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  1. Sounds like a very strange way to run a reunion! Hurtful actually. Linus and Jazz point out The Magical Kibble Flinging Machine seems to have come up from the basement. Guess that means no Spa for this trip. (Since it's just a camping weekend spent at a North Dakota-Manitoba geocaching event, they'll do just fine til I get home Sunday afternoon). Have a wonderful vacation Guest and Dr David and condolences on the loss of your turtle.
  2. Yes, our Maui friends are just fine. Fire is nowhere near them. Thanks for thinking of them.
  3. We have the hotandhoomids too. Ickkkkkkk. I was raised in this crap I don't need it in my senior years thankyouverymuch. I hate to have to close up and turn the ac on but it's been on for two weeks now. Remember how the old ones would refer to "summer complaint"? Dying rears all around.
  4. Enjoy your mini vacation of doing exactly and only what YOU want to do.
  5. Congratulations to DOCTOR Michelle! What a wonderful achievement.
  6. Who could possibly forget Poisoning the Pigeons in the Park"?
  7. We are KNOT terrible; we are people who care about others' happiness.
  8. Merc, if you are planning on pooping on ND you must tell me ahead of time so I can admire your technique. Wednesday DH and I are heading north and west about an hour and a half to enjoy the summer theatre at ND's only ski area. The Pembina Gorge is a one of a kind area for ND and always fun to savor. The show is "Life Could Be a Dream"--a do-wop musical set in the late 50's. That was MY music and I'm quite sure I'll remember most of the lyrics!! The It'll be interesting to see DH's reaction. He's six years younger and was raised in rural/farm SD&ND. I graduated from high school in NJ in 1960. Definitely different cultures and times. Speaking of which, when I moved to ND 50 years ago now I quickly realized Lawrence Welk was taken very very seriously and considered an artistic god--knot the object of derision I was used to. 😮
  9. Actually I'm in knot sure I should even be typing--it might be catching???
  10. I'm beginning to think perhaps Auntie Patsy vacations in 2019 are snakebit! We discovered this morning that our Alaska cruise had been cancelled. More accurately the cruise was just fine, WE had been cancelled. We found this out via American Express letting me know I had a refund coming from Princess. Well, it's the day after the Fourth and travel agency isn't open again until Monday. Princess was sympathetic but can't do anything since we booked thru a travel agency. DH left a passionate message with the agency's emergency number and eventually our gal called us. She got us reinstated and in our specific cabin (chosen with great consideration for my turning green ability) and a new payment authorized to keep Princess happy. We will meet Monday afternoon face to face since as of right now I do believe I've paid for our flights twice and some strange figure for the cruise itself that bears no resemblance to the paperwork I have in my hot little hand. I'm quite sure the problem is either our gal didn't send our final payment as instructed or Princess screwed up. We shall see. Sigh.
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