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  1. Thanks Rem. That is my instinct as well. Just needed a some validation. And since its 5:30pm, the booms will be starting soon. She just ate dinner, peed and pooped, so I think I'm gonna go ahead and dose her.
  2. Another thing that I wonder about is the wisdom of treating her preemptively to avoid any kind of PTSD from the fireworks. She is not storm phobic, and this is only our 2nd fireworks holiday with her, so I don't have a lot of experience with her on this front. A friends little dog seems to be forever scarred by fireworks, and I just don't want that for her. So while she could be presenting with much worse firework fear/phobia, I want to both prevent her from suffering tonight, as well as prevent a currently not-too-terrible problem from potentially getting worse. Am I overthinking this?
  3. Last night, when the fireworks started in earnest, our Bette displayed what seemed like fear, and I'm wondering if we need to treat her with Trazadone in anticipation of the fireworks being worse tonight. She is typically a very chilled out dog. Last night, she retreated to the bathroom (very unusual) and was trembling. Several times during the night when the fireworks woke me up, I checked on her and she was wide awake and alert, but was in her bed. We have not noticed pacing, panting, etc. My question is should we dose her with Trazadone tonight? She has an Rx for 100mg, with instructions that she can have up to 150 mg. This is an Rx from an incident that occurred when we had a foster dog here that resulted in a lot of turmoil for Bette. Thoughts? We have Bach's RR, and Melatonin. But I am not confident that they will be much help. There will be A LOT of fireworks tonight all around us, and we are close to downtown Nashville, where there is a huge display that will go off at sunset. It is about 5 miles away, but we see and hear it at our house, plus the neighborhood is full of people setting them off at all hours. I hate this part of the 4th!
  4. Me too, and happy to share the update. Some other terrified soul may face a similar situation in the future, and get some comfort out of what I was told, though of course, this should not be a substitute for a consult with a vet.
  5. Dang dogs is right. If they are not putting a smile on our faces, they are striking fear in our hearts or causing generalized aggravation
  6. Just got off phone with ASPCA poison control. It cost $75 for the consult, but well worth the peace of mind they gave me. BC dogs don't typically "chew" up seeds/pits, the cyanide is not being released. It is when the seed is "broken" that it becomes dangerous. She said it is far more dangerous for livestock to eat stone fruits bc they actually chew up whatever is in their mouths. I can vouch that Bette inhales vs. chews. She also said that cyanide poisoning is very fast acting, and that she would be symptomatic and possibly dead in short order if she actually did have cyanide poisoning. Since it has been about 18 hours since her last plum, the ASPCA rep said she is likely out of the woods. The neighbor's son is out there now cutting the tree back. I hope they end up just taking it down, bc they also have a dog that eats anything.
  7. I am on hold with ASPCA poison control right now, per the recommendation of the E vet, to ask about possible plum poisoning. I thought I would hop on here to see if anyone has experience with this. Our Bette has Pica, I swear. She will eat anything. Rocks, dead worms, mushrooms. Thanks God she is not a poop eater. Anyway, our neighbor has a plum tree that started dropping very small plums plums in our yard maybe 7-10 days ago. Bette, of course, found them and loves them. We toss over all the ones we see, but she has eaten maybe 2-3 a day over the past week. I decided to look them up to see if they are toxic, and of course, the seeds are. They release cyanide as they are digested. Terrifying. She eats them whole. Doesn't even chew them. I have seen whole seeds in her poop this week. She seems fine. No symptoms that I saw listed. But I worry she could be slowly poisoned without me knowing it. Since reading how toxic they are, she is now not allowed outside without a stool guard on her muzzle until the tree is cut down. So, as I sit here and wait on the ASPCA to answer my call, how worried should I be? The E vet said not to bring her in because she is not symptomatic, but to call the ASPCA and get their advice . . .
  8. I love all these replies. And am very encouraged that so many have been able to successfully camp/RV with their pups. We are going to be in the market for a Class A Mini (ideally 27-29 feet) once the market for RV's (hopefully) bottoms out and will be flooded with all the folks who bought them up over the past year on a pandemic lark and decide they don't want them any longer. That gives us plenty of time to do a deep dive into the ins and outs of RVing with dogs. As stated in my OP, my main concern is that they will get loose out of the door, but I am confident there is a way to accommodate for this. We are super conscientious with the dogs at home, so I know it will be in over drive on the road, no pun intended. The other worry I have (which falls into the category of "catastrophizing") is that we will leave them in the RV (hooked up to electricity, and with the air on), but that something will happen and they will be trapped in a hot box. There will be situations in which we will not be able to take them with us, like on long hikes, or kayaking, etc. I know thousands of people do this every day and I have not read horror stories of pets baking in RV's bc the power went out. But that is a fear . . . Cant wait to check out the fb page listed in thread. Wish someone would do a Youtube or full blog series on RVing with their GH's.

