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  1. Alive and well and about to disembark in Seattle. Details later. I'll read and get caught up. General hugs and sympathies and whahooos as appropriate.
  2. Quick hai from Ketchikan Alaska. Having a great time and drugs worked just fine. 😜ðŸĪŠðŸ™ƒ. No time to read stuff.
  3. I quite agree! The prices I see in the paper for an xxxpoo are outrageous and there are all those neat dogs in the shelter just waiting for their home. Anyhow I'm in Seattle in the daytime--an entirely new experience. Or the La Quinta Seatac to be more precise. And .... wait for it .... it's raining! Who would ever have anticipated that?!! ðŸ˜Ū
  4. Just landed at SeaTac and I think this tired hound-ess needs a shower and a bed. For what it's worth, I consider "mutt" an honorable name and "mongrel" offensive. When I'm awake tomorrow I'll see if the dictionary agrees with me or if that's just me. Good night all.
  5. We will indeed! I have decided and DH (who is 6 years younger) agrees that we are going to do things NOW whilst we can cuz you never know. After attending a couple funerals for folks I worked with who were 20 years younger than I am I saw the light. I can scrimp and we can do the Maui trip every year instead of every other year. Etc etc. Safe travels and have a great weekend. Go Packers! I'll try to email some pictures to whomever I find who might post to the Club when I find some especially gorgeous scenery. I know our coverage will be sporadic and internet on the ship is outrageous and isn't gonna happen. ðŸ˜Ū
  6. I was remiss in knot telling Hamish he did an excellent job on the introduction.
  7. I had a kitty long years ago now who would gnaw thru bread wrappers just like that. Just bread, nothing else.
  8. That definitely needed a spoot warning!
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