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  1. Hello, I just attempted to purchase a Chrysanthemum rain slicker for our new girl, and I see that there is a message on the top of the website stating that the online store had to close at this time due to unexpected circumsatances. Does anyone know if this is temporary? Sure hope so. I have fallen in love with their coats.
  2. Thanks, all, for the recommendations. I have a pair of GH pajamas that are over 10 years old. In fact, they were the first pair we ever bought. I got them online, but can't recall where, and there is no tag to serve as a clue. I love the design. There is a piece of material that runs from the neck band, under the chest, and then velcro's on each side of the ribcage. This design seems less "binding" than all the others we have. I hate twisted pajamas, so I may be projecting onto the girls, but all of our other pj's do look rather uncomfortable, especially because the "apron" in front of t
  3. I have a few fleece pajamas for the girls, but they don't look very comfortable. They seem to get twisted and I just imagine if I had to sleep in them, I would not be very happy. What does your pup sleep in at night to keep them warm? I am also wondering if there is some other kind of material that doesn't get as much static electricity that would be a better option to. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  4. We have the saline bag "boot" and it suffices. I was hoping to find something a little easier on and off for those 5am potties. I will look up the medipaw boot. Thanks ya'll. Always a wealth of knowledge!
  5. Bette has a dislocated toe, and of course, the injury occurred right before we left to go on our very first vacation in a year. Luckily we were able to get her into the vet. They took an x-ray to rule out a break, and wrapped her foot with instructions to keep it wrapped and no runs for a month to let the ligaments heal. They gave us a plastic sleeve to put over the wrap for when she needs to go outside, or when she goes on a (very short) walk. The sleeve is a PITA, and I am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a fitted boot or something that we can slide over the wrapped foot that
  6. Thanks to all who shared their thoughts re: my concerns with the angel baby. I feel more at ease after getting your input. I especially will take to heart to advice to not "force" Ursula into any interactions she seems uncomfortable with. She currently LOVES to go on walks, and I don't want that to change. We are going to a mng on Saturday, so I will be curious to see how she does. There will be a limited # of people there at one time due to COVID constraints. We also have a wonderful pub that is dog friendly with outdoor seating right down the street. The weather is cooling dramatically
  7. They both are positive for hooks, so that's a definite yes for parasites, and are being treated for those per the latest protocol. Not sure on the UTI. I would think they would be peeing in the house a lot more if that were the case, but we can certainly check that out. I really think its behavioral. They are on a strict schedule, and she already takes them out at the same time. The timeline on the new fence going in is (fingers crossed) by the end of the month. She has started taking small treats out and offering them every time they pee/poop outside. And she is trying to keep her eyes
  8. So, our sweet, precious darling angel baby Ursula nipped her other mother last night and brought a little blood in the process. We rotate nightly treats for the girls, and last night they had frozen peanut butter Kongs. After they finished up the treat, Kala went to grab them from the dogs and Ursula growled at her and nipped her hand. It happened so fast! She has not done anything like this before, so we are a little taken aback. I can't say we have ever even heard her growl before. We have had her 8 weeks this past Saturday, and everything has gone really smoothly (except for her chewi
  9. Here's some pics of the boys. Meet Step On It, with the white tipped nose, and Sneak A Peak with the little white mark on his forehead. As you can see, they are very happy kiddo's. They are very smiley and jovial . . . and mischievous at times . . .
  10. I am asking this on behalf of my sister, who is fostering 2 bonded brothers who have never been separated and just turned 3. She has had them 5 weeks today. They have not soiled their crate, and do not mark inside, but will occasionally pee or poop in the house. Each boy has done each 2-3 times over the past 5 weeks. She keeps them belly banded almost all of the time now, and tries to take them out frequently. She is waiting on her yard to get fenced, which will help a lot, but in the meantime, she has to leash them up to get them outside. One of the boys will sneak up to the bonus room
  11. I am reading (on the "getting rid of parasites" fb page) as well as hearing (from a GH savvy vet in AL) that some people are having success with using Profender as a treatment for MDR hookworms. This is an off label use, as it is meant to be applied topically to cats, but us being used orally in dogs. I would NEVER try this without consulting with an informed vet, however, I am intrigued and wonder if any of ya'll have gone this route, and if so, with what outcome?
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