for my pre-brekkie potty break in the dark so she culd see the shiny moon and Jupiter. Plusalso I wuz bery fast and did knot make her walk all ober the neighborhood in the dark. Now I had my brekkie and we will wait for Ivy and Daddy to wake up and come downstairs to start the festibities! Cherry
  2. Hi! We had our usual morning and afternoon wiki walkies today. This afternoon we were on our fambly walk we stopped to see two ladies who were out walking too. One ob them is from our neighborhood and she habs two doodledogs who always barkbarkbark at us when we see them on walks. She sed she wuz glad her doggies were knot wif her this afternoon cuz she culd get near us and pet us! It is hot hot hot here today and the temprachurs in the ninetylebens. So when we came back from our afternoon walkies we both were all afternoon! AndiPants, Bees in your hummingbird feeder: Whot kind ob bees do you habs? Miss FancyToo! That is soooo skeery! I am glad that Sammy learned how to come when your Momma called him! Merc, you look BERY relaksed on that sofa! Are you home yet? I missed your posties! Ivy
  3. Nate! Hoomans do KNOT like it when houndies growl at them, especially Momma or Daddy hoomans. Remember who feeds you! Merc wuz in a Fuzzy traylor! Miss Jerilyn, yes we wuld pay 50 cents for a pine cone! Momma spray painted pine cones wonce wif sparkly gold paint and uses them for decorations at Crisp Mix time! Momma and Cherry told me that they saw a FOX this morning on their dark early morning walkie! In fact, they HEARD the fox before they saw it! Miss Kerry, we need an emoji for a fox! We went for our Morning Wiki Walkie wif Momma after the 'rents came home from church. It is quiet in the neighborhood, but we did see two doggies- an akita and a leetle furry golden thing. After our walkie, Momma gabe us soft peanut butter treets that she make from Miss Jan's recipe she put in EEG. They were nom nom nom! I had to add more peanut butter than what it called for to get them to hold together. Maybe because I ran out of honey after one tablespoon? Anyway, I shaped them and put them in the refrigerator on a cookie sheet on waxed paper whilst we were at Mass, then they got them when we got back from our walk. They were a hit! I wunder where Guest and Miss FancyPants habs been? I am heading off for a well deserbed Ivy
  4. Miss Lucy We went to playgroop this morning and there were elebendy houndies who came. It wuz a black and fawn partee! There were three black houndies, one fawn and black brindle houndie and seben fawn houndies! We ran and chased and then the hoomans brought out skwawkers and we ran from one end ob the park to the other! It wuz fun! Momma sed she wuz proud ob me cuz I wuz running too and she told eberywon that just two days ago I wuz under anesthesia! I bounced back pretty well! Oooh Pippin, a whole weekend ob and and more Wow! Miss Ducky, how is Rita today? I hope our Grapehoundie frends are habing fun. espeshally Merc Momma wore her Grapehounds shirt to playgroop today in their honor! Now it is finally time for me to Ivy
  5. Good morning! It's me! Cherry! Today is playgroup day so Momma and I went out for my pre-brekkie potty break early. We saw the beautimous full moon and Jupiter too! I had my brekkie and now I am waiting for Ivy and Daddy to wake up and come downstairs. Habs a gud Sattiday everyone! Cherry
  6. Happy Birthday Petunia! You are a beautiful girl!
  7. I got more great fuds for dinner! Momma is gibbing me rice wif chicken baby fuds, Beneful wet houndie fud, pumpkin and she soaks a leetle bit ob kibble in warm water and adds that to my bowl too! I gobbled up my dinner tonight! Then she gabe me soft treats after dinner! Daddy wuz out hitting the leetle white ball around today. Momma did our afternoon wiki walkie wifout him. I did the whole walkie wif her and Cherry plusalso I chased Cherry thru the libbing room when Daddy came home! Momma sez I must be feeling better! Pippin! You habs no houndiemobile for TWO DAYS? Whot are you going to do? Oh, I see, your Momma is gonna relaks and read. Are you gonna be a pesto? Rita! You habs a boo boo? Does it hurt? I hope it gets better riteawayquik! Miss Jennie's drain is out! Miss Carol Ann, that sunset pikkie is beautimous! I hope Merc and the rest ob the WFUBCC houndies are habing a gud time! Ivy
  8. Hi! Yes, Momma told me that Merc wuz tegsting all day yesserday to check on me. I am feeling gud today. Momma gabe me a speshal brekkie wif lots ob soft fuds and I ate it all up! I did knot want to go on the Morning Wiki Walkie wif Momma though, so she walked me down the street and right back to the house. Yesserday wuz a weird day. We went for a ride right after my morning potty break and I DID KNOT GET BREKKIE! Then we ended up at the tortunarian! Momma took me inside and I wuz shaking all ober. But a nice man tech took me back into the hospital room and I got in a crate. Then they gabe me sum medicine so I felt calmer and they put a needle in my leg! But then I drifted off to sleep and woke up wif clean toofers! One spot is a leetle sore and I did knot want any dinner last night, but I had a gud night's sleep and feel better today (wif yummy noo fuds). Maybe I wll be ready to go for a wiki walkie this afternoon. Thank you eberywon for all the backandforfandbackand forf and all the gud wishes! Ivy
  9. Thanks for asking, Ducky. Last night she went to bed and didn't budge most of the night! She is doing very well this morning. She ate her breakfast (wet dog food, rice mixed with Gerber baby food and kibble soaked in water). She is perkier and interested in everything going on, especially the deer and two fawns right next to our front yard! Kathy
  10. We picked Ivy up at 4:00. After paying the bill we headed to the car. She jumped in the back like a pro. Then she panted and stood up in the SUV all the way home on the Beltway. Cherry came along with us and was trying to comfort her Ivy did drink some water when she got home and then laid down on one of the beds and stayed there! I needed to give her an antibiotic so I gave her about a tablespoon of wet dog food, which she ate. So I gave her a little more with the antibiotic in it but she wasn't interested. So I finally just had to put the capsule on the back of her tongue and get her to swallow it. She did, but she looked at me as though I was betraying her! Now she is resting quietly. Thanks Nancy for telling me about the recipe for soft treats over on EEG. I think I will make them tomorrow! Kathy
  11. The vet called. Ivy is done and doing well, awake but groggy. We can pick her up around 4:00 when she will be more awake. She lost one molar, but that's all and she now has beautiful pearly whites! Cherry will be glad to see her! Thanks for the backandforf!
  12. It's me, Cherry. I am bery nerbous today. You see, we went for a ride this morning and ended up at the tortunarian. Momma took Ivy inside and a leetle while later she came out WITHOUT IVY! Then we drove away WITHOUT IVY! When we got home Momma wanted to take me for a walk, but I planted my feet and WOULD KNOT GO. So we came home and we went out to the deck so I laid down in the shade. Momma told me that Ivy is getting her teefers cleened and they wuld be starting around 11:00. But Momma, she did knot habs brekkie! She will be starving! It's ok Cherry, she will be getting some sleepy juice so she will be sleeping most of the time. OK, Momma, but I am still nerbous. I do knot like being an only houndie! Cherry
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