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  1. And perhaps a pair of ear muffs to finish the look.
  2. I'm giggling at myownself. I'm wearing the consumate Zoom outfit--nightgown on the bottom with a sweatshirt on top. That'll work.
  3. Welcome and congrats and good hexrays and safe trips. I think that about covers it. Eagles fans, what's up with "my man Carson" as I have referred to him since he is a ND product and seemed a level headed kid? I gather all is not well.
  4. Bakandforth for a successful Wiki delivery.
  5. Linus and Jazz wish me to say KITTEHS RULE and they think taking out a tee vee is awesome. Their only knot-even-close-to-similar escapade involved Jazz on Da Mamaperson's dresser yesterday so as to inspect the vase of carnations she had at her wits end relocated to there after Linus had knocked them off the bookcase in the living room onto the couch. Silly her thinking they would be safe there. Speaking of Da Mamaperson, how silly was she knot to post the link for Dr Robin Frootcake's Penguin Plunge?! https://app.mobilecause.com/vf/2021PENGUIN/RobinGrimm5 Congratulations to the birth
  6. Forgot to say I loved All Creatures Great and Small back in the day and so hope this version is worthy. Am I the only one with the Golf Channel on in the background just to see green grass and booshes and trees with leafs etc etc? Had to break down and wear THE winter coat today but it is the 28th of December so that's pretty good for up here. Google Steers Grand Forks and enjoy the pix on his page.
  7. Yea for Wiki coming home. Yea also for the Pack playing a really fun game yesterday. Dr Robin is plunging in the colddddd Rhode Island ocean virtually this year. 😗😜😯. Actually, individually is a better word. She hasn't posted the addy for our yearly donations in honor of this bat ** crazy endeavor yet but I found it on FB. I'm trying to figure how a clever houndie can wrangle her blankets so well and failing. I can't even get back in bed after getting up at night without discovering I'm lying on the blankets I need to be under. 🧐 Dearest Guest--don't run your own self into t
  8. Mollie! How would you like it if someone chewed one of your legs off? Hummmm? Be a nice whozagudgurl and knock off this dismemberment routine. Auntee Patsee
  9. *Elf Patsy smiles at jobs well done* Please pass that mulled wine.
  10. How is the bacon bar up there, Ewan? Rest well.
  11. Whozagudboi?? Nigel!!!!! Run fast and healthy sweetie. We will miss your stories.
  12. Remind me of the alpaca thing please?
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