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  1. Miss Soosan, is a deerhound poopie a land shark like greyhound poopies are? Misser Tony, you are always a funny guy! How is Cormorant? Molly is getting a poodle cut! It is hothothot today and Momma and Daddy are only taking us out for potty breaks. We might go for a short fambly walk after the sun goes down. We went to playgroup at 6:30 this morning and the temprachur wuz 74 pedigrees. There were sixlebendy other houndies there. The sun was bery low and had knot heated up the airs yet. But as soon as it got higher in the sky we went home. Momma brought cool water for us to drink after we got in the car. We are spending the afternoon in the cool airs! Ivy, cool houndie
  2. Lila, my Momma wants to know whot kind ob nailfile you use on your nails. My nails are REALLY hard and I do KNOT like anywon to clip or dremel them, so she likes the nailfile idea! Mam, we are thinking about you today! I like the idea ob ruby dust on Ruby's wings. I am sure she looks beautimous! Miss Nancy ob da Berg, we will send for Misser Doug! Miss Soosan, we really really really want to hear all the details ob your mobe. Momma will watch on FB! Miss Cindy and I hope you habs a fun trip! RIP poor turtle! MERC! Your momma is leabing you to be cared for by a Daddyman? Uh oh. When my Daddy fixes our dinner he needs written instructions and it takes him FOREBER to fix our dinners! Last time he called Momma threelebendy times wif questions! It is hot hot hot and hoomid hoomid hoomid today so we will knot be getting long walkies! Ivy, staying in the chilly airs today and the whole weekend!
  3. Nancy, it's a good thing that the doctors saw the changes in the aneurysm. As Jennie said, an unexpected rupture is a true surgical emergency, so it is good that they are looking closely at what is going on. If he needs surgery, it is better to do it in a controlled, scheduled situation! Sending ! Hi eberywon! I am thinking ob Mam today and sending her We had beeeeeg thunderboomers today! It wuz raining HARD and there wuz lots ob noise! Momma left her werkjob 15 minutes earlier and it is gud that she did cuz the rainyrains started 15 minutes after she got home! Ivy, who stayed dry!
  4. So thoughtful of her to leave the hedgehog to replace your shoe!
  5. Oh Nancy, I am so sorry about Ruby, it is especially difficult when it is sudden. Run Free Ruby! Hi, it's me, Ivy. I am bery sorry about Ruby too. I do habs some gud noos though. Beka went to the oncologist today for a follow up chest x-ray and it wuz still clear wif no signs ob ebil C ! Ivy, very sad for Mam, but happy for her sisser
  6. Happy Birthday Miss Chris! WBSB, the white box had HAMBURGER in it! Hada got cuddles, a free car ride, an adventure and NO tortunarian!
  7. Miss Soosan, I am soooo happy for you in your noo house, eben if there were some bumps in the road. Momma saw your on FB ob your view from the front porch while you were waiting for your deliberies. It looks soooo peaceful! WBSB, I really like your noo collars! They are bery summery! We went to playgroup this morning and there were sebenlebendy houndies there - lots ob our frends were on bacation and did knot come today. There wuz a leetle 6 month old doggie poopie who came later and her name is Bella. She wuz sooprised by us and she started running, so we ran too. Then she decided that we were just playing and she had lots ob fun, so did we! It is a nice sunny day again today wif temprachurs almost ninetyleben! We went for a fambly walk this afternoon and bisited one ob our neybors who gave us water to drink plusalso we got to be inside in the chilly airs to cool down in their house for a leetle while before going back home to chilly airs (and ) Ivy, habing a fun day
  8. Vanessa, when Breeze came home we let Beka sniff the box and the pawprint. I really think she got it when she sniffed the pawprint. Miss Michelle Miss Soosan, I hope those leetle things that happened do knot spoil your special day! Momma and Daddy tricked us this morning. Momma took the day off today from her werkjob and she wuz wearing shorts and a casual shirt. Ob course, I thought that meant it wuz playgroop day! But after we had our brekkie, they BOTH sed goodbye and LEFT US! All by ourownselves! Oh, our dogwalker came and walked us, but it is KNOT the same! Ivy, I took the day off today to spend it with your Daddy. We went to a golf course in Gettysburg that he likes to play and I drove his cart so we could spend the day together. Then afterwards we went out for a nice lunch and we even brought home a little white box for you! Oh yes, you did! Thank you Momma and Daddy! Ivy, waiting to see what is in the leetle white box
  9. Good morning! Momma is at her werkjob and all the computers are down in her building. The computers in all the other buildings wif patients are fine. She sez there are guys in the ceiling working on it. Miss Halise, Momma sez she remembers something called the Vatican Rag but she wuz a young girl then and didn’t understand it then. we are gonna have rainy rains again today but knot as bad as Monday so we probably won’t need an ark!
  10. Hi Charlie! My Momma sed she really missed you! I am glad you are back on the grid again! Do you like tommytoes? Will you be testing them for your Momma Bear? JJ, I am sorry you are knot feeling well today. I hope you get strong again! Miss Vanessa, I hope you feel better riteawayquik! You too Dr. Robin Fruutcake! I had to go to the tortunarian today to get vax-in-nay-shuns. She sprayed something in my nose and chopped my toes too! Ivy, who wuz KNOT happy to see the tortunarian!
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