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  1. Check out. http://www.somalikitchen.com/chai-spice-tea.html/ My Somali restaurant makes it quite sweet. He has also been adding quite a lot of crushed ginger recently on the theory we all need the protection to our systems.
  2. I know Kestralyn's wife was very pleased when several students showed up for cyber office hours. Hang in there! (And mitts with longgg cuffs! Wheeeee). You nailed it, Miss Jennie. Wandering around aimlessly. Gets old quick and actually tiring quick. However it sure as hell beats the alternatives. I do yearn for access to the yard--which as we speak is covered once again with snow and gaining more by the minute. Now that's just piling on and yes I realize I'm not worrying about a relative in a nursing home etc. MIL has been on lockdown for about five weeks now as an ordinary flu was going around her nursing home at that time so that's not a worry. She's out of it enough that she's not fussing about being locked down specifically. "wandering around aimlessly". I do love a well turned phrase. I'm even beginning to feel guilty about knot tackling some housekeeping that desperately needs done. Like under the kitchen sink (think Star Wars garbage compactor). Here be dragons!
  3. Our snow evidently comes tonight. Right now we are wet. I haven't gotten as far as the backdoor to see if we're icy and wet. Sigh. Just. Sigh. Evidently I'm feeling sorry for myself so will go heat myself a cup of my Somali chai and shape up. *wanders off, giving herself a dopeslap*
  4. Sounds like you've done wayyyyy above and beyond, Miss Kerry. Is it possible to tell this adjunct faculty twit you have done all you can do and the rest of your faculty need you? "The screen shots explain it all". Obviously she's always gotten away with offloading it on someone else. Fine. You've done wayyyy beyond your part and time to say bye bye. If she wants to plague the IT-clever person at her veryown workplace, fine. You're OUT!
  5. This is hysterical and Linus and Jazz say "way to go!" to his cat who's tutoring the hamster for the LSAT. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020/03/31/social-distancing-dog-walking/
  6. Sign of the Times Department: I'm about to participate in, and take my very last shift as Secretary, as ND Distict 42 Democrat-NPL decides on its candidates for ND House and Senate. ALL VIA ZOOM. 😮😮😮
  7. Cindy, you tell Fancy that you were being a wise and smart woman
  8. Good morning all. Seriously, would it incapitate the entire world if the old club were allowed to remain for--oh I don't know, maybe a day? It won't explode, it won't emit noxious gas, it won't ruin anyone's credit rating. Truly. I made a groceries run this morning. I was on their doorstep when they opened for seniors and there were maybe 4-5 of us in the entire store. I was outta there and on the way home by 6:23. Yea me 🤪
  9. Dare we hope LuLu is now free of The Cone of Misery and Retribution?
  10. World domination is obviously being contemplated.
  11. Oh man, that look goes wayyyyy beyond "guard your shoes" to I'm knot quite sure what but I guarantee it won't be good on your part. 6' hugs and up close scritches.
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