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  1. I wondered where you had gotten to. Glad you're back.
  2. Yea for birfdays and yea for Miss Kathy feeling at least a titch better. You can buy an eyepatch at any drugstore btw. Yea for Miss Nellie's is coming back!!! Just yesterday I was looking at the ZipLok of jewelry culled for Miss Nellie's which has been sitting looking folorn and lonesome on my attic steps ever since The Plague hit. Hummmmm. I wonder what else I have sitting around which would thrive in a new home??? Hummmmmmmm Betcha you didn't think I would be clever enuf to break a baby toe at my dentists' office yesterday. Admit it--it never occurred to you amirite? ðŸĪŠ
  3. OWIE!!!!!!! Cringing here. Kathy, do you think a patch would make you more comfortable? If your first aid supplies don't have a patch I recommend folding a bandana appropriately and sporting the pirate look. And no I have no clue why I seem to be in bold. 🙀
  4. Rosie sounds like she was a treat to have around and your years together were treasured. Rosie, physics was never my strong suite either (aka "only thing I ever flunked in my life") and I would have loved to see you run.
  5. Miss Patsy got home late afternoon yesterday and is all unpacked (which mostly involves tossing everything down the laundry chute willy Molly) and bags are back up in the attic. Miss Lucy I think eating grass and getting it out of your system sounds like an excellent idea.
  6. Good morning troops. No sleeping in here either. Suppose I should get the suitcase off the attic stairs and up where it lives with the rest of its kind.
  7. Oh poor Miss AndiPants! The anguish! the tension! The worry! My heart is breaking. That bark looks incredible. Thanks. The combo of a couple hours wait at the gate along with NJ humidity and Miss Jennie's marvelous headband style mask has produced the general effect of a masked Brillo pad. Quite the look 🙀 Gentle hugs to Miss Halise. That's a horrid diagnosis and I'm glad you're going to spend some time with him whilst he knows you're there. About to board. Have a good day all.
  8. Oh shesh! I know it's Kathy and Jim. Don't know what got into my brain. Yea for Liddle Hada's UTI. What a relief. I'm mortified I didn't notice autocorrect forcing an it's/its error on me. 🙀. Miss Lucy, if it is any help to your psyche 12/16/21 will be my 45th wedding anniversary and hence possesses good juju. I'll just be over here wallowing in the snacks.
  9. Yea for another cats in the eyes appointment! You will love your so much better vision. I sure would buy a couple of those gorgeous tiles even if it weren't for a good cause. Liddle Hada Parsnip, please be well and let the hoomans find out what's going on and get RID of it. Isabellas! Swoon! I haven't given up hope of one day returning to Frederick, seeing my new grandson before he's old enuf for kindergarten, and having a lovely Kathy and Bill and Cindy and Dr David and Kestralyn and myownself dinner at Isabellas. 😍 We leave the Shore today. Sigh but it's been grand. Had a marvelous Italian dinner last night. North Dakota tries hard but it's "Italian" isn't the best. Since they pronounce it "eye-talian" one is warned ahead of time. 😏
  10. I was remiss in knot oohing and aahing over that gorgeous tile.
  11. Yea for onshore breezes today (no biting flies), safe folks, Hada's improving beans, the almost here end of hothothot, and hopefully a rescued from the dead heat pump.
  12. Good morning all. Holding all good thots for heat pumps, loading trailers, Miss Jennie's campaign against Merdering Hornetttts, kidney beans, and everything else that needs good thots. Lucy, do you have no recourse for what is obviously a lemon? No hidden warranty you have to prise out of Google info? Talk about just knot rite!! How do you folks making cottages earn your points? Miss Jennie, why does your county seem to specialize in Merdering Horrnetts? Inquiring Minds needs to know these things. The ocean is being lovely. Since we have an offshore wind the flies are biting and I hate that. Seems silly to be sitting at the ocean in a beach chair and have your legs wrapped in a towel but it is what it is.
  13. I am very happy to report that the Atlantic Ocean still exists and is just one longgggg block down the street from our b&b ðŸĨ°. The Ocean House in Spring Lake NJ comes equipped with a lovely chocolate lab named Mollie who knows everyone in the world is her friend.
  14. Landed safely. Am now figuratively curled in a fetal position in the backseat of the car that picked me up. I hate big city traffic. I'm a country mouse
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