    LOL.  Dr. Suzanne Stack and her crew spent a night in their RV in my driveway a few years ago.

     She had it down unbelivebly. :)












  10. We are considering getting an RV (in the 27-30 ft range), and would want to take our 2 girls with us on trips. They are well adjusted, well mannered, and enjoy adventures. We came across a woman not too long ago walking 3 greyhounds at the beach, and when we struck up a chat with her, she told us that she was staying at a nearby RV park, and that she has no issues with traveling with her dogs. I'd love to hear from others about the pleasures and pains of bringing your grey's along on long RV trips, even cross country trips. We are just beginning the process of trying to decide if this is an investment we ultimately want to make, but the dogs are a big consideration. What do we need to be thinking about? The biggest concern that I have is that they could bolt out of the door bc there is so much in and out, so having some kind of way of securing again that nightmare would be top of list. Bring on your comments:)
  11. Hello, I just attempted to purchase a Chrysanthemum rain slicker for our new girl, and I see that there is a message on the top of the website stating that the online store had to close at this time due to unexpected circumsatances. Does anyone know if this is temporary? Sure hope so. I have fallen in love with their coats.
  12. Thanks, all, for the recommendations. I have a pair of GH pajamas that are over 10 years old. In fact, they were the first pair we ever bought. I got them online, but can't recall where, and there is no tag to serve as a clue. I love the design. There is a piece of material that runs from the neck band, under the chest, and then velcro's on each side of the ribcage. This design seems less "binding" than all the others we have. I hate twisted pajamas, so I may be projecting onto the girls, but all of our other pj's do look rather uncomfortable, especially because the "apron" in front of the chest gets twisted and stretched when they flop around in all of the crazy GH sleeping positions. None of our pj's have legs. I agree, I cannot deal with the hassle of getting those on and off. I did see the below on Etsy, and wonder if they would work. She said she could do double sided flannel, and sent a link for different fabric choices beyond what is listed on her site: https://www.etsy.com/listing/490223989/greyhound-coat-dog-coat-xl-dog-jacket?ref=shop_home_feat_3&pro=1&frs=1
  13. I have a few fleece pajamas for the girls, but they don't look very comfortable. They seem to get twisted and I just imagine if I had to sleep in them, I would not be very happy. What does your pup sleep in at night to keep them warm? I am also wondering if there is some other kind of material that doesn't get as much static electricity that would be a better option to. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  14. We have the saline bag "boot" and it suffices. I was hoping to find something a little easier on and off for those 5am potties. I will look up the medipaw boot. Thanks ya'll. Always a wealth of knowledge!
  15. Bette has a dislocated toe, and of course, the injury occurred right before we left to go on our very first vacation in a year. Luckily we were able to get her into the vet. They took an x-ray to rule out a break, and wrapped her foot with instructions to keep it wrapped and no runs for a month to let the ligaments heal. They gave us a plastic sleeve to put over the wrap for when she needs to go outside, or when she goes on a (very short) walk. The sleeve is a PITA, and I am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a fitted boot or something that we can slide over the wrapped foot that is a little more substantial and better fitting that the contraption the vet gave us. Thanks in advance for any rec's.
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