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  1. I habs been absinthe! Momma had a re-treet at her werkjob (and did KNOT bring us any treets!) for twolebendy days and got home late each nite. Today she wuz working from home so I culd knot tic tic! Charlie, those are greyt ob you and ob Cap'n Jack too! I see he is still in lubs wif Myka! Uh oh, Miss Nancy! Well at least da preppy part is easier now! My Merc is a soshal butterfly! Guess whot! Cherry habs knot eaten any stuffies since Momma gabe her the Eberlasting Chew ball! She is happily behabing herownself! Momma says Cherry is learning our rootine now and is much more relaxed. She is less like a wildchild. She does jump like a bucking broncho when Momma comes home from her werkjob though! Now she is out ob her crate all day and just on one ob the houndie beds in the den while Daddy watches tee bee. It is going to RAIN tomorrow during playgroup! We will habs to stay home! Ivy, wants the rain to go away so she can go to playgroop
  2. Welcome home Hamish! Were the kittehs glad to see you? Ob COURSE you are beautimous and culd be in a show! Well, Daddy is sad that his Packers lost the game. Magoo is headed to Florida negst! We want to see if she wears pants! It is COLD today! We habs windy chills in the single digits! When I went out wif Daddy for morning potty break I did my thing and came right back in. Beka went out with Momma and wanted to eggsplore! Momma kept saying "OK Beka, let's go back" but Beka just wanted to sniff around. Brrrrrr! Cherry habs been behaving herownself and habs knot destroyed any stuffies since Sattiday. Momma gabe her sumthing called Everlasting Treats that come in a ball and she just chewed and chewed and chewed on that all afternoon yesserday! Then she was tired and Here she is wif her Everlasting Treat Ball: Momma wuz very very happy wif her (and wif her Everlasting Chew Ball Treat too!) (These were taken from across the room and zoomed in so that's why it looks grainy) Ivy, glad that her sisser in knot in trubble
  3. Merc! You know my welcome back to Cap’n Jack was purely platonic, don’t you? After all, I only habs eyes for you! Ivy
  4. Hi! Cap'n Jack is back! Cap'n Jack is back! Cap'n Jack is back! It is bery gud to see you! It is bloo sky sunny today but it is WINDY and COLD! Daddy took me out for short walkies cuz it is too blustery to stay outside. Momma took Cherry for a long walk. Plusalso when they came back Momma gabe her a treat ball to chew on so she wuld knot chew on other stuff. She is trying to figure it out! Spirit, that wuz a gud way to spend a cold, rainy day! Miss Soosan and Hamish are on their way back from Florida! Where are they now? Momma had a talk wif Cherry today. She told her that stuffies are for playing and knot for eating (frends, knot fuds!) and that people things are for people and knot houndies. She told her if she did it again she will get a muzzle! After their talk, Cherry went off and played and squeeked some stuffies and did KNOT eat them! Ivy, hoping her noo sisser behabes!
  5. Hi eberyone! We went to playgroup this morning and it was COLD! There were ninelebendy houndies there. We ran around a leetle bit and then we went from hooman to hooman for petting. Then we told the hoomans to stop and take us back to our warm houses! Cherry is in beeeeg trubble! You see, she lubs lubs lubs to rip apart stuffies and she tries to eat stuffie parts, skweekers, and stuffie stuffing. Then she all kinds ob stuffie pieces. Momma has hidden all ob our faborite leetle stuffies from her and only has the beeeeg stuffies out. Cherry also chewed up the cover from an armchair recliner! Well today she chewed up a pen and Momma found plastic pieces, a leetle spring, the ink tube and other metal pieces in one ob da beds. She is werried that Cherry habs all kinds ob weird stuff in her tummy. Momma says she is at her wit's end, whoteber that is. She does KNOT habs a solution for this egsept to keep her in her crate, which is knot gud for Cherry! Oooooh! Miss Soosan and Miss Carol Ann had a meet-up!!!! Such great !!! Look at Galina and her sibs on the sofa! Miss Sherrie Miss Kerry, thank you for posting that tiny house bideo. It wuz really bery interesting and kewt! Momma is planning a beeeg party for all the playgroup peeps but houndies are KNOT included She says it is a pot luck wif people food and people drinks. But the three ob us will be here to greet eberyone as they come to da door! It is gonna happen at the end ob February. Merc, I wuld lubs to come and keep you company! Ivy, heading off to dream ob Merc
  6. Merc! You are being abandondoned! How will you get fuds and bikkies? Ivy, werried houndie
  7. Mr Patsy! We are going to get some here in Mary Land on Sattiday but knot THAT much!
  8. Hamish, both Beka and I habs refused some our fuds the last couple days. But then we would go finish each other's bowls since Beka gets different fuds than I do. So Momma switched our fuds today and gabe me Beka's fud and gabe Beka my fud and we ate it all up riteawayquik! Sometimes a girl just wants something different! Momma is bery bery upset. This morning she had a conference call at 6 ob the AM and she had to dial it from the car before she left. Well, it wuz dark and she wuz habing problems connecting and she didn't habs the car in park and the garage door wuz coming down and it got crunched by her brand. noo. car. Now the garage door is all crunched and will knot close, there is a small scrape on her noo car and she is She does knot usually do those calls from the car but she thot iffen she dialed before she left that it wuld work. Neber again! Miss Soosan, it is bery painful to fly wif a stuffy head! Miss Jennie, I am sorry you can knot bisit your Dad but he is being taken care of by all of those nurses! Today we are getting windy winds then it is going to get cold and then it is going to during playgroup on Sattiday! Plusalso there might be rain mixing in later in the morning. Ivy, houndie
  9. Molly! Why won't you get to meet Miss Soosan and Hamish? Your Momma is going to depribe you? Whatta swizz! Fancy, I am sorry that you habs those nasty corns on your foots! Momma is still She went to werk but said she stayed in her office and wuz laying low. Can't you just lay down here Momma? Miss Patsy, can we see a ob Priscilla Piggy? That is a pretty town Miss Lurker Sue 2! It wuz cloudy here today wif no rains and no windy winds. I went on walkies wif Daddy. Momma says I habs to get off the puter cuz she wants to go to bed and we habs to go out for bedtime potties! Ivy
  10. My Daddy is watching the Packer game, so we are all in the den wif him sleeping watching too. Miss Soosan, I think an indigo bunting birdie wuld be bery nice. It wuz a beautimous day here today- clear bloo sky and temprachurs in the sixtylebens! Momma took us for walks all by ourownselves. We went out wifout our coats! Momma goes back to werk tomorrow and she is knot really happy cuz she habs had a day off a week since Crisp Mix and now she habs to werk 5 days in a row! But then she habs a day off for a holiday negst week. Daddy is counting the days for her retirement. Right now it is 4 months and three days! Ivy, already retired
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