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  1. Miss Elizabeth, please tell us more about Assessment Day. Who/what is being assessed? Students presenting senior research? Accreditation folks visiting? Curious minds need more info.
  2. Yea for no-cast-Nei, great nobel you wrote Fancy2, welcome Sam, gorgeous trees blossoming over gorgeous houndies, and your friendly local KMart or drugstore is a great source of cheap temporary glasses whilst ones eyes are healing from surgery--they even come in bifocals all for $10.
  3. After my iphone8 disaster which totally destroyed the home button (so we couldn't get into the phone at all to transfer things) ...... much work on DH's part has the replacement phone functioning with everything there which should be there EXCEPT my photos. I had probably 1800 photos and all the cloud coughed up was 39??? **? Last year I lost my two dearest friends in the world within a five month stretch and my pix of them are ..... somewhere? DH has tried working with the cloud to no avail. Does the hive mind have suggestions for me. I'm quite prepared for this to cost $$ but I want my pix
  4. Nothing the vets can find; just severe weight loss since late last summer. This morning the tuna and some of its oil mixed in with the mushy KD was a hit again. I know two days doesn't a streak make but I'm mildly encouraged. I present him with Second Breakfast later in the morning. Thank heavens Linus doesn't jump up on the counter so I don't have to defend Second Breakfast from His Chunkiness.
  5. Happy Gotcha Day to the inestimable Miss Hada Parsnip! Glad you're feeling better. Also belated happy Gotcha Day to my poodle crush Molly McPoodle. Since I was awake in the middle of the night last night due to Covid dreams returning, it occurred to me that perhaps mixing some tuna in oil (aka "the good stuff") with Jazz' chicken flavor KD might make it more interesting. For this morning at least it worked. Dr Carol is trying to get more calories into him with the KD tho reading labels I don't see that much difference but I'll try most anything. I'll hold off on calling Chewey unt
  6. OMG I totally missed this news. Welcome Sadie Rose and work hard to get those nerves under control.
  7. So it turns out Linus (a true food whore) will eat the very expensive KD. Jazz notsomuch. Sigh. 😔😱😭. I spent a fortune on 24 cans of KD chicken from Chewey. Wonder if fish KD would be acceptable. If that's so I wonder if Chewey would be up for trading 22 cans of chicken for fish? Sigh. Just. Sigh. Speaking of sigh, we are due for 1-3" of SNOW tomorrow 😳. The rain we had the end of last week has finally gotten lawns thinking about greening up. Snow melting riteawaykwik would help that endeavor. On a positive note, for the first time in 13 months we had our regular Sunday morning Pe
  8. Oh dear. Miss a day and life goes to hell in a handbasket. Merc, remember The Toothless Wonders have always said teeth are overrated. Neizen, oh my. Enjoy your sleepy joose of delight and when you wake up perhaps you will evaluate trying to fly off the deck. Fly free and healthy dear Dustin and send your family a sign. Big hugs coming to Dr Robin and family.
  9. Yea for Miss Sherrie having the boys back and for Stirling Pony having a wonderful new home with pasture buddies and knot one but two liddle hoomans of his very own and for yard work getting done gradually but safely and for sore eyes getting bedder and for assorted visiting aunties etc. The news on Jazz is still confuzzilated. The "mineralization" seems to have moved thru a bit and he's still losing weight. Doc Carol was wondering if he perchance was eating litter. Not I've ever seen. Vermiculite from plants? Nope. She figured try him on KD or its ilk for a while to try to get some we
  10. He is eating robustly and I've even instituted Second Breakfast. High on the list of Things I Say to My Cats: "Please take your tail out of the dishwasher"
  11. Their ages are a good vet's guess of course, but 12-ish. Linus is a year younger or so (or is it the other way; I'll check). I'd be thrilled if it were only old age but am terribly afraid something is going on.
  12. Yes it does sound like diabetes but his tests are all perfect and he's knot drinking any more than usual. Nothing simple. Sigh
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