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  1. I sent Beka's X-rays to Dr. Couto at coutovetconsultants@gmail.com
  2. OH NO MYKA! Oh but it is knot the Ebil C, that is such a releaf! We will backandforfandbackandforf for you on Monday. I hope you gud pain meds so you do KNOT habs any pain!
  3. Mam, I am sorry about Pap's brudder. At least Pap knows and can come and be with him.
  4. Happy Gotcha Day Dippy! Dippy- I saw your bideo ob you and Velvet running in the garden! You look faboo! Beka and I chase each other like that in the living room! Molly, Momma habs a somewhere that she took ob Daddy in Belgium petting whippets! Your other pikkie ob you playing wif your frends looks like fun! Merc, I wuz knot surprised to read that you were the hansumest houndie at school! Uh oh, Miss Cindy habs to take lots ob gabbypencils for her surghurry! We had lots ob rainy rains this morning and now we habs bloo skies and sunnyshine! This weekend it is supposed to be hot in the eightyleben pedigrees! But it will be nice on Sattiday morning for our playgroup. Hmmm, I wonder if Momma will gibs us our dinner early since she came home early to do a conference call- I'd better go see..... Ivy, hungry houndie
  5. Miss Soosan- purkle frames! Purkle is such a greyt color and I think you will look beautimous in them! Welcome Home Molly! It sounds like you had lots ob fun! You must be eggsaucsted! But I am sure it is gud to habs your Momma and Daddyman home again! Fancy, I hope you are recobering from your surghurry! Awww, a bat wif a broken arm Nutmeg? I hope he gets better riteawayquik! Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day Balthasar! Guess where my Momma worked today? In a refrigerator! She and all the other Directors ob Nursing did a Day ob Service at the Mary Land Food Bank and they were assighned to the refrigerator room to sort out lots and lots and lots and lots ob frozen chicken and beef and pork and cheese and lots ob other stuff! It wuz 40 pedigrees in the room and they were told to bring a coat and globes and a hat! Now 40 pedigrees is knot too cold but it is when you are working in it! Anyway, here is a ob their groop: That's Momma in the peeeenk fleeeece jacket. Afterwards, they all went out to lunch! Ivy, who did KNOT get a leetle white box
  6. Very nice WBSB! Umm, WBSB, is Miss Cynthia and Charlie and Zorro coming while your Daddy is in the baff? Lila, it wuz in the fortylebens here this morning. Knot as cold as Wisconsin! We had a noo dog walker today, her name is Maya. She wuz bery nice and took us on a long walk. She took this ob us: We had a really nice walk! Ivy, happy houndie
  7. Miss Soosan, Momma says she would habs had her red pen out too. She is a grammar/spelling freak! We had lots more rainyrains today. But now, finally, the sun is shining almost in time for our nighttime walkies! Happy Birthday Miss Loosy! Happy Birthday Ambi! Ivy, previous birthday girlhoundie
  8. Yes, it must be grey! I had a bery nice birthday! We went to playgroup and I met a noo houndie, we went for fambly walks, Momma gabe me lots ob petting and lubbing, I ran around the house wif Beka, I took lot ob , and I got speshal birthday cookies! I eben got lots and lots ob likes and lubs and comments on the FB postie that Momma did! Here are the pikkies she posted, for eberywon who is knot on FB: I had a fun day! Ivy, one day post birthday
  9. Oh Merc! Thank you sooooo much for the beautimous birthday cake! That is soo sweet of you to go to all that trubble! Thank you eberyone for all the birthday wishes! I am having a nice birthday today. We went to playgroup and there were elebendy houndies who came. One ob them is a noo houndie named Samson. He is a bery tall black and white cowdoggie and he had a lot of fun in his first playgroup! His Mommaperson sed that people always ask if he is a Dalmatian or a Great Dane. Sigh. Why not guess greyhoundie? Fancy, it sounds like you will habs a busy house today! Miss Soosan wuz allergic to her last condo! I am so glad you are enjoying your noo life! WBSB, we do KNOT have to water our lawn yet. We habs had LOTS ob rainy rains and the lawn is bery bery green. Miss Nancy ob da Berg, I hope you feel better riteawayquik! You too Miss Patsy! We just got back from a fambly walk so I think it is time for Ivy, birthday girlhoundie
  10. Gud morning! Guess what? Today is my birthday! I am wearing the speshal birthday collar and we are heading to playgroop. Momma has a special birthday cookie for me to have later! Ivy, birthday girl
  11. Sometimes IV's aren't enough to combat dehydration. IV's during surgery have always been given. Recent studies have shown that giving fluids closer to the time of surgery ( rather than nothing after midnight) in addition to the intraoperative IV's has been extremely beneficial to patient outcomes after surgery and improves recovery time. There are newer protocols called ERAS (enhanced recovery after surgery) that includes Gatorade before arrival at the hospital for surgery
  12. We have had our girl for 7 1/2 years and she still occasionally does this too. I wouldn't read too much into it! Just keep an eye on her if it becomes too frequent.
  13. Miss Cindy, Momma sed to tell you that her hospital also tells their total joint patients to drink Gatorade on the way in! It's supposed to keep them from getting de-hy-dray-ted and gibs them important electric Elektra electrolytes before their surghurry! I am so happy to hear that Atom and WBSB are doing better! Miss Patsy is habing a head lump-ectomy! We are habing a sunny day so far today but we will be getting the rainy rains tonight and tomorrow afternoon and allllllll day on Sunnyday! But the rainy rains will KNOT be happening during our playgroup time tomorrow! Oooh, it is time for our walkies wif Daddy! I will tic tic later! Ivy, who lubs lubs lubs walkies!
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