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  1. All packed up. If MD continues its arc-required weather, I'll just rent snorkel gear. CA, if it's cataracts the surgery isn't all that major and you will lovee the results.
  2. I'm beginning to wonder if I should give up being stressed about what to pack for Kestralyn's and simply find my swim fins and bathing suit. Knot that there's going to be much space in the luggage for something as mundane as clothing when I'm also transporting the last of the "kitchen stuff" from her grandmother's household. "Last" is defined as "anything that didn't fit in the two Priority Mail boxes I have already sent". Think potato mashers and cookie sheet and I forget whatall else. I just know there's a depressingly large bag at the foot of the attic steps where that stuff is and oh yes--mustn't forget the two big bags of coffee pods I bought approximately a month before I switched to decaf 😏. maybe I'll just sprinkle those over the top of everything! Somewhere there's a TSA agent who is going to wonder what-the-hell?
  3. Patsy

    Jax's passing

    Oh Jax! You were gorgeous. Send your family a sign, k? I have to admit I admire your style of being fine up until your last day. Hard on your family but better for you.
  4. Is something frozen about/with the Remembrance forum? No posts since mid April and Kestralyn's Stanley not on Bridge angels for April. ðŸ˜Ē
  5. The way I accumulate air miles is by using a credit card (American Express) branded to delta airlines. Delta is the only choice I have out of Grand Forks ND so choosing that one was a no brainer. I also have a Visa card which gives me generic airline miles as well. I don't carry much cash at all. All expenses that can do so go on the Visa and the monthly bill is paid in full every. Single. Month. My theory is that the money is going to be spent anyway so I might as well get airline miles. I know some people prefer a "cash back" card but I want my miles! ðŸĪŠ. American Express gives me double miles for anything I spend on Delta.
  6. Oh I too would have marked the sign. And don't get me started on apostrophe errors! I lovelovelove my credit union! All they wanted was my 2018 income taxes and the bill of sale/purchase order/whatever they call it from my Honda dealer. Ran home to get those two things and returned and they wrote me the check. Actually they put it in my checking account and brought me the deposit slip. Easy peasy. Ducky grab your Kleenex. My dealer winced a bit at a credit card but said yes. He was just so glad it was Visa not American Express and no fees to me were involved. None. Zippo nada. Safe trip, Misser Michael.
  7. Miss Fancypants, you are clever--I like that in a female of whatever species. Ms Guest--milk or dark chocolate?
  8. Man those allergies are bad this morning!! "Hai. My name is Fencetop and this is my greyhound"
  9. "Hai! I'm Patsy and I was on the Credit Union board for about 20 years and have been a member for forever. May I please have $26,000 for just about a month?" *smiles prettily* oK. So it needs some work. I'm jumping thru all sorts of hoops cuz I want to put the new CRV (referred to as "New") on my Visa and get my airline miles.
  10. Wow. You guys are way more clued into cryptic color names than I am. Medium grey with eentsee weentsee metallic sparkles is the winnah! The cone of shame fits in the new CRV just fine. Goodgirlgoodgirlwhozagoodgirl. What I'm finding is when I had to take off my wrappings I lost the protection factor and the knot-moving factor. Now when I raise my eyebrows or do something that tenses the muscles around my ears it hurts. Scalp has zero "give" or slack factor to it. Ivy, you are drop dead gorgeous! Am I the only one who thinks that Guest's water-go-away folks can't come cuz the water won't go away is kinda funny? Terribly irritating I'm sure but kinda funny. I'm planning on growing gills for my upcoming trip to to Kestralyn's in Maryland.
  11. Let's have a contest what color would you guess "Urban Titanium" would be?
  12. Had an unusual day yesterday. It started with my stopping innocently enough at our local Lithia Dodge etc to take in my "matching numbers sales flier" to collect my winnings. As I tell them if they keep sending fliers to me even tho I'm perfectly happy with my 2010 CRV, I'll l keep taking my $5 WalMart gift cards. I won't step foot in WalMart myself but they're handy to have around for little gifts, goodie bags, etc. The nice guy (they are always nice guys) mentioned they had a 2016 version of our CRV we might be interested in. Since DH mentioned just two days ago we weren't going to be able to have the 2010 be our last car as we had planned, I gave him a call and he came down. Long story short...... we ended up at our long time and very good Honda dealer in town and ended up trading in The Rustmobile for a second CRV. A 2016 which has the camera and push button start. Now both our sets of wheels will have wonderful traction in winter. 👍 and a decent heater. We figured it was a worthy use of retirement $$$ For a better vehicle than Lithia was showing us at $1,000 less too 🙃 Turns out the Rustmobile was in crappier shape than we realized. The passengers side wheel well you could see the tire and the garage floor. Also drivers seat was bolted into basically rust. Crazy day with excellent result. Was having my head de-lumped whilst he was doing the running around to our money man etc
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