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  1. Merc, I do knot get kisses when Momma is watching church. During the Passing ob the Sign ob Peas she just at me!
  2. Gud morning! We just got back from our morning walk wif Momma and when we were walking on the path down to the pond, we suddenly heard a LOUD bird alert call! There wuz a beeeg bird flying around alerting all the other birds to something. We stopped and looked up at the sky and culd knot see the bird, but we culd tell he wuz flying around cuz ob the sound. Well, after we passed the pond we looked out into the woods/field area where we always see deer and there wuz a beeeg FOX trotting thru the field! I guess that's wut the bird wuz warning every otherbird about! It is cloudy an
  3. Good morning Miss Ducky and all ob my frends. It's me! Cherry! When we went out into the dark this morning for my pre-brekkie potty break I looked out into the darkness and whot did I see? A bunny! So I pulled Momma ober into our neighbor's yard to look for him, but he got away. So we looked at the stars and came back inside for my brekkie. After brekkie Momma gabe me some ob her strawberries! Now I am waiting for Ivy and Daddy to wake up and come downstairs. Have a gud day everywon! Cherry
  4. It's sunny and cold here in Mary Land today. There were ninelebendy houndies at playgroop this morning and we ranandranandran and then we allowed the hoomans to pet us. We had lots ob fun! After we got home Momma gabe us our Sattiday after the dog park treet (Frosty Paws!) and then when we were done they desserted us to go grocery shopping! But now they are home wif us the rest ob the day. Tiller, my Momma washes our beds too! I do knot like it either, but I do let her do it cuz she takes it when I am sound asleep on another bed. I guess it's knot too bad. Miss Ducky
  5. We had an eggsiting afternoon. A man came to our house and Momma told me he is a plummer. He came to fix one ob the sinks in Momma and Daddy's baffroom. We barked and barked and barked when he came to the door wearing a mask! Cherry wuz growling bery quietly. Momma and Daddy wore masks too! Momma made us go into the den and she closed the door. After a while he went away again and Daddy sed he went to Home Depot. When he came back we did knot bark at him, we just went up to him and asked for pets. He petted us but did knot habs any treets. After a while, Momma gabe him lo
  6. Cindy, that is so cute! Miss Cindy, that woke me up from a sound sleep! Cherry wuz really curious and perked up her ears. We were both quiet though. Ivy, not a roo-er
  7. Good morning! Hi! It's me, Cherry! Momma and I went out for my pre-brekkie potty break this morning and it wuz NOISY! It is cloudy and Momma says that the clouds can reflect sounds. Well, we culd hear the traffic from the Capital Beltway which is 4 miles away. It wuz really loud. We do knot usually hear that, it's usually bery quiet here. Roman, do knot do that and tweek your shoulder! All that limping skeers Mommas and Daddys! Miss Mam, peeps here in the US like The Crown too. We are fascin obess interested in all things Royal. I'm going to until Ivy wake
  8. NO TREETS? That is a trabesty! We always get libber treets at the vet. You shuld let that vet lady know!
  9. How do they find those leeetle tiny ooovaries in leetle gimme pigs?
  10. OH Miss Cindy! We need to see the ROO bideo! We do knot roo at this house. Beka used to bark at groop roos, and last weekend at playgroop one ob the peeps tried to start a groop roo, which we habs neber done before at playgroop. Well, I wuz silent but Cherry started barking, just like Beka used to do. It's really hard when eberywon needs tortunarian visits and the hoomans can KNOT come in wif us! It's really hard for hoomans too. They do knot like it when they can knot sooperbise whot the tortunarian is doing and seeing. Plusalso it is really hard when the hoomans get tha
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