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  1. Thanks Neyla's mom. This is very informative. Looks like the DE will stay in the bag.
  2. So far, we think we like the PP Sensitive skin/stomach. She has been fully cut over now for a couple of days, and seems to love it. She just got a dose of Advantage Multi and a Drontal Plus for hooks, so her poop has been pretty loose the past 36 hours, so we need a little longer to see how it will be on the new food. Her poop was mostly firm on the foster food, but we were feeding her 2+ cups a day and she was pooping like a maniac. Plus, her itchiness is so bad. This is likely due to reasons other than diet, but we are hoping that the new food will help with this.
  3. Do you just sprinkle on top of food? We feed 1.5 cups of kibble in a little warm water with a topper of yogurt to pumpkin puree. Will the DE be effective if its added to the slurry?
  4. I'm not an expert, but can share my experience with 2 that we have adopted and several that we have fostered: If they are very picky eaters or perhaps even do not eat the first couple of days, try not to freak out (like I did). Eventually they all start to eat. They will not voluntarily starve themselves to death. I am an advocate of letting them sleep in the bedroom with me. In fact, until I felt semi confident that they could be trusted in the bedroom, I put the dog bed right beside me on the floor, and "gated" the area around it so that she could not roam the bedroom. I did this for maybe 3 nights until I trusted she could hold her bladder throughout the night. Take them out frequently the first few days/weeks. Make sure they have PLENTY of opportunities to pee/poop so that the opportunity for an accident in the house are decreased. Get some Natures Miracle just in case there is an accident. Keep poop bags with you when you take them out and ALWAYS pick up poop. Chances are you will get a dog who has the dreaded hookworms, and they eggs are passed into the environment via the stool. Since these hooks are resistant to a lot of drugs, we want to decrease the odds that other animals or wildlife come in contact with the eggs/larvea. Don't be alarmed if there is some barking or whining when you leave them alone at first. Start by leaving them for shorter periods if possible. We typically get dogs on a Saturday. On Sunday, we put them in the crate and leave them for 10-15 minutes in the morring, then increase that in the afternoon. We try to plan it so that one of us can be around more during he first week so that we are gradually building up the time they are alone in the crate. We use the crate to make sure they are not destructive when left alone. It reduces our anxiety tremendously to know that our brand new dog is not chewing up our furniture or having accidents all over the rugs or hardwoods. We have had 2 dogs with SA and it is NOT PRETTY. But we were told by our group that whining and barking is normal until they come to trust that they are safe and you will return, and that as long as they are not destructive in or soiling the crate, to not worry about it. We did get these and give our girl 2 an hour before we leave, just to play it safe and ease the transition. We have been using them for about a month and it may be placebo, but her barking really reduced once we started using these treats. Get a raincoat for your dog. And if you are in a cold climate, also a warmer coat for when it is super cold. Im sure there is more, but the rain is coming and we have to get the pups our for their morning walk or there will be mutiny.
  5. Maybe it is her new way of telling you she loves you . . . so much that she literally cannot get enough of you so that she has to eat your clothing to carry around a piece of you inside of her:) In all seriousness, our new girl, who is not at all interested in toys, LOVES to go after our socks. So far, she has not swallowed one bc we generally keep them picked up, but if we did not, I fear she would ingest them. It might be a good time to start researching other breeds. As the number of dogs dwindles overall due to bans and track closures, spending some time figuring out the next best thing to having a greyhound might be wise. We just adopted a two year old, and may end up adding another to our pack in the next couple of years (we have very active adoption program in our city), but this is likely our last hoorah with greyhounds. We always thought we would only have them as pets, but with the changing times, we realize that our next go around, which will hopefully be many years in the future, we will likely be forced to choose a different breed . . .
  6. Tell me why you love, hate or are indifferent to as it relates to PPP/SSS salmon and rice. We are switching our new girl over to it and the jury is still out for us. We are cutting her over slowly, so at what point should we see improvements in her itchiness and a decrease in the quantity but improvement in the quality of her stools?
  7. Latifah is going home tomorrow and I am already sad, but knowing we are the first in line to dog sit makes it better:). And as much as she makes us laugh, there is something to be said for the super chill energy of the 2 going on 6 year old
  8. Indeed it is. They were relegated there after HOURS of incessant squeaking by the 6 going on 2 year old. But this is what we ended up with tonight as we binged S3 of The Crown. Latifah is definitely one we let get away . . .
  9. Our previous foster, Queen Latifah, is staying with us over the holidays, and Bette is tolerating it:) Latifah has such a strong personality, in a good way. She is a very happy, bouncy, playful girl. She is 6 but seems like she is 2, and Bette is 2 but seems like she is the 6 year old. Aren't they cute? Aren't they cute?
  10. Just curious . . . the kibble the foster group uses has 24% protein. Our vet just recommended Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach, which has 26%. What brands are as low as 20% protein?
  11. I know there is place in the UK where many purchase their hookworm meds for a reduced rate. If you have it, can you share the link, please? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the step by step. That is what I was looking for.
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