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  1. No Christmas ornament but I do have plants! Here is my beautimous Ivy with my favorite succulent and my air plant:
  2. If he tested negative, you should be OK. But if you want to feel better about it, call your primary care doctor and ask. Hi eberywon! This is our first Sattiday wif no playgroup I do knot like this Stay at Home order! Momma habs to go to her werkjob and werk in the Incident Command Center this weekend. But she only habs to werk from 10 ob the AM until 4 ob the PM, so that is knot too bad. Maybe we will eben get a fambly walk!
  3. Awwww, look at kewt leetle Albus! I hope Hamish and Nikita are nice to him! Miss Soosan, you look bery happy! DA! Miss Ducky, dat is a bery nice poem! Momma went to the Command Center today and the Health System announced they are now supposed to do Universal Masking. Dat means wearing a mask all da time for werk. Unless you are sitting by yourownself in your own pribate office. But Momma is knot in her office this week, she is another building across the street in the Command Center wif 9 other people. Oh well. They were still all there sitting six feet apart at their lappytops wearing masks. Georgie is beautimous! I hope all my frends and their hoomans are feeling well! Ivy, who lubs her frends
  4. DA!!! Please be OK! Uh oh-- Momma is unhappy! Her bosslady wants her to work another week in the Command Center. Knot fun! Momma also told me that our houndie playgroup is suspended until the stay at home order is ober. What are we going to do on Sattiday morninngs????? Ivy, knot a happy houndie
  5. Did you see that Mr Jeff put up the poodle banner for April Fool’s Day Molly?
  6. Molly, that is a gud way of judging for hoomans to practice soshal distancing! Wee Hamish, what a nice ob you! Miss Kerry, that wuld be soooooooo frustrating! I did knot get to see the end ob the old club either! I hope I didn't miss anything! Ivy, too late to see the Club before it went POOF!
  7. Nikita! Here's Cherry wondering what in the world Momma is doing!
  8. Such a beautiful girl! I love the photo of her on the beach. I am so sorry she had to leave you-it sounds like she has led a full life and given you lots of joy, as you did for her. Run free Bella!
  9. Our beautiful girl Beka lost her battle with osteo this week and went to the Rainbow Bridge. Beka joined our family in December of 2011. She was our self-confident, sweet, funny Mommy's girl whose favorite things were going for walks, getting treats, going to greyhound playgroup every Saturday morning and was always entertaining us with her goofy antics at home. She announced when she thought it was time for dinner every day by looking at Mommy and expressing herself with one very emphatic bark. She enjoyed sunbathing on the deck and had a ball on our trips to the Jersey shore every Memorial Day. In December 2018 she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her left front leg. She underwent amputation and six rounds of chemo. She recovered beautifully and continued to run through the house chasing her sister Ivy, playbowing and doing twirls on three legs, not letting it slow her down! This week, 14 months after her initial diagnosis, she was out for a walk and suddenly could not put weight on her right rear leg. Her whole hind end seemed very weak and she eventually could not support herself to stand. We headed to the vet and x-rays showed metastasis of the osteosarcoma in her right rear leg. At that point we realized we had no choice but to let her go. She went peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge in our arms. We would like to thank the wonderful vets at Great Falls Animal Hospital who have cared for her over the years: Dr Anne Garood, Dr Kimberly Cleland and Dr. Laura Cooke. We would also like to thank Dr. Sarah Fritz in the Oncology department at Veterinary Referral Associates for giving us 14 additional months of quality time with our wonderful girl. We love you Beka!
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