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  1. Read this today on the NYT: “We are asking the American public to prepare for the expectation that this might be bad,” Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the C.D.C.’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said Tuesday at a news briefing. While it’s unclear how severe the spread will be in the United States, Dr. Messonnier said Americans should be ready for a “significant disruption” to their daily lives. Based on the possibility that "significant disruption" to daily life may coming down the pike, I'm buying at least another 41 lb. bag of dog food. Better to be safe than sorry, and Bette will end up eating all in the next few months, regardless.
  2. Another update . . . Bette has found her groove with the toys. She has a morning routine in which she runs straight to the toy basket and grabs a stuffy and then zooms from sofa to our bed, back and forth, back and forth, bounding on them both, until she tires her precious little self out. This morning, I must not have wiped her muddy paws too good, bc I had a comforter covered in dirty little paw prints after her zooms. She will do another version of this in the evening, too. It's so cute to watch her in action. Also, we have had some warm and sunny days lately, and she DOES NOT want to come in when the weather is nice, so I expect she will be lots more playful in the yard, too. Time to pull the trigger on this outdoor dog bed for our deck. A girl needs a nice outdoor place to lay her little head.
  3. Anyone stocking up on dog food in anticipation of possible supply chain shortages due to COVID19? If so, how many months of dog food are you storing? We just bought at 41 pound bag, which will last us about 6 weeks. Wondering if we should go ahead and buy one more. Or am I being way too paranoid?
  4. These numbers seem to point toward an ongoing pipeline of dogs that will eventually make their way to retirement. Or am I missing something? I wonder what the numbers will be for 2020, 2021, 2022 etc. I, too, share a big concern the the option of adopting a retired racer will be a thing of the past in the future. My hope had been to ALWAYS be able to adopt retired racers, and spend my retirement years volunteering with GPAN. But that seems like a pipe dream given the shuttering of the tracks. How long can the few remaining tracks in the US stay operational? But I hope I am wrong, and that shifting to bringing dogs from Ireland, Mexico, etc. will provide a win/win for the dogs that need loving homes and those who want to have greyhounds in their lives (and on their sofa's and tearing up their turf) for many years to come.
  5. We stopped the pumpkin, added in Olewo Carrots, and after 2 meals, she has had the best poop since her arrival here 3 months ago. Her other mother says is was "as close to as 10 as it could be." She has been on Dr. Ng's hookworm protocol now for three months. We will check her in one month to see where we are, and if negative, recheck in three weeks, then four, per Greysmom instruction. She gets one 3" trachea at night, a kong with a small smear of peanut butter when we crate her, and her 2 meals of PPP/SSS. With her meals, she now gets a TBSP of carrots, and in the am she gets a probiotic and glucosamine. I think we are on the right track and plan to keep her on the current food. Thanks so much for your input, everyone.
  6. I did not see the masterpiece with my own two eyes this morning, but I am here to report that Bette's poop was "as close to a 10 as it could be", according to her other mother. This is after 2 meals (dinner last night and breakfast at the crack of dawn this morning) with the added magic carrots. Thanks to all of you who endorsed these little orange pellets, and thanks Rachel for talking me through the ratio of carrots/hot water/coconut oil in order to make up a batch that will last all week. For the record, that was 4 cups water/8 TBSP carrots/4 tsp coconut oil. Plus, she loves them. Of course, we have not found anything she doesn't love, yet. Raw spinach, check. Apples, check. Rocks, check. Sticks, check. Seems we have found our stride with nutrition: 1.5 cups PPP/SSS in the am and pm, with a tablespoon of carrots each meal, and a probiotic and glucosamine in the am. Thanks everyone for your input.
  7. Nothing to add on the medical front, but do want to say that I am keeping you and your Brisa in my thoughts. It is always terrible when our babies are not well, especially when we have no idea as to what is at the bottom of it.
  8. Yeah, we have cut out the fish oil. We are probably going to try some Olweo Carrots to see if they help to firm up stools. I should mention, she also gets a canine probiotic with breakfast. Given the big doses of meds, you are right, it is hard to know just how to approach food/gut/stool concerns.
  9. Ok, I am sold. I will give them a try. Especially since it seems kosher to make up a batch that will last a couple of days if kept refrigerated. Thanks, ya'll.
  10. Hey Rachel, I have been offline for a bit ~ bc, life~ so I was saddened to read this post. Poor Sweep, and poor you. I'll pm you . . .
  11. Stella does indeed sound like she is her own girl. And agreed, they certainly can be little weirdo's
  12. Update ~ at almost 3 months, Bette is kinda, sorta, maybe starting to play with a few of her toys. She is tentative, and seems to only like the teeny tiny ones that squeak. Literally, they must be puppy size for her to show any interest. She chews them until the squeaker is killed, then is done with them. She, so far, is not one of those pups who fling them around or pounces on them, or what not. She does want to snag clothes that are left out and drag them around the house. She will also chase a ball in the yard. So, there is a playful side in there, somewhere. Just gonna wait and see if this part of her personality develops more. Oh, and re: jumping in the back of the Subaru, she will do it when we first leave the house if coaxed with a treat, but after a walk, we are still having to hoist her up. So, work remains on that front. The fact that she CAN do it, but won't, is a bit frustrating, but if this is the worst of it, I will take it all day long.
  13. Would plain pumpkin puree serve the same purpose as Olewo Carrotts? They both are mushy orange fiber, so it stands to reason that pumpkin should work as effectively to firm up stool as the OC, right? And for those that swear by the carrots, is it feasible to make up a batch for 2-3 days worth of feeding? One of the reasons I have avoided them is the prep work, but if I could prep for a few days, that would be more appealing.
  14. Bette has now gone through one 30 pound bag of the PPP/Sensitive skin and stomach. It has been about a month, and so far she does not seem nearly as itchy. Hard to tell if this is the food, the 2 fish oils she gets a day, the humidifiers that we keep running in the LR and BR, or the fact that she is now 3 months off the track. Her poops are still pretty unimpressive. I was hoping they would firm up more. They were actually better on the foster food. I am going to cut out the fish oil to see if it helps, and if the stools are still rather soft after that, we may be on to a different food. She is super food motivated, and we also give her a scoop of pumpkin puree in the morning and a dollop of plain greek yoghurt at night. She get a very small trachea as her night time treat. We have a brand new bag of the PPP, so will see how things go progress from the back end over the next month. Oh, I should also mention that she is in Dr. Ng's hookworm treatment protocol. We do see a worsting of the consistency of her stool for about 36-48 hours post treatment, but then it returns to its (softish) baseline. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being tootsie roll poops, I'd say she is mostly at a 6. Should I be happy with this, or strive to find a decent quality food that will firm them up to an 8+?
  15. Thanks Neyla's mom. This is very informative. Looks like the DE will stay in the bag.
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