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  1. Good morning! It's me! Cherry! It is dark outside and I took Momma for a short walk. I wanted to walk longer but she sed, "let's go get your breakfast!" so I turned around riteawayquik to come back! There wuz one birdie waking up and singing while we were out there in the dark. I had my brekkie and I am waiting for Ivy and Daddy to wake up. Habs a gud day everyone! Cherry
  2. We had a fun time at playgroop this morning! There were thirteenlebendy houndies there and we ran A LOT! Then we stood around to allow the hoomans to pet us. Miss Banessa, my Momma finds satisfaction in writing checks too, but the mail habs been sooooo slow since CrispMix! A cupple ob times she paid some thru the computer. In January she mailed her Visa bill check and they did knot get it yet when it wuz close to the payment date. She called them and they took her payment ober the phone and they sed it habs been happening to a lot ob peeple! Miss Elizabeth, are they j
  3. Oh Wiki, I hope your leg gets better. That is so skeery! and Merc! you were tangling wif the cords on the drapes? All of these houndies need to be careful! We are fragile beings and need to be taken care ob! I wish I could come and hold your paw! Happy Birthday Karma Kitteh! Where is Molly and Miss Carol Ann? Well it’s just about bedtime for me. Habs a gud night eberywon! Ivy
  4. Wiki! Now you made my Momma hungry for pizza so she and Daddy started talking about ordering pizza tonight! That means we get pizza bones! I habs never tried to grab the box though..... I hope your leg feels better soon. Merc is home safely! How are things in Noo York? We had a nice Morning Wiki Walkie wif Momma this morning. We saw our frend Sadie the Maltese wif her Momma Miss Sherrie who always pets us, plusalso we saw the barking beagles wif their Momma but she had to leave for work and could knot lub on us today. There were two Oh Canada geese swimm
  5. Happy Gotcha Day Pippin! I am so glad your Momma's day went OK! Nei, you look greyt! I am glad you don't need your splint anymore! I hope my Merc gets home safely. We waved at each other on texts when he wuz in Mary Land. Ivy soooooo happy that Merc wuz in Mary Land!
  6. Hi Eberywon! It is a beautimous bloo sky day here in Mary Land! We went on a fambly walk this afternoon and it wuz really glorious! Here is our pikkie: These trees are on the negst street down from our house. They are always soooo pretty in the springtime! Miss Kerry, I hope eberything went well for you today! Hi Fancypants! I hope your bonecracker helps you to feel better! Miss Chris is getting cats taken out ob her eyes! I am sure you will be able to see better wifout those pesky cats wandering around in there! Roman and Rita had gud c
  7. Good morning! It's me! Cherry! I took my Momma for a loooong walk in the dark this morning for my pre-brekkie potty break! It wuz bery dark but the birdies were waking up and singing! Plusalso we saw the newspaperguy dribe by and he waved at us. Miss Kerry, we will be thinking ob you at noon - gud luck! We are waiting for Ivy and Daddy to wake up and come downstairs. I hope all my frends habs a gud day! Cherry
  8. Oh Merc! Ob course it wuz platonikal! I am eggsited that you will be in the same state as me soon!
  9. Oh Pippin, you are so funny! Your walking companyun is kewt! (platonically speeking) Ivy
  10. Salvo, my sisser Cherry went THUD when she saw your pikkie! Awww, Cap'n Jack looks so nice and he is still wif us! I hope your pain medicine is working for you! Merc is a trabeling houndie! Be sure to to me when you are in Mary Land! We are habing a bery quiet boring day today. It is raining, so we can't eben habs a looooong afternoon fambly walk. We will just go out for a short walkie in raincoats. We did get to do our Morning Wiki Walkie wif Momma though- before the rain started. Oh! Momma says we are going to head out now! Ivy walking houndie
  11. Wiki, that is a nice pikkie ob you! I like your peeeenk collar too!
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