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  1. Hamish, you look so kewt! Your paws look really beeeg! That means you will be eben bigger! Uh oh Liala, pooping on the floor! Miss Cindy, I hope your muscle feels better riteawayquik! Good luck wif the inspection Miss Tin! Momma went back to work in person today after working at home yesserday. She sed she thought it was Monday all day! Well, time for a before our nitetime walk! Ivy
  2. Miss Patsy, Momma had to sign into that FB with her password (which she forgot) but she wuz able to get in OK wifout gibing them her phone number. I hope Kiva is feeling better today. Momma worked from home today cuz Auntie Linda was leaving this morning and Momma wanted to be here to send her off. I checked in on Momma to be sure she didn't need me just in case she had treets) but mostly I was After Momma's last conference call we went for a fambly walk! It is sunny but chilly today. People that we saw lub my Hawaiian coat! That's all that is going on today. I wunder where Miss Cindy is? Ivy
  3. Miss Robin, I am so sorry about Harold. I know you were looking forward to habing him. But his sisser is available! I hope she heals up riteawayquik and comes home to you. Kiva, I hope you start feeling better soon! Yesserday there were nineteenlebendy houndies at playgroup! We had lots ob fun running around! Then a man came wif two goldendoodles. Well, some ob us houndies (*cough* Beka *cough*) plus some others are breed snobs and do knot like mixed breeds. So there wuz a lot ob barking and one ob the goldendoodles started showing us her teefers! So after a while the man and goldendoodles left and we went back to running. Thank you for posting the linkie Laila! Momma went over to look real quickly and will be going back to check it out! There's my Merc being a bery gud guest! Auntie Linda is here! We went for a loooooong walkie today and she talked to me all the way! We had a nice time. Then she and Momma did some shopping at the garden center for Crispmix things. Then for dinner Daddy made hamburglers on the grill (he wuz wearing his winter coat to cook them) and we got hamburglers too! Time to head off for before we go out again tonight! Ivy, habing a busy weekend
  4. Guess what! Momma won the beautimous purkle houndie sweater wif cameo buttons in the Miss Nellie Auction! I think is is for me since purkle is one ob my colors! Ivy, purkle and peenk lubbing houndie
  5. Miss Noo Carol, why can't you watch the last game ob Jeopardy tomorrow? Misser Tony, we miss you and CaramelCorn! Look at Chance, the kewt leetle moocowcalf! Happy Birthday Molly! Guess whot! Today is National Pickle Day! Ivy, who does knot eat pickles
  6. Beka's neck is just fine today. She habs not done any ob that head turning stuff since the first night she did it. She wuz chasing me thru the house today and playing wif her faborite ball! It is in the twentylebens right now so we are wearing our winter coats. We both lubs being out in colder weather and like to walk LOTS! MERC! You are getting a noo home???? Oh, just for a weekend! OK. My Auntie Linda is coming for the weekend! She still libs in the Phillydelphia suburbs where she and Momma grew up. She lubs me likes to walk me when we go out for our walkies! She and Momma are going to go shopping and out to lunch and do some cooking together. She is coming on Friday afternoon and leabing on Monday morning. I lubs my Auntie Linda! Ivy, houndie hostess
  7. Hamish, that is sooo funny! My Momma habs a frend in Florida who thinks that 65 pedigrees is cold!
  8. HI eberyone! Beka seems better today. She stopped doing that left head turn last night and habs knot done it AT ALL today. Momma is wundering if it wuz becuz Daddy forgot to give her the 1:00 dose ob gabapentin yesserday. She habs been fine all day today. She does hab an appointment for a chest xray in a couple weeks. It is suddenly cold! It is 32 pedigrees and windy right now and will be in the twentylebens tonight. We did KNOT get snow really, just some leetle flakes flying around for a leetle while. Miss Jennie, thank you for posting that beautimous poem. Momma hab always lubbed dat poem but it makes her bery sad. Look at that pretty fish! Plusalso the skeery one! Miss Jerilyn, we want to see a ob your pikchur! Laila, I hope that Adios is OK! Miss Patsy, yes 3 pedigrees IS silly for November! Ivy, wundering where summer and fall went.....
  9. Andipants! You broke the Club! My Momma is werried about Beka. She keeps turning her head towards her left side when she is walking. Momma does knot know if something is hurting her on that side or if something else is going on. Beka is right now but Momma is watching her. Lila, please eat! Hamish, are you feeling any better? Not much else happening here today. Time to go look for treats! Ivy, lubber ob treats!
  10. Gud morning! It was chilly when we went out this morning (36 pedigrees) But I think it will be in the fiftylebens later! Momma and Daddy are going to church and when they get back I will get my Sunday treet! Um, I made a leetle misteak yesserday. You see, Momma told us it was time to get ready for playgroop and I got really eggsited and jumped around and accidentally jumped on Beka and knocked her down on the slippery hardwood floor! She had a hard time getting back up on the wood floor since she only habs three legs. Momma and Daddy helped her up and I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed her to be sure she wuz OK. I think she wuz cuz after she laid down on her bed she got up and went to playgroop anyway. Ivy, sorry for bumping her sisser
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