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  1. Miss Halise, I will be holding you in my thoughts all day tomorrow on that sad anniversary. I have always remembered that when you told the Club about Mamaa Marfa's diagnosis you said something that I took to mean symptoms had been ignored in the past. One of those things I try to keep in mind--whether or knot I have remembered correctly. (((Halise)))
  2. I totally agree with Molly McCautious about getting tested. I was pondering how to word it gently but she took care of that. Miss Sherrie, did your doc's office give you a length of wondrously soft tubular knit feels-like-Jersey stuff that you can cut to the length you like and put on the front of your cast to keep your toesies warm. You make a twist in one end, turn it inside out and pull it on. If you don't have any I think I have leftovers in the attic I'd be glad to send.
  3. Miss Cynthia, Jazz wants you to know he is all ready to spray the doodyhead--he just needs the directions.
  4. Hada DDA, you are marvelous! My calendar tells me tomorrow is Guest and Dr David's wedding anniversary! Oldishtimers--remember when Cindy was wondering if she should have a date with her dentist? And the red dress discussion? And the slightly miffed office manager? Off to get the snow off the car and go take a dear friend to her cataract-be-gone day after checkup. Stay safe everyone please.
  5. I know very little about horses so I have to ask why the Widge has to leave his own home and go somewhere else for the winter?
  6. I would say purkle unicorns are totally an appropriate reaction to these dire times. Stay home and don't be driving.
  7. Just saw my first snow flurries of the season 😮. "Season" of course means the next five months minimum 😡. Feeling sad about this text I got yesterday morning from Greenstreet (who introduced me to GT many years ago). Luci was her whippet she had to surrender when she no longer had a house. "Yesterday Larry and Luci were attacked at the park across from their house by a bulldog that was off leash. It grabbed Luci by the neck and shook her and she bled out before Larry got her to the vet hospital." 😢😢
  8. Words to live by! I too had to look twice (very cautiously).
  9. Spirit, I think "pensive" is absolutely the best descriptor. Good job! I turn 78 next month and one wonders ...... Wow that hurts! Should have been Rome yesterday and Naples today. OUCH. Big cyber hug for everyone. And thank you guys for all you all are doing to keep our community relatively sane. 1-3 inches of snow due overnight/tomorrow. Just finished first round of leaf blowing and may never move again but that's par for the course. It'll melt of course but still ..... I'm thinking that perhaps a midwinter getaway to a cabin in Bemidji where we just spent 9 days a co
  10. Immmmm bakkkkkk. Thanks for noticing I've been gone btw. 🥰 I have been knee deep in making applesauce beginning with picking the apples. But that's done now and the big yoghurt containers thereof are in the freezer. Enuf for a couple years at least. Cabin feaver has set in early evidently. I am having trouble with the future look of ND winter and not being able to go out and eat and see people and. And. And. And of course no Maui 😡 Part of my problem is one reaches an age when one doesn't know if one has a spare year just lying around to KNOT travel in. And yes I know there are
  11. Cletus, I just want to whuffle that tum tum!
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