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  1. CA, have you seen the lovely cardinal figurine in Miss Nellies? Thought of you immediately.
  2. Why thank you *blushes modestly*. Since the last long Maui trip we had two years ago featured Mr Patsy's Norovirus event, this one will feel like a (gentle) walk in the park I'm hoping.
  3. The Kris Kristofferson concert last night was just plain wonderful!! Squeeeeee. 🙃
  4. Thought I had told you guys the story; guess knot. DH follows East Grand Forks' Sacred Heart HS volleyball (began with watching daughter of a ham radio friend and just continued after Anna graduated). He followed SH to a tournament a couple hours from home and was heading down the bleachers to get to the concession stand whilst two teams were warming up. He got slammed on the side of the head with a mis-served volleyball.
  5. Kathy, glad you're ok! Scary stuff. DH's concussion is just about five weeks old now and he is still quite debilitated from it. So he saw our doc again today to see about imaging to be sure nothing sneaky and untoward is happening. She agreed and Sunday evening he's scheduled for an MRI, much to my relief. Turns out he in all probability won't be able to snorkel on Maui--I do believe our doc pretty much said NO. The outrigger canoe trip we always so enjoy will probably be a no-no too. Too much of a strain.
  6. I kinda sorta thought you were your own department chair. There must be some help available if your dean gave a damn! Aargh!!! And cyber hugs.
  7. Sheesh woman! That's no way to live as you well know. Your department chair should be able to rustle up at least temporary TA coverage for you.
  8. Yes Priscilla is in Miss Nellie's. Did I mention she's Mine! All Mine!! (envision Patsy morphing into The Hulk)
  9. The mulch them instead of raking works just fine for little and sparse leaves. However, big COPIOUS leaves are a whole different case. Yes you can mow and end up pushing them in front of the mower and maybe tearing them in half. You are still left with inches of leaves on top of your grass--just slightly reconstituted in shape. They don't pulverize and hide down within the grass. In my dreams. White toesies! I love white toesies! THUD
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