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  1. The saddest thing about my/our Packers is they didn't even look like theirownselves! 😩. The actual Super Bowl so often is a crappy game but this one sure has a lot of potential. I'll admit I'm wondering about no pants in Florida. I'd believe most anything of the state but really ....... I'll also admit it's kinda pathetic when you have to take your perishable groceries inside with you when you stop to eat lunch whilst out and about so they don't freeze on you. 😮
  2. Sigh. Blizzard warning from 2:00 am Saturday thru supper time Saturday. Snow and WIND start this afternoon Sigh Be safe out there folks
  3. Well that was a refreshing morning! Long story short: MSP is going to get 8-12" of snow and WINDS of 40 mph tomorrow. Delta says to DH he shouldn't count on getting into/thru Minneapolis in a timely manner on the way to DD's. Redo! About 9 am I suggest he look about getting out today ahead of the storm instead of afterward and it worked. He was able to get on the 2:45 this afternoon, 4 hour layover in MSP which is a lovely clean civilized airport, then off to Baltimore. Stay the night in a hotel with an airport shuttle, then back to BWI via hotel's shuttle tomorrow morning to pick up the shuttle to Frederick MD. Done! Storm outrun. Trip knot ruined. Stay warm and dry folks.
  4. The phrase I used in many many sets of Minutes was "discussion ensued". 😜
  5. Oh dear Molly McPouty--knot a good look for you at all. I'm sure your mama has a good reason for crushing your soul so.
  6. I'm happy to announce that Priscilla Piggy arrived in her new home today and is adjusting very nicely. No signs of separation anxiety and she and Linus and Jazz seem to have bonded right away.
  7. Merc, I'm doubled over laughing at the mental image of Florida buzzards lurking at the golf course waiting for the senior citizens to keel over.
  8. Wondering what the canine equivalent of combat boots is?
  9. Yes. Yes you definitely have been had!
  10. Lucy, he wore purkle every day? Purkle tablet? Oh please!!!! I myownself love a nice legal tablet and a #2 1/2 pencil (soooo much better than a #2).
  11. But But He has a clipboard so he's an expert and knot to be questioned.
